Best Survival Sleeping Bag Mylar

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1. BOOWOO Emergency Lightweight Waterproof Activities

BOOWOO Emergency Lightweight Waterproof Activities

If you don't like it, simply return it and they'll give you a full refund. If you don't receive your money back, you'll have your satisfaction guaranteed. After testing all components thoroughly, this kit was put together for my US Army Veterans. If you use it as directed, you'll be able to rely on every component of this kit. Two pack survival sleeping bags. Ultra-thick film material. The survival bivvy sack is waterproof and windproof, which makes it a good choice for emergency situations that require warmth or all-weather protection. The thermal bivy sack can be used as a camping bag, emergency shelter, rain poncho, emergency signal, etc. It is a necessary tent camping equipment for outdoor camping and hiking. It can keep homeless people warm. To use an emergency bivy sack, just pull the bag out of the bag, unfold it, and then climb in. The bright orange color of the waterproof survival sleeping bag is a good signal, helping rescuers to easily identify you. The warm survival bivy sack is lightweight and portable, you can fold it and put it in a waterproof bag without taking up any space. It can be used again without damage. Emergency necessary. Each emergency sleeping bag is 83 x 35 in and weighs 4 ounces, and is packed in a small storage bag. This is a must-have for all those who enjoy outdoor adventures.

Brand: Boowoo

👤Good price. It works as it should.

2. Outdoor Designs USA Emergency Waterproof

Outdoor Designs USA Emergency Waterproof

100% money back guarantee. If you don't like the quality of your Emergency Thermal Blankets, Delmera will make every effort to serve you or you will be given your money back. In a stranded car, camping, hiking, sleeping outdoors, bug out bag, and much more are essential protection for honeybees. It keeps you warm in the winter. Rescuers can locate you fast with the 120 Decibel whistle and bright orange color. The liner blanket is just right for being outside in bad weather. The weight is just 4.2 ounces. It's so small when folded that it can fit in your hand. It's amazing to put in a backpack, glove compartment, or first aid kit. Don't leave home without some of these. The sturdy construction is made of 26um long lasting polyethylene. This is waterproof and tear and puncture resistant. You can use it over and over again with the reinforced taped seams. The full size is 7ft x 3ft. It takes just seconds to set it up and begin using, giving impressive protection from rain, sleet, snow, and driving winds. This is just 4 x 3 inches and comes with a 120 decibel emergency whistle. This will be your best bet for a pleasing no-risk purchase. Many people are stocking up with 2 or 3 of these to outfit the entire family for fun, comfort, and ultimate safety. They have a very popular product in plentiful supply so hurry and buy now. This is a great birthday gift, holiday gift, or anniversary gift for anyone who wants an exceptional professional grade bivy sleeping bag.

Brand: Outdoor Designs Usa

👤I bought this bivy as part of my bag. I had just tested it on a hike to see if it would suffice as an emergency sleeping place. Night 1 was used at 70F down to 60F and worked well until my skin got contact with the bivy walls. The biggest issue that the bivy sac captures is condensation from your body heat and breath. The pools are cool. If you ever come in contact with this, you will lose body heat. The bag is good for preserving body heat inside another shelter, but I recommend you not cover your head in it because of the condensation. I don't recommend using it as a replacement for a tent or sleeping bag. The material is thin enough that it will wear and tear over time.

👤I am supposed to get a rebate, but not in return for a review. I bought it to give to a homeless man. I only peeked in the little baggy since he needed to see how it was packed. I can't speak on much of it because of this. The material seemed to last a long time. Mylar blankets are in my car. These seem to be a better product. The Mylar film is less durable. I plan on ordering several more so I have one for each passenger and the dog in my car in case of an emergency, but hope not to need them.

👤I was asked if I could give my cousin something useful for camping. I was thinking of giving him a butane burner, but it might not be safe, especially if they're hiking and assuming it will be sunny, there is a tendency that the butane can blow up. I was looking for an item that would be very useful. The sleeping bags caught my attention the most. I bought it even though I don't think he will like it. I was laughing when I gave it to him. When he opened it, he was amazed. He said that it will reduce the weight of the bag he will carry. In case of an emergency, the whistle is loud. I hope we can find a variety of colors. It works perfectly.

👤It's only good for a one time use emergency situation, and not durable enough to take up space in your kit, so it was taken out for a test run. Military surplus would be a better option.

👤The design seems to be what I need, a single use emergency bivy that I hope to never have to use. It will be worth the price if I use it once and trash it. It was large. I repack it in the carry bag after opening it. If you are looking for something to use multiple times, this is not it. If you're just looking for an emergency bivy to always have in your hiking pack with the hope of never using, then this appears to be a good product.

👤Probably on the 10 essentials list. It could save a hiker's life. I strongly recommend taking a wilderness survival course before hiking in the wilderness. Stuff happens. Please search the 10 essentials list.

3. FosPower Emergency Sleeping Lightweight Survival

FosPower Emergency Sleeping Lightweight Survival

This tent can be used to help you out of a forest if you are stuck in a mountain, as it comes with a whistle that can make a high decibel sound that can reach out to anyone nearby. In an emergency situation, light is crucial for navigation and therefore the package also includes an emergency lamp. The emergency sleeping bag is one item you cannot miss, whether you are packing to go camping or preparing a survival kit for your family. The sleeping bag will keep you warm in the cold weather. The sleeping bag is made of waterproof and windproof material and has a reinforced tape seam. The sleeping bag has multiple uses in emergencies. This bag can be used as an emergency sleeping bag, bivy sack, blanket, survival shelter, ground shelter, shade, rain poncho, and many more. This stuff bag has a whistle that will let you make a loud audio signal. There is a sturdy and reusable material. The sleeping bag is made of 26m thick PE material. The mylar sleeping bag can be used again and again. It can be stored in a waterproof bag, which will keep it clean and dry. The sleeping bag is large enough for any size body. Simply fold it and put it into the waterproof stuff sack, which is the same size as your phone. The sleeping bag only weighs 3.6 ounces and gives you peace of mind. Their limited lifetime warranty is backed by their experienced and dedicated USA based customer service.

Brand: Fospower

👤There is a sleeping shaped piece of Mylar. It is Mylar material, so one can manipulate it to shelter some. It's just a flimsy sleeping bag with a whistle and pouch to carry if you need it.

👤This is a thin sleeping bag that is good to keep in the car for winter or camping.

👤I am certain of its warmth because I used it on his program and it stayed very warm.

👤It is very compact and durable. It works well in the go bag.

👤A good sleeping bag. The cheap disposable ones are not as good as the high build quality ones.

👤The survival sleeping bag is essential to any hiker or camper. It can double as a sleeping bag. It's small and light, and comes in a carry bag. It's shiny mylar silver on the inside and orange on the outside. These two colors are what you need to be noticed. It's essential for hikers and campers, but you should also have a survival tote in your vehicle. This sleeping bag could mean the difference between life and death if you get trapped on the side of the road. Anyone who hikes, camps or drives a car should definitely use this product.

👤The material is cheap. It doesn't look like a sleeping bag. I prefer sleeping on a plastic cover. The money was wasted.

👤It is one thing. A sleeping bag is not a tent. The sleeping bag and whistle are not important. Store selling needs to correct description and photos that make it look like a bag

👤They were bought for our 72 hour kits. Light weight and clip onto backpack.

4. GSM Brands Emergency Sleeping Bag

GSM Brands Emergency Sleeping Bag

Travel friendly. It hangs easily and provides easy travel and mess-free packing. The lay-flat design is easy to clean and protects items from foreign surfaces. The COMPACT 2 pack is a small one. The sleeping bag is 3.5 x 4 when it's in a bag. The sleeping bag is 83 x 35" Their sleeping bags are so small that they are an essential addition to any emergency shelter, first aid kit, bug out bag, camping gear or car emergency kit. It isdurable: The sleeping bags are made of thick, puncture-resistant polyethylene and keep you warm while keeping out weather elements like wind, water and sun. It'sTILE: This sleeping bag can be used to keep you warm, or as an emergency shelter, wind shield, water collector, ground cover, emergency signal or rain poncho. Remember college graduates, camping enthusiasts or new parents with a useful gift. They'll be prepared for anything with this sleeping bag.

Brand: Gsm Brands

👤The bags are heavier than I was expecting. I do a lot of outdoor activities. They're perfect to keep in a day pack or kayak. Good quality for the price.

👤I was buying a sleeping bag for my son. He was very disapointed today. It's pretty orange. I bought a sleeping bag for him.

👤I might need it in case I had to sleep in my car. It's great for emergencies. It seems like a good product. There are no complaints here.

5. FUNMERCE Emergency Waterproof Carabiner Adventure

FUNMERCE Emergency Waterproof Carabiner Adventure

The camping tarps shelter can be set up in minutes, unfold the camping tarp and use it as a tent footprint on the ground. Their goal is to provide high- performance products, the most affordable price and a money-back guarantee within 180 days. Please let them know if you have any questions. ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT SLEEPING bag is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs just 4.1 ounces, it comes rolled up inside a waterproof stuff sack so you can store it nearly anywhere. It's enough to accommodate an adult, with a dimensions of 3.25 ft x 6.58 ft. The Mylar Bivy Sack is surprisingly sturdy. The mylar material has a tear and puncture resistant coating so it stands up to extreme conditions. The emergency bivvy bag has reinforced tape seams that make it weather resistant. These mylar bags are made out of ultra-lightweight PE material and are designed to protect you from the elements. You can hang it on your backpack with the bonus carabiner. Even during an earthquake, your distress signal can be heard by people. It's a must have for emergencies such as disaster, and automobile danger, and more, you'll never know when it'll come in handy. It can also serve as an emergency blanket, ground cover, rescue or distress beacon, poncho, rain tarp or sun shade.

Brand: Funmerce

👤It is difficult to give a fair rating to these because you will never be able to pack them the way they came from the factory and you will be asking for trouble if you try them.

👤It's too small to be a doll. I will keep my trunk.

👤I don't want to get it back in the bag. I hike a lot. Being prepared for emergencies is something I enjoy. I don't want my backpack to weigh down.

👤Just as it was described.

👤I don't consider myself a full on proper. I like to have things in case of an emergency. I want to add this to my collection. I'm very happy with it. I got it back in the container after taking it out. It was not easy but you can get it back in if you are careful. This will be a great addition to my emergency stack.

👤The sleeping bag is small enough to fit in a car, hiking or camping. It's easy to put the bag in the bin as well as store anywhere. It came with an emergency whistle and carabiner. It's a long and light weight. Would buy again.

👤It is durable and has an emergency whistle. It's a great addition to your pack.

👤It's pretty cool. I like having around in case of emergencies and I might buy a few more. Good quality!

6. Timok Thermal Emergency Blankets Ultralight Waterproof Multi Purpose

Timok Thermal Emergency Blankets Ultralight Waterproof Multi Purpose

It is easy to reference survival instructions on the blanket. The perfect emergency bag. The emergency sleeping bag is an all-in-one survival shelter, blanket, and bivy sack. The special material reflects most of your body's heat back to you, so you can stay warm in extreme conditions. In an emergency, save your life. The survival whistle has a sound of up to 120 decibels. You can be found more easily in an emergency if you have bright orange color. It's an essential survival tool. Large but light. Each sleeping bag is 7 feet in length and is enough to wrap an adult's body. It is small enough to fit in your palm. It's easy to store it nearly anywhere, such as hiking pack, go bag, bug out supplies, and car glove box. It's a must-have for any outdoor activities, but it's a small one. Durability and resilience: these are the qualities. The space blanket is made of extra-thick mylar material and has a puncture resistant coating. It is suitable for harsh conditions. The survival blanket can keep you warm. The survival bivy bag can be used many times. You can put it back in the nylon sack after you use it. There is rain, wind and snow. It was nice to be able to sleep warm when you are outside, especially when it becomes cold. Timok survival bivy sack is better in waterproof, windproof, and moistureproof and helps to keep you dry and warm in damp, wet, and downright cold environments. 100% factory service. 90 days free return service for emergency sleeping bags is provided by them. Their greatest encouragement is your satisfaction. They will help you to solve every question if you are not 100% satisfied with their emergency sleeping bags.

Brand: Timok

👤I tried it the day I got it. More noise than I would like. Every time you move, there are Rustles. I was kept warm. Woke with sweat. It works.

👤I thought these would be a great gift for the homeless. They will work well and seem to be water resistant. The come in a compact cover with a clip that can be clipped to other things. I hope this will be a blessing to someone who is cold. It is light and can be carried easily.

👤These are as-advertised. I like the camo color. I tried to rip one of them. I wanted to see if it was cheap, but it seems strong. Mylar is heat-reflecting, and the warmth is noticeable within minutes. I have these in my get- home bag.

👤I got these for my kids. If they get stuck in the winter, they will be useful. I got another brand for other kids, but they are better.

👤They do what you need them to do. They are used for emergency use. The lanyards are easy to pack with. It's small for easy storage.

👤I didn't open them to look at them. I would open them to use in an emergency. The little stuff sacks would be a problem. Put them in packs and never use them.

👤My grand children have emergency sleeping bags. I will be more comfortable in the mountains if I know they are prepared. The little bags are cute and can be clipped on to a belt loop or backpack.

👤The hook and whistle is a bonus packed well fast shopping but I hope I never have a great buy for first impressions because the size fits right in my palm.

7. Swiss Safe Emergency Blankets Signature

Swiss Safe Emergency Blankets Signature

The basic life supplies can be found in a bag or box. Four Mylar Emergency Blanket is an advanced dual-sided aluminized mylar blanket. There is a bonus gold space blanket. One extra gold colored space blanket is included in each package. Military-grade 12-micron aluminized polyethylene mylar is light and durable. Emergency use is designed to block rain, snow, and moisture. 100% money back guarantee. Swiss Safe guarantees customer satisfaction or a 100% refund.

Brand: Swiss Safe

👤The temperature in my house is between 40 and 65. Our winters have been getting cold recently, with some of them down to 25. We have a large homeless population. It's not unusual to see someone sleeping on a bench, the ground, under some bushes, and wrapped in blankets. She's out there in the open, even in the rain. She had frost on her blanket when I drove by on my way to work. On a human being. I buy cheap blankets for people who don't have a place to stay to give them a warm place to stay. They are small enough to be carried in a pocket, have many different uses, and I buy the camouflage ones so they can be used quietly. I hope someone can get a better nights sleep because of them.

👤I use this product to help some lost dogs get warm in the cold weather in the Northeast. I take care of 4 lost cats. I covered the shelters with thermal blankets and plastic shower curtains. I filled the shelters with straw and checked them every day. Success all around! I could still feel warmth in the straw, and one kitty was in there when I checked. I was happy to help provide warmth because it was 3 degrees. I will probably buy again today. I received 5 stars from Swiss Safe.

👤These are for my emergency pack. They will be in my emergency pack so I can't write a completely honest review. I'll probably never use it. Doubt these can be used more than once. They don't seem to be able to take a lot of punishment. The word blanket was a little misleading at first but after watching a bunch of videos on the internet, it became clear. I know how mylar works. If you find a way to keep yourself wrapped inside, this will keep you dry and warm. I wish I'd thought of that idea of using duck tape to put two together. The blanket is not good in windy conditions. The blanket can reflect the sun's rays. It's only fair that you have to pay more for emergency blankets that you can better use. The SOL Escape Bivvy was enjoyable but the question is, "Can I afford it?" It is still very thin. I need a tarp to protect the Bivvy from the ground. This mylar blanker is the last bad thing about it, because you will never be able to get this blanket back into the pouch it came in. I didn't take the chance of unfolding it because of that. If you watch videos on the internet, you will be able to better understand how the emergency blankets should be used. Emergency blankets will not warm you like a cloth blanket that absorbs heat, it does not absorb heat, it reflects it back to you, so you will get rid of misconception of what to expect from emergency blankets. If you watch videos on the internet, you will understand the scientific principles of what you need to do to survive an emergency. If you have different ideas of how to use mylar, go with the manufacturer's suggestions. Mylar makes you sweat and in cold weather it can make you freeze. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. If you don't like it, put it in your emergency pack. Don't forget the duct tape, you might thank yourself later. Don't buy cheap duct tape.

8. Titan Emergency Sleeping Thermal Dark Earth

Titan Emergency Sleeping Thermal Dark Earth

There is survival vulnerability. Uses include a bivouac shelter, ground cloth, distress signal, backpack cover, sleeping bag liner, horseshoe pack, wind screen, shade sail, solar cooker, rain poncho, snow melter, flotation, cordage, fishing lure, bird repellent, splint, sling, bandage, and Made in the USA or imported. The sleeping bags were designed for NASA to keep heat in during space exploration. They do not out-gas, and can be used for ground cover, rescue or distress beacon, ponchos, tarps, and impromptu shade. Their Mylar sleeping bags are thicker than the leading competitor, which helps to keep you warmer in emergency situations. The sleeping bag has been designed to help prevent shock by keeping up to 90% of your body heat. Each emergency sleeping bag is tear- resistant, can be rolled and stowed in the included olive-drab nylon bag, and can be used for a single adult. The sleeping bags are perfect for backpacks, emergency kits, and bug-out bags, and can also be used as a bivy sack cover for your regular sleeping bag. TITAN Survival's mission is to provide their customers with innovative, high-quality, outdoor survival gear and tactical products. Their focus on superior quality means superior performance that you can count on. The TITAN PROMISE is an American veteran owned business and all authentic products have a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. If you're not happy with their products, they will give you a full refund. No questions were asked.

Brand: Titan Survival

👤I ordered this bag because I wanted to use it in my car get home bag. I need a basic and light weight that will keep me warm while I make my way home. I liked the idea of buying from a veteran owned company, and I wanted this bag to be a lot nicer. Sturdy products are worth their weight in gold to me because of my background. The bag was very light when I took it out. The carry pouch was nice. I had to peel the bag apart from one end to the other when I took it out. I was able to see the bag out the window because the lights were off in my living room. I am 6'5" or 77 inches and the package clearly states 31"x 86" I could use the bag to make a seal around my head and shoulders because it wouldn't come to the middle of my head. I can't recommend this product, so I am returning it.

👤I was excited to try out my sleeping bag after receiving it. After opening the box to find the material already had a hole, the excitement quickly dissipated. I was disappointed at the "extra-thick" description after unrolling the product. The material was very thin to me. The product is similar to the emergency blankets found at survival stores for a few dollars, only at a higher price.

👤I put my backpack in for a camping trip so I could check it to be safe, but it is not what I expected. I wonder if the reviews are really good. How can there be so many? My body is very thin and will not stand up to anything in the real world of backpacking. If I was careful with it, it would work once. It would be full of holes. I hold it up to the light and it has small pin holes all over it. I would have returned it earlier. TheLAYERS are stuck together. I wonder if it will tear when I try to open it completely. Poor quality for sure. I am looking for a better one. I was very disappointed in this one.

👤It holds all the water. My sleeping bag was soaked when I woke up. This was a complete waste of money.

👤This was a sheer bivy and can see through the material. I use their para cord daily and it was unexpected. This product was very disappointing.

👤I've never been let down before, and this is not my first Titan purchase. This bag is made of stronger Mylar material than in the past. It's the best material I've had for these types of blankets, and now in an enclosed bag. My blankets are almost obsolete because of them. If you already have a zip-lock bag or shrink wrap, it will not protect these bags as well as the pouch will. The material in the pouch is similar to a pack fabric. The whole thing will be about half the size of a loaded pouch, so you could fit 2 or 3 in the pouch. I didn't get enough when I bought 3 for 3 bags. I probably need 1 for every member of the family. It's one of those things that you hope you never use, but if you do need it there should be no odd-man-out. I can't imagine not having some in the car if you travel frequently in areas that are sparse.

9. Dont Die Woods Extension Extra Thick

Dont Die Woods Extension Extra Thick

The strongest sleeping bag on Earth is their HeatFlex mylar. They have added a hood section to protect your head and reinforced tape seams to make a survival bivy that can be used alone or with a sleeping bag. Do you worry about cold or wet weather? The waterproof material protects your sleeping bag from outside condensation, and the emergency sleeping bag reflects up to 90% of body heat to boost the heat retention of your sleeping bag. Studies show you lose up to 10% of body heat through your head. The hood design helps retain body heat. This feature is only available from Don't Die In The Woods. Ultralight, waterproof, and super COMPACT are not good for carrying extra weight. It is so small and light that you will forget. The weight of a small apple is what makes the DDI TW Emergency Sleeping Bag so light. They should be stashed in each of your cars and backpacks. They donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love. They stand behind their products. You won't find a tougher mylar survival anywhere. It is guaranteed.

Brand: Don't Die In The Woods

👤The first time I used it, there was a big hole. There was nothing inside the tent that could have caused the hole. They claim this is durable. Garbage that I returned was over priced. You can get a regular emergency blanket for a lot less.

👤This was nothing more than a trash bag.

👤Thin material is not durable. It was very loud, like regular Mylar. One night, I used a sleeping bag. I made a shelter and slept in it, but still got wet. This is not any better than any other products. I got a nice cardboard box out of the packaging.

👤It is a single use survival tool that will function as intended. I will look for a better price next time because the price was high. This item's advantage is that it's form is a bag rather than a blanket and that there is slightly more material at the bag opening for the user to form a hood- in a dire situation these advantages would be useful. The material is Mylar with a foil type surface and is meant to be used in conjunction with a sleeping bag or blanket to retain some heat so that the cold doesn't kill you. It can be useful to keep you dry in a wet environment if the user is careful and doesn't tear or pop the seams. If you use this product in a warm climate, expect it to trap sweat and moist air from your body, because it is a plastic bag. It's small and light so it can be carried in a pack to aid survival if needed, but don't ever expect to roll it back up in it's original, compact size baggie, just use it if you need to and expect you will need to take care to not Throw it out and get another.

👤Absolutely trash. It is not close to being as durable as advertised, and it is as thin as a sheet of paper. It is a trash bag with a reflective surface. It is a waste of money to purchase this.

👤I bought this to take the morning of the NYC marathon to keep me warm and rest while waiting in the cold. In case of rain, this would be great. There was no need for a ground cover. I gave away the Mylar blankets I brought with me.

👤This is supposed to be for emergencies, so I haven't used it yet. I bought it to take with me when I travel. It was next to a generic bag that was half the price. It is 9 grams lighter. The Don't die in the Woods bag was 5 grams. The bag was 7 grams and had a cord of 550. The generic is better than nothing. There is room for improvement. It should use a larger plastic retainer and a larger cord for sting for an ultra light emergency bag. I would give it 5 stars if the changes were made. You should get more for less than $20.

10. Life Emergency Sleeping Thermal Bivvy

Life Emergency Sleeping Thermal Bivvy

PowerLix guarantees to have your back. They want you to be happy with your new camping bed. Whatever it takes to guarantee your satisfaction, their professional customer service is here to do it. That's why your purchase comes with an incredible warranty, no questions asked. The Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag is an all-in-one survival shelter, blanket, and bivy sack. You can call for help using the 120-decibel survival whistle. The Life Bivy is an essential tool to ensure you stay alive in an emergency, perfect for your bug out bag, survival gear, car survival kit, or bug out gear. The 120-decibel emergency whistle cuts through wind and trees to alert rescuers. The Para-synch Technology can be used to start a fire, build an emergency shelter, or secure or repair gear. Tools and skills are the difference between life and death in a survival situation. The Life Bivy's multi-functional stuff sack is in your favor. The emergency bivvy survival sleeping bag is made of 26um extra-thick mylar material with a tear and puncture resistant coating so it stands up to extreme conditions. Your Life Bivy can be folded up and placed back inside the waterproof nylon stuff sack for your next adventure. Your waterproof and windproof survival bivvy bag is made of extra-thick tear and puncture resistant polyethylene material with sealed seams to protect you in the worst conditions. The reflective interior of the Life Bivy emergency sleeping bag protects you from extreme cold and keeps you warm. The Life Bivy survival sleeping bag is 888-282-0465, it's small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and weighs just 4.1 ounces. Throw Life Bivvies in your hiking pack, go bag, bug out supplies, and glove box so you are prepared for the harsh conditions Mother Nature throws at you.

Brand: Go Time Gear

👤I used this one time while camping last week and it did a good job of keeping me warm when my sleeping bag wasn't enough, but what's up with the reflective silver inside peeling off? I'm not sure if I got a bad bag or not. I can see it now. Not impressed to be honest. I thought it would hold up for a while. I took a photo and attached it to my review so that you can see what I am saying. The seller didn't respond to my email or respond to my complaint so I am going from 2 stars to 1 and wouldn't recommend this product to anyone. The trash bag has become trash itself.

👤This item is marketed as an "emergency survival gear" and the ratings are quite surprising. I took it with me on the ice fishing trip. I let my son use my canvas bivi while we slept. I ordered some camping gear and saw this item and decided to try it out. It's not a bivy. It's a very large blanket. The item's use as a bivy proved disastrous as my sleeping bag ripped through it. I wouldn't bet my life on a picture of it being used to make a tent. It serves a purpose in an emergency if it's $20 Mylar. I'm giving this item one star because I would never use it as a bivy again.

👤I used this for the first time on a kayaking trip with my brother, and we slept in hammocks. It was pouring rain and we were only laying on them, but the bag worked better after we got cold, so we got inside. I was big for my size. I would recommend this bag for a number of reasons, one being that it is small and compact and takes up very little space, two it works at keeping you warm and repels water, and third it's pretty durable and held up great. I can get another 20 plus uses out of it and 4 for the price, it's a great deal.

👤The product is very small, but it can fit around me with additional room. I am six foot two inches tall and weigh about 300 pounds. I was worried that it would not be easy to put back into the bag. I put it back into the bag and didn't have a problem. We bought 4 so we could have one for each of us. I bought it and I don't regret it.

👤The purchase of my bug out bag is the worst so far. It ripped as it was being taken out of its bag. The bag is more durable than the bivy. The product was disappointing.

👤I bought the Live Bivy emergency sleeping bag as a back up because I wouldn't need it during my trip. The temperature at night was not keeping me warm and my sleeping bag was not keeping me warm. I pulled the Life Bivy out of its package and put it on top of my sleeping bag. I felt warm immediately. It was nice to be able to sleep. Don't buy a sleeping bag that promises to work at low temperatures.

11. Go Time Gear Emergency Survival

Go Time Gear Emergency Survival

Go Time gear has a better design. Better quality. Customer service is world-class. That is the Go Time Advantage. They were tired of low-quality survival gear and cheap survival tents. They needed a high-quality survival tent for life threatening situations that didn't break the bank. It didn't exist. They built it. If you want to escape to safety in an emergency, you need a Life Tent with your survival gear kit. The Life Tent is a waterproof and windproof tube tent made from extra-thick tear and puncture resistant polyethylene material that locks out rain, wind, and snow. You should keep this tent in your emergency kit. The interior reflects up to 90 percent of your body heat to keep you warm and dry. The 120-decibel survival whistle is designed for emergencies and survival and can be used to cut through wind and trees. The nylon core of Para-synch Technology can be used to tie down or repair gear. The difference between life and death is your tools. The Life Tent is perfect for your bug out bag, hiking pack, survival gear, or car survival kit. It's easy to set up a tube tent with a 20 foot rope of nylon core paracord through both ends and tie between two trees. The tent's corners should be anchored with rocks or gear. The mylar tube tent can be used as an emergency sleeping bag, emergency bivy sack, pup tent, space blanket, or thermal bivvy. You should bring with you your other emergency preparedness items. The Life Tent is constructed of heavy-duty 28um extra-thick mylar material with a tear and puncture resistant coating to protect you in the event of a disaster. It can be folded up and placed back inside the nylon sack. The Life Tent is a must have for survival in an emergency. It's great for your car kit. Go Time gear has a better design. Better quality. Customer service is world-class. That is the Go Time Advantage. They were tired of low-quality survival gear and cheap survival tents. They needed a high-quality survival tent for life threatening situations that didn't break the bank. It didn't exist. They built it. If you want to escape to safety in an emergency, you need a Life Tent with your survival gear kit.

Brand: Go Time Gear

👤I add one of the tents to my back pack because I am a member of CERT. My son came upon a wreck. I only had one emergency blanket. There were two people in one car and one in the other. The tent was used to keep the man warm. I need to order 2 more soon. Thank you.

👤I would like to point out how lite this is. It is almost completely weightless in my hand. Very happy with that aspect. It is not true that it is durable enough for multiple use. The product is done. It stretches to the point of wrinkling into worthlessness. When stretched, it gets very thin. I can't imagine setting it up and rolling it around on the inside with no cushion between you and the hard ground would make this fabric mangle over night. That being said. It is an emergency option. I want it to work once. I would buy a new one if I ever needed it. The stuff sack is very large for me. I bought the tent and bivi from a life tent. There was enough room for an Altoids tin fire kit in the stuff sack. This gives you shelter, warmth and fire. Also allows you to cook food with a metal cup and ward off unwanted guests at night. I think it is a great product. This is a one time use, save your life product.

👤If you put a trash bag or two into a bag, it would be better. The cheapest products were high quality. This is for people who want a false sense of security and never look at the products they buy. I would steer clear of it.

👤This is a sheet of plastic that is thinner than mylar and has a piece of string added to it. It is in a pouch. If you really want one of these, you can either buy a piece of string or a sheet of mylar and make one yourself.

👤I was under the impression that this would be a higher quality material. It isn't the case. The tent is just as thin and frail as a standard blanket. I should have spent more money on a nicer one. It comes with rope and it will keep me warm.

👤I haven't had to use this, and I hope that I don't have to in the future. It is a great addition to a camping bag. It would be great to have a taping off so that it can keep wind out.

👤My son and I were so excited to purchase this tent in case of an emergency that it would save our lives. We went to the woods to set up our tent after we received our package. There was a light breeze that day and the tent was blowing and whipping around. After some work, we were able to set up our tent. I noticed a puncture hole in the side of my tent as I entered the tent to see how warm it would be. I stuck my finger in the hole to see if it was a hole, because on the product information on the website it says the tent is impervious to puncture and tear. My finger went through the hole and became even bigger. The tent is very thin. You can see the black bear coming when he runs out of the woods. We know about the dangers of wild life because we live in the woods. When we set up this tent, the wind blew it up into some trees and it looked like a garbage bag had fallen into the tree branches. I think it would be better if you wrapped yourself in a garbage bag and just bought a tent to keep you warm. This is not a real emergency tent, it is a tent that you can set up in your backyard for your daughter to use as a shade from the sun at her tea party. The tent would make a good welcome mat at the front door so guests can wipe their shoes off before entering. If the ship got into a disaster, the tent would be a good emergency flag. If you were on a long family vacation and couldn't find a restroom, this tent would be better used as a pair of emergency pants. If you fall off of your cruise ship vacation raft, it would be a great emergency raft. The tent should be sold as the number one portable on the go emergency sleeping bag/ body bag. Don't die in the woods, remember everyone.


What is the best product for survival sleeping bag mylar?

Survival sleeping bag mylar products from Boowoo. In this article about survival sleeping bag mylar you can see why people choose the product. Outdoor Designs Usa and Fospower are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival sleeping bag mylar.

What are the best brands for survival sleeping bag mylar?

Boowoo, Outdoor Designs Usa and Fospower are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival sleeping bag mylar. Find the detail in this article. Gsm Brands, Funmerce and Timok are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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