Best Zippo Survival Lighter

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1. Zippo 29889 Lighter

Zippo 29889 Lighter

The fuel is sold separately. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. All metal construction works. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. It's made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee that it will work or be fixed free. The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤The painted mural on the front has started to bubble up and chip off since I bought this on 10/10. This lighter has only been used a few times and is mostly on my desk. I'm not happy that the paint only lasted a year and a half when they said their lighters are capable of surviving 50 years and more. This product has great artwork and a great finish. The sides are polished to a shine and the front and back are a nice matt finish. The texture of the artwork adds to the feel of the lighter. This lighter has a long life ahead of it. I have no issues with it, it's just a loose hinge. After the photos, I swapped my traditional flint and wick insert for a butane insert. I highly recommend this!

👤I read reviews about zippo lighters and thought I would buy myself one so I wouldn't have to buy cheap ones from the store. The insert is a nice lighter. It takes a while to light up because the lighter fluid I am using isn't zippo lighter fluid, but it's fine because once it's lit it's good to go. The whole selling point of the product is disappointing. The warming label left a mark that I can't get off and it came with scratches. I am very disappointed that the back is not glossy and clean, but it does have a large mark and scratches. Very disappointed. It was expected to be better from zippo. The aesthetic is ruined. It was damaged and marked.

👤My husband took a lighter to the dealer. The dealer says the reason lighters don't work is because of the copper in the wicks. These lighters are not legit. He bought the one that worked. This zippo is good for its case. I gave it to my husband for his birthday and I am really disappointed. I was excited for him until he filled it with lighter fluid and it didn't work. He thinks it needs a flint. I hope I can find a lighter that he will be able to use. I am really sad.

👤I left it in my bookbag for less than a week. Went to use it for the first time and the light fluid was already evaporated. You will have to fill it everyday because it is not sealed.

👤30 minutes ago, I opened the package and took the lighter out of the box. The plates with the beetle fell off when I opened and closed the lighter TWICE. They used cheap glue and paste to attach them to the lighter. Not welded, soldered, or super glue. I will probably never order from them again after I was disappointed in stealth rabbit. I'm going to try to get a refund.

👤A great lighter. The graphics are just as hardy as the color. Since purchasing and still good as new, photo has been carried around in jeans and heavy outdoor work for quite a while. Will be buying a different graphic.

2. Zippo Polish Brass Pocket Lighter

Zippo Polish Brass Pocket Lighter

The pack was packaged in a blister pack. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. Lifetime guarantee that "it works or they fix it free" The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤I carry the Zippo Armored Brass lighter with me every day, and it's been about six or seven months since I got it. I like that it has developed a fine tarnished patina, which gives it a vintage appearance, from riding in my pocket and handling the original high polished shiny brass finish. I use it every Sunday night when I smoke my weekly cigar, but it doesn't get used much, but I like having it in my pocket and packing it around. I'm not a cigar snob and the Zippo always gets the job done, so I'm not sure if true cigar aficionados would roll their eyes at the thought of lighting a fine cigar with anything other than a stick match. I lent it to the concrete worker who is helping me pour a parking pad and who is cutting me a helluva deal on the project. He asked me if I had a match the first time, and I guess you could call him a chain smoker. When I handed him my Zippo, he started to reminisce about when he was in the Army and how he used to have a Zippo. He carried my lighter for most of the day. He liked it. I thought I'd get him a Zippo just like it, because he liked it so much and he used it so often. When we dump the mud in the hole on Wednesday, I think I'll have it for him.

👤There is no reason to buy brass zippo with high polish. Why? Look at my pictures. The older high polished was purchased in December. The newer in April. Wear happens. You can see the difference. There is a feeling. The armor is more solid and heavier than the standard. If you're looking for a brass model, you can save $3.

👤If you've only ever used disposable lighters, there's a slight learning curve. The flame is strong in windy weather. I refill the fluid weekly. You will need to trim the wick with needle-nose wire cutters. You'll need to take the whole thing apart to replace the flint. It's a well-crafted, classy-looking, fun-to-use, eco-friendly lighter from a company with excellent customer service.

👤I was looking for a cheap lighter that was better quality than dollar store lighters, and I found one that looked sleek. I was surprised at how much I love this lighter. I'm a non-smoker and sometimes need a fire starter or a rope to burn, but this lighter does the trick. TheBrass version seems to have tighter seals, meaning less evaporation, and it looks sleek and satisfying to play with.

👤I have owned many different styles of Zippo over the past 30 years and I have always believed that the Solid Brass Zippo is the most reliable lighter. I don't know why being solid brass makes a difference, but the solid brass lighter doesn't feel as cheap as other lighters in the line. The solid brass Zippo has a better feel to it when rolled. I've had problems with other non-brass Zippos being less than 100% when it comes to lighting. I don't know why there is a difference, but for me it has been. I prefer Solid Brass Zippo or bust. Unless someone can show me a non-solid brass one that can perform as well, this is the only lighter I will buy.

3. Zippo ZO30072 Emergency Fire Kit

Zippo ZO30072 Emergency Fire Kit

A perfect size for backpacking, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, boy scouts, BBQ, and everyday emergency preparedness. flint spark wheel The cotton spark tinder is easy to use and burns up to 5 minutes. The design has a textured grip. There are floats in water. Comes in a pack. Instructions for hand wash.

Brand: Zippo

👤I don't know why people don't like this device. It is waterproof and self contained. I did not read the instructions. The provided roll was pulled out by me. It was loosened by poking it on a stick. Put the flint wheel against the tinder and hit it. The wheel burst into flames after a second spin. I smashed it to extinguish the flame after it was burned for about 5 minutes. I have used a lot of different firestarting methods, but this is the only one that works. I understand that it would be difficult to light a tinder pile with the amount of sparks it throws, but that isn't the point of this device. It has its own way of lighting up. The device is a small, packable, waterproof, self contained fire starting device. It is all those things. If you get cold and tired trying other methods, you're welcome to rest and warm up by the fire, I started it in the time it took you to shave off some magnesium chips. The real test of this product isn't the ease of use or how well it works, it's the proof that is there. If you can find a refill?

👤The emergency fire kit is from the company Zippo. There are 5 fire starters that fit inside the tube. The rubber gasket keeps the starter dry. The red cap on top has a seal that keeps the strikers dry. The EFK is in the water. The EFK was weighted to see if it is waterproof. The replaceable flint in the Zippo Lighters is similar to the one in the strikers. I found them hard to light after field testing. To make sure it wasn't old stock, I ordered a new one. Same poor results. The ferro rod won't light with it. Douse them in lighter fluid and they will light up. The char cloth does not create a hot enough spark to create an ember. They're fun to play with, but don't trust your safety to this product.

👤The idea has been done a hundred times. The tinder is what sets this one apart. The word "cotton" means something. "donuts" work by pushing a stick into the hole which will push out fibers to catch a spark and then use the stick as a "handle" to get the lit tinder to where you need it under your fire. It's much easier to get your fire where you need it to get things going, and no burning fingers trying to get a burning tinder placed between your fingers.

👤If you follow the instructions, it will be easy to start a fire. You are supposed to pull the fire starter from the center of the roll. Works like a champ when done this way. Only 5 fires can be had with the supplied tender rolls, so either you get more or you will get something else soon. I saw a video on the internet where the "reviewer" couldn't get the tender to start and gave a very critical review. He admitted that he was at fault after a lot of critical comments about his performance. He did not correct his initial video. There is a program called "RTFM."

4. Zippo Monster Design Pocket Lighter

Zippo Monster Design Pocket Lighter

The lighter fluid is sold separately. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. The Windproof design works virtually anywhere. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium fluid, flints, and wicks. It's made in the USA and can be fixed for free. The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤My auntie lost her mind after receipt. We were a little surprised when she started talking about the songs of the night that were tranquil and toxic at the fringes. I'm sure Aunt Rose will be fine, it's a great lighter.

👤The zippo is very detailed. It feels like it's etched into the light and the gold shines on the black service. The zippo is one of my favorites.

👤I don't smoke anymore, but these zippos are better than the disposable Bic lighters. My first zippo was a brushed metal one, and this bronze one feels a lot heavier. The nautical carvings get a lot of attention from friends and coworkers when I use them. I wasn't a fan of the flint/wick part inside of the case because zippo doesn't encourage the use of non zippo parts. I replaced my torch with a butane one. It's easier for me to use and light, but it's a bit more pain than lifting the zippo counterpart. I carry mine everywhere, but the decorative case is a must for those of you who keep a collection of these guys in displays.

👤I've had cheap imitations before, this is my first real one. The price on this one on Amazon was great. Most of the negative reviews of Zippos don't understand how they work, they come empty and you have to add liquid fuel. Apparently the butane won't work up here at 9000 feet above sea level, I ordered the butane insert. I have had bics that discharge all the fuel in your pocket, but they are unreliable. Most of the expensive butane lighters won't work at high elevation and most of the others are unreliable and not repairable. The Zippo was the number one lighter used in both world wars. If you cut a section of the bike innertube that is 1.5 inches wide and cover the lighter, you can keep the fuel in for months. It protects the finish. If you don't use that much, it's great for a lighter with the innertube. In the world wars, they used gasoline as a fuel in the lighters and dunked them in their gas tanks, they used a wire and did it with a vehicle. You won't use anything else if you understand the Zippo.

👤I have a collection of antique lighters. I bought this one to be my daily carry lighter because of the engraving. The laser etching performs wonderfully as any zippo does, and the quality of the laser etching is fantastic. I am going to stop using this one and add it to my collection because it is so beautiful and will be a classic in the future.

👤Product arrived on time and was a nice gift. The son is very proud of it. He does not smoke or anything so it will likely sit on the display shelf forever, but first he had to call his friends and send pictures of it, then set it front and center on the display stand.

5. Zippo 2406N 6 Genuine Flints

Zippo 2406N 6 Genuine Flints

6 flints dispensers. It works with all Zippo lighters. The pack was packaged in a blister pack.

Brand: Zippo

👤I jam a Zippo with a flint. I couldn't spin the wheel. The Zippo was unused after sitting for years. Apparently flints swell up. The only way to get the flint out was to ream it out with a drill that was close to the flint tube. A drill with a number 41 or 42 will clean out the flint tube without damaging the lighter. The flint will fall out. I bought some generic flints at a liquor store. The Zippo wouldn't light up. I extended and trimmed the wick, filled it with genuine Zippo fluid and spun the wheel until my thumb was sore, all to no avail. It wouldn't work. It's not good to have to light a Zippo with a Bic. The generic flints produced a weak spark. I ordered genuine gold flints. Wow. There's no tomorrow when those babies produce sparks. It's proper for the lights to be on first time. Get genuine Zippo flints if your Zippo won't light up. They are not expensive and come in a nice dispensers. There are 6 "Genuine" flints on the package. Accept no replacements. It's a good idea to store unused flints in a dry, airtight plastic bag or container if you don't go through them very often.

👤The flints are in good shape. It's a good price. It came with a small plastic package. You were supposed to release one flint at a time with a plastic disc. The disc wouldn't move. My husband had to break the package to get at the flints and found a tin to keep the extras. That's why 4 stars instead of 5.

👤I paid for 6 flints as an add-on item. It's 45 cents a flint. At best, I have enough flints for two years, but at worst, I have only enough for three years. I think that lighter fluid for Zippo lighters is more cost effective than Bic lighters, and they're better for the environment. A 12 ounce can of fluid is $9, a pack of flints is $2.68 and a new Zippo is $10. For a total cost of $21.68, you have a lighter for life, flints for at least 2 years, and fluid for at least 1 year. You can get 16 or more Bic lighters for that price, those last about a month a piece, for me at least. All of that plastic ends up in a landfill. There's some food for thought because I've seen videos where some creative teenagers refill their Bics.

👤The flints work. The dispensers works well. People have problems with it. There are people who can't put a plug in.

👤I use a pipe liner and these flints fit perfectly. These fit my second Zippo as well. Both lighters were just fine with the flints.

👤Delivery time was great. I've been buying flints for a long time. The price is now. I gave it 4 starts and think the price is high. I haven't bought flints in years. The last pack cost me $1.

6. Zippo 121503 Fuel Canister

Zippo 121503 Fuel Canister

The clam shell packaging is made in the USA. High quality aluminum. A slip and split key ring is needed. Protects fuel from oxidation. Quickly loosen lighter flint screws. The flint screw tool is in the store.

Brand: Zippo

👤If you have them in kits, please test them frequently. If you have zippos in your kits, these are necessary items and I knew to add them to the order. Six weeks ago, I bought two refill canisters and put them in semi rigid cases in my closet. When the lighters were empty, I opened these to refill them, and wanted to know how much they carried. Imagine my horror when the entire upper chamber came apart, spilling all the fluid. The fluid only used a few small items that will be replaced. This is a majority safety flaw, and it would cause you to lose fuel in the field, and also cause other gear to be soaked with lighter fluid. If you have a fire safety issue with your backup Bic or matches, it's because of the result. This is not a biased review. These were add-on items after the return period. There is no chance of a refund. This review is not influenced by a potential refund justification, only a desire to warn others, and sometimes I question the long negatives from non super-contributors. They were purchased from Amazon and no one was concerned about them being knock-offs. I hope I got good items, but I want you to open them when you are testing other items.

👤I use this to carry some spare fuel for my lighter and hand warmer. The good first. This is a sturdy item that can hold a lot of liquid fuel to refill your item. It doesn't leak, the cap stays securely attached, and the ring on the top makes it easy to keep it accessible. I gave it three stars because it was not all good news. I can't get it to fit the spout cap. I don't know if there is a vent hole missing or what the issue is, but I have to take the spout off of the canister to pour out the fuel. Fuel spilling everywhere, especially when trying to add fuel to my hand warmer, is a result of that. I need to fiddle with this to see if I can figure out a way to make it work, but in the meantime I just keep it around as an emergency backup supply of fuel. I tried to use the container over the weekend but it was not usable and I decided to change it. I carefully widened the hole in the pour spout and the breather hole after taking a few small drill bits. The fuel was poured from the container after that was done. The mod took less than 5 minutes and it was easy to do since the container is aluminum. When I bought this item, I was expecting it to do well.

👤The concept is great, but too much is happening on the top of the canister. The "split ring" can't handle it. I lost a flint, rubber holder, andthumb nail when she opened it. The larger area for the key ring that comes with the canister and a swival would be all that is needed. The canister is leaking. Losing fuel like other people. I will be looking for a little thicker washer. I wanted to have a small unit for fuel emergencies, but it was too bad. If the backup canister can't hold fuel, I'd use a BIC. To light a cigar? Do you keep in my bag? Lighter fluid is more versatile. If a solution is found, will try to update. I think I may have found a solution. It was sold by pphish. I bought a mini set of fuel canisters and peanut lighters. The canister is just what it says on the tin, it holds the fluid with no leaks. The peanut lighter is an added bonus for me. I think it's made by ZORRO. Not a bad choice. There is a listing of my review.

7. Zippo LPCB Lighter Pouch Brown

Zippo LPCB Lighter Pouch Brown

The lighter fluid is sold separately. A genuine leather pouch. The brown clip will fit on any belt, waistband, or pockets. The lighter is held securely. Comes in a gift box.

Brand: Zippo

👤The black zippo case is reviewed. I own both colors, and this one is not as good as the brown one. The brown case is more impressive than the quality of the stitching, the fit of my zippo, and the lack of edge burnishing. Go for brown if you have a choice. It is much better. The black one is having all of its cases outsourcing overseas. The inferior quality is explained by this. My original brown case says "Made in USA". The leather is very weak and flexible, there is a small amount of thread on the leather, and it looks like it was done with the lightest of threads. A waste of money. Is this what I should expect from the new owner? I am done with them if that is the case.

👤I bought that for my Airpods. The leather is thick and has a belt clip on it. It fits and protects the earbuds. The belt clip helps you keep it next to you.

👤A real zippo should fit in the pouch, even though it says "zippo" on it. I don't have much choice because it's too tight to get the zippo out of it. If you have a zippo with a medal or paint on it, do not buy this, it will not fit at all, and you will ruin the finish. This will only work for a plain silver zippo with no finish and even that is a roll of the dice. I may have to cut the case to get my zippo out after I update. I left my zippo in it for a week and it's still too tight, the snap that secures the belt loop is ridiculously loose, and I would never trust the zippo my dad gave me to this trash. I was expecting a lot better from zippo.

👤The case is strong. Thick leather, snug fit, and the leather interior protects from scratches as well as good protection. The button-down top flap is easy to unsnap. You don't want to carry a vintage zipo in your pocket with keys, it has value and sentimental value, and you will want to protect it. The snap belt loop can be lost if you stoop or bend, and it comes loose very easily if you place it on a wider belt. My strap snapped in the first day of use. The glue snap is not acceptable with a brand new case. If you use this case to prevent it from falling off your belt, I suggest you glue the snap to it. The "Made in US" standard is not up to date. Five stars for protection, one star for carrying securely, and three stars for overall.

👤The black zippo case is reviewed. I own both colors, and this one is not as good as the brown one. The brown case is more impressive than the quality of the stitching, the fit of my zippo, and the lack of edge burnishing. Go for brown if you have a choice. It is much better. I bought a brown case thinking it would be better than the black one. I was wrong. The black one is having all of its cases outsourcing overseas. The inferior quality is explained by this. My original brown case says "Made in USA". The other two don't. If you are looking for a lighter case that will fit a lot of pocket watches, you should look for one in a store where you can check it out first hand. I tried to return the item, but Amazon wanted me to pay $6 to return it. I will give it away. Don't waste your time here.

8. Zippo Black Pocket Lighter Logo

Zippo Black Pocket Lighter Logo

The flint screw tool is in the store. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. All metal construction works. flints and wicks are replaceable for a lifetime of use. It is made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee that it will work or be fixed free of charge. The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤A great zippo. Exactly what you would expect. The colors on the spectrum can only be seen in sunlight or under direct light. Not as bright as pictured, but more unique than a chrome zippo. This does not come with lighter fluid. There is no fluid in it. The authentic Zippo brand fluid is better for buying lighter fluid. I don't work for the company. It's what I found to work best with the lighters, and a little warning for the first time zippo buyer, you have to fill your lighter up every 1-2 weeks, depending on how much you use it. That's how they are. Clean the flint and the wick every so often. If you don't want to deal with that, you can buy an electric lighter insert. Zippo's are more about appearance and style than anything else. When filling it up, don't fill it all the way to the point where the cotton balls are soaked in fuel and it's dripping everywhere. A fire needs a spark, oxygen and something to start. If the chimney is filled with lighter fluid, it will be hard to get a consistent light from it. If you fill it up every 2 weeks, it will be half full. Enjoy your new lighter!

👤It's a toy. You have to treat it like a car. It needs flint changes and needs to be filled with fluid almost every day if you use it a lot. If you are looking at the rainbow version because you are a stoner, I recommend the pipe version as it does not do pipes or pagannalia very well and might even taste like butane. I use it for its main purpose, and it works just as well as any of the other ones. Very well. A good warranty too.

👤This is my first ride. Most people use disposable lighters if they are all like this. You have to make sure you order the zippo lighter fluid because it doesn't come filled. It doesn't work most of the time after filling it. The only way I was able to work for a week without filling it was to drench it. I have had to reach for my box even though I dislike using disposable things because it has never worked consistently. I love the look and feel of it in my hand, so it is a shame. Maybe the cheaper zippos don't work well. I don't know. I know from the videos that I filled it correctly. It has not been reliable.

👤Let's be clear, a Zippo is a Zippo. You pick one based on how great it looks and how much it matches your personality. The "Chameleon" Zippo is a green-tinted mirror finish. I haven't seen anything other than green tint. Maybe I got a dud. I attached my pics with my brushed chrome scythe against a few surfaces. It's a mirrored lime green and should be named such. If you want a shade of green that is subtle and awesome, this is the one for you. If my opinion of the lighter changes changes, I'll update this.

9. Zippo 20855 Timberwolves Emblem

Zippo 20855 Timberwolves Emblem

The lighter fluid is sold separately. A genuine Zippo lighter with a distinctive click. All metal construction works. For optimum performance, they recommend genuine Zippo premium lighter fluid, flints, and wicks. It's made in the USA and has a lifetime guarantee that it will work or be fixed free. The lighter fluid is sold separately.

Brand: Zippo

👤The zippo I bought was a bit classier than my normal ones. They are fantastic for anyone who hasn't owned a zippo. If you keep them from puddles and filled with fluid, they will be windproof. The engraved picture looks great. Since buying this one, I've had many people compliment me on how similar it is to my home in the woods. Love it.

👤I like using Z-Pipe lighters when I smoke pipes. The company that I order tobacco from no longer sells the Z-Pipe lighters, and Amazon only sells the inserts without a cover. I was given a case for my lighter inserts but lost it at work. I ordered this one because I was hoping it would fit, and it does. The insert takes a bit of effort to remove, but not so much that it's a problem. I believe that the sticker I received is not an etching, but a sticker designed and not one. I wanted this one because it has wolves and a triquatra. I'm perfectly content with my purchase, even though the sticker knocked a star off my review. If anyone else uses the Z-Pipe lighters, they should leave this review here.

👤I bought this because I read it wasn't a sticker, but when I opened it, it looked like it had gotten wet, so I pulled part of the sticker away. I am not sure if this is a real print for a lighter with good quality, because a quick search on eBay showed better quality ones, but they are ripping people off for what they are sending. I would love to post pictures that I don't buy. They don't reply to my calls for a return and refund.

👤I don't smoke anymore. With the new butane inserts, I had to get a zippo. Love the wolves picture. I might collect more for it. I can always go camping or in an emergency. Butane will always work, even if the old gasoline ones are not. Really like the zippo quality. I would love to give this bad boy to my son.

👤My husband has been smoking for over 50 years. He received this design for Father's Day many years ago. He was hesitant to get a different design because he loved the sentiment and design so much, but it has now lost a lot of detail due to constant use. I searched and found that they still had the design, and immediately snapped it up for him. He was very excited to open the box. The only lighters in the house are zypoos. Shipping was quick and easy. Thanks from my husband.

👤This model is not a sticker. The model has a reverse black out paint job. The design is made of brass. The Wolf model is much nicer than the Deco model I have. As a 3rd shifter, I don't give a shit about tarot cards. I can see the moon.

👤This lighter is very strong. It's not engraved into the lighter. There's a piece of metal with a design on it. One of the wolves has a penis face, which gets noticed quite a bit. The lighter works. Lighters have a bit of a wobble, but the top doesn't. It's not noticeable. It's fine because of the good warranty that Zippo has. Even if you mail it in for a different problem, they fix it. One reason I recommend this product is that it looks out for its customers. The lighter works well. Several people have offered to buy it from me. These are my timberwolves. Highly recommended. It does not have lighter fluid loaded into it. It would be empty by the time you received it.

10. Zippo 24651 All In One Kit

Zippo 24651 All In One Kit

Comes in a gift box. One can of premium lighter fluid, one street chrome lighter, and one flint dispensers. The Distinctive Zippo "click" is a lighter that is refillable for a lifetime of use. The flints are genuine and compatible with all Zippo lighters. Fuel: Faster burning and less odor come from fast ignition. The clam shell packaging is made in the USA.

Brand: Zippo

👤What self-respecting, red-blooded American hasn't heard of the lighter? The only lighters I have used in the past were the cheap bic style lighters and the long grill lighters. I decided to upgrade my fire starting kit to include a Zippo because of 'Merica. It was a disappointment. I tried to use it for a few days after filling it, but found the fuel was gone. I scoured the interweb looking for mistakes I may have made in filling it or reassembling it when I thought I had a bad product. I realized my mistake after that. Apparently, it is a fact that Zippo fuel is very dry. Is that really true? This is the product carried by nicotine addicted vets during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam? The check-in counter of the local VA has a "Thank you for your service" mug next to it that holds two dozen pens that don't work. Just get a couple dozen disposables for the same price for any kind of emergency EDC, and ignore the "cool" factor. Lesson learned.

👤It is a plain metal zippo. It's a no-brainer to get the original. The quality is still there. What is the difference between a zippo and a Hippo? One is heavier than the other. The product is still made out of quality materials and has the heft of a well made product. This is the product that you remember, as good as it was.

👤It has everything you need for the basic experience, a lighter, fluid, and extra flints. I've filled the lighter at least 4-5 times and I have half a container of fluid left. I used one generous soaking for a few weeks. I had to dry it out and refill it because it got left in the wash. The quality of the lighter is the only thing I will comment on. It seems cheaper than I remember. I dropped my lighter on the patio and someone must have stepped on it because it won't close properly. I carefully bent it back. It won't close. I don't remember how these were, but the lid seems cheap enough to bend if you pinch it hard. It's still a pretty solid, timeless lighter that beats a Bic any day of the week, regardless of the quality of it. I might check out an old one at a flea market.

👤This is not the one I had for a long time. It's small, impossible to hold one hand, and small. Did I mention small? It is small. This lighter is small, hard to handle, and a very small replica of the original one, which I dislike the most. I guess they sell this thing to ignorant buyers. As time goes on, less knowledgeable shoppers will buy fakery and corporate stuff.

👤The product was opened. Someone opened the lighter fluid can and used what they needed to return it. The lighter fluid can is located on the bottom side of the package. Half the can is full.

👤My dad gave me a zippo heater as a gift. Decided to have fun with the zippo and the fuel. I don't use a lighter very much, but it feels sturdy and great. If you don't want to buy another bic and need a lighter that lasts, you could get this. Good product.

11. Waterproof Tough Tesla Rechargeable Paratinder

Waterproof Tough Tesla Rechargeable Paratinder

The push of a button will ignite a fire. The included cable can be used to charge your lighter. The time for charging is about two hours. It works in rainy or windy conditions. Electric lighters do not need butane or altitude adjustments. A plastic case has a wire safety latch. It's easy to use and you'll have instant fire. It can be used 300 times per charge. A multi-use includes a flashlight with 3 settings, a para-tinder lanyard, and an emergency whistle. It's perfect for camping, survival, or a backyard cookout. They back their products with a 6 month "Any Reason" Refund Guarantee. Ships quickly from the USA. You can add to the cart now.

Brand: Survival Frog

👤I opened the box, opened the lighter, and pushed the ignitor after seeing the blue light active. It worked. I tried a test on the paper. It was easy to see and light, but it smelled. I thought it was a treatment on the paper that I was unaware of, or something that was just part of the first time. I plugged in the microusb connection and the standardusb into the computer, but the instructions didn't tell me if the blue light indicated a full charge or not. I thought I heard a loud noise. I was listening more carefully. There was a hissing sound. There is no gas, so what can be hissing? The lanyard hole on the back side becomes hot to the touch. It is happening in less than a minute. I plugged in the miniusb. The cracking and hissing noises continue as the lighter gets hotter. That got my attention. As I listen to the noises, it is getting hotter. It is sitting outside in the cold as I am afraid it will explode. Tomorrow it goes back. People need to be aware of this product and I don't write many reviews. I don't know if it was a lemon or not. I know I would be angry if it hurt me or if I had relied on this product and experienced problems when I really needed it.

👤I liked the lighter and the safety of it. The only reason it didn't get five stars was because it only works halfway. I'm only getting one to work because it's supposed to be a four-prong X.

👤The product was plugged into charge for the first time and the battery pack started smoking and melting. Very dangerous. Have used many of your other products and they were all great.

👤I was only able to light my cigar three times before it needed to be charged again. I lit my cigar after charging it for three hours. I can only use it once for a short time before I need to charge it again.

👤I charged this thing up and headed to the river. It died on the first day. It's not worth sending it back.

👤I ordered a lighter for my wife's candles, and while I was at it, I decided on a few more. I'll talk about what factors I considered when ordering these four, as well as some features that I didn't like. There are some considerations for all styles, a) single or multiple (double or triple) plasma arcs, and b) battery size. There are two more There are two variations to choose from for long neck style. I went with solid because it has the added feature of folding the tip into the neck for added protection. The flexible neck is better for odd lighting angles. There are 3 more Extra features like a flashlight are included in pocket carry. I bought all of the ones that had a protruding tip. The dual arcs would have better lighting. The LCFUN is the most basic, without a light, and the added benefit is that there is no external button, which could cause a bag to get bumped, and drain the battery. The button is more waterproof. Both the Survival Frog and GESPERT have a simple light with three modes. There are four I looked for some other features, but didn't choose the ones I found. Extra safety features, such as having to press the button three times, and then another to finally ignite, are some of the deal breakers. There are some tasks which a lighter won't work for. I'm sure there are others, but that's the only one I could think of right now. All four of them included a lanyard and a 7-second cut-off. It's not appropriate for all tasks to have an open flame. The Arc Candle Lighter is ausb lighter. Pros: long reach, safety retraction, and single Arc Lighter $17 / 5-stars. The Tough Lighter Tesla 2.0 is waterproof and lacks a light. The product is available on Amazon.


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