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1. Yeacool Accessories Collapsible Multi Tool Backpacking

Yeacool Accessories Collapsible Multi Tool Backpacking

Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns. This survival shovel is the last piece of camping and survival equipment you will ever need. The mini folding shovel can be pressed into service as a shovel, saw, bottle opener, nail puller, hoe, Pickaxe and more. Great choice for Backpackers, Hikers, Gardeners, Scouts, Archeaologist, Gold prospector, etc. A great gift idea! The folding design makes it easy to carry, transport and store. You can loop to your belt or backpack. One multitool does it all. The design is compact but intelligent and solid, and it has a soft rubber grip handle that makes it easy to perform your gardening, shoveling or digging tasks. The shovel head and handle are made from high-carbon steel. It's practical to cover all your outdoor needs. Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Yeacool

👤The design of this product is lightweight and really liked, but the shovels broke the first time I used them. My husband is married. I took them out. This product can be used for very light weight digging, but it can not tackle cornstalks. The spot where you screw the shovel to the handle was broken.

👤I bought this folding shovel because it was cheap and I like to try out hiking-type gear that isn't heard of and doesn't have a huge price-tag attached to it. It cost me $10 and it was shipped in less than an hour. I noticed immediately that the shovel was durable and well made. Nothing was lost and nothing is going to break after use. I used it a few times and it performed well. The shovel blade cuts through dirt like a knife through butter. It is very light. I can't think of anything I dislike about it. I think I have a product that is worth $50. It's lightweight. It is durable. The design is cool. There is a multi- function. I'm happy to add this shovel to my hiking gear. Thank you for an awesome product!

👤I thought it was so small that I would give a poor review. I decided to look at it again and make sure I was correct. I don't like to give poor reviews. I can see now that the size is adequate and it will be great having this take up so little space. The metal is thick and good weight. This instrument has a feel. Well.. Once you hold it and form it, you know that it is high quality. It will stay where you put it. It does one whole lot of function, and it's designed to do all the jobs. I thought it was a shovel. Not. Don't let the size fool you, look it over good when you get it, put it in all the positions, give the manual a quick look over, know what all it can do. This is a very useful tool. I put it in my glove box so I can get to it when I need it. I was very happy with my purchase.

👤The camping shovel/pickax is a small package. It is an excellent tool to have on your belt. This isn't the right tool to dig a fox hole. If you want to dig a drainage trench, dig a fire pit, shave, cut or chop small tree limbs, it will not be out of place. I was impressed with the quality.

👤I bought the one-handed version. It is made from two pieces and is compatible with molle. I use it for camping on motorcycles. This little guy is a little bit bigger than my trowel, but it is still very sturdy. It's a little bit heavier. If you use normal human strength, it will not collapse on its own. It doesn't cry like a baby when it hits a rock, just open the pick side and pry that puppy out. I don't need the saw feature for my use, but it works well for small branches. I never used the bottle opener on the shovel because it doesn't make sense to me. The saw shouldn't be chewing through your stuff, that's why the storage pouch is reasonable.

2. FullLit Portable Multi Tool Backpacking Gardening

FullLit Portable Multi Tool Backpacking Gardening

All items are described. The Multi-purpose Tactical Survival Shovel is great for military, camping, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial, home and outdoor activities. A multifunctional camping shovel is designed for all the outdoor enthusiasts like hikers, campers, fishermen, survivalists, backpackers, scouts, gardeners, and many more. It can be a shovel for digging, pickaxe for gardening, saw for cutting, whistle for help, compass for navigation, and bottle opener for drinks. With this shovel, you can meet all the needs of the outdoor activities, which is the best choice for your outdoor sports. The camping shovel can be folded and expanded by twisting the lock. The handle is made from segments of tubes compared to traditional folding shovels. There is space for small items in the tube section. Practical and tactical functions! The portable shovel is easy to assemble and stores compactly, so you can put it into the canvass storage bag to carry with you easily. The carry bag is strong enough to protect the shovel and surrounding items while hiking or driving. The portable shovel will make your camping trip easier. This shovel is made of high-carbon steel. It is very well built and engineered at a very affordable price. It's a great gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. This shovel is the best gift for the person in your life. Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns are guaranteed. 100% satisfaction is their first priority as a senior manufacturer and operated company.

Brand: Fulllit

👤The shovel can't be strongly pressed into the ground easily, in most cases it will fold into itself annoyingly, the normal digging motion for a shovel also folds it back. The pick side had less trouble than the other side. The metal bent when trying to use the shovel as a lever, which to be fair it was used to split roots, however expectations were set high by the description This is a decent portable tool that can be used for gardening and camping emergencies, but it is overhyped.

👤It is impossible to tighten the shovel down enough to not cause it to wobble. It's difficult to dig because it's still usable. I was looking for something light weight to take backpacking and this is not necessarily light weight, even leaving out the extra handle lengths.

👤The tool seems solid. It has a nice balance when assembled. The cutting blade and pick are adequate, but the shovel is too small. This would be a great piece of emergency kit as it is compact and neatly packed. It is too small for snow removal or vehicle recovery. Customer service is very helpful and responsive.

👤I always make sure to have a shovel when I am out for an adventure. It has a lot of features for me. When I get stuck, helps dig out, helps cut firewood, and the compass works perfect. It folds up enough for hiking and doesn't overload my rig.

👤Great shovel for money! It was used as a camp shovel. We were very impressed. A nice built does not feel cheap and has a length. You can change the degree of the shovel blade from straight to 90 degree angle, and it folds to a nice size for transport. The saw can cut down trees. Light and easy to use. It did everything we wanted it to do. It dug holes, buried fish guts, and cut wood. It's exactly what I wanted it to be. Highly recommended.

👤This product was all that was advertised. It had many additional features that made it perfect for me. It is portable, lightweight, strong, rugged and well made. It was a good backup in case another piece of equipment fails, because of the multi tool ability. The FullLit folding Shovel has a built in compass, if I misplace it. I think this is a great idea.

👤A junior explorer received a heavy duty tool as a gift. He said this was his favorite gift.

👤This is a great purchase. Well made. We've used it for both camping and around the house. Very useful. We like the idea of being versatile and portable. It's worth the money.

3. Tactical Survival Multitool Portable Backpacking

Tactical Survival Multitool Portable Backpacking

It's a great shovel for digging, shoveling, sawing, chopping, and it's also a great tool for your backyard, private garden, farmland and outdoors. Tactical folding shovel have more functions than ordinary shovel, like emergency hammer,fire starter, fish phosphorus tool, shovel, hoe, pick, bottle opener, saw, whistle, chopper, Professional Flashlight light,compass, etc. The Tactical Folding Shovel is a great emergency tool. High-carbon Steel Body and Durable, For Maximum Strength and Lifetime Durability, Making Sure You Are Always Prepared, is a high quality product. This tool will last a long time. 30in total length,Shovel head length, width-5.1in,Collapsible,Easily Fit. In backpack, car, truck, jeep or boat Prepared for emergencies. 1.9 lbs easy to carry. Perfect gifts for your outdoor hiking enthusiast! All of their products are fullfilled by Amazon, so shopping is guaranteed. Let them know if you're not happy and they'll give you a no questions asked refund.

Brand: Aonlskh

👤I don't think it will be a strong tool. The quality of the product seemed to be good. This is a great tool for a camping trip. It is a good buy at fifteen dollars.

👤I bought different types of these. The other two were excellent. This one is not as good as the other one. Not as sturdy as a carry all pouch. I gave this one to my kid to play with. It was cheap and not worth it.

👤There are too many pieces for a small child. Whistle did not work for me. I knew the extra pieces would be lost.

👤It's a good setup for the price.

👤We gave it to our household twice.

4. FYREBLU Tactical Shovel Multitool Entrenching

FYREBLU Tactical Shovel Multitool Entrenching

The best gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Farewell, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's is a durable outdoor toolkit. Their survival shovel is larger than other folding shovel multi tools and has a larger head to make it easier to dig out dirt, snow, gravel, or sand. A shovel head is also an axe, hook, and saw. The protective sheath for the shovel head is provided. A compass, window and ice breaker, whistle, fire starter, reversible screwdriver, survival knife, bottle opener, fish scaler and fishing line cutter are just some of the multitool handle made from sturdy yet lightweight space grade aluminum. There is a free bag included. You can modify the configuration of the accessories and extensions you want to pack. 1 year FYREBLU NO HASSLE WARRANTY. Wherever your next adventure takes you, their products are guaranteed to perform.

Brand: Fyreblu

👤I gave the FYREBLU Tactical Shovel Multitool to each of my sons-in-law for Christmas, and they were very impressed. The extra tools were impressive. They put it together and were discussing how well it is made, and it was made of very solid and quality materials. The handle is strong. One travels/drives daily for his work and wanted his car to be in case he needed to dig out of mud or snow. The other is on a farm and will keep his ATV for when he goes out to check fencing and animals. The tactical shovel will serve them well when needed, and both are very pleased with the product.

👤Awesome product. I used the shovel portion of it. You put in a lot of work. The quality is awesome, but I haven't used the other tools yet. 5 stars.

👤The knife won't fit inside the handle. It was too big to fit inside. I contacted the company and told them my problem, but they didn't reply. I gave it as a gift and was told about the problem, so I don't know what to do. What a terrible experience. The person I gave the gift to thought I bought a bad gift, but I spent $100. Don't do it!

👤My son loves this. Well made. Excellent quality and he is picky.

👤I am very happy with this shovel. I got it for safety reasons. We will keep it in the car, backpack, and go-bag. The carry bag for the shovel set is in the box. I get something that is nicely packed and I don't want to take it apart, it just looks so well done. This is a package. They have found a way to disassemble the shovel and put it in this bag. It was done very well. It works well in our backpack. I haven't tried the belt loop, but I will when I have an appropriate belt. The idea is for safety or an emergency. I think it will work for both, it is solid in feel, the materials feel good, and as if they will last a long time. The shovel head is strong and can be used in a variety of situations. It seems like the compass will help. I think it will be a great addition to our kit.

👤The tool is sturdy and well designed. You will have to take a few minutes to get familiar with it. It has a long handle. The parts work together. The shovel head is attached to the left hand threads. The whistle is weak, but everything else works. There is a case for everything and a cover for the shovel head. This is in my car.

👤This shovel is impressive. The shovel is made of steel. The shovel has a quality bag and cover to protect it. The accessories and how they are stored in the bag is the only complaint I have about the shovel. The small knife has a cardboard protection sleeve, but there is no dedicated spot in the included storage bag. You can't keep the knife in one of the handle parts and still close the bag. It's not a deal-breaker, I just had to keep the cardboard protectors and slide the knife into one of the gaps in the bag. A well-built shovel.

5. BANORES 40 15 Inch Stainless Backpacking Emergency

BANORES 40 15 Inch Stainless Backpacking Emergency

Their tool kits are built to last. They'll take care of you if you take care of their tool kit. Their awesome customer service team is always available to help with replacement requests. The shovel head is 20.96 x 16.02 cm. It is stronger than other camping shovels on the market. Sturdy and not warped. Hardness can go up to 48. The Tough Hiking Axe:3 CR13 is made of a mixture of carbon and chromium and is rust- resistant. You can dismantle branches. The portable and extended shovel is about 24 cm long. The extended back shovel can reach up to 40.1 inches to meet your needs. It's suitable for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, emergency, gardening, etc. The handle is made of high carbon steel and has a thickness of 6.15mm. It has high strength and wear resistance, which can help it adapt to the toughest environment. There are multifunctional tools, including shovel, axe, stick, wrench, saw, hoe, screw, bottle opener, whistle, icebreaker and compass. It's very good for digging, shredding, sawing, picking, hammering, and opening bottles.

Brand: Banores

👤I am dropping this listing from 5 stars to 3. We preformed the shovel wonderfully after taking this set back packing. I really like it. We used the edge of the axe to get fire wood. The axe head broke off as he was chopping down the tree, missing me by a couple of feet. It broke above the 2 bolt mount. It looks like it is cast pot metal. That is useless now. The rest of the set is great and the shovel is still wonderful. I had doubts about this product. It looked like a novelty. The multi-tool setup, the flamed shovel, etc. It looked like an expensive toy. I was wrong. We took this set up camping for a week, and we are very hard on tools. I bought a cheap foldable shovel from Walmart last year. When I got home, the shovel was in the trash. It broke after the second use. This is the set I bought for the camping trip. We returned last week and were impressed. The ground in Wyoming is rocky granite. The shovel was dug with no issues. It never broke or bended. This was tall enough to use with out bending over. The shovel was kept in place by the ring. The tip didn't stay pretty for long after we scratched it, but that isn't a problem. I didn't buy this to hang on my wall. We tried the axe head in an emergency and it worked. It needs a sharper edge. The knife was sharp. I don't know if the spear we didn't use would break the first use, but I fear it would. I need to glue the Compass back in after it fell out when we used the axe head. The fire starter worked well. The carrying case is a great addition. This is a great quality item and I love it. I will get another one and keep it in my truck for emergencies as well as have this one in my camping kit. My friend is interested in it and might get him one as a gift. I am happy with the product.

👤Want someone dead but not sure how to do it? This is the answer to your prayers. It's got a shovel, so you can cut someone up with a knife, or slash them with a shovel. It's great for decapitation and burying. You can get rid of it easily by breaking it down into small pieces. Someone deserves to be murdered. Today is the day to get one!

👤I decided to go with this product after considering many options. The look is great. The product was damaged. The most noticeable was a large scratch in the end of the handle where a section appears to have been rubbed or drug on some type of pavement. The spade of the shovel is one of the scratched parts. I was reassured that the shovel will do the job. I was not happy with the new condition it arrived in. Good product. I would have given more stars if the condition was better.

6. Survival Camping Multifunctional Backpacking Emergency

Survival Camping Multifunctional Backpacking Emergency

Guarantee: If the product has any issues, please feel free to contact them so that they can fix it. Customer satisfaction is very important to them and they will give you a satisfactory answer to your questions or any issues you might have with this kit. The shovel has 4 universal size hexagon wrench holes, wire cutters, bottle opener, serration, blade. The shovel head can be adjusted to 25-180. A multifunctional knife,screwdriver set,icebreaker,Harpoon,Compass,window breaker,fire starter with whistle are camping tools. The handle is a shovel. The shovel's length can reach up to 46.7 inch if you have 4 assembly handles. There is a blank space in the handle for storing things. The handle and shovel are made of high-quality steel. The handle is sweat-proof and practical. Be prepared for any situation with this shovel. You can take it for a lot of things. The warranty is one year. If you have a question about the shovel, please contact them. They will solve the problem for you in 24 hours.

Brand: Becoolpet

👤A friend of mine is a doomsday prepper. I got him a survival kit and he thought it was hilarious. I think it would be great if the zombie apocalypse happened.

👤Sturdy. The product is great for camping and portable, but the o rings between the sections are not strong enough to lock them up, so one has to tighten them, and the pouch could be better.

👤It looks like a great product. It's very use for everything.

👤I liked it. I bought this for someone else.

👤I bought this for the person who liked it.

7. Gold Armour Military Survival Entrenching

Gold Armour Military Survival Entrenching

The Extremus Trench Camping Shovel is packed in a travel case to protect it from being damaged. The user is protected from sharp edges. The shovel can be stored in vehicles, camp boxes, backpacks and also has a belt loop so it can be worn as you work. Premium materials. The gold armour foldable survival shovel is made of high carbon steel which is durable and strong enough to endure heavy duty digging and shoveling. The company is comparable and portable. The camping shovel has a folding design and is portable for easy and convenient storage. The package size is 22.8in x 6in and the carrying pouch is 10in x 7.5in. There are multi- functions. The versatile shovel is ideal for a lot of things. It can be used as a shovel, hoe, pick or saw. ADVENTURE & SURVIVAL TOOL: Whether you are embarking on a wilderness adventure or preparing for an emergency situation, this folding camping shovel is a vital necessity. Buy with conviction and you will get a 90-day return, 5-year warranty and lifetime support. Proud to be a US-based company.

Brand: Gold Armour

👤I received a product with no instructions and a card from a business asking me to give them a good review. I can't say if their product is any good because what was sent to me didn't unfold and latch so that it could be used. It flopped at the two joints. I tried to find a way to make it open, but there was nothing I could do. I will look for something like this in a brick and mortar store so I can be sure it will work and I know how to use it.

👤I don't like this shovel at all. It was bought to carry the golf cart in the woods. If you want to use it as a shovel, then it's easy to tighten the collar nut, but if you want to use it as a pick, then the pick side folds down right next to the handle. You have to tighten it with your finger tips. It needs to be tight to not be flimsy. As you tighten it in shovel mode, the paint begins to peel off as well. I threw it away.

👤I bought the shovel to keep in my car since we were going to play in the snow. If I got stuck, I thought I could dig a tire out. The roads were clear, but the driveway is icy. I have a shovel/pick to clear this up, but I think this is annoying. The locking mechanism broke when the shovel didn't work very well to clear the ice. If you dig in dirt it may work, but it dies quickly when tackling ice. If you're expecting ice, buy something that's more durable.

👤Emergency sirens stay in the car in Idaho. The product is well built, well designed, and has a great storage facility. Great product.

👤The quality of the product was very good. It was worth every penny. It is folded in a small pouch for easy storage. The shovel works great. Highly recommended!

👤I have not used the shovel yet, but I was impressed with the way it folded and unfolded to make it compact for keeping in the car for emergency reasons and to easily store when not in use. It feels strong. It's multi purpose use makes me like it. I'm happy with the price point and I'm looking forward to using it.

👤It is definitely worth it. I got to use it with the snow we just got. I was impressed. It broke through the ice. It does a good job for its size and doesn't hold a lot of weight. It does bend but doesn't break yet.

👤I'm going to give you more than one shovel at this price because you should buy more than one for storing in your car for roadside problems.

👤It gets 1 star because it hasn't been used yet. A bag was in the damaged box. The blade of the shovel has scratches in it's paint and it's self is scratched around the knob. So far not impressed. Will check it out later.

8. SOG Folding Shovel Survival Entrenching

SOG Folding Shovel Survival Entrenching

3 screw-in threaded extension handles can be assembled freely, lengthen or shorten the length of the handle according to your needs, and then screw the shovel, axe or other accessories to the handle. You can use shovel, axe, knife, hunting spear, screwdriver and other functions more easily and comfortably. The full length is 18.25 inches. The military shovel is lightweight and can be used to get the job done. The E-Tool has a wood saw edge that can be used to cut or chop trees. It is possible to compare and portable. The multi-use shovel is barely bigger than your hand. It takes up about the same amount of space as a stack of paper plates when folded. A tool that is easy to pack and takes up no space in your backpack or camp kit is needed. The high-carbon steel construction is used. The shovel was designed to handle a long list of jobs. The blade is made of steel and is designed to cut through dirt, sand, gravel, and snow. The triangular handle is strong and works well for optimal use when digging, trenching, cutting, or slashing. The folding design is 3-way. The shovel collapses into a portable shovel. The spade blade can be adjusted to act as a pick or hoe. A camp tool that can dig fire pits, bury waste, or trench drainage lines. Sog toxicity for life. They will take care of you if you take care of your folding shovel. SOG shovels are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. Sog toxicity for life. They will take care of you if you take care of your folding shovel. SOG shovels are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog Specialty Knives

👤I am not happy with this product. I encourage people to read the reviews and look at the product description. The "metal" is poor quality and I have two main issues with this item. The package claims that it is made of carbon steel. The handle is not attached to the shovel. The item will not work well as a shovel in sand or snow or loose dirt. The size of the item is not a standard tool size. The "shovel" is said to be equivalent to a military tool. It is not! The photo comparison is below. I am at fault as much as the manufacturer because they did not list the overall dimensions. This is bad for failing to notice. This is a poorly made product which will only work under certain circumstances. Maybe it's for the backpacking community. It fails as a shovel or entrenching tool. The SOG shovel is next to a regular size shovel.

👤I like SOG. I have a NSP edition folding knife. The doors did not live up to their reputation. I took it out on a bike ride to see if it was worth the money I spent on it. I was going to dig a small pit and fill it with fire. I was able to dig as far as 12x12x8 in the soft soil with a rock or stick. The blade of the tool was bent because of this little bit. A little more digging. It began to bend left to right. I held it back with my hands. I tried to set it up like a home. This worked for a while, then it bent again. I put the dirt back in my pit and packed it up. I will buy another one and not ignore the reviews. I had my eye on the SOG tomohawk, but this has me rethinking. So disappointed.

👤It was given to my grandsons who were camping and he broke it in the sand. I think a four year old is tougher than a shovel.

👤I use this SOG tool for metal detecting. I was wrong. The shovel head has begun to bend and even rip where it is attached to the handle after about half an hour of use. If it is carbon steel, I shouldn't have been able to bend it back into shape by hand. The pick is too loose to use in a solid soil and is bent into a roundish shape so a large amount is left on the pick when removed. The round part of the shovel head where it rubs on the handle and pivots is showing signs of wear. After 30 minutes of use. I don't recommend this for metal detecting if you're in mud or sand. You could get a sifter.

👤The metal used in the shovel is not very good. The base of the shovel that connects to the rest of the product has had to be re shaped. Would not buy again.

👤I don't know why people are staring. The quality is there for the price. If you are going to dig a real trench, you should get a real shovel. I think it works well, it's intended for a latrine hole, leveling a sleep spot for a tent, clearing a spot for a fire that sort of thing. I own it because I think it's durable enough to take a beating and not use my hands. There is a lot to like about the tool. It's compact size and all metal features make it a good choice for someone like me who isn't so picky to one star it for it's lack of grade 8 bolts. I will not be swinging this thing into the ground. I know it's small and will take time to make a large hole but, this is for small holes or clearing the surface to make level. It could be a little nicer with higher grade bolts, but that's the way things are made these days. I hope it lasts but, I am using it as an emergency tool and have peace with it's limitations. Save your hands.

9. ANTARCTICA Multifunctional Multitool Backpacking Entrenching

ANTARCTICA Multifunctional Multitool Backpacking Entrenching

Widespread use with guarantee. The folding shovel is a special gift for men and women. Every car, truck, snowmobile, ATV, UTV, RV camping needs a survival shovel. If you have any issues with their product, please contact them through Amazon, they will give you a satisfaction after-sale service in 24 hours. ANTARCTICA Multifunctional Survival Shovel is made of high-quality aluminum alloy and 3 CR13 STAINLESS steel, which reinforced shovel head, make it sturdy, durable and rust-resistant. A nylon bag is needed for storage. The portable folding shovel is easy to disassemble. The shovel head size is 6.3 x 5.1inch and the lock design is 180 rotating. The shovel can be extended up to 36 inches if you use four extension bars. A ripstop nylon bag can be used for emergency use. The camping shovel set has 20 other functions, perfect for digging, chopping, sawing, cutting, picking, and first aid. It's suitable for: outdoor, car, camping, adventure, garden, snow, climbing, self defense, fishing, emergency tools, etc. It's an ideal present for people who love the outdoors, like hikers, campers, hunters, fishermen, rescuers, motorcyclists, survivalists, backpackers, or anyone who needs tactical gear and practical tools. A gift for outdoor is a perfect birthday gift or Christmas present. If you're not satisfied, they'll give you a refund. If you break it, they will replace it. Enjoy a more relaxed and safe adventure with it.

Brand: Antarctica

👤Don't spend your money on this item.

👤It seems like it will hold up well.

👤Es un producto.

10. Behandy Collapsible Entrenching Gardening Emergency

Behandy Collapsible Entrenching Gardening Emergency

The application is for something. The must-haves are camping, fishing, cooking, exploring, hiking. The portable shovel is easy to fold up and has a weight of 1.6 lbs. This is a portable shovel for what it is intended for, and it can be packed perfectly on your vehicle or home, because it is a small package when it is folded. You can use it for a fire pit, scoop out ashes and move logs around, it also has a pick axe on it, which is great for keeping in your vehicle in case of getting stuck in snow or mud. It is well constructed and thought out. The tool was designed to meet the needs of daily security, camping and survival. The function of the tool gives you reassurance that you can do what you want. The e-tool, with its comfortable handle, is all in one function, and can be used as a shovel, pickaxe, saw or hoe, a small shovel for big jobs, and as a camp shovel. There is a lifetime warranty. Lifetime warranty is offered by each camping shovel. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Behandy

👤I got this for my emergency car duffel and it held up, but wouldn't last long under daily use. It is not a real shovel or a real pick. It is useful for situations where you need a quick way to move dirt or snow from one place to another, such as making a quick survival dugout or digging your car out of snow. For regular use, such as frequent/prolonged camping trips where you are digging lots of firepits/latrines, you will want a fixed-handle shovel and/or pick, or one of the much more expensive camping utility shovels that are designed for heavier/repeated use.

👤I was expecting a bigger shovel. I think the point of this shovel is that it is small enough to fit in your pack if you are looking for something small to carry. My hiking pants have a large cargo pocket. The total weight of the shovel is 1lb 6.3oz, and it has a threaded ring that you turn a few times to lock it in place. The teeth on this shovel are very dull. If you need to cut a small root, don't expect to see your firewood with the teeth. The size of the grip will work for all hands. The blade is completely flat, so it doesn't carry a lot compared to the shape of traditional shovel blades that have a slight curve to them. If you want to get your foot involved with the blade, there is a small step.

👤I have been updating my emergency supplies. My emergency kit is in my car. A shovel is hard to carry. I saw foldable shovels on one of my nature shows, and I didn't know they existed. I immediately went to find one. I got this. I like it. It folds out and is very easy to put together. I have had an issue where we needed a shovel. We were stuck in the snow in the middle of a storm trying to get to my grandmothers house, which had no power. I suggest everyone keeps a shovel in their car, it's an easy space saving way to do it.

👤The E-Tool I carried as a soldier for over thirty years, reminds me of the Behandy Folding Shovel. It is made with high quality steel and has a good fit. It folds into the case. I used it to transplant daffodils in my front garden and to adjust the logs in an outdoor fire pit. I put it in my emergency kit just in case. I will purchase another for my daughter. It comes with a lifetime warranty. I don't think it will break anytime soon because it's so well made. I had to use a pair of channel locks to release the tightening nut because it was so tight. It works now.

👤I bought two of them. I received them very quickly. They are easy to fold away and are very nice. I have one with a pointed pick axe and one with a rounded one, but they are not the same, and one of my bags came ripped, I was a little disappointed with that.

11. Yeacool Multitool Gardening Backpacking Lightweight

Yeacool Multitool Gardening Backpacking Lightweight

It's important to pack this ultimate survival combo into your bug out bag because you never know when you'll be in an emergency setting and you can be prepared with their compass. The survival trowel has many functions. A regular trowel doesn't have many features like the Yeacool trowel, it is an excellent all-around digger. On a windy day, it can be used as a spare tent stake. It's easy to hang this trowel on your belt because it's portable. You will be prepared for anything. The garden trowel is very strong for tough ground and sturdy to put pressure on the handle for getting leverage. The handle does not break off because of its one-piece construction. This trowel has a comfortable grip and can be used as a digger in your yard. It's perfect for clearing out areas around irrigation pipes. Digging Trowels are made from STAINLESS STEEL. This trowel is built with high strength and will never rust, making it as tough as nails. It is strong enough for digging in rocky ground and can also be used for metal detecting or rock hounding. This trowel is very comfortable and will fit perfectly in the palm of your hands. The camping trowel is strong enough to dig a latrine through rocky or compacted ground. When you have to go and dig the hole, the Yeacool trowel will make pooping in the woods infinitely more enjoyable than it already is. Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Yeacool

👤I never thought I would need a multi-tool trowel, but when I saw it I thought it would be useful. I was correct. I had to hone the edge when it came in. It will not cut anything when you get it. It works now. I put an edge on the digging part as well to help cut through the roots, but I do that with all my shovels. It works well in the garden and that's where it will be used the most. I own and use a portable, foldable camping shovel from this company, so this little trowel will be my dedicated garden companion. The saw and nail puller work well together. It's very strong. I like the ruler on it. It's very handy. I would recommend it to someone who uses a trowel a lot.

👤My friends had plastic trowels and teased me. The dirt at the campsite was rocky and had little roots. They couldn't dig a simple whole to do the business. I had a Trowel. I was able to cut the roots. The blade on the side was so sharp I could use it to cut something. It is a bit heaver but it was awesome. Great product!

👤The product came up in a search for metal detecting tools. I need something sturdy to do most of my detecting in Arizona desert caliche ground. I liked the look of this and the extra functions, but they aren't tough enough for what I need. This is a great camping tool. It would be even better if it were a little longer, a little wider and a little thicker. The design is on point. Almost there.

👤It's a great tool to use in Colorado. I used it to cut around bushes, trees, and sprinkler system when I laid sod in our back yard and it has been used many times hiking and backpacking. The only problem I've had is the parachord. When digging in rocky terrain, it slipped down and needs to be replaced. I highly recommend this tool.

👤I bought this shovel for my wife. It is very well made. I tried to bend it and put it across the edge of the cabinet. It is strong. Did not stop. The Serrated edge can be used to cut small roots in a flower bed. You know how deep to dig for bulb's because of the depth marks. The little shovel is very well made and thought out. Excellent purchase and happy with it.

👤I like the overall look of the tool. The handle is comfortable and has good grip. The blade is strong, but not very sharp to the touch. I think it could be sharpened, but I would just view it as a last option. The other tools work as expected on a tool of this size and length. It moves and digs well, but it is not a big trowel. The 11'' model is a good choice if you're going to be doing larger products. It has a lifetime guarantee, and is a great value.


What is the best product for survival tool kit shovel?

Survival tool kit shovel products from Yeacool. In this article about survival tool kit shovel you can see why people choose the product. Fulllit and Aonlskh are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival tool kit shovel.

What are the best brands for survival tool kit shovel?

Yeacool, Fulllit and Aonlskh are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival tool kit shovel. Find the detail in this article. Fyreblu, Banores and Becoolpet are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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