Best Survival Tarp 6 By 8 Ft

Tarp 10 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Stansport T 68 Rip Stop 8 Feet Green

Stansport T 68 Rip Stop 8 Feet Green

AquaQuest products are backed by a lifetime warranty. The Pacific Northwest is where the customer service is based. Call toll-free for more info. China is the country of origin. The package is about 11 feet in height. The package is 14 inches in length. The package width is 0.6 inches.

Brand: Stansport

👤I paid $7 for a tarp and it worked as a tarp.

👤I bought this tarp to make a shaded area on the other side of the house. It was cheap and just a plastic tarp with metal eyeholes, so it tears easily. I would give it 5 stars for being very waterproof.

👤The tarps are almost black in color. They are very thin. When I first used them, some of the grommets were missing. The protectors were not straight with the hole. I needed to cover the fence area immediately or I would return them. It was not worth the money.

👤It's the same tarp that you can buy at any hardware store but the attachment points are stronger than the cheap brass-colored grommets on most tarps. In these days of Communism, ordering on-line kept me out of a store.

👤There are two of these - a 6x8 and a larger one. The draped wall was used to cover the wood pile. One of the eyelet's was bent out of the bag. One of the "re-enforced" corners tore out when tying down. I snugged it down, not tight. Three others ripped out after four days. The material is very cheap.

👤I wanted the picture to be green. The product is black. The only reason I ordered this one was to blend in better in the woods. It seems like a standard tarp.

👤The tarp is reflective but there is no contrast between it and the black reinforced corner. I was sent another one because I thought it was an error. The "green" is not the same as what is pictured on the site. It is a good tarp so far. Given the price, I don't have anything challenging planned for it.

👤The trap is green. The thickness helps me while camping. I put it under the tent to protect it from the water.

👤La compre para poner bajo la tienda de campaa y evitar.

👤This tarp is terrible. It is garbage, but it is suitable as a dust cover indoors. Avoid this material in the future.

👤It seems to be in good shape. It was put up on an outside shelter to keep the rain out. Will let you know soon.

👤It's good for hauling grass clippings and other light loads.

2. Super Heavy Waterproof Resistant Tarpaulin

Super Heavy Waterproof Resistant Tarpaulin

The features are waterproof. Sun Ultraviolet (UV) resistant is a weather trait. The tarp is made from high density, tightly woven, made-to-last polyethylene fibers and woven into fabric which is laminated on both sides. Available in 16 mil and 10 mil, both with 16 x 16 weave count. There is a thickness. Extra UV protection is provided by using high strength yarn. Heavy duty and extra strength: The tarp is reinforced for better strength. The corners and edges are reinforced with twine poly rope and border piping to make them tear resistant. The hems are heat sealed. The four season polytarps are designed to provide all-weather protection from wind, rain, sunlight, and UV rays. There are multi-functional features. They use rustproof brass grommets that are 18 inches or 1.5 feet apart, all around and at each corner, which allows the tarps to be tied down easily and secured in a robust manner. The plastic capped bar has additional rivets to make it extra sturdy. Extra reinforced corners will reduce wear on tarp, prevent pull-out due to high winds or extreme conditions, and extend the life of your tarp. There are multiple sizes. Their tarps come in a wide range of sizes. These polytarps are waterproof, UV resistant, rip and tear resistant, and shrink proof. These are four season heavy duty tarps for everyday use, they provide protection against heavy rain and UV rays, and can be used wherever you need to keep valuables covered. These tarps are used to cover boats, trucks, cars, industrial equipment, outdoor patio furniture, barbecue grills, backyard pool, wood piles, campers and more. They can be used as emergency roof patch material or building material for construction workers. They can be used as a drop cloth. Can be used outdoors for camping, hunting, or a tent fly.

Brand: Whiteduck

👤When I ordered this tarp, I didn't know what to expect. The description was good. When you order from a picture, it's not the same as seeing it, checking it out, then buying it. I'm 69 years old. An old woman. What do I know about tarps? I paid attention to the thickness, the measurement, the corners, and the tear proof. I took a chance. The delivery was exactly what I expected. It was a very nice tarp and I was very happy to find it. I used it to cover a garage cabinet. I wondered if it would tear the cabinet in half. It didn't. My son said I had a tarp. He has enough tarps to know what's good and what's not. It made me feel good. We put it out in the old barn because of the rain. The cabinet is not wet. The tarp is holding up. Even with the wind that blows through, the tarp is still in place. I am happy shopping.

👤I was looking for the last tarps I'd ever buy to supplement my camping gear. I looked around and settled on these. I thought they would be better than the common tarp. I was amazed by the quality. They mean heavy duty. The tarps I bought weigh in at about 20 pounds each. They are very heavy and take up more space than a normal tarp. The corners are well secured and have solid reinforcement triangle pieces. I don't want to push them too far, but I think they could survive a category 5 storm. I don't think I needed to go that far in the quality of the camping tarps because I am quite satisfied with the product. I'm certain they will last for my lifetime, and could pass down to my children's children, but I would prefer less weight. Sometimes I do camping trips on the airplane and they blow my weight limits. I think I want a tarp that is at least 8 mil. I'm a little worried that my tarp poles might be too strong for the wind, especially since I often rig up tarps with them. These would be a great choice for a boat cover, or a tarp to cover firewood piles. They would do well for structure protection. If you wanted to, you could use them to build a near permanent structure with a level of snow load rating. I decided to keep them because I think they will be great on my wood piles. I know what I'm getting into so I will order at least two more. Heavy duty tarps look like cheap ones.

👤The tarp cover is advertised as being thick, water proof,consistency in weave, and brass grommets. The 12x10 tarp is made of two pieces, one 4ft wide and the other 6ft wide, and they are thermally welded. I expected it to be one PIECE. Down graded review because of this.

👤It seems to be very well-made. The tarp covers I've purchased have only lasted a few years in the Arizona sun. This one seems to be better. The tarp does fit but it is barely large enough for the structure. If you want the tarp material to go over the edges, get the next size up.

3. Waterproof Plastic Tarpaulin Grommets Inches

Waterproof Plastic Tarpaulin Grommets Inches

The dimensions are 7.5 x 9.5 feet. They strive for excellence, they are proud of each and every King-A-MA-JIGS product. Their goal is to give their customers products that exceed their expectations. If you aren't completely satisfied with your purchase, just contact them and they'll give you a full refund. The size of the Tarp Finish is 10 x12 Feet. Every 18 Inches - Rope Reinforced Hems. Light weight: The light to medium duty Multipurpose tarp is an alternative to the heavy duty tarps that are meant to last longer. Their tarps can be used for regular use. There are repercussions. It is an ideal tarp to bring on a hunting, backpacking, or outdoor camping trip, as it does not add too much carrying weight or bulk, and it could be used as an emergency shelter, blind, or ground cover. It can be put in the trunk of the car, in your camping gear, or in your hunting backpack. The features are waterproof. Dustproof. Sun Ultraviolet (UV) Resistant is weather and tear resistant.

Brand: King-a-ma-jigs

👤The tarp is the greatest. What a flight! The bad: Their job folding it from the factory is legendary. The tarp is made of woven mesh. After taking it out of the package, it was very difficult to put it back together. It was like releasing a flock of doves from a cage when it was extended from it's folded form to its true form. It was like the best form of art. It was resistance to water that made it lay perfectly flat. It was beaded up and collected in puddles waiting for it's death. The bad: none. Over all: It's a water proof tarp. It did what it was supposed to do. I was happy with it.

👤Needed for a construction product to cover a 10' x 12' area. I was surprised it didn't fit, it seemed smaller in both dimensions. I noticed that the finished size was smaller on the package.

👤The initial experience with the first tarp was not good. I tried to use the tarp and it ripped at the grommet. The seller immediately offered to send a replacement for me. The replacement tarp was much better than the one I used, and it did not tear when I used it. I think I got a bad one initially. The seller believes in his product and backs it up. It's great to find a seller who will go the extra mile to make things right. I change my review to 5 stars because of this. You will get a good product from this seller.

👤One of the tarps is missing a piece of equipment. I assumed they were the same because it is a set. The tarp is not good, it has a big gap for the water to get in. I used bungee to keep the tarp over the dumpster, but with hardly any pulling the trap is already ripping at the grommet. The first order I ordered was damaged in delivery. The effort to get these tarps was not worth it.

👤It's a cheap tarp that can be used around the house. Nothing fancy. I use mine to drag leaves into the back woods. I used it for the first time and it poked a hole in it when it was dragged across a rock. I don't expect high quality and years of use for $13.99. It was easier to grab a hold of the reinforced corners.

👤It's a good price and could work well in non-demanding situations. There were some small holes in the stitching near the grommets. They weren't excessive, but they were more than just the thread holes. There is a If you sewed something plastic using a hot needle, the plastic would melt around the thread holes. That's the best explanation I can think of. There is a We get a lot of very heavy winded days, so I returned it open. I'll attach the picture if I have one. The tarp looked fine. It may have worked for me if the holes hadn't been there. It's difficult to say.

4. REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tent Tarp

REDCAMP Waterproof Camping Tent Tarp

These tarps are used to cover boats, trucks, cars, industrial equipment, outdoor patio furniture, barbecue grills, backyard pool, wood piles, campers and more. They can be used as emergency roof patch material or building material for construction workers. They can be used as a drop cloth. Can be used outdoors for camping, hunting, or a tent fly. The fabric is waterproof Pu 1000mm. It isdurable: The tarp is made from a waterproof fabric. The large is perfect for 2 people. You can put the ground cloth under the tent to provide more protection. There is a patent for a multi-pronged TENT. The outdoor tent footprint is ideal for camping, picnicking, and sporting events. It can be tied to provide a sun or rain canopy. The tent tarp can be packed into a compact size. It comes with a pouch for carrying things. The weight is only 0.8 lbs. REDCAMP offers a full manufacturer warranty for a year. They will give you a full refund or a replacement for any broken piece.

Brand: Redcamp

👤The 106 X 82" tarp is a perfect fit for the Coleman Sundome tent, or any 9X7 tent that does not come with a footprint. You can use the same stake for the corners of both the tarp and the tent if you use the same grommets/tabs. It can be squeezed into the tent bag. Don't be alarmed if the tarp doesn't extend out beyond the tent's floor; a tent ground cloth isn't supposed to. Campers make the mistake of using a tarp that's larger than their tent, but doing so just invites pooling of water around their tent. Ask a backpacker about tent footprints. Backpackers are motivated to avoid problems.

👤I used this item at a campsite to test out my gear before embarking on a long adventure. Since my tent is one of the ultralite option tents, I thought it would be best to use a footprint to protect it. I put this footprint down on the straw and the straw fibers passed through it and stabbed my hand. I didn't set my tent up on this thing or setup my air bed because they both would have had pin holes through them and left me with a surprise on a rainy day. I had a cheap blue tarp from homedepot which I laid down and it proved to be waterproof and also prevented the straw fibers from passing through and damaging my tent and my air bed. My point is that the blue tarp from homedepot is cheaper than the tarp that is currently on the market. If you want to save money, you should go to homedepot because once penetrated, it is no longer waterproof.

👤The guys are very smart about their ground sheet. The ground sheet I've tried is the exact dimensions of my tent, but it's made just the tiniest bits smaller in each direction to make it fit without any overhang. The corner loops line up perfectly with a single set of steaks. The material is thin but rugged and can be packed into either a bag or a tent and it doesn't take up any extra space. It's like the guys who made it go camping for the first time.

👤I needed a ground cloth for my tarp camping, and this fit the bill perfectly. I put it out, staked it down, and added my sleep system. The tarp is well made and it is easy to stake down. I would buy it again and recommend it.

👤I was pleasantly surprised to purchase this tarp. When I threw a bucket of water on the tarp, it looked like it was of decent quality. It is important that this shelter is water resistant because I am using it as a tarp shelter. I put my own grommets in the corners of the tarp to make up for the fact that there are only two grommets between the corners. I have yet to try it out in adverse conditions but based on this test run I think it will perform well.

5. Super Heavy Duty Brown Cover

Super Heavy Duty Brown Cover

It's a must have for emergencies such as disaster, and automobile danger, and more, you'll never know when it'll come in handy. It can also serve as an emergency blanket, ground cover, rescue or distress beacon, poncho, rain tarp or sun shade. Extra strength and strength: The tarp has a 16 mil thickness, 8oz per square yard, and a 16 x 16 weave count, and it's amazing. This has the strength and resilience you need. This heavy tarp can handle all weather. It is weather proof, water proof and UV resistant. Tie it down quickly. The poly tarp can be tied down and secured with metal grommets at each corner. A "tent" is needed for camping, fairs and more. You can use it to cover and protect your car, wood and building materials at construction sites, and keep the floors clean. The best material is made from polyethylene. Don't get tired of replacing plastic tarps, use one that is designed to last and offer the best protection. Xpose Safety Premium Tarps run true to size.

Brand: Xpose Safety

👤I would go to standard tarps with a dog rescue. The tarps have not been replaced in 3 years. It is worth the price.

👤I used shade cloth to grow my plants in my hoop house, but I bought a tarp to cover it. I wanted to convert the hoop house from a shade house to a structure that could be used as a garage. I ordered a tarp of 20' by 30'. I took a chance on this tarp because I had read mostly 4-5 star reviews. I noted on some reviews that the review advised not to install the tarp too tightly, as the tarp will shrink. I put the tarp loose and put bellies in between the four feet on the center hoop frames. The tarp shrunk after a few days. Shrinkage is not the problem. I didn't notice the holes in the tarp until the day after it was installed. I counted 27 holes of various sizes, the smallest being about 1/66" to almost 3/8" in diameter! This is not acceptable quality control on the part of the manufacturer. I've never had holes in the cheap tarps I've bought. I plan on smoothing the tape over the holes. I hope I can get a couple of years out of the tarp before it degrades and starts coming apart, as I've read in some of the one and two star reviews.

👤The tarp is poorly made with a seam going down the middle of it. After using for 4 months to cover my ATV it has deteriorated and left a mess. A picture was uploaded yesterday.

👤Was on bikes and the wind ripped it at the seams. It's not durable for something heavy duty.

👤The tarp failed in 3 days. It came apart at the seams. I have never had this problem with the other brands I've purchased.

👤After being flooded in the basement twice in a week and a half, we decided it was time to take drastic measures to solve the problem. The first thing we ordered was sand from a big box store. The day that we received the sand, the bags arrived, and we realized that the door was better waterproof if there was a tarp between it and the sand. The drain backed up again from the rain water and covered the second step. We searched for a tarp for a couple of days and found this 10' x 10' Super Heavy Duty Tarp Cover. This is definitely heavy duty and the grommets are placed uniformly throughout the tarp and reinforced as well. We folded the tarp into quarters, or 5' x 5', as we didn't measure it at any point. The tarp was extended beyond the tarp and put on top of the stairs and bags to protect the door, as well as being folded into the stairwell and placed on top of the bags. With the use of this thick waterproof tarp, we are very confident that should another storm cause the rain water to come up, we will be protected as we can be, as there's a patio above it and no rain comes down into the stairwell. This tarp surpasses your average tarp after spending some time working with it and using other brands in the past. This will be our go-to purchase if we ever need another tarp. If you found this review helpful, please click the button below.

6. Heavy Camping Protective Outdoor Carrying

Heavy Camping Protective Outdoor Carrying

The features are waterproof. Dustproof. Sun Ultraviolet (UV) Resistant is weather and tear resistant. The tarp is versatile and ideal for use as an outdoor mat, picnic mat, tent pad, backdrop or acting prop. The tarp is constructed using high-quality Oxford fabric so it stops the water before it ruins your plans. The tarp is designed to last and features a dense weave and larger thread. There are built in grommets at each corner to allow for secure tie downs or for hanging tarp securely. The tarp is 6.9 feet by 6.9 feet or 78.25 by 76.5 inches with the grommets.

Brand: Juvale

👤Not waterproof. I used this for a puppy who pees when she goes for car rides. She urinated on the tarp and by the time we got to our destination, it was already leaking. I had puppy pads under the tarp with a suspicion that it wouldn't be waterproof, but I saved the seats in my new car. I am sure I can use this for other purposes, but I don't trust it to prevent water damage.

👤I wanted a black tarp to cover my porch to stop the wind and rain. Quality didn't really matter because these were the right size for me. I assumed the reviews would be fine for my purpose. They were put up and saw tiny spots. I thought they were holes because I could see through them, but when I touched the larger holes in the tarp, I realized they weren't. They were spots that were not black in color and looked like someone had painted the tarp. They work to hold out most of the wind, but not as well as more expensive tarps. I think the price was worth it. They probably won't last as long as the thick ones.

👤I use it as a curtain door on my atv shed instead of a heavy overhead door. A tight weave. I hold it in place with the grommets, it's easy to just fold it back and open the door, it's heavy, but I don't know how long it will last.

👤It's a great tarp for the price. The main issue is that it's very noisy. Silence is an issue for me and it's not good. I'm using it as a room divider and it has an annoying noise as it moves around, and it also reflects sounds too much. Outside of my use, this deserves a full five stars.

👤It's not like those plastic tarps. It's like a piece of cloth, but lighter.

👤I bought this for the correct size. Being waterproof is great and I use it in the back of my SUV. I can haul plants, muddy sports clothes, and other items with it matching the interior of my vehicle. Without damaging the carpet. I put things in the back of the car with it.

👤A tarp is what this is. It makes the tarp work well. I like black. It cost a reasonable price and arrived quickly. No complaints!

7. Canvas Tarp Heavy Water Resistant

Canvas Tarp Heavy Water Resistant

A limited warranty from the manufacturer. The material is 12 Oz. Breathable and water resistant. Breathable and water resistant.

Brand: Mytee Products

👤The boat was covered today. One of the grommets had been ripped out before I had finished the process. I looked at other points where I had attached lines and some were already tearing at the top and bottom of the grommet. I did not use excessive pressure, it just moved around as I attached it. I don't think this tarp will last through the winter, which is a huge disappointment. If I have to buy a few to last a winter, I might as well just use shrink-wrap. There is an update. I had to mention that it did last all winter, but the grommets did not. The quality of the material is good, but the material around the grommets needs to be reinforced.

👤This was given to me by my grandfather, who used to use it on camping trips, and it was well used before I put it up last year. The old one was 10 x 17 so I gained some cover and reworked it to make it easier to fall on. The cover in the picture was just installed when the picture was taken, and the lines were relocated for a better angle pulled. I snapped the pic when I stopped to take a picture and saw it needed some realignment. This is the cover. I hope it lasts for at least two years and we will see an update in 15 months, just like it was when it was first put up.

👤I bought a tarp to cover my boat. I found 5 holes in a week. When I adjusted it after a wind storm, it shredded into pieces. Will never buy it again.

👤The water front-patio has been exposed to the sun and rain for 10 years. I can't stay outside because it's too hot and cold at night. I put the tarp top on. After 2 years, it fell apart in the wind. The sunshade umbrella has the same Canvas fabric as it does. The zip ties that came with the shipment are really nice. It made the installation feel better. I recommend buying this product to make the installation very simple: TERMATH 12 Pcs STAINLESS STEEL Ceiling Hook Ring Hooks 1.8 inch Pad Eye Plate, Marine Hardware Staple Hook loop with screws. I tied the ropes on the canvas. 2. The canvas should be on the top of the frame. To move the canvas from below, you will need a stick. 3. Pull and tie the canvas from 4 corners to make it stable. On a windy day, it will move around. 4. You can see where the hooks need to go. 5. The Canvas size requires a slightly wider location of the hooks so that you can stretch it out flat. 6. Zip ties are used to tie the canvas to the hooks. 7. Then, tie the canvas down with hooks of the other 2 sides. I put the hooks higher on the wall side so that the water can flow out. The job can be done in 1-2 hours if you have the right tools. A good looking cover. I could see the difference after installing the canvas. The patio is warmer in the early morning and night because the heat is trapped in it. It is much cooler during the day because it shields the patio with thick fabric. This product is great in combining with the marine quality hooks.

8. Waterproof Reinforced Reflective Industrial Commercial

Waterproof Reinforced Reflective Industrial Commercial

If you have a quality problem, please e-mail them at any time, and they will take care of you. There is a TIGHT WOVEN FABRIC. Their canvas duty tarps are made from heavy 12 ounce duck fabric which is Grade "A" Premium Double Filled or "Plied Yarn" which creates a tighter weave construction and smoother texture than single fill cotton ducks. The tight weave makes the tarps more durable. The tarps are waterproof. Heavy duty. Their canvas tarpaulins are constructed to perform in all weather conditions. The cotton canvas tarps are rot resistant and will last a long time as all the seams and hems are double stitched with heavy duty thread. It is important to keep water out of objects, keep valuables dry, and allow a little air for drying out the humidity. There are multiple sizes. Tarps come in many different sizes. The tarps are secured in a robust manner with the use of rustproof grommets that are 2.5 to 3 feet apart all around and in each corner. Poly-vinyl triangles are used to reinforce them with extremely durable patches. There are loops on every grommet to insert rope for All Round Tensioning and for easy tie-down. These loops help reduce wear on tarp, prevent pull-out due to high winds, and extend the life of tarp. There are reflective tape at corners that will give a high visibility warning during night time that will help mark out potentially dangerous or hazardous areas. These are four season heavy duty tarps that can be used for everyday use and can protect you against heavy rain and UV rays. These canvas tarps are heavy-duty and perfect for many uses. The tarps are not intended for cars, boats or highway use.

Brand: Whiteduck

👤I bought this tarp to cover the gear on my roof-top basket. I folded the tarp, enchilada style, rather than tying it down through the loops that were used to tie it down, to keep it from flapping around. After the second use, I found that a grommet, its reinforcement and seam stitching had been ripped-out. The stress on the grommet was enough to ruin it. There was a hole in the middle of the tarp that rubbed over some gear. The two uses I got out of it were good. I used the company's website to submit a claim for replacement. It was very easy to use with straight forward instructions. It took about a week for me to get a text response. It stated that I could call or text at any time. The next day, I received a text that said a replacement tarp was on its way and that I should let them know when it arrived. There are zero stars for customer service. The replacement tarp did not arrive after six weeks. During this time, I had to initiate contact with the Customer Service contact several times and, despite being very responsive, all that I ever got was a promise to check on the status of the shipment, and then no more information or follow up until I sent another of many inquiries. I gave up at this point. I wrote a very direct and plainly written text to the company which they seemed to want to escalate the issue to satisfy me, to what end result I don't know. I don't believe there was ever any intent to stand behind their product, so this is fraud, and these people seem to be good people acting out the role of doing a good job for their customer.

👤I am using this as a cover over a metal framed "car port", like the ones that come with a white plastic roof and side walls. I have been trying to find a material that can be stretched over the metal frame, handle snow loads without the grommets ripping out, and the material doesn't get sun damaged bad enough for it to rip. The tarp handles that. I put it on in the summer. It's strong enough to handle using a push broom to sweep snow off and/or bumping the snow off from underneath, because the color hasn't faded. I have a tarp that is tight enough that it sounds like a drum when tapped with a finger. I have had winds of 30 mph and gusts up to 40 mph, and nothing has torn or ripped anything. If I had bought this first, I would have saved $300 in other tarps. I will be using this tarp for a long time. Excellent product.

👤We use this tarp to cover a very old Sheepherder wagon, but we have noticed that there are at least 6 holes in the tarp. The sun came back the next day after a heavy nighttime rain. The bed and the AC unit were wet by water droplets. Silicone sealant was purchased to seal all the holes. We tried to apply the least amount possible to achieve water tightness, but the Silicone is visible. We wouldn't have expected any defects in the material with a premium product like this. We decided not to return the product because it took 2 people several hours to install and tighten the tarp to the frame and the holes were not detected until the next day.

9. FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Multifunctional Backpacking

FREE SOLDIER Waterproof Multifunctional Backpacking

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a 5 year warranty. The rain fly tent hammock tarp has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Gold Armour is dedicated to addressing any product/service issues and is committed to delivering the best experience for all buyers. The 5 year warranty is included by Gold Armour. Proud to be a US-based company. The hammock camping Tarp has a 2500 PU waterproof rating and is made of ripstop polyester fabric. The free backpacking tarp can be put up to block the sun's rays and protect your skin from the sun. Strong and stable. Water penetration would not happen because of the heat seal and melting process and the puncture resistant fabric. The ridgeline seam is reinforced to prevent it from falling off. The large size in 118" 126" is enough for 2 people. It's convenient to put it into a lightweight sack when not in use. The net weight is not super light but heavy duty and can be considered of the thickness of the fabric. There is a hammock rain fly, nylon guy lines with tensioners, and a stuff sack. The shelter has 19 guy points and 5 strengthen points. It's easy to set up a hammock shelter to avoid wind and rain. Heavy duty operating, tactical, military, shelter, hunting, fishing, backpacking, traveling, hiking, working, camping and other outdoor adventure can be done with a free waterproof portable tarp. Their goal is to make you happy and satisfied.

Brand: Free Soldier

👤This tarp has been with me for over a year. I used it to cover my hammock in the winter. I had it in constant rain for 3 days and 2 nights, and my bedding and hammock stayed dry all weekend. The water is kept out completely by the taped seams. The square shape and generous tie out tabs make it versatile for rigging tarp shelters. It is a bit heavier than some of the higher end silnylon offerings, but it is still a great value and built like a tank.

👤Nice design and construction, but not worth the added cost. I bought a tarp for a bugout. I let a friend use a second bugout bag after buying a Free Soldier tarp. They were being used for the first time. The Free Soldier tarp had more than double the tie-down straps and was more durable than the Chill Gorilla tarp, but the limited number of tie-down points restricted how many configurations were available. I bought more Free Soldier tarps. I didn't get any incentive to write a review or compare products. I don't have an affiliation with either manufacturer.

👤A man. Oh man. I spend more money trying to find a good product. I did a lot of research on this tarp. I guess it checked all of the boxes, but not quality control. It arrived today. I was careful with the box and checking it out. The backyard has a few common tarp pitches that are shown on various videos. The perimeter loops were anchored. I tried to use a trekking pole as a prop. I acted with caution because I am aware of what can be tight. I loosened up the pole to make a peak. What is that? I can see why it failed. The sewn on loop is about a quarter of an inch wide. The loop has a serious zig zag stick that is nice, but it poked enough holes into the material to form the seam, that it basically cut it like a knife. darn darn darn. I stopped there. It was wrapped up in a trash bag and thrown in the recycle bin. Oh well. Another inferior product. I don't expect miracles. I think it will last longer than 30 minutes. I took it out of the recycle bin. I believe there are five locations along the ridge line where a strip of duct tape can be used to support fabric. There is a One way to fix this is to have the ridge seam at least an inch or better yet an inch and a quarter wide, maybe even an inch and a half wide. It needs to be the strongest part of the tarp since the two halves are joined together. I'll fix it with duct tape and keep it for a shade awning when I'm camping. Oh well. Peace, RL.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and ease of use of this tarp. I used it on a long, windy, rainy weekend in the woods. Tarp did a great job. The tarp's abundance of tie outs was a selling point for me. It was much easier to set up in the winds we had this weekend. The weekend was warm and dry despite the rain and high winds. The work is done well. It didn't bleed through, so I was surprised. Even though it had rained most of the night, there was no damage to the fabric of the bag that was pushed against the tarp. The addition of a couple of tie out loops inside along the ridge line is something I would love to see. It would be amazing to be able to hang a bug net inside during the summer.

10. Multipurpose Protective Cover Brown Poly

Multipurpose Protective Cover Brown Poly

The best material is made from polyethylene. Don't get tired of replacing plastic tarps, use one that is designed to last and offer the best protection. Xpose Safety Premium Tarps run true to size. This lightweight tarpaulin is 5 mil thick and can be used for almost anything. ULTIMATE PROTECTION: During heavy rain and snow storms, their brown tarp will keep your stuff dry and undamaged. Excellent dependability: You can cover almost anything with multiple sizes. Xpose Safety Premium Tarps run true to size. Enhanced enforcement of the law. Poly rope is sewn into the hem from end to end to boost security and resilience. There are additional support services added. Shrink-proof, UV treated aluminum grommets are added to make their tarps even stronger. There are additional support services added. Shrink-proof, UV treated aluminum grommets are added to make their tarps even stronger.

Brand: Xpose Safety

👤I need a tarp to cover my project in the backyard during a rain storm. I decided on this one based on the reviews. That was a mistake. We opened it up and found a lot of holes and areas where the material was very thin. See my pictures. There are different holes depicted in the pics. You get the idea. Maybe I just got a product that is not good. The tarp is not sure if it would hold up in a wind. I'm going to try another brand.

👤We needed to move a wood shop out of state and had to have the tarps delivered to the new site. We needed these tarps to protect the equipment for a week or so as we set the shop back up. We arrived at 1am in the rain and found these thin, flimsy, pin hole filled tarps waiting for us. I would measure the thickness with a micrometer, but if this tarp is thicker than 2mil, I would be shocked. I have a tarp from a dollar store. This tarp is identical to the package and only the color is different. There is no way that this tarp is 5mil. If you save your money, you will be disappointed.

👤Product is smaller than stated. The product was thin and had some tears in it. I only use this item to protect my clothes from the beach. Buy at your own risk. Would not recommend it.

👤It was served its purpose. The tarp was cheap. The stitching is secure and the brads are solid. It's not as thick as I wanted. I haven't used it in a while so we'll see how it holds up. Tarp does not hold up well. After a month of exposure, the material faded. The rip developed when the material weakened. The tarp no longer serves its purpose after a couple months.

👤They were used to cover a dirt area in my back yard, so I could put some tables and chairs on top of them, so my guests' feet wouldn't be all dusty during a party.

👤This is half the thickness of tarps I have ever seen. I anticipate having to replace it by December because it is chipping away. I had to replace it because I had 3 stars. The price is good for what you are getting. There was a screened patio where I lived. The picture shows the wear and tear. The shaded side is now paper-thin and see-through. The price is fair for what you are getting. It might be better to have a heavier weapon.

👤Under practical wind tension, the grommets shear out. If enough water is retained on the tarp, the grummets will shear. It is not leak proof. The coverage area is adequate for roof protection, but should be deployed when there is no wind. This is not ideal for commercial work, but it is practical for a home owner.

👤We bought a tarp to cover our pool because the pool covers were too much and we had overhanging branches from big oaks. The tarp didn't tear. Our roofing company uses them.

11. Aqua Quest Defender Tarp Waterproof

Aqua Quest Defender Tarp Waterproof

Even in extreme weather, the Aqua Quest Defender tarp will keep you dry. You can be certain that there won't be a drop of water in your tarp. It's extremely dense. The Defender has a proven record of being incredibly durable and resistant to nature. 70D nylon with a heavy coating, reinforced stitching, and heat taped seams. Superb defense against mother nature weighs in at 9.15 lbs. The Defender is an incredibly tough tarp that still packs up small, with its own convenient stuff-sack and small packed size. Tuck it away and be prepared for when you need it the most. You have all angles covered with a total of 19 - 47 reinforced webbing loops including loops for overhead hanging and pole inserts in all four corners. You don't need trees to set it up. Say goodbye to regular tarps and hello to a tarp that is more versatile, waterproof, and quieter. AquaQuest products are backed by a lifetime warranty. The Pacific Northwest is where the customer service is based. Call toll-free for more info.

Brand: Aqua Quest

👤I am a Bushcrafter and a Videographer. Every year, I spend 50 days in the wilderness. These are my go-to tarps. I use them as a shelter to sleep in, over a hammock, or as a kitchen or gear storage. I have five of them and they have weathered the storm. They have you covered whether you are a day-tripper or a professional. So if you need a tarp? This is the one. I buy them just like everyone else and I didn't get paid to endorse this product.

👤It's done! The tarp was perfect. I don't own a tent. I like camping in the open air in the weather that makes bugs and snakes cringe, and I like a good snow storm. I own a lot of different types of tarps. I own several Aqua Quest tarps. I have great respect for this company. It is square, and allows all of the square-tarp configurations, but 15-foot-square is a different reality. The floor plan under this is a 225- square-foot one, with enough room for multiple people and plenty of head room, as a tri-folded tube there is enough room for the material to endure the thaw freeze cycles in the field without complaint. I use this tarp to hold my sleep-Kit when I carry equipment by ATV, or even a real mule. I don't think the price is unreasonable, but I do recommend that you understand the tarp choices before you buy, because this is a fantastic tarp, but you won't like it if it isn't the right one for the job. Take the time to review the lineup, get the best fit, and then try wearing it out with mature use as Aqua Quest has one of the best tarps available. I dare you!

👤It's a bit heavier than other tarps. It is leak proof and has many guys out hoops, allowing many set ups. I have been using mine for a while and I love it.

👤This was bought before the trip. I have used it many times for week long excursions. The tarp is waterproof, rugged, and versatile. It's been a long time since we've been out camping in a storm. It's held up great despite the 50 MPH gusts in the rain for hours and hours during the night. It is a bit dirty from use, but it is still new and would look brand new if I cleaned it up. I was expecting a few uses for the price, but I was going to buy a larger tarp to replace it, and I'll be camping in winter for the first time.

👤I use this tarp as a secondary shelter when I camp in the Pacific Northwest. I usually use a ten-foot pole to set it up. There is virtually no wear on the stake loops. I've had it partially over my fire several times, and there's not a single hole from a spark on it. It protects you from wind, sun, and rain. I wish it was a little more light and compact. I was expecting it to be a little lighter than a canvas tarp, but it is certainly more compact and light than that.


What is the best product for survival tarp 6 by 8 ft?

Survival tarp 6 by 8 ft products from Stansport. In this article about survival tarp 6 by 8 ft you can see why people choose the product. Whiteduck and King-a-ma-jigs are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival tarp 6 by 8 ft.

What are the best brands for survival tarp 6 by 8 ft?

Stansport, Whiteduck and King-a-ma-jigs are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival tarp 6 by 8 ft. Find the detail in this article. Redcamp, Xpose Safety and Juvale are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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