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1. Casio G Shock DW5600E 1V Shock Resistant

Casio G Shock DW5600E 1V Shock Resistant

A black sport watch with a comfortable strap and multi-function rectangular dial. The digital movement has an accuracy of 15 seconds per month. The top left button on this watch is designed to be pushed in further to prevent accidental adjusting of settings. Functions include alarm, 1/100-second stopwatch, hourly time signal, auto calendar, and 12- and 24-hour formats. It is water resistant to 660 feet.

Brand: Casio

👤Your dad had a watch in 1989. You are the same age as your dad was in 1989. In your younger years, you didn't understand this basic watch since you always wanted a Omega or a Rolex. You have always wanted a car like that. The most practical car ever is the Camry, it is paid off and can probably survive WWII. You can leave it on at the pool party and it will always be there to tell you that lunch is in 10 minutes. I can't believe that the morning went so quickly. It is March. February flew by. It's a certain confidence that lets the world know you don't have to be perfect. It's not even powered by the sun. The battery will last 11 years if you keep the light button. You will probably drop it on a cruse and have an archeologist find it in the ocean, which is thought to be the ancient symbol of our god 'Casio'. It is more difficult than nails. The button 'A' is more hidden than the other buttons so you won't accidentally hit it and use the 'Change Time' mode. The man has got you.

👤When I joined the US Army, I was given a cheap army branded watch. It wasn't good. It did not survive a week. I got what I asked for after I wrote home. I saw many other models of the same model in my platoon use. It survived a lot of push-ups. It crawled through thick Georgia brush. It was 800-273-3217 It's in Afghanistan with me. It's comfortable to wear my uniform. You will forget about it. I would swap the band out for a nicer one, but it's not necessary, it's comfortable and durable. I wear it in the shower and never have an issue. I swam in the ocean with it before deployment. This is the watch that can survive any life style.

👤This is my first Square G-Shock. I didn't think I'd wear this one a lot because I'm used to wearing the ones with the sensors, automatic time-keeping, and tough solar. I wear it a lot. This is the closest you can get to the original. G-Shock fans love this watch. You can make the watch light up whenever you have an alarm or the hourly time signal on, because the light is pretty darn bright. It doesn't have auto-light, but it is a classic G-Shock. It has a stopwatch with split time, a timer that runs 24 hours, and an alarm. There are few things I need to say for those considering getting this watch for the first time. The current time is shown by the stopwatch and timer. I decided to get the DW 5600e because of this. I tried the machine. The stopwatch and timer wouldn't display the current time, so I had to return it. The current time is displayed by the timer, which runs for 24 hours. You can set the amount of seconds you want, whether you want 5 or 2 seconds. Very cool. Again, just one alarm. You can set an alarm for a certain period of time. If the watch had more than one alarm, it would be cool. This kind of date feature would benefit from 4 alarms. The month/day feature on the one single alarm is interesting because I use a lot of alarms. The sound of the beeps is similar to that of the classic Casio sound. Keep in mind that the sound can't be silenced. Again, classic G-Shock. The adjust button is not visible on the side. It's not hard to press. The buttons are easy to press. When you play with any of the modes of the watch, you automatically go back to the current time when you press the mode button. The buttons are easy to press and there are only 3 basic features. When setting current time, timer, and alarm, you only get one button to use after you press adjust, and it only goes forward. I didn't like it at first, but when you hold the button down, the numbers are much faster. After a day or two, I got used to it. I've seen videos of people in Japan testing this particular watch, and it's a tough guy. I've seen it dropped from several stories high, crushed by machinery, sunk 200 M below the sea, and completely covered in mud. It is almost as tough as a Mudmaster. The strap is very comfortable and the watch is very light. The watch is on all the time. I don't have to worry about changing the time or having it off. This is an awesome watch and one that G-Shock fans should have at some point in their lives. I think I've covered everything.

2. Timex T42571 Expedition Camper Green

Timex T42571 Expedition Camper Green

The gray-green 20mm nylon strap has a wrist circumference of up to 8-inch. The dial has a date window at 3 o'clock. A case with a lens. Luminous hands; Indiglo light-up watch dial. Water resistant to 50m is suitable for short periods of swimming, but not diving or snorkeling.


👤I need a good watch for a low price that I don't have to worry about getting rained on, scratched, knocked around, dropped, and surviving the heat and the cold, as a US Army helicopter instructor pilot. It needs to give me time in the military so that I can see sweep second hand. It needs to look military with a black case and a dull face. It needs to give me an easy to see date and the ability to stop and restart the time so I can keep up with the mission. It needs to have a band of nylon that will come away in an emergency but stay on my flight gloves in a 100 knot wind. It needs to have a guard to protect the crown. I could either buy a $300 watch that could do all of that or I could buy a watch for that price. Thank you Timex.

👤The five stars are an initial impression, I just got it. I bought a NATO strap at the same time because they will keep your watch from flying off and breaking should just one of the spring bars break, but the strap looked so good that I was tempted to keep it on the watch. My first watch was a Seiko 5 (SNK 805) which cost me nearly $60 but required a winding machine to keep it wound up when I'm not wearing it, and since I've gone on a little watch-buying binge every subsequent watch has been a quartz watch. I don't have to buy another machine. If you're looking for a watch that's similar to the SNK805, then you're in the right place. If you're looking for a good field watch, but would rather spend $25 than $60, this is the watch for you. I suppose there is a negative difference between the Seiko and the watch that just tells the date. I always know the day of the week. One cool feature of most. When you press the crown, the Indiglo face glows in the dark. The chemical coating on the face glows when excited, not with a backlight but with a chemical coating. It helps keep the cost of the watch down, but it works better than the glow in the dark numbers and hands used by the competition. I'll be back if I have more to say, but right now I'm happy with the purchase.

👤The first watch failed over the first few months. I took the replacement watch out of the package. I'm waiting to hear back from Timex, but I'm hesitant to trust them. I bought this watch in Feb of last year. It fit my expectations when it arrived. The metal tongue that goes through the holes in the strap to hold it on your wrist had a sharp edge and was caught on clothing. I considered polishing it to remove the burr but I was worried it would ruin the finish. I regretted not doing that after it ruined one of my shirts. This isn't something that should be done to a new watch. There are two more The dial broke a few weeks after I received the watch. The day of the month was stuck between 19 and 20 after about a month. I could not get it to move either way. It started losing time after a few months of using the watch. It was behind by a few minutes or hours. I started to wonder if it was a bad battery. It would work for weeks without issue. The second hand broke a short time later. The watch was still new and the backlight worked fine, but I thought it might be the battery. I didn't think that was the issue. I explained the issues to Timex support. I thought my watch was still under warranty. I was told by their support that I could send the watch in to be looked at. I would have to pay $8 for handling to replace it if it was covered by the warranty. I sent it in. A few weeks later, I received a package in the mail that said my watch could not be repaired and that they had given me a new one. An invoice for $8 was included. I don't like the idea of having to pay $8 for a watch that isn't good. The new watch was DEFECTIVE before I even thought about it. The second hand gets stuck frequently and the backlight doesn't work at all. I've told them I'm not paying the $8 and hope they make this right after spending the time back and forth with them. The cost of this watch is not reasonable. I gave up on trying to get an answer from Timex support after several unanswered emails. The battery was dead when I opened the watch. The Indiglo feature was no longer working after I replaced the batteries, but the watch did move again. I don't trust the watch to keep accurate time. I will toss it and move to a better brand. I ordered a Smith and Wesson watch which has worked great so far, it looks like a smilies. The glass of the Smith and Wesson is scratch resistant, which is more than the Timex. The trash from Timex was more than the Smith and Wesson.

3. Garmin Solar Powered Multisport Advanced Training

Garmin Solar Powered Multisport Advanced Training

The MultisportGPS watch uses a Power Glass solar charging lens and custom power manager modes to achieve long- lasting battery life. The train has a 1.3” display and a titanium, stainless steel or DLC coated bezel. Track surfing sessions with a new dedicated activity profile, and even use Surfline Sessions, which creates a video of every wave you ride in front of a Surfline camera. You can now track more, such as specialized Grit and Flow measurements, with upgraded activity profiles. Get better performance data to help you endure tough challenges, including the acclimation 2.0widget to analyze additional data and see how your body is holding up to the current elevation. There are built-in sensors for 3-axis compass, gyro and barometric altimeter that can be used to navigate the outdoors. Not all countries and payment networks are eligible for support for Garmin Pay, music storage with premium streaming service options from third party provider, smart notifications and more. Up to 14 days of battery life in the wristwatch mode or 16 days when solar charging is used, and up to 36 hours in the gps mode or 40 hours when solar charging is used in 50,000 lux conditions.

Brand: Garmin

👤I changed my rating from 4 to 5 stars because I have been able to make changes to my life based on the new information collected by the F6x. The lock on the gps is super fast outside. The F6x is an all around improvement over the older model and it is a great watch. Coming from a Fenix 3 HR, I was hoping the upgrade/migration process would be easy. The watch face would be the same, like custom activities would just carry over. I figured out how to create a custom activity within Connect, but it doesn't list the custom name like it did with the F3. There are no watch faces that are similar to the F3 HR. The minutes are not inline with the hour, which is my biggest issue with the F6x default digital face. The digital face for the F6 Solar is what is expected, minus the sun gauge in the middle. The F6x Solar face should be a default digital one, with the hours and minutes inline and the other data fields around it, for other F6x users. The Fenix 3 HR has a grey bezel that can be worn with anything, while the F6x is shiny and can be worn with anything. Agreed. Thankfully, the older style band was able to be swapped for the shipping band, which had a nicer feel. If you purchase the pulse ox, it will take the battery from 21 to 15 days. The battery will be taxed from 15 to 10 days if the pulse ox setting is changed. Not a fan of the F6 charging cable and prefer the old style F3 cradle due to cable length and the new cable places the watch in an awkward angle that feels like it will break off or weaken the connection. The F6x is burning 50 to 80 calories more than my F3 HR, because they do the same cardio activity with the same HRM strap. The gym is always the same temp, but not sure if the F6x is accounting for it. In the same conditions as my usual run, there was a 38 calories reduction from F3 to F6. The heart rate was tested against Precor gym equipment and it was the same for all ranges. The watch screen is clear and readable. The screen size and clarity make it possible to see HR from a distance during the same MMA activity. It is less bulky on my wrist than the F3 HR, but would prefer a larger battery. The F6x alarm clock has a stronger sound than the F3. I didn't purchase the solar model due to the fact that it was not as scratch/break resistant as my F3 HR Sapphire model, which had never had any cracks or scratches over the course of many years of continuous use. I hope the comments are read and made better. The F3 HR was life changing for me back in March of 2016 and I want to see the F6x Sapphire in Black in person that comes with the leather strap. The ability to track sleep is not appreciated. Two pictures of my sleep while using the 6x. Even with a pulse ox, the Apple Watch cannot do something like this. Recovering time is required for any physical exertion. After having this watch for more than two weeks now, my only gripe with it is the shiny carbon grey (to me its light grey) bezel and the default digital face needs to be looked at from an otherwise great product. Since 13.1, it has been fixed with issues with connect locking up and not snycing. I have updated my phone to the latest version of the operating system, as well as the latest version of the navigation software. Have been using the 6x without any problems.

4. Casio G Shock GW2310 1 Tough Atomic

Casio G Shock GW2310 1 Tough Atomic

It can be made in the USA or imported. 100 M water resistance. The G-Shock Watch has a Tough Solar Power with battery indicator and power-saving function. The battery life is 10 months on full charge. Atomic Timekeeping-Automatically Receives time calibration radio signals from all 6 Atomic clocks around the world which keep the displayed time accurate. Easy reading is ensured by the luminescent backlight with afterglow. The world time has 29 Time Zones (48 Cities + Coordinated universal time). Daylight Saving On/Off. The second stopwatch was 10/100.

Brand: Casio

👤My first G-Shock was purchased 6 years ago. The reason I chose the GW2310-1 was to have accurate reliable time displayed digitally - easier and faster than the analog watch face. The Cesium-133 atomic clock is based out of Colorado and the GW2310-1 is radio controlled. I have owned this watch for 6 years and it has performed the auto sync function perfectly. When I'm traveling and the auto recieve mode is turned on manually, there are a few rare occasions when severe weather conditions occur. You cannot beat the accuracy of this watch once it syncs with the official atomic clock. When I got back home after 35 days in South Asia, it had gained less than 10 seconds. The cost of high-end wrist jewelery can be very high. There is a I set the destination city's time before I travel. It took me just one button to get local time at the airport. There is self-charging with solar. Check. When I got it, it was on MID. The charge is full until the day is over. I like the power saving mode because it makes the watch sleep during the night. The date was displayed with the month and the display day was an additional bonus feature. The module is small enough to fit on my wrist. This one also fit the bill with the GW2310-1. Water resistance is great in rivers, oceans, and showers. I have dropped it several times, but this watch has not let me down once. Lives up to the G-Shock name. 6) There are no visible scratches on the display mineral glass. The raised display glass keeps the scratches off. The band is still original and looks good for another couple of years. 7) I know the timer and stopwatch features are there, but I haven't used them much. The provided booklet has detailed instructions for operations. There is a If you want a reliable, practical, super accurate, sporty, and affordable wrist watch, you just found it!

👤I have a new G-Shock. It was shipped at the same time the polar vortex was going to hit our area. It was supposed to be delivered on Wednesday when the temperatures were at their lowest. USPS decided to delay delivery because of the weather. It was put in my mailbox on Thursday when the temperature was still cold. I opened the package expecting to find a malfunctioning watch, since the G-Shock came in a flimsy cardboard box and was shipped in a bubble envelope. I was surprised that the G-Shock displayed the time accurately and also showed a full charge. I was impressed. I put the watch on and switched it to the correct time zone. I compared the time to another digital atomic clock in the house and found it was exactly the same as the one in the other house. There was no better way to say I am a G-Shock. I bought this watch because I wanted something that I could wear while working in the yard or around the house without having to worry about it getting dirty or wet. I wanted a less expensive watch. The Citizen Eco Drive watches have solar-charged batteries, and I wanted the same convenience. I wanted the accuracy of the atomic clock. I was looking for a watch that didn't make me scream "I'm a G-Shock! Look at me! That is what I got with the G-Shock. The model is smaller and more discreet than other G-Shocks. I like that. If first impressions are anything to go by, I will be wearing and enjoying the G-Shock for a long, long time.

5. Citizen Eco Drive Stainless Display BM8180 03E

Citizen Eco Drive Stainless Display BM8180 03E

It can be made in the USA or imported. The ECO-DRIVE is light-POWERED. Light can be converted into energy. There is a permanent power cell. The watch runs forever with no battery changes required. The tactical watch is water resistant to 100 meters. It is suitable to wear in the shower, but not for scuba diving. Functions E101, 3 Hand, Day, and Date. For your active lifestyle. A day-date display window, a dial featuring hour markers and a minute track are included in the Citizen military watch. Citizen has a 5-year warranty. Every Citizen purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 5-year limited warranty so you can be sure your timepiece is up to date.

Brand: Citizen

👤The Citizen customer service department has retained a photo after not honoring a return under warranty. The Eco-drive battery was the only item that didn't show signs of wear, and it was 888-282-0465. The winding wheel was broken and the jeweler couldn't fix it without a costly replacement part. I tried to redeem the warranty by sending the broken watch to the service center in Torrance, CA, but was met with a string of useless responses. The final offer to retain my business was a bill for $100. The watch is new for $125. It's rarely about monetary compensation in customer retention case studies. Every industry has the same attitude that a brand stands for. The adage of 'they don't make them like they used to' is accurate and doesn't have a critique of the product. The watch broke and several parts needed to be repaired in less than a year. Wouldn't that bother a craftsman? There is a I can't see how a warranty can be any better than a promise. I will be buying a new watch somewhere else.

👤The 8180 has been great value for money because it is a simple, reliable watch and I have worn it most days for a year now. Citizen's solar technology has worked just as advertised, even though it is the cheapest Eco-Drive watch. If you take it off and put it in a drawer for a week, it will run happily. This is a small watch that won't look outsized on a small wrist. I only began wearing a watch again three years ago after 15 years of not bothering, so I missed the huge-face trend. It is not ridiculously thick, but at 37mm it seems like a good size for my wrist. It feels very solid, even though it is light. The face style is casual enough to wear in a business context. It has a similar look to a pilot's watch, with the triangle marker at 12 o'clock being inverted compared to most such watches. The skeleton hands give it a light weight. The face characters are clear and modern, and the outer markers keep it from being too plain. I would happily wear a normal pilot's watch with a suit, but the 8180 is a good choice for business wear. As long as you change out the strap, that is. The grey-green woven strap is short and ugly. I replaced it immediately with a band that was better suited to the watch's appearance. My daughter gave me a wonderfully comfortable tan leather Fluco Vigo riveted cuff which shows off the watch at its best, but the 8180 looks classy with any leather band. The solar cell in the face is not enough to power a movement that runs a second or so a week fast. I don't swim. The movement is silent. The glow-in-the-dark coating on hands and numbers is weak and fades quickly. Does this matter? The middle-of-the-night problem is solved by phones. The flat mineral crystal window has a few small scratches which I noticed when I looked at my own close-up watch photography. This problem could get worse over time. Would anyone expect this price for glass? - The date is hard to read in a lot of lighting conditions. The watch face has a solar photovoltaic layer. The hands obscure the date. The white day-date window can sometimes look like an extra hand, forcing you to look again. Citizen's face is similar to Franklin Gothic, but not quite to my taste. The numbers are readable and most people won't notice. BM8180-03E? Who names these things? Citizen's AT0200-05E is a piece of jewelry that is similar to the 8180 but chunkier, and has a little more money on top of that. If you want a watch that runs on sunlight and is still affordable, you should look at the Kinetic SRN051P1 from Seiko, it is much thicker (14.5mm) than the Citizen and comes with a nice leather strap. If the Citizen brand is too downmarket for you, IWC will sell you its Mark XVIII Pilot's Watch for 5000 or so, but that watch will stop if you take it off for a couple of days. The 8180 has everything I want in a watch and almost nothing I don't. The Eco-Drive was still going strong well past the 15-year mark. I will be happy to have mine do the same.

6. Casio AWGM100B 1ACR G Shock Solar Watch

Casio AWGM100B 1ACR G Shock Solar Watch

It can be made in the USA or imported. The solar battery is rechargeable. The light has afterglow. The US, UK, Germany, Japan, China, and the UK all have multi-band atomic timekeeping. The band is black and made of steel and plastic.

Brand: G-shock

👤Caution: Detailed review ahead. The watch has been in my possession for about a week. Before buying, I did a lot of research. I saw the watch on another guy's wrist and thought, "WOW, a G-shock that isn't humongous." I consider myself pretty manly and I have very small wrists. They're not a man-sized G shock, but a baby-G one. It is an amazing size for my wrist. When I received the watch, I initially thought it was small. I tried it on and it is almost perfect for my wrist, even though it is still a little big. The buttons on the sides are almost hidden from view, so it looks like a solid, black watch. The words "G shock" and "Shock resist" are barely visible from a few feet away, so you won't have to know you're there. What has our world become? The hour markers are not luminescent, but they are a cool gray color bordered by silver. The watch has a small amount of light on the tips, but the rest of the hand is hollow. The word Gshock is made of silver and steel. The watch looks a lot more sleek than the pictures show. There are three of them. The left shows the date, or can be switched to show digital time with the push of a button. The right hand shows the day and small letters "RCVD" tells you if you've received a signal or not. I've been doing this every single day since the hours of 12-4 AM. For reference, I live in NY, upstate, and put the watch on my window sill at night. I fell asleep with it on in my bed and it still worked, but I was a good 4-5 feet away from a window, so I don't know if it's a good reception zone. The seconds are displayed on the bottom dial. Can I see them? Oh yes. I wear glasses but I can see the well dial in bright light or dull light. It's easier in bright light. It is hard to see the dial in dark lighting, like when you have your back to a dull light, so if I had to knock anything off this watch, it would be this. I said it there. It's difficult to see the dial in dark rooms. It is not impossible. I took pictures in my dim lit room. I would have to change the watch. Yes. I would make the dial light up, but it's not as bad as other people think. Maybe I won't be able to see it in my 60's. I don't know what the future holds for my eyes, but I can see the dial. Also, note: The numbers become visible when you angle the watch slightly, because they're blackout dials. It's cool. The strap is made of plastic or rubber and I love it. It's great when I'm playing basketball or mountain biking or working at the hospital with my arms in someone's body fluids. It doesn't absorb that liquid. I've showered with it many times already, and it doesn't leak water, fog the inside up, or anything. The pros are: I think you can't get a classier looking G shock like this. I've never seen a G shock like this, but if I had to spend money on one, I'd pick this. It's a good size watch, much smaller than other shocks but the same size as many men's watches that people wear for formal occasions, it's just a tiny bit larger than that. A lot of different countries have world times, and it has a stopwatch that only goes up to 1 hour, but it also has a timer that goes up to 100 minutes. You should get the watch, sync it overnight, and open the official US timer on your browser to see what I mean. Second for second. I picked the cons because I wanted people to know the truth. I'm happy to answer all questions and will get back to you within a day. I reached for these cons again, but I am in love with this watch. I gave it 5 stars because I wanted to know how I felt about the watch. It's worth 5 stars. The alarm and hourly ring tone is soft. I can hear it when I'm awake, but I wouldn't set it for sleeping. Tone for alarm only lasts for 10 seconds. It's usually 30 seconds on most watches. The alert is short and soft. It's soft enough for most people to hear in the room, but not loud enough to offend. The dial is hard to see in dark light. They are much easier to see than people complain about. The light at the bottom of the watch is orange and only illuminates the hands for a short time. I don't care if you have good eyes or not, you won't be able to see the dials. Do I care? I don't need the stopwatch feature when it's pitch black outside and I can't see the dial. It's small for a G shock. It's definitely a PRO for me, but some of the larger men or the high schoolers might want the gargantuan sized G shocks for their gorilla arms. Don't look this good if you get more G shocks. It's a sex watch. Why isn't the person making more of these? The only way this watch could be better is if they offered a metal strap. I'd get the metal strap separately for when I'm forced to dress up by my girlfriend for whatever events she deems necessary, but I'd opt for the resin because it's easier to work with and I need the watch for work. I'm having fun with the review, no offense meant to anyone with larger arms. I'd be happy to answer your questions. The watch looks like it is flash with the dial and its contents easily seen. The watch is hard to see, but still visible in the dim room's light. I have had this watch for over a month now. I wear it everywhere. I shower with it after a lot of activities, like running, weight lifting, biking, hiking, rock climbing, and basketball, where I accidentally scratched another guy when I tried to steal the ball. The face of the watch does not fog up. It's clear the entire time in the shower, no matter how hot the water is. I charged it my first day and it hasn't dropped below a full "High" charge since. I usually leave it in the window over night to catch the radio signal, but there have been days where I have been in bed, or left it on my desk away from a window, and it still caught. I leave it in the window overnight when I visit my parents in upstate NY. We have a lot of trees, so on some nights it won't get the signal. I can manually sync it up to the radio when I'm out during the day. Between the hours of 12 AM - 6 AM, the watch searches for radio signal on the hour, every hour. You can see the strength of the signal being received by looking at the dial, which will blink with different words. If the signal is strong, you'll be synched in 4 minutes. Usually my watch will sync by 12:04, 1:04, or 2:04. It will take up to 7 minutes before it syncs. After a few seconds of being dropped completely, the watch will try again on the next hour. The cycle continues until 6 AM. If it doesn't sync all night, you can either sync yourself in the daytime or wait until the next night to let it auto sync. Keeping it closer to the window helps, but for some areas it isn't necessary. Absolutely amazing watch. I love the band and have gotten some nice feedback. Since I have small wrists, there is a bit of overhand with the strap when it's on my wrist. The strap holder comes in contact with the little ridges on the strap if you move it all the way up towards the watch face. This was designed to lock the strap and the strap holder so that it wouldn't move. It won't move if it's in place. This feature is amazing. It's so annoying to have a strap holder move around on you, making the end piece of the strap longer, increasing the chance of catching it when you're walking around on different objects. The strap holder is locked so that it doesn't catch. It locks the strap and strap holder in place if you move it up all the way to the ridges on the strap. People say the dial is hard to see. They really aren't that bad. The lighting is so bad that you can't see them. You have to tilt the watch a little to see it, but it's fine when you do. I would give this watch 6 stars if I could. I think it's the best purchase I've ever made on

7. Multi Functional Waterproof Camouflage Electronic Wristwatches

Multi Functional Waterproof Camouflage Electronic Wristwatches

The multi-functional survival watch is important because it combines the many functions including compass, whistle, fire starter, SOS/ flash light, card pin, and other survival gears. It's a perfect choice for all kinds of outdoor sports. Their tactical watch is designed with a long wrist strap and can be adjusted from 10 to 11.02 inches. The rope strap can be used to make a paracord that can weigh up to 250 pounds. This is the most practical digital sports watch with super functional bracelet band, providing tons of uses to meet every potential need during outdoor survival. Two different time zones are provided for simultaneous setup and reading. The men's watch is waterproof and premium quality. The case is made of high quality hardABS material with a waterproof bottom cover to be used for long time and to endure harsh environment outside. This waterproof watch is intended to bring you with a brand-new experience of sports watch instead of carrying all those tools in the backpack. It's perfect for outdoor activities such as running, climbing, fishing, swimming, hiking, camping and exercising.

Brand: Kavie

👤The watch was not adjusted for someone with an enormous wrist. It's impractical to wear on one's wrist.

👤It is meant for a man because the watch portion is large and the band is the right size for my bicyle. It seems like it is very durable since it has only been a week since it arrived and doesn't appear to be in danger of falling apart or collapsing. If there was ever a need, it has many hidden treasures. Our dog loves chasing the "buggy" red dot across the house and he likes the flashlight and laser pointer functions. It would have been five stars if it had come with a diagram and directions which would have shown where everything is in the description.

👤We got this watch for a military friend of ours who is a mentor to our son and teaching him woodworking and survival skills. It would be a nice gift. We were correct. This watch was very good. My son tried to hide it because he wanted it so much. It's too big for a child or teen, but good for an adult. The flashlight, whistle, small blade tool, paracord, compass, and more make this a rugged addition to your hiking and camping adventures. Our friend loved it so much that he was willing to let our son go into great detail about all the things it could do and for which it could be used. I think he mentioned ziplining. It's true!

👤The compass is off, the light comes on whenever it wants, and other things make it worse. The alarm did not work. The band broke when I flung it off my wrist. I gave it 2 chances because it was so cheap and the second one did the same thing. They won't give me my money back because everything broke on a couple months.

👤The first one we received was too short and I had to exchange it for another one. The new one lasted about a month and a half. Don't buy one unless you hate the person.

👤This is not a fashion watch. It will be a big man's watch. It looks great and wears well. If you have a small wrist, it may not be good for you. The instruction was not an issue.

👤The hands glow in the dark for an hour and a half. Digital-clock, timer, calendar, and alarm. The light is not as bright as my phone light. The slow compass doesn't rotate towards north faster than 15 seconds if you shake the watch in a circular motion, and it seems inaccurate. The Thermostat is too slow for practical use and is bulky compared to the other features. I left my watch in the freezer for an hour to see if the thermostat worked, and it only moved from 77 to 55 instead of 40.

👤The box is nicer than the watch. I bought 3 gifts and they were disappointing. The bottle opener was not instruction, have no idea. The nylon band is the only thing that is good. Would not buy again.

8. Casio SGW 100 2BCF Sensor Digital Display

Casio SGW 100 2BCF Sensor Digital Display

200M/100M is water resistant. A round watch with a black digital dial has a colorful bezel and five daily alarms. A 45mm case with a mineral dial window. The band has a buckle closure.

Brand: Casio

👤I use the watch daily at my job as a law enforcement officer and for my outdoor adventures from kayaking to running. I have been wearing a Timex watch for a long time. When looking for temp and compass sensors, it was not a good idea to switch to Casio. The menu system is not the same as Timex. There is a The blue and orange color scheme is nice. The black glass is hard to see because of its reflective nature. You might not be able to see without watching awkwardly or angling your head. There is a The temperature reading is higher because of your body. It will be 8 degrees warmer. The compass was fairly accurate. There are no complaints from me. While rotating, the compass was very responsive. There is a If I knew what I knew, I would get the normal background. The twin sensor limits your options. There is a different model.

👤Extra features on this watch are useless for everyday life, but I love it! It works, but I don't know if the compass is accurate. When the thermometer is off for 30 minutes, it is accurate. I don't know how waterproof it is. The other functions work. It is a fun wrist accessory. The negative display is harder to read than the positive display, but I think it looks impressive.

👤I bought this watch because I wanted a tough, inexpensive, and not-too-bulky digital watch with a compass and world time, without features like barometer and altimeter which make many watches uncomfortably large. The first impression I had of this watch was that it was lightweight and low profile, which is not what I would have thought. I don't recall that it's on my wrist. The compass seems to be accurate when compared to a magnetic compass. If you want, there is a feature to set magnetic declination. The compass displays for a short time, which is annoying, but it is long enough to convey the necessary information, and shut off to conserve battery life. The compass was easy to use. This is not a G-Shock or a Pathfinder, so you don't get the degree of shock resistance those product lines are known for. The watch would likely hold up to some abuse, being water resistant to 20 bar, and with a scratch resistant mineral crystal. I am willing for it to be damaged, but I can already tell that it will last me a long time as a "beater" watch. The negative display is a subject of much debate, and I read a lot of reviews addressing this issue before buying this watch. I am able to read the display just fine under all conditions, and I am willing to bet that some of the complaints people have about lighting and angles of view on the negative display would also apply to the positive display. I find the negative display aesthetically pleasing. I've seen negative displays on other watches, but this one is more readable. The world time feature is useful. You can cycle through time zones with your home time zone still showing in the smaller display window at the top left. Some of the criticisms of other reviewers are shared by me. The light comes on for 2 seconds and is annoying. The stop watch only lasts up to an hour before it stops again. This seems too short. Would have liked the option to use a NATO strap. This watch is perfect for me. I wanted to spend less on a wrist watch than I would on a smart phone, and I wanted no more features than I needed. I wanted a compass and world time. I would be happy to trade the thermometer for sunrise and lunar information.

9. SUUNTO Core All Black Military

SUUNTO Core All Black Military

The classic outdoor sports watch, the Suunto Core, has many intelligent features to keep you informed of conditions while you hike, bike, or camp. It's essential for adventure. This watch has dual times, a date display, and alarm, plus predicted times for sunrise and sunset to help maximize your daylight hours and a depth meter up to 30 feet. Whether you're running, swimming, cycling, gym workouts, hiking, or other outdoor sports, you'll find a watch for you in the Suunto sports watches. Their watches track your activities and sleep to help you keep up with your training and recovery. Over 80 years of high quality heritage craftsmanship, relentless accuracy, and innovative innovation have been brought to the table by the team at Suunto.

Brand: Suunto

👤Buyers should be careful. A leak in the watch caused it to break in less than a year. I was told that it would cost 130 to replace it. They don't back up junk. You would get more out of your money if you lit it on fire and kept it warm.

👤I have had my core for over 6 years. This thing has been in my wrist for over 6 years. I am an enlisted military service member with 11+ years in the infantry, and I am also a firefighter/paramedic for one of the busiest departments in the country. I have abused the life out of this watch. Military deployment to Iraq and Africa has been through hell and back. It has been inside burning houses, heavy interior fire fighting inside structures, car fires, in the ocean on shallow dives, on hikes and countless other events. This watch has been around for 6 years and still running strong. I have read about straps being bad but mine has been great to me. I ripped the small strap band. I contacted the company about getting a new one and they could give me a piece for free. They wanted me to buy all the new straps for $60. I didn't want to buy a new pair of straps just for that. I made my own out of the same cord. It has been on for about 4 years without any issues. The band on this watch is said to be fragile, dry rots and cracks by the top current review. Six years later, I have not changed out my bands. They might be time for a swap but won't do it until these fail me. The battery life is good if you don't add unnecessary features. I don't need to know if the watch senses a storm or a change in pressure. When I am in the field, I turn on when I need to, but until that is off, I don't need to chirp. Do things that extend my battery life. I swap batteries about 1-2 times a year. I love this watch and will continue to wear it. I've had friends buy them for me. I get jealous when I see a new one, but wouldn't trade my broken in, scarred up, battle worn one for anything. Take a look at my pictures. I have shown no mercy to this thing. I'm currently overseas and still wearing this.

👤I loved this watch for a long time. There are great options for altitude, temp, compass, and so on. A good band and great look. The buttons on the right side of the watch were failing to spring back to their original positions after about a year. This isn't a Navy Seal situation, but rather a desk job situation. The buttons had to be manually pulled out. I am not alone in my research of this glitch. No other brands of watches have this problem. Can't recommend.

👤I've been looking at this watch for a year. The price kept me from buying something. Do I need to watch ABC? You never know when it will be useful. I thought I could return if it wasn't what I wanted. That was a lot for a watch for me. I used to buy $12 "sport" watches from Amazon and expect them to last 6 months or less. I was usually correct. I'm not a fan of all of the items in the store. I was expecting a brighter day. If you actually read the instructions, the setup is clear, logical and relatively easy. It's great look, fit and feel, and it's solid without being clunky, heavy or cumbersome, but I don't want or need a gps on my wrist. It's very accurate. I've made my profile default to barometric pressure, and I'm learning it. The storm warning works. I don't think I'll be able to return this watch. It's part of my project. I have a long way to go to learn how to access the capabilities quickly. There are many online videos. If you want an ABC watch or just curious to see what uses you can find for it, you'd be crazy to pass on this price. Most places are in the high $200s and the closest price I have seen online is around $180.

10. CakCity Military Outdoor Digital Temperature

CakCity Military Outdoor Digital Temperature

A compass points the way, a barometer tells the Trend in air pressure, and an altimeter tracks your movement. The weather trend indicator is built into the barometer. The functions are as follows: compass, temperature, steps track, alarm, and back light. The bulit has a nylon band, a case and a watch. There is a note. The watch is heavy. A built-in Swiss high precision sensor and 18 months long battery life help you do all kinds of indoor and outdoor sports. It is a great companion for many activities.

Brand: Cakcity

👤I never go for the high dollar ones at the gun club because they always get damaged there, and I go through tactical training there occasionally. The blow back of high caliber rifles seems to suck out the watches as well. I heard from a friend that there are tactical watches, and I found this one with really nice specifications, and it looked good as well. It looks and feels like a nice piece of hardware. The buttons are well made and not cheap, but they push cleanly and accurately, which is a big plus when wearing tactical gloves. The barometer, altimeter and temperature readings are awesome and I love them all. When I adjust my scope for the round that I am firing, I need to find a place where the elevation is needed. A good way to double check is in the field. Even with night glares, the light is bright enough to see perfectly. I love the watch band, it matches my gear perfectly. My eyes are not what they used to be, and I can make this watch without my eye glasses, which is a big perk for me. I can't see the time because most watches are packing all the features into the face. I am very happy with the purchase of this watch, I could not find any cons with it.

👤I have been able to start hiking in the fall. I have been wearing a hiking watch for over a month. I like gadgets but they don't hold up during mini-expeditions in the Northern Michigan elements. I wear it whenever I do outdoor sports. This watch is used for attention at work. The cakcity watch has a great looking military style, the watch body and wrist band are black. It has a big face and big digitals that are clear to read. The design style of the watch is compatible with my clothing. It is very attractive to me. I mostly use the ABC functions when I ride mountain bikes, swim, and hike. The metal compass and garmin gps were tested against the compass. The Barometer and the Altimeter do not change much in my terrain. To measure the ambient temperature, I simply remove the watch and let it stay on. The double buckle design is easy to remove. This watch has all the functions I need. If you use a different shipping address to send this watch as a gift, you and the person receiving it will not be disappointed. The presentation of the watch when you open it gets a wow factor and raised eyebrows because of the expensive appearance of the gift box. This is a tactical watch.

👤It's a great looking watch, but it's not good because it's hard to read in any lighting.

👤Functions work well. The watch is heavy and can be abused. I replaced the NATO band with a survival bracelet because one of the watch pin springs broke. I have had no problems with the watch being in salt and fresh water.

11. Timex TW4B14500 Expedition Gallatin Slip Thru

Timex TW4B14500 Expedition Gallatin Slip Thru

The green 22mm nylon double-layer strap can fit up to 8-inch wrist circumference. A two-month power reserve is charged by any light. The dial has a date window at 3 o'clock. A black 45mm case with a lens. Water resistant to 50m is suitable for short periods of swimming, but not diving or snorkeling.


👤I bought this watch over a million years ago. It looks good and it keeps accurate time. The watch case is made of plastic. One of the supports for the band broke off and the watch is worthless. I wouldn't recommend buying this product.

👤I have always had good luck with Timex, they are my Saturday job and I go to the beach watches. I lost 30 minutes a day when I pulled the battery out and it melted to the case and the plastic surrounding it, so I threw it away. I'm pretty sure it was one in a hundred, but I had bad luck.

👤I put my mine in the shade for a few hours. Accurate time is kept by the Naval Observatory. The second hand location is lined up. The hour hand and minute hand line up. I replaced the watch with a Silicone one because I don't like the style of band. . I don't see any issues with the case. The new band seems sturdy. It has a black face and crown, so it won't shine in the woods. It's waterproof to 50M so it's fine for outdoor uses. The Hour Hand and Minute Hand only have the markings, which is fine for my uses.

👤The watch and strap are light and comfortable to wear. The second hand is perfect. You can tell the time all night long, even though the lume is ok. The only complaint is that the bezel is fixed. That's not a big deal for under $100.00. I think it's a great buy.

👤The whole face has a dried soap look. You can see through the white spots. There is no indiglo button to illuminate the clock face. Only if it is so dark that you can see your hand in front of your face, and only if there is a faint glow showing the time. If you want to know when it is dark, better hope it is a moonless, starless night with no neighbors lights or street lights. You should get a flashlight. The solar stops at two places, and I have to place it in the sun until it starts working. It starts again after the sun hits the watch. I like the idea of solar and having a tough watch because I am hard on them. Timex is my go to watch for long lasting watches. Timex is hardy and I thought solar would have made this the ultimate long lasting watch. Wrong. The face of watch is messed up, can't see in the dark, and needs to be refreshed from the sun. So far. Not happy with this watch. May start looking into smaller watch companies and find a new man's watch.

👤I also have an armitron adventure and a citizen promaster, but the timex is the one I wear when a watch is in danger. The promaster is too nice to endanger. The citizen does everything better than the timex, but it is more expensive. The timex is an amazing value, but it is not as good as the citizen. The solar on this watch is the worst between seiko, citizen, armitron and times. It takes more time to charge and less time to discharge.


What is the best product for survival watch solar?

Survival watch solar products from Casio. In this article about survival watch solar you can see why people choose the product. and Garmin are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival watch solar.

What are the best brands for survival watch solar?

Casio, and Garmin are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival watch solar. Find the detail in this article. Citizen, G-shock and Kavie are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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