Best Survival Watch Bands for Men

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1. Savior Survival Gear Replacement Adjustable

Savior Survival Gear Replacement Adjustable

FASHIONABLE: Savior Survival gear paracord watch bands are made from superior quality paracord and are designed to replace a stock Apple watch band. This accessory can be worn by men, women, and youth. Their designs are practical and stylish. The Savior Survival gear logo is displayed on the clasp of each paracord watch band. Paracord is an essential item for people who love adventure and the outdoors. There are over 1,000 uses for the paracord watch band. It has been used in many situations in the wild. Emergency snares, tourniquets, bow drills, pulleys, clothes lines, hanging bear bags, creating shelters, securing items are some other uses. The paracord survival band comes with a shackle made of high-quality steel to accommodate different wrist sizes. You can adjust your watch band in three different positions. The wrist is between 7 and 7 1/2 inches. Savior Survival gear is committed to your satisfaction. If you don't like their products, they will give you a full refund. COMPATIBILITY: Works with Apple Watch Series 1 and Series 2.

Brand: Savior Survival Gear

👤I read every review before buying this band for my Apple Watch. I have a guard on my watch as well. I bought it from Amazon. It is a full wrap around case protection. It works with this band. I don't have any complaints about this band. Some people have written about the way this band connects, but I don't think they are correct. I have never lost the screw, and I have no problems putting my watch on with it. In the event that I lost the screw, I will note that. You can buy replacements on Amazon for a few bucks, but you will get 4 of them. If you really have a problem putting your watch on with this band, then I don't know what you're going to do with a survivalist type watch band. Lmao! It took me two tries to put the watch on, but I can do it in ten seconds. The brand name and logo of this company is a problem. I don't support religion in any way and that didn't stop me from buying this band twice. This is a survivalist type watch band and the company name is Savior. It makes perfect sense that when you need this watch band for your butt, you will be praying to god to save you. So yeah. The Savior brand makes sense to me. If you really want to purchase the band, get some goof off and wipe it off, don't let it stop you. You can make your own with the paracord, the jig, and the connectors that Amazon sells. Anyway. This watch band is original and it looks great, I get a lot of compliment on it. The other two colors will be ordered as well. I wanted to see how well it held up after having it. Zero problems are very comfortable and only get better the longer they break. As far as the fit is concerned. When I got the large, I only had to put it on at the last screw setting hole. It was tight to wear for long periods of time. Immediately, Amazon returned it to me. I ordered the correct size and it fit perfectly. My wrist is over 7 inches long and the XL fits perfectly on the smallest screw hole in the band. I think it looks better that way. I am also a big guy. The weight is 6'7 280 lbs. So. If this watch band caught your eye like mine did, don't hesitate to purchase it. I wouldn't recommend going for a cheaper alternative. The seller has checked all the boxes. If the quality is consistent on the sellers end and the consumers are not sheep you can go wrong. I always leave honest reviews for others to read on Amazon because it's important to me when buying things there. This watch band has 5 stars all around. It is unique high quality and in these trying times I like knowing I have something that could save me in a pinch. Good job. Everyone be well! Cheers! I would like to give a review after using this band all summer, so here we are in August. I have posted picks to show the regular wear and usage of this band and how I charge my watch. It should be used all the time in the spring and summer. I have no complaints. My watch is always on my wrist when I go to the pool or the ocean with my son. There are zero problems and zero failures. I have yet to change my favorite watch band. I have many others. I always get asked about it and people compliment me on how cool it is. Don't hesitate to pick one up. I would like a sponsor for my endorsements and answer questions I have posted. I will take a black and blue model in a size large. I saw this one and knew I had to get one for myself. Please make more green and black ones as I and a few others are waiting for them to be restocked in an XL. Thanks again for making a great product. I will keep singing it's praises.

2. SAVIOR SURVIVAL Compatible Durable Replacement

SAVIOR SURVIVAL Compatible Durable Replacement

FASHIONABLE: Savior Survival gear hook and loop watch bands are made from high-quality material and are designed to replace a stock 42mm, 44mm, or 45mm Apple watch band. This accessory can be worn by men, women, and youth. Their designs are practical and stylish. The Savior Survival gear logo is displayed on the clasp of each watch band, which expresses a desire to live life with a purpose. Those who love adventure and the outdoors will love the Rugged, stylish, and versatile design. Their watch bands are practical and comfortable. It is adjusted. The replacement watch band has a hook and loop fastening that allows you to adjust your band for the perfect fit. It is designed to fit wrist sizes between 7 and 8 1/2. Measure wrist before purchase. High-QUALITY: The watch bands are made from high-quality materials. The strap is made of nylon and the hardware is made of steel. Savior Survival gear is committed to your satisfaction. If you don't like their products, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Savior Survival Gear

👤It was very well made. There is a A lot of people think the band is the same width as the UAG band that is sold at Best Buy for $50. The width is not the same. It is still a very sturdy band and worth the price. If you like the look of the UAG band, but have smaller wrists, and love Christ and the fisher of men symbol, then you will probably like this band better than the UAG.

👤I have been looking for this style of band for a long time. It works great with the Apple Watch and feels great. It has the Jesus fish on it. I am very happy! I used to change bands all the time. I wear this one all the time. It is very comfortable and doesn't get wet like other bands. I will buy this brand from now on. It is better than what Apple makes.

👤A deputy sheriff is wearing an Apple watch at work. I have a glass screen cover and a case with a glass protectors covering it to protect the screen and in fights and securing inmates and subjects, I have broken two bands. The nylon one is strong and holds up well. Nothing breaking or coming loose. If you need a tough band, recommend it.

👤Returned too big and was ordered Large. The strap end hangs loose and gets caught on objects. Especially when sleeping. End catching is getting worse. There are new pictures added today.

👤I bought this in black and OD green and they are the best band of this type I have ever owned. They use high quality for both the strap and hook and loop. There are many grades of hook and loop bolts. The type Savior is using holds my watch secure, doesn't unhook when I grab it on a branch, or do heavy manual tasks with my hands that have made other bands come loose. The Velcro should last a long time. The strap is very strong and appears to be high quality. I would definitely purchase again and recommend the Savior brand.

👤I have a big wrist and other bands are too tight and uncomfortable. The band is comfortable in the 98 degree weather. You can leave it out over night and it will be fine.

👤I like the product. It feels good on my wrist. I like that it has a lot of adjustment. Fantastic fit and finish.

👤I immediately sent the band back after I got it. At the end of the band, it stuck up a little. I am aware that it will get stuff. The band is a little heavy for my taste. It's not horrible and others may like it. It needs to be better for this price.

👤The strap is not suited for big wrists.

3. Timex TW4B14500 Expedition Gallatin Slip Thru

Timex TW4B14500 Expedition Gallatin Slip Thru

The green 22mm nylon double-layer strap can fit up to 8-inch wrist circumference. A two-month power reserve is charged by any light. The dial has a date window at 3 o'clock. A black 45mm case with a lens. Water resistant to 50m is suitable for short periods of swimming, but not diving or snorkeling.


👤I bought this watch over a million years ago. It looks good and it keeps accurate time. The watch case is made of plastic. One of the supports for the band broke off and the watch is worthless. I wouldn't recommend buying this product.

👤I have always had good luck with Timex, they are my Saturday job and I go to the beach watches. I lost 30 minutes a day when I pulled the battery out and it melted to the case and the plastic surrounding it, so I threw it away. I'm pretty sure it was one in a hundred, but I had bad luck.

👤I put my mine in the shade for a few hours. Accurate time is kept by the Naval Observatory. The second hand location is lined up. The hour hand and minute hand line up. I replaced the watch with a Silicone one because I don't like the style of band. . I don't see any issues with the case. The new band seems sturdy. It has a black face and crown, so it won't shine in the woods. It's waterproof to 50M so it's fine for outdoor uses. The Hour Hand and Minute Hand only have the markings, which is fine for my uses.

👤The watch and strap are light and comfortable to wear. The second hand is perfect. You can tell the time all night long, even though the lume is ok. The only complaint is that the bezel is fixed. That's not a big deal for under $100.00. I think it's a great buy.

👤The whole face has a dried soap look. You can see through the white spots. There is no indiglo button to illuminate the clock face. Only if it is so dark that you can see your hand in front of your face, and only if there is a faint glow showing the time. If you want to know when it is dark, better hope it is a moonless, starless night with no neighbors lights or street lights. You should get a flashlight. The solar stops at two places, and I have to place it in the sun until it starts working. It starts again after the sun hits the watch. I like the idea of solar and having a tough watch because I am hard on them. Timex is my go to watch for long lasting watches. Timex is hardy and I thought solar would have made this the ultimate long lasting watch. Wrong. The face of watch is messed up, can't see in the dark, and needs to be refreshed from the sun. So far. Not happy with this watch. May start looking into smaller watch companies and find a new man's watch.

👤I also have an armitron adventure and a citizen promaster, but the timex is the one I wear when a watch is in danger. The promaster is too nice to endanger. The citizen does everything better than the timex, but it is more expensive. The timex is an amazing value, but it is not as good as the citizen. The solar on this watch is the worst between seiko, citizen, armitron and times. It takes more time to charge and less time to discharge.

4. KORDIZ Survivor Compatible Stainless Adjustable

KORDIZ Survivor Compatible Stainless Adjustable

The KORDIZ Survivor Band is made from premium quality paracord and is designed to replace a stock Apple Watch band. This accessory is for all watches. The paracord watch band has a shackle. There is no higher quality or safer product in the world. The KORDIZ paracord band comes in two different sizes, M and L, so you can choose the perfect fit for your wrist. Refer to the Size Chart in the images or the descripton below. KORDIZ is committed to your satisfaction. If you don't like their products, they will give you a full refund. It works with Apple Watch 45mm, 42mm and 44mm. This is not an Apple product. The Apple watch is not included. KORDIZ is not responsible for any loss or damage to your Apple watch.

Brand: Kordiz

👤The product is nice, and I have only had it for a week, but it seems well-constructed, so time will tell with wear and tear. The look is clean and the paracord was braided nicely. The rougher material takes some getting used to, but after a day or two, it was fine. I wish they had made this with a latching mechanism instead of a screw-shut bolt setup. It will work after some practice or for people with above average dexterity. A latched clasp would have served better here for ease of use and time. I saw the setup before I made the purchase. I give honest feedback and rating the product for how well it serves me individually, and I am not blaming anyone for my decisions. I have seen a model on Amazon that has the same paracord design, but it has a normal watch strap transition for the closing part, so perhaps I will try that next. It was the last thing. The lack of size 888-666-1846 There are only three holes to choose your wrist size from. I bought the length that was supposed to fit me well, but I don't think it's true because it's still loose at the tightest setting I have an average to above average wrist. When I buy other wrist accessories, I prefer a L/XL vs a S/M and this product still runs loose at the smallest setting. I would recommend this product to anyone who can get past those things. This will likely be a case-by-case preference for every buyer so best of luck making your own decision. I would have given this item 5 stars if not for what I said in the review.

👤I just bought an Apple watch. The watch band looks great.

👤For credit towards another purchase, will return to big.

5. Savior Survival Gear Watch Compatible

Savior Survival Gear Watch Compatible

FASHIONABLE: Savior Survival gear hook and loop watch bands are made from high-quality material and are designed to replace a stock 42mm or 44mm Apple watch band. This accessory can be worn by men, women, and youth. Their designs are practical and stylish. The Savior Survival gear logo is displayed on the clasp of each watch band, which expresses a desire to live life with a purpose. Those who love adventure and the outdoors will love the Rugged, stylish, and versatile design. Their watch bands are practical and comfortable. It is adjusted. The replacement watch band has a hook and loop fastening made of high-quality material. You can adjust your watch band for the perfect fit. Savior Survival gear is committed to your satisfaction. If you don't like their products, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Savior Survival Gear

👤It doesn't complement the watch well. It's not comfortable to wear.

👤It doesn't go very tight around my wrist. It is pretty loose because it is not a lot of Velcro.

6. Timex Expedition Digital Chrono Alarm

Timex Expedition Digital Chrono Alarm

The Fast Wrap strap has a hook and look that fits up to XXX-inch wrist circumference. A month, day, and date calendar with a 100 hour chronograph. There are 3 daily, weekday or weekend alarms with a 5-minute backup. A 33mm case with a lens, a digital display, and Indiglo light-up watch dial. Water-resistant to 100m is suitable for swimming, but not diving.


👤I have been on expeditions for nearly two decades. The first one was an aqua color. I was almost in a panic to get a new one because it was so bad that I wore it all the time. In this picture, the watch on the left is being replaced by the one on the right. It's hard to believe that the old one is nearly 10 years old with only one battery replacement and has had a few trips through the washer and dryer, it's been dropped, sat on, frozen, slopped with paint and cleaned, raked across a tree trunk. The price is right, the band is strong and easy to set, and the indiglo makes it easy to see.

👤Y'all. Trust the reviews. I thought it would be a lot bigger. It's half the size, I got it to replace a different style of Times expedition. Pay attention to the other comments and know that it may be smaller than you think.

👤It's a great watch for women with small to medium wrists. The pros and cons are listed here. Instructions are not included in the package insert. I had no experience with this watch. Press Set and you can use the Start and Stop buttons to move up and down. It was easy enough. The watch is simple. It's easy to read. It has the day of the week and the month. I want to make sure my watch has all of the features I want. The watch band is high quality. It is fabric and should hold up for a long time. The Indiglo works well in the dark. I have to tighten the band as tight as possible in order to prevent the watch from wobbling around my wrist. My wrist is small and the watch is a bit heavy in comparison. I am new to wearing a watch, so maybe it's just something I have to get used to. When facing you directly, the display is perfect, but only if you look at it straight on. You can't see the time if you look over at your watch while you're typing. It's not clear. The viewing angles are terrible. If you look directly at it, you can see the time. This might be an issue with all digital watches, but I expected more from the technological world. This is probably my biggest mistake. The nylon band holder made it difficult to get the extra band into it. I'm not sure what a better alternative would be for a nylon band. If they put the band holder on to the band, it wouldn't move as much when trying to put the band in the holder. It seems to stay in place once you're in it. That's good. I think it will loosen up and not work well in the future. I haven't been able to test the waterproofness of the watch yet because I only have it since yesterday. If I am not happy with the review, I will change it. It's what I was looking for, a basic digital watch that shows the day and date with a band that is small enough to fit my female wrist. If it was $10-15 less than what I paid, I would have liked it more. Since this one, I've moved on to a few other watches. I have decided that I don't like having a cloth/nylon watch band, and I prefer the rubber/plastic bands now. The nylon band takes a long time to dry after showering, whereas the plastic bands don't need any drying time. There are a lot of good plastic banded watches out there, and I've tried a few no-name brands on Amazon and have been happier with them than I was with this Timex. They are not as floppy on my wrist.

7. Nereides Compatible Rugged Sports Replacement

Nereides Compatible Rugged Sports Replacement

It is compatible with the Apple watch series. The 38mm/40mm/41mm model is the size option one. The range is 6.3''-8.6''. The second size option is for 42mm/ 44mm model. The range is suitable. The material is made with soft nylon and has anti-scratch features. It is made of steel which is really strong. It is designed with high quality. The hook&loop clasp method makes it easy to adjust your strap. The woven loop design of the band is good for sweat and heat. The patent is pending. 30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Replacement Warranty are supported by them.

Brand: Nereides

👤I bought this band less than a week ago. I liked it immediately and felt comfortable wearing it. I grazed my arm on the doorway as I walked into my garage. I felt my watch catch on the door and it popped off my wrist. It was not a fast impact. I caught the door as I was walking. The nylon band was held to the clasp with a flimsy spring pin, even though I heard my watch hit the ground and thought the band had released from it. I assumed that this band was rugged, but there is a weak link in the design. The broken band caused my Apple Watch to hit the concrete and shatter the rear glass. I don't know how long it will take for the shattered glass to completely go, but I can't trust it is waterproof. I wanted to like the band. It ruined my new Apple Watch. I will not use this band again. The band is connected to the clasp with spring pins.

👤After losing my Apple watch on a trail while mountain biking, I went to Amazon to find the most rugged sports band I could find. I was attracted to this one immediately, and when I received it, I was happy with its comfort, ease of use, and high quality workmanship. I returned it. The nylon band is held to the aluminum end pieces by small spring pins, which is a fatal flaw. I decided I was done after my watch fell off for the third time. It's a shame because I love the band. I think the spring pins they use are standard for metal watch bands, but I think the nylon catches more easily on the collar sleeve of the pin, and that's why it's easier to release it. I don't think the pins are garbage, but rather the problem is how they're being used. The pins need to be dropped entirely or addressed about the fact that they release at certain times. I would give it a five star rating if it weren't for this issue.

👤I used a red Apple sport band. I loved it but it was hard to keep looking good. I bought this one because it looked more durable and less prone to showing dirt. The pins that attach the plastic part to the watch are weak. These are not attached to the plastic parts. It can come apart from a random bump. The next version should get rid of the pin.

👤Why is this pin for an apple watch there? It's stupid! Don't buy this item because of the shipping. Waited three days for a disappointment.

👤The band is nice. It fit well and felt good. I would give you 5 stars. When it got wet and sweaty, it smelled terrible. I washed it and it smelled good for a few hours but then it smelled bad by the end of the day. I guess if you don't sweat, swim or wash anything, you would be fine. I really liked the band.

8. AVTREK Tactical Survival Altimeter Barometer

AVTREK Tactical Survival Altimeter Barometer

The main functions are Pedometer, calories, timer, Metronome, and atmospheric pressure measurement. A compass, dual time, 2 sets of alarm, date/week, hourly chime, 50M waterproof,super backlight are some of the things. The compass is a great sports watch for hiking or wilderness survival, they will calibrate it during production. It is better to calibrate it manually or automatically. The weather forecast shows local pressure and sea level pressure. The symbols indicate the weather. The units can be switched between Fahrenheit and Celsius. Military tactical watch can be used for tactical training, hiking, swimming or any outdoor sports. Great looking with military style. This is a tactical watch. It has a solid, durable and rugged case, diameter 50.0mm/1.96inch, durable and breathable nylon band, and is suitable for wrist from 7.08 to 9.45 inches, big watch face with large numbers. It's easy to read for time.

Brand: Avtrek

👤It seems like a great deal for the price and all of the features you get with this watch. It feels high quality and durable because it has some weight to it. The numbers on the screen are not as bright as I 888-276-5932s would suggest. The first half of the instruction manual is in Chinese and I'm not sure how it will hold up in the long run, but I'm hopeful. The elevation and barometer features seem to be accurate.

👤The price is $13 higher than on their website. Was it for shipping? Something doesn't add up with Amazon prime. It feels like a $30 watch if everything works the way it should.

👤I have been looking at watches and reading reviews of the product and thought I would purchase the AvTrek. After talking with customer service, they sent me a new watch after I noted the compass was reading north for south and east for west. I bumped the new watch after receiving it. It has fallen off my wrist several times since. I contacted customer service and they told me it was too late to return my watch. Several people have had the same issues, that's what I see from the reviews.

👤I like the way the watch looks. The band that they sent was cheap. The face of the watch dogs is not up when it is cold. It goes away when it warms up. It makes me think that it has some sort of liquid inside.

👤The battery was dead when it arrived. I replaced it and found that the functions were correct and the step counter didn't work at all. After an hour, the watch would reset the times and alarms on its own. The watch looks good, but it didn't work.

👤The watch is larger than I expected, it requires all the settings to be baselined, so keep that in mind, the watch is not ready out of the box. The barometric / air pressure is hard to get precise since the altimeter send to be about 10 feet. I don't know if I'm calibrating the compass correctly but it's definitely off and the manual is broken English and there is a business card insert that "translates" the functions, I don't think I would buy it again.

👤The watch is well built,TrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia,Trademarkia, The watch has a big face, but it doesn't come in a smaller size. The straps look good, but they aren't long enough for me, and they are a tad bit cheaper than other people's. Either way. I would recommend getting additional straps to give this watch a genuine upgrade.

👤I'm happy with the price of the watch. This watch performs many functions. I don't think features accuracy is always accurate for accurate reading. Time active, steps, weekly recordings are features that are important to me. If you're looking for a closed system where you're ok with a few quirks on features, this is a good watch. If you want accurate data and activity, you need a connected watch. There is one more thing. condensation is present when I'm hiking. Once covered from the sun, it disappears. Again... quirks.

9. Timex TW4B03500 Expedition Gallatin Slip Thru

Timex TW4B03500 Expedition Gallatin Slip Thru

The strap is black and fits up to 8 inches on the wrist. The dial has a date window at 3 o'clock. A case with a lens. Luminous hands; Indiglo light-up watch dial. Water resistant to 50 meter is suitable for short periods of swimming, but not diving or snorkeling.


👤I've been wearing a watch for 20 years. Some of them were paid as much as $500.00. I don't think I'll ever order another Pathfinder again, even though this watch isn't all frills and gadgets. I like the look of this watch. The simplicity is what it is. The watchband is made of Velcro. The Timex is famous for it's Indiglo backlight. The time this watch keeps is exceptional. The watch has good looks. It looks very military in my opinion. This is an every day watch. The face of the watch is slightly smaller than the one of the pathfinder. Pulling out the stem makes setting the date and time very easy. I am very pleased with this watch and would definitely recommend it to anyone. I took a picture of the two of them side by side to show the size comparison. One on my wrist and a band. Which is one of the better ideas for this watch.

👤I expected this watch to be more than it is. The appointments are great. The strap is comfortable. I have not owned a Timex for decades, but I do have a black model with an orange second hand. I will keep the green military-style strap, I ordered 2-bond NATO straps. I am at home with the Army green. The watch is loud even with my hand down by my side and I cannot wear it when I retire for the evening. I have immediate access to the time whenever I wake up. Is there a similar watch that is automatic? There is peace.

👤I am very happy with my purchase of a work watch. I think it's worth the extra money, even though it's a little more expensive than some of the other plastic watches I've seen. The band is velco, so it will wear out eventually, but it looks like an easy watch to re-band. The inner dial makes it easy to see if you use military time. "Indiglo" is the watch light. The watch face will light up green. It's easy to read at night. If the room is silent, the watch's second hand will tick once per second. You won't notice it if you don't notice it. The picture on Amazon is not as nice as the one on the plastic watch. It is also very light because it is plastic. I gave this watch 5 stars, it arrived on time, and it works great. I hope it's helpful.

👤This is a nice watch, but it has two major flaws. The date window is too small to read. The watch is hard to read because of the contrast between the numbers and face. The numbers are not white in the picture. They are a grey color, but not enough contrast with the black face to make it easy to read. The date window is hard to read due to its small size and not enough contrast in colors. It's very frustrating. The overall size of the watch is good. I had to return the watch.

10. Survival Multi Functional Adjustable Wristband Waterproof

Survival Multi Functional Adjustable Wristband Waterproof

When you are in the wild, you may face danger. Emergency survival equipment is born. There is a time dual display. Paracord, fire starter, survival whistle, led light, compass, tool card,bottle opener,bicycle banner, etc. Powerful functions, high-quality, multi-functional, safe and practical survival watch are some of the features. To fit different wrist sizes, Inside of survival watch band is the magic sticker, it can fit the best length for you. The Tactical Watch combines dual display movement (pointer + number), 12-digit timing function, display hour, minute, second, day, week, alarm and hourly hour, 12/24 hour system selection, full Automatic calendar, stopwatch display and EL backlight. 5ATM waterproof. It is usually suitable for daily use. It is not suitable for a long time in the water. Pressing buttons underwater is not recommended. This sports watch is suitable for daily life, adventure, gift, and can be worn just for beauty. It is a great gift for your friends or relatives. It's suitable for outdoor adventures, field adventures, outdoor recreation, first aid, mountaineers, climbing, adventure and military.

Brand: Smilkat

👤This is not something that I am happy with, it is made for a large person. It's too big even after adjusting for a small person.

👤This watch is amazing. Everything is needed for survival.

👤I bought this watch for my boyfriend for Christmas and he absolutely loves it. I would definitely recommend it.

👤The digital watch has a perfect time day month/date. The analog will lose time during the day, so you have to change the time a lot. The temperature gauge is small. The compass is accurate. The white light and white strobe work well. The rod and sticker are small. I would save it for a real emergency because I was afraid of breaking the watch snap/lock. The small multi tool/striker is useless. The whistle is not loud. There is enough para cord to start a few fires. There have been no scratches on the face. I wear it all the time. The glow in the dark hands and markings on the dial make it look good. No issues adjusting it to fit my wrist.

👤The watch was pulled out of the box and tried on. It was still huge even with the goofy adjustment. It will take bites out of your skin if you're not careful. The deal breaker was the intermittently working analog part of the watch. It was rather disappointing.

👤I like the watch. It was still big even after adjusting, but it looked stupid on my wrist. Back to looking.

👤I took the band off and put a silicone band on it because it was too heavy for me.

👤This was given to my soldier. He loved it and was approved by his CO. Anyone joining or already in, it's a great watch.

11. Timex TW4B15500 Expedition Scout Slip Thru

Timex TW4B15500 Expedition Scout Slip Thru

The strap is green and fits up to eight inches on the wrist. The dial has a date window at 3 o'clock. The case has mineral glass crystal. Luminous hands; Indiglo light-up watch dial. Water resistant to 50 meters is suitable for short periods of swimming, but not diving or snorkeling.


👤I bought this watch after reading several poor reviews and thought it was time to give it a try. It has been a positive experience so far. I've had no problems with it. The Indiglo feature works great, the band is comfortable, the hardware has held up, and it keeps great time. The Indiglo feature stopped working after a few hours, according to some negative reviews. That has not been my experience. Everything still works as normal, I beat this watch in my everyday work life. The Indiglo feature at 6 o'clock on the dial has been complained about by several reviewers. That is part of the design of the feature. It does not interfere with the function of the Indiglo. The strap became frayed at the holes and edges of the comments I read. There is a simple fix for that. If you singe the holes and edges of the band with a lighter, you will not have any left. This is a well made rugged watch. If you're on the fence, I think this is a great value, and no worries, because the negative comments you read are not worth it. Amazon will make it right if there is a problem. Good luck and buy with confidence.

👤I was looking for an inexpensive watch that I wouldn't have to feel bad if I broke it, that looked reasonable and kept good time. This watch was cheap and looked reasonable, in fact it exceeded my expectations. The proportions are pleasant, the face is legible, and the backlight is superb. The nylon band is pretty rough looking after four weeks of construction, but you'll have that. The timekeeping is terrible. It was a little bit slow out of the box. It took five minutes by the end of the second week. It has lost over 20 minutes in three weeks. I have been awake for two hours and it has lost 5 minutes. I checked out the warranty service from Timex and they want $8 as a "service fee" on top of the postage cost to send them my watch. Timex, I hate to tell you, but charging your customers for repairs is outside of the normal definition of "warranty." If there is a problem with the merchandise, it will be fixed at the seller's expense.

👤Great looking watch. I would like it to work. I like the style, the band, and the case. It's exactly what I was looking for. While the outside box was in perfect shape, the bigger box had a timex box that was not on the plastic pedestal that comes with the packaging. The illumination feature was broken when the watch date and time were already set to eastern standard time. I think this was returned, not inspected, and resented to me. I contacted Amazon and they sent me a new watch on a rush order. The watch was in perfect shape. It had a plastic guard on the stem between the crown and the case, which was a good sign. I assumed I set the watch up wrong because I didn't have it on the right cycle for am/pm. Fast forward a few days. The watch isn't keeping time. The actual time is 30 minutes slower today. I know it happened within the past 24 hours. I wonder if these are legitimate Timex watches or if they are knock offs.


What is the best product for survival watch bands for men?

Survival watch bands for men products from Savior Survival Gear. In this article about survival watch bands for men you can see why people choose the product. and Kordiz are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival watch bands for men.

What are the best brands for survival watch bands for men?

Savior Survival Gear, and Kordiz are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival watch bands for men. Find the detail in this article. Nereides, Avtrek and Smilkat are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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