Best Survival Two Way Radio Military

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1. Ansoko Walkie Talkies Rechargeable 16 Channel

Ansoko Walkie Talkies Rechargeable 16 Channel

2 watt handheld radios have a range of up to 3 miles. Built-in 50CTCSS Tones/105 DCS Codes are easy to use. The battery can last up to 24 hours. Voice Prompt, Loud and Clear Audio, and a Built-in Flashlight for Night Use. It's ideal for Ski Field, Security Guard, Warehouse, Road Trip, Hunting and other outdoor purposes. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 30 days free return. It's ideal for Ski Field, Security Guard, Warehouse, Road Trip, Hunting and other outdoor purposes. BUY WITH CONFIDENCE: 30 days free return.

Brand: Ansoko

👤I bought these for communicating with friends in different cars. They were used on a drive with two others on a road in the Pacific Northwest. In this scenario, reception and clarity was very good, no cutting out, and we remained very close to one another. It seemed that signal strength was worse even at a short distance. As speed increased, voices began to cut out with static. I should have expected more from the product. We had to repeat ourselves sometimes to get a message across, but it did work 80% of the time. If you're buying this product for the same reason as me, I would consider investing in a higher quality radio. The product is portable, intuitive to use, comes with good accessories, easy charging, and volume is high. Haven't owned or used long enough to find any. The quality is what you would expect from walkie talkies at this price. It is a good value because it comes with four.

👤I was very pleased with the Walkie Talkies. We took a cruise on the Royal Caribbean and each person held their own while doing activities on the large boat. The strength and clarity were good. The others that traveled with us received a poor reception.

👤My family owns a used car lot, a service center, and a towing service. My father came out of retirement recently, but he is 72 years old, and he doesn't get around like he used to. These radios are one of the best investments I have ever made. He is in constant contact with every point of the business, and with 4 radios he never leaves his desk. I love that each radio comes with an ear piece so I know what is going on without interruption. We use all day long and charge at night. I will get the same set again when we wear them out.

👤I bought these for my kids because they don't have cell phones. Reached all over the resort, and worked well in the magic kingdom when we parted ways. It was really nice that there wasn't much chatter.

👤The bonus of communication is when walking. I wanted a wireless intercom for use from upstairs to downstairs. We needed 3 transmit/receivers. You had to buy another system to get the third unit. You could buy a package of three walkie talkies for less than the two unit intercom. We love taking it on our daily walks and communicating with one another. I could have spent more on more expensive units. The range on these units is very good. I was hoping to be able to use it from two miles away. Don't buy based on distance claims. I ignored the make and paid attention to the antennae and watt of the unit. Again, know the purpose and the type of terrain where you will be using it. This was a great choice for me and I saved money. Couldn't be happier with the purchase.

👤The product is great and the price is great. It works great when you arrive. I use for communication and if my father has a medical issue, we live in the same house. You can't buy replacement batteries on Amazon, so you have batteries in them all the time, fully charged. You have to go to website and it is out of the country and it is COD, they will fill your order when payment is approved?, I sent emails, no answer from them so I have a permanent "pending" status on my order from them I guess.

2. SAMCOM Channels Rechargeable Hand Held Outdoor

SAMCOM Channels Rechargeable Hand Held Outdoor

SAMCOM 2 Way Radios with a long antenna give an exceptional range of up to five miles, they can cope well with densely packed environments. The walkie talkie has a high power rating. The low mode saves battery life. You can make "direct calls" to the same channel members from the left side of the walkie talkies. You can talk to other people even if they are not on the same channel. Work crews can connect, coordinate and collaborate to get the job done right. The channel knob is easy to switch and the volume level keeps the sounds clear. The speakers on these phones are loud and crisp, making it easy to hear a signal even in noisy environments. The status of the channel and setting can be read on the display. Two-way radio can survive harsh environments. The Day Night Shift has a large-capacity 1500mAh battery. The working time is 12 hours and the Standby time is 50 hours. Less than 4-5 hours to be fully charged. In working areas like a hotel, school security, market, construction area and concert, communicate easily. Private CDCSS codes can be used directly out of the box with the pre- program of Walkie Talkie for Adults. The business radio can be reprogramd to prevent irrelevant signals from interfering with your conversation. Provide SAMCOM software. Only Windows and not Mac are supported by the software. The FCC ID is 2AIOQ-FPCN30AA. The package includes a two-way radio, a battery, a long antenna, a K-Type Earpiece, and a manual. The radio is : 1.19*1.18*11 inch.

Brand: Samcom

👤When we used to work at the club, we used to use a cheaper radio, no one could hear each other and the music was not good. I was wrong when we set them up with all of the features these radios have, they are better than the Kenwoods we had, they have a great range on them, and we can talk back and forth during loud music, and still hear what's being said crystal clear. If you're looking for a radio with features to cancel out noise and squelch control, then these Samcom radios are for you.

👤They arrived in 2 days. They were given to the construction crew to use on the job site. 3 track hoe operators, a dozer, high lift, 2 track truck operators, and the superintendent. We used them for 4 days before needing to replenish. They are loud enough to hear and can talk from one end of the job site to the other. The guy radioed the sup for another part after he ran into town for parts. Look and it appears to be very heavy duty. We are very pleased with them so far and will be buying more. These are not toys. The gang charge worked great, we bought it.

👤After two weeks of use in a construction environment, the six pack felt like high quality units and I initially bought them for my business, but they have done well ever since. Sound quality is good, range is dependent on terrain and weather, but so far it has reached as far as 3 miles before signal loss. I bought another set of 6 and they all work together.

👤The walkies worked well out of the box. I'm very impressed with the range. While my staff are on the football field, I can communicate clearly in my concrete office. It's not on high power mode. The group button allows me to talk to certain people on certain channels at the same time. Excellent! I decided to purchase 6 more after the initial 6.

👤I have to give them 5 stars after checking them over. The audio quality is excellent, the battery life is good, and the ease of use is excellent. I used the same cable I use for the UV5 RA and the software downloaded from the factory website to program it. I wasn't able to get Chirp to work, but it could have been because of an older version. The ability to change settings from the keypad is not always a good thing for a business handheld, but proper training of the user should prevent any problems. The high power output is a real plus for amateur radio users.

👤Excellent quality product. The programming cable is the only thing you'll need to use. If you want to use it outside of your home, it needs to be programmed. It works in a very open area when it comes out of the box. Disappointed in the distance. I'll have to reprogram. They're advertised as long range, but only if the buyer knows how to reprogram. Love the signal scrambler. Excellent quality! The buttons are easy to operate.

3. SAMCOM FPCN10A Rechargeable Business Handheld

SAMCOM FPCN10A Rechargeable Business Handheld

You can start a talk on the same channel by pressing Left Side. You can deliver messages to all the team members even if they are not on the same channel. It is an excellent option for security guard coordination, first responders, event planning or restaurant management that need to keep in touch with a large group immediately. The 3000mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery of Two Way Radios can last 190 hours of working and 33 hours of being out of power. Transport safety is certified by UN38.3. There are accessories for anti-drop and water retention. Long term use is ensured by the updated antennas, earpieces, and belt clip. Support the VOX and SCAN functions. The dimensions are...... Excellent speaker and mic help you quickly and clearly communicate to improve operational efficiency, solve problems rapidly and address unexpected situations. Voice quality is improved. A large screen with excellent visibility in darkness or daylights is a portable and easy to carry. Radio Walkie Talkie Frequency: You can create a custom Frequency with the help of the CDCSS codes. The software only supports PC, not Mac, so it's easy to set up a 2 way radio. The package includes a Lifetime Quality Warranty. SAMCOM Radio x3; 3000mAh battery x3; long antenna x3; K-Type Earpiece x3; dock charge x3; manual x3 The package includes a Lifetime Quality Warranty. SAMCOM Radio x3; 3000mAh battery x3; long antenna x3; K-Type Earpiece x3; dock charge x3; manual x3

Brand: Samcom

👤I work for a construction company that does concrete demolition. It was a huge hassle to communicate when the pumps needed to be turned on or shut down, and it took too long, in case of an emergency. I had a set of radios that I used on a camping trip, and I loved how easy they were to use, and the fact that they could take a beating. Our work environment is loud and you can hear people, but those who can't use an earpiece can. We have some guys who forget to charge their batteries, but it was never a problem. They are water resistant. I dropped mine in a puddle and dried it off, because you cannot submerge or hit them with high pressure water jets. We occasionally have new team members who need one, so I wish you could purchase single radios. I will continue to use Samcom products if the quality stays the same.

👤It's easy to use radios. I can still hear the other person in a city that is 35 blocks away. Have brought more.

👤If you need to communicate with a different brand of radio, you will need the following information.

👤We've only been using these for a month, but so far I like them more than 2 motorola models I've bought in the past. We don't need fancy things here, so I chose these. The battery has lasted over 100 hours since the first charge and we still have 2 bars left. We haven't tried the headphones, but they seem to hold up well. Thanks for the quality product.

👤These are good radios. The look and feel of the radios is much more expensive. They can be used for any type of usage. They can work on both simplex and repeaters. If you deploy many radios to different teams in the field, the Groups feature is great. Long reliable usage is provided by the LI batteries. The earpiece and optional speaker help cut down on background noise. The price is good for what you get.

👤After 20 years, my Maxon radio needed new batteries and I decided to replace them with this radio. The Samcom radio lineup works well for me, it's long, it's sound is good, and it's functional. The radio is well built and inexpensive. The display is bright and nice, but I don't like that the Frequency number is not displayed compared to the other Samcon radios that I own. The low power frequencies were removed from the radio and only the 5 and 50 watt frequencies remained. The software for programming radios is limited. The software works well at connecting to the radio. I don't like the fact that I can't program parameters like power and squelch in the software as it is global to all 20 frequencies. I don't understand why there are three levels to choose from, one being big or low. There is no way to change the selection on the radio. I am getting a good distance with this set of radios. A nice set of radios.

4. Motorola Talkabout T460 Rechargeable Two Way

Motorola Talkabout T460 Rechargeable Two Way

Push-To-Talk power boost allows you to increase the power output of the transmitter. When there is no power boost, it saves battery life. Turn on the weather channel or initiate weather alerts to keep up to date with the weather. You will always be prepared for the unexpected with these capabilities. There are 38 channels with 121 privacy codes. It is easy to find an available channel with 22 channels and 121 privacy codes. Turn on the weather channel or initiate weather alerts to keep up to date with the weather. You will always be prepared for the unexpected with these capabilities.

Brand: Motorola Solutions

👤I purchased a pair of these to replace an older set of motorola talkabout radios that were more than 15 years old, after reading reviews that claimed these radios weren't as good as the previous model. It was cheaper than buying new batteries and going by the company that claims a 23 mile increase in range. They appear sturdy and are in a reasonable size. They have more security codes than I thought possible. I am familiar with the true limitations of the radios. You are doing something special if you get 2 miles in varied terrain. I was hoping for a better clarity from the radios, but I didn't expect a miracle increase in range. One of the radios never indicated a full charge. Not a dealbreaker but problematic. The range and clarity of the radios is terrible. I took them out onto a flat straight roadway and anything over 25 miles was hard to communicate with. I took the old radios to verify the test and they performed well past. I returned the radios because of the issues with charging and didn't want to exchange them. Is it possible that I had a bad pair? Anything is1-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-65561-6556 The fact that neither transmitted nor recieved as well as a pair that are more than 15 years old say a lot. I can't recommend them for use in the back country. It's not a risk I am willing to take. They might be a good radio for children to use. They aren't what they are meant to be.

👤I bought the T460s for my family's move cross country as my wife and I would be driving separate vehicles. Within the first 2 hours of our trip, my wife's radio stopped working. I reached out to the company on Facebook and asked for help. When someone reads your message on Facebook, you can see it. They didn't reply. My family has never had to look for a better 2-way radio than the one my family just purchased. My broken radio is so quiet that I can't trust the company that makes it.

👤Poor voice quality is borderline unusable. If stronger signal is nearby, receiver overloads easily. The manual says not to use at close distance. They are aware that the quality of the receiver is not adequate. It's very hard to listen and discern what's being said at a distance of less than 100 feet. Not only is the receiver useless but also the transmitter, because it receives slightly better. I have tried to transmit and receive with a commercial Part 90 handheld and units. Transmit on T460 is loud and clear, receive on T460 is muffled and garbled, and volume jumps up and down. I was disappointed by the design decisions of the company, but the radios at least worked properly, with no issues with receiver overload or loud and clear sound. The battery life was my only concern. These are not even close to each other. It's not usable. Since they now design and manufacture these units themselves, I didn't expect such a low quality product.

5. Retevis RT29 Military Rechargeable Emergency Walkie Talkies

Retevis RT29 Military Rechargeable Emergency Walkie Talkies

Sound transmission can pass between buildings with high power two way radios. Sturdy body design with military standard can anti-fall and anti-friction for long use life, and the large capacity battery support over 24h hours of use and 250 standby time. Each channel has a secure call. You should have a secure call. VOX headsets give you clear call in noisy environment and can realize hands-free operation by voice activation. RT29 two way radio is a cost-effective communication solution that helps work crews connect and coordinate to get the job done right. RT29 two way radio is a cost-effective communication solution that helps work crews connect and coordinate to get the job done right.

Brand: Retevis

👤The upgraded antenna is compatible with the Ailunce HD1 Retevis RT29 Walkie Talkies. I was able to communicate with my girlfriend out to 2.2 miles from my apartment through buildings after this was installed, because the signal went completely dark after that point. It's not too bad of a range, most other brands only go a mile. I was hoping for more range, but they beat my expectations.

👤It was wonderful to have Angela as a friend. Knowledgeable and quick to respond. Radios are easy to program. The construction is decent, but not sure if it would be military grade, but better than the radios we bought a long time ago. I would only mention the two dislikes, one of which is that I would have liked to have seen a better system to secure the battery. Something that would hold the battery in place. I wish this radio would have taken advantage of both the UHF and the VHF frequencies. The radios seem great, other than these two things. Can't wait to use them and update the review Thanks!

👤The radios are the best so far. In a rural setting, there is a 10 mile range. Still good!

👤I wanted to add these to my equipment. There is software on the Retevis website. Before you transmit, you should check the frequencies. The mine had 70 cm ham channels. If you are licensed, it's not a problem.

👤Very limited in the city. In our testing, 1/2 was the best. The channel changing chime is not necessary and can lead to poor noise discipline. The provided belt clips are not attached. The batteries came with permanent rivets where the clips would be attached. After a week, it was scrapped.

👤Complete rubbish! It was lucky to get a one-mile reception. Do not buy them.

👤Excellent radios could not have asked for better quality, and the mic works great with the radio. The radio is a great price.

👤I returned the walkie-talkies because they can't be adjusted without a computer and software. The walkie-talkies are set on high so there is no way to save the battery. You don't need a laptop cable or the programming software to change the output power level.

6. Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio Pack

Motorola T100 Talkabout Radio Pack

2 radios, 2 belt clips, and a user guide were included.

Brand: Motorola Solutions

👤These are very high-quality for the price. The range is very short and perfect for young kids to play with. If you want your sanity to stay intact, you should stop the ringing call tone with a small piece of tape.

👤We needed the Talkabout 100 for backing and parking our RV. It is good for close range work. I don't know about any other uses. We can't get the bottom off the radio to change the battery. If you search for "changing the battery in the Talkabout" you will get a lot of results from people who have the same problem, and there are no instructions for moving the bottom. We can't open it with a screwdriver. Neither of us can open it. One walkie talkie is useless. I don't think you should buy these. The batteries lasted us two trips out with very little usage, and now we have a useless object because we can't add new batteries.

👤I've owned a few Talkabout radios. These don't really innovate in any meaningful way, but they are compact, have great battery life and work well. My kids have a lot of fun with them, they're small and simple to use. The privacy codes that are used to divide a channel are absent from the radios, as far as I can tell. The privacy subchannels didn't work as well as I would have liked in the past. The simpler method that these radios use is what I prefer. The radios can operate on up to 22 channels. Any citizen can use the lower power channels. The GMRS channels require a license from the FCC to legally broadcast on 50 watt channels. I was able to hear trucks on the highway from a distance of nearly 15 miles away from my house. The lower channels have a range of about 1 mile, but it's dependent on the landscape and buildings. You'll have bad range in a big city because concrete absorbs radio waves well. The Talkabout radios have a tone when closing communication. It's a good way to get the kids to understand when it's their turn to speak. You can send a ringtone to find a lost radio or alert another person that you're about to say something. There's a feature for scanning. The battery life has been good. These batteries have 3 AA batteries. I use Eneloop batteries so I can replenish them, but there are no features for the radio itself. Older Talkabout models had a charging base, but they would kill the radio for some reason. This method is an improvement. These are great radios that are worth the extra cash in my opinion over the cheap radios you can find at the toy store.

👤My wife and I use these if we need to coordinate turning on and off switches around the house or if one of us needs help during a home improvement project because my daughter has lots of fun with them. I got about 4 blocks away before the signal gave out after I tested these in a suburban environment. Lots of interference is caused by houses in between and power lines not being buried.

7. Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable Adults

Range Walkie Talkies Rechargeable Adults

Advanced Technology: With more mature technology and even better portability. The best walkie talkies have many advanced features, such as Auto squelch system, Auto memory function, Auto Scan function, Auto power saving, Low battery alert, Voice activated, Keypad lock, and 22 channel each with 121 privacy codes. The Walkie is a charging device. The two way radios have a fast charging cable and original fast charging port, which are more convenient to charge at any time. The 1800mAh battery has a long life and high safety, so you don't need to buy the batteries again and again. The adult walkie-talkie has a large capacity rechargeable battery, so you can make long-distance calls with all your teammates at the same time, and keep connected all the time. The portable walkie-talkies are perfect for outdoor adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, boating, fishing, skiing and so on. The super power walkie talkies 2 way radio support the National Weather Service, it can Scan 10 radio channels in your area. The work walkie talkies will alert you if you turn on the weather alert function. The super power walkie talkies 2 way radio support the National Weather Service, it can Scan 10 radio channels in your area. The work walkie talkies will alert you if you turn on the weather alert function.

Brand: Topsung

👤I bought the 3 pack to give away to immediate family members in case of an emergency, and I will keep one. I would like them to have charging cords. The devices come with a single charging cord and proprietary plugs. Three charging ends. I could get my own cords, but because they use proprietary plugs this is a complete deal breaker. I will be returning the cords if I can't get more, but I will be contacting the seller to see if I can get more. You would think it would be easier to package three cords than one.

👤The distance is what I expected and the battery lifetime is better than I expected.

👤My kids are too young to have a cell phone, but they like to play in the neighborhood. I need this to keep in touch with them. One for each of them and one for the house. I hear them perfectly when they go to the end of the block. We turn them off at the end of playtime. They use the belt clip when riding their bikes.

👤These walkie talkies are great. I bought them to use when we ran an estate sale and had employees in different parts of the house. They were easy to learn and did a great job. The batteries were charged the night before and used all day. There was still a lot to do the next day. Even from the basement of the house, they were able to transmit. The ear pieces are not comfortable. They are hard molded and hurt for a while. I'm going to search for some that have the squishy rubber type so that we don't feel uncomfortable at the end of the day. I would order them again even though the earpiece problem was present.

👤These seem to have been made well. It was nice to hold the colors. Instructions and buttons are easy to use. They are light and feel easy to damage, so I marked them down a little. The battery cover was difficult to remove. These have worked well.

👤When stuck on, the walkie could not transmit. The distance from each other was so far that they could not hear each other. It's definitely not a mile reception. We used these on a road trip and got terrible reception.

👤We have a large property that allows us to stay in touch with each other when we're separated from each other. One of us does not have a cell phone. When we're driving separate cars, they're helpful for communicating with one another if we're following each other and within a few miles of each other. Working as we had hoped. We've only used them for about 6 hours total, but the fact that they're all rechargeable is great!

👤Do not recommend them. They had less than a mile range and one of them wouldn't hold a charge for more than a couple hours. This purchase was very disappointing.

8. BaoFeng BF F8HP Two Way 136 174Mhz 400 520Mhz

BaoFeng BF F8HP Two Way 136 174Mhz 400 520Mhz

The UV-5R has been upgraded twice the output power, with a 30% larger battery, and a V-85 high gain antenna. The Frequency Range is 136-174 MHz. Broad (Wide) is a part of the UHF. The band is narrow. They wanted to focus on providing an easier user experience because not everyone is a radio expert. The new in-depth manual will guide you through the capabilities and customization of the BF-F8HP. exclusive concierge customer help and warranty support are also included in the BF-F8HP. The concierge service is only available on certain models of the BaoFeng. The kit includes a battery, a dual band antenna, a charging kit, and a belt clip. BTECH is proud to be in the USA, which allows them to offer the best local support for any issue that may arise. BTECH develops radio products. The brand focus allows you to have the best radios and accessories with the most features, with a real USA warranty and support.

Brand: Baofeng

👤Do not use this radio while it is shipped. The radios must be programmed for specific channels. Before use in the US. If you use these channels, you will find yourself at odds with the FCC and military, because many of the frequencies are pre-programmed land squarely in military use only ranges. Purchase the programming cord separately or include it with the radio. You can be free and enjoy the radios with an hour of research, and you can download one of the free radio programming apps from the interwebs. If you want to avoid costly fines, you will be restricted to 1.5w transmit power on a very limited number of available frequencies.

👤I'm a new ham. I wanted to get a radio that was barely good, but not too expensive. I rejected the UVR5 because of its perfect price. There are too many indications of issues. I didn't want to spend $150 on a radio only to find I didn't like it, and tons and tons of bells and whistles, when I don't know what I'm doing. The radio is very small and inexpensive, but it has more power, range, and function than the UVR5. Enough, but not a lot. I was perfectly satisfied with my choice. I'm able to hit a lot of local repeaters, including some 15 miles away, because I've used it from the house. I received a lecture on how Baofeng is evil. I have also used it on the road. I was able to make contacts with the repeaters I set up. I've only made one simplex contact so far. The radio is easy to use and learn. It was easy to program. I've used both of them. I like to chirp. I bought a longer antenna for it, which changed the radio for the better, so you might want to do that as well. This is a great choice for the first step into amateur radio. I'm waiting for my Yaesu 8900R to arrive so I can install it in my Jeep. KC1KCE

👤Buy the UV-5X3 instead of this radio. I own both the UV-5X3 and the BF-F8HP and run them side by side every day. I own a Yeasu. The BF-F8HP doesn't let you change settings via the keypad, even when it says "confirmed". The UV-5X3 has the same interface. I use software to program all 3 programs, without issue. I won't include a comparison between the two. I use the UV-5X3 for daily use, it's $180 more expensive, but I use it for occasional transmit. Why buy the UV-5X3 instead of the BF-F8HP? You can lock out channels on the UV-5X3 via the keypad, but you have to reprogram it to skip a channel. 2. The display on the UV-5X3 can be locked to show the Alpha text. 3. The UV-5X3 is a band. If you are going to transmit on the 220 band, you have to use the other tuning antenna. The V85 that is included with the UV-5X3 is the same V85 that is shipped with the BF-F8HP. While the UV-5X3 has no issue while they are sitting next to each other with the same V85 antenna, I have had weird receive cut out on the BF-F8HP. 5. You can find that the spurious emission of the UV-5X3 is in line with the other radios by doing your research. Not much of the other Beeng is similar. UV-5X3 is a tighter radio. 6. The extra 3 watt isn't going to do anything for an identical setup. A real tuning antenna is needed. Any experienced HAM will verify this. 7. The UV-5X3 has a more powerful audio output. There are 8. The UV-5X3 is $5 cheaper. You should buy the 3800mAH battery for either radio. If you don't want to sound like you're running a Fisher Price radio, buy the BTECH QHM22 external mic/speaker. This mic/speaker is a must for either radio, as it allows you to have the radio under your raincoat and the mic/speaker outside. The optional battery and mic/speaker are the same for both UV-5X3 and BF-F8HP. -Mike

9. Retevis Radios 3200mAh Encryption Talkies

Retevis Radios 3200mAh Encryption Talkies

The high-power and high-gain antenna of the two way radio ensures clear reception and transmission. 50 non-standardCTCSS and 232 DCS can minimize unnecessary chats from other channels. Rugged anddurable body; dust-proof and drop-proof design; can endure shock and vibration in harsh environments. A fully charged battery can support about 24 hours of battery life; meet the needs of standard shifts; and the low battery alarm reminds you to charge it in time. In bad weather, the waterproof shoulder microphone can provide stable and reliable audio, help work crews connect, and coordinate and collaborate to get the job done right. In bad weather, the waterproof shoulder microphone can provide stable and reliable audio, help work crews connect, and coordinate and collaborate to get the job done right.

Brand: Retevis

👤These are short range. They are pretty cool, but didn't meet my expectations. I had to return them. Unless you have programming software, you can't use them as designed. The range was the biggest disappointment. Didn't go 1/2 a mile.

👤It's complete waste of money. The range was less than a mile. I wanted them to be great because they look and feel solid. I was let down. I have had $5 radio shack walkies that do the same distance. They are a lot of line of sight walkies. I was not in a dense area. I was shocked by how bad these were.

👤I am unable to use all of the features that I paid for, so Retevis gets one star until I can get someone from them to let me know how to install the programming software. I contacted Retevis through their website. No reply.

👤I spent a lot of money on these and can't get any help, but I tried to get in contact for the warranty, but never got an answer.

👤The only thing I don't like about them is the antenna. One you used to. They work well. You can hear over equipment if you come across nice and loud. You have to charge them after 3 days. Moderate use of course. The speaker is easy to use. Winter weather doesn't affect them. They are durable as hell, can't say enough good things about them. I went through 5 different types and these have worked the best. Almost two years later, still up and running. The batteries hold there charge and don't wear down. I am happy with that purchase.

👤I bought these radios for protection. I was hesitant to buy them because of the price. I bought these because the radios I had bought didn't work for what I needed. After getting them charged up, I started testing them. I've only got them set up to communicate with the other radios in the package so far, but they are worth the money I paid. I left one with my brother and walked 800 yards down the highway. They are easy to use and feel like tanks. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a good radio for security patrols, keeping in touch with family after cellphones go down, or just radio contact to family members on your homestead.

👤The handheld radios work well. We use these to communicate from driver to escort car and police. Our range is 4-7 miles. It depends on the surroundings. I will be ordering 4 more radios soon because they are built well and the audio is great. This is the perfect setup for what we do.

👤It was bought for deer hunting. They were great. Good radios. Very happy with the purchase.

10. Ansoko Rechargeable 400 470MHz 16 Channel Warehouse

Ansoko Rechargeable 400 470MHz 16 Channel Warehouse

Each walkie talkie is preprogrammed with 16 channels and can be used right out of the box. 2 watt output power is available. Any number of Ansoko two-way radios can be used together, as long as they are on the same channel and within the available range. Each radio has its own charging base, which doesn't need to be shared between two way radios. 50CTCSS/105 DCS privacy codes can be used to expand the use of frequencies, a built-in torch for use in emergencies, and an emergency alarm. Customer support is free and there is a 1-year warranty on walky talky. The device has been approved by the FCC and complies with FCC rules. The device has been approved by the FCC and complies with FCC rules.

Brand: Ansoko

👤This was purchased for an annual event. One walkie talkie seems to have more static than the others, but works well over our 30 acres. We can hear everyone clear thanks to the walkies. One of the earpieces that came with the walkies may not work soon. We only used it for one weekend, but the earpieces don't seem to be holding up. It's possible to get some new ones to work with these.

👤The coverage of these radios surprised me. The long antenna creates a problem when clipped on your side, only based on what they're being used for. The antenna tends to bend when you wear a shirt. The earpiece cable can be changed, but it tends to pop out of your ear due to the short distance between waist and head. I use these for the production crew to communicate between the Cameramen and switcher. I tested it out in a mountainous area and it was good. They were on for 3 hours between 1pm and 3pm. One radio gave a voice notification to "charge battery" and the other one did the same about an hour later.

👤Cell phones are not always reliable in mountainous areas, so I bought these walkie talkies. They worked well for that purpose, we were able to talk to each other in about 2 1/2 miles away while we were in the open land, they reached about 1.2 miles between thick trees and 1.5 miles in moving vehicles, the battery run was about 8 hours and the operation was very easy.

👤The headset that comes with it is the same quality as the one on the airline. The earbuds have poor sound quality. The sound transmission is taking a long time. The delay was quite long. The distance is fine outdoors. If you are in a building, transmissions are blocked a lot. Not good outdoors.

👤A team of marine observers are watching a powerboat race. There are 3 on a bridge, 2 on boats, and a helicopter. Excellent communications. On a clear day we used to use sports radios, but they were not as good as they are now.

👤We bought these to have fun. We work in a government building. They work from office to office. It was easy to install the earpiece and belt clip and it was fun to use during the day. The radios were very good.

👤These were bought by our crew for onfield communication. They work well for what we want. Not the top-of-the-line quality you may get from spending more money. The included earpieces are a bit short and the one line mic to earpiece makes for limited placement for the microphone. We want to make things easier. These work just fine if you don't worry about mic placement.

👤It was amazing how far away it was. Communication is nice on our land.

11. Uniden SX507 2CKHS Charging Waterproof Channels

Uniden SX507 2CKHS Charging Waterproof Channels

Uniden Two Way radios can be used up to 50 miles away. When there is a clear view between the radios, these two-way radios provide great range. Your actual range may be limited by obstructions. There is an open line for communications with 22 channels and 142 Privacy Codes. You can easily communicate with people using other models or brands if the SX507 operates on industry-standard frequencies. Uniden can be submerged in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. You won't have to dive underwater to get it because it floats. You can easily communicate with people using other models or brands with the SX507. You can receive weather warnings from the National Weather Service. 14 hours of battery life are provided by AA NiMH batteries.

Brand: Uniden

👤I bought these radios for my fiancĂ©e and I to be able to talk to each other when he's 20 miles away, however, they didn't last 1 mile. We ran a test run where he kept going and we couldn't hear each other. Money is wasted.

👤I bought these in hopes that they would be true. I tried this but it was a complete failure. I was barely out of the mountains and know that these work at around 5 miles. I was trying to get the mountains to work in mountains that were anywhere from 2k-5k in elevation. The range was about 5 miles while I was leaving the mountains at 2k ft and the receiving walkie was about 1500ft in elevation. When I get a chance to try on flat ground, I will let you know if I'm happy or not. I hope that I can get at least 40 out of them. I want to know the truth about what is advertised. I will be willing to pay more if the truth is true.

👤I knew I wouldn't get the advertised distance from a radio, but I didn't think I'd get much of a reception. I have a piece of property that is about 15 miles from my house, but 40 miles from the road. The property is very close to a ridge in the mountains that looks down into the city, so it is close to having a direct line of sight. I thought I might be able to get 15 miles with an advertised range of 50 miles. I barely get one mile. I thought that I was doing something wrong and that I was not getting the advertised amount. I need to test it out in the mountains to see if we need them, or if I just return them. I'm not surprised that they didn't reach the whole 15 miles, but I'm surprised that they can't get more than one. If I needed to communicate with someone this close, I would just yell and stretch a string. Uniden should be embarrassed to advertise this as 50 miles.

👤The 2-way radios were advertised as being able to go up to 50 miles using the proper channels and boost enabled. The hope was that they would work at a relatively clear path of about 7 miles. They were a flop and only transmitted at a small distance. Our tests are here. Light tree cover and low density residential made the elevation range from 30-40 feet above sea level. A high power channel. No transmission received more than 2.0 miles, no transmission received more than 1.0 miles, and no transmission received more than 0.75 miles. If you spend the same amount of money, you can get some ham radios.

👤I used them on the day I received them. They say 50 miles. I got 5 blocks. I gave one to my granddaughter who was riding in one car and I had the other in my truck and we went across the causeway bridge, which was 24 miles of open water and air, and we didn't see a cloud in the sky. It's barely a half mile. We called each other on the phone after a while and talked mile markers, because we couldn't hear anything and we wanted to compare the distances between vehicles. I will return them. I should have read the other reviews first.


What is the best product for survival two way radio military?

Survival two way radio military products from Ansoko. In this article about survival two way radio military you can see why people choose the product. Samcom and Samcom are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival two way radio military.

What are the best brands for survival two way radio military?

Ansoko, Samcom and Samcom are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival two way radio military. Find the detail in this article. Motorola Solutions, Retevis and Topsung are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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