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1. Survivor Filter Water Straw Micron

Survivor Filter Water Straw Micron

The system includes a Flex water filter, a collapsible soft touch water bottle, and a backwash syringe. The world renowned is tested at multiple certified labs within the USA to show a 99% removal of tested viruses, staph, andbacteria. The portable water purification with filters can be cleaned and used again, lasting up to 264,000 gallons. The survivor filter is the most versatile personal water filter straw available because it can be used directly from a fresh water source. A triple Filtration consists of a carbon filter, mesh cotton pre-filter, and extra mesh cotton pre-filter. All manufacturing and other defects are covered by their lifetime warranty.

Brand: Survivor Filter

👤The filter is amazing. I had access to fresh springs in the first couple of hikes. It has been with me throughout Florida and I traveled to Cuba with it. I drank the tap water. No issues with the intestines ever! There are old pumps with high sulfur and iron water in the backcountry of Myakka River State Park. A friend had a different brand filter than the popular brand on the trail. The picture was taken in a dark tent during a storm. The water had a strong sulfur smell and taste, but it had already been sieved with the Sawyer, and the iron was still present. The bottle with the Survival Filter is the other one. There was no sulfur smell, no taste, and very mild mineral flavor. The difference is amazing. I recommend you suck it up and choose this one. The filter is heavier than the other ones. Come on, look at the picture. 2. The filter flow is very slow with each liter. Pre-filtering with a cloth helps. I would rather have the best water and take a little more time to get it. To keep the flow rate up, bring a few extra cotton pads.

👤I recently traveled to Africa. I tested the water from the kitchen and bath sinks in private homes in Senegal for parasites and waited one week to declare myself free of them. I feel safe knowing I had this in my tool kit when I traveled to countries without treated water.

👤I was pleased with this product. I have ordered this product before and had no problems. The reason for the four-star rating is that my most recent purchase of this product left something to be desired. One of the O-rings broke when the package was opened. I contacted the company and they replaced me in less than a week. The entire mouth piece O ring was replaced. I would say that the product is very good and that the customer service is excellent. It's because the company could do better and here's how. It's true that things like this are going to break, but it's also true that something as small as an O-ring is cheap to provide extras for. One extra O ring in each package would make certain that this product would be 100% quality guaranteed. Going hiking with only this filter might get you in trouble, other 99% of these might do perfect, and 1% might put you in a bit of a bind. You can't ask for much more out of this company, it's been good at providing decent quality and customer service, but a bit of foresight could make this product worth every penny and then some. I hope this company sees the review and provides extras of small cheap parts that might fail if they are essential. If I were to see that in future products, this would be the only company I use for personal water filters, and it would earn a six star rating.

2. Detachable 0 1 Micron Portable Equipment Emergency

Detachable 0 1 Micron Portable Equipment Emergency

All manufacturing and other defects are covered by their lifetime warranty. The only other straw on the market that can be disassembled is the WS02 water filter straw. It just needs to replace the filter element whenever and wherever, no need to replace the straw tube shell frequently, which is more eco-friendly. The backwash solution has a replaceable mouth that connects with the bottle for back washing. The camping water filter is very easy to use. The backpacking water filter is made up of four stages: hollow fiber ultrafiltration, coconut shell GAC, and double PP fiber filters. It makes water taste better by removing harmful heavy metals, chlorine, and bad odor. The optimal flow rate is 500ml/min and it can be maintained. It will take at least 5,000 liters of clean water to last a long time. Direct use as a personal water filter; also ideal for connecting with soft water pouch or standard disposable water bottles to squeeze get pure water; even add an extension silicone pipe on emergency water filter for more distance to drink; plus, as a replacement. The Safier Survival tool is FDA, EPA and Food-grade materials that ensure drinking water safety. An ideal tool for many purposes, such as backpacking gear, hiking gear, travel accessories, camping safety & survival equipment and emergency preparedness items. The hiking water filter is a great gift for hikers.

Brand: Membrane Solutions

👤At the same time of life, I bought this item and saw which was better. Below are my pros and cons compared to life straw. 0.2 PM filter has a higher PROS than 0.1 PM filter. Life Straw does not remove heavy metals. 2. To dry and inspect the filter. Life straw cannot be torn apart. 3. Adapt normal water or soft drink bottle. There is no threading to do this. There are red screws on the straw that allow for additional water accessories to be sold separately. There are 1. The price was more than the straw. 2. There is no cap on the intake. The solution was to place a thin plastic between the male and female threads. 3. 1,500 liters is the typical life. The Life Straw filters are 0.2 pm, while the WS02 filters are 0.1 pm. 4. I would say 1/3 compared to the other way around. I think it's due to better filtering, but it's more noticeable when hanging around your neck. Both came with a lanyard to carry around and won't drop to the creek. Both have the same length and diameter. I will purchase this item again. I hope this helps you.

👤I was very impressed with these. These were on my short list because I am a beginner prepper. Many people in our area had broken water pipes. We had these on hand. They are small and light enough to fit in a purse or backpack. They make a nice addition to our camping pack and emergency car kit. I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤I like how it has a way to put water in a bottle. I don't like the idea of people bending down in streams to use a filter. I can't see myself going hiking and having to drink. Or use a container. It's not easy to drink from a container. My home country is Wales when we are hiking there. There are sheep in the wild and I don't feel like trying to get a drink from a river bent over with my backside as a target for a sheep to headbutt me into the river. I can scoop up water if I'm out with my head in the river drinking while a bear decides if I'm next meal. In a bottle keeping an eye on me. Turn it upside down and let it flow into a cup. Just sip away. I have one regret. I didn't buy more because I thought one was good to try, but now the price is out of my range. I regret that I should have gotten the 4 pack instead of the single. The attachment to the bottle is worth it and the product is well built.

👤If you put this onto a 6L bag, watch how fast it works. An empty Dassani water bottle is better than an empty 2L bottle. It's that easy to cut the bottoms off the bottles and fill it up. You can fill up your camper tank in no time. You will have to clean it from time to time because it comes apart quickly. I average a reverse blow up every 3 liters. It worked well past 400L before I cleaned it. It does get dirty, but it's a filter.

3. LifeStraw Purification Gravity Fed Emergency Preparedness

LifeStraw Purification Gravity Fed Emergency Preparedness

Backpackers and overseas travelers can use water filters as an alternative to chemical or pump purification. It's convenient. There was no wait time or funny aftertaste. It's perfect for travel, backpacking, camping, and emergency kits. It's ideal for group and family camping, outdoor activities, and emergency preparedness. The roll-bag can be suspended from a tree or other support for easy access. The lifetime filtration capacity is 18, 000 liters (4, 755 gallons). 4 gallons of water per hour. LifeStraw will provide a school child in need with safe drinking water for the entire school year if every LifeStraw product is purchased.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤I used this on a backpacking trip with my 3 sons. It was easy to use. Set it up and let it do it. Let this fill it up with clean drinking water, because it's packed in a collapsible 5 gallon container. We drank bottled water after we got muddy river water. We had 5 gallons of clean water all the time.

👤Three 5 gallon water coolers were kept full for five days. Some smaller particles got past the pre filter, but it was great at keeping sand out. When filling the bag, rinse it a couple of times and try to get the pre-filter as clean as possible. * If you want to see the dirty water in the line, hold the bulb depressed and open the red tap. The back flush in the line should be clear by this time.

👤You only receive the Lifestraw system. There is no carrying strap, storage bag, or 12L bag. Very disappointing.

👤Just returned from a trip. In the event of a future failure of my equipment, I will be ordering my backup water purification supplies on Amazon. I wonder what someone could say about a negative review. Almost all one star reviews are due to the bag not coming with it. The bag was zip tied to the package when I bought mine, so maybe it fell off during handling. Get another one. This is the first gravity filter that I have used. I have used pumps from other brands and say this bag is perfect. My 13-year old son is in charge of the water for our trips and he does a great job. We run two bags through this system each day. The water tastes great and has not let us down. I would like to address the negative reviews. I would be mad if you were out in a remote location and the system didn't work. If you are going to rely on something to provide water, you should test it at home. The bag can be adjusted to let it do what it wants. You don't know the difference if you think it runs too slow. If you want to appreciate gravity filters, try hand pump filters. Everyone that has used this with me says the water tastes great. If it tastes plastic, then you probably have cheap plastic bottles that aren't cleaned before use or are junk, and won't lead to good water. I would guess that you are thinking of trying some random online off brand to save money. I wouldn't jeopardize health in a remote location to save a buck. I recommend that you learn how to use it, try it before you go, and have a backup plan in case you fall while climbing a steep ascent or break the filter. It makes sense. Happy camper-ing!

👤It has been used for almost two years in Costa Rica. We fill it from a cistern filled with municipal water, which will give you the tropical trots. It paid for itself in roughly 4 months. It is amazing.

4. Essential Values Personal Water Filter

Essential Values Personal Water Filter

A wide mouth allows you to add ice cubes and fruits. You can drink cold drinks or hot coffee at any time. It is easy to clean. They are not dishwasher safe. The insulated water bottle is a great gift. The best value and quality. The Essential Values Personal Water Filter has a Flow Rate of 18 ounces per minute and is the most advanced one on the market. Water taste is desirable anywhere, any time. Gain FRESHWATER INSTANTLY! Don't drink water if there is a waiting time or a set up. There are up to 1500 liters of filters or equivalent to 3,000 disposable water bottles. 5 year shelter life is built for survival. The Water Filter Straw is made for the toughest environments. For temperatures from 32-90 degrees, stand the test of time. The 4 Stage Filtration Technology is made from the finest plastics and is a perfect solution to your water effluents. Don't worry about drinking from lakes, rivers, streams, or even tap water because it's safe. There are 4 stages from the PP Cotton Filter. 60 day money back guarantee. They stand by all of their products. It was tested and designed in the USA. This is an aftermarket replacement product. The manufacturers mentioned have no affiliation with Essential Values. Don't approach children.

Brand: Essential Values

👤I was going to hunt in Colorado for a week. The product is very nice. It is light and strong. I didn't give it 5 stars because it is large. Some of my food takes up more space in my pack than it does. Smaller is better when I travel with what I can carry. Overall would be a good recommendation.

👤Great for hiking and camping. I put it to a lanyard to have easy access. The water tasted good.

👤This is an easy to use carry along for emergency situations where water quality is questionable or for trips to areas with questionable water quality.

👤It works well. The pond water worked well as a test. Will be buying more for the bag.

👤The package was in great shape when it came on time. There have been no complaints so far.

👤I bought it to have on hand in case something happens to the water supply.

5. Membrane Solutions 0 1 Micron Adjustable Preparedness

Membrane Solutions 0 1 Micron Adjustable Preparedness

We cover all manufacturing and other defects for the lifetime sales support of the Survivor Filter. If you run into any problems with any of their products, simply contact them and they will make it right. 6L capacity is the most appropriate solution for group water needs. Their water filter camping can provide you with reliable sources of water at any time. Especially in an emergency. The camping water filter is made up of four stages: hollow fiber ultrafiltration, coconut shell GAC, and double PP fiber filters. The minimum amount of bact, micro-plastics, odor, Iribane, chlorine, heavy metals, and filters can be removed. The backwash solution has a replaceable mouth and no need for an extra needle. The fittings are light and cumbersome. The gravity water filter is easy to carry. Adding an extension tube on water straw for more distance using is one of the Versatile Use Ways you can find. The backpack water filter can be used to clean drinking water. The tree strap is easy to hang on trees. Thanks for the one-piece design, no worries about losing. Their water purification system is food-grade and free ofBPA. The EPA Est. 97260-CHN-1 is listed.

Brand: Membrane Solutions

👤I tested this at home with some stagnant pond water and it didn't take away all the color that people like to see but there was a lot of dirt taken out when I cleaned it. It tasted fine and did not have any ill effects. Will be taking it on a backwater canoe trip to see how it works.

👤The water purification system was life-saving. It was the most important part of the equipment list on the 10 day trip to the BWCA wilderness in NE Minnesota. Simple, fast and perfect! I can't say enough good things about this product. It was a solution to provide all 6 of us with a safe and fresh water supply.

👤The headline says that this filter works very well and it's cheaper than most reasonable alternatives. The flow of water was slower than I was hoping for, but it was fine. Nine of us just got done using this filter. It's a good thing. We had to fill it with water that had bits of algae and a number of tiny bugs in it. : No one got sick because neither came through the other side. It's a good thing. It can be difficult to fill a bag to the maximum level, so be sure to get a bigger size than you think you need. The material has some weight and rigidity, which helps.

👤I replaced a pump filter with this and was very happy with the decision. Everyone else who went camping with me was so impressed that they are buying one of their own. Some had issues with other brands of the same type and plan to buy this one. Great for large groups. If it isn't flowing, back wash it.

👤My husband used this backpacking and it was a problem for a while. He had to continue cleaning it. He was not happy with the brand he used.

👤The price tag is hard to beat, and it's exactly what I was looking for. It worked just as well as my friends system.

👤I'm always on the lookout for a new system for long backpacking trips, it's too good not to try. It takes 1-2 hours to purify 1L of water. The Katadyn 6L is half that time. The BeFree filter provides barely a trickle, but thanks to Katadyn, it was improved. When the BeFree refused to flow on day 2, we still had plenty of water capability, because I had both the 10L BeFree and my 6L old style in GNP with 10 guys. I don't know if I'll return this or not. If I keep it, I may try other filters. People say you can use a Sawyer mini. When I put my mini in the line, I couldn't get a single drop through.

👤I haven't used this yet. I got it for the emergency. I ordered both of them from a better know brand. It feels like a better product than the one that 888-270-6611 The bladder feels stronger yet flexible, the nylon strap is convenient, and the little carry case is worth the extra cost. The filters have a little charcoal in them.

6. SimPure Emergency Purifier Integrated Backpacking

SimPure Emergency Purifier Integrated Backpacking

The adventure filter is contained in this SKU. Each package has a bottle with a filter. The adventure and fitness filters can be chosen based on your usage scenarios. The reuse of a water bottle lowers your carbon footprint and helps contribute to a healthier planet by reducing your use of disposable bottles. Medical-grade hollow Fiber UF9999 Membrane, Coconut Shell Activated Carbon and Medical-grade PP Cotton are used to make water bottles with advanced 4 filters. The water bottle is made from food-grade Tritan material and has a food-grade silicone mouth. There is no bad smell with theBPA-free. It has the advantage of high heat resistance. The water purification bottle can purify 1,500 liters of water before it needs to be replaced, and get great-tasting water without the waste. You can save money by replacing plastic water bottles. A sports water bottle is created when you remove the filter inside and change it into a straw. The nozzle cap and push-button lid prevent leaking. Weighing less than 10 ounces, you won't notice. Backpackers and overseas travelers can use water filters as an alternative to chemical or pump purification. It's convenient. There was no wait time or funny aftertaste. It's perfect for travel, backpacking, camping, and emergency kits.

Brand: Simpure

👤The refill prices for Lifestraw are ridiculous. I found a superior product. There are some things I like better. It does not leak for one. The design of the straw is thought out and it has a snap cover so your dirty fingers are never touching where you drink from. It closes with a button. It is reliable and sturdy. It's a great value and better than the brand names I've tried. I hope you become the market leader because of the great product.

👤Do not try! I mix some Italian seasoning and water and drink the water through the straw, if the filter actually works, I shouldn't find any of the herbs in my mouth, but I did find some of the seasonings in my mouth.

👤I needed a portable water bottle to drink safe water no matter where I went because I had an organ transplant and needed something portable to ensure I could drink safe water no matter where I went. This product filters for taste and particulate matter, but it also filters outbacteria that would otherwise put my health at risk, being that I am on immune-suppressing medications. The material of the bottle seems sturdy, yet slightly flexible. The taste of the water is great. The carry handle is wide, which allows you to place several fingers through it, and it has a small ring that only fits one finger. It can be attached to a belt loop or backpack with a small carabiner. There is a The one con is that you need to suck on the spout with some force in order to propel the water through the filter and into your mouth. The thick material of the spout/straw seems to last a long time. I recommend this product for anyone looking for a portable water filter bottle that will give them the confidence to drink clean water.

👤I love this bottle. My husband gave it to me for my trip to Africa. I never got sick while I was there and I am still alive. I would recommend this bottle to anyone. The bottle had a couple more pluses than the lifestraw, according to my husband. The bottle is cheaper and it is important that the mouth is never exposed. It is important when you travel.

👤I drink a lot of water and I don't like the taste of tap water, so I figured this water bottle with the filter included would help cut down on plastic waste, while maintaining the purified taste. I started using the product after I received it. I brought it with me everywhere. I couldn't get any water to flow through the filter because it suddenly stopped working. I tried taking the filter off and putting it back on, but nothing. I checked the mouth piece individually to make sure it was ok to suck through and then I checked the filter individually to see if I can get anything through it. I only had this product for a week and I asked how to get the water to flow through and was directed to a link to buy more filters. I think I was tricked into buying more filters by a faulty one.

7. Easiestsuck Paragraph Emergency Filtration Backpacking

Easiestsuck Paragraph Emergency Filtration Backpacking

Easy Health Solutions offers a one year warranty, and they like helping others, so please contact them if you have any questions. There is tubing included. The technology is using hollow fiber. To purify the water. The ultrafiltration membranes has a filter size of 0.01 microns so that it can remove 99% of tiny materials from the water. The Easiestsuck water filter straw has a thread and expansion interface. The thread can be used for beverage bottles with international standard mouths, you can fill the bottle with water first, and then install the filter straw for drinking. The extension tube can be used for more distance using or for water filters. There is a 8.7 inch tube. The high quality materials of the Easiestsuck straw filter ensure the lifespan of the straw. It can provide up to 1500 liters of drinking water. The lifespan of the filter would be different according to the water quality. The bottom can be washed after each use to extend the life of the straw. The size is 1.4 x 5.7 inch. This personal water filter can be used in your pocket, gym bag, backpacks and survival packs. It's an ideal partner for hiking, camping and travelling. If you have a water shortage, packing a straw filter in your survival tools is a good idea. The Easiestsuck mini straw has been rigorously tested at least three times to meet survival gear and equipment quality standards. A mini straw can deliver clean and healthy water.

Brand: Easiestsuck

👤Every backpacking season, I replace my filter. I've used filters from Sawyer, LifeStraw andMSR. They are all the same, except for minor appearance differences. This one is the same as the others and a little cheaper. It doesn't have a cap on both ends, that's the only gripe I have with it. There is nothing on the package that tells you if you drop or the filter freezes. Keep that in mind. Stay safe on the trails. Would recommend!

👤The water flowed out of the filter at a fast pace. The water flow was terrible when I owned a Sawyer mini. I couldn't get a steady flow out of it the first time I used it. The filter will remove a lot of water very quickly. I'm very excited to use it.

👤This must be a joke. I do a tea test if it will help my health, at least my water will. Okay. Couldn't do that in a second. The screw cap is off the filter. There's a plastic screen against the side wall. Hopefully I won't run into this trash again if I try lifestraw.

👤My sawyer was larger. The sawyer bags fit it. The tube to make it like a lifestraw was a nice touch, but could be used to attach it to the filter instead of being lost in the pack.

👤My husband is a survival instructor and he had me buy some of these. He preaches about Sawyer Mini Filters, but now he is praising Easiest Suck Filters. They are just as reliable as a Sawyer. Excellent product at an unbeatable price.

👤I bought these for my family. They have the straw extention included and each individually wrapped. The price was better than other life-straws.

👤It works great with the platypus 4.0 gravity filter system when the original one breaks and you would rather have a backup for less than the original price.

👤This is a gift, but so far, it seems like a great purchase. It feels like a quality product and the value was spot on. I will update my review after we use these.

8. HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Bottle

HYDRO CELL Stainless Steel Bottle

100% Virgin Sourced 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel is the performance. It is 100% resistant to oxidation, rusting, and corrosion. 100% free of the harmful substance. It was cold for 24 hours. It was hot for 8 hours. Double Wall is the design. There is a vacuum insulated building. The inner copper is plated. The powder coating is called grip-Tech. The standard for new colors/styles is set by Hydro Cell. The style is style. Purchase includes a bonus sports cap with a straw. There is a large selection of matching Paracord Handles, Bottle Boots, and Replacement Caps. You can modify your Hydro. They are committed to pure base materials and production excellence. If you are not completely satisfied, contact them and they will exchange your Hydro. Customer first brand. The purpose is to accomplish something. Your purchase supports food and water projects all over the world. Hydro Cell is a brand that provides environmental science products to drive change in less populated areas of the world.

Brand: Hydro Cell

👤I thought my new, 22 ounce flask would come with a straw cap and the full cover, because of the ad on Amazon. When I contacted Hydro Cell about it, they immediately assured me they would be sending out a straw cap today, five seconds after I posted my concern on their website. I was so impressed by their customer service, as well as their beautiful and functional product, that I wouldn't give them five stars. Dean was the person I spoke with and he was professional. I will be returning to Hydro Cell for their other flasks.

👤This water bottle is awesome! I drink between 1 and 2 gallons of water a day and the water bottle I use is very important to me. I had been using a plastic bottle. I have heard that even if the plastic is free of BPA, it still affects the water quality and puts harmful plastic into the water. The fact that the hydro cell interior won't get into my water made me switch to it. This keeps my water cold for an incredible amount of time, and it does not sweat. I left my bottle of ice water in my car for 5 hours and came back 5 hours later with water that was refreshingly cold. I did that again while working out for an hour, but the ice didn't melt. I have recommended this bottle to my family, who are now buying one of their own. It is worth the investment if you give it a try.

👤I am very happy with this bottle. I try to stay hydrated throughout the day. In the morning, I fill it with cold water and add ice. It stays cold for a long time. The ice does not melt immediately. There isn't any for condensation. It is always dry even though I have cold water inside. The cap works well. There is a straw when you open it. It doesn't leak, which is amazing. I put the bottle on its side for 30 minutes to see if it worked. There was no water. I don't have to worry about putting it in my bag when I'm rushing. The few times I used the cap, it didn't bother me. You can fit your hand into it if you use it. All I drink is water. I clean it every few days. You don't need much except hot water, dish soap and some liquid in the sink. I take the lid off so I can wash it. If you prefer that, the whole thing is dishwasher safe. There is a It doesn't fit in cup holders, that's the only negative for me. I have 40 ounces. I don't use the car much anymore. It is not that big of an issue. I thought I would mention that in this review. If you want to use the cupholders, you should get the 24oz from when I read. It was a great purchase. I would recommend it to anyone. It's always a nice bonus to have several vibrant colors to choose from.

9. LifeStraw Carbon Capsule Replacement Filtration

LifeStraw Carbon Capsule Replacement Filtration

Hand wash. The straw flex is a replacement carbon filter. It reduces chlorine, lead, and other heavy metals, as well as bad taste and odor. The filters can hold up to 100 liters of water.

Brand: Lifestraw

👤I tried out the LifeStraw Flex with tap water. I left the parts on the kitchen counter to dry so I could store it. The cat found the carbon filter at night, and it became her new favorite chew toy. She did not touch any other parts. She loved the carbon filter. It was covered with little tooth holes when I found it outside my bedroom door. I don't know how many other cats would attack this product, but you've been warned!

👤They only effectively remove 26 gallons of water. In an emergency, these are essential. I plan on getting drinking water from a river during emergencies. You should buy more than you think you need. One gallon per person per day is said. Plan on buying water for a month just to be safe.

👤I'm buying these. I've been taking the hanging water system with me on hikes. I can drink from any body of water. I don't need to carry water with me. I love these things.

👤Set in a vaccum bag for future use and freshness, or keep in package to keep fresh.

👤These work as expected. They are helpful for great tasting water when you are camping or backpacking.

👤The Emergency bag is a great addition.

👤It's good to have a backup for the zombie apocalypse.

10. Pack Water Filter Straw Backpacking

Pack Water Filter Straw Backpacking

The Water Filter Backpacking Straw has a 1500 liter capacity so you can use it for a long time. The package includes two survival water filters so you always have a spare. The portable water filter straw is 8” x 1” in size and has a carrying strap that makes it easy to transport from one location to the next so you can enjoy fresh drinking emergency water everywhere you go. The water filter survival is designed to deliver fresh, pure drinking water by removing E. coli, legionella and salmonella. It is designed to improve the taste by reducing chlorine, harmful particles and bad odor. The Filter Straw is designed to remove 99% of harmfulbacteria at 0.01-micron. It's easy to carry and use, and it can be used for a lot of things. The Water Filter Backpacking Straw has a 600 liter capacity so you can use it for a long time. The package includes two survival water filters so you always have a spare.

Brand: Logest

👤I bought the 4 pack and decided to test it. It was hard to back rinse because you couldn't draw water through it. I found a bad one and tested it again. I opened a third time. Better but still not usable. The best I could do in a minute was barely 250ml. I was hoping that I had found an economical filter to pack away for emergency use, but I will have to return these. Look elsewhere for a usable product and save time and money.

👤I think this is from China. It is likely filled with radiation. I don't know. The information on the package was filled with mistakes and broken English. B. It is not clear how long they last or what the base is. The money was wasted. Buy a product that has credibility.

👤The product says it comes with 2 extra filters per tube, but the extra filters weren't there. This is false advertising, so I contacted the seller.

👤I drank the wrong way. I got food that had been stuck between my teeth after I blew into it. The outflow was blocked by that. The water intake was easy to suck up once the filter was cleaned out.

👤The straw works well. The water tasted like tap water.

👤I didn't have any stomach issues when I used this on a trip to the middle east, I drank water through this device and stuck to hot drinks. The water is different from what your body is used to.

👤We are going on a trip. They seem to be as advertised, but will update after any issues.

👤It's safe to use. It's important for you to have common sense in the likelihood that you need to drink fresh moving water that isn't treated. I live in north Florida. You can bear grylls guy. You can drink your own piss it up.

11. Potable Aqua Water Purification Treatment

Potable Aqua Water Purification Treatment

America's favorite brand of under sink water filters is the highly rated reverse osmosis systems. The water filter is made with premium quality components and comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty and lifetime personalized support from GA, USA. There are two bottles of Potable Aqua Water Purification Tablets. Water treatment tablets are used for water purification. Potable Aqua emergency water purification tablets are effective against Giardia lamblia. Even in emergency water purification situations, water purification tablets can be used. Water treatment tablets are ideal to keep with camping gear.

Brand: Potable Aqua

👤The product was made in 2011. I received the same bottle every time. Don't waste time.

👤The item was delivered in a paper envelope, without a factory seal on the bottles. It's super vague.

👤I was surprised to receive two bottles filled with tablets. It was not in the cardboard sealed packaging that was advertised. Please tell me what to do?

👤I was shocked when I looked at the instructions on the bottle that they were not in line with what the seller said. The bottle says you should use 2 tablets per quart of water, but the sellers say 1 tablet per quart. I am short on supplies and this is half the value advertised. I paid full price for half of what I was promised, but not as much as I need. This is not acceptable. I submitted a false product information report a week or two ago, but it has since been corrected. The instructions on the bottle state 2 tablets are needed, even though the image states "1 tablet 888-349-8884 The image seems to have been removed. I'm also concerned about the dates that are past. The bottles come loose in a brown packing bag and there is no identifying information on them. I'm trying to contact the manufacturer to see if this number can be used to find the date of manufacture and the expiration date. The website of Portable Aqua states that the pills never expire. They like magic and are good for it. It's amazing! Every expert review states that the tablets will not last more than 4 years. I have already had false advertising and I find it hard to believe that these pills are different. If I have any success in contacting the company, I will update here again.

👤The package that is shown has 2 of these not in it. The bottles had a white dust on them as if they had been sitting for a long time. They don't show an expiration date because they weren't in the original packaging. Disappointed.

👤They came loose in an envelope, not in the manufacturer's packaging. They are over a year old, there is no seal on the cap, and who knows when they were packaged or if they have been tampered with.

👤I think I should give these 5 stars. I used them to drink tap water in Argentina and didn't get sick, so they did work. The water was turned into a dirty brown color.

👤They were sent to some friends in Puerto Rico to have safe drinking water. I wish they didn't need it, but they do and it's effective because they can drink water.

👤Aunque vienen dos Frascos, cada Frasco Cumple con una funcin different. Para cada litro de agua, solo se tiene 25 litros en total. Me habra gustado, quiero ms clara antes de comprar el producto, por ello lo pongo en comentarios, pues nosotros nos fuimos. No se especifica en Amazon, pero es importante, es para un uso continuo. Nos perjudica a nosotros en un uso continuo, ellos dicen. Las pastillas son pequeas. No miden ms de 6 centmetros de alto, pero no quiere. Esto resulta prctico para traerlo. A diferencia de las soluciones lquidas, las pastillas no tienen estar en refrigeracin. I parece importante a tener encuenta, por ltimo, el tiempo de purificacin del agua.


What is the best product for survival straw bottle?

Survival straw bottle products from Survivor Filter. In this article about survival straw bottle you can see why people choose the product. Membrane Solutions and Lifestraw are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival straw bottle.

What are the best brands for survival straw bottle?

Survivor Filter, Membrane Solutions and Lifestraw are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival straw bottle. Find the detail in this article. Essential Values, Simpure and Easiestsuck are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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