Best Survival Watch Waterproof

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1. Armitron Sport 45 7086BLK Chronograph

Armitron Sport 45 7086BLK Chronograph

34 millimeter case diameter The case and top ring are black and have a display with time, seconds, day and date. Water resistant to 100 meter is suitable for swimming and snorkeling, but not diving.

Brand: Armitron Sport

👤I bought this a decade ago when the band finally broke, and I got it today. I only wear a watch to work. I need it to be able to handle getting wet during hand washing. I wipe my watch with wipes when I'm out. Being able to see the date and military time is something I love. I will update after a while.

👤Armitron is my go to watch company. There is a good amount of options. I use timers for many of my tests and get damp/wet when washing hands with patients. They've lasted me for a long time.

👤Just received it. I love everything about it. This one was bought for military time. I love the turquoise accents on the navy watch. I have been a nurse for many years, but my last position involved military time and emr training. Timing is important in peri-op areas. I have a small wrist. Would fit larger wrists. I like that it is lightweight and sporty, but not overly so. I don't know that it is on my wrist. It could easily sleep with it on. I remove my watches at night because I am aware of them. It has settings for 2 different time zones and many other features. I have been satisfied with the purchase and would have paid more. This is a great gift for anyone in the healthcare field. They will appreciate the gift.

👤I like the watch for my wrist. I needed a chronometer and this one works perfectly. The instructions in the box are not clear, but I figured it out after a while. It's perfect for a small wrist like mine, but also works on bigger wrists.

👤I bought the pink because it was one day shipping and I am surprised how much I like it. It's not as big as a big black watch face on my wrist. Light flesh tone blends with the color. I want it to be big on my wrist. I can see it when I swim. The band has enough holes for my wrist and it comes with a peg to lock the excess strap. It was easy to set up and use. It had a paper instruction manual. I want to know how long I have been swimming, so I plan on using it to swim laps. The functions are simple if I use the stop watch. I don't need to count every second, so I may leave it on the time function. Since purchasing this watch, I have been swimming 3X a week. It goes from cold outdoors to a warm pool. I wouldn't recommend going in the steam room with it.

👤I like this watch. It doesn't count steps, but at least it works. One of the things I liked about my Fitbit is that I could see when it was dark by looking at it. I wanted a watch that would light up. This fits the bill. It keeps time, has other functions, and with the touch of a button, it lights up so I can see the time in the dark. Woo hoo.

2. SKMEI Waterproof Pedometer Thermometer Stopwatch

SKMEI Waterproof Pedometer Thermometer Stopwatch

The lightweight digital waterproof watches for men are for sports. The features lead to the front of the fashion. Military style with compass includes magnetic declination and Pedometer. It's very easy to use and is prepared for outdoor adventure enthusiasts. If it's inaccurate, press the reset button to locate direction. It will be convenient for both indoor and outdoor sports, such as running, hiking, biking, fishing, climbing, and so on, if you have a temperature measurement device. It's a great gift for friends and family. It's waterproof, swim, wash hands, and shower in cold water, so don't take it off. Don't press any button in the water and in case of a damaging waterproof ring, keep it away from steam and hot water. COMFORT WITH FASHION. Band width: 24mm/0.9inch, Band length: 250mm/9.8inch, Case diameter: 49mm/1.9inch, Case thickness: 15mm/0.6inch, Weight: 53g/1.9oz. The army electronic wristwatch is comfortable to wear and suits for wrist 140mm-235mm/5.5inch-9.4inch.

Brand: Skmei

👤Garbage. Don't waste your money. It broke before I had it. The screen was not bright. I tried to take the battery out for a while to see if it would work, but it didn't. I was very disappointed. I was looking forward to using it.

👤So far, so good. It comes with a nice manual. There is no reference to which buttons are on the watch. To figure it out, need to play with it. Loving it so far. The screen stays black until a button is pressed. There is a My review was dropped to 3 stars. After 3 months of use, it stopped working. I have had a lot of difficulty using the functions. It felt like I needed to have the manual with me.

👤No tiene opcin de silenciar el cambio de funcin.

👤The product worked until the battery ran out. The product will not work after the battery change.

👤This was worse than a disposable watch. Poor quality. I don't recommend. I was very disappointed.

👤I took this watch into the water for the first time. The thermostat and compass were not right.

👤No tiene cambiar de fecha, pero no tiene cambios.

👤The compass is useless forever re calibrating.

👤Not water proof, few instructions, compass doesn't configure properly, screen times out to black every 10 seconds, and you need to keep pressing buttons to see the time... Don't try to use a timer! Every time you press them, the buttons make a loud noise. If possible, would give zero stars.

👤Temp is unreliable and cannot be relied on. I don't use any money.

3. Ayamaya Pop Tents Vestibule Person

Ayamaya Pop Tents Vestibule Person

2 steel poles, ropes, stakes, and carry bag are included. The pop up tent has enough room for 3-6 people with lots of luggage. The center height is 53.50. There is a separate room for lots of camping gear or your large dog. You can use the electrical cord access port to run a power cord from the outside to the inside of your tent. Storage pockets and lantern hooks keep items organized. The camping tents with double layer, inner layer and outer layer connected by hooks can effectively prevent condensation. There is a gap between the inner and outer layers which can be used to provide additional air flow to keep you cool. This quick setup tent with pre-assembled poles is easy to set up. The pitching process is easy and enjoyable if you open the bag. There is no need to bother with complicated instructions. The tent is portable and has a carrying bag. It is easy to carry the size 88*88*3 cm/ 34.6*34.6*1.2 inch. This pop-up tent has 2 large front door and REAR vent hooded, 4 zip up windows on the left and right sides. Both sides can be completely open with double panels on windows and doors. The mesh material allows hot air to escape while keeping small items out. Or sealed with a nylon door. The double-side zippers enable to get out of the tent. The tents are made of 3000MM waterproof PU-Coated fabric roof and 4,000MM waterproof groundsheet. There are sealed seams in the connection area that prevent leaking water. The front door is rolled up and down, which is better than the side open style.

Brand: Ayamaya

👤The tent is amazing. I used it with my partner for 10 days. 6 seconds to put up and under a minute to put away. The small entrance area made it easy to get in and out, the built-in rain fly worked well for two people, and the vents with zip ties made it very roomy for two people. There is no net or loop to hang stuff from the middle of the ceiling. I think I will make one.

👤I like this tent. I was surprised that it was so light. The tent package has a carrying strap. My daughter was able to carry the tent with ease. It is very light. Once you take the tent out of the bag, it opens and you have a tent. The tent is kept in place with the help of stakes and tie-down. I was looking for a rain fly. I realized it was already integrated into the tent. The tent is dry all night and day. The tub pan was not able to absorb the ground condensation. The extra small porch feature is great for storing gear and for leaving shoes in the living area, but not in the bedroom. A nice cross breeze is provided by the windows. I was pleasantly surprised that the ten has enough room for me and three other grown ups. It takes a little longer to pack the tent but once you watch the video it's very simple. This tent is perfect for a family.

👤The tent is awesome. If you are camping alone this is a harder place to fold up than the run of the mill dome tent. My campsite is in the trunk of my car, but it has room for a queen sized air mattress and all my stuff for a week.

👤Love it. It was taken camping Saturday. I was a little worried that the fabric might be thin, but it is. My 3yo tripped on the doorway a number of times. It fit a queen size air mattress inside with room left for our stuff. I like the area. I like how easy it is to setup and take down. It looks nice. I bought it with rain protection in mind, so I will have to see how it does when that happens. I would buy a tent again if there was another tropical storm, I am really happy with the tent, and it came over my camp. Dogs and cats for 12 hours. The tent was leaking. Around the windows. It dripped inside all night. When I woke up, there was a lot of water in the tent floor. I bought this because of its rain proof rating.

👤Really impressed! The tent is great for those on the go. Even got rained on and had no leaks.

👤It's so easy to set up. Throw it out and it will go poof. It is ready. Put a tarp on it. It works well. I would recommend anyone. The straps on the tent bag work well as backpacks.

4. Casio G Shock DW6900 1V Black Resin

Casio G Shock DW6900 1V Black Resin

Water-resistant to 100m is suitable for swimming, but not diving. It can be made in the USA or imported. The EL Backlight has Afterglow and a flash alert. The buzzer sounds for alarms, hourly time signal, and a time-up alarm. 1/100 second stopwatch, measuring mode: Elapsed time, split time, 1st-2nd place times, Countdown timer, Multi-function alarm, Hourly time signal, Full auto-calendar (12/24 hour formats)

Brand: Casio

👤This is the best G-Shock I have ever seen, and I have owned many of them. The watch's simplicity and essential functions bring me back to it. I go to the gym or any activity where I worry about my mechanical piece. This was trusted by navy seals and other military units for a long time. The 6900 strap is molded to the shape of a human wrist, so if you're having a hard time deciding between this one and the DW9052, know that. The one on the DW9052 is a straight strap, and will always feel tight or loose. I prefer this watch because it shows the current time while in stopwatch mode. That is essential. The buttons on this one are much easier to press than the 5600 ones, and it is very easy to find the light button at night. This would be the only g-shock I could have.

👤This watch was perfect for what I needed. Inexpensive, waterproof, easy to read time and date, alarm, hourly time signal, timer, and stopwatch. For people who also own a similar watch, there are some differences, such as the watch that only has one alarm, and the one that has 5. If I change my alarm time from 6:30 to 6:15, I can hit the reverse button and go back. With this watch, I have to hit forward and go past the :59 minute mark to start again, and then keep pressing it up to :15. When the alarm goes off, this watch and my other watch both play music. The timer goes off 10 times. You don't have to go through all of the modes to get back to the default timekeeping mode when you switch modes. If I switch modes from timekeeping to the alarm, and adjust settings in alarm mode, then push the mode button again, it will jump back to timekeeping and ignore the other modes that come after alarm like timer and stopwatch. It will take me to each mode if I press the mode button quickly. My other watch doesn't do this, but I like it. Setting an alarm in the dark can be difficult because you can't use the light while adjusting settings, but I'm not sure if this is different from other watches. I have to remember what the current alarm is set for, and then hit the adjust button and set the alarm by counting, and then hit the light button again to see if I did it correctly. This is disappointing. Pressing any button will turn off the light. While in stopwatch mode, you can use the light, but it will turn off early if you press start or stop. The clasp on the watch band is plastic. I like metal. I have not had an issue. I've noticed that the watch is a bit smaller than the watches that Casio makes. This isn't an elegant watch and it isn't really attractive, but you will never worry about breaking it or scratching it. The watch has survived a few mountains, lakes, and the ocean.

5. Camouflage Waterproof Electronic Military Stopwatch

Camouflage Waterproof Electronic Military Stopwatch

This sport watch is perfect for all kinds of sports and it's an everyday watch. It was very charming for all occasions. A great gift for family and friends is the amazing looking watch. The digital watch has a military style outlook. The large dial and numbers have light. The water resist is 54 M and it is waterproof. In case of a damaging waterproof ring, please keep buttons away from steam and hot water. The CakCity Mens Sport watch comes with a manual and friendly customer services.

Brand: Cakcity

👤My 10 year old son just bought this for himself and is very happy. It is very easy to set and operate. A typical boys watch is much smaller. I think it is an adult size. My son is very tall for a 10 year old, and this watch is still a good fit for him, as he can grow into the strap. If you're looking for a little boy, but not an older boy or a man, this is a good place to look.

👤I bought this for my grandson who is 6 years old and larger than an 8 year old. I was a bit concerned at first but he loves it and never takes it off! He wears it with his camo outfits, swims in it, and even showers with it on! It was an absolute winner and worth every penny, but I am not sure how long it will last.

👤This isn't just a kid watch, it's for adults as well. It is perfect for anyone who likes camo and sports. It is waterproof, the light shines bright at night, and is not bulky or heavy. It is almost a GShock without the high sticker price. I am glad I got this instead of a Casio, it was more bang for my buck. I was very satisfied with my purchase.

👤I am very disappointed in this product. The "time" function stopped working this morning after one month of use. The watch was reset to 0:00:00 this morning. I took over after my son accidentally hit the reset bottom. I have to hit the B bottom 3 times and the C bottom once to adjust the time. The screen went blank when I hit the 3 times B bottom. Nothing happens. Then, it stopped working. I hit the B bottom again, but this time the alarm setting didn't show up. The screen went blank after I followed the "time" setting instruction again. There was nothing to show up. I passed the return window. Please don't pay for this product, I can't return it.

👤The watch met my expectations. A little boy will feel like a real outdoorsman with this watch. It's not for the little ones. I think a good age is 10 and up.

👤I bought this for my nephew and he loves it. He wears it all the time and it's held up to wear and tear. I'm happy with the quality.

👤I bought this for my son when he was 11. He has a dream to be a spoofer. He likes this watch. He kept it safe in his drawer because it was too big for him. He loves the features of it and wears it daily. This watch is durable enough to keep up with him.

👤I bought it for my nephew. I have one of my own. The watch is big for a kid's wrist, but I think he will be fine as he grows. The color is similar to a website. It looks good and is durable.

6. Casio G Shock GW2310 1 Tough Atomic

Casio G Shock GW2310 1 Tough Atomic

It can be made in the USA or imported. 100 M water resistance. The G-Shock Watch has a Tough Solar Power with battery indicator and power-saving function. The battery life is 10 months on full charge. Atomic Timekeeping-Automatically Receives time calibration radio signals from all 6 Atomic clocks around the world which keep the displayed time accurate. Easy reading is ensured by the luminescent backlight with afterglow. The world time has 29 Time Zones (48 Cities + Coordinated universal time). Daylight Saving On/Off. The second stopwatch was 10/100.

Brand: Casio

👤My first G-Shock was purchased 6 years ago. The reason I chose the GW2310-1 was to have accurate reliable time displayed digitally - easier and faster than the analog watch face. The Cesium-133 atomic clock is based out of Colorado and the GW2310-1 is radio controlled. I have owned this watch for 6 years and it has performed the auto sync function perfectly. When I'm traveling and the auto recieve mode is turned on manually, there are a few rare occasions when severe weather conditions occur. You cannot beat the accuracy of this watch once it syncs with the official atomic clock. When I got back home after 35 days in South Asia, it had gained less than 10 seconds. The cost of high-end wrist jewelery can be very high. There is a I set the destination city's time before I travel. It took me just one button to get local time at the airport. There is self-charging with solar. Check. When I got it, it was on MID. The charge is full until the day is over. I like the power saving mode because it makes the watch sleep during the night. The date was displayed with the month and the display day was an additional bonus feature. The module is small enough to fit on my wrist. This one also fit the bill with the GW2310-1. Water resistance is great in rivers, oceans, and showers. I have dropped it several times, but this watch has not let me down once. Lives up to the G-Shock name. 6) There are no visible scratches on the display mineral glass. The raised display glass keeps the scratches off. The band is still original and looks good for another couple of years. 7) I know the timer and stopwatch features are there, but I haven't used them much. The provided booklet has detailed instructions for operations. There is a If you want a reliable, practical, super accurate, sporty, and affordable wrist watch, you just found it!

👤I have a new G-Shock. It was shipped at the same time the polar vortex was going to hit our area. It was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday when the temperatures were at their lowest. USPS decided to delay delivery because of the weather. It was put in my mailbox on Thursday when the temperature was still cold. I opened the package expecting to find a malfunctioning watch, since the G-Shock came in a flimsy cardboard box and was shipped in a bubble envelope. I was surprised that the G-Shock displayed the time accurately and also showed a full charge. I was impressed. I put the watch on and switched it to the correct time zone. I compared the time to another digital atomic clock in the house and found it was exactly the same as the one in the other house. There was no better way to say I am a G-Shock. I bought this watch because I wanted something that I could wear while working in the yard or around the house without having to worry about it getting dirty or wet. I wanted a less expensive watch. The Citizen Eco Drive watches have solar-charged batteries, and I wanted the same convenience. I wanted the accuracy of the atomic clock. I was looking for a watch that didn't make me scream "I'm a G-Shock! Look at me! That is what I got with the G-Shock. The model is smaller and more discreet than other G-Shocks. I like that. If first impressions are anything to go by, I will be wearing and enjoying the G-Shock for a long, long time.

7. CakCity Military Outdoor Digital Temperature

CakCity Military Outdoor Digital Temperature

A compass points the way, a barometer tells the Trend in air pressure, and an altimeter tracks your movement. The weather trend indicator is built into the barometer. The functions are as follows: compass, temperature, steps track, alarm, and back light. The bulit has a nylon band, a case and a watch. There is a note. The watch is heavy. A built-in Swiss high precision sensor and 18 months long battery life help you do all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports. It is a great companion for many activities.

Brand: Cakcity

👤I never go for the high dollar ones at the gun club because they always get damaged there, and I go through tactical training there occasionally. The blow back of high caliber rifles seems to suck out the watches as well. I heard from a friend that there are tactical watches, and I found this one with really nice specifications, and it looked good as well. It looks and feels like a nice piece of hardware. The buttons are well made and not cheap, but they push cleanly and accurately, which is a big plus when wearing tactical gloves. The barometer, altimeter and temperature readings are awesome and I love them all. When I adjust my scope for the round that I am firing, I need to find a place where the elevation is needed. A good way to double check is in the field. Even with night glares, the light is bright enough to see perfectly. I love the watch band, it matches my gear perfectly. My eyes are not what they used to be, and I can make this watch without my eye glasses, which is a big perk for me. I can't see the time because most watches are packing all the features into the face. I am very happy with the purchase of this watch, I could not find any cons with it.

👤I have been able to start hiking in the fall. I have been wearing a hiking watch for over a month. I like gadgets but they don't hold up during mini-expeditions in the Northern Michigan elements. I wear it whenever I do outdoor sports. This watch is used for attention at work. The cakcity watch has a great looking military style, the watch body and wrist band are black. It has a big face and big digitals that are clear to read. The design style of the watch is compatible with my clothing. It is very attractive to me. I mostly use the ABC functions when I ride mountain bikes, swim, and hike. The metal compass and garmin gps were tested against the compass. The Barometer and the Altimeter do not change much in my terrain. To measure the ambient temperature, I simply remove the watch and let it stay on. The double buckle design is easy to remove. This watch has all the functions I need. If you use a different shipping address to send this watch as a gift, you and the person receiving it will not be disappointed. The presentation of the watch when you open it gets a wow factor and raised eyebrows because of the expensive appearance of the gift box. This is a tactical watch.

👤It's a great looking watch, but it's not good because it's hard to read in any lighting.

👤Functions work well. The watch is heavy and can be abused. I replaced the NATO band with a survival bracelet because one of the watch pin springs broke. I have had no problems with the watch being in salt and fresh water.

8. Multi Functional Waterproof Camouflage Electronic Wristwatches

Multi Functional Waterproof Camouflage Electronic Wristwatches

The multi-functional survival watch is important because it combines the many functions including compass, whistle, fire starter, SOS/ flash light, card pin, and other survival gears. It's a perfect choice for all kinds of outdoor sports. Their tactical watch is designed with a long wrist strap and can be adjusted from 10 to 11.02 inches. The rope strap can be used to make a paracord that can weigh up to 250 pounds. This is the most practical digital sports watch with super functional bracelet band, providing tons of uses to meet every potential need during outdoor survival. Two different time zones are provided for simultaneous setup and reading. The men's watch is waterproof and premium quality. The case is made of high quality hardABS material with a waterproof bottom cover to be used for long time and to endure harsh environment outside. This waterproof watch is intended to bring you with a brand-new experience of sports watch instead of carrying all those tools in the backpack. It's perfect for outdoor activities such as running, climbing, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping and exercising.

Brand: Kavie

👤The watch was not adjusted for someone with an enormous wrist. It's impractical to wear on one's wrist.

👤It is meant for a man because the watch portion is large and the band is the right size for my bicyle. It seems like it is very durable since it has only been a week since it arrived and doesn't appear to be in danger of falling apart or collapsing. If there was ever a need, it has many hidden treasures. Our dog loves chasing the "buggy" red dot across the house and he likes the flashlight and laser pointer functions. It would have been five stars if it had come with a diagram and directions which would have shown where everything is in the description.

👤We got this watch for a military friend of ours who is a mentor to our son and teaching him woodworking and survival skills. It would be a nice gift. We were correct. This watch was very good. My son tried to hide it because he wanted it so much. It's too big for a child or teen, but good for an adult. The flashlight, whistle, small blade tool, paracord, compass, and more make this a rugged addition to your hiking and camping adventures. Our friend loved it so much that he was willing to let our son go into great detail about all the things it could do and for which it could be used. I think he mentioned ziplining. It's true!

👤The compass is off, the light comes on whenever it wants, and other things make it worse. The alarm did not work. The band broke when I flung it off my wrist. I gave it 2 chances because it was so cheap and the second one did the same thing. They won't give me my money back because everything broke on a couple months.

👤The first one we received was too short and I had to exchange it for another one. The new one lasted about a month and a half. Don't buy one unless you hate the person.

👤This is not a fashion watch. It will be a big man's watch. It looks great and wears well. If you have a small wrist, it may not be good for you. The instruction was not an issue.

👤The hands glow in the dark for an hour and a half. Digital-clock, timer, calendar, and alarm. The light is not as bright as my phone light. The slow compass doesn't rotate towards north faster than 15 seconds if you shake the watch in a circular motion, and it seems inaccurate. The Thermostat is too slow for practical use and is bulky compared to the other features. I left my watch in the freezer for an hour to see if the thermostat worked, and it only moved from 77 to 55 instead of 40.

👤The box is nicer than the watch. I bought 3 gifts and they were disappointing. The bottle opener was not instruction, have no idea. The nylon band is the only thing that is good. Would not buy again.

9. Military Survival Waterproof Countdown Stopwatch

Military Survival Waterproof Countdown Stopwatch

No problem with a 50M waterproof, shower, and shower. 5ATM is water resistant. Also, note: Do not press buttons in the water. There are multiple functions. Timekeeping, World Time, 3 Alarm, Stop Watch, and 50m waterproof are included. The large numbers are easy to read and have a chime hourly. The rubber band is soft and durable, it protects your wrist, and it is easy to wear.

Brand: Gosasa

👤This thing is amazing. The look and feel of it makes me happy. It's mostly useless for the average person, but very useful if needed. You will need to calibrate the compass to work, but this can be done automatically, and you can turn the watch in a circle twice. I've never had a watch with a timer before, but I love how many features this watch has. It's probably hard to program anything with this many features when you only have 4 buttons to use. I'll probably need the manual again, but this is the first watch that I'll be sure to keep. There is a swimmer symbol on both sides of the band next to the watch face. I know the watch is waterproof, but I don't need people to think I'm a professional swimmer. The watch is not as bright for the display. The image has the backlight on. It's a bit darker than I'm used to, but it's still readable. The dark background color is great for the watch. I'm very impressed with the feel and features of this watch, and it's for less than $20! It would be a great Christmas gift. If this watch lasts, I'll update my review just in case. I will be wearing this watch everywhere.

👤It is about to give out. As I was taking a shower, the light turned on and never turned off, so I guess we know how long the battery will last. The time is not changing and the light is slowly fading. I thought the watch would last longer. It's time to look for another one.

👤I can't change time anymore. I can't find online instructions to make sure I'm doing it right. The buttons are too large. When not in use, I take my watch off and put it in my pocket or bag. No matter how I handle my bag, a few buttons get pressed and you can hear the beep. I'm not buying this watch again. January 2020 was bought. I bought it because I volunteer to ref kids soccer. It has a timer. I needed a timer that sounded an alarm when it reached zero. My watch doesn't have that. I bought this watch because of this. When you set the timer for 25 minutes for 10 year olds and under soccer league, it flips back to the clock screen after a few seconds, which is a problem. I don't know how to turn off this so it doesn't go off. I have to press the mode button a few times to get me back to the timer so I can play. I missed a throw-in foul because I looked at my watch and realized it was on the regular time screen, and had to push the button a few times to see the timer. If you're a referee looking for a timer, I would only find it if it goes back to the main screen. Every time you press the mode button, you are making it worse. Pros: looks good on the wrist, easy to read display, and sturdy.

10. TecHong Emergency Waterproof Wristband Adventure

TecHong Emergency Waterproof Wristband Adventure

Simple and Reliable is the title of the waterPROOF and WEATHERPROOF. The ferro rod will work even after getting wet. This is a must have tool for camping gear, survival kit, bushcraft, hiking gear, hunting, fishing, camp stove, and EDC. The 6-in-1 survival equipment includes an outdoor survival watch bag, digital bracelet watch, compass, whistle, fire start scraper, and Paracord. The scraper can be used to start a fire. You will not get lost if you use the whistle. Please don't press any key during the operation because it's not suitable for long time swimming or diving. The wristband can be adjusted to fit the best length for your wrist. The parachute cord can be used in an emergency situation. The length of the bracelet can be adjusted. The watch has a diameter of 5.6 cm and a width of 2.2 cm. Wristband strap can be adjusted by yourself. 7 CORE PARACORD You can use the bracelet to stop bleeding, make traps, and bundle temporary tents, and it can support up to 485 pounds. Do not use it in high temperatures or near fire. A multi function digital watch has a day of the week, date, alarm clock, snooze function, hourly chime, stopwatch display and backlight. 98 feet is waterproof. Don't soak in hot water, high temperature or stimulating water because it doesn't guarantee intense exercise permeation water moisture. There is a guarantee. They want your complete satisfaction. Let them know if you're not happy with your purchase and they'll give you a replacement or refund. Tracking information is used to ensure in time delivery of their packages. Please don't hesitate to contact them if you have a problem with your orders.

Brand: Techong

👤I can't seem to turn off the alarm on this watch. I can change the time it goes off, but it doesn't. It's not intuitive to use and doesn't come with instructions.

👤This is a good watch that has a lot of features for someone who spends a lot of time outside.

👤There is no manual for this watch, other than a good watch for camping, which is what is disliked.

👤Not tactical at all! I was unloading trash from my truck. It gets a -5 for being durable. Time will tell...

👤The watch hand did not work. Overall, digital did a good job.

👤I would've liked to read the owners manual on how to use the product, because it didn't arrive in its original packing.

👤The watch comes with no instructions to use or set it.

11. Casio AQS810W 3AVCF Solar Watch Green

Casio AQS810W 3AVCF Solar Watch Green

Water resistant to 50m is suitable for short periods of swimming, but not diving or snorkeling. It can be made in the USA or imported. 100 M water resistance. The Tough Solar Power with battery indicator and power-saving function is on the watch. 10 months on a rechargeable battery with normal use without exposure to light after charge and 23 months on a rechargeable battery with power save function on after full charge. The world time is 31 Time Zones and 48 Cities. Daylight saving on/off and home city swaps. The measuring capacity is 59'59.99. Interval training can be done with two different paces.

Brand: Casio

👤My first AQS810W was this one... My first is black and white, it was five years old. The "Tough Solar" and "Illuminator" are no longer used, but I like it better without those statements. I think Army Green is an excellent color for this watch. The color of the watch is not glossy, but a matt finish, which makes it look more subtle. I like it more than black. It's the same watch I've had for the last five years. It's easy to setup, rugged and sturdy, just the right size and industrial look for me. The watch is light in weight, flexible band, and no sharp edges, making it very comfortable to wear. Being solar-powered was my top priority, followed by being readable, after I spent a few weeks trying to decide what watch I was going to get. I can read a digital watch in less than a second, but I can read an analog one in less than a second. The darker colors of the AQS810W series were the deciding factor. The series of watches from the Casio company is trouble-free. The reviews are great. There were few failures, defects, and water intrusions. The small digital display and lack of a backlight for the analog dial are two things that people don't like about this series of watches. The watches are very strong and have anvil-like reliability. If the watch is dropped or knocked around too hard, you can quickly and easily re-sync the analog hands with the digital display. This series is one of the best in terms of being problem-free. They do scratch, but they have acrylic crystals, not mineral glass. It is as good as new if you buff the scratches out. Are you worried about the band falling apart? Take the watch into the shower and scrub the whole thing with a toothbrush and some cleanser. It will be clean and look great, but removing the body oils, sweat and salts makes the bands last and last. That's the secret to keeping the bands alive for a long time. The dial on my Omega is not lit. You can find a light source to reflect on the hands. We've done it for many years. You can tell that I am a fan. If you're not very tech savvy, you can download the operating instructions for the module from the website. I'm pretty sure you'll be very happy with your purchase if you like the way this series of watches looks. Have fun!

👤I wanted a watch that was easy to read in the dark and in the daytime. The large white numerals, hour markings, and trim on the hands make it easy to read during the day. It's not easy in the dark. If they have been exposed to light in the past 30 seconds, the hands will glow. Unless you have good close vision, it's hard to tell which is the hour hand, which is the minute hand, or what time it is. Pressing the "light" button does not light up the display. I set the digital display to read the day and date because the hands tell me what time it is. I don't need to see the date in the dark, so I don't use the light button. I returned another watch before buying this one. When this one arrived, I was tired of shopping. I would have liked to return it during the 30 day window. It's ok as a daytime watch, but it doesn't do what I need it to do to inform me of the time in the dark.


What is the best product for survival watch waterproof?

Survival watch waterproof products from Armitron Sport. In this article about survival watch waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Skmei and Ayamaya are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival watch waterproof.

What are the best brands for survival watch waterproof?

Armitron Sport, Skmei and Ayamaya are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival watch waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Casio, Cakcity and Cakcity are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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