Best Survival Tools for Kids

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1. Gerber 30 000715 Downrange Tomahawk

Gerber 30 000715 Downrange Tomahawk

Tactical and military are the type of sport. The package weight is 5.0 lbs. The body is made of steel. Cerakote will not break. Scales on a handle. Attaches To Pack, Body Armor, and Other. The axe head is made in the USA. The pry bar has a hammer head. The handle is tan with a steel body.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤So far, three stars, use it for work. I would give higher, but there are many things that go into rating items. Performance is the winner in work related uses. The rating is lowered by the price in comparison to others. Many can't afford an OOP of the unit when there's others on the market that do as well. Smaller companies that make US made breachers, axe's, that rate higher as they perform well, are a better price. The sheath for the axe is good, but it was thrown away. I used regular molle web clips to hold it. I will update the rating in 6 months, but I was not able to make a day in my vehicle, I attached a pic with the stock molle sheath before throwing it away.

👤Corinne bought this for me. I am a firefighter and am always looking to try out new tools, unlike many who are looking at this for the zombie assault at world's end. I was curious when I saw that the military had a design by Gerber. I decided to give it a try after some research. There are better tools for forcible entry. It is nearly impossible to beat a set of irons in skilled hands, which is a combination of a flat head axe and a Halligan bar. I wanted something light. I grab a short hook and my radio when I am a company officer. I was able to make a shoulder strap to hold the tomahawk at my side and not impede me while wearing full structural turn out gear because this is small and light. This allows me to have a small pry/chop tool when looking for fire extension. A forcible entry tool is more likely. I don't need to go back to the engine. We had to make a forced entry to a steel door with a steel frame and we had to check for open windows, keys under mats, etc. One firefighter was told to get the irons. I decided to try this tool while he was there. The pry end was small enough to fit into the small gap, and the angle on the end made it easy to lean full body weight and pry against the door. The tomahawk was quick to work the dead door. The Irons would have made entry, but this is a tool I always have with me, and it has a lifetime warranty from Gerber. I think I will keep this handy, other than crews acting like fools at shift change playing with the tomahawk. I plan on cutting a gas shut off into the handle.

👤The tool is the best since sliced bread. It isn't good for slicing bread, but that's not the purpose. It is an emergency tool. I bought it for my go bag when the next disaster threatens. If you can't smash through a windshield or make your own entry into a room, what's the point of having a water purification bottle, tarp, deck of cards, energy bars and zip ties? I've only used it for a few things, including cutting down some ivy, throwing it at a tree, and cutting a banana. Don't tell my wife about that part, but a 7-year old could balance it. It looks tough and well designed. Is it a bug out bag, or is it a perfect strap to the side of my bag?

2. Survival Equipment Emergency Birthday Christmas

Survival Equipment Emergency Birthday Christmas

If you have a question about WOWMVP Survival Kit, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will help resolve it for you. They want your satisfaction. These survival gear are suitable for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or holiday gifts for your men. Let them go camping, wilderness exploration or hiking. They are sure to love this kit because it brings smile to their face. It's a multi tool kit, perfect for your car, backpack, office. When there is an emergency like a natural disaster or wilderness adventure, you need survival gear kits. This camping gear is a great companion to help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you are outdoors. Survival gear and equipment will help build an outdoor adventure interest for your children. To improve survival skills and to let them know how to first aid in an emergency. Can store all emergency supplies. It's easy to carry and store. The box is stronger. The emergency survival kit has a weight of only 1.8 pounds. The camping gear kit has a sponge inside to absorb shocks. It's lightweight and portable and can be placed in cars, backpack, mountain bike, etc. The wilderness survival kit is designed for people who like camping. Customer satisfaction and quality are their top priorities. If gifts for teen boys don't live up to your expectations, contact them. They will make sure that you are happy with your purchase.

Brand: Vzfospd

👤I needed a second bag after buying a new car. The box of goodies had everything I needed. The multi-functional hatchet/hammer is the best item. This is a must have. I always have a fire starter, knife, fishing kit, and flashlight. A single AA battery is needed for the flashlight. The fire starter was a decent size. The rest of the items would be useful. This is a waterproof hard case. I had to play a game to get everything back in. It is stuffed!

👤I gave this to my husband for his birthday. He is a hunter and fisherman. I worry about him not having a survival gear. The price was very reasonable. You get a lot of stuff. He could survive until we find him. I would recommend anyone to hunt.

👤The survivor kit is great for hiking. I wanted to give him a nice quality kit so he could use it while he is out hiking. It comes with everything you need to survive in the wilderness.

👤My brother received this gift. He said he loves it. Highly recommended!

👤The gift was bought as a present. I was impressed with the kit and went through it all. The quality of the conents seems really nice and I like how compact everything is. I know my husband will love it. I would give it to others.

👤I opened all the items that came with the set. The tools are of good quality. You can use most of the tools in this kit around the home. I think this kit is worth the money. I would highly recommend it. I don't write reviews often. I wanted to let you know that I am excited about this gem. It has a nice case and carrying bag. It was perfect.

👤This is a gift. It was a pleasure to discover all the survival essentials. The knife and axe tool was very high quality. I will be taking this kit on my next camping trip.

👤This product is great. Everything you need to be prepared is in this very well made package. The recipient was very fond of the gift. The tools are made well and are sharp. Great purchase! Will buy again.

👤The kit has everything you need to survive in the bush. The items fit in the case. All items are made to order.

👤I gave it to my teenager so he could go camping. He is very happy. There are a lot of items that he likes.

👤Mon cousin has vraiment content.

3. Survival Emergency Teenagers Backpacking Adventure

Survival Emergency Teenagers Backpacking Adventure

The HYASIA brand has a worry-free after-sales guarantee. It is offered to guarantee 100% satisfaction. Customer satisfaction and quality are their top priorities. If there is an issue with the survival kit, please contact them. All in one survival gear is designed to help you deal with any emergency. The YEGRUEB emergency survival kits have a large-capacity molle pouch, which can hold 190 first aid supplies, 12 camping accessories, and 11 fishing lures kits. It's ideal for taking care of any emergency during wilderness adventures such as camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, and backpacking. All camping kits in this 600D nylon first aid kit are essential, includes 4 in 1 Camping Gadget, 12 in 1 Camping tool, 4 in 1 Survival Bracelet, 11pcs Fishing Kit gear, Multipurpose outdoor-Use Pen, MINI Flashlight, Emergency. Designed for car, ship, cycling, shooting, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, boating, backpacking, outdoor sports and more. The exclusive approved first aid kits have a full range of high quality first aid supplies, essential items and more practical emergency kits. Under an emergency case, you can help a single family or a group of friends. To keep your kits mini and lightweight so you can carry it at all times, all the items come in a large-capacity molle pouch with dual zippers and interior storage design which can meet the storage needs. Perfect survival gift idea for doctors, military personnel, police, firefighters, first aid personnel, hikers, campers, outdoor sports enthusiasts, etc. The exclusive 90-days hassle-free return over all products and180 days After-Sales Service is what YEGRUEB Trauma Kits is committed to. If you have received a kit damaged, you can message them and they can offer you a replacement or compensation at a fast pace.

Brand: Yegrueb

👤It's good that it's on the smaller side because we have this in the car in case of emergencies. It has bandages a few emergency tools and plenty of room to add our own things. I added a few tools like a pocket knife and a few screwdrivers to my survival pack because I didn't like the tools included, but they are so useful that I wanted them. The pack is sturdy and well designed, but not so large that it can't be taken with us to camping. It seems like we never have enough bandages and things like moleskin/athletic tape, so I added a few more. We always seem to need foil packets of insect repellant. This is a great emergency kit that is small enough to fit in a suitcase.

👤The case is made of canvas and has an inner lining. There is a section with a rubber cross and three canvas sectioned rows that can be used to add more items. There are two straps on the back that have snaps at one end and plastic loops at the top that can be used to attach a backpack. The zip ties are easy to hold and slide with ease. The bottom of the case has a hole in it that can be used to store water. The strap at the top makes it easier to move the item. The strap is well secured and can hold a tug. The case has a wide strap that goes from the front to the back. If you are hiking, there is an additional strap attached to the back that can be used as a waist pack. The front and back sections of the case are divided. The kit is well organized because of the nylon pockets and elastic sections. The kit has a lot of items that will be useful in the event of an emergency. It has a metal flashlight that can be attached to a belt or pocket with a clip. The PRT multitool has a ruler section, nylon rope, bottle/can opener, and many other features. If you are stuck and need to cut wood for a fire or create a fishing pole, there is a wire saw. A whistle can be used to call for help or scare off a predator. The kit has two fire starting flints. They are a great addition to the kit. The two carabiners are small, and the section that can be moved easily seems to bend easily. There is a nylon strap that has a snap with a clip on ring that opens to allow you to carry more items. The fishing kit has everything you would need to catch dinner. There is a built in compass and whistle in the paracord clip bracelet. The compass is accurate and functional. The size of the whistle makes it loud enough to call for help or scare off animals. A yard of nylon rope is included. The paracord bracelet has a cutting edge. There is a knife. The handle is easy to grip because of the cutouts in the plastic. The plastic handle is flexible when the blade is in the open position. The blade locks into place and can be unlocked to return it to its resting position. It has a cutting blade at the other end of the blade that could be used to cut seat belts, fishing line, or other small cords. The saw section and straight edge of the blade make it versatile. There is a lot of Q tips in the kit and also in the pack. The nylon bag that holds the first aid kit is easy to open and close. In case of an emergency, there is a rescue blanket. There is a metal pen with a glass breaker. There is a metal clip that can be attached to a pack or pocket. It comes with a plastic case for protection. The kit is a good deal.

4. Multitool Accessories VOXON Equipment Screwdrivers

Multitool Accessories VOXON Equipment Screwdrivers

These axes and hatchets are great for bushcrafting. They are the most versatile axe hand. The multifunctional axe is a perfect gift for a male friend. You can celebrate Father's Day, Easter, Christmas or other holidays with your father, husband, friends or boys if you choose a simple and mature black bow gift style. A gift for exploration, camping, hunting, hiking, fishing or backpacking can be done with one tool. There are 13 different tools, including hammers, axes, pliers, blades, serrated knives, various hexagonal wrenches, large flat-blade screwdrivers, bottle openers, can openers, scale descalers, Screw set, barrel and three screwdriver heads. It's very safe. The direction of the ax blade and cutter blade was designed to be the same to avoid injury to the user. An axe protective cover and a 3mm thick nylon storage bag are added to prevent accidental injury to the user. Before using the tool, please check the screws on the tool. The main body is made of 2Cr13stainless steel, using precision casting integrated rapid prototyping, castings have high dimensional accuracy, and the cutting edge adopts quenching and tempering processes to increase the hardness and sharpness of the cutting edge. CONVENIENT TO CARRY: The hammer is small. The inside of the storage bag has a belt buckle that is convenient to carry around. The cover of the storage bag is made of a material that is easy to open and close. Tecknet will give you a satisfactory answer if you are dissatisfied with their products. Tecknet will give you a satisfactory answer if you are dissatisfied with their products.

Brand: Voxon

👤Excellent multitool was inexpensive. The tent was staked down with the hammer and hatchet. I thought it would be very strong. It has a bit of heft. The design of the screwdriver bit holder is the only downside to this multitool. The first time I used the hammer, one of the bits fell out and I lost my hammer. I still give it 5 stars because I think it's pretty minor.

👤I thought it would be very strong. It feels very heavy and well put together. The multi tool blades are very sharp, so take that into account when handling it. I would have to agree with the other reviewer about the screw bits being loose. I was able to find the piece after it fell out. I am impressed.

👤This is a useful tool that can be used in a lot of different ways. I bought mine to carry with me when I go into the woods. Adding this wood to your camping gear is an excellent way to do so.

👤My grandson loved this sturdy tool. I would have loved one for myself. When I bought it, I didn't think it had so many features. The size is also nice.

👤I thought it would be a great gift for my husband. He was excited about the 13 multitool hatchet but accidentally cut himself while examining it. When we had to go to the emergency room for stitches, we were excited but frustrated. For initial excitement, rating one star. Use extreme caution when using this tool.

👤Excellent quality for the price. My daughter loves the outdoors. She keeps her truck in case.

👤Excellent product and quality. I would definitely recommend it.

👤My husband loves this gift, it's just a little smaller than I thought, but I can't be upset about the price.

5. Emergency Survival Gear Kit Graduation

Emergency Survival Gear Kit Graduation

35 lbs of buoyancy is more than twice the standard foam. This outdoor survival kit would be a great gift for Christmas, Father's day, birthday, Valentine's day, Thanksgiving day, for men, for teens, for veterans, and for campers. The barbell size is 6.6x4.3x1.9 inches. The items are in a portable waterproof and shockproof case. It can be placed in a backpack, car, or kept at home. A must-prepared kit could be a life saver in a number of emergency situations, such as being stuck on the wild road, needing a fire in the jungle, or getting lost in the mountains. The gears in this kit are basic but not dispensable. They carefully selected the items that they took time to test. They are both important and necessary. A flint stone, scraper, flashlight, swiss card, 5-in-1 survival barcelet, whistle, tungsten steel pen, emergency mylar thermal blanket, and black sturdy box are included. 100% SATISFACTION LIFETIME WARRANTY: Buy it now! Earlier be safer! Money back or free replacement in life time is available if you have a question.

Brand: Jokmae

👤I didn't get the knife, the survival bracelet, or the emergency blanket, and I've been trying to get over you holding me for a while, but the knife wasn't there.

👤I like the fact that it came in a black case to keep all of the things that my little boys might need for their survival backpacks, but I am not sure where they are, so I am happy with the little cases that I received with the items inside.

👤I like this set. My son and I both have one. I want to get them for everyone in the family. They know how to use them.

👤I knew the cheaper set would serve it's purpose but the flashlight was dead on arrival. Multiple batteries were tried, but nothing.

👤My 6 year old son absolutely loved it when he received this kit as a gift. The fire starter has to be used to make sure that nothing is dangerous. He sleeps with it.

👤I liked the weight and container. Some items are cheap. I needed the pen to break the window.

👤The packaging looks sturdy. It is a gift and not sure on the longevity of everything.

👤It was bought for his nephew. He's 12 years old. It was trying to use it.

6. Zune Lotoo Apocalypse Detecting Boyfriend

Zune Lotoo Apocalypse Detecting Boyfriend

The toy is easy to use. You can survive the zombie apocalypse with just one shovel and one tool. All these items should be stopped. Just carry the shovel and you're good to go. A shovel is used to break ice andgrubbing bricks. The shovel length is 29.7 inch. The sheet metal technology is made of improved high carbon steel. A great gift for father, husband, sons and boyfriends is ashovel surface, bag, bottle opener, fire starter, camera, survival whistle, wire saw and extension tube. They want to make sure you are 100% satisfied with your LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Brand: Zune Lotoo

👤I have been looking at this item on different websites. There are many replicas of this shovel. I bought it after seeing it on Amazon. It is a heavy duty, well made survival shovel. It has a carrying case that holds all the extensions and accessories. The shovels head is small. The unit is made of solid wood and has a quality fit. It is, so expect to wait a little. Coming from China. I had good communication with the seller. Buy with confidence. Glad I did. There is a more expensive model. I am very happy with my present. The shovel head of the more expensive one has a more aggressive look. The edges arerated for cutting and chopping. I would buy it again.

👤It is very strong. There are many useful tools. Can't wait to cut something. The knife, whistle, fire starter and fish knife are useful. My issues. The tools can be threaded. The shaft of the knives is made of something else. I think people that understand cross threading are buying this product. I don't know where to put the sharp things. The handle on the shovel can't be stored with it. You can't use this as a rapid deployed defense weapon. It's a great tool for a campsite.

👤Very cheap. Don't get caught with this in a situation where you need it to work and function as described because it will break. We returned ours the next day. We requested a return when we opened it. I don't recommend buying this from Amazon. If I could, I would give 0 stars. It's too light weight and cheap to ever function. If there are any good reviews, they have to be from people who have not had a chance to use it or inspect it.

👤I put this shovel through a test and it handled it all well. The package and knife were in good shape. This shovel is awesome. I will not try out the shovel above this one to see which is better. This product is geared towards survival and tactical situations. The team did a good job. I recommend this item to anyone who will pay for it.

👤The head of the shovel has a piece that does not sit correctly. Its very unstable. The part where they connected on the outside was stripped. I was worried that it would come off the handle. Other items are useful, but not as durable as they should be.

👤The car was chiseled after the plows blocked it. It was held up perfectly.

👤My first review of purchases. F-A1 Annihilate was ordered from Amazon. It arrived before the scheduled delivery time. The storage case is included in the 2020 promo. Everything fits in a small storage case. The tool seems sturdy and well made. The F-A1 has only two setting for the shovel angles, which is not what I thought. A standard shovel and 90 degree for trenching. It's hard to beat this price with extension and case.

7. Carson Microscope Flashlight Directional CP 11

Carson Microscope Flashlight Directional CP 11

There is a great gift guarantee. A great gift for children. If the one you received was defected within 60 days, they will give you a replacement and you can contact them by "Contact Seller" to get a refund. The X-Scope is a great gift for kids to learn and explore the world around them. The X-Scope is powered by 3 button cell batteries. The toy is easy to use.

Brand: Carson

👤Considering the cost, it is a very good scope. I got one for my daughter about 2 years ago, and just picked up 2 more to give as gifts. The best feature is the microscope. I have learned that the light in this does not get very bright if the batteries are used for more than one year. For usable brightness, 1.5V is required. The whistle is loud. I thought the scope must have broken during transit because it rattled when picked up and moved around. I realized that it was the whistle. The 9x swing out magnifier works well, it has a plastic lens that makes the magnified view look a little warped, but still legible. The telescope works well, but needs a steady hand to see it. The compass doesn't work well when batteries are in. The compass is useless if it is close to the batteries. The magnetic properties of the compass are not affected by having batteries in it. The compass is upset by a small amount of EMF created by the clock and battery. The clock doesn't keep time well. It isn't needed at all.

👤I didn't think this toy would be as good as it was for my 5 year old, but it was. It's fun for an adult to use. The functions described work. My husband and I looked at the kitchen counter. He's had it for 6 months and it still looks new, but I've warned him against banging or dropping it. I used a toy to remove a splinter from my son's hand. It worked well. I went to look for it again to remove another splinter. The amount of use it's gotten was well worth the price. This is the best toy we've purchased so far.

👤The features that are decent are the compass, side magnifying glass, whistle, and microscope. The telescope is not recommended. Don't really want the clock, but it's there. Light works well, but wouldn't recommend it for anything.

👤It's refreshing to buy something cheap and not regret it. You can see Lincoln on a penny and the telescope lets you see distant objects. If your primary requirement is a compass, then buy a proper one, but if you want to use the compass, you need to remove the batteries.

👤This is perfect for a child to explore the backyard. The whistle is a great safety feature and I like it. We're looking forward to using this on camping trips. The only complaints I have are the batteries and the fact that I have to keep fresh batteries on hand to use in the woods. The weight of it feels cheap, but so far everything works well. I'm happy we got it.

👤It doesn't work. Random segments light up when you press buttons, the clock doesn't work, and nothing on display. The telescope is not functional at full extension. It needs to be pushed in a certain way. I wouldn't have bought it if I had the chance to look at it first. The 8 year old boy was not impressed. Sending it back.

8. Fail Safe Emergency Whistle Lanyard

Fail Safe Emergency Whistle Lanyard

These whistles are easy to use and can be used in a lot of places. You can be Heard from more than a mile away. Their rescue whistle is louder than your voice. It takes minimal energy to produce over 100 decibels of high pitched sound. It's easy for kids to blow. If your family gets separated in the wilderness, just what you need. It's easy to marry. The lanyard and clip prevent loss and ensure you have access to your whistle when you need it the most. It's lightweight and compact, and it fits anywhere. Can be attached to your clothing, backpack or life jacket. It is possible to have an inherently independent existence. The safety whistles are as tough as the terrain you are tackling. The plastic is impact resistant. They won't stick to your lips in the cold, which is one less first aid emergency to worry about. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. When you are stuck in the sticks, your gps or cell phone can lose signal or run out of battery. The pealess design of the whistle won't jam and can't be overblown like regular pea styled ones. Make sure you and your family are ready for anything on your next outdoor adventure. The set is green, orange and black. You can keep one in your car, emergency kit, backpack or bug out bag.

Brand: Outdoor Life Adventures

👤It does not sound loud. It takes a lot of effort to get a loud sound. I don't like giving bad reviews, but in this case the product looks great but isn't great. I guess you get what you pay for.

👤I bought these for a hiking trip. My teenage children and adult husband can't get them to whistle at all and one of them broke away from the cord. Not impressed at all.

👤I bought this product for my friends and wife who did the Rim to Rim walk. They liked it. One uses it for Girl Scout hikes.

👤It's a whistle. It makes noise. It's hard to be excited about something. It would be worth getting excited about if it could scream out my name while I blew it. It doesn't.

👤I don't think these whistle loud enough. I use these to call my dogs when I'm out in the woods. I don't use a lanyard that is adequate in size, but they have a clip built into it, which is a good idea. It sounds like a train whistle.

👤I like that it is lightweight and can be worn while supervising the swimming pool activity. The difference in whistle blower colors is a plus. The only thing I don't like about it is the high pitch whistle. I would prefer it to be louder.

👤The whistles are okay. The kids can't blow loudly.

👤The sound of these whistles is hard to come by. They are not loud. I wouldn't recommend them.

9. Daughter Christmas Birthday Stocking Multitool

Daughter Christmas Birthday Stocking Multitool

The portable size is 2.6” x.7” x.1” and weighs.4 oz, for easy grab-and-go use. There is a choice of black orstainless. No more rummaging through kitchen drawers for the right tool to fix things. dads can tackle most quick daily tasks with ease with top All-in-one handy tool gadgets. Cool Unique Gifts for Dad Papa: Looking for a unique gift for a man who has everything? This Best Personalized men's gifts will fit any occasion, from Father's Day to Christmas. It's ideal for carrying anywhere, it comes with a free solid belt pouch. When camping, fishing, hunting, hiking or backpacking, always have a multitool hammer. It's perfect for your car, office or home. The Heavy Duty Survival tool has 12 reliable everyday tools in it. This small gift gadgets for men are made of quality steel and can help you hammer, cut, tighten, fix things easily and efficiently. Father's day gifts for dad who has everything. Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If this miracle hammer doesn't live up to your expectations, contact them and they will make their best to ensure your happy purchase experience. Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If this miracle hammer doesn't live up to your expectations, contact them and they will make their best to ensure your happy purchase experience.

Brand: Veitorld

👤The tool is made of high quality steel. It is very heavy. I have everything I need for the camping trip in it. I could use it to build a tent. The tool has a nice case and is about the size of my hand. A versatile tool with heavy duty grade material.

👤My kids are excited to give their dad a multi-tool. I got a sign that says "You'll always be my hero". I mean what boy doesn't think his dad is a hero? I know my boys do. It's made with quality steel, so it has a little weight to it. The etching is clean and flawless. I pulled out all of the different tools to make sure nothing was broken. It works well. It's amazing that they have so many tools in one hammer. The belt loop case is an added bonus. The heavy duty little tool is well crafted and will be of great use to you.

👤It works, but not long. It's a great gift to give as a sentimental value. If you don't have anything else, it works for the little things. The quality wasn't great either. The words on the tool were nice, but they won't last long. The more you use it, the less it stays. The craftsmanship on this tool was poor. The bottom was damaged and bent. Look like someone just destroyed everything. You have to figure out how to use it yourself because it did not come with instructions. Would I buy it again? Not really.

👤My husband loves it because my kids got it for him. The size of it makes it perfect to keep in your vehicle. The writing is already wearing off. I'm a little disappointed that the lettering is wearing off because my husband has only used it a few times so far. It's a perfect gift for any man, or anyone, because of how convenient and useful it is.

👤This product is an endearing gift because of the inscription, but it is also very useful because of it's sturdiness. My son is on a mission and I bought him this gift. He told me that he was missing his tools and that he wished he had an all in one utility tool. He has mentioned a lot of projects and the tool will be perfect for them. He can attach it to his belt from the pouch. Great gift!

👤I bought it for my husband because I knew he was going to use it for emergencies or camping. He liked it and said that it is convenient, but it is hard to pull out all the little gadgets it brings. I had to print him a picture of the item page because the box didn't have a picture of where to find the pieces. It could be useful.

👤I got this for my husband on his birthday. I thought this would be useful because he always does things around the house. I know I will be using it as I won't need to dig through his millions of tools to find what I need. It is cute, useful and thoughtful.

10. Outdoor Survival Selfhelp Emergency Carabiner

Outdoor Survival Selfhelp Emergency Carabiner

The lighter fluid can be either gas or kerosene. The perfect gift. The mini survival gear is perfect for people who love the outdoors. Chrismas birthday new year gift which have been carefully selected and neatly packaged into an attractive case can be used as a self defense tool. The portable tool kit tactical case is only 8.1oz and has a dimensions of 3.5 X 1.6inch. An easy carrying gadgets is ideal to fit inside a car, hiking backpack or camping gear. The survival gear and equipment includes a carabiner, wire saw, emergency whistle, multifunctional pliers, and tool card. One case can be used to meet different needs. There are multi-funcion survival gear. The credit card survival tool has 10 different tools and is a multi-tool. It's a necessity for camping,hiking,fishing,hunting, as well as various survival and emergency situations. This survival kit is useful for any outdoor adventurer, military personnel, campers, hikers, and it is also useful to develop your children's ability to survive.

Brand: Top Lander

👤Don't waste your money! I bought this for a 10 year old and hope he will still like it on Christmas, but this is the cheapest piece of junk and it wouldn't be useful in a real survival situation. The packaging, tape and bubble wrap was yellowed because it had been sitting for a long time. All of the items don't fit well in the container shown in the photo. It's nearly impossible to get them all back in the container after you open it. The items inside feel like they will break soon. Thankfully this is for a 10 year old. I will not waste my money with this company again.

👤I expected it to be bigger than it was. I should have looked at the size of the products before buying them. It was too small for what was needed. If you are looking for a pocket size or smaller bag, it is good to put it in a smaller bag.

👤I think everyone knows that this is cheap, but it is still unbelievable how cheap everything is. It's complete waste of money.

👤The kit is great to keep in the glove box of the car. It is very versitile.

👤It was cheaper than one piece. The compass is cheap, but what can you expect from it?

👤This was purchased for the kids backpacking gear and it was light and sturdy.

👤There are some good items in this package that can be used in a pinch.

11. Exploration Observation Flashlight Binoculars Educational

Exploration Observation Flashlight Binoculars Educational

No more video games and TV! The exploration set helps to keep your kids motivated to get outside and explore, and they can enjoy hours of outdoor fun and learn. The outdoor explorer kit is for kids. The insect kits for kids have 30 accessories. Binoculars, a backpack, flashlight, butterfly net, and a backyard exploration case are included. Bug Container, 1X Tweezers, 1X Bug Observation Cup, 1X The Bug Clamp is 15X. There are simulations of insects, a cloth cleaning, and a notebook. The explorer kit is a great way for your child to explore the world. They never see which is more attractive because they want to see more of the world. The lightening bug catching kit can help them discover the diversity of species. Instead of playing computer games for hours, give kids a chance to explore nature. It is a good way to enhance the relationship with kids when you play with them, because adults don't have enough time for them. Their products have no foul smell and are not easy to damage. The bug catcher kit is safe to play with. They can give you a 30-day free return if you're not happy with their product. A compass is one of the useful tools for toddlers to play with in their kids adventure explorer kit. Kids need binoculars to see a more beautiful world. If you want to observe the insect more carefully, you could use their bug observation cup with magnifying glass.

Brand: Tonahutu


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Survival tools for kids products from Gerber Gear. In this article about survival tools for kids you can see why people choose the product. Vzfospd and Yegrueb are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival tools for kids.

What are the best brands for survival tools for kids?

Gerber Gear, Vzfospd and Yegrueb are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival tools for kids. Find the detail in this article. Voxon, Jokmae and Zune Lotoo are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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