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1. Acerich Stainless Reusable Drinking Tumblers

Acerich Stainless Reusable Drinking Tumblers

It is compatible with most 20oz - 32oz tumblers. Environmental preservation. The straws are made of fine steel and are eco-friendly. How many plastic straws have you and your family thrown away in the last year? From today, do something for the mother earth. The resuable straws are dishwasher safe. The small brush is designed for cleaning metal straws. The cleaning is done if you stick in and out. The resuable metal straws are made of Rust and Scratch proof- 304 steel, and never break, rusted or transformed. It will look the same when you buy it years later. You may be worried about tasting the metal from the straws. After you receive it, you can clean the straws with warm soapy water. You won't feel the steel smell when you drink your juice. Order now and it will be risk free. If you don't like the straws. They will get you back within 24 hours and they will do everything they can to make it right. 30 day no questions asked, full refund and 100% satisfaction guarantees!

Brand: Acerich

👤I was going to try these straws to save the environment. The metal taste was not good. I don't know how often I bite my plastic straws to keep them in place. Metal straws can't be bitten. They fell out of my mouth a lot because they are heavy. I think there is a chance that the straws will harbor dirty straws, and that they will not be cleaned well. Plastic straws work better for me than straws in the future.

👤I was expecting them to be the smae size, but they are not. I wouldn't say it's too small, but it's almost there. It's alright. A straw is a straw. I know a camel who would disagree. The little brush that comes with it is very useful and needed. A short story about a happy customer.

👤I've been looking for straws that are longer. These were said to fit 30oz containers. They are close to the edge of my containers. They seem to be a decent quality, but beware they are shorter. It won't work for me. Returning.

👤I got a set of straws and replaced all of the plastic products I had. I'm happy with them. I can not detect a metal taste in them. It's nice that they heat up or cool down depending on the temperature of your drink. They clean well in the dishwasher. None of them are straight. I bought a pack of silicone tips because I thought of the metal against my teeth as nails on a chalkboard. These straws are great.

👤I bought them to help save the environment. I was really pleased to use them for the first time today. They have a brush to clean them. I'm not sure if the brush and soap can get into the bend of the straw, but I'm sure they can get rid of it. I was worried that they were tasting like metal. They don't! I've only used them once, so I can't say if they hold up.

👤My daughter always wants a straw. We tried paper straws, but they don't bend and she was displeased to put it mildly. These are long enough for a 12oz. container. Glass. They come with a cleaning brush so you don't have to worry about what's in there. If you have slots for silverware, they wash well in the dishwasher. It would be great if I could find wider ones for shakes and slushies.

👤The straws are the best. The included brush is great for cleaning non plastic straws. The design of the drink makes it feel cold even if most of the ice has melted. I would buy another set if I had a bigger household. I would like to see more useful items like this on Amazon.

👤I decided to try these because of all the talk about plastic straws in the ocean. They are easy to clean. I can't chew on the top of the straw because it's too cold, and I can't drink real cold drinks because they're too cold. I might try to find a better substitute for the product.

2. Survivor Filter Water Straw Micron

Survivor Filter Water Straw Micron

The system includes a Flex water filter, a collapsible soft touch water bottle, and a backwash syringe. The world renowned is tested at multiple certified labs within the USA to show a 99% removal of tested viruses, staph, andbacteria. The portable water purification with filters can be cleaned and used again, lasting up to 264,000 gallons. The survivor filter is the most versatile personal water filter straw available because it can be used directly from a fresh water source. A triple Filtration consists of a carbon filter, mesh cotton pre-filter, and extra mesh cotton pre-filter. All manufacturing and other defects are covered by their lifetime warranty.

Brand: Survivor Filter

👤The filter is amazing. I had access to fresh springs in the first couple of hikes. It has been with me throughout Florida and I traveled to Cuba with it. I drank the tap water. No issues with the intestines ever! There are old pumps with high sulfur and iron water in the backcountry of Myakka River State Park. A friend had a different brand filter than the popular brand on the trail. The picture was taken in a dark tent during a storm. The water had a strong sulfur smell and taste, but it had already been sieved with the Sawyer, and the iron was still present. The bottle with the Survival Filter is the other one. There was no sulfur smell, no taste, and very mild mineral flavor. The difference is amazing. I recommend you suck it up and choose this one. The filter is heavier than the other ones. Come on, look at the picture. 2. The filter flow is very slow with each liter. Pre-filtering with a cloth helps. I would rather have the best water and take a little more time to get it. To keep the flow rate up, bring a few extra cotton pads.

👤I recently traveled to Africa. I tested the water from the kitchen and bath sinks in private homes in Senegal for parasites and waited one week to declare myself free of them. I feel safe knowing I had this in my tool kit when I traveled to countries without treated water.

👤I was pleased with this product. I have ordered this product before and had no problems. The reason for the four-star rating is that my most recent purchase of this product left something to be desired. One of the O-rings broke when the package was opened. I contacted the company and they replaced me in less than a week. The entire mouth piece O ring was replaced. I would say that the product is very good and that the customer service is excellent. It's because the company could do better and here's how. It's true that things like this are going to break, but it's also true that something as small as an O-ring is cheap to provide extras for. One extra O ring in each package would make certain that this product would be 100% quality guaranteed. Going hiking with only this filter might get you in trouble, other 99% of these might do perfect, and 1% might put you in a bit of a bind. You can't ask for much more out of this company, it's been good at providing decent quality and customer service, but a bit of foresight could make this product worth every penny and then some. I hope this company sees the review and provides extras of small cheap parts that might fail if they are essential. If I were to see that in future products, this would be the only company I use for personal water filters, and it would earn a six star rating.

3. Pack Water Filter Straw Backpacking

Pack Water Filter Straw Backpacking

The Water Filter Backpacking Straw has a 600 liter capacity so you can use it for a long time. The package includes two survival water filters so you always have a spare. The portable water filter straw is 7.5” x 1.35” in size and has a carrying strap that makes it easy to transport from one location to the next so you can enjoy fresh drinking emergency water everywhere you go. The water filter survival is designed to deliver fresh, pure drinking water by removing E. coli, legionella and salmonella. It is designed to improve the taste by reducing chlorine, harmful particles and bad odor. The Filter Straw is designed to remove 99% of harmfulbacteria at 0.01-micron. It's easy to carry and use, and it can be used for a lot of things. The Water Filter Backpacking Straw has a 1500 liter capacity so you can use it for a long time. The package includes two survival water filters so you always have a spare.

Brand: Logest

👤I wanted these for my bag.

👤A water straw is a great way to get a drink of water. When people are scattered and without a proven water source you end up with your first casualties. People die if there is no water within 3 days. Everyone should buy a sawyer straw, but these are great and would be great for barter in a system collapse situation. If you want to make sure you get a safe drink of water, you should buy a couple of 4 packs of these straws, they are a cheap way to make sure you get a safe drink of water. You can be a hero to those who are not prepared for anything.

👤I haven't had the chance to try them out. I put them in my emergency kit and have given a few gifts. They were in good condition when they arrived. It's an excellent gift for someone who has everything.

👤I set them aside for when we go backpacking or for a natural disaster, but I have not used them yet. It's good to be in case.

👤I don't want any Chinese junk and want to send them back. You wouldn't use them until you have an emergency.

👤The items were packaged as 1 unit. I was pleased with the seller.

👤These straws are used for emergency events. I believe they will work well.

4. LifeStraw Filter 2 Stage Integrated Backpacking

LifeStraw Filter 2 Stage Integrated Backpacking

Up to 30 hours of bright light can be provided by the 3 x AA batteries. Water filtration. Protects against microplastics, chlorine, organic chemical matter and sand. It was made to last. The activated carbon filter can last up to 100 liters of water with proper use and maintenance. It was rigorously tested. The lab was tested to meet protocols established by the US Environmental Protection Agency. The design is thoughtful and sustainable. The capacity is 22 ounces. Every fill avoids plastic bottles. The bottle and cap are dishwasher safe once the filter is removed. Your purchase has an effect. One purchase, one child, and one year of safe water.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤I saw previous reviews that compelled me to write this review. I think I know why it is difficult to suck water out of the straw in several states. If you look at my picture, you will see that there is a small piece of wrapping the tip in. You wouldn't notice it if you didn't look at it. When I tried to drink, I got a small amount of water. I realized that it was wrapped after further inspection. It will take some effort to remove it, but it is not a problem. When it is on, half off, and fully removed, it looks different in my pictures. Hope this helps. I just got the bottle and there is no leaking problem.

👤I'm testing water purification methods for a backpacking trip I'm leading next year around the TRT. The bottle is my first experiment and I received it yesterday. I followed all the instructions when I opened the LifeStraw Go bottle. I admit to being nervous as this filter is not good enough to protect me from Viruses like the bigger LifeStraw filters and some other brands of water bottles. I will not give the bottle more than 4 stars if I don't have that capability. I stopped by Lake Topaz on the California/Nevada border and drank some water for a couple of hours. I feel no ill effects as of yet, I wrote this now 9 hours later. So far, so good! I was skeptical about the bottle's strength after reading many other reviews. I am surprised at how easy it is to drink from the straw. The flow rate might be slower than my bottle, but it's not a big deal. I don't understand how this is a complaint unless some people are having problems with their filters. The bottle seems sturdy enough so far and I did not damage it by smashing it against anything. I plan to use it daily to drink from the mountain streams out here in the Sierra Nevada mountains and update this review as I go. I dropped a few stars on this product because the flow rate decreased to zero after a few weeks of sitting. I think it would have continued to work if I used it daily. I don't live in a third world country so I only need it occasionally. If I have to buy a new filter for every time I want to go hiking or camping, it isn't worth the cost compared to other options on the market.

👤I love life straws and this water bottle for hiking because I like to be able to fill my water bottle in a stream or a lake. Some of you won't like that it's a little harder to suck through the straw than a normal water bottle; this is because you are sucking through a filter. It's going to be more difficult. If you are elderly or a child, this is probably not the bottle for you. If you tip the water bottle towards you as you drink, it will spill the water from the top. There is a vent hole in the top. There is no need to tip the water bottle back if you suck through the straw because the water is pulled from the bottom of the filter.

5. LifeStraw Personal Official Camping Backpacking

LifeStraw Personal Official Camping Backpacking

60 day money back guarantee. They stand by all of their products. It was tested and designed in the USA. This is an aftermarket replacement product. The manufacturers mentioned have no affiliation with Essential Values. Don't approach children. This product does not cure or prevent diseases. Only one case is included. The LifeStraw filter is not shown as a reference. It is designed to store and protect your LifeStraw personal water filter. A small and lightweight design has a zip up closure and an inner mesh pocket. The hard shell protects the filter. Your purchase has an effect. Every LifeStraw product purchased, a school child in need gets safe water for the entire school year.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤This is only the case, that's what I wanted to point out. Not the case's straw. I should have read more. I think it should state that.

👤No where is specified in the case, it is just the case.

👤The ad makes it seem like it is a combination of two things. It is just a case and you should pay close attention.

👤There is no point in this item. You don't need a carrying case if you put it in a plastic bag. Four cases doesn't seem useful because I have 4 life straws. Returned.

👤I read the description and won't complain about it. The case of this product is soft. The Life Straw is made from plastic that is brittle. The case made sense for my bag. The case is squishy. I was hoping it was a harder plastic case. Before you buy, just know this.

👤The case is perfect for the Lifestraw. There is a netted compartment to hold something else. The Lifestraw logo is molded on the front of the case so you know what it is when you look at it. My only complaint... It could be a bit stiff. That is what she said. It protects the Lifestraw and does its job. It is not hard molded plastic. 10/10 would buy again.

👤I thought I was buying a case for the life straw. The case was only received.

👤I thought I was ordering the straw. It was a big disappointment. My mistake. You have to order a straw separately.

👤No se ve endeble ni delicado. , trae dos separadores. El filtro va a entrar justo sin espacio para nada ms. I gust bastante, quiz me hubiera, pero se puede colgar con un mosquetn. En el futuro, compré, voy a comprarle su pouch.

👤No se tendrn a un protection de adsorver, pero mnimo tenga capacidad de adsorver y disipar la hmeda del pibote.

👤I expected a case and a lifestraw when I purchased this product. I received a case and nothing else. The pictures show the complete straw and case, and the ad is misleading. Very disappointed.

👤It's great to have this. I haven't tried. It will be useful in an emergency.

👤It's great to have this. I haven't tried. In case of an emergency, it comes handy.

6. Toughest Ultralight Emergency Year Round Protection

Toughest Ultralight Emergency Year Round Protection

The military hiking backpack has a rain cover, it's best for 3-6 day trips. The DDITW Survival Tent is the toughest wilderness emergency tent on Earth, it is compact and light enough to fit two adults. Mylar is waterproof and reflects up to 90% of body heat for year-round protection against cold, wet, or hot weather. It's your words, not ours, that's what "ABSOLUTE" means. The extra-thick HeatFlex mylar is more flexible and tear resistant than the ordinary space blanket mylar. This tent is made of paracord and reinforced tape and can be used outdoors. The balance of weight and durability is only 8.5 ounces. Simply run the paracord through the tent and tie it up between the trees. Climb in using rocks or gear. If there is no trees around, the mylar tube tent can be used as an emergency sleeping bag. Emergency shelters are cheap and flimsy for one time use. They tested and designed every detail of the shelter to make sure it was reliable. In your car, survival kit, first aid kit, bug out bag, zombie survival kit, nuclear survival kit, earthquake kit, and backpacks, there are emergency tents. You won't find a better mylar tent anywhere. It is guaranteed. They donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love.

Brand: Don't Die In The Woods

👤It started raining when I used this as a last resort. The tent is just an emergency blanket. Parachord became a reflective carpet after it was ripped out by the wind. I was bitter about it. This brand will never be used again. Sad. I was excited to have it on me. I need to look at better options.

👤The package is big and comes with Parachord. I don't think this tent is the toughest survival tent. The material is made from cheap plastic. It feels like wrapping paper in your hands. The tent is so thin that winds could blow it away from Kansas. The material is very thin. It is possible to keep water out or block the sun, but it is also possible to use it in a storm or a day with wind gusts. I bought it because it was on a lightening deal. I would use this as a last resort. Walmart has a small Coleman tent.

👤Initial thoughts are that the product is a one or two time use product. The Mylar space blanket is orange on one side. I am not sure if it would hold up in a storm or rough ground.

👤Imagine a very thin blanket. There is only a cheap camo print on one side. I don't think it would last the hike out in my pack if it was being used as a tarp.

👤I'm a little disappointed in this. The tent is just a mylar triangle. It's probably more durable than the average, but it's still rather flimsy for an emergency tent. There is no way to put it on the bottom. The photos are all photoshopped so they show it all nice and rigid with two happy faces smiling out of it. It sits on the ground. If you find two trees, you can stretch the single rope between, but if you have no wind, you'll be fine. Don't know. I was expecting more from it. If it saves your life in a pinch, it will do.

👤This was bought to keep gear dry. There was no way to stake corners down.

👤After a storm held us up while we were on the wrong side of a ridge walk, we needed this one night. We decided to sleep for a few hours after we descended. The head and foot section were taut with my trekking poles. The silver one on the right in my picture would have looked like that. It was wide enough for me and my dog. It would have been very tight if it had been 2 people. It is lightweight and durable. I folded it up and put it back in the pouch, but it probably only has one more use in it.

👤I bought one for my boyfriend and one for another couple who enjoy hiking. We take it with us on every hike to be safe. Yeah, ya know. We don't die in the woods. It's a great addition to a survival kit.

7. Color Changing Reusable Straw Multicolor

Color Changing Reusable Straw Multicolor

Order now and it will be risk free. If you don't like the straws. They will get you back within 24 hours and they will do everything they can to make it right. 30 day no questions asked, full refund and 100% satisfaction guarantees! Cool colors. The color of the straw changes as the plastic reacts to liquid. Cold weather can affect the color change. Allow product to come to room temperature to allow for most efficient change. The straw can be reuse time and again. The straws are made in the USA. It is easy to clean. The color change straw is dishwasher safe and low maintenance. There are flood colors. Mood products that change color with temperature, cold liquids, or sunlight are the original home of them. There are 24 lightweight plastic straws in the package. The Straws are long and small.

Brand: Aakron

👤These aren't heavy duty at all. I throw them away all the time because they feel like regular straws. I am really disappointed because it is advertised as reuse. Bummed. Don't buy them.

👤I wish I'd read the reviews before buying them. My definition of "reusable" is completely different to the company's definition. High quality, hard plastic, metal, or glass are what I use for reuse. The quality of what I received was the same as what Mcdonald's sells. These are for you if that's what you're looking for. Don't buy these if you want a straw that won't fly around the inside of your dishwasher.

👤These straws are not made of plastic. They're not strong enough to be in a fast food drink. It's definitely not strong, hard plastic like you'd get with a Starbucks tumbler. Not what I was looking for.

👤I should have read the reviews because the first few started out with that statement. I am definitely sending back these, but I didn't open them and try them. I expected them to be heavy duty since they say they are dishwasher safe, but they are not. No thanks for the price. I was looking for something that would amuse my kids and make me want to throw the 1000 crazy straws out of my drawer.

👤The yellow straw didn't change at all, half of them changed color. They are also not disposable. They are a tad thicker than a fountain drink straw. Very disappointed. The other colors were not as drastic as the pink/purple my daughter thought was cool.

👤The color change is brighter than I had expected. The straws aren't as strong as I had hoped. If you put one of them into a cup of soda, they will float up like flimsy straws because there isn't much weight to them. They feel like straws you'd get at a restaurant for a drink more than something intended to be recycled. The color changing makes me and my guests happy.

👤My son wanted to do root beer floats for his birthday treat, so we bought these to surprise his class. The kids and teacher loved it. We only used the extras for water and washing them wasn't easy, even though the kids reuse them at my house. We threw them away after a few days.

👤I got these and was disappointed. I wish I would have read the reviews before buying, as I was debating between buying these and another kind, and now I wish I would have gone with the other ones. They're just regular plastic straws and not worth much. Ignore the part of the listing that says they are not disposable. Unless you can wash and reuse regular disposable plastic straws, they're not.

👤The straws were damaged and sent in a torn open bag. One-time use is not a quality that can be used again. It's very disappointing but returning requires a shipping cost.

8. Easiestsuck Personal Emergency Preparedness Filtration

Easiestsuck Personal Emergency Preparedness Filtration

RUGGED AND LIGHTWEIGHT- The Berkey Light system is easy to take with you and is ideal for travel, camping, hunting, RVing, fishing, extended off-grid use, emergencies and disaster relief. Plumbing, electricity or tools are not required. The system is constructed from food grade non-BPA/BPS co-polyester which does not retain foul tastes and odors into your water. The Coarse Filter Screen is the first step of the 5-Stage Filtration System. Most pollution, organic chemicals and tiny matters are filters by the second step. The third step is Adsorb PP Cotton. Activated Carbon Fiber improves the smell and taste of the water. The Adsorb PP Cotton filters the water again. One more step, one more guarantee. The Easiestsuck water filter straw has a small filter size so that it can remove 99% of tiny materials from the water. The larger the filter, the higher the accuracy. Easiestsuck water filter straw can maintain the optimal flow rate while the filter size is smaller. The bottom of their water filter straw is designed with a thread which can be used for beverage bottles with international standard mouths. You can fill the bottle with water, then install the straw for drinking. The size is 1.4 x 9 inch. 3 ounces is the weight. The outdoor water filter is in your pocket, gym bag, backpacks and survival packs. It's an ideal partner for hiking, camping and travelling. The water shortage problem can be solved by packing a water filter straw in your survival tools. The Easiestsuck camping water purifier is made of high quality materials. It can provide up to 1500 liters of drinking water. The lifespan of the filter would be different according to the water quality.

Brand: Easiestsuck

👤I drank apple juice with the straw expecting to taste the water. I didn't like the taste of the juice as the day went on. I'm curious to know how this works. I thought this would make it harder for me to drink from whatever I wanted, because I would only get the water from what I was attempting to drink.

👤The world we are in is dangerous. Lifestraws can save your life.

👤It's perfect to use on unboiled water.

👤Drink from the lake. You don't want to drink a lot of water. This straw can fit any bottle. You will be hydrated in about 3 minutes if you fill the bottle with water.

👤Being a two pack in case one fails is perfect. It's easy to use, compact and lightweight.

👤Just in case. I have a few.

👤It works as they should.

9. LifeStraw Advanced Water Filter Gravity

LifeStraw Advanced Water Filter Gravity

All standard sized under counter RO systems are compatible with high performance replacement filters. The hollow fiber Membrane has a small size. Removes 99% of the organisms and 99% of the plastic. Carbon fiber capsule reduces lead, other heavy metals, chlorine and organic chemical matter. The US EPA has drinking water standards. Exceeds the standard for reduction of lead and other heavy metals. 2, 000 liters/500 gallons and 100 liters/26.4 gallons are the lifetimes. Every Life Straw product purchased, a school child in need will receive safe drinking water for the entire school year.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤If you want something that filters Viruses and not heavy metals, you should get the Mission. If you want something that protects you from heavy metals. The ball is in your court. I'll return this immediately. I'm not going to buy a mission that doesn't filter heavy metals. Not a single person reviews this product. The social proof must have been purchased from fiver. From people who purify the water at airports, churches, schools and the like. This will work if you are using airport or church water. If you are outside, make sure you have purification tablets. There is a huge difference between purification and filtration. The pictures and content on this listing make one believe that it is suitable for any water source. That could not be further from the truth. If you plan to use this outdoors, you should use purification tables. I wanted to give some insight on how to use this filter. When hanging it make sure it is the right height for the container you're going to use for the water. The water doesn't go down but goes up because the hose is curved. It was a very frustrating experience. You will end up holding the filter up in the air with one arm and your cup beneath it for about 5 minutes. A huge customerirritant. The river water tastes like a fish. I like ceramic filters that help with taste and filters viruses.

👤After about 30 gallons of clear Northern Minnesota lake water, the filter started to get stuck and had to be flushed for every gallon of water. This took place in 3 days. We were in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and only had to boil the water so it was not a big deal. The other product we used worked just fine. I am not sure if that will scare me or not.

👤The backflushing device is weak. On my first outing, it broke. It does a good job of providing clean water and is well made. If I were to do it over, I would buy a Sawyer mini and use the hydration bladder that I already own. The lifestraw flex has all of the functions of this one.

👤This system is useful for camping or hiking. It's very light and doesn't take up a lot of room. I would pack this for a small group of hikers. I got two quarts of water in 10 minutes, which is a good flow rate. The water bag, plastic hose, and the filter are part of the system. The bag fills easily and it all assembles easily. The filter is a standard LifeStraw inline filter that has a strainer and a charcoal filter. The charcoal filter's lifetime is less than that of the strainer, so if that's a concern it would be wise to have some replacements handy. The inline filter can be used with other things, like water bottles, for filters as well. The bag is lined with plastic to make it waterproof. The bag is tough because of the straps at the top. What is it like in use? If you've never used a system like this before, keep in mind that water is very heavy and the filled water bag is also heavy. You will need a strong place to hang it or a high place to rest it. You or someone else will have tired arms if you don't. You need room below the bag for a water container, filter, and tubing if you want to use it. If you don't have a way of securing the tubing or filter, you'll want someone nearby to make sure the water flows where you want it. Make sure the tubing is securely attached to the bag. You risk a contaminated water leak that will travel down the outside of the tube, over the top of the filter, and potentially into your clean water container if you don't do something about it. Not good. I got a flow rate of two quarts in ten minutes. This is more than adequate. That is a flow rate with clean water. If you're using a cloudy water system, the flow rate will be worse because the filter element will need to be flushed. The water in the bag is not pre-filtered, so anything you can do to pre-filter the water before putting it in the bag will help.

10. LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Piece

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter Piece

The Ministraw Filterstraw can provide safe drinking water up to 100,000 gallons. It is easy to drink water. The ultimate drinking experience can be had with water bags or bottles. It protects against 99.999 percent ofbacteria, including E.coli,Salmonella, Giardia, and Cryptosporidium. The LifeStraw is light and durable, so you can pack it anywhere. A long- lasting microfilter can last up to 1,000 gallons of water, which is enough drinking water for an individual for over five years. The LifeStraw has been tested all over the globe and has an unlimited shelf life. One purchase, one child, one year of safe water is what your purchase has impact on. LifeStraw is committed to meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤You should get a Sawyer-Mini. I have used both on camping trips. You need steel jaws to suck water. If you use a Sawyer or other filters with pump/squeeze action, you won't have to rip out your filling. You have to lie on the ground, and other filters have a straw if the pouch breaks. You need to watch actual videos of people who use these frequently before voting down this post. Everyone uses a pump or squeeze method of filtration. Lifestraws are a great idea, but it is hard to use.

👤I am sorry to have the first one be so negative but the life straw was a total and utter disappointment. I bought it for my daughter to go to Mexico with strict instructions to not drink anything without the life straw. Had she followed my instructions she would have died of dehydration. We followed the instructions from the video to soak it, but we couldn't get any water to come through it. It was too late to return to Amazon and I did not receive a reply when I contacted Life Straw. Too bad. I was going to have one for each family member to have in an emergency pack. I will not do that after this experience.

👤This thing is serious. I went backpacking on Maine's Bigelow range. I ran out of water when I brought it. Bring a wide mouth bottle and fill it with water. I drank from the most disgusting looking hole on top of a lower peak. I thought it would be safe, but it wasn't. Wrong. It tasted like fresh spring water. Better than a tap. I'm from Maine, and I've tasted plenty of water from the mountain springs. It can be difficult to start. You have to prove it by soaking. Blow into it if it still doesn't work. Everyone should have a bug-out bag in case of a civil war, because the world seems to have gone mad.

👤If you don't clear the water after each use, the water will seize up. I didn't run a gallon through either of the break I had.

👤I dropped it from my mouth to the countertop and it stopped working, which is ridiculous. There was no impact at all. It is dangerous to have a water source out in the woods if it can't take an impact. This bad review is solely about that fact.

👤I've used these in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Works as advertised. The system is safe to use. When we deploy, we use it as a standard procedure to have one in everyone's room. It's called Semper Fi.

👤I drank from a steam. I have become a hippie. I'm in a transformation.

👤We got what we ordered. I've used this product before in Afghanistan, and I'm happy with it.

👤The price was right, so I wanted to get one for a while. The water out of the Lake of Two Mountains tasted good and did not have any ill effects.

11. Filtration Emergency Solutions Accessories Backpacking

Filtration Emergency Solutions Accessories Backpacking

High- performance medical Grade hollow Fiber UF Membrane, 2. Medical grade PP Cotton, 3. Coconut Shell Activated Carbon is a medical grade cotton. It's portable and can be used in an emergency to solve a water shortage. NatureNova water filter straw is a camping gear and equipment with 4-step filters. The hollow Fiber Membrane creates a large amount of space for the filters. The strength of the membrane can remove up to 99% of the tiny matter from the water. Cotton wipes out small materials such as adverse grains. Activated Carbon helps clean out dirt. To make sure the water is clean from the camping gear water filter straw. Active Adsorption Technology keep away from risky elements and absorb tiny component from water. The camping essentials water filter provides 1500 liters of clean and safe drinking water. NatureNova removes foreign substances from the water up to 0.01 microns in size, and also maintains the optimal flow rate, while keeping the Filtration accuracy of this hiking gear. This survival gear straw will make your experience better. Water reserve and body gesture are two things that allow you to drink without laying on the ground. The backflush is to clear out the dirty fibres. The straw should be connected to the water bottles. Ultralight For Any Adventure lightweight and portable camping accessories weigh less than 3.5 ounces, which fit your hands, pocket, bag and act as a backpacking gear. It's ideal for hiking, camping and travelling. Pack a life straw inside your survival tools and emergency kit to help you reduce fear and anxiety during water shortage and other emergencies.

Brand: Naturenova

👤I would like to recommend this product. I bought this straw for my wife and me because we were going camping. I was browsing for camping gear on Amazon when I found this product. The package came with a backwash and water pouch. I was able to store some of the water. The life straw is fast in its filtration rate. The water pouch is free of impurities. Some people are asking if they have to lie down. Don't worry! The camping gear straw has a water tube that you can drink from. If you need hiking gear, this is a good choice.

👤I gave it to my boyfriend for Christmas, but he was not expecting it. We don't use them very often, but we have bug out bags that are great to have on you in case of an emergency or long camping trips where fresh water isn't available.

👤I have been tested by outdoorsmen and am safe if you are stuck in a car with no fresh water.

👤I received it and it was coming apart. I returned it because I wanted to give it back.

👤When we go camping, these are kept in the car. Always useful.


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Acerich, Survivor Filter and Logest are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival straw made in usa. Find the detail in this article. Lifestraw, Lifestraw and Don't Die In The Woods are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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