Best Survival Sleeping Bag Under 5 Dollars

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1. Emergency Blankets Outdoors Survinal Marathons

Emergency Blankets Outdoors Survinal Marathons

It's perfect for storing in your car, cabin, backpack, survival kit,camping bag,RV or at home. The Emergency Mylar Thermal Blankets are made of Mylar Foil, which is designed to retain up to 90% of body heat and are perfect for civilian bug out bags, go-bags, and home/ auto emergency kits. Each survival blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage. They can be used for both ground cover and shade. Safe Emergency Blanket is perfect for emergency situations where warmth is required. Retaining/reflecting up to 90% of a user's body heat helps prevent Hypoxic and shock. Their blankets can help keep you dry in wet environments. It's perfect for hiking, camping, backpacking, climbing. It can be used as ground cover, sleeping bag liner, or to prevent shock in extreme weather conditions. Military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar is light and durable.

Brand: Uniqweto

👤They were packaged in a larger bag. They were what I expected.

👤We used it to help the homeless.

2. HotHands Hand Warmers Odorless Activated

HotHands Hand Warmers Odorless Activated

You can trust quality. Quality is the goal of the company. Every shipment they receive is tested to ensure accuracy and quality. If you are not satisfied, return for a full refund. Do not apply it to the skin. The TSA approved. Made in the USA using domestic and imported materials. Shake the outer package to remove the warmer. Warming up in 30 minutes. Warm air and shake if the heat decreases. Don't throw away regular garbage after use. The ingredients will not harm the environment. There are multiplecurblesscurblesscurblesscurblesscurbless The heat packs are ideal for keeping your body warm when the temperature gets cold. They are available in a variety of styles. When to use are hunting and fishing, camping, hiking, working in the yard, and taking your pet for a walk. It's convenient, portable and compact.

Brand: Hothands

👤My mother-in-law is anemic and soaking wet. We were worried about her comfort when we planned a family trip to Texas in the winter because she is always cold and doesn't like to do much in the cold. She kept these in her shoes and jacket pockets and they worked well and kept the heat longer than the package said. She used them indoors and on car rides, and enjoyed the drives with the great grandkids looking at the Christmas lights. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤The hot hands are very good. HotHands is probably the best brand out there. I can definitely feel that HotHands deliver a bit more heat than the other ones. I think the packets have more material. HotHands seem to last a bit longer. The basic principle of "HotHands" is the oxidation reaction of oxygen to metal in this pouch. The production of rust produces heat. Simple as that. The hotter the material, the longer it will burn--but also depends on how much oxygen is in the pouch to support that chemical reaction. Too much or too little is bad. HotHands seems to have gotten it right. It's also a good idea to keep a pack inside your mitten or socks. I haven't tried that yet. The most economical package is the 10-pack for $7 with add-on shipping. The final cost is 70 cents per pair or 35 cents per pack. You will use two packs for each hand. The packs are wrapped so that you can open one and save the other. 35 cents for about 10 hours of heat is worth it. The heating time is dependent on how much air you let in. The pack lasts a bit longer if you keep it in your pocket the entire time. The materials will burn out faster if you keep it outside. You get the point. Is this too hot to burn? If you sleep on it, you will get skin burn from the constant heat, so don't start a fire. After a while, you will burn your hand. Be aware. Happy days!

👤It's necessary for cold winter days. I find that they work well stuffed into my shoes, boots, or shirt. The hand warmers work well as they are still on the small side, but the foot variety is best for that. If you have "hand and body", then those are small. They help keep my hands comfortable. Raynauds syndrome can make fingers and toes feel like they are touching ice. Keeping those areas at a steady temperature helps keep me comfortable. It's nice to be comfortable when I'm feeling cold. I like to have a thin pair of gloves on, then a pair of mittens with a warmer tucked in between. I think this will help the heat to reach my fingers more than if I put it in the gloves. I buy packs of this size for the convenience of being able to grab a handfful to keep in my car, in my purse, near my entryway. I keep some in my bag no matter what time of year it is. When there is a need, a little added heat makes all the difference.

3. Dorcy Resistant Flashlight Construction 41 4254

Dorcy Resistant Flashlight Construction 41 4254

When to use are hunting and fishing, camping, hiking, working in the yard, and taking your pet for a walk. It's convenient, portable and compact. There are sixteen super brightLED bulbs for an intense beam of light. The batteries have 8 hours of run time. The pastels are blue, green, and pink. Keep your car, purse, bed side, backpack, and other items in a safe place for convenience and reliable lighting. You should keep on hand for everyday needs. It's easy to find at night or in a power outage with the dark handle. It's easy to find at night or in a power outage with the dark handle.

Brand: Dorcy

👤You cannot choose the color if you read the description. I received Pink and Blue after I ordered them, which worked well for my 2 kids. I wouldn't give this product 5 stars because the picture of the product should show every color that they are likely to send and write a statement about not being able to choose the color. I would give this 5 stars if they had the option to pick a color. The product is great for what you pay for, even though it comes with batteries. It seems sturdy and the brightness is great.

👤The new variety all-yellow single light emitter is much brighter than the old variety, and it does not have the separate LEDs as shown. I was very pleased with the brightness, size, and solid switch. It is not weather resistant. I usually keep it inside, but during the night I left it out. The water was in the light-emitter area behind the lens. I dried it out and made sure the batteries were working. I was beyond the return window and couldn't find any information on warranty returns. It's a good flashlight, but don't buy it expecting resistance to rain. The manufacturer's website does not list this model as weather resistant, so the issue with the wrong description is the Amazon seller's error.

👤I put this in the batteries and it didn't work. I thought the batteries were bad. I put in new ones. Still never turned on. The money was wasted. The return window was only 30 days. I didn't open it and try it in time. Won't purchase again.

👤Does not glow in the dark as advertised. I bought it because of that. I could find it at night. It lasts about a minute in the sun and I set it outside all day.

👤A powerful flashlight. There was no electricity or light in the Amazon jungle, and the only light was from the moon. The flashlight saved my life when I stumbled over roots and bushes back to my hut late in the evening. The handle glows in the dark, helpful to find, but not as bright as I thought it would be. This will help you see in the dark, it's a good tool.

👤This might be the flashlight for you. If children look into it, it could cause permanent eye damage. It's disappointing that the wrist strap isn't large enough to fit three fingers. I was hoping that the flashlight's body would glow with light, not be "glow in the dark" rubber. Oh well. It's cheap and a really bright flashlight. I take a flashlight on walks in the evening to alert traffic that I am on the road.

👤Dorcy makes great lighting products. I have been a fan of Dorcy for a long time. These little lights are inexpensive. The lights have an amazing 100 watt output, not 35. The beam is broad, not narrow, and not like a focused beam. The handle glows in the dark, but this is not true. When activated with a strong light, the rubber grip will have a soft glow. The "glow-in-the-dark" feature will be a disappointment to most people. This is an ideal small light to illuminate a dark room with a bright beam. The note was added on 12/25. The description and photo are not accurate. The two that we received had a yellow disc that looked like a COB array, accounting for the intense brightness. Since the photo and description were generated, the technology seems to be an upgrade. The two that we received were both green, not pink as many have complained about.

4. Emergency Sleeping Survival Blanket Lightweight

Emergency Sleeping Survival Blanket Lightweight

REDCAMP has a 100% money back guarantee. They will assist you till you are satisfied if you contact them at any time. The ultra light weight product. The thermal sleeping bag is kept in a small bag and only weighs 4.2 ounces. You can use it again at any time, and you can keep it in your car, backpack, and emergency first-aid case. When you have an emergency sleeping bag, it can be easy to find it. It is an essential survival tool, made out of ultra-lightweight PE material which reflects 90% of your body's heat to you reflective, and its color makes it easy for rescuers to find you. It is inherently hardy. The sleeping bag is surprisingly strong because of its weight and thickness. The sleeping bag is waterproof and tear resistant. The emergency bivvy bag has reinforced tape seams that make it weather resistant. You can use it as an emergency blanket for two adults in an emergency, and it's big enough to wrap an adult's body. It can also do other things, such as emergency blankets, awning, emergency sleeping bags, floor mats, rescue or distress beacon, ponchos, sunshades, and so on. Money back guarantee. They want to keep each customer happy. If you are not satisfied, they will give you a full refund.

Brand: Mezonn

👤I fit in this bag with enough room to spare, I'm 6' and 250 lbs. If I lay down, standing up covers my shoulders and I can bend my knees a little. I can cover my head. If you are going to lay down, you need to insulate yourself from the ground in a place like this, because it is very windy and raining. If you were careful, it would probably last a couple nights. The mylar bags are just a little more bulk. Duct/packing tape is a good idea in your emergency kit. I'm assuming that if you spend hours inside it you will end up wet from condensation build up, as it's essentially a plastic bag, but I was not in it for that long. Under idea circumstances, the indoors have a clean wood floor. I was able to get it back into it's little bag after rolling it back up. I didn't attempt it, but I think you could. The little mylar emergency blankets have been upgraded.

👤I was able to give this a try in the cold desert air late at night because I didn't have the means to test it out in the great outdoors. The ground was bone-piercingly iciness, and the wind was going strong. I was skeptical of the little thing being able to provide much heat, but when I got it unfolded and crawled inside, I was very convinced. It was a little on the small side for a person like myself, but you have to do it in an emergency. I could see myself using this in a non-simulated life-or-death scenario because it insulated me from both the ground and the outside air. That may be my imagination. The product worked as advertised. I only knocked off points for the slightly smaller size and the way it feels. I was worried that I would have to kick a hole through it while I was sleeping.

👤I bought this for my survival kit when I go hunting. The guide had everything. I started assembling a survival kit after I got home. I researched emergency sleeping bags that don't take up a lot of space in your pack and do the job. This met my requirements. Do yourself a favor, don't put your life in the hands of a guide if he doesn't have the equipment to keep you alive. Chances are he doesn't. My last guide didn't have a sat phone or a personal locator device, so I'll have one on my next trip. We made it back to his truck after he broke a few ribs in an atv accident. The fringe of our camp had been visited by a grizzled animal. We hunted around a lake. He had no safety equipment for an emergency. I hope I never have to, but I do want to return home vertical, and I haven't tried this yet. I'll have a well equiped survival kit with this life bivy in it. Good luck and safe hunting.

5. Coghlans 1 Inch Quick Release Buckles

Coghlans 1 Inch Quick Release Buckles

The package is 10 cm in length. The package width is 14.8 cm. The package is 1.2 cm high. The product is outdoor rejuvenation.

Brand: Coghlan's

👤These are great for the price. I bought these to replace the sun/salt worn buckles that were cracking on my kayak. They went on without a hitch. I keep them on my shopping list in case I need them in the future, and have had no issues with durability or fragility after some rough use. Let me know if you have any questions, but otherwise, rest assured these aren't just crap you're throwing your money away into, which was kind of my concern at the start.

👤The company knows people need the 75 cent buckles so they charge several times their worth. The billionaire CEO with a passion is the kind of thing that makes me dislike any company.

👤The strap is exactly what you would expect. I replaced a broken buckle from a backpack and it worked well. You must use the additional strap retaining component to keep the strap in place. This is a different type of Buckle that keeps the strap in place with only the buckle.

👤These work well. They aren't very rugged. There is a They work well for what they cost. I use them on my snowmobile cover. Before it had straps that could loop through. It is quicker to take on and off the cover with these. It was exactly what I wanted them to be, but I would like them to be more rugged. I can not complain about the price. It would be perfect if they offered a beefier pair for a few dollars more.

👤When our daughter got a new back-pack for the school year, one of the straps broke when she was walking. She did not allow for a swap out, so we bought these. Thank you for the zip ties! Two small zip ties with the excess clipped off holding one of the buckles and badda bing! If you are looking for the fix, my daughter has not made a peep. The new buckle is doing well for two months. A useful item.

👤Sturdy. These are thicker than most 1" clips, so they fit a strap. I bought them to fit an existing clip on a stroller, but they are too big for that, even though they are size appropriate for the strap. I still found a use for them.

👤They came much quicker than expected. They did what I needed. They are cheap, fit as they should, and do the job. I had to replace the clips on the harness. He chewed the originals off when he was a pup. I was able to fix it with these. They work well for the job I was supposed to do for them.

👤I would not trust these pieces with more than 50 lbs. There are four triglides. The photo doesn't show them well, and the product details didn't specify that. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of triglides shown in the photo.

👤I had a buckle that didn't fit this one. I thought these might be standard sizes. It was too late for me to come back, but it didn't cost much.

6. US Toy Siren Whistle Pack

US Toy Siren Whistle Pack

The all-new TB-2 is produced using a strong, waterproof vinyl membrane with fiber weave reinforcement. The package is 3.08" L x 14.0" W x 17.0" H. The package weight is 2.0 lbs.

Brand: U.s. Toy

👤I bought a bag of these to give to my teammates to annoy my supervisor at work. They are very annoying. You should buy bags of these and give them to your friends' children. These are fun little whistles. When one guy gives toot, my guys keep them on their desks so everyone else can chime in with their own toots and whistles until it dies off. Then it starts again. Good times, as long as you whistle!

👤The price was correct, 12 for $5. You tend to get what you pay for. It might satisfy you if you've never owned one before. These do not satisfy me, even though I had them as a kid. They are made from plastic. That is not a negative. I had metal sirens when I was a kid. The plastic sirens are flat and off. It's annoying. Give a bag of these to the kids of the neighbor you want to bug. I got these partly because of nostalgia and partly because of my wife. They annoy, but they don't satisfy. I don't get the nostalgic kick from these.

👤I used to use metal blade ones that worked well. I needed about 10 more but I didn't get what I wanted. These are similar to what you get in a dollar store for $1. If I wanted to risk going into one right now, it would probably cost that. Wait until you can find a cheaper one, or just get something else.

👤My daughter loves these whistles. She has a lot of fun with them. I would not leave a smaller child unattended with them because they are small. They whistle both ways. A child could easily suck one of the small whistles if they were too far away. The volume can be quite loud and annoying after a long time, even if it's based on how hard you inhale or exhale. Just a warning.

👤Musicians use sirens as a special effect. They have a funny sound which is familiar to most people. The package of 12 is a great buy. You have to pay this price for one. Some of them worked better than others, but they all worked. The best ones have a clear, loud sound with no noise, and the internal spinner should spin well after you stop blowing, even if you blow into the small end. The spinner didn't spin very freely and hissy was the worst. I don't know if it can be improved, and I haven't tried fixing it. If a few sirens are not great, it's not a big deal.

👤The reviews I read were not accurate. I was under the impression that the whistles were worth the price, but there would be a few that didn't work as well as others. I bought 2. The thing is, they are not like a sirens. I was going to use it for a birthday party where kids would pretend to be on a rescue team. They would be better off using their voices as sirens.

7. Primacare CB 6841 Emergency Thermal Blanket

Primacare CB 6841 Emergency Thermal Blanket

There are two types of roofing: waterproof and weatherproof. Emergency first aid space backpacking blankets are waterproof to keep you dry in wet environments. The emergency foil mylar thermal blankets are of the highest quality. It reflects heat back to the body. It reflects back most of the body heat. It is waterproof and windproof. COMPACT size is small. The emergency foil mylar thermal blankets are small and lightweight. You can carry it wherever you please. When folded, the product is only 3 x 5. Emergency pantyhose can be used as a ground cover, sleeping bag liner, or to prevent shock in extreme weather conditions. An emergency blanket, also known as a first-aid blanket, space blanket, mylar, thermal or weather blanket, is used in emergencies to reduce heat loss in a person's body caused by thermal radiation.

Brand: Primacare

👤It is possible to line a box with this stuff to start tomato plants, but it is very flimsy and can tear very easily. If you are looking for something to sleep in, a folded sleeping bag made of thicker mylar material is a good choice. If you are going off on your own in the middle of nowhere in the winter in rugged terrain, you should have something good.

👤This isn't different than any other blanket. The thin mylar will help the body heat back towards it. I wonder why they're sold as survival gear. I wanted to line a wall with this. It works well for that purpose and is very easy to put up since it is so light.

👤Thank goodness, I haven't used them yet. I will keep my car in case of emergency situations. Anything could happen on Maine's snowy winter roads. I feel better knowing that I have something that could save a life.

👤I only received 1 blankets, according to the description. The customer had the same thing happen to her in the questions section.

👤I use these to keep the food hot when I deliver it.

👤I use it every night.

👤Mylar blankets are good. I'm very happy with the price.

8. Utility PVC Coated Package Clothes Parper

Utility PVC Coated Package Clothes Parper

When to use are hunting and fishing, camping, hiking, working in the yard, and taking your pet for a walk. It's convenient, portable and compact. Each clip is made of metal with a spring-shaped clip woven from a thread. Compared with wooden clip, bamboo clip, iron clip, plastic clip, this PVC clip is not easy to bend, snap or break. It can be used as bag pins, paperclip, cloth pins, food clips, and bookmark. A pack of 16, 2 inch coated wire clip with a variety of 8 beautiful mixed color is a value set. They will reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with satisfactory solutions.

Brand: Dagongren

👤Have you ever thought about how a simple clip can change your life? I hadn't yet, but it's probably not. When I bought these clips, I wondered how exciting they would be. To be more specific, my open bags need them. I made the purchase after pulling the Trigger. I was surprised to find the clips in a small box, which was already more interesting than I had expected. I opened the box and found multi-colored CLIPS. I poured the contents of the box onto my kitchen counter, and while I know it was likely my imagination, it seemed as though the stream of clips landing on my countertop was a never-ending rainbow of awesome. Could it be that there were 16 clips in a single box for $5? The answer is yes! You will realize that there is no equal when you hold one of these clips in your hand. There is a When you seal a bag of chips with one of the bad boys, you will wonder how your life will ever be the same. I've had a problem with bags of chips going bad for a long time. No more. These clips demand freshness for your chips. Your open bags of chips have to be complied with. "But wait, what if I don't have bags of chips?" What if I have cheese? What if I have an open bag of dog food? Will these chips live up to the lofty goal of complete freshness? I can boil this entire long-winded review of these clips down to a short message. These clips work and will keep your stuff fresh and work for a modest asking price. They are well constructed and have no moving parts that will fail. The colored coating on them will likely prevent them from rust. Even though I don't have any open bags around my house, I bought them because I liked them so much. There is a Do I?

👤Every set of chip clips I get, end up being flimsy, breaking and having to be thrown out. I can't imagine them ever breaking, they seem a lot more sturdy. They were a nice price and the color coating on the metal made them more fun to use.

👤Over the years I have purchased, broke or tossed a variety of clips for chips, bags, odds and ends that needed to stay closed or together. The items in my pantry and freezer did not work well. Shapes and sizes didn't change my feelings about my previous purchases. Other clips were too small, not strong enough, or hard to use. These are easy to use for hands with diminished strength and they are pretty. Highly recommended.

👤I needed more chip clips for bags of frozen veggies. I didn't want to spend a lot of money for simple bag clips, so I looked around at stores and online. The product has done its job. They are on the smaller side, so don't expect them to hold large bags that are folded over many times. These work great for everyday kitchen items like chips or crackers.

9. HotHands Body Hand Super Warmers

HotHands Body Hand Super Warmers

We will reply to you within 24 hours and provide you with satisfactory solutions. Do not apply it to the skin. The TSA approved. Made in the USA using domestic and imported materials. Shake the outer package to remove the warmer. Warming up in 30 minutes. Warm air and shake if the heat decreases. Don't throw away regular garbage after use. The ingredients will not harm the environment. There are multiplecurblesscurblesscurblesscurblesscurbless The heat packs are ideal for keeping your body warm when the temperature gets cold. They are available in several styles for your hands, feet, and body. When to use are hunting and fishing, camping, hiking, working in the yard, and taking your pet for a walk. It's convenient, portable and compact.

Brand: Heatmax, Inc.

👤This is the first time I've used a product from HotHands. These things are amazing. I had a 15 hour motorcycle trip through 8 hours of rain and 40 degree F weather. I only had my thick winter layers and rain gear to help, no heated grips, no heated vest, and no heated gloves. For those of you who have never ridden a motorcycle in cold weather, the wind chill from exposure is unbelievably cold compared to a car. It's not a big deal to stand in that temperature, but riding in the rain is cold. After the rain stopped, I cracked a few open and dropped them into my winter gloves and had warm hands for hours. I kept my core temperature up the whole ride by dropping a few into my riding jacket pockets. I was pretty cold for the entire ride, but these things kept me warm. I found out that most of my gear had gotten wet despite being in waterproof luggage. My tent, sleeping bag, beanie, and thermal insulation mat were all dry. The weather was supposed to be below freezing, but I couldn't get a fire going because of how wet everything was. I decided to stick with it, even though I was considering going to a hotel. I think I'm a big fan of punishment. I slept like a baby despite the temperature dropping to 25 degrees F, despite my vest and gloves being cold, because I threw all my hot hands in my sleeping bag. I used the same 18 hour HotHands to go back into my riding gear the next day and continued on to my destination, 5 hours away. They were still warm when I arrived. If you feel like these are losing their heat after a couple of hours, shake them up a bit and it will warm up again. I don't know how they work, but I think they need oxygen to keep them warm and shaking them up seems to get them going again. When I was riding, I would just tap my gloves on my jacket and both sets would warm up again. These things are great in cold weather. When you open them, they feel like a sack of beads and take a while to warm up. They feel more solid when they are spent. I like to reuse warmers whenever possible and don't like throwing things away. It's a must that these are available for cold situations when other options are not available.

👤It's pretty self explanatory. The product worked. My hands were cold, but now they are warm.

👤I brought a bunch of handwarmers and feetwarmers for winter camping trips. The most effective are the big Super Warmers. They might take a while to heat up, but once they do, they are very hot. I keep one in my sleeping bag for overnight and am warm in 10F the next morning. I will never wear the smaller handwarmers again. I need just one of these to hold onto for extra warmth.

10. UCO Utility Spoon Fork Knife Utensil Orange

UCO Utility Spoon Fork Knife Utensil Orange

It's easy to find at night or in a power outage with the dark handle. A spoon on one end and a fork with a knife edge on the other are in a 3-in-1 spork. It's a whole utensil set in a small spork. The nylon material makes it easy to eat so you can focus on the adventures of the day. UCO Utility spons are an Eco friendly way to cut down on the use of single use utensils. Keep disposable plastic sporks out of the environment. The design includes an elastic tether for securing and hanging to dry and is made from high strength glass nylon. The sporks are dishwasher safe and weigh just 0.5 ounces.

Brand: Uco

👤We live in a small home with 3 kids. We take a minimalist approach. Every family member has a specific set of dishes. It's just this spork for silverware. We love it! When dropped again, just one lightweight, quiet plate, fun colored spork. Each person has their own color and we know who washed theirs. The label on the front wears away quickly and you don't need it anyway, it's stamped into the back. My spoon side seems to get a weird film, it reminds me of the tomato stains from old school Tupperware. He's probably not washing his body thoroughly. I scrub it and it goes away. We've been using them daily for 6 months and the plastic is starting to show a bit of wear on the spoon, but it's still very durable. They are very satisfying to stack together. They would be great for anything, but we don't use them for camping.

👤This is a great pig. It is very inflexible. The fork is sharp. I had a brand called Light My Fire. The spork snapped in half. I used this spork to cook. Held up well.

👤The triple-use utensil can be a welcome addition to your emergency kit. The plastic is easy to clean. It has a tooth edge on the fork side that can be used as a knife. When the company cafeteria runs out of disposable people, the product is an option for lunch breaks. It sounds like the situation of finger eating food. Thousands of plastic throw-away utensils could be spared daily if you use the UCO combo product and clean after the noon meal.

👤I used it all summer. It's a great tool, but it's light and it hasn't snapped even though I toss it in my backpack when I go. I only take a tin cup, a pocket knife, and some food tools and have not been disappointed. I would recommend one to everyone who goes outside.

👤It has saved me many headaches. It takes a lot of effort to clean food out of the tight little crevices where the UCO letters are.

👤I'd rather carry these and clean them than toss them after one use, if you want to reduce your guilt. I am done with the plasticware. These are easy to clean. If you have issues, they have a limited lifetime warranty. The way to go is UCO.

👤We love camping sporks so much that we purchase more for work and school lunches. We would probably buy more if they released more colors. The value you get for the price is unbeatable. This is a great accessory for camping. It's a good thing.

👤We were trying to conserve weight when we purchased this. The utensil set was lightweight and durable. What more do you need for a hiking trip?

👤It has a toothed part on the fork that allows it to cut a little bit.

👤It's handy for work lunches.

👤This spork is very good. Found it very strong. I use it to eat everything. I don't use forks or spoons. I am going to order more. I haven't used them outside. I don't think they'll be bad.

11. Mountain House Vanilla Sandwich Backpacking

Mountain House Vanilla Sandwich Backpacking

It doesn't need to be refrigerated until after it's opened. A delicious dessert or snack! There is a chocolate cookie sandwich. There is no need for interment. Ice cream is freeze-dried to keep it fresh. It won't stick to your fingers, and it won't make a mess on your shirt. No mess with ice cream. Ready to eat. The ice cream sandwich is ready to be eaten out of the bag. There was no need for preparation. TerraCycle uses recycled used packaging to reduce waste. The shelf life of ice cream is two years. It's great for outdoor recreation adventures.

Brand: Mountain House

👤These are a great option to satisfy a sweet tooth when regular ones are unavailable. The ice cream sandwich is a little smaller than a generic ice cream sandwich. The texture of the ice cream is that of marshmallows. The outer cookie part is average. The ice cream sandwich has the same taste. The price is high but the shelf life is extensive. I'm satisfied and I'll keep buying when they are on sale. The item needs to be shipped in a box. I ordered one to try out and it was crushed when I received it because it was in one of the plastic bags.

👤I would never buy a meal from this place again because it was so bad and I threw up after eating 2 bites.

👤I have not had these things in a long time. I still love them. It was cracked and crumbled up a little in each individual package, but theses are great fun to give to family members and kids as gifts, and they taste like a sweet air waiter. If you have a sweet tooth and don't have to worry about them melting or going bad forever, this is the best deal for the money on Amazon. Excellent stuff. It was worth a try. I only say 4/5 stars because of the fact that there are a couple that were broken up and falling apart in comparison to the ones that were mostly intact. Good stuff.

👤I bought 3 and 2. It was ok. It's great to show kids what astronauts eat. It is exactly what it says it is. The 3rd one we couldn't eat because the wrapper was open. This product is still recommended by me as issues like this happen from time to time.

👤I was disappointed with the lack of flavor in the bars. You get barely a hint of what you would think they should be, even though the options are labeled asflavored. They were almost always broken when they arrived. It's hard to eat.

👤This product is only good for less than two years, which is not long for a long shelf life. I can't comment on the actual flavor because I haven't tried it yet. I was not happy with shelf life. I will lower the rating if the taste is bad.

👤I only like these ice cream bars when I'm in a kid's museum and there's a gift shop. If it's your first time, this would be a good treat, and I thought it would be a good treat after a long day of backpacking. It seems like these things are best used for nostalgia. It tastes decent and is interesting to have a dessert like this in the woods. If you're not concerned about that kind of thing, a chocolate bar with some marshmallows would be a better option.

👤From one package to the next, it has the same taste and texture. We use them in our emergency kits, in bug out bags, and in the cars. I like that it doesn't make a mess to eat. As you break them into pieces or bite them, they get a bit flaky. Not messy.


What is the best product for survival sleeping bag under 5 dollars?

Survival sleeping bag under 5 dollars products from Uniqweto. In this article about survival sleeping bag under 5 dollars you can see why people choose the product. Hothands and Dorcy are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival sleeping bag under 5 dollars.

What are the best brands for survival sleeping bag under 5 dollars?

Uniqweto, Hothands and Dorcy are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival sleeping bag under 5 dollars. Find the detail in this article. Mezonn, Coghlan's and U.s. Toy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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