Best Survival Tin Candle

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1. Stansport 135 36 Hour Survival Candle

Stansport 135 36 Hour Survival Candle

It would be a perfect gift to your family, friends, and yourself on special days, like Christmas, Birthday, Thanksgiving, Anniversary, and so on. Can be used with one, two, or all candle three wicks. Candle light and heat are provided in survival emergencies. Up to 18 hours of protection can be provided. For a burn up to 6 hours, light all three wicks. A metal case and wax for camping or backpacking.

Brand: Stansport

👤I haven't used it yet. I can't say how it will work or how long it will burn. It's good to have and keep stored with blackout supplies, there are cheaper alternatives. Would purchase again.

👤We lost power for 48 hours because of the storms, they gave us a good amount of light. I wanted to replace them.

👤It should get the work done, but is a little smaller than I thought. I haven't used the Bug Out Bag yet.

👤I bought this candle to try it out in my emergency pantry. I hadn't realized that it shouldn't be used inside. The package says that the lead level in the product might be problematic. If I needed to boil a small amount of water, it would come in handy.

👤Have not heard anything about the gift.

👤I would buy it again.

2. CandleNScent Unscented Tealight Candles White

CandleNScent Unscented Tealight Candles White

The top quality canDLE. White American made a tea light candle. Real Unscented No Smell, 100% Cotton Wick Perfect Wax Blend. It takes a long time to bury. Tealights were tested for up to 4 hours. Tea lights are a cheap way to jazz up any centerpiece. The CottonWick creates a dazzling fire display for accent lighting or for gently warming scented oil. Classic 1.5” Round Silver Tins can be used for a variety of purposes. Send them an email if it isn't as you want it. You can return the money. It's That Simple!

Brand: Candlenscent

👤Nope. The candles don't burn for long. I bought two lamps. I used four tea lights and they last for 2 1/2 hours. I bought a different set of tea candles and will use them, even though I have already used four of them.

👤These tea lights have been purchased for a couple of years. The first few batches of these candles were just right for my needs, they burned as per the description, and did not leave any black soot on the bottom of the glass carafe. The quality is lower now that they have changed. The last three batches that I have ordered have produced a lot of soot on the bottom of the carafe. It is about a half-inch thick in less than two hours of burning. If I don't put it under running water, it will get all over my hands as I pour the coffee, and it will be a huge mess to clean up. There is a I couldn't return them because I combined them in a large bag and threw them out. It was a better option to discard them because they were a mess. I ordered them again a month or so later, hoping that the others were not a defect, but it is still happening. I will return them this time. Sometimes it's important to make a point by returning and writing a review, even though they're inexpensive.

👤The candles were thick. They were packaged differently and were also smaller. The candles burned for 3-4 hours. The new ones only last 1-2 hours. Did they think I wouldn't notice? The newer ones were more expensive. Highly disappointed would be the word.

👤Some of the sets I ordered were damaged. They were in a bubble wrap envelope. The size! I didn't know tealights came in different sizes. These are the short ones. They are half the height. I will purchase others in the future.

👤The candles arrived in good time. I found that one of the 3 holders burned for 2.5 hours. Or less. The other two lasted about 4 hours. They were burning cleanly and without smell. I'd like them to be a little deeper to last a bit longer, but otherwise they're good.

👤They are good quality tea candles. They fit better in my warmer. I had to force it in. They are working well.

👤The tealight candles are the best. They burn for a long time. I was looking for quality tealights after having some that burned for a short time. These are the real deals, no more searching. I'll be buying them from now on. I bought these again and they are smaller and burn for 1.5-2 hours. They are ok, but not like before.

👤I used these for my wedding. I had more in the package. I used my mason jars for my centerpiece. I tossed them because they were mostly run out by the end of the night.

3. Stonebriar Unscented Burning Candles Extended

Stonebriar Unscented Burning Candles Extended

The sport type is camping and hiking. 97 long burning clear cup tea light candles are packaged in a protective storage box. Their candles are made with a 100% cotton wicks for a smokeless burn. Stonebriar's tea light candles are hand poured with quality sustainable palm wax in Europe for an extended 6-7 hour burn time. Tea lights are the perfect size for a floating centerpiece, and are the perfect size for other things. Stonebriar tea light candles are perfect for romantic moments, restaurants, birthday party decorations, or creating a relaxing spa atmosphere. Stonebriar tea light candles are perfect for romantic moments, restaurants, birthday party decorations, or creating a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤It can be difficult to find good quality clear cup tealights. I gave these a try, once I figured out that the reviews for the clear cups were much better than the metal cups, and the clear cups were overwhelmingly well rated. They burn well, burn completely, and last about five or six hours. I recommend trimming the wicks before burning, even when it's a fresh, unused tealight; that really does help the burn time, as well as prevent the flame from growing too high. It's not a big deal if one or two tealights have off-center wicks. Simply burn the tealight until the wax is melted and then use an unbent paper clip to move the metal disk towards the center of the cup. These burn well, illuminate glass candle holders beautifully, and are a good value at the price. I'll buy them again.

👤The tea lights are packed well and you can see that in the photos. The cups have a nice fill. I was pleasantly surprised to see all the candles with standing flames. I've had problems with other tea lights digging the candle's wicks. They burn for 6 1/2 hours. I will buy again.

👤I have tried many different tea lights from different sellers and these are some of the best. They burn well with a nice flame, not a small flame, but a nice sized flame all the way to the end. They last longer than a typical tea light. They are economical. It's less than $18 for 96 tealights. Soy tea lights are usually $50 for 100. I burn 3-4 in my crystal snowballs every night during the fall and winter. These are made with palm wax. They are not made in China but in Europe. These are my go-to tea lights.

👤Quality control is great with these. I've purchased these many times and they are the only ones I use. I've only had a few duds. I can get more than 6 hours out of them. They are packed in plastic sleeves and in a box so that they are not all damaged when they arrive, but rather stable wrapped in plastic stacked so that the tins are not all damaged when they arrive. I bought this brand in a box of 200 metal tins or in smaller quantities in plastic containers. I don't see a difference in performance or burn. The manufacturer is the same. These are the best.

👤The tealights are reliable, long lasting and beautiful. I relight them all the time. After the tealight has been on for a couple of hours, the wax will melt clear and your votive will glow with a warm candle light. Stunning!

👤I only bought one box because I needed 120 to try out these on a high end wedding party favor order. The first order was perfect and my second order was a disaster, the wax would slide out of the clear cup and the pieces on the sides weren't good for my order. I was going to recommend them but they are not consistant and I had to open all of the candles to finish my order. They are not good for my business if you don't need them to be perfect or important. Will have to look for another alternative. There are good boxes from the first order.

4. Stonebriar Unscented Tealight Candles Extended

Stonebriar Unscented Tealight Candles Extended

96 long burning clear cup tea light candles are packaged in a protective storage box. Their candles are made with a 100% cotton wicks for a smokeless burn. Stonebriar's tea light candles are hand poured with quality sustainable palm wax in Europe for an extended 8 hour burn time. Tea lights are the perfect size for a floating centerpiece, and are the perfect size for other things. Stonebriar tea light candles are perfect for romantic moments, restaurants, birthday party decorations, or creating a relaxing spa atmosphere.

Brand: Stonebriar

👤I timed the candle with a stopwatch and was sure it wouldn't last as long as the reviews said it would, but I blew it out by the time I got home. The plastic cup looked better than the metal cup and there was no smell.

👤It's great for my tea light warmers. They last a long time as well. Will definitely do so.

👤The tealights in metal cups are not as bright as the clear tealights. The effect is striking. The candles burn for a long time. The wax is not the best. It is very soft, so it is easy to break during shipping, and it also pushes up and over the side of the cup, so it is not always used. The small plastic cups that hold the tea lights are made of very thin and fragile plastic, so they can break easily. I haven't had a problem with other brands yet. There is no cushion of any kind around the packs of candles, so several arrived crushed. They are packaged in a layer of plastic and delivered in a cheap cardboard box. Many cheaper clear tealight candles have the same issues as these. I didn't realize that one of them was cracked until it was too late, and a lot of its wax pooled into the votive holder. It's more annoying than anything else, but still not the safest. It's a good deal, but beware that multiple candles will probably break.

👤These are perfect for the wax warmers. I like wax warmers but they are hard to use because of tea light candles. All I have to do is light one and it will burn all day. They look better than the cheap ones and so should be placed on a table dresser. It won't look tacky like the mental ones do. I can't recommend these enough to use in a box of 48 for under 11 dollars.

👤So that's right. We are at the end of the second 48-pack, and most likely won't buy any more. 10% of the candles die within minutes/a few hours, and others burn much faster than they should. We have a candle holder that holds 8 candles, so it would be nice to have 8 candles burning at the same time. That's not the case with these candles, which is a deal-breaker.

👤I was surprised at how good these candles are. As with most tea lights, it is important to trim the wicks to 1/2 inch before lighting. I payed attention to how long they lasted after I burned 2 of them. They were true to the 8 hours claim, giving or taking a few minutes. The wax was clear when melted. The carbon did not build up. They burned completely and left very little leftover. There was no soot or smoke when burning or going out. I am very happy to have found these tea lights.

👤I've bought other brands of tealights before, but decided to give these a try. They're poured unevenly which causes the candle to burn out before it's even halfway burnt. If you don't blow them out and try to re-light later, they only burn for a few minutes before going out. I tried only 2 of the candles. Going with another brand.

5. MAGNIFICENT 101 Cleansing Banishes Purification

MAGNIFICENT 101 Cleansing Banishes Purification

White Sage and 100% Natural Soy Wax are the ingredients in the 6 Oz White SAGE HEALING CANDLE. The Latin word for salvia is heal. It's devoted to protecting and clearing. The blend of the two plants creates harmony in the home and body. Smudging is a cleansing ceremony that involves burning white sage in a way that fills the home with the smell of the smoke. It can be used to clear negative energy from people, places, or even objects. thujone is a mildly psychoactive and enhances intuition, according to research. It is a good idea to have a door or window open. The negative energy and negative vibes have to go somewhere. It is possible to improve your mental clarity by choosing to sit and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual like this. If you fill in the blank, you'll know what's being released. This candle was made for a number of purposes, including stress relief, anxiety soothing, and an energy boost. Positive energy and love go into every candle. This candle was made for a number of purposes, including stress relief, anxiety soothing, and an energy boost. Positive energy and love go into every candle.

Brand: Magnificent 101

👤As soon as the candle arrived, I was excited to light it. The scent is not overpowering when the candle is lit, but I could smell it through the packaging. It gave me a calm feeling. The energy in my home is getting better. I'm thinking of buying a second candle for myself and a friend.

👤I read the reviews before buying and the candle is very clean and relaxing, I will purchase again.

👤The energy around the candle is being cleansed by the smell of the candle. The candle's overall usefulness doesn't suffer because of the tin's appearance. I only took one star off.

👤It seems to add a sense of peace to the house.

👤The scent was very light, the candle burns quickly, and I would rather buy incense sticks for the price not satisfied.

👤I wanted the white sage to burn the negative energy away.

👤It would have a better smel.

6. Set 12 Long Burn Emergency Candles

Set 12 Long Burn Emergency Candles

There is a size of 2 x 2.5 and a height of 5 cm. There is a pack of six. White. Burn time is 24 hours. There is a knife. 100% cotton is smokeless. There are 12 pure white emergency candles. The candle is 0.74 inches in diameter. Each burns for 4 hours and 30 minutes. A set of 12 burn for 54 hours.

Brand: Luminessence

👤The review should be zeros. Greenbriar is on the back of the box that says Dollar a Tree candles. They would have said Luminous if they had shown a picture of the box. It is pointless to try to return them because it costs over $3. The boxes were damaged when I received them and the candles looked like they had been there a long time. I would avoid them at all costs.

👤The same candLES were bought at the dollar store. The same box, size and amount of candles were used.

👤These candles are not real. Maybe they tasted for an hour and a half. They are small, about 4 inches tall and 1/2 inch thick.

👤We live in the Hurricane zone of South Carolina and you never know when you will lose power. I needed some candles for the holders. These burn well for a candle. The wick is short already so it doesn't need to be trimmed before lighting. I was surprised but pleased with the amount of light they gave off. The candles are.74" in diameter, but my holders are smaller and the candles are a little smaller. Not a lot. I will be putting foil around the base of the candle to make sure. I am not sure if they are correct in saying that they will burn for 4 1/2 hours, but I am hoping they are correct. I will be testing that theory over the weekend and will update this review with information.

👤I already own a lamp that I bought these to fit in. I still like to use the lamp even though they stopped selling PartyLite candles. These are not as good as the PartyLite brand in that they don't burn away completely, and the remaining remnants can be difficult to remove from the lamp sockets. It's not that hard. I liked the PartyLite candles better. I can't find scented utility candles. The candles seem to burn for a long time, even though I haven't timed the burn time. It's definitely worth what I paid for them. Unless I find some scented ones before I need more, I will probably buy them again.

👤The candles do not stay lit very long and are the exact same brand as what is sold at our local Dollar Tree for $1 a box.

👤If they came in a jar with a tight lid, they will not get wet. I'm not sure if they'll melt in the summer heat, but they should be in a water tight container. Remember the 19 hour wait in virginia? Don't put them near the car. Also have food. I put halloween candy in a jar with a tight lid and blankets and have a good flashlight that kids don't play with and check the weather on long trips.

7. HomeLights Unscented Smokeless Christmas Home

HomeLights Unscented Smokeless Christmas Home

Quality matters. Tea light candles are made using pure cotton and paraffin wax and burn brighter, longer and cleaner, making them the perfect addition to your home décor. It is a long burn time. Their candles can burn for up to 7 hours without any smoke or flickers, and the metal holder makes sure you don't have to worry about any wax drippings. Whether you are decorating your home or getting ready for a romantic night, their tea lights candles have you covered. They are perfect for weddings, pool parties, and many other occasions. Warm and windy: The decorated small candles burn without making any smoke to make any room or venue feel welcoming and warm for any occasion. Handcrafted in Europe. Their long- lasting tealight candles are hand-poured in Europe without using harsh chemicals or materials to make them, and they are easy to use. Handcrafted in Europe. Their long- lasting tealight candles are hand-poured in Europe without using harsh chemicals or materials to make them, and they are easy to use.

Brand: Home Lights

👤candle 1 is burning very dim compared to the others. I have a problem where a lot of candles burn like they are going to burn out and some of them are duds. I don't understand why some candles shine bright and some don't, I got all three candles from the same package. The tins are very thin. These are some of the worst tealights I've ever received.

👤I had a wedding reception in June. I tested one out to see how long it would last and it lasted almost 8 hours. I use these for my centerpiece votives.

👤I keep pipes from freezing on cold nights by putting them in empty cupboards and below toilets. Some don't burn completely and only last a few hours. I like that they are not colored.

👤The best tealights I have ever purchased. I burn them every night because they last so long. It doesn't clash with any other I have chosen to burn at the same time because of the faint scent. I will buy them again.

👤These are a great deal if you want to create a mood with lots of candles. If you need your candles to create useful light, be aware that they are too dim to be used at a dinner table, outdoor patio, or as emergency candles.

👤A candle was burned for 6-7 hours. I used them for Christmas.

👤I use them for 3 hours of burning.

👤Quick delivery. It was as advertised. Good deal.

👤We use a lot of tea light candles. I built a Terracotta pot tea light heater about 8 years ago and we use it as a primary heat source for our living room and another smaller one for our kitchen/dining area. We know what works best for us because we have tried many different brands. The shortest duration was 6.5 hours. This tea light candle is the best one yet. Walmart's Mainstays 100 count 4 hr candles are a good value because they last over double the length and are a good value. We tried the "Yummi" brand out of Canada, which was rated for 7 hours, but only lasted 4.5 to 6 hours, and had a strong smell that was off putting. I took pictures of the empty shells to show the difference in size between them. Highly recommended.

👤The t-lights are a good price.

👤I would recommend this product.

8. Hyoola Emergency Candles 24 3 Hour

Hyoola Emergency Candles 24 3 Hour

The sport type is camping and hiking. Premium quality. The candles are made with smooth wax that does not have any drips. These small candles are made from 100% paraffin wax and have a cotton wicks. The emergency power can be used. Every emergency survival kit needs this package of bulk candles. Along with all other emergency supplies, keep it handy. There is a multi purpose. It's great for household, emergency, power outages, utility, and school projects. They can also be used for special occasions. These candles are perfect for standard candlesticks and holders. They are both.65" in diameter. Burn time is 3 hours. There is a value pack. The candles bulk package includes 2 x 12 count boxes, perfect to stock up with so you can enjoy the best in both quantity and quality.

Brand: Hyoola

👤My candelabra is complete with these white candles and is ready to be hung. The candles are cheap and well made. They don't emit a lot of smell when they burn. I did a quick test and thought they would burn the advertised time. My candelabra takes candles that are wider, but a folded strip of aluminum foil wrapped around the candle filled the gap nicely. Thank you!

👤I like candles. They're not drips. I gave them 4 out of 5 stars because of the candle wax burning down faster than the wicks. This creates a higher flame as it burns. I had to blow the flame out and pinch the wicks down. I was cautious and it may not have been necessary. The candle was too small for the holder. I put foil around the candle to make it snug. I'm satisfied with all of the things that I would do again.

👤Four inch emergency candles are no longer reasonably priced. The candles are a halfway measure. But... I just bought a bunch of standard OHR candles for twenty bucks. They are an excellent value. Everyone should be prepared for the power to go off.

👤The smell is not good and they burn too fast. They are fine for what I use them for. I might buy again.

👤I was expecting these to be larger than the pictures on the website. They work as stated. I burned them for three hours in a draft less room. Well done! Great for emergency situations. If needed, will buy again.

👤A few of these come cracked near the wicks, with wax breaking off around the crack. I haven't had an emergency to test these out in, but I'm sure they'll be useless without some major manipulation. Good product, I can tell.

👤They are too small, burn too fast, and don't fit in candle holders. Not worth the money.

👤They burn very quickly so you should use them to start a fire. They won't last the night but we have them in case. You get a lot of them.

👤Je croyais qu'elles était plus grosse et plus longue.

👤I can't find a candle holder that will fit the candles, and even in the store, I can't find that the candles will fit in. Disappointed.

👤These were small and burned quickly.

9. White Votive Candles Decorations Centerpieces

White Votive Candles Decorations Centerpieces

Beautiful necklace: Votive candles are designed to set the perfect mood for weddings and holiday parties. Keep the flame glowing and look pretty for up to 24 hours with candles. Premium quality table top votives are made with hand poured wax. Their candles emit virtually no smell, so you don't have to worry about unpleasant odors in your home or venue. They are a great gift and party favor, and can be used to give guests at weddings, baby showers, and other events. They make great birthday, holiday, and housewarming gifts. There is a value pack. The bulk package includes 50 candles, perfect to stock up on so you can enjoy the best in both quantity and quality. There is a value pack. The bulk package includes 50 candles, perfect to stock up on so you can enjoy the best in both quantity and quality.

Brand: Hyoola

👤A few of these have burned for 24 hours. More than half have not. They don't fit in my votive cups because they're fat and the wax doesn't reach the bottom of the cup. I only have 4 of the small candle jars I wanted to use as votive cups, so I've been re-using them as votive holders. They aren't more consistently long burners. They were only worth this price if they could deliver that burn in 24 hours. I have to change votives twice as often because I have to go back to 10 hour votives.

👤I have total buyers remorse for the awful product. The burn time described is incorrect because they are made cheaply and not poured, so there is a hole drilled and a wicks put in, which is a waste of money, and will never purchase this product again.

👤The metal holder at the bottom of the candle can fall out. The candles do not have the wicks molded into them. The candles are made without a wicks and just a slot in the middle of the candle for the wick, then they slide it in after the candle is molded. If you're not careful, the larger the hole, the more likely it will fall out. If it does, you can just slide it back in. It's still surprising. The candles work well.

👤They arrived and looked like they had been thrown across the country. The box was full of wax dust. Half or more of the candles don't burn well. The wax is halfway done when the wick burns down to the bottom. I ordered these because they are lovely and I have aTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkias, I have aTrademarkias from this company. I think the company is dealing with supply and shipping issues and just trying to deliver product no matter the quality. Too bad.

👤These are what I was looking for, and are the quality I would expect for a low price. I've noticed that votives have been decreasing in size. The size of a tea lite is now 888-282-0465, which is a rip. I was looking for full size votives, and these fit the bill. The boxes they're packed in are very messy, so you might want to transfer them into another container, and keep a broom handy. The candles are a little beat up, but they seem to burn well. I'll probably buy them again. Cheers!

👤I noticed that there was wax on the box when I opened it. The candles are falling apart and you can see that in the picture. It only contained a single level of 25 candles.

👤The majority of candles burn for 24 hours. After about 8 to 10 hours, there will be a "dud" that burns out. I think 2 or 3 out of the 50 is not bad considering the value price of these candles. If you want a basic white candle that will burn around the clock, this is a good deal. I have bought them 3 times already.

10. Tealight Candles Metal Unscented Lights

Tealight Candles Metal Unscented Lights

There is a set of 250 white tea light candles. 1.5 inch x 1.5 inch x 0.50 inch tall. The most standard votive holders have candles in them. The perfect amount of candles to add to any occasion is UNSCENTED and SMOKELESS. 6 hours burn time is what tealights candles have. They have an aluminum cup to make sure there is no mess. It's handy in restaurants, hotels, wedding, party planers, spa and emergency candles. It's great as a food warmer, as well as decorations for wedding, party and any other special occasions, use it with rose petals for romantic night. Can be used as floating candles. It's great as a food warmer, as well as decorations for wedding, party and any other special occasions, use it with rose petals for romantic night. Can be used as floating candles.

Brand: Light In The Dark

👤When the candle was low, the flame started to ignite the inside. When I tried to put it out with water, the flames went up 3 feet high. I ran out of the house and smothered it with dirt. Don't leave them unattended if you already have them.

👤The tealight candles are the worst. Most of the candles were messed up, half of the candles were crushed and the wax looked like styrofoam when the package arrived. I haven't opened the plastic over the candles because the wax beads are spilling all over. I bought these candles for my mini fondue kit, but I don't know if they are safe for that purpose. If you need tealight candles, go to ikea.

👤I try to support products that are reasonably priced, but these are horrible at any cost. They smell like gasoline. They burn low and horrible, with the wicks often falling over and putting them out. There's a lot of 'wax' left over in the cups after they burn so badly. Sometimes at the end, they throw up huge flaming objects. Don't. These aren't the prettiest lights I've ever owned, but I wasn't looking for that. I was looking for cheap ones. I will buy again.

👤I buy tea lights to light up my prayers. Tea lights that were bent or placed in the corner were often the ones I encountered. These tea lights look like they came from an assembly line. The melted wax doesn't turn the wicks off and almost all of the tea lights burn to completion due to the fact that every single wicks is placed at the center. It might sound silly, but not having to deal with a partially burnt tea light is something of a joy to me. I love the package it came in. I have been using this product for about a month and I am happy with it.

👤The candles were described correctly. It was important to me that people in the family were scent free. These have no scent at all. I would say that they burned for six hours. I didn't see any smoke. There was almost no wax left in the holder when they left. The price was good and they were perfect.

👤The candles featured in this deal are practical additions to your home decor. If you have a ceiling fan on, the burn times can vary. They burn with a soft, low flame that produces no smoke or odors. These tea lights are a great gift for someone who has everything. They are packaged in a large plain package and wrapped in cellophane in two stacks. The little guys are very affordable. If you're looking for a unique way to add drama to your home, one of these in a candle holder is a good option. They are a tried and true gift idea. It's comforting to hold a cup of tea in your hand while you watch the sun go down or read a magazine under a blanket that is relaxing and comforting.

11. Taper Candles Hour White Household

Taper Candles Hour White Household

Their candles are white in color and are a must-have in the home. Their pack of 45 white candle stick alleviates the atmosphere from ordinary to phenomenal, whether you are having a fancy party or a casual dinner. The Bolsius candles are designed to last longer than usual. The long straight even thickness burns a consistent flame and has more wax than candles. The quality of churchyard candles is premium. The long straight candles are made to be easy to use and not have to clean the mess. The long stem candles don't cause any harm. Bolsius long candlesticks are created from a high-grade wax which burns slowly for up to 7 hours. The 1 inch candles are perfect for all-night celebrations, but the slow burning candles last longer. Order their pack of 45 candles and use them as Christmas candles in candelabra, church service candles, dripless dinner candles, and emergency candles. Order their pack of 45 candles and use them as Christmas candles in candelabra, church service candles, dripless dinner candles, and emergency candles.

Brand: Bolsius

👤Fox Run 3100 Stick-Um Candle Adhesive, 0.5-Ounce is a great product to use on the bottom of the candles to get them to stand upright. They are all floppy in one and don't fit in a standard candle holder. I have not had a problem with other candles fitting in the holders. They seem to be of decent quality.

👤I have purchased Bolsius candles before. The first round was very good. The ones in the picture are the ones that are 7 hours. I lit them about 5 minutes before taking the picture. These candles are the only candles I buy. They burn very well and are great quality. They don't let off a smell or drips. The only time they ever dripped wax on me was when I had a ceiling fan running near them and the wind current forced the wax to drips. The candlesticks should be put in the freezer for about an hour and the drips will come off with a fingernail. These candles are winners and moderately priced.

👤These candles are hard to light. The candles are packaged in a cardboard box. Think of cardboard as Christmas wrap shirt boxes. The front of the candle is made of a material that will allow you to choose a single candle without having to open a box or remove one from the shelf. The problem is that the employee who fulfilled the order chose one of the blue and white plastic lightly padded bubble side envelopes. The candles were spilled into the plastic mailer when the box of candles was tore. The bag sounded like a bag of broken dishes when I picked it up. I expected the candles to be broken, cracked and held together by the wicks. I didn't know how the candles would look in ways you don't want to see in your candlesticks. This was not the case and I was very happy. The candles were all loose in the mailer, but none were broken or damaged. My fears were unwarranted. The 7 inch candles burn for at least six hours or more, with a clear, bright and even flame, producing plenty of light, but are not scented, so there are no perfumes to conflict with the floral centerpiece, delicate wine scents, or the expensive fragrances of the elegant ladies. The candles should be shipped in a box, not in a plastic bag. If you order these candles, I would recommend that you send them in a strong Amazon box. Good luck!

👤I thought I had left a review. I am happy to do it again. These candles are amazing. I light 2 candles at dusk and the candles have more burn time left when I go to bed. I get the calming effect of the rest of one candle when I drink coffee in the morning. I think that is cool. So... These candles are very good. I will be buying them for as long as you are doing well. Beaucoup Silvia Wolfson.


What is the best product for survival tin candle?

Survival tin candle products from Stansport. In this article about survival tin candle you can see why people choose the product. Candlenscent and Stonebriar are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival tin candle.

What are the best brands for survival tin candle?

Stansport, Candlenscent and Stonebriar are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival tin candle. Find the detail in this article. Magnificent 101, Luminessence and Home Lights are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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