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1. GZ XINXING Assurance Tactical Airsoft

GZ XINXING Assurance Tactical Airsoft

The best and only you will ever need is 30-days no risk 100% full refund assurance. Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with your size or other reason. Well made of high density nylon, it has a strong wear-resisting ability. The maximum chest size is 50 inches. To fit shoulder and waist size, be adjusted to fit max. Carry 3 standard magazine pouch, 1 map and flashlight pouch, and 1 medic pouch. For US men's clothing size, there is an option for an adjusted S-XXL. Only for the game.

Brand: Gz Xinxing

👤Fit perfect! It is a good value for the price. The mags fit perfectly.

👤I was looking for a throw away vest for coordinated training, and this ended up being my actual day vest. There is a It is efficient at it's job, but it is plastic. The vest is limited to people over 5'9" and below 5'8" so it's not for the average male. The vest is a plate carrier. The vest has rappelling and drop hookups. Very nice. My medpack sits nicely and firmly and I can reach it quickly if I need to. It can handle armor plates from Level III to Level IIIA, and I have my plates strapped into it as well. The size differentials from front and back are the only issue with the arrangement. My pouch can hold both a plate and a trauma pad at the same size. It was perfect. There is a The back plate pouch is too small and the back plate pouch is much larger. There is a The plate size for the back is 14 x 16 and is heavier with the trauma pad. The toughest thing about the Velcro is that it can handle stress and wear in extreme conditions. Mud and Rain are not a problem for this vest. The best molly rig-up system is small and lightweight and is also durable for rough use.

👤There was plenty of room for the front and rear of the steel plate. 10x12 covers the appropriate area. I didn't need to worry about plate placement for it to seat and cover the appropriate area. The hook and loop is heavy duty. The ak-74 mags are a little tight, but they fit well in front pouches. Since they have more of a curve, I'm not sure how 7.62 mags would fit. I couldn't find a better vest. I did some research. There were no complaints with Guard Dog plates. I didn't think this vest would defy gravity. This was a great buy for me.

👤I ordered this for my brother because he loves it. He has been able to sew it onto it. He wears it for a couple hours and then takes it off due to weight pain. The weight is great for cosplay and I have a toy gun in the picture.

👤This is a nice vest. My son and I were both surprised. My son is a skinny 5'8" and the vest fits him perfectly at the smallest setting on his shoulders and sides. He should be able to use this for a long time.

👤It's a bit heavy but not a problem, it protects me from most paintball shots to the body, and it's an excellent product.

👤The wire straps on the shoulder broke after I only wore it for a single game. This vest is a one-time use kind of thing.

👤The vest looks great on my son. It was a perfect fit.

2. NcSTAR Star CTVC2916T Tactical Childrens

NcSTAR Star CTVC2916T Tactical Childrens

The material is heavy duty. The pistol belt is needed to keep everything in place.

Brand: Ncstar

👤Good quality! This vest is very impressive. My child likes using it and adjusting it to fit his play plans. It was small for my 13 year old. He still manages to play with it. His younger siblings fit it just fine.

👤I was very impressed with the vest our 13 year old used during the battles. I was prepared for it to be costume quality and to be disappointed. It was easy to adjust the fit. It's easy to attach other components with the Molle. Definitely made to last.

👤My daughter is 3 years old. She loves it when I adjust the belt to make it smaller. It works better on my children. My kids are tall. This is loose in the waist. If I loosen everything to the max, I can get it on myself.

👤There is a little loose when tightened all the way for my 7 and 8 year old. It's a little clunky for a 7 year old. The gun holsters flop had to add some velcro so they don't bounce around and that worked out well.

👤I took it up as much as I could for my 8 year old. It's a bit too big on him, but not bad. I seriously considered getting an adult sized one for myself, it seems to be of good quality construction, no un-sewn or frayed seams, and the buckles snap crisply. There are no complaints with this product.

👤This vest is very well made. I was so impressed that I could fit a very thin 7 year old at 47 lbs. He said it was the best gift he had ever received. It is not light weight, has a good weighted feel to it, and feels authentic to my son. The shipping was very fast. Thank you!

👤I bought this for my son to wear his costume. I want one of those! I was impressed when we opened the package. Excellent quality. The material, clips, straps, pockets, and holster are all things I would expect from an adult tactical vest. The right front shoulder has the right kind of velcro. The vest is a little smaller than I expected. I think he will grow out of it in a couple of years. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤I returned the product because I wanted to. The magazines are not compatible with 5.56 The green color felt strong and well built, and my kids loved it. This would have satisfied my check list. The rumble tumble lifestyle is built for the money.

3. Hotsung Tactical Military Training Operations

Hotsung Tactical Military Training Operations

Each vest is endorsed by the ISEA 107-2010. You know you're getting a quality product when it's approved for Class 2. Tactical training size is 57 cm. The material is material. 600D high-density Oxford fabric has a soft touch. The maximum waist length is 53 inches. The smallest waist is 34 inche. There is an applicable sting. Great for training in combat, shooting, assualt, and training in combat. Can be used in activities such as hunting and camping. The high quality is made from a high-density, high-density There are accessories. The X-1 Tactical Vest has a utility pouch, a primary magazine pouch, and a shotgun shell holder. A pistol holster that fits most medium framed pistols is included, along with 3 pistol magazine pouches that can hold most standard-sized pistol magazines. An extra primary magazine pouch set is included with the purchase for users who do not use a secondary firearm.

Brand: Hotsung

👤I bought this tactical vest for my husband because he loves to go hunting and it's one of the best pieces of gear a shooter can have. The tactical vest is a valuable piece that allows easy access to your gear in the middle of any activity where you need to have fast access to your gear. You can easily adjust this vest from S to XXL. 3 straps on each side adjust the girth Pistol belt with pouch The tactical vest is a great addition for anyone that needs to carry a wide variety of gear. Highly recommended.

👤Came as advertised. A 185 lbs man can wear concealed body armor beneath it.

👤This vest holds a lot when I use it for airsoft guns. I have a lot of pockets in the front and with the belt, I'm able to hold more if I need to. When I need to keep my phone with me, the bigger pocket on the top fits. All of the pockets have something in the back. The vest was fully adjusted to fit me, even though I wear a size larger. If I need to, I can wipe it clean. The vest is very soft. Even with all of my equipment and protection gear, this vest stays in place.

👤This is the best vest I have ever purchased. It's perfect for all sizes and lots of pouches.

👤I needed something like this, my husband said. It was well put together. One thing I was not happy about was that the straps were not already looped. I looked at other people's photos to get a few done. I think they should come looped or show how to do it, because it won't hold up. The color is bright. I am impressed with the quality of the product and my husband is happy with the price.

👤The fit needs to be adjusted but it is very versatile. Love the item all in its entirety.

4. Lixada Tactical Military Adjustable Breathable

Lixada Tactical Military Adjustable Breathable

If customers receive damaged products, please take photos and contact them as soon as possible. They will help you to exchange your email. The free size range from S to XXL is an adjusted fit from S-XXL. There are insane knives. Large and secure storage is provided by the tactical vest with a lot of useful pockets. Heavy duty back loop system to carry additional outdoor gear. Tactical vest is mounted on nylon mesh material, which is more ventilative. High quality and resilience. It's made of high-quality Polyester and it's strong.

Brand: Lixada

👤It was more of a yellow color. The shoulder butt pad is not black. It was functional and decent. It's up to paintball. It was advertised and I wish it was like that.

👤I bought it for my daughter in law. I wanted her to be able to distribute items in a lightweight easily Wearable vest that she could wear underneath her day pack or jacket in the unlikely event of a disaster or situation that would make hiking home a necessity. It's good for hiking, fishing, or camping in areas with dangerous 4 legged creatures as we live.

👤Do not buy if you weigh more than 200 lbs. If you can get it to zip up, it is not comfortable, but it is made well and would be a good idea for anyone who is small.

👤I am a large guy with a 38 waist and this thing with all the straps out fits me. Say up to 2x, but it's more of a 1x. I found the vest too loud for hunting and the side holster that holds my Sig P226 was too loud for me. It is ripping and sticking on as I move. My Sig P226 mags are held in the larger ammo pouches. For a smaller vest, it's not bad.

👤A good quality vest. It states that one size fits all. This fits me perfectly, I'm 5'9-10 185 lbs and there's plenty of room to spare. Most tac vests have straps on each side. The side arm is not very strong. I wouldn't trust it to fall off. 5.56 mags are great for rifle mag pockets. 9mm clips are great. The vest is a great deal for its price. It will cost you if you get better ones out there.

👤The vest is of excellent quality, there is room for everything you want to carry, and the straps ensure a perfect fit. I like it. I bought one for my two sons and my best friend saw it and bought it for him.

👤The vest is amazing, it has everything a normal shooter could ask for. There are lots of pistol and m4 mag pouches. Also a pistol holster. The camoflage was advertised and there is a slight discoloration of it. The vest is more brown than typical ACU. It's not a big deal, but you should consider it if you wear all ACU.

👤It is comfortable to wear, but I wish the pistol magazine pockets were removed because I don't own an anr but a pistol.

👤Lleg, tal hecho talcual.

👤je reoit le gilet je déballe et déj un gros trou dedans. Dis. C'est un blague... The m'envoi balader is a vendeur de mauvaise.

5. Modern Warrior Adjustable Tactical Military

Modern Warrior Adjustable Tactical Military

The Modern Warrior tactical vest has a number of pockets. The torso is adjusted to fit size M-XL. There is padding on the right shoulder for recoil, rifle and handgun magazine pockets, shotgun shell holders, handgun holster and much more. This item is strong and will last a long time.

Brand: Modern Warrior

👤The smell is gone quickly. I am aware of a weird headline. The vest is the most expensive one you can buy. The holster is tight but can be cut a little wider if you need it, the pockets are good quality, and the Velcro is high quality. The holster has no trouble holding my heaviest (Hi-point C9) with no trouble. It's a bit longer to draw when you use the strap to secure the pistol. Maybe keep a backup weapon there. The vest is lightweight but strong. The only downside is that it will smell of plastic manure if you sweat a little in it for a few hours. If an animal was plastic, it would smell like this. I'll never take it off in combat because I fear the enemy will smell me.

👤I bought the vest because of the pistol holster. It wasn't what I was expecting but it turned out well. The cant angle can be changed with the help of the holster, which is secured with nylon straps to prevent it from getting lost during activity. The reason for the four stars is that the pistol in the holster can be loosened easily if you put the adjustment in place. I can't secure my pistol without a new buckle because the one I had was lost during the game.

👤I picked this up to carry extra mags for the 3-gun events at my local gun club, and I'm really happy with my initial impression of how well it's made. I was able to adjust it to fit my body perfectly. The pistol holster is compatible with all of my full frame guns, and should be fine for medium frame pistols as well. Since I can't use the pistol holster for the 3-gun events, the panel can be used to attach other items. It looks like it will meet my needs for a casual shooter.

👤I had to remove a lot of the stuff from this vest. It's a bit cumbersome because of the hanging off of it. It became less bulky and cooler after removing the lower belt, upper magazine pocket, and some of the straps across the back. I only wanted it to carry the essentials because I use it for hiking. I have an extra magazine in my pistol pouch. The speaker, bear spray, and hand held gps are in the magazine holders on the opposite side. In the upper pocket is where I keep my phone, chapstick, paper towels, etc. I walk down the country road towards the woods, but I don't look like a looney. Only my neighbors see me. The vest is a lifesaver. It makes carrying my stuff much easier.

👤I own a black vest. A small carry-all pouch with shotgun shell and Co2 canister holders is included in the vest. The shell holder has a space for patches. The right shoulder is made of leather and has gun stocks on it. There is a small pouch on the left side of the shoulder. The tactical belt has two mag holders. The back of the vest has large MOLLE straps that can be used to hold mag-holders, holsters, etc. I use speed loaders instead of assault rifle mag holders because I play the role of sniper. I have tested the mag holders with a friend's SiG 552 magazines, which are shorter and wider than normal M4-type mags. They fit well and would fit most primary weapon mags. The pistol mags are very snug for the Taurus PT 24-7 mags that I use, and I enjoy them very much. The holster can't be removed, but it has a strap that keeps it from falling out if you're jogging around. The pistol mag on the side is small for the thicker-than-average Taurus mags, but if you cram it in and leave it in for a while, it will fit them. This is an excellent chest rig and it is very versatile.

6. Neiko 53949A Visibility Safety XXX Large

Neiko 53949A Visibility Safety XXX Large

Each XXXL sized fluorescent yellow safety vest keeps you safe and reduces the risks of accidents in construction, for example, and it is 888-282-0465. The lightweight and comfortable 100% polyester mesh fabric is ideal to be worn over clothing and is Breathable so that you remain cool without overheating while working on the job site or in any other application. It is recommended to size one size up for a slimmer fit and 3-4 sizes up for a looser fit. 2 vertical and 2 horizontal reflective strips come with a 2” width on both front and back, for maximum visibility in all weather and lighting conditions to keep you safe while performing your tasks. The quick and easy front design allows for quick and easy on and off, anywhere you go, when you need that extra visibility in your environment. Each vest is endorsed by the ISEA 107-2010. You know you're getting a quality product when it's approved for Class 2.

Brand: Neiko

👤I wear a large shirt. My husband is wearing a shirt. People said this vest ran small and that they had to order a size up. I ordered an XXXL for my husband. I was so glad I did. The XL is perfect for me. The XXXL is perfect for him. They stop just below my backside and my husband, which is a good thing. If I wore a sweater and he wore a jacket, they wouldn't be tight. We will only wear these when it gets dark. The vests were in good shape. There were no issues with the workmanship. My advice is to order a size or two up from what you usually wear. Hmmmmmmm. I hit "submit" after writing this review for a long time. I wrote a review of this item and it came up, it must be a glitch in the system. I'll try hitting "submit" again.

👤Twelve years ago, I moved to Utah. The people here are nice but a few of them are just as bad as back home in Alabama and Georgia. If you are walking outside after dark, you have to be careful. I almost got hit in a crosswalk after dark. The man ran a stop light and then turned left. There are only a few crazy people like him. It is very light weight. I bought a bigger size to wear over my coat.

👤The quality of the safety vest is reasonable. It's a little lighter in weight than some of my other vests, which is nice because it's more comfortable to wear. It looks like day-glow yellow, instead of green, to everyone I asked. The bright neon yellow and reflective striping around the vest provides some of the best visibility of any vest I own. It is 5 times the price for visibility. The lightweight material makes it less durable, but it still lasts two seasons with minimal signs of wear. The vest fits as expected. I ordered a set that fits me well for warm weather, and a set that is several sizes larger to wear over my winter coat. I highly recommend these vests for anyone playing outside in the dark, and for any work application where visibility is required.

👤It was as advertised. The quality is reasonable for occasional use. I bought this because I went to the trash transfer station with some home project waste and they needed a vest. They sold them as well. A sheet of thin orange plastic with a head hole costs $2. I carry the vest. I will use it for other hazardous traffic exposure.

👤I have to walk back to my car when it's dark and a good distance because I work as an in home therapist. I ordered the largest size as I am plus and live in a place that gets some brutal winters, but this fits well over a coat with a sweater underneath. It's worth it if you want me to cross the street at night.

7. OGIO 108024 36 Stealth Utility Flight

OGIO 108024 36 Stealth Utility Flight

The package has a dimensions of 4.3 L x 54.6 H x 49.5 W. The package weight is 3.2 pounds. China is the country of origin. There are back tool storage pockets. There are several pockets. Two side expansion buckles. The chest pocket has a zip.

Brand: Ogio

👤I wanted this for exploring in the woods, not for riding my motorcycle or mountain bike. I had to carry a lot of equipment to document the old home sites. I wanted to be able to distribute the weight, carry water, and eat without getting hung up. This has worked on all accounts. I carry 40 ounces of water (2 1/2 bottles), pistol, taser, 100 ft tape measure, layers of clothing, food, sharpies, note cards, camera, underwater camera, gps, dog food, flashlights, metal detector and accruements, marking. The metal detector is not in the vest pockets, but there is room to spare. I can spread out the load. It is comfortable despite being a lot of weight. I'm 5'4 and 180 lbs. It would fit a bigger person. I tried the Troy Lee vest first and had to return it because it was too small. I moved the water into the smaller back pocket to make it easier for the larger one to fit in. I can carry 2 bottles of water with me. This is the vest backpack that I was hoping for. I wish they had put something in the front pockets to help with securing the holster, it's too big and I have to figure out how to stop it from moving. The year 2022. The vest is holding up well. It has a lot of gear. I wish it had a place to clip the taser holster. Otherwise, it is perfect. On Tuesday, I carried the following items on a 3 1/2 mile no- trail hike: water, food, 3 flashlights, crayfish measuring tool, camera, jacket, brushes for the grave stones, dry erase placard, extra socks, garbage bags, flags, snacks. There was room to carry more. It is not uncomfortable.

👤This is a great piece of equipment. This may be the best investment I've ever made. Where to start? There are so many great features. The first thing to do is weight distribution. I think no one really stresses this enough. If you want to go on a long term adventure ride, you need a backpack, at least a 20lb pack, and at least 5 bottles of water, and you should pack lightly. Throw the same items in this vests' 12 pockets, add an extra 15 lbs in gear, throw it on and you'll notice the difference right away. The weight is nicely distributed and it will feel light. You won't have room for 5 bottles of water. The 70oz hydration pack will fit in the room. The pocket will fit something 2.5 times the size for me, on most trail rides. It's a great advantage to not have to take your helmet off, backpack off, etc. You are golden. In the event of an accident, I feel like the pack will provide some cushion. There is plenty of room for a utility knife, extra spark plugs, camera, GoPro gear, my wallet, keys, small flashlight, some protein bars and a sandwich in the front pockets. The rear pockets are large. I keep an extra pair of gloves and a case for my camera in my bag. One of these may not be a good idea unless you have other options. I don't want my bike's tool bags to be on my body in the event of an accident. I have a few empty pockets. I wear Fox Titan armor with room to spare, so don't worry about the fit. This thing is awesome. It looks cool and that doesn't hurt it at all.

8. Star Childrens Vest Black Small

Star Childrens Vest Black Small

The material is heavy duty. The pistol belt keeps everything in place.

Brand: Ncstar

👤I bought this vest for my nephew and he was very happy with it. While the vest serves its purpose for a child's entertainment, there are some differences between what is pictured and what I received. You can see the differences where I marked them up. There is a The upper left vest has 2 pouches instead of 3. There is a There are 2 pouches on the lower right vest. There is a There is a pouch on the upper right vest. The product photo should be updated so that there is no confusion as to what the customer is getting.

👤I bought this for my 10 year old son. It fit me after I loosened all the straps. We tightened the straps and it fit our grandson. It is definitely possible to change the size. The quality is fantastic, and it has lots of pockets, straps, and velcro to make people happy. It is very heavy duty and has nice metal snaps. This is a purchase I would make again, because I am very careful with my money. My son opened it on Christmas morning and has been wearing it ever since. It's an argument every morning to get him to take it off. His friends have all asked their parents where I got it, I am more than happy to tell them. I think it's worth the money, and you won't be disappointed.

👤It's very useful. There are pockets for mags and a pistol holster. The only problem that ruins the whole thing is that you can't put it on. Either you have it tight or loose. It's hard to find the best fit. The little straps that hold the belt are made by a guy who doesn't know how the belt works, making it impossible to find comfortable. The belt is too high because you can't pull it down because of the button straps. If you feel like you can fit it on yourself in an hour, then you should buy it. The money isn't worth the trouble, but it is worth the use.

👤I was surprised when I ordered this, I didn't know what to expect. There are four chest panels and two belt pockets. The two pockets on the left chest are not wide enough to hold handcuffs or a notebook. There is a lot of room on the belt for his uncle's old cuff pouch. Our little leftie is so happy with the vest that he doesn't mind at all, even though the holster is right handed. His tourniquet and pretend oc spray fit in one of the narrow pockets. He has disposable gloves and cuff keys in his pockets. The radio is in one of the left chest pockets and the flashlight is in a pocket above the gun. There is a large patch on the left side and lots of loops on the front and back of the vest. He loves that the belt is fastened with the same style as his uncle's, with extra belt keepers included. The vest is cinched up almost all the way for the little officer. The vest is short.

9. WarTechGears Discreet MED 2XL Adjustable Enforcement

WarTechGears Discreet MED 2XL Adjustable Enforcement

The hook and loop shoulder straps are perfect for outdoor activities. They offer a free patch for the police department or military. There is a hook and loop fastening and a cummerbund. The 8mm EVA foam is lightweight and can be used with confidence. The adult size medium is black. The total weight was 2 pounds.

Brand: Wartechgears

👤Does not accept 11x14 plates and only accepts a 10x12 plate.

👤You need to buy your own plates.

👤If you need a playe carrier to use under a vest, it's a good buy. I already have a vest with molle, but wanted to carry plates. My choices were limited. I put the plates in 11x14 to be under my guardian's vest on duty. It works perfect. This is the answer if you already have a chest rig. My plates fit perfectly. I have seen people say that this is substandard for putting weights in for workouts. This works exactly as it was intended for, and it has been 7 years since I have been on SWAT.

👤The area to hold your plates isn't well made. I had to add foam to the bottom of the carrier to prop up my plates. It would fit well though. Although I enjoy using Amazon, I feel guilty supporting a company that is fighting freedom of speech in the USA.

👤The vest is made with heavy duty 4 to 5 inch thick cumberbun straps that hold up well. The vest is better suited for plates under 11x14" The 10x12" curved plates are better suited for this vest. You may want to get a bigger frame. The vest is not made for side plates.

👤'GREAT GEAR!'... Its up to the user. It has to be said that at times Personal Protection items are needed. Everyone's needs are different. I no longer work in active journalism. I still have to visit troubled areas. The best of Both Worlds is the vest or plate carrier, it is made of thin armor and can be worn under a shirt or jacket. B. If you're unfortunate enough to be in an area where fighting has broken out. There is a If you work in Law Enforcement, or have something to do with executive protection, or Security/Armored Car services, this vest will work well fitted with the Heavy Steel Plates and the Velcro fastenings, and you can wear it openly. Excellent quality! Very reasonable costs. The Thin Vest/Carrier is very Discreet. If needed, it can carry heavier plates. In warm weather, heavy steel plate can be hot. If you wear Light or Thin Shirts a lot, you should order a dark color. There is a If you live in a hot area, you'll get a lot of Laundry Tee and undershirts. There is nothing exotic or romantic about protection gear. It's like having an alarm system on your house or a double bolt lock on your doors. You hope you have to use it, but if there is a need, it is available. I think of it as a tool to keep me and my family safe. If you wear one of these a lot you will go to a lot of places. You can get a 'Fish Net' tee or undershirt for a couple of bucks and it's more comfortable than your body armour, and you can also buy them on Amazon. I like to wipe the inside of the carrier with a damp towel if there is a small amount of dish soap on the towel. Others will just give you a spray of spray. If you know you are going to be out in a lot of crowds, the deodorant trick is a good one. There is a If you've never worn one of these before, you may want to take a stroll first to get the straps adjusted. After the Nest Day, slip the plates in and walk around the house first and then adjust the straps until you get used to it. This is a protection device, but the word protection starts with you. I didn't advertise I was wearing Body Armor as the general public didn't need to know, and several officers were shot in the head by suspects who knew or suspected they were wearing Body Armor. If you want to live a long time, keep your mouth shut. The other half sometimes gets a little curious. Some guys who wear vests tell the Wife that the love of my life gets to see a few things others don't. This is just a hunting/fishing vest. I told her that the doctor said I needed to wear a back brace to keep my back from getting strained like the ones at work. I keep the peace at home. I still have extra protection. What works for you works, and you should wear your new Body armor in good health. Kudoes to the seller! Marks to Amazon! A happy camper! IndianaED!

10. MIRA SAFETY Disposable Protective Respirator Fit

MIRA SAFETY Disposable Protective Respirator Fit

Only for industrial use. Not for use or sale. A protective tactical suit with a hood and a front. 100% made in the U.S.A. The mask is not included. If there is a need for a mask, please search for MIRA SAFETY CM6M. The mask is not included. If there is a need for a mask, please search for MIRA SAFETY CM6M.

Brand: Mira Safety M

👤The covid is kept out. You are internet famous at Kroger. It stays warm. Do not fart. Bubble life. I hunted hot wheels at Target and Walmart.

👤I decided to get my family prepared after researching the topic for days. The MIRA Hazmat suit is a must have. The hazmat suit is made from a high quality material. This suit is YS size for children, starting as young as 4 years old. It's sad that no one else in the world has this suit for kids, because I want to protect myself and my family, too. It is flexible and durable. I have purchased the CM6M mask from MIRA Safety before and it was great, so I decided to go full CBRN and purchase this suit, and I was not disappointed. It gets a little hot inside, but it is expected from any suit which protects your skin. It is made in the USA, which is rare nowadays because a lot of the stuff sold on the internet are made in China. I have enough for everyone in my family now that I buy more.

👤The face mask is a great product, but it is not a face mask.

👤If there is a nuclear reaction or a chemical it won't matter. It fits well. It's nice for the general public to be protected.

👤The suit is complete but not a mask.

11. SDS Official Military Fighting Tactical

SDS Official Military Fighting Tactical

The official U.S. military ACU fighting load carrier vest. The nylon material is heavy-duty and has a snapbuckle and zip up. One size fits all and has a waist belt. NSN 8465-01-525-057 ACU is also known as UCP and DUC.

Brand: Sds

👤The vest is very nice. ... But... It will be possible to zip it up, but it will take some time to figure it out and make it fit you. After about 30 minutes of flying blind and wrestling with the thing, I got it to zip up with plenty of extra adjustment at the waist zip. Don't cut anything thinking you have to open it. On the outside, where it goes from 3 to 2 Molle webs on top of the camo, is where you adjust it. The size locked in looks to be sewn shut. Tabs on both sides are not sewn in. Look at my photo. Push up and down on the tabs and you will see them move. Push one end all the way up and try to pry the other end out. You can pull it out by sticking a finger in the middle. You will get it. You should be able to get the vest to slide apart when you get both sides out of the webbing. When you get it to your size, you'll want to balance both side tabs to center the shoulder straps. Check the "Was This Review Useful?" box to find out if it was helpful.

👤These aren't issued to us anymore in the National Guard, but a lot of us prefer the newer design that reminds me of Chinese AK-47 bandoliers, so finding them on Amazon at such an affordable price has been a real life saver for my section. When we go to the field for my guys who prefer them, I purchase a bunch of these to have on-hand. I can afford to give these out and not worry about being paid back. They are the real deal, and they work well. They are tough, put up with us crawling through the dirt, mud, sand, and brush, and are easy to adjust. I'll use mine until I'm told I can't.

👤I have three set ups for each purpose. They will work for you if you learn how to use them. They are cheap, but only if you imagination is good. These are military, but any hiker could use them to haul anything for a day or more. The waist belt needs to be tucked into the waist as well as the straps on the back. Pull out the belt to adjust the T-lock at each side of the back waist. You can either zip close the front or use the large buckles at the front waist and chest to open the carrier to fit over your hulking ass and gear. You can learn the MOLLE gear attachment system. Little GrimLocs help you to carry the kitchen sink.

👤I have always wondered why change something. It's to help someone's CEO cousin retire at 35 and to produce more complicated crap in the field. The bottom line. These things work. Add your preference of gear and pouches. Or driving. You didn't spend a lot of money on a chest rig, only to spend more on the pouches and such. To adjust for those that have never been in the military, look on the back area and find the 'T' tabs. Push tabs to the center. Pull 'T' back into a locking position. Done. Now you're ready to take that hill. Or a paintball field.


What is the best product for survival vest military?

Survival vest military products from Gz Xinxing. In this article about survival vest military you can see why people choose the product. Ncstar and Hotsung are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival vest military.

What are the best brands for survival vest military?

Gz Xinxing, Ncstar and Hotsung are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival vest military. Find the detail in this article. Lixada, Modern Warrior and Neiko are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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