Best Survival Tarp 8x10

Tarp 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Stansport Medium Duty Rip Stop Tarp 10

Stansport Medium Duty Rip Stop Tarp 10

A variety of uses. The weave construction is 8 x 10. Rope reinforced edges. The corners are reinforced. Rip-stop polyethylene is laminated on both sides. Every 3 to 4 feet there are heavy duty rust resistant grommets.

Brand: Stansport

👤It's a piece of furniture. It does the same thing as a tarpaulin. It's waterproof and heavy duty. I have a lot of these, and I'm happy with them. I put them under my tent when I'm camping and on the driveway when I'm working on the truck. You can hose it off if you want. It can rip or tear. If you put it under the hammock, you won't get pine needles on your feet. It makes a sound if it's dark and quiet in the woods. There is a The tarp won't rip when you step on the rocks, but it will sting a little when you are barefoot. My don't. There is a I'm going to give this tarp a buncha stars, because it's not a weak little tarp, it's a strong tarp. I use it for tarping, and I'm happy.

👤I bought a tarp for camping. The size is perfect for a 4 person tent. The tarp is of good quality. It's a little heavy. For windy conditions, the grommets are useful. The tarp is serving me well and I like the green color. One of the questioners asked if the size I bought was 10 X 12-Feet.

👤There is a new update from 2020 I can say that the tarps has done well for four years now, and probably 10 or so more in the future. We take care of it, we dry it, sweep it off, fold it, and keep it in a trailer, inside of a garage, but we have taken care of us. We patched the small holes with duct tape. Four years later, with reasonable care for the product, we plan to use it again. First, what kind of freak dreams of tarps? When I plan to use the tarp as pictured to provide a wonderful outdoor kitchen/hang out area for when it rains on camping trips, I do. We needed a tarp that was large enough to make a ridge-line, pole tarped area, heavy enough not to rip in a decent storm, light enough to work on a ridge line. Maybe I'm asking for impossible. The dimensions of the tarp were perfect. The tarp blends in nicely with the campground surroundings. The corners are reinforced. The tarp is light for this application. If memory serves me correctly, the tarp can be connected to the ridge line with a grommet. I have reason to doubt that this tarp would hold up in a decent storm, as I have experience with it. I wish the product was a little thicker.

👤These tarps are not heavy duty. They are not 6 inches shy of the size as advertised. The corners are plastic double re-enforced. Not well at that. The 12 x 14 I ordered was not the same as the 11 x 13 I ordered. It's like 10'-11" x 12'-11" You can find these Tarps anywhere. The Poly coated is called Bologna. It had holes poked through it. The tarp is good for keeping dust off. Unless it was a 5 MPH Breeze, it will not take any wind. A piece of cheap Wall-Mart plastic will work as well as a waste of money.

2. Unigear Waterproof Protection Lightweight Backpacking

Unigear Waterproof Protection Lightweight Backpacking

Stay dry in the rain. Unigear tent tarp is waterproof and made of rip-stop Oxford fabric. It protects against rain, sudden downpours, snow and high winds. The rain fly's 8 fix points are reinforced with a triangle dual layer to offer a safer and tougher shelter. Double reinforced stitches can prevent ripping and leaking even in extreme conditions. Unigear lightweight tarp can provide a UV protection in the sun. It's perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, or other adventures. There are multiple uses. The rain fly can be used as a tarp, hammock shelter, outdoor kitchen cover, simple tent, tent footprint, ground sheet and instant shade. You can set up different shapes with 6 stakes and 6 ropes. If you have a quality problem, please e-mail them at any time, and they will take care of you.

Brand: Unigear

👤I used it for a camping trip. It is light and compact and Sturdy, for its size and price point. It is possible to keep the rain off. The included stakes are poor in quality and the ties aren't much better. I would rate the tarp at 5 stars. This should be five stars after a few more months of use. The stakes are not very good, but the tarp keeps me dry and sheltered in the rain. I've had it for a few years and have used it many times. The tarp has worked reliably on many occasions with no issues on camping trips in all seasons. This is an amazing value for money because of how much use I have gotten out of it.

👤I felt compelled to write a review after camping in the rain. The rain fly is easy to set up, waterproof, dries fast and compacts down to almost nothing. I was thrilled with my experience after years of fighting with heavy plastic tarps that took up too much room and were so loud. The product is great. It rained for 3 days and didn't get any water.

👤Why am I not surprised? Cheap product from China. Every item made in China is in today's order. Isn't it great that we have an American company that supports the Chinese economy?

👤This was used as a rain fly. The rain fly was waterproof. It's a bit heavier due to the reflective layer, but that helped a lot when I was camping in a storm that rode in on some wind. The little tabs and grommets are attached to the paracord. I bent a lot of the tent stakes on their first use in soft, forest humus, but I only have one complaint. They don't work in gravelly or rocky areas and had to use tent stakes for something stronger at a gravelly campsite. The rain fly should be done with the caveat of purchasing better quality tent stakes.

👤I use the rain fly over my hammock. It was a fabric rain fly and not made of poly. The tabs are strong enough to tie it down. I have been easy on them as I always had a problem with poly tarps and any amount of decent tension and the grommets would rip out. I liked the price of the rain fly. It was well priced for a fabric tarp. The included ropes are a bit on the long side for the application style that I use, but it's probably best that they are so they can be used in any type of fashion. The rain fly repels water and it dries quickly in the sun. It's a plus when packing the next day. The underside is made of silver. Rescue personnel could use this side as a high visibility material in an emergency. If I had to choose one complaint about the rain fly, it would be that the stakes that come with it are cheaper and do not stand up to the pounding of a heavy object. I would say be careful there or buy higher quality ones. The rain fly is a great purchase.

3. KALINCO Exchange Waterproof Lightweight Mutifunctional

KALINCO Exchange Waterproof Lightweight Mutifunctional

These are four season heavy duty tarps that can be used for everyday use and can protect you against heavy rain and UV rays. These canvas tarps are heavy-duty and perfect for many uses. The tarps are not intended for cars, boats or highway use. The camping tarp is a multi-functional shelter which can be used in many different ways. You can use the tarp as a picnic mat. The pegs and ropes can be used to set up the sun canopy or rain tarp. Waterproof: The tarp tent is made from a type of fabric that is waterproof and has a taped central seam that is ideal for rain flies. It is easy to carry and use, making it convenient to travel. If you want to use the tarp as a tent footprint, unfold it and lay it on the ground. The material is light, flexible and strong enough to prevent wear and puncture. The tarp has stakes, ropes, and a handbag. The nails are made of aluminum. It's strong and doesn't rust. The tent tarp is your best choice when starting a new travel plan. If the item is faulty, they give a 60 day exchange service warranty. If the item's damage or malfunction is caused by delivery or not. You will be offered a return. If you have any issues, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you.

Brand: Kalinco

👤I'm familiar with tarps. I use them for shelter in the woods and have several high end tarps. The tarp is in a class of its own, but I wouldn't compare it to an Aquaquest Defender series. I would compare this tarp to a DD tarp. The construction is very similar, both are made of a sil poly fabric. The column rating is hydro-static. Both sacks look the same, and even the little pouch with the included stakes look the same. If there's some re branding going on here, it makes me wander. I was looking for a longer tarp. I thought I'd give the KALINCO a try after I found it at a fraction of the cost. I can tell you that the stitching is top notch, it's got plenty of reinforced tie out points, and the overall quality is great. I highly recommend the KALINCO tarp, I'm very happy with it.

👤I and my friends were saved by this thing. I went up to the Sierra Nevada with no tent and false promises of better weather, but still threw this in the pack at the last minute. We got hammered by rain, wind, and hail in 2 days. thunder and lightning shook the mountain We rigged this to trees and used hiking poles to keep it open and closed for nearly 3 hours. Nature tried to blow us off the mountain, but it did not leak a drop and we were dry. One of my hiking companions said, "I would have died up here without that shelter." No question.

👤Stay away. I knew it was going back when I took it out of the carrying case. I will edit this review later, but I sent a text to my friend immediately after taking it out of the carrying case. The material is not the same as the other. The material is very thin. The material is not waterproof. Ultra cheap windbreaker material seems to have a water resistant coating. It feels like it will wear out before you know it, even if it has a water resistant coating. I bought the Freekite lightweight waterproof camping Tarp a month ago. I spent hours looking at all the camping tarps on Amazon, as well as searching the internet. I read the negative reviews and decided on the Freekite. I want a bigger tarp because I can fit an entire tent under it. I can't justify spending a ton of money on a project if I know I'm getting the right quality and function for the money. After experimenting with a few different configurations on my SUV, I decided to search for an Aqua Quest, and maybe even pay the big bucks for it. The Aqua Quest tarps are more expensive than I remembered. I looked at their website, but there were no tarps in stock. I thought the Kalinco would be okay after re-examining the negative reviews. I was wrong. I want to re-iterate the stitching along the edges, which is the most basic type of hem anyone could ever put on. If you look at it the wrong way, it will fall apart. Don't buy this product. Period. The story is over. Maybe I don't need to change anything.

4. FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Multifunctional Backpacking

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Multifunctional Backpacking

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 5 year warranty. The rain fly tent hammock tarp has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Gold Armour is dedicated to addressing any product/service issues and is committed to delivering the best experience for all buyers. The 5 year warranty is included by Gold Armour. Proud to be a US-based company. The hammock camping Tarp has a 2500 PU waterproof rating and is made of ripstop polyester fabric. The free backpacking tarp can be put up to block the sun's rays and protect your skin from the sun. Strong and stable. Water penetration would not happen because of the heat seal and melting process and the puncture resistant fabric. The ridgeline seam is reinforced to prevent it from falling off. The large size in 118" 126" is enough for 2 people. It's convenient to put it into a lightweight sack when not in use. The net weight is not super light but heavy duty and can be considered of the thickness of the fabric. There is a hammock rain fly, nylon guy lines with tensioners, and a stuff sack. The shelter has 19 guy points and 5 strengthen points. It's easy to set up a hammock shelter to avoid wind and rain. Heavy duty operating, tactical, military, shelter, hunting, fishing, backpacking, traveling, hiking, working, camping and other outdoor adventure can be done with a free waterproof portable tarp. Their goal is to make you happy and satisfied.

Brand: Free Soldier

👤This tarp has been with me for over a year. I used it to cover my hammock in the winter. I had it in constant rain for 3 days and 2 nights, and my bedding and hammock stayed dry all weekend. The water is kept out completely by the taped seams. The square shape and generous tie out tabs make it versatile for rigging tarp shelters. It is a bit heavier than some of the higher end silnylon offerings, but it is still a great value and built like a tank.

👤Nice design and construction, but not worth the added cost. I bought a tarp for a bugout. I let a friend use a second bugout bag after buying a Free Soldier tarp. They were being used for the first time. The Free Soldier tarp had more than double the tie-down straps and was more durable than the Chill Gorilla tarp, but the limited number of tie-down points restricted how many configurations were available. I bought more Free Soldier tarps. I didn't get any incentive to write a review or compare products. I don't have an affiliation with either manufacturer.

👤A man. Oh man. I spend more money trying to find a good product. I did a lot of research on this tarp. I guess it checked all of the boxes, but not quality control. It arrived today. I was careful with the box and checking it out. The backyard has a few common tarp pitches that are shown on various videos. The perimeter loops were anchored. I tried to use a trekking pole as a prop. I acted with caution because I am aware of what can be tight. I loosened up the pole to make a peak. What is that? I can see why it failed. The sewn on loop is about a quarter of an inch wide. The loop has a serious zig zag stick that is nice, but it poked enough holes into the material to form the seam, that it basically cut it like a knife. darn darn darn. I stopped there. It was wrapped up in a trash bag and thrown in the recycle bin. Oh well. Another inferior product. I don't expect miracles. I think it will last longer than 30 minutes. I took it out of the recycle bin. I believe there are five locations along the ridge line where a strip of duct tape can be used to support fabric. There is a One way to fix this is to have the ridge seam at least an inch or better yet an inch and a quarter wide, maybe even an inch and a half wide. It needs to be the strongest part of the tarp since the two halves are joined together. I'll fix it with duct tape and keep it for a shade awning when I'm camping. Oh well. Peace, RL.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and ease of use of this tarp. I used it on a long, windy, rainy weekend in the woods. Tarp did a great job. The tarp's abundance of tie outs was a selling point for me. It was much easier to set up in the winds we had this weekend. The weekend was warm and dry despite the rain and high winds. The work is done well. It didn't bleed through, so I was surprised. Even though it had rained most of the night, there was no damage to the fabric of the bag that was pushed against the tarp. The addition of a couple of tie out loops inside along the ridge line is something I would love to see. It would be amazing to be able to hang a bug net inside during the summer.

5. Breeze Outdoors Ultralight Waterproof Equipment

Breeze Outdoors Ultralight Waterproof Equipment

The features are waterproof. Sun Ultraviolet (UV) resistant is a weather trait. The Quick Pop-Up Shelter Canopy is designed to cover a camping tent from bad weather, keep you cool when relaxing on the beach, or provide essential shade on a picnic, and it has a rainfly tarp to protect you from rain, snow, and wind. They use a material that is waterproof and tear resistant and has a PU coating that makes it strong even in bad weather. The reinforced triangular dual-layer design along with 6 fixed points let you adhere their hammock shelter to trees or the ground more effectively, so you don't worry about it blowing away, leaking, or ripping. Their backpacking tarp is UV- resistant and ideal for hiking, backpacking, and park picnics because it provides ideal shade and UV protection, so you can stretch out and relax underneath with cool comfort. They want to make it easy to set up your rainfly tarp with minimal effort and without sacrificing safety or stability which is why each one also includes 4 aluminum stakes and 6 ropes for quick setup.

Brand: Breeze Outdoors

👤The tarp was 12 feet by 10 feet. It was easy to store away. It was easy to clean. The stakes were very nice and easy to push into the ground. The guy line cords were thick. A tarp can make a difference in a camping trip. The tarp was very nice.

👤The company is lightweight. I will be suggesting this to my friends that love the out doors.

👤The product is easy to setup. It's worth the money.

6. Extra Large Hammock Waterproof Centerline

Extra Large Hammock Waterproof Centerline

The 3rd party was thoroughly inspected and given a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their hammock tarps are portable, foldable, and dry off fast, making them the best festival gear, bushcraft tarp, camping tarp shelter, rain tarp, backpacking gear essentials. High quality and durable rain tarp. The Rainfly Tarp has a 5,000mm waterproof rating and will keep you dry and comfortable. Their tent tarp is used as tent tarp, hammock shelter, simple tent, tent footprint, ground sheet and blanket, instant shade, and more. The best value in one complete package is 2 centerlines, 33 tie down points, 5,000mm waterproof rating. There are sponges, roaches and tapestries. 14ft x 12ft, 12ft x 10ft, 10ft x 10ft, and 10ft x 8ft are the sizes that work best for you. The great outdoors company. Their Rainfly Tarp is available in all weather. Set up in minutes. Also comes with a rain proof sack. There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 5 year warranty. The rain fly tent hammock tarp has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Gold Armour is dedicated to addressing any product/service issues and is committed to delivering the best experience for all buyers. The 5 year warranty is included by Gold Armour. Proud to be a US-based company.

Brand: Gold Armour

👤I rarely do immediate reviews on durable goods. I destroyed a good tarp in the beater tarp that I needed for Texas sun. I looked at a lot of things on eBay and Amazon and decided on this one. It seemed like a good risk with the 5 year warranty and satisfaction guarantee. The material is ripstop, backed with ehat, and appears to be less than 14oz per yard. It has a DWR application on the face. The tarp costs more than twice as much. It does not compare favorably to my AquaQuestSafari, but if it did, I would be more angry about it than I am about this. It's a bit heavy at 1.8lb, but it's also large at 10x12 I would be very impressed with this, in a 7x7 at $20. It doesn't pitch very tight because it appears put together well, but not precise. It will not stretch and droop like nylon. The camo pattern has great colors and is surprisingly good. It has a grey border that compromises the camo. I chose camo as a courtesy to other hikers and nature lovers, not for serious concealment, so it's not really a problem. If you're looking for a tarp that can be used for concealment, consider the olive green tarp. Unless it falls apart or leaks badly, I think this is a good buy. After my first thorough field test, I will update. It gets 3 stars for being as advertised. The price alone will get a 4 if it lives up to first impressions. We will see if we can rise to a 5. 1st There was a moderate thunderstorm last night. 45mph wind gusts and several hours of rain. It handled the rain with no issues. The DWR is still working well, but will need to be reapplied at some point. One of the plastic tieout rings broke. I think it will be ok, and it will be easy to fix. If you can sew, I think reinforcement of the stitching will make a difference. I'll post pics when I've done reinforcement. Stitching has held fast and DWR is still at 80%, but sheets of water form when the rain stops. I cut the tieout rings with scissors to see how strong they are. This modification is recommended immediately because they will break and it won't be a pleasant experience. The cloth loops are sufficient. I bought a camo tarp to keep in my car and it appears that there have been changes made. 1) I haven't tested the plastic grommets yet, but they appear to be strong and lightweight. There are two more They have added a reinforcing stitch to the perimeter tieouts to prevent them from tearing. There are 3 more The fabric is softer than the print. I don't know how it performs compared to the previous version. These changes show that they pay attention to their customers. I added a 4th star for this pleasant surprise.

👤I looked over many Tarp options on Amazon and found reviews that were good and pictures of the product that showed lots of tie-outs. I took a chance on a few of the big tarps. It was surprisingly surprised! I like having a lot of securing options, because I have experience with using all sorts of tarps. The tarp gives you something. The plastic tie-out loop eyelets were oval shaped instead of rounded, and the supplied aluminum stakes were not allowed to fit down in them to stake to the ground, and they also did not allow my particular style of trekking pole tip-end to be used. These were not show stopping as I re-adjusted my tie-out rope techniques to attach the trekking pole to the plastic loop to allow for porch mode setup. I used the common practice of quick disconnection with ropes and sticks for the stakes to the ground. It fits over all hammock lengths at 12 feet long x 10 feet wide. I usually setup my tarps in an "A-frame" style with porch-mode. You're looking at 20 to 24 feet of ridge-line in this diamond pattern configuration. There is a lot of privacy. The possibilities are endless with this tarp. The customer service is next. I noticed a small issue with one of the tarps I bought and I contacted the company and they responded within an hour with two different refunds. I was amazed that this level of customer service still existed. This company is all about making it right and making the customer happy. The best part? The company is owned by a family. You don't have to wait months to get an answer or new gear, the items don't seem to be. If you are looking for a big camping tarp with lots of configuration possibilities and with a NO NONSENSE honest customer service, then this item is worth it. This company is worth a lot of money and time.

7. Tarp Waterproof Lightweight Reversible Silver

Tarp Waterproof Lightweight Reversible Silver

After-sale service. The warranty is 90 days from the date of purchase. They will give you a satisfactory solution if you have any questions. They strive for excellence, they are proud of each and every King-A-MA-JIGS product. Their goal is to give their customers products that exceed their expectations. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, just contact them and they'll give you a full refund. The size of the Tarp Finish is 8 x10 Feet. Every 18 Inches - Rope Reinforced Hems. Light weight: The light to medium duty Multipurpose tarp is an alternative to the heavy duty tarps that are meant to last longer. Their tarps can be used for regular use. There are repercussions. It is an ideal tarp to bring on a hunting, backpacking, or outdoor camping trip, as it does not add too much carrying weight or bulk, and it could be used as an emergency shelter, blind, or ground cover. It can be put in the trunk of the car, in your camping gear, or in your hunting backpack. The features are waterproof. Dustproof. Sun Ultraviolet (UV) Resistant is weather and tear resistant.

Brand: King-a-ma-jigs

👤The tarp is hung over the windows in the garage. I have a protective film over it that prevents people from looking in during the day, but someone could see in at night if they wanted to. The garage has been renovated into an apartment and I wanted to cover the windows with a tarp. It's thin and opaque so that it blocks out the sun in the early morning. It seems to repel water well. I don't think it has much insulation, but the door does a good job and the window film helps. I secured the tarp with magnets so that I can easily adjust it to see out as I please, but it also comes with grommets so that it can be hung for other uses, or tied down with rope. I recommend this product, but make sure you pay attention to the measurement and know that it's thickness is pretty low.

👤A month ago. It was installed. Returned to order another. Thin material makes it hard to guess. It could easily be punctured. Eyes are not straight. People can't preexamine these irregulars. For what I needed, it worked out. Not deserving or five stars. I bought another for my needs.

👤After the first use, it tore. It depends on how you use it. I was very happy with this tarp for camping, it just so happens to have holes from the rocks rubbing against the center of the tarp.

👤This is to cover our sons raptor 80. It works just like a tarp would.

👤I pulled it out of the bag and it was already falling apart.

👤It is very thin. If you subtract 75 percent thickness from the lightest tarp you'll get what you're getting.

👤I'd buy another one if it was good.

👤The sun covered my carport for a short time. One gets what they pay.

8. Waterproof Reinforced Reflective Industrial Commercial

Waterproof Reinforced Reflective Industrial Commercial

If you have a quality problem, please e-mail them at any time, and they will take care of you. There is a TIGHT WOVEN FABRIC. Their canvas duty tarps are made from heavy 12 ounce duck fabric which is Grade "A" Premium Double Filled or "Plied Yarn" which creates a tighter weave construction and smoother texture than single fill cotton ducks. The tight weave makes the tarps more durable. The tarps are waterproof. Heavy duty. Their canvas tarpaulins are constructed to perform in all weather conditions. The cotton canvas tarps are rot resistant and will last a long time as all the seams and hems are double stitched with heavy duty thread. It is important to keep water out of objects, keep valuables dry, and allow a little air for drying out the humidity. There are multiple sizes. Tarps come in many different sizes. The tarps are secured in a robust manner with the use of rustproof grommets that are 2.5 to 3 feet apart all around and in each corner. Poly-vinyl triangles are used to reinforce them with extremely durable patches. There are loops on every grommet to insert rope for All Round Tensioning and for easy tie-down. These loops help reduce wear on tarp, prevent pull-out due to high winds, and extend the life of tarp. There are reflective tape at corners that will give a high visibility warning during night time that will help mark out potentially dangerous or hazardous areas. These are four season heavy duty tarps that can be used for everyday use and can protect you against heavy rain and UV rays. These canvas tarps are heavy-duty and perfect for many uses. The tarps are not intended for cars, boats or highway use.

Brand: Whiteduck

👤I bought this tarp to cover the gear on my roof-top basket. I folded the tarp, enchilada style, rather than tying it down through the loops that were used to tie it down, to keep it from flapping around. After the second use, I found that a grommet, its reinforcement and seam stitching had been ripped-out. The stress on the grommet was enough to ruin it. There was a hole in the middle of the tarp that rubbed over some gear. The two uses I got out of it were good. I used the company's website to submit a claim for replacement. It was very easy to use with straight forward instructions. It took about a week for me to get a text response. It stated that I could call or text at any time. The next day, I received a text that said a replacement tarp was on its way and that I should let them know when it arrived. There are zero stars for customer service. The replacement tarp did not arrive after six weeks. During this time, I had to initiate contact with the Customer Service contact several times and, despite being very responsive, all that I ever got was a promise to check on the status of the shipment, and then no more information or follow up until I sent another of many inquiries. I gave up at this point. I wrote a very direct and plainly written text to the company which they seemed to want to escalate the issue to satisfy me, to what end result I don't know. I don't believe there was ever any intent to stand behind their product, so this is fraud, and these people seem to be good people acting out the role of doing a good job for their customer.

👤I am using this as a cover over a metal framed "car port", like the ones that come with a white plastic roof and side walls. I have been trying to find a material that can be stretched over the metal frame, handle snow loads without the grommets ripping out, and the material doesn't get sun damaged bad enough for it to rip. The tarp handles that. I put it on in the summer. It's strong enough to handle using a push broom to sweep snow off and/or bumping the snow off from underneath, because the color hasn't faded. I have a tarp that is tight enough that it sounds like a drum when tapped with a finger. I have had winds of 30 mph and gusts up to 40 mph, and nothing has torn or ripped anything. If I had bought this first, I would have saved $300 in other tarps. I will be using this tarp for a long time. Excellent product.

👤We use this tarp to cover a very old Sheepherder wagon, but we have noticed that there are at least 6 holes in the tarp. The sun came back the next day after a heavy nighttime rain. The bed and the AC unit were wet by water droplets. Silicone sealant was purchased to seal all the holes. We tried to apply the least amount possible to achieve water tightness, but the Silicone is visible. We wouldn't have expected any defects in the material with a premium product like this. We decided not to return the product because it took 2 people several hours to install and tighten the tarp to the frame and the holes were not detected until the next day.

9. Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket

Arcturus Heavy Duty Survival Blanket

Get an emergency medical blanket with a quality guarantee. It's cheap to be disposable emergency blanket and strong enough to be reuse. Emergency gear for winter. There are supplies for the apocalypse. It can be used as a ground tarp, shelter, tent or emergency blanket. It's a good idea to keep one in the trunk of your car. All weather blanket. The Mylar reflective side of the blanket can be used to reflect heat, create a barrier, or signal for help. The other side is made of two layers of polypropylene and can be used as a blanket, tarp or shelter. Light weight: The blanket is in its own carry bag. The blanket is approximately 5 feet by 7 feet. It's a super volcano. You will be surprised by all the used cases you find if you keep it close at hand. There are four TIE-DOWN GROMMETS. The survival blanket can be hung with ease or secured to reflect heat, and create a waterproof shelter. They make improvements to the grommets.

Brand: Arcturus

👤The tarp is basically a tarp with a reflective coating. I'm not going with it because it's not properly reinforced, based on the item falling apart after a couple months. See the pictures. I bungeed this to the top of the chicken run to help with rain entering the run area. It lasted a couple months until we had some light winds, and then it fell apart. There were signs of distress in the eyelets where the bungees were going through. I'm not impressed. This tarp is not even a tough tarp. It's flashy and looks nice, but it's not functional and just fell apart on me. If I could, I would give zero stars. Cheap tarps have held up better for me.

👤I bought a pop up camper. I was going to shade the pop outs. The description said they were heavy duty, but I liked that they were water proof. These aren't heavy duty. The blanket ripped on the seam where I was holding it as I barely pulled it across the camper. Within minutes of taking it out of the package, it was ripped.

👤Within the first hour, mine ripped on one of the corners and put it into a shelter configuration. I wrote a lengthy review about my experience with this tarp, but either Arcturus or Amazon flagged it for removal. I am rating this again but with no details.

👤I used this for the first time last night to make a plow point shelter to sleep in. I adjusted the farthest stake point because the center was sagging on me, and after beating down the stake, the opposite grommet ripped the waterproof material from the black fabric at the corners. The structural fabric from the Arcturus material will continue to be ripped. I wish I had bought the equivalent. Dave told us that he tested each shipment by hanging a tarp on one corner and a cinder block on the other. I'm going to see if I can return it.

👤I have made at least 30 small shelters for my outdoor cats and they all prefer the ones with the tarps. They always run to the ones with the tarps when it's cold. Coincidence? I don't think so. My cats are smart. It would be great if they came in bigger sizes. I didn't see anything. I had to take at least one star off because one of the corner grommets ripped just like the one bad review of this product in which the person showed the picture. It happened after some winds. I will use gorilla tape to fix it. It only happened on the one side I used rope on. The ones that were hit directly into the ground are doing well. It's only been a few weeks. I'm still thinking about buying another one. The ones I staked down are worse now. I'm torn. I bought 2 more. I wrapped them around myself and can feel the difference. I will probably not use cord with these since they are the only ones showing wear and tear. The other ones are holding up well. My cats love their shelters. I can put it on a shelter that's not good. I am getting more because I spoil them. :/ I think I might put a tarp over these to keep them from being torn.

10. KALINCO Mutifunctional Footprint Lightweight Quick Drying

KALINCO Mutifunctional Footprint Lightweight Quick Drying

If the item is faulty, they give a 60 day exchange service warranty. If the item's damage or malfunction is caused by delivery or not. You will be offered a return. If you have any issues, please contact them. Within 24 hours, they will reply to you. Waterproof: The tarp tent is made from a type of fabric that is waterproof and has a central seam that is ideal for rain flies. There are multiple functions. The camping tarp rain fly can be used as survival tarp, hammock rain fly, outdoor kitchen cover, simple tent, tent footprint, picnic blanket, ground sheet, instant shade, etc. Light weight: The tarp tent is 118inx118in/300 cmx300 cm and only weighs 1.8 lbs. There are 6 guy lines, 6 stakes and a carrying bag. It's easy to keep in your backpack. 19 reinforced attachment tie loops, including 3 in the ridge line for overhead hanging, can get all angles covered. Double reinforced stitches can prevent ripping and leaking in extreme conditions. The camping tent tarp is easy to carry and use. If you want to use the tarp as a tent footprint, unfold it and lay it on the ground. After-sale service. The warranty is 90 days from the date of purchase. They will give you a satisfactory solution if you have any questions.

Brand: Kalinco

👤The price is the only thing cheap about this tarp. The ridge line seam is factory taped, the materials are quality, the stitching is perfect, and every tie out loop is back reinforced with heavier material. Impressive! It is light enough for shorter trips with the tarp by its self weighing 29.9 ounces, the stuff sack at.8 ounces, and the six quality aluminum Sheppard's hook stakes, guy lines and small stuff sack weighing 6.9 ounces. For a total of 38.6 ounces. The tarp was spelled as a trap on the sack. Recommended!

👤If you want to start tarp camping, this is the one to try. It is 869g. The guy lines are 16g and the stakes are 15g. I've switched to half the weight and 3 times the price, but only after using this one for a long time to know I love the style. The 10x10 is large. It gives you a lot of options, including a roomy setup for severe storms. I've used it in a lot of weather. There are enough guy lines, the stakes are pretty descent, and it's tough. I would take 2 more stakes. You have more options than 6. It's lighter than most tents and hammocks, but it's still heavy for tarp camping. I use a ground cloth with it. I don't have to worry about the floor since I backpack with my dog. In bad storms, we don't get flooded by the water in the bathtub floor tent. I spend a couple days flipping over to get it dry, but my gear is all dry.

👤It gets 5 stars for the price. The tie outs are reinforced very nicely. The material is strong. I have had heavier duty thicker tarps from bushcraft USA, but also for a lot more money. I don't think the thinner material is a problem, just make sure burning embers don't land on it. A raised triangular piece of material is used to reinforce the middle tie outs. They are nice when you tarp under a ridge line. Pull outs can be used in the front and back if you run the tarp over top of a ridge line. There are lots of options, good quality tarp. It comes with stakes and guy lines.

👤I bought this as a footprint for my tent. It works well. The tent has been protected by the thin material. That makes me happy. It can be used as a survival shelter in an A-frame or Lean-to configuration.

👤The tarp has 19 guy loops and I was interested in it. I haven't seen this on these tarps in a while. My tarp is an Aquaquest. Some of my favorite configurations require a square tarp. I bought a coffee colored 10x10 The tarp in its bag is on my scale. That is pretty light. I don't understand the reviews that say it's on the heavy side. The Aquaquest is the same weight. The construction looks good. Double-stitching, re-enforced corners, and guy loops are some of the things that can be done. There were missed stitches on each guy loop re-enforcement. There are holes, but there is no stitching. This is not a big deal to me. It's a tarp. I can easily fix that problem myself, but I don't think it has much effect on the tarp's strength. The center seam appears to have been applied well. The tarp is covered by a double-stitch. The bag has a lot of room for the tarp, stakes and lines. The lines are junk. I use paracord or bankline. The supplied lines would be acceptable for a clothesline in a camp. The aluminum stakes should be functional in soft ground. I don't use them. The coating is 3000mm. If true, this tarp should be able to hold up to rain. I pitched this tarp in a plow-point configuration in the rain last week. The rain ran down and off the tarp as I watched my dog and I stay dry inside. There was no leaking at the center seam. Time will tell how well this tarp holds up. If you're new to tarp camping and want to check it out, I think you could go wrong for the price. You can experiment with many configurations with 19 guy loops.

11. B Air BA GT 8X10 BL GTRP810 Grizzly Waterproof

B Air BA GT 8X10 BL GTRP810 Grizzly Waterproof

25 year extended shelf life is made in the USA. The B- Air Grizzly Tarps are constructed with tightly woven polyethylene fibers which provide superior protection. B-air Grizzly Tarps can be used to shelter boats, cars, campers or motor-vehicles from the elements, as an emergency roof patch material for homeowners, and as a temporary pickup truck bed cover. All Blue Grizzly Tarps are made of lightweight but durable materials and have border piping to make them stronger. The tarp is 5 mil. They are extremely lightweight and portable. Every B-air Grizzly Tarp has built-in aluminum grommets to allow for secure tie-down. The right tarp for the job can be as large as 20 x 30 feet.

Brand: B-air

👤I've never seen tarp this thin and I've used it for many tasks over the years. It feels more like a plastic than a tarp. The water leaked on the first day and doesn't seem to last long. I wasted a lot of time and money on this product because of the rigged Amazon review system, and I am disappointed that there is no way this many positive reviews are authentic. I think the calculation is that even if 1 out of 5 buyers keep the tarp, they still make a profit since it costs them around $2 to make these in China. They just switch the name if the return rate gets too high. Amazon needs to figure out how the system is rigged because these people are despicable for offering this type of garbage and they probably won't since they also profit from this sale. The pictures are attached to show the light going through and how it is woven. The aluminum grommets are cheap and not evenly distributed.

👤The 9 by 12 tarp is smaller than advertised on the product label and website description, and I bought it to wall off an area that is 11 feet 4 inches wide and 7 feet 10 inches tall. I started securing the tarp at the top corner because I was expecting to have more slack on the other side. Nope. It did not reach the other side. I tried again and this time I was on the edge of the space. I had to leave some slack in the rope on the other side because it was barely made it to the other side. The height made it down to the floor, but not with the extra 14 inches of slack it should have. It could have been as little as 4 inches. The 9 by 12 tarp is advertised, but the tarp is barely more than 8 by 8. They should be ashamed of themselves for their lack of geometry skills.

👤I was expecting a really cheap tarp. I was surprised at how bad this one was. Only half of the grommets were installed, not aligned with the hole in the tarp, or completely missing. One corner was folded back and stuck together, but when I tried to turn it, it ripped and left a hole. I think you could randomly choose any other tarp on Amazon and it would be better.

👤The tarp was ripped. The 8x10 was shorter on both sides than the order said it would be. I was trying to cover the sandboxes. It says it is 5 mil thick, but it feels very thin like the 5 mil tarps we got from Home Depot. I was pleased with the weight, but it's not worth the time or money. This tarp is horrible.

👤My son has an inflatable pool. It works well to keep the leaves and bird poop out of the water. Some friends loved this set up so much that they asked for all the same material to be used for their daughter of the same age. If we need another tarp, I would purchase this again.


What is the best product for survival tarp 8x10?

Survival tarp 8x10 products from Stansport. In this article about survival tarp 8x10 you can see why people choose the product. Unigear and Kalinco are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival tarp 8x10.

What are the best brands for survival tarp 8x10?

Stansport, Unigear and Kalinco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival tarp 8x10. Find the detail in this article. Free Soldier, Breeze Outdoors and Gold Armour are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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