Best Yokai Attack The Japanese Monster Survival Guide

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1. Kids Binoculars for Kids Toy

Kids Binoculars for Kids Toy

The whetstone 1000/6000 sharpener kit is very durable. It can sharpen any blade, be it a chef knife, steak knife, sontoku knife, paring knife, sushi knife, cleaver knife, kitchen knives, Japanese knife, butcher knife, paring knife, BBQ knife, Hunting Knife, Pocket Knife, and so on. This is a simple yet unparalleled tool that can be used as a men's gift. Kid friendly. Their binoculars are a great toy for kids who love exploring the outdoors. The kids binoculars have a shockproof rubber coating to absorb impact and a non-slip grip for little hands. Their small binoculars for kids provide crisp and colorful images with great light transmission. Give your child binoculars that are nature ready and they will love birdwatching, camping, hiking, hunting, and other activities outdoors. If you're looking for the best educational gifts for boys and girls, these binoculars are the perfect gift.

Brand: Thinkpeak Toys

👤It was a pleasant surprise to find the Thinkpeak binoculars here after starting a search in stores and not finding anything that was useful. I couldn't find anything that was suitable for small kids. My grandson loves hiking with me and these were the perfect birthday gift. We like to watch birds. We have our own binoculars and are competing in fun to spot animals. We used to share my binoculars but they were too heavy for him to use comfortably and the eye pieces were too far apart to use for a small person. The binoculars are made for kids and we like them. I had expected them to be less powerful than they are. We got the green ones which is his favorite color, the rubber case and grips make the binoculars easy to grip and add some nice protection just in case we have a drop. When pressed against his eyes, the rubber is very comfortable. The packaging had everything he needed to keep them in good shape, a cleaning cloth, a carrying case, and a simple to read manual. The small size of the binoculars makes them ideal to keep in the glove box of the car, where we can get at them quickly. If we add more friends to our hiking group, I would get them again.

👤I got my nephew some binoculars and I think he will like them. They are not just a toy. They seem to be well constructed and have good optics for the price. I don't think they will be easy to break. The maximum distance between the eyes is small, but this makes them lighter than regular adult binoculars. I have a large head and can barely see through the eye pieces at the widest setting. These will help the boy get outside and look at the world. The rubber eye-cups surrounding the eye-pieces are difficult to fold over to allow better viewing for children who wear eyeglasses, which is the only issue I have with these binoculars. They fold over to allow glasses to be closer to the eye-piece lens, but they don't stay folded. Children who wear glasses might have to fold the eye-cups several times. I don't think young children will notice this much. For this price, these are a good choice for most kids.

👤I bought these for my grandson to use instead of my own binoculars. They were packaged well and arrived in a few days. My grandson was able to adjust the focus and thePD. My granddaughter was able to set the diopter adjustment with adult guidance. The kids thought the binoculars were good. I checked out the optics myself and thought they were even better than I had thought. Think Peak Toys followed up on their delivery with me by email to make sure I was satisfied and to make sure they could fix any issues if needed. There are two more budding young birders in the world.

👤Very disappointing. The eye pieces won't stay on after a month and a half of use. I bought them for my four year old and he can't watch the birds anymore. The younger brother will find these pieces and we have a choking hazard.

2. Jada Toys Universal Monsters Frankenstein

Jada Toys Universal Monsters Frankenstein

If you're looking for the best educational gifts for boys and girls, these binoculars are the perfect gift. The almost 100 year legacy of the brand is celebrated by this authentically licensed figure. There are clothing, accessories and poses that are inspired by Universal monsters. Premium paint detail, over 20 points of articulation, and highly detailed sculpt. The monsters figures come in packing. Place all the figures in the same place. A fully articulated and highly posable sculpt with multiple accessories. You can collect all Universal monsters action figures.

Brand: Jada Toys

👤Great figure. The ability to change heads and hands makes this figure stand out from the rest. Frank and his bride were bought by me. I immediately bought the two monsters. If you were to buy just one figure, I would recommend this one.

👤Glad this company made them. The sculpts are nice. Quality control of paint apps is the only issue. Sloppy on faces.

👤I have a collection of monsters. Very nice addition to my collection.

👤La figura lleg en tiempo y forma est mucho, pero tienen romper el "mun" para cambia.

👤La figura is una maravilla, es idéntica ala de las pelculas.

3. Liquid I V Multiplier Super Charged Supplement

Liquid I V Multiplier Super Charged Supplement

Energy Multiplier is a great-tasting, non-GMO energy drink mix with a refreshing Lemon Ginger flavor. The green Energy Blend and Premium Matcha provide sustained energy throughout the day. Liquid I.V. products are designed to enhance rapid absorption of water and other key ingredients into the bloodstream with the use of Cellular Transport Technology. The Energy Multiplier Powder Drink Mix contains 100mg of natural caffeine, comparable to 1-2 cups of coffee. It's free of dairy, soy, andgluten. Convenient single-serving packets are easy to enjoy on the go. Pour one packet into 12 ounces of water. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, please message their store through the marketplace messaging interface and they will give you a full refund. They donate a serving for every purchase you make. In disaster zones, hospitals, impoverished communities, and emergency living quarters, Liquid I.V. provides much-needed hydration. They have donated over 19 million units.

Brand: Liquid I.v.

👤I have been using Liquid IV hydration multiplier for a couple years now, and I love it! It has been a lifesaver when I have gotten sick. I was excited when they came out with the new energy multiplier, but after asking three times, and waiting two weeks, they will not reveal the source of their Matcha. Depending on the source, Matcha has high levels of metals. This made me sad. I understand privacy, but you have lost a customer. Thankfully, another company with a similar product disclosed exactly where they get their Matcha and that they test it 3x for metal levels before packaging, all within an hour of me asking. I will continue to use the hydration multiplier, but I will not use the energy multiplier.

👤I don't understand negative reviews. The taste is similar to the yellow Gatorade. My daughter gave me a pack because I couldn't drink coffee due to gut issues. The IV Energy made me want to take a nap, but I had enough energy for the rest of the day. The miracle part is what this has done for my chronic stress, which causes so many physical and mental issues. I'm so calm, my bloated belly is going down and my skin is clearer. Stress depletes potassium and causes many health problems. I saw my mailman limping. I told him that he was probably deficient in magnesium and potassium and that he was in a lot of pain. I gave him a pack of the IV and another without it. I saw him the next day and he said he was pain-free. He said that he took the energy one in the morning and the one in the night and his pain was gone. If a young healthy person eats clean and has zero stress than you probably don't need this, but if you have a stress filled life, you need to try this right away.

👤I'm out if they don't talk about where they get their matcha source.

👤I usually drink a small cup of coffee and a cup of tea. oz. Can for a day. Pushing 400mg of caffeine every day. I was attracted to Liquid I.V. and their Triple Hydration Formula because of this routine. Water alone wasn't providing hydration relief, but rather on a constant loop of water-out. I was confused by the results of the Triple Hydration Formula. I'm impressed with the results thus far, and I purchased their Liquid I.V. 'Energy Multiplier' packets. I replaced my small cup of coffee in the AM with a single packet of the 'Energy Multiplier' in 12 ounces of water. The flavor is reminiscent of a light green juice, does not taste artificial or syrupy, and provides great energy throughout the day. This cut down my daily intake of caffeine, in fluid ounces, by 75%, left me with enough time to focus on hydration.

👤The taste of lemon and ginger is amazing. I like to drink as a hot drink with some heavy whipping cream. I would love to see a 0 gram sugar in this product. I could definitely tell a difference in my energy after one use.

4. Sharp Pebble Sharpening Waterstone Whetstone

Sharp Pebble Sharpening Waterstone Whetstone

"Lifetime Guarantee", made in the USA, "best in the industry." Not all sharpening stones are created equal. Premium quality material is imported and used for the manufacturing of Whetstones. Their composition of aluminum oxide along with sharpening compounds gives you a superior cutting performance. Don't be fooled by cheap knife sharpening stones. The Sharp Pebble knife sharpening kit comes with a double-sided whetstone knife sharpener, a bamboo base for holding the stone, and an instruction manual with lots of tips and tricks. They understand the importance of safety when using sharpening stones, their purchase comes with a rubber base for holding the stone inside a Non-Slip Bamboo base, this setup will ensure the wetstone is Fixed In One Place while sharpening. The knife sharpening angle guide allows you to apply consistent pressure while sharpening the blade. The sharpening Water stone kit is easy to assemble. Water is used for sharpening, so no need of expensive oils or mess, it can be easily cleaned. The whetstone 1000/6000 sharpener kit is very durable. It can sharpen any blade, be it a chef knife, steak knife, sontoku knife, paring knife, sushi knife, cleaver knife, kitchen knives, Japanese knife, butcher knife, paring knife, BBQ knife, Hunting Knife, Pocket Knife, and so on. This is a simple yet unparalleled tool that can be used as a men's gift. The whetstone 1000/6000 sharpener kit is very durable. It can sharpen any blade, be it a chef knife, steak knife, sontoku knife, paring knife, sushi knife, cleaver knife, kitchen knives, Japanese knife, butcher knife, paring knife, BBQ knife, Hunting Knife, Pocket Knife, and so on. This is a simple yet unparalleled tool that can be used as a men's gift.

Brand: Sharp Pebble

👤I think it's important to note that this stone is a standard item that is sold by a different company and branded with "sharp pebble" branding. If you know the right thing to look for on Amazon, you will find at least 20 more listings that are exactly the same product for a variety of prices, nearly all of them less than this one, which has a higher price. If you're interested in this stone, it's probably a better idea to get the exact same thing for less. I would recommend getting one that comes with the angle guide, which we will discuss later in the review. This is a really good sharpening stone. The angle guide is a game-changing accessory, it makes it easy to keep the angle consistent, and is the most difficult part of sharpening knives. I gave my mom one of these because she had neversharpened a knife before. She was up and running after spending about 5 minutes with it. She had neversharpened a knife before, so her knives were so dull that you couldn't hurt yourself if you tried. They can't cut through a tomato's skin even after sawing back and forth, because you have to pierce it with the point first. The difference was clear to everyone when we worked one of these completely dull knives with this stone for 45 minutes, and it took longer than that to get a knife from 100% dull to razor sharp. It was once again a knife that could cut vegetables. If you're not familiar with knife sharpening, this is a great introduction because of the angle guide and whetstones are more effective than stand sharpeners. You do if you're on the fence about sharpening your knives. If you get one of these, it will make cooking much easier and safer, since the chances of a knife slipping off something you're trying to cut and into your fingers is much lower when the knife is sharp enough that it bites instead of slipping. The package does not include instructions on how to use the angle guide, so I will add them here. The angle guide should be used to slide the knife's tip into the end, so that the tip protrudes from the other end. If you look at the guide from the side, you will see that the knife can rest against the top or bottom of the guide. It would be best to keep it resting against the bottom. The only way you can mess up is not holding the angle consistently, so make sure to keep an eye on this. As you hold the handle, make sure you put enough pressure on it to keep the knife in a straight line. Go for it, moving the knife back and forth across the stone. You can watch whetstone on the internet. One more thing. The knife and the stone are getting rid of their surfaces as you sharpen them. The surface of your whetstone will change over time from being flat to being even. It's important that your whetstone surface is flat in order to properly sharpen your knife. If you want to keep your knives sharp, you will need a flattening stone. If you want to experiment with flattening stones, go for the diamond plate, it has been shown that it will yield the best results, however, there are other options that cost less and have good reviews. There is another listing that sells the same stone for less than the price of this item.

5. Disaster Deck Pocket Sized Instructions Earthquakes

Disaster Deck Pocket Sized Instructions Earthquakes

We donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love. They stand behind their products. You won't find a tougher mylar survival anywhere. It is guaranteed. Emergency survival instructions are waterproof anddurable. Disasters can cause extreme brain fog, so they include things that are critical to your safety. Pocket-sized to keep in your backpack, purse, bike bag, carry-on bag or vehicle. Easy to use, color-coded for quick reference, with clear instructions for both outside and in a vehicle. Keeping yourself and your family calm and focused is important. The Be Well card gives easy directions for mental and emotional safety, so you can focus on immediate threats to physical safety.

Brand: Terra Frma

👤Common sense is more effective when there is waste of money.

👤Stay calm and call the police.

👤The collection of laminated cards with bullet points of common sense is what this "disaster deck" is all about. I suppose there is a certain percentage of the population that need common sense, this deck is for them.

👤I wanted to give these to my kids and other people. They have some great safety tips that are easy to keep handy. It's a good idea to put one in your glove box or backpack for quick reference. I keep one on the fridge in case of an emergency. Sometimes it's hard to think straight when you're stressed and this will remind you of the basics and teach you something new in the process.

👤This is for my bag. There are earthquakes, tornadoes, floods, fires, and other things in where I live. I didn't do so well with the fires this year, so it's designed to help keep you calm. Practical advice for what to do in an emergency isn't all inclusive.

👤I hope I don't have a reason to use it right away. I have it ready to go. It was worth having on hand to keep me focused.

👤The information is well thought out and thoroughly researched, which makes it practical when there is no time to spare. This deck has what you need in a situation where taking the right steps in a hurry could save a life or prevent an injury. Get several and give them to people who are important to you.

👤It is easy to travel with a pocket size, even if it is in your vehicle glovebox at home. It was taken to San Francisco after the earthquakes in L.A. We were better prepared with our son in tow. I would highly recommend this to everyone. The price is very reasonable. I bought a second one for my sister and her family.

6. BendyFigs Minis Collector Set Universal

BendyFigs Minis Collector Set Universal

You can play and display. These authentic, intricate miniature figures from your favorite Universal monsters come in a unique and flexible form factor. Fans of all ages can enjoy the fun and detailed collectibles of the BendyFigs. It is approximately 5 inches in height. The Noble Collection has finely crafted collectible figures. High quality Toyllectible is licensed and authorized. The mini bendy figs are based on your favorite Universal monsters.

Brand: Bendyfigs

👤Smaller than the normal BendyFigs, but not easily known. figs do not match in size

👤I collect action figures and am a big fan of the Universal monsters. I have different versions of characters. I think I have at least five different monsters. I have never been to the world of bendy figures. I had Gumbi ones when I was a kid. I am glad I tried this set of Universal monsters. The items were well packed, as it was a case inside of a shipping box. The figures are impressive. The bendy limbs remind me of figures made by companies like Storm Collectibles. The figures are tall. That works out great for monsters. You get the Wolf Man, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the monster from the movie. It's a solid lineup, but I don't know why Dracula isn't included. The figures hold up well. I didn't have a problem with any of the figures, they all have great sculpts, great paint apps, and some decent possibility with the bendy nature of the figures. Excellent to fans of monsters. You won't be disappointed.

👤There is a great set of action figures. These are the miniature versions of the larger versions of the Universal Studios classic monster movie figurines. The set contains the originals of Mummy, Wolfman, and Creature from the Black Lagoon. Noble makes them in larger sizes, which is why they are not included in this set, but I am certain they will be releasing them in the smaller size soon. I can't say enough about how detailed and styled these action figures are, and they look exactly like their Golden Age of celluloid on screen counterparts. They are made from wire and can be posed in many positions for display, like a lot of the old school action figures I grew up with. Noble has a good reputation in the collectible toy market, and this is a very cool set that should only go up in value with time, and I highly recommend you get yours while the getting is good.

👤These guys are more appealing than the average figure because of their gorgeous sculpts and bendy limbs. I was certain that the whole line would come to life and kill me, but only one of them did. It didn't kill me, but it was a rather eloquent conversationist. We chatted for hours, and I learned a thing or two when all was said and done. Which one? He might get angry when the next full moon rolls around. They don't stand up very well, but I was surprised at how much character their limbs can convey, and the heads and faces are frightening.

👤I love Universal monsters. I had to put them on my tree. They come in a lot of money. My favorite movie is Frankenstein. These figures are around 5 inches tall. They bend. The characters included are: Wolfman, The Mummy, and The Creature of the Black Lagoon. A really cool find.

👤The classic mummy is my favorite. The most posing options are found in the 1932 Boris Karloff version. There are arms and legs. Imhotep has never looked better. The heads, hands and feet of the wolfman are too large, and the Creature's heads are fixed in place. The classic Boris Karloff version of The Monster has many posing options. The posing options are limited because of the lack of neck motion on the wolf. It's a nice set.

7. Tigergo Portable Survival Multi Tool Tactical

Tigergo Portable Survival Multi Tool Tactical

There is outdoor survival gear and equipment. The axe tool is easy to use with one hand. It's an indispensable tool for home and outdoor use. It is suitable for camping, hunting, hiking, fishing, exploring or indoor activities. The multi-tool camping axe kit has functions such as axe, hammer, bottle opener, fish scaler tool, fire starter, emergency whistle, compass, glass breaker, etc. It can be used as a tactical axe, tactical folding axe with sharp blade, and a sheath. The axe head and extension bars are made of thick aluminum alloy. It was designed and produced for the outdoors. You can adjust the length of the handle according to your needs. The axe has a nylon sheath to protect it from the elements. The outdoor camping hatchet is a great gift for friends and family who love hiking or hunting. They will be impressed by your choice if you give them this gift.

Brand: Tigergo

👤I tried to sharpen it because it came dull. The blade is wobbly even though I have tightened it many times. The compass fell out. The knife is the only positive thing about it.

👤This thing is cool. We will see how well it holds up.

👤I love it! I ordered this two days ago and it arrived here. It was lightweight and great for me as I am pettite. It is so small that it can be removed into three pieces. It fits in my purse. It has a sturdy cover, a smaller knife, and a compass that works, and it also has a small knife. Excited to go camping with the kids.

👤It's lightweight but durable. It's easy to put together and take apart. I don't know why I bought it. I am excited.

👤Excellent product! It's small and wouldn't be used as my main axe.

👤It was a gift for my husband and he loved it.

8. LifeStraw Personal Camping Emergency Preparedness

LifeStraw Personal Camping Emergency Preparedness

Excellent for removing grease, oil stains, tar and label. The microfiltration is able to remove 99% of waterbornebacteria and 99% of waterborne parasites. Removes microplastics and reduces the amount of water in the environment. All claims are verified with laboratories using standard testing protocols. 4,000 liters (1,000 gallons) of clean and safe drinking water will be provided by the microbiological filter. Every LifeStraw product purchased, a school child in need will receive safe drinking water for the entire school year. There are materials that are free of BPA.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤You should get a Sawyer-Mini. I have used both on camping trips. You need steel jaws to suck water. If you use a Sawyer or other filters with pump/squeeze action, you won't have to rip out your filling. You have to lie on the ground, and other filters have a straw if the pouch breaks. You need to watch actual videos of people who use these frequently before voting down this post. Everyone uses a pump or squeeze method of filtration. Lifestraws are a great idea, but it is hard to use.

👤I am sorry to have the first one be so negative but the life straw was a total and utter disappointment. I bought it for my daughter to go to Mexico with strict instructions to not drink anything without the life straw. Had she followed my instructions she would have died of dehydration. We followed the instructions from the video to soak it, but we couldn't get any water to come through it. It was too late to return to Amazon and I did not receive a reply when I contacted Life Straw. Too bad. I was going to have one for each family member to have in an emergency pack. I will not do that after this experience.

👤This thing is serious. I went backpacking on Maine's Bigelow range. I ran out of water when I brought it. Bring a wide mouth bottle and fill it with water. I drank from the most disgusting looking hole on top of a lower peak. I thought it would be safe, but it wasn't. Wrong. It tasted like fresh spring water. Better than a tap. I'm from Maine, and I've tasted plenty of water from the mountain springs. It can be difficult to start. You have to prove it by soaking. Blow into it if it still doesn't work. Everyone should have a bug-out bag in case of a civil war, because the world seems to have gone mad.

👤If you don't clear the water after each use, the water will seize up. I didn't run a gallon through either of the break I had.

👤I dropped it from my mouth to the countertop and it stopped working, which is ridiculous. There was no impact at all. It is dangerous to have a water source out in the woods if it can't take an impact. This bad review is solely about that fact.

👤I've used these in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Works as advertised. The system is safe to use. When we deploy, we use it as a standard procedure to have one in everyone's room. It's called Semper Fi.

👤I drank from a steam. I have become a hippie. I'm in a transformation.

👤We got what we ordered. I've used this product before in Afghanistan, and I'm happy with it.

👤The price was right, so I wanted to get one for a while. The water out of the Lake of Two Mountains tasted good and did not have any ill effects.

9. Tiny Survival Guide Preparedness Micro Guide

Tiny Survival Guide Preparedness Micro Guide

Simply sorting your items will make it easy to organize and classify items of different shapes. Great for school supplies. CARRY IT WITH YOU EVERYWHERE. Credit-Card Sized to fit. In Your: wallet, pocket, survival kit, glove box, purse, pouch. One tough guide. Special Tear and Weather resistant material is used in maps. There are 101 illustrations, 67 lifesaving survival skills, 175 expert tips, 24 gear and 10 "Killer" mistakes. You should keep the tiny survival guide on you at all times. It's a quick reference when you're caught in an emergency or disaster. It is like a life insurance policy in your pocket. You should learn to survive these threats. Civil unrest, surprise attacks, natural disasters, nuclear, biological and chemical events, abduction, Hostage and terror threats, active shooter situation, vehicle accidents, hiking, camping and hunting emergencies are a lot of things. The guide to develop your mindset, skills, and gear is a pro active learning tool. It makes a great gift. The Digital Details can be scanned with the QR code.

Brand: Ultimate Survival Tips Be Prepared-because You Never Know

👤This is one page and it is folded up to be a pocket size. Many important things had to be so compressed that a person with no knowledge or even a little survival knowledge will not have enough basic information in several areas that are covered but not well enough to be useful. It is just one page folded up. The additional info that you can find is helpful, but sometimes in some of the apps the video or info is not as complete or as well produced as it could be, and it may not be available to look at when you need it. Being prepared for an emergency is serious. It is great that you are looking for information to be prepared. If you want to buy the necessary equipment for your home and car, you should buy a full and complete Survival book. Is this page better than nothing? .... Yes... If you buy this, you will think you are prepared, but you will not buy a full and well written survival book.

👤This is one of the dumbest things I have ever bought on Amazon. The idea of a pocket-sized survival book is a great one, but one of the first things it says is that you need to carry things with you and not depend on electronics, and the entire guide is full of QR Codes for you to use your phone. It's even more stupid that they lead you to the internet. The diagrams on how to set traps, gut a fish, and tell what different tracks are all useful to look at, but they could be better described in a book. The details are so small that you can't really understand what is happening, and everything is so simple that you can just remember the information. One thing I read that made me want to write this review was that at the end of the "Worst Case Scenario" section, it says that one of the essentials to check off, following a gas mask, is a Bible. I don't know if that is put in as a joke. I understand that people are religious, but the fact that you had to add this to a manual small enough to fit in your pocket is ridiculous. This was the dumbest thing I have ever read, and I have nothing against religion. Don't waste money. You can buy a survival guide. I only give it a star because it does some of what it tells you, but nothing else you wouldn't find in a basic survival guide.

👤The product is resistant to water and tear and has good information. It was possible to put a hole in it accidentally. The water resistance is pretty good. All this info can be found online for free. I don't think 10 bucks is worth it.

👤I like this guide. I can't believe the amount of information in this manual. It's better than most survival books that are full sized. I give away survival kits as gifts to my family members, and this guide is going into every one of them. I notice something new when I look at it. The authors teach the skills in more depth in the videos that you can find with the QR codes. The value is not ordinary. If I choose, I can use the magnifying lens to start a fire. The guide went into my wallet and replaced the $10 I spent for it.

10. ReferenceReady WildCards Outdoor Knots Carabiner

ReferenceReady WildCards Outdoor Knots Carabiner

This tool is perfect for professional and personal relationship growth, and is the perfect gift for someone looking to grow relationships. It helps make conversations one of the most rewarding aspects of your life, and it also helps cultivate happiness one card after another. The knot tying diagrams are easy to follow, with descriptions and usage tips. There is a mini carabiner that you can use to clip your knot cards to your bag. The outdoors knots are perfect for camping and backpacking scenarios. The waterproof card format is ideal for outdoors. These things are printed on a thick plastic card stock.

Brand: Referenceready

👤I wish I could give this item a 3.5, instead of a 3 or a 4, but that my issues with these cards may be preferable for other users, so I gave the item a 4 overall. The cards are very thick and durable. It was very well made. The print is small, but nothing my glasses can't handle, and the smaller font means that each knot has a brief description prior to the instructions, and I like that kind of extra information. There are pros and cons. My first con may be pro for some people, but it is something that I don't like very much. I thought each card had their own holes with brackets. I had something in my mind that led me to this conclusion. The stack of cards is maintained by a single piece of equipment. It's great to prevent losing cards, but it means that the cards must be rotation in the right way to not obscure any information on the card. The front of the first card and the back of the last are the only ones that are not covered by this statement. It means that looking at any of those in between cards increases the foot print of the card bundle, and it makes it less friendly to hold, but would be fine on a flat surface. I tried to show this with pictures. It is a bundle of five cards that are attached together. The second con is something that will bother anyone who is clinically OCD, but it does bother me. I looked at the photos after the fact but didn't see the information. The backs of each card are numbered 6 - 10, instead of 1 - 5, and the fronts are numbered 1 - 5. There was no change in function, but it was an odd choice. These are a great set of cards, but beware of picky buyers.

👤I like how the info is presented. I will need reading glasses.

👤I can rock-climbing a figure 8. I will depend on this little guide for everything else. I appreciate it for bear hangs, which are always a disaster for me. The visual and verbal instructions are very important. I like knowing the names of the knots, but I'm not cool if I don't know to call it a Slippery Half Hitch. My only request would be for a version made with thinner plastic. It probably wouldn't hold up as well, but that's the trade you make with ul gear.

👤You need to have good vision to read these cards. The diagrams are all you need to remember how to tie the knots. If you need reading glasses, you should have a magnifying glass with you. The cards are small and easy to carry in a pocket or pack.

👤It's better for taking along on trips if it's a little smaller than I was expecting. The wife wanted a reference so we wouldn't lose rope to her tie-a-lot knots. She's seen that if you tie a proper knot, it will come undone after use, and some of them are much quicker to tie to hold things down.


What is the best product for yokai attack the japanese monster survival guide?

Yokai attack the japanese monster survival guide products from Thinkpeak Toys. In this article about yokai attack the japanese monster survival guide you can see why people choose the product. Jada Toys and Liquid I.v. are also good brands to look for when you are finding yokai attack the japanese monster survival guide.

What are the best brands for yokai attack the japanese monster survival guide?

Thinkpeak Toys, Jada Toys and Liquid I.v. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for yokai attack the japanese monster survival guide. Find the detail in this article. Sharp Pebble, Terra Frma and Bendyfigs are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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