Best Survival Stove Folding

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1. Esbit Ultralight Emergency Folding Tablets

Esbit Ultralight Emergency Folding Tablets

Made in the USA, top craftsmanship and durability. Don't trust survival and bushcraft readiness to cheap imports. Ultralight stove is three ounces. Solid fuel tablets are included. The steel is made of galvanized steel. When not in the cooking position, packs flat.

Brand: Esbit

👤This stove is very light and compact, and it takes almost no space in an emergency kit or a lightweight trail cook kit. Since it burns fuel tablets, it is more suited to slowly heating or boiling a cup or two of water than a large job. Cooking times depend on a number of factors, but compared to most other fuels, it is rather slow. The buyer needs to know that the stove is shipped flat and there are no hinges or anything. It is not a big deal since it is not meant as a main stove, and it will survive a lot of bends. You should probably look at a different option if you need more heat, faster cooking, or longer life. Fuel tabs are great fire starters in wet conditions.

👤This is not a stove for camping. You should get their Pocket Stove. Keep this thing flat until you use it. I'm pretty sure you shouldn't flatten it back out once you bend it up into the position you need it to be. The material is very easy to bend and if you store it with other gear it will flatten out again making it weaker over time. Couldn't see using this in an emergency, but it might be good for a bug out bag. I would still choose the pocket stove.

👤Good for when you don't need a full meal at all. If you're not cooking, it's much lighter to carry than pots and stove. It's good for day hikes when you have more robust gear at the truck.

👤I didn't read the description carefully before ordering. I wanted it to be a set of pieces that fit together and stack together, and that it would fit nicely into a 300mL metal cup. It will fill the same role in a bigger cup.

👤It won't hold my pots or cups.

👤I have owned Esbit products for a long time. My BOB has a new stove. Will be ordering more for my vehicles and other BOB's. This is an excellent value and can be used multiple times.

👤You bend the metal to shape it. Maybe for 10 to 15 dollars. $20+ should not be considered. Coleman emergency stove comes full of fuel and is reuseable for a fraction of the price.

👤If you like eating your food warm, these emergency stoves are great. We used the same thing when I was an infantryman.

👤It took a long time to ship out.

👤If I need them, I would put this in my day pack. You never know, so be prepared.

2. TOBWOLF Ultralight Stainless Collapsible Backpacking

TOBWOLF Ultralight Stainless Collapsible Backpacking

If the portable camping stove you received is faulty, please do not hesitate to contact them. 30 days free return is provided by them. It is made from high quality STAINLESS steel that is strong enough for wood burning and is resistant to rust. The stove can be stable on different surfaces. Ultralight and Compact weighs in at only 780g / 1.72lb but still has the strength to perform in any outdoor condition. The nylon storage bag has a flat size that fits into a backpack and is easy to carry. It's a good idea to serve a warm meal when outdoors. They will be leaving no chemical emissions behind with no fuel canisters or alcohol needed. Wood, twigs, branches, leaves are easy to get at outside and can be used to cook a meal. Wide opening design makes it convenient to add wood and improve air flow. A stable cooking platform can be created with the cross-stand trivet. It's easy to install and take down because you connect all panels by each side. Good for backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, picnic, barbeque, outdoor survival, etc.

Brand: Tobwolf

👤It was hard to set it up. My daughter-in-law was able to get the pan in the bottom quickly. I think I need practice. We had twigs that were slightly wet, but they still boiled water very quickly. Enjoying it again for a camping trip. It burns hot when you start it. The chimney effect keeps wood burning. Push the wood in. Last night it was used to cook dinner, hot water for washing dishes, and this morning tea water and eggs. I still recommend it. I think this is better than cans of propane. It's just a little bit. I put it in a bag with 2 rubber bands around it because I had trouble putting it together. I am car camping. It's not a problem to transport it. If you are backpacking, you may want to practice getting to be an ace at quick set up.

👤The best of the budget stove. It gets much hotter and the tall design gives it more capacity to feed wood. This stove allows me to burn wood for fuel. Buy this stove before anyone else. You won't regret it or waste money.

👤I packed my survival trunk with things like can openers and candles.

👤A great little stove that fits in a pack. The design of the Rocket Stove is ideal.

👤I expected it to work like that. The easy assembly burned well. Only draw back if you need a mostly flat surface which isn't much of an issue, a few quick stomps in the ground is enough. I would buy it again and again if I could, because it was the type of item I was looking for.

👤I didn't use it because it's too small.

👤This thing is very hot. The picture shows 988 degrees F at the base of the cup. The water temp is the other one. Only sticks less than 1/2 inch thick come from my yard. It took about ten minutes to boil. Highly recommended.

👤The camp stove is a great size. The wide opening of the envelope makes it easy to light it and keep it going. It is sturdy enough to support a cast iron frying pan. It's just right for an outside breakfast. Very impressed. Steel has not shown any signs of warping after being subjected to a long period of heat. If it does, I'll update this review. It comes with a transport bag. You don't need to carry fuel, just a means of lighting twigs and things you can find.

👤It was possible to heating cast iron.

👤Ich ist das Produkt aus Spa. Besitze ist massiv/schwer und rostet leider. Im Gegenteil was aus Edelstahl besteht. Im Produkt begeistert das es so leicht. Im Boden ist das innere Blech modifizieren. Ich ist fr meinen. 12*12 cm is oben. Art rufnger und Herdplatte ist nutzen. The Edelstahlpfanne von ThomasPhillips ist erfolgreich gebraten.

👤A force de suivre Cuisine outdoor de Caractre. J'ai pas de bois morts, je me balade en fort. Je ramasse, je vais faire brler quand mon cafĂ© est prt. C'est comment a chauffe fort, je fais bouillir de l'eau en quelques minutes. J'ai hte de l'emmener en balade pour tester.

3. Esbit Ultralight Folding Pocket Tablets

Esbit Ultralight Folding Pocket Tablets

If you don't like the product for any reason, please contact customer service within 180 days and they will help you. The stove is made from galvanized steel and folds down to a small size. Each Esbit 14 g solid fuel tablets burns approximately 12 minutes, and one burns 500 liters of water in 8 minutes. Two cooking positions are not included. The dimensions are 3 inches wide by 3 inches tall. The weight, including solid fuel, is 6.3 ounces (180 g). The manufacturer's warranty is 2 years.

Brand: Esbit

👤I bought a version of a stove on eBay that looked like it was from the 1950s, and it's amazing that the design hasn't changed in decades. You can't get a stove that is more affordable. The low price and ease of use make this one unbeatable. The consequences of the actions? One of the tablets I used did not boil much water or produce the kind of heat that I am 800-273-3217 The positives? The stove makes a cup of tea more simply than any other stove I've used. The stove is small and the tabs light up in a few seconds if you apply a flame. If you use this stove backpacking, double bagging the fuel tabs is a good idea to avoid smelling up your gear because the fuel tabs have a strong odor. There are many ways to purchase this stove on Amazon, so keep in mind that you can buy many tabs with some stoves or just a few.

👤You'll be happy to pay for this amazing WWII technology. I own one in each vehicle, one in my day pack, and one in my 72 hour kit. The fuel is kept out of the air. In almost any weather, one tab will boil 12 ounces of water. If you're more frugal, you could go for a whole weekend with this stove. As a member of the SAR, I learned about these gems. I kept one in my pack to warm lost hikers. The stove is so small that it can fit inside a coffee cup and a Bic butane lighter. I lit one up at 10,000 feet on Mt Humphreys in a snowstorm in Arizona, as well as on an unexpected bivouac in Afghanistan. This is a piece of kit that won't let you down.

👤This stove is the foundation for my adventure tea kit, which will include a cup of tea by the river, a mountain top, or a lake on a cold day. Coffee fans might have some input there. I'm using it with a titanium cup in diameter of 3 inches. This is too small and only engages three of the four tabs on the stove. It took 18 12 minutes to bring 8oz of water from 65F to a boil, with an outside air temperature of 34F, and no cover on the cup. There is a Don't despair! The time was reduced to 5 minutes 56 seconds with foil wrapped around the stove and cup to focus the heat and shield wind. Fuel tablets burn for about 10 minutes. I tried the larger 27g tablets and they boiled the water in 5 minutes 38 seconds, and they burned for about 12 minutes total. There is a My tea kit, which includes a stove, titanium cup, 27g fuel cube, aluminum foil, and a teabag, weighs only 6.3oz. The included fuel tablets will leave a bit of a mark on your cooking vessel. The picture of the bottom of the cup was taken after one use. Don't put your cup on grandma's doily. The fuel cubes are like rotten fish puke. I store them in their sealed packaging inside a ziplock bag, and I can still smell them, but at a less gag-worthy level. They don't smell bad when burning, and I haven't noticed any unpleasant flavor in the water or tea, even boiling it in an uncovered cup.

4. Gas One Portable Stove Stainless

Gas One Portable Stove Stainless

No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries required, less carbon footprint, is environment friendly. There is a tray to hold alcohol fuel. Steel and sharp edges. The camping stove is made of steel, and the edges are not sharp, so it will last long even under heavy weight or high heat. The oven is easy to carry and clean. The camping stove is made of durable steel. The cross stand has a stable platform for cookware. twigs, branches, leaves, or alcohol are unrestricted fuel sources. It's time to say goodbye to heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels. With no fuel canisters or alcohol needed, they will be leaving no chemical emissions behind. The camp stove uses leaves, branches and woods as fuel. You can enjoy the outdoors. It's suitable for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic, barbecue, outdoor survival and adventure.

Brand: Gasone

👤I was interested in another brand, but this one is the exact same one at a much lower price. The packaging was clean and neat. It would be a great gift if it was its own packaging in a thick box. I am very happy that this one has a black mesh bag around it, it's not pictured, but I am very happy about this. I did the magnet test and it only sticks to the liquid fuel bowl, and that's all that matters. Light weight is good for what I use it for and worth the extra ounces. I don't have to rig it because it comes with a grill. If you want to change out your favorite pot, first place the grill down than it will hold anything, no need to change out your stanley cup-pot. It works like a solo stove. If you want to use it as a mini campfire after cooking or for roasting potato in the chamber, you could use a wind guard that closes the holes at the bottom for a slower burn. The gas canister can fit into the chamber and has a dish for liquid fuel. I like using wood in emergency situations because it is easier to cook with. It works perfectly for storage and even has room for a few extras in the stove and bag. I would buy it again and give it as a gift to anyone who likes fishing, car campers, or any other out doors type person.

👤I have a second stove. Will burn sticks, pellets, and coal for every bug out bag. If you have alcohol, it has a dish that holds a taranga alcohol stove out of the wind. There is a It has a gasifying stove and a hamburger grill if you use coal or pellets. Every father and son and daughter should have a lightweight Bug out nessity and a small foldable saw. Human need is basic.

👤I had a used item, no directions, and full of fingerprints. Kind of gross.

👤After a power outage, I got this. I didn't want to store gas bottles or buy gas in an emergency, so I looked at gas burners. I enjoy hiking and camping. The little thing is light and can be used for fuel. A stove at a fraction of the cost. I will be taking this on my next road trip.

👤It works as well as the solo stove.

👤It's great for a quick cup of coffee out in the field or at camp when the rain just won't stop. I have used the same brand for 5 years. The lower fuel cup burns out after 2 years, but a tuna can and a church key allow the stove to work. A design that is timeless.

👤The product is neat, but the unit Amazon shipped to me is very difficult to open and close, because it is rusted on the hinges of the pot/pan holders. Even though it is shipped directly from Amazon, this item is not eligible to be returned.

5. KampMATE WoodFlame Lightweight Backpacking Stainless

KampMATE WoodFlame Lightweight Backpacking Stainless

The collapsible 4-leg design helps keep the stove stable. The stove has a different design scheme. It's easy to store and carry collapsible elements like chimney pipes. Also, note: Gloves are required for assembling the tent wood stove. There are sharp edges on the stove and pipes. Their camping stove is made of pure 304 steel which makes it last even in the toughest conditions. The burning chamber is large and weighs only 1.1 lbs. You can use twigs, leaves, and branches as a fuel source while you are hiking or camping, unlike other camping stoves that use alcohol or bulky propane canisters. This will allow you to have unlimited fuel while also saving space in your backpack. The design of their wood stove gives it unique properties to perform and last forever. The kampMATE wood stove is built to last. The kampMATE WoodFlame wood stove has been designed to be portable. Adding more wood to the fire is easy because of the wide-open mouth design. It's easy to assemble, and the surface for your cookware is stable. It folds down to fit into a backpack pocket. If you are not completely satisfied with their wood stove, they will back it up with a no hassle money back guarantee. The stove and nylon carry bag are only used for demonstration purposes.

Brand: Kampmate

👤I have been a fan of the Emberlit series of stoves for a long time. I have wanted a larger version of the original stove for a long time. The kampMATE is that. The kampMATE is larger than the standard Emberlit. I have no reason to dispute that. The plates are noticeably thicker and the inner volume is larger. The math shows that the inner volume is 220% larger, so expect to use twice as much fuel. If you want to cook with this stove, you should use a flame that is at least 1/2 of the bottom of your cook pot. Maintaining the flame level is something that should be practiced. The stove is too heavy for less than 2 people. I can carry a 250g canister and stove at 1.1#, which will make it much easier to use. For most of my camp cooking, my titanium Emberlit is big enough to cook for 2. The back-up stove in my Emberlit Fireant is sufficient for solo camping. The kampMATE works well for 3 or more where the weight camp is better distributed. The kampMATE shines as a backpacking campfire box. It allows you to keep and maintain a small protected campfire, which is warm enough for 2 to 4 people, with a surprisingly small amount of small stick wood. The Emberlit is small enough for 2 people. The kampMATE is large enough to be satisfying. Just for a few nights of camping, you don't have to de-nude your camping spot. I have included a picture of my kampMATE with a Lodge 7 quart dutch oven on top, filled with 6 quarts if water, after 30 minutes. I don't think strength is a problem. 31.5 pounds is the weight of a pot and water. I am not associated with kampMATE. I don't know anyone affiliated with kampMATE. I bought my stove with my own money. I am certain that no one affiliated with kampMATE knew that I was going to purchase this stove or that I would write a review of it. I recommend this stove for camping, for disaster preparedness, for off grid daily living, and for general purpose fun and recreation.

👤I bought this stove for heating water to make soup or re-hydrating freeze-dried meals while out on mountain hikes. All day, dark to dark. I can make a nicely sized fire that is very well contained, yet still project a ton of heat with this stove. On cold, wet or frigid days, having a fire is a great way to boost your spirits. The stove is a little heavy, but it doesn't pack much. I don't need to worry about canisters running out with the kampMate compared to my liquid or gas fueled stove. The weight penalty on my other stove is much less than it is on my other stove. I haven't put the stove to use in the field yet because I have had it less than 24 hours. The quality of the material and efficient use of fuel makes me think that this will be an excellent performing tool if all remains the same. I am not associated with or compensated by kampmate or anyone who has a relationship with them. I paid the same price as everyone else. So. This little stove is a great bit of gear and is a great price. I wish I had connected a long time ago.

6. Esbit CS585HA 3 Piece Lightweight Camping

Esbit CS585HA 3 Piece Lightweight Camping

Jetboil has a stove that will keep you fueled for any adventure. No matter the level of cuisine you want to create, a compact and efficient stove is essential. The kit includes a pot, lid, and stand. The cookset and stove are made from lightweight aluminum that is seven ounces. Esbit's proprietary, solid state fuel cubes are sold separately. The pot has volume indicators in both liters and ounces, and two hinges that fold against the body of the pot. Stores in a mesh bag are ideal for backpackers and campers who like to travel light.

Brand: Esbit

👤I've been camping and hiking my whole life and this little solid fuel cooking system is awesome. I keep Esbit tabs in my 10 essentials kit and they're wonderful. I got this baby for fun and to see what I could do with it, and thus far I'm more than impressed. It's easy to use, and it's well made. I got this model because of the built-in windscreen design and the perfect 20oz cup, which is just right for solo camping/hiking activities. If needed, use it with a larger pot. The kit allows me to store 12 14gram tabs and a lighter all wrapped in a cute little mesh bag. The kit can be used for many types of outings, and it's still liquid fuel systems. The Esbit brand is one of the best solid fuel combo around. If you're thinking about one, just get it, we've all wasted more money on lesser things. Last thought. If you're camping with this thing, take a 16oz container of water to bed with you and you'll be heat water from 70* instead of 40* in the AM and thus much more efficient- for any trail cook system.

👤Since Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the country is without light and this small stove became part of my daily use, but now after 30 days, I can say that it is the best stove I have ever used. The stove and Mountain House are safe.

👤I'm an extreme backpacker and I rely on my camping stove. I have a lot of different camping stoves, so I can give an experienced perspective review. The stove is all in one, with a cup/pot, windscreen design base, and hole to insert fuel cube. I've used it many times on camping trips when the mornings and evenings were cold and a nice cup of hot tea or soup was really needed. I got really warm, but not boiling hot. I used the Esbit fuel cubes. I have to use 2 cubes per pot to get that rolling boil, and that just isn't efficient or cost-friendly. The bottom section of the Esbit stove has a design that keeps the pot raised more than the pocket stove. This stove is great in warm weather, but I like winter camping and mountain tops in the summer, so it's only good on limited trips. I only use this stove for camping or when a friend needs a stove. The POCKET ESBIT stove is a very inexpensive one and it has a pot that sits above the flame source so the contents come to a rolling boil. I've used the POCKET ESBIT on some long distance trips and in some very cold weather, but mostly in the 30-40 degree weather. I have to carry a small light weight foil windshield, but it still beats the efficiency of this bulky Esbit stove. A simple redesign would fix this problem - reduce the size of the bottom that lifts the pot above the flame, move the air slits at the same level as the fuel-hole, and then the pot will sit closer to the fuel source and get hotter. The basic design of the pocket stove would be the same as the pots round design. Would I recommend? It depends. If you don't mind using more than one fuel cube to a pot to get the boil on cold camping trips, then yes, you are a fair weather camper. Otherwise, no. It's an Esbit, so why 3 stars? It is a basic job.

7. Lixada Portable Lightweight Stainless Backpacking

Lixada Portable Lightweight Stainless Backpacking

Replacement base for camping stove and propane accessories are stable and reliable. It's suitable for outdoor camping, hiking, and barbecuing. It is lightweight and portable, folds in seconds to fit into any pocket. A strong platform for your cookware is created by a strong construction. The opening is for adding wood. Good air vent for efficient burning. Use twigs, branches, and leaves to cook a meal. It's time to stop using heavy, costly, polluting petrol fuels. No fuel canisters, no chemical emissions, no batteries required, less carbon footprint, is environment friendly. There is a tray to hold alcohol fuel.

Brand: Lixada

👤It took me a while to put it together. The plates were put on backwards. They have one side where the hooks aim up and the other side where they aim down. I had to turn the panels around after my first try. It takes me 20 seconds to put it together. The floor should be stuck through the bottom of the walls. It's rock solid once it's built. I got this because it's cool. Will it be my main stove? It's doubtful. I'm not a big camper, so we're starting to get into camping for family fun. My son and I roasted some marshmallows for the first time. twigs and sticks were collected around the trees. The second lesson is to make sure you have enough kindling ready and the right size. It went through my pile of sticks faster than I anticipated, so I wanted a good stack and a few thicker sticks for longer burning. It was easy to light and any dry campsite will have plenty of firewood. Good luck if it's been wet. I took it with me to camping. I had propane mini stove. I used the propane to heat up our meals because they were easy to use. I still love this stove and it will always be in my bag. I know that I can cook on it if my propane runs out or the stove doesn't work, but why wouldn't I keep it on us? I wish it wasn't black because it would be easy to see in a bag. It is inside my mess kit. I take it out of the bag. The mess kit was more stable than the propane stove. I didn't use it because it was inconvenient, our campground was soggy, and I would struggle with temp control while cooking. I will definitely use this in the future. I would probably use it to boil water while I heat up my food because it's easier than lugging around propane. I only need one tank. I could cook using it, but I have to be careful with the temperature and pull the pan off. I think it's a necessity in any scout's pack. You will always be able to use it if you need to, even if you don't reach for it first.

👤I was so excited to get it, but it was not to my liking. The stove I ordered was titanium. I think they sent me something else. It didn't say anything on the label. There were no instructions. Fit and finish were not good. A hole not punched through. I have sharp edges. There is a little bit of something on one part. Quality control is terrible. My first and last product was from Lixada. Already filed a return. It went back the next morning.

👤The small titanium stove does not have hinges, but rather interlocking tabs. Three of the panels are the same color. You need to put them together first, then put the bottom panel in, attach the front on one side, and then twist the stove to get the last corner slots. It is easier for me to put it inside. The photos were taken when I boiled 1 quart of water in a 1.5 quart pot using a combo of maple and oak twigs and small sticks. It was ok, but the burn was too smoky. I should have brought out the pocket bellows sooner, but just blowing worked to get it going with just a lighter underneath a hole in the middle of the bottom. The water was boiled for 15 minutes. During this burn, the titanium color came out. The stove has a weight of 2.55 ounces.

8. Olytamxi Portable Stainless Backpacking Emergency

Olytamxi Portable Stainless Backpacking Emergency

Planes are friendly. Are you planning a trip across the country or overseas? You won't have to worry about gas canisters or adaptors when you travel with a Viestove. If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, or a trip to the Pacific Crest Trail, you should get this hiking stove. This wood burning camp stove will keep you moving forward. You can use twigs,sticks,bark,pine needles,pine cones,shavings, coals or charcoal and other local resources. The folding stove can be stored in a small bag and folded up for easy transportation. The folded size is about the same as a book. The unfold size is about the same as a book. A carrying bag can be used. The wide opening makes it easy to add more wood and keep the fire burning. A large top is needed for most cups and pans. It's easy to add more wood from the side panel opening. A camping wood stove shows no metal fatigue or warping after long time use or burning. A stove for the outdoors to heat up or grill with wood or charcoal in camp is an occasion. You can cook a sausage, sweet corn, potato, or coffee on it. Take this pocket stove with you and enjoy cooking outside with your friends and family. The blue plastic wrap around the backpacking stove has been removed.

Brand: Olytamxi

👤It's perfect for camping or backpacking.

9. Acelane Stainless Backpacking Emergency Preparedness

Acelane Stainless Backpacking Emergency Preparedness

There is a must-have outdoor necessity that includes 1x 10 plates aluminum windshield, 4x spare mandrels, clean cloth, and a storage box. The backpacking stove windshield is perfect for camping, hiking, fishing, backpacking, and other outdoor activities. Any dry woods, twigs, branches, leaves, or pinecones can keep the fire going when you're camping in a wood stove. No need to carry bulky alcohol or gas canisters. Take this pocket stove with you so you can start cooking outdoors. Their wood stove is made with quality steel and is strong. A sturdy structure with a cross bar on top provides stable support to hold the weight of your cookware and sit securely while burning. Handling cooking in wildness is no longer a problem. The camping stove is portable and lightweight, weighing only 1.22 lbs with a small storage bag. It can be easily fit into a backpack pocket, which will reduce the space and weight of your backpack. After each use, it is easy to wipe clean. Camp cooking can be made simple with the perfect camping gear. The portable wood stove has a wide opening mouth which makes it easy to add more wood and keep the fire going, which improves the burning efficiency. Backpackers can get fresh food, soup, or tea in minutes. The mini backpaking stove is easy to install. Get ready in just 5 minutes by assembling the stove structure, adding dried wood or leaves, fire up, and place your cooking utensils on the stove. It's perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking, BBQ, picnic, outdoor survival and emergency preparedness.

Brand: Acelane

👤I blasted a big fire and the stove held up. The water is boiled and does what it is supposed to do. I wish it came with a nicer bag for storage because it is a little bigger than I thought. Will get a lot of use this fall.

👤It was a gift for my mom. She loves watching bushcrafting on the internet. We made plans to go camping in the woods behind her house so she could try out her survival skills as soon as the weather warms up. I think that's correct.

👤It works amazingly. It was difficult to set up due to no directions. I suggest learning how to set it up indoors before hiking. I took about 10 minutes to get it set up. It seems very durable and you can make fire with it. Be careful with its edges.

👤I use this product for my bug out bag. I gave one to one of my followers as a prize because I was so pleased with it.

👤It's easy to set up and perfect for a backpack or seat pouch.

👤It is easy to assemble. It was quick to light a fire. The carry bag is very small. The edges are a bit sharp.

👤Great design for its purpose. Well thought out. Gave it 5 stars.

👤The stove is not usable because they sent cross pieces that did not connect correctly. One crosspiece needs to be cut in different directions. They don't sit on the stove because they are the same. I chose this item because they don't accept returns. Very disappointed.

10. Coghlans 9957 Folding Stove

Coghlans 9957 Folding Stove

A design that is both rustic and innovative. A camping stove with coated steel construction is strong enough to hold a heavy pot. Any type of canned fuel or solidified alcohol can be used for heat. The front door and sides are tall. essential gear for camping, backpacking, emergency preparedness, and more

Brand: Coghlan's

👤Be careful with what you buy. As it burns hot enough to boil water, the only fuel that can be gotten from the Sterno is "Cooking Fuel". "Canned Heat" pot warmers burn at only 185 degrees and will never boil water.

👤I use this for camping in my van or tent. It was tested at home. It only took me 30 seconds to set it up. I put the pot on top of the sterno can and it was very sturdy. No worries about the pot falling off. It's perfect for when I only need one burner and don't want to break out the big Coleman propane stove. I got a heat diffuser for use on top so I can double the usage of this stove as a back up tent heater, and it worked very well for that purpose as well. I used the heating cover from AdvancedShop here on Amazon to see which one I used. It was fast shipping on it. I've provided pictures of a medium saucepan and a heat diffuser.

👤This is what you think it is. I use twigs, pinecones, and Sterno. All worked well in this stove. The little door does not always stay shut. It can affect the flame inside. You can fix it with a screwdriver or something in front of it. It was easy to clean and works well. Tin foil on the shelf is the best way to hold burning materials. To keep it clean. The stove is a little heavy. If you are car camping, it is still very portable. It might be an issue for backpacking. It does what it says it will do and for a very good price.

👤I bought this for my kit. It is sturdy and can be used many different ways. You could use things other than sterno. I used my stove as a proof of concept. If one needed sticks, they could use them in it. This is the most important part. Coffee. I can't exist without coffee. That is not true. I can exist without coffee, but anyone who has to be around me doesn't want to. I have to have coffee. This is a problem when my house is all electric. I own a Coleman propane stove, a propane single burner unit, and a propane grill. One can burn up a lot of propane in an extended outage, but those stupid little canisters are not cheap. I could use a larger propane tank, but it's inconvenient and the propane is not cheap. Since I don't have a fireplace, I decided to use an alcohol stove. I bought a stove kit after that. I like that thing. There is a problem. Yes. The coffee. I can't just throw a percolator on the kit. I have to either use a backpacking stove, make French Press coffee by boiling water in my JetBoil, or I need something that will support my percolator. This is the kind of thing that engineers think about when the power is out for a long time. The Coghlan's Folding Stove can be entered. I can put my percolator on top of my alcohol burner. It's dah! Coffee. I can use sticks if the mountain blows up or we have the Big One, but only if the mineral spirits, Heet, and any other burnable fuels are gone. During Armageddon, I can have coffee. If I had to, I could cook food with this. It is a fun little stove, so it is great for camping, road trips, and emergency kit. I think I will buy a second one so that I can leave it in my car. Have you ever watched Survivorman? The quality of this stove sold me on it after I read reviews and looked at it in stores. I'm very happy with it. It's a great addition to my kit and is very useful. I am glad I bought it.

11. HIKPEED Portable Stainless Backpacking Survival

HIKPEED Portable Stainless Backpacking Survival

There is a warranty service. BLUU has the best camping gear and survival kits. Omelets, coffee, pasta and more can be made with the click of a button. BLUU has a 30-day refund guarantee and a 1-year warranty service. If you have a question, please contact them. The stove does not have a handle. The one with the handle was sold out. Thank you for your understanding. The survival stove is made of pure and heavy-duty steel and is excellent at heat resistance. The pot can be heated evenly with the help of the 3-arm pot supporter. The wood camping stove can be used to get fuel from nature. You don't have to take gas canisters because you can save a lot of space. It's convenient for camping, backpacking, survival, bikepacking, hiking, trekking, picnic, barbecue, fishing and other outdoor adventures. The wood stove has a double-wall structure with bottom air vent, it can let the air flow inside the burning area and create a secondary combustion, so there is no black smoke during use. The folding stove can burn for 20 minutes. The top opening is large enough to hold fuel without taking off cookware. The backpacking stove has a dimensions of 5.3"(D) x8"(H). The collapsible backpacking stove is very lightweight to carry in your backpack and can be folded to a small size. The package includes a blow fire tube that will help you transfer oxygen to the flame center, long enough to protect your face, hands, and hair from getting burnt. They try to maximize customer satisfaction. They offer a 12-month warranty if their product doesn't meet your needs.

Brand: Hikpeed

👤This is the first stove I have used. I used to use a white gas stove, but was tired of having to pack fuel. The stove is great. You can put a fire starting kit in it if you put it in your backpack. I grabbed a few sticks and cooked breakfast. It was easy to start the fuel. You could place a stick in the stove top notch if the bacon and eggs were on the top.

👤I was between putting a 3 or a 4. I went with a 4 because it was cheaper, but man does this thing smoke up! We used fatwood from a store for the fire, but it made a lot of smoke. It made a small pot of water boil in about 15 minutes, so it could work in an emergency. The water was covered in soot, so make sure you use a lid for whatever you boil. I put it on the ground. Don't light this up on a table.

👤The twigs work great in the cool weather, but alcohol does not work well in 2000 feet. It doesn't take much to have a cup of tea. The rounded rock did the job and now there are no sharp edges.

👤I like the small stove, but I wish it was larger in diameter and could take larger pieces of wood n sticks. It was hot but very fast. I will be cutting some small hardwood chunks from a plank board to carry with me because I won't have to constantly be adding twigs. It's nice to have handles for moving or dumping. Will get a small pot of water to boil quickly. Hikers need a back pack for fast set up. It should be an inch or two larger. I will give it 5 stars all day.

👤It's perfect for portable use. This is a great item to have in a backpack.

👤We ordered to use it as a backup. It's small and you have to refill it with small fuel, but it works very well and compact, excellent to have the wand blowing to keep your facts back, but know that it's small and you have to refill it with small fuel. I would buy another one immediately if it was double in size, it works beautifully and I wish it was more large.

👤It works with pellets, hope they don't need it this winter. It burns clean and works with wood.

👤The instructions are on the product site or on Amazon. Does not come with printed instructions. Either memorize the instructions or write them down. Good luck.


What is the best product for survival stove folding?

Survival stove folding products from Esbit. In this article about survival stove folding you can see why people choose the product. Tobwolf and Gasone are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival stove folding.

What are the best brands for survival stove folding?

Esbit, Tobwolf and Gasone are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival stove folding. Find the detail in this article. Kampmate, Lixada and Olytamxi are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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