Best Xbox One Games Ark Survival

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1. ARK Survival Evolved Xbox One

ARK Survival Evolved Xbox One

Discover over 100 different dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures on the island, finding ways to tame them into useful additions for your tribe's dino herd. Survive Above All: Hunger, thirst, basic safety and protecting yourself from the weather are all part of the game. Run too far and you will get thirsty and hungry in a hurry. The weather effects are based on real-world climates and so you'll need to hide out from rain and snow, while making the most of sunny days. Harvest, Hunt and build: Cut down trees and turn them into a basic home, which you can quickly expand into. You can start your own garden by hunting for meat and plants. You can gather resources and modify them. An extensive crafting system invites you to mix and match materials from the island, while also modifying the colors, texture, shapes and style of everything from the walls of your home to your character's armor, weapons and more. You can explore the island and discover Explorer's Notebooks filled with clues. Make your way to the final boss to figure out why you've been dropped into this experience.

Brand: Wild Card Games

👤The game was wonderful. Graphics are great. I am lost inside this.

👤My son loves it. The game was great.

👤We updated the game after having it for a year with the promise of a prize. The prize didn't happen because the update took 12 hours to complete. It was a big disappointment.

👤There were no problems at all. The package was in great shape. Love the game as well. Not included is Dlc.

👤Kids like it. You don't have a feature in most games where both kids can play at the same time. It would make a great gift for a family of kids.

👤It was in great condition even though it took a long time to arrive.

2. Collective Minds Xbox One Mod Pack

Collective Minds Xbox One Mod Pack

The paddles are added to the standard controller. The button re-mapper is used on the fly paddle. There is a built-in controller mod mode. The controller model 1914 is not supported.

Brand: Collective Minds

👤I bought this a month ago and it has been great. It was worth the money because my game is better. If you read the reviews, you will know if it is good fornite. It is great!

👤This is not a paid review. This product is great. The mod pack is completely wired with the provided microusb cord, so you have no choice but to use batteries. I highly recommend you read the entire manual to get your money's worth. The product is great, comfortable paddles, as well as premade modes for specific games. I was very happy with the purchase. Ignore the other reviews that said there were problems with the headset. Make sure your controller is upgraded. I have no issues with my headset and my friends have never heard buzzing. My box came brand new, no issues, in a sealed box. If you have an issue with the product, contact the company and let them know about it. Thank you for the product.

👤The materials used to build the product aren't that much. One of the paddles broke when I bought this on July 16th. I use this product for an average of seven hours a week and the fact that it has failed after so little use is telling of the quality of the materials. Young players beware.

👤I didn't want to spend $150 on an elite controller, so I went with this instead. I was very happy that I did. The paddles are easy to map out. The paddles are not the most comfortable in the world, so I put some grip on them. Have not had any problems with the power cord or paddles. A very happy customer!

👤I bought these for my son, not the Elite of Scuff controller. The installation took a few minutes. He thought it would be hard to have a wired controller, but it makes for a more responsive gaming experience. The paddles are a great way to improve your game. My son recommended them. The product was great. I was very happy with the purchase. The Microusb cord is long enough.

👤What kind of warranty do we have? The extra control that I had in my games stopped working a couple of weeks ago. When it came back on, the right side would have green lights on. I didn't see anything in the manual for that light pattern. Do you have a 90 day warranty? How can I exchange? Thank you. I like your product very much.

👤The design of the cord makes it impossible to use another microusb cord. Button mapping was easy to set up. I don't like that you can mod it to shoot faster, and the other modes that are considered cheating in pro play. It's easy to install, but not for me. You don't need the 150$ controller if you want paddles. If you add up all the mod to your controller, it will cost you more than the authentic controller. If you feel you need it, just save up, I have a basic controller that costs $60.

3. Serafim Gaming Wheel

Serafim Gaming Wheel

There is a world of unspoiled islands, monsters and loot. All you need to enjoy your racing games is the innovative cross-patterned design of the Serafim R1+. It has a steering wheel, a pedal, and a phone holder, which allow you to play racing games. You used to have to buy a wheel for every platform. All of the most popular racing games are compatible with the World 1st mobile-compatible racing wheel. There are over 28 games you can play, with more being added all the time. True racing experience is what Serafim R1+ is known for. The rubber handle of this wheel is unparalleled. The steering wheel is robust enough to handle the tightest curves, and the responsiveness of the pedal system can handle even the most aggressive drivers. They are willing to give a full 1-year warranty because they are so confident in the quality of the wheel. The PC racing wheel is a pro. There are built-in double vibration motors. Plug and play X-input and D-input on PC. There are 3 levels of sensitivity for different gaming experience players.

Brand: Serafim

👤A great wheel. The best multi platform racing wheel. I use it on my computer and cell phone. I play a lot of racing amd offroad/sim games.

👤Total waste of money. I bought it to use for F1 2019. It is easier to use the PS4 controller. The steering wheel has a dead zone that extends 1” in both directions and no steering input. If you have ever played a racing game where you need to swing the wheel two inches in either direction before you even start to turn, you will understand how bad it is. You can change the steering wheel's sensitivity with a few buttons, but the high sensitivity won't reduce the dead zone. There is a I took the steering wheel apart to see if I could fix the dead zone. I measured the steering output with a multimeter after I got it apart and found the steering potentiometer. I can tell you that the steering pot is correct. The output of the steering wheel is very sensitive and can change with the smallest movement. It is so sensitive that the output begins to change before I even notice a movement of the wheel, yet there is a dead zone in each side. That means it is not a hardware issue and something that can be changed, if they felt so inclined. They would sell a steering wheel that has a dead zone of two inches. I can't even use the thing. It is very difficult to begin a small turn because you have to try and make it past the dead zone of the steering wheel. If you have to negotiate a chicane, it will be difficult. I bought this thing because I am not good at racing game's, and this made it impossible for me. I searched online for ways to adjust the dead zone but it seems there isn't one. There is a It has the brake and gas assigned to the paddle shifters as well as the gas and brake peddles, which is a terrible thing. That makes sense to someone. If you want to use the paddle shifter as an actual paddle shift, you have to reassign them through the steering wheels interface, which is not explained in the user manual. It wouldn't be bad if it were to save those changes. All button changes will return to the default if you power off your console or remove the steering wheel. The company hasn't responded to my message about this. Adding some resistance to the steering pot will make it register as more steering input from the start. I don't know if that will do what I want or if the increased resistance early on will cause a limits change in the pot or if it will make it useless. I know enough to be dangerous to my electronic devices and I am not an electrical guy. There is a If you are one of those people, you should buy a better steering wheel. Why do you spend so much time messing with a low quality one? I enjoy trying to figure out ways to circumvent issues that would stymies other people, and I have access to all the resistors and the like at my work, so it can't justify spending $300 for a good one. I haven't received an acknowledgement of my messages after trying every method of contacting the company. I left questions on the sellers page, went through their website chat, sent them a message through their email function, and I sent their sales department an email. Nothing. I was unable to find contact information for tech support help that I was looking for. I did a search for the dead band issue and found a comment on Amazon from a guy with the same issue, but one of them said that they sent him something via email to fix the problem, and that he loves the steering wheel. He didn't mention how that was accomplished or how he got in contact with him. I would have reached out to other members if I had been able to. I will be returning this piece of junk.

4. BENGOO V 4 Controller Cancelling Headphones

BENGOO V 4 Controller Cancelling Headphones

It works great on PS5 and PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch and PC and Mobile devices with 3.5mm Connection. Wide Application Support all of the following: PS4, XBOX One S, PC, Nintendo 3DS, Laptop, PS2, Tablet, iMac, Computer, Mobile Phone. When connecting with an old version of the Xbox One controller, you need an extra Microsoft Adapter. The speaker unit's sensitivity is enhanced by the acoustic positioning precision and the clear sound operating strong brass, splendid ambient noise isolation and high precision 40mm magnetic neodymium driver. It's perfect for games like Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, and World of Warcraft Legion. The noise isolating microphone can transmit high quality communication with its premium noise-concellng feature, can pick up sounds with great sensitivity and remove the noise, which enables you clearly deliver or receive messages while you are in a game. It's convenient to adjust the angle of the microphone. The great humanized design can reduce hearing and heat sweat. The leather material is skin friendly. Glaring lights illuminate the earcups to highlight the atmosphere. The anti-winding braided cable with the microphone and the volume controller makes it easy to control the volume and make the mic sound louder.

Brand: Bengoo

👤The headset is pretty good. I use this for my xbox one and it plugs into my controller. It's pretty comfortable. The pads around the ear are soft and nice, as are the cushions for the top of your head. The ear spots are a little shallow, which is true, but only barely. I don't think enough to care or feel it. It seems sturdy because of the metal design. The microphone bends towards your mouth if necessary. My friends say that my voice is very clear. I can hear the foot steps to the right or left in FortNite. The size is not a small headset. I have a small head and work well for me. The turtle beaches for the same price are not as comfortable as the worth the money beaches.

👤The mic has stopped working after only a month of use. This is very frustrating. After contacting the company, they immediately sent us a new headset and checked in multiple times to make sure we were happy, thank you!

👤I used the headset for about a year. If I am lucky, I will play for a couple hours a night. The seller bribed me to remove my bad review before I revised it. Everyone is bribed to remove their bad reviews to make this a best seller. The quality is not good. The noise cancellation isn't great, but what they are really bad at is sound translation. The sound wheel broke early on, and I started getting fuzzy sound in the left speaker until it quit completely. Don't be drawn by the lights on the headset itself. The power cord is very short. If you're serious about gaming, I don't recommend this product.

👤I was looking for a great gaming headset and this one is a good value with decent sound quality. My nephew is getting into PC gaming and will be getting a pair. These hold up to the same quality as the ones I've spent $150 on before. It's great for yourself or a gift. Game on everyone. Clownfish210 is a tag.

👤Not too heavy, and gets the job done. The lights should never be used.

👤I have been using this product for a month. This one was replaced with a name brand headset. I like this one better. It can be used as a telephone headset and as a 2.5mm accessory for my home wireless phone system. The headset is louder than the expensive one. It works well plugged in to my computer. My phone. I like the no-grab cord. If you want to use this headset with a home phone system with a 2.5mm jack, you can buy this adapter at Amazon. The best sound for your ears can be provided by adjusting the phone's equalizer.

👤I didn't know that a single plug-in was needed for the headset and mic to work with the controller. A friend recommended this headset to me, and it was a great recommendation. My other headset cost three times more than this one. I really like that headset. The red one did not light up. This headset might be better for the price. It has a blue light that gives you a little extra when it comes to gaming. I would recommend this headset to my friends. The gaming headset has a little more weight on it. It feels lighter than it is because of its comfortable padding for head and ears. The cables for the mic and the plug that works the lights are long. I think they are around 6 ft. Some people think this was too long. I stepped on the cable when I moved around. It is just a matter of getting used to the long cable. I like this length. The mic has a on/off switch and a volume control. It's game on with this headset. I've been wearing this headset for two months. It works well. It's comfortable to wear and the cables are still good. This headset is my number one, I use it for gaming andmic.

5. ARK Survival Evolved Xbox One

ARK Survival Evolved Xbox One

Discover over 100 different dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures on the island, finding ways to tame them into useful additions for your tribe's dino herd. Survive Above All: Hunger, thirst, basic safety, and protecting yourself from the weather are all part of the game. Harvest, Hunt and build: Cut down trees and turn them into a basic home, which you can quickly expand into. You can start your own garden by hunting for meat and plants. An extensive crafting system allows you to mix and match materials from the island, while also modifying the colors, texture, shapes, and styles. You can explore the island and discover Explorer's Notebooks filled with clues.

Brand: Studio Wildcard

👤The game is a good idea, but not very enjoyable. You build a house, craft items, and then you have an idiot that is level 269 and a huge T-Rex come and destroy everything you have built. It's annoying that you get spawned in front of something that kills you. It's annoying that you have to build a bed to return to your house. I have everything I need to make something happen, but I die and have to start over. It's like the day before the weather is going to get bad. There is no progress made in the game. The community is not good. I understand that it is a survival game, but people go to great lengths to attack low level players, they take up real estate, so you cannot build a structure if it is within a 50-75m radius to another individual. The low level idiots will destroy your stuff. This is a game for you to pass the time if you want to put up with it.

👤This game concept is very appealing to me. I can't believe it wasn't thought of before. I think WildCard killed it. I enjoy playing solo and don't have a tribe. It gets me screaming a lot and instills real fear in me. It was entertaining for people to watch me play. Thankfully, they have the ability to modify every aspect of the game, from your damage to your resistance to your healing from injuries to the dinosaurs. Really great. I used this to make it easier to explore and wander the different areas, as well as attempting to tame larger dinos, such as the two allosauruses that have begun stalking very close to my second camp. Highly recommended!

👤I had a lot of fun with this game. They never fix the glitch that they complain about. They always come out with new stuff to tease you. If you die in a cave, your gear is forever lost because it fell through the ground. 2. You can either go into the boss arena and have all your dinos disappear forever, or you can fall through the world during the teleport. You can lose everything at the beginning of the game. This is similar to a "rogue- like". You can't reload a save file if you die. 3. You lose all your progress if you save a map on a PC and then sync it back to the xbox. Cheat with console commands and get everything you lost. It's :- If you're on an official server, they may give you more support. They told us that... You shouldn't have to cheat to play a game. We did everything we could to not cheat to win the game. Why did the high score happen? It is a pretty good game. There are a lot of highly accurate dinosaurs and challenge with all the building options. It's still enjoyable. There will be some problems with the end game stuff. Also in that case. It's better to do those last challenges with your team mates. If you play for a small team. Before the Caves and boss battles, do everything else in the game. You'll lose everything if you breed an army of similar throw away dinos. Everything will be fun if you have low expectations.

6. Need Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered Xbox

Need Speed Hot Pursuit Remastered Xbox

The country roads are socially competitive and racers headfirst down them. There is an extra six hours of main DLC delivered at launch. Cars with weapons. You can drive the world's most desirable Super cars on both sides of the law. Escape and Chase. A deep and fully-defined single-player Career delivers the action of both cops and racers, with a seamless linked multiplayer experience across all race modes. Need for speed: hot pursuit is a timeless racing experience updated for today's generation of Hardware with enhanced visuals.

Brand: Electronic Arts

👤I played this game on the Xbox 360 about 9 years ago, and it was made by the same company that made the hit game "Burnout". Need for Speed games are not good, I was not a fan of Need for Speed Heat, so when this came out I picked it up. This has a fresh coat of paint on it. I realized how great this game is because of how satisfying it is. Take downs, equipment, and more. The police are fair and balanced. Being a cop or racer is satisfying, but you have to work for it. Need for Speed was a great job by Criterion. I think this title is very good. I didn't realize that all the vehicles are old, they only go up to the year 2007. You are dealing with older generation vehicles. There are no new cars in the showroom. If you are okay with this, then you should get the title because it is better than the other generic NFS titles that have been released recently.

👤Do you want fast paced racing games with real cars and a good soundtrack? This is the best you can get. Childhood memories include drifting at 60mph down a sunny highway. It was the same as the PS3 and XBOX. Y'all are boring, you realistic car sim fans don't look further. This is not for you, it is for the fans who like fast paced high flying action. If you have the PS4 Pro or PS5 you can play in a 4k 30fps Resolution mode and a 60fps Performance mode. The performance mode is amazing. Have a good game, buy it and enjoy it. There is peace.

👤The game came on a floppy disk. The game is fun, and it is great. The ability to play the game from both perspectives is something I love. I received an error message from my TV stating that it was no longer receiving an input signal when I tried to play the game. I have a newer Sony Z8H that supports 4K 120HZ so it could be a hardware issue. I had to change the TV settings and turn it into standard mode for that particular input. I read that the game is 4K 30hz. Maybe that is the problem. It's frustrating to have to change the TV settings to play this game.

👤My nephew loves cars and racing games. He cherishes every moment he can get to play this game. I had a blast playing it when it was first launched. I am happy that a new generation can enjoy it. Christmas Gift Hit!

👤The game is realistic. I thought it was impossible because it was improved after the original release. I like to play it on the wide screen TV with the 7.1 home theatre system.

👤I don't like how buggy this game is. It crashes all the time. The game type was changed at the middle of the game while I was playing with 3 other guys. It's annoying that you choose to play Hot Pursuit and it will change the game type to like Most Wanted after a few races.

7. LEGO Minecraft Building Featuring Skeleton

LEGO Minecraft Building Featuring Skeleton

The controller model 1914 is not supported. Kids rearrange LEGO. The Horse Stable will allow them to enjoy endless play possibilities. Kids who love the online game will recognize the horse mobs, stable building and authentic accessories that inspire much of the hands-on play. There are many roles to play with this versatile playset. Kids can help the horses, build an obstacle course for them to jump over, and battle a skeleton horseman. This hands-on recreation of the popular online game will be of interest to players of all ages. The measurement is over 3.5 in. The high is 5.5 in. It was 14 cm wide and 5.5 in. There are 14 cm. This reconfigurable set is perfect for displaying and combining with other LEGO sets.

Brand: Lego

👤Our family is a huge fan of Lego, and we have many kits and pieces. I bought this for my youngest builder. It took her about an hour to build it. She added it to her Lego collection and continues to play with it, which is a sign of a worthwhile kit.

👤Tiempo de calidad, pero gran regalo!

👤A Lego build featuring a skeleton figure, 2 horses, and a character from the game "Minecraft" Lego has easy to follow directions and picture instructions. My family likes adding this to their Lego collection. My child was able to do this without much help. 10/10 recommend.

👤Came in perfect! It is a beautiful set. I am going to give this to my brother. BUY IT.

👤My Grandkids are both 12 years old, and they're both into games. They picked out a lot of things. I told them that if Santa brought them any, it would be together gifts for the two of you. It didn't matter as long as they were excited about Christmas and I was happy because of the smiles on their faces. Thanks.

👤My 8 year old's Christmas list only had three items, and this was one of them. He was very excited to get it. It's cute! I bought this months in advance, so I was happy to see it go up in price before the holidays.

👤The birthday present was brought at the last minute. The birthday kid enjoyed it a lot, even though it arrived before the big day. I like how it has extra characters that can be used in other sets or even as a stand alone character.

👤I got for my son. They were not the easiest to put together but still a great set. It was probably not the best gift for a 6 year old.

👤We were stuck in the house with nothing to do so I bought this for my boyfriend. We love Lego as much as we did when we were kids. Some good memories were brought back. It is 10x better because it is made from Lego.

👤Lego vai além das possibilidades da instruo. Minha filha monta vrias havezes, ve Um brinquedo estimula criatividade, pacincia, and so on.

👤Lego is a good value for money. Kids that play the game will love this. Good for kids 1-8.

👤The gift has not opened yet, but it looks great.

👤Avoir aimé, pour mon petit-Fils.

8. Subnautica Xbox One

Subnautica Xbox One

Sub Nautica's ocean range from shallow coral reefs to deep-sea trenches, lava fields, and bio-luminescent underwater rivers. After crash landing in your life Pod, the clock is on to find water, food, and to develop equipment to explore as you collect resources from the ocean. Managing hull-integrity as depth and pressure increases is one of the ways to construct underwater habitats. Can you figure out what happened to this planet and what caused you to crash in order to survive? If you want to disrupt the food chain, lure and distract a threatening creature with a fresh fish, or simply swim as fast as you can to avoid gnashing jaws of roaming predators.

Brand: Gearbox Publishing

👤There is a lot of promise in this game. The premise and design are great, but the flaws are many. The game is buggy and I have lost 3 seamoths just from the landscape, not because of the game, but because of the ship "spawning" deep inside a rock or structure. The game engine struggles to generate the graphics in real time once you get a lot of stuff built. This might be a limitation of the Xbox One, but it still needs to be mitigated. I want to love the game, but it's in the way to collect dust. I'll try again if and when the issues are fixed, but it's frustrating to be an "unpaid" tester and spend hours only to have a glitch or bug set you back to zero. I don't expect to purchase a game that is still in development.

👤I submitted a 4 for one reason that I feel really subtracted from the game. The core focus of Subnautica is on the gameplay, with elements of crafting and exploration. Fighting is possible but not encouraged. The exploration element in games is usually relaxing and involves seeing new sights and curiosities. Not in this game. You are alone because of the setting. The ocean is open. On an alien planet. This game is frightening. You'll find that you're more nervous to start the game in a safe area than you are to start in a new area. You'll learn to dread the night as visibility drops to near zero and the ocean life and predators are all around you, making you look in circles. Half the time it will be a friendly reefback, the other half will be a leviathan about to take a chunk out of your new submarine. The environment is beautiful and each biome is vastly different. The world is not randomized, it will be the same every time, but that is a good thing, as you will quickly learn how to get from area to area as safely as possible. It would be terrible to start the game above the dunes where leviathans are abundant. The lore and story is interesting and can be ignored or even explored in equal levels. I give this game a 4 because of how it runs on the xbox. I'm often going along only to notice that nothing has arisen around me and I'm in a void, only for the world to show up. I had no hope of seeing a leviathan in front of me since it hadn't spawned. I shouldn't have to sit and wait 30 seconds for the next rule of environment to load in while I'm trying to go in a direction, as I have no idea what lies ahead, and the draw distance is not good enough. It is an excellent game, but it needs better loading.

👤The game is not fun. It is well designed, but it constantly makes you work, you are building a base, now you need to take a break to chase some stupid fish to eat or drink. You have to dive deeper and deeper in order to get the oxygen you need. This will work for those that enjoy crafting and survival games. Not for me.

9. Kinect Mount Konsait Adjustable Holder

Kinect Mount Konsait Adjustable Holder

The measurement is over 3.5 in. The high is 5.5 in. It was 14 cm wide and 5.5 in. There are 14 cm. This reconfigurable set is perfect for displaying and combining with other LEGO sets. The solution is for clip mounting. It is optimal for flat panel TVs. Installation is easy. The clips are adjusted to fit flat screen TVs.

Brand: Konsait

👤There are many positive reviews. There are some positive reviews. There is no way to tighten the mount once you have it positioned how you want it. It collapses when I stop supporting the weight of the Kinect. After looking at the customer images, I am not sure if I received the same mount that was advertised. I don't think my mount had "Konsait" written on the front of it. I trashed the Kinect after it was dropped on top of my other devices for the 10th time. I had to put the Kinect on the table below my TV to block the remote sensor, but I still need it mounted. I'm in a strange position because of this dilemma. Is it possible that I am stupid enough to purchase a faulty device that many times dropped the very device it is specifically designed to hold, on a table full of electronic devices? I think I might be a fool.

👤The item did a good job. If you follow the instructions and connect the stand properly, you will not see it fall off. The stand is not the only thing that the Kinect clicks into. The stand has rubber-like pads on top of it to add grip. It doesn't act like a vice. My kids ran around and bumped into the tv, and it remains in place. The tv may be thin. I let the kids play on this one that is 10 years old and has a thicker screen.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the price. It was easy to install and works well. I used a small piece of two-way tape to hold the rear support in place against the back of the TV. This helped to keep things stable. I don't think this will work for you if your TV is wall mounted. The rear clearance is not needed.

👤I was skeptical about getting this cheaper option on Amazon. I was surprised by how sturdy this product is. Follow the instructions and bam is secure. I wish my tv had an extra screw in hole, but it's still very sturdy and doesn't move, and I've tested it, shook it, adjusted it, and it's still very sturdy. Would definitely recommend.

👤The concept was great but execution was not up to par. The wall mounting brackets that hold the thin TVs close to the wall are not compatible with the brackets for the thin TVs. The reason for the poor rating is that a small clip that locks the kinect in place is not usable when snapped in.

👤I was a little worried when I saw how small and light it was, but it snaps in very tightly. It feels pretty stable on top of the TV. Even with the cat tugging on cables or me jumping around in front of the Kinect, the TV holds on.

👤I was hesitant to buy this as I didn't find any kinect online, but it looks like MS is gone. A new car. b> You wouldn't find good deals anywhere else. It is working well so far. I'm not sure if I would change this review. I am happy with it and I want to dance on it.

10. Sea Thieves Anniversary Xbox One

Sea Thieves Anniversary Xbox One

There are six major updates in Anniversary Edition, including shores of Gold and the Arena. A game by UK developer rare. Live the essential pirate life in a world full of irreverent charm. Fight, hunt, and create your own legends. There is a world of unspoiled islands, monsters and loot.

Brand: Xbox

👤I have been playing this game for a few days and thought I was going to like it so I spent real cash on a pet and boat. I spent 2 hours on a quest today. I have two treasure chests and some things to sell. I went to the outpost to sell. I jumped with my first items to sell. Only to die. Spawned back in and took the next item, but was shot and killed by the same idiot. Two hours for nothing, lost everything. I thought the outpost was neutral. This breaks the game. I lost an additional 100 bucks because I'm done. I was getting shot on my boat. I spawned back a number of times each time they camped on my boat, but finally quit. I'm done with this game until they can make it fair. It's stupid for 3 players to be killed and then for them to sit and camp the boat. What a waste of time.

👤I gave this game a try and wanted to like it. I couldn't keep going after a few sessions. Unless you can group up with competent players, and you are going into this with friends, it's not going to be fun. The match up is terrible. Randoms will move the ship. The game doesn't seem to have a lot of content and it feels empty. It feels like a free-to-play game. There are a lot of opportunities for micro-transactions. There are better games to play with your friends.

👤You have to buy a subscription to play a game. They are trying to hide that fact by only printing the small print at the end of the details.

👤My child loves this game. I get motion sickness if I watch good graphics.

👤You can play with a few people. You can play with one. It's a lot of work to sail alone and you can add online gaming. The graphics on this game are beautiful. The upgrades have been free, like the Pirates of the Caribbean, Jack Sparrow. We play on the consoles and computers with the high definition tv.

👤This was a gift for my nephew. He loved it!

👤If you are sailing with friends, the game is enjoyable, but if you are solo, it is a nightmare to do a fetch quest. I wish there was more variety in the game.

👤The game was very good. There were a lot of failed saves.

11. Minecraft Dungeons Hero Xbox One

Minecraft Dungeons Hero Xbox One

The Hero Pass DLC includes a Hero Cape, two player skins, and a chicken pet. The DLC packs are Jungle Awakens and Creeping Winters. This all-new action-adventure is inspired by classic dungeon crawlers. Up to four players can team up and fight together. Dozens of unique items and weapon enchantments can be unlocked with Power Up. Personalize your character, then fight up- close and personal with melee swings, hang back with ranged attacks, or tank your way through swarms of mobs, by heavy armor.

Brand: Xbox

👤The game was pretty decent. It needed more content to keep it interesting. Imo. Hopefully future updates will make the experience better. If this is your first attempt at a hack and slash game, I will raise it to a 4. Good introduction to fighting and character upgrade. Wait until it's 15. It is not a must have game.

👤The game is great for kids. I have 5 and 7 year olds that can't get enough. I don't mind playing with them as well. The four player co-op mode is great for groups of young people. Two thumbs up!

👤My 7 year old loves it. He is able to do a lot of it. He likes that it is a play through game with more structure than the regular game.

👤This was received on time. A smooth transition. Thank you for selling.

👤The game was very enjoyable. It is only for one player and requires a co-op of Xbox live. They have added more content. When the game was first released, I played it on the highest level.

👤I love playing this game so much I can not stop. I would like to see armor slots like Diablo. Otherwise, that 10/10.

👤It's a fun concept and even game for the first few days until you realize you have to replay levels over and over again to get to the right level or the right gear. Overall, I'm still enjoying it, I can cause 3 feels to low and 4 feels to high. It makes sense for a side game to come back once or twice a week when you need a break from your main game.

👤The low price is good because there is more to purchase.

👤Aunque tiene a ser repetitivo, pero te va enganchando. 2 DLCs de los 4 are available.

👤Tenemos prohibido los juegos en linea. Para hasta 4 men, ofline, grficos, and divertidos.

👤Muy buen juego, viene en espaol, pero se tienen problema y sin estar online.

👤A nio de 10 aos.

👤There are varios versiones del juego.


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