Best Survival Shovel Multitool

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1. Survival Folding Shovel Camping Multi Tool

Survival Folding Shovel Camping Multi Tool

The ultimate survival tool set is the perfect last resort kit. The company is owned by a US Veteran. The survival shovel multitool is a must have. The MILSPEC TACTICAL survival kit is built to last, using only premium metals and reinforced joints. Their heavy duty metal and design is built to last, unlike other sets that are fragile and not built to last. The soldier was tested. The survival tool set has been used by US Army veterans. It has to be tested to make sure it has all the tools needed for extended use. The perfect emergency car kit is stuck in the snow. Is it broken down? Are you in the wilderness? You should never leave home without your multi-tool set. Their multitool set has a lifetime warranty for manufacturer defects or issues. They honor and respect their customers and back up their products with a full lifetime warranty as US Army veterans.

Brand: Milspec Tactical

👤I used it for camping. Even though it was a little heavy, the hammer did its job. I cut through some brush with the help of the sharpened side of the shovel. The compass takes a few taps to make it accurate. I'm pleased with its added functions and I have no issues with its usefulness.

👤Not bad. I was worried about breaking the plastic on the knife and fire stick since they were cheap. The shovel worked well. I had the axe roll in my hand multiple times and I couldn't lose it after a few tries. The return process has begun.

👤The seller of the axe sent me an apology and said they would fix the problem for future orders. Thanks! Great customer service. The product is small and sturdy. The axe was missing. The rest looks sturdy, but not the value stated without all parts included.

👤It is small.

👤When I received my order, there was no hatchet cover. The vendor shipped one out after I contacted them. Quality products!

👤A great tool for camping. Really like the different handle lengths and multiple tools.

👤We use a folding shovel for camping. It's great to help put out fires. My boys love digging holes with it. It's handy when you forget a steak knife. It's a good thing.

👤It's not bad to keep with a 4 Wheeler.

2. WADEO Survival Folding Multifunctional Modular

WADEO Survival Folding Multifunctional Modular

We want to make each product with their heart, so they want to give you a lifetime warranty. They support refunds if you are dissatisfied. It's just to give you the best shopping experience. TheWADEO survival shovel is made of high strength steel and is durable to last a long time. It is tough enough for all kinds of outdoor adventures, with a thickness of 0.12” and a hardness of up to 55 on the shovel board. The tactical shovel has a special design that allows it to adjust angles for different uses. To meet most of your needs for outdoor activities like shoveling, digging, knocking, chopping, sawing, and bottle opening, this also includes compass, safety hammer, whistle, fire starter, jagged, bottle opener, knife, screwdriver, axe, wrench of 3 sizes, saw, etc. A must-have tool for outdoor survival. The ultimate survival shovel is portable and lightweight, and can be packed into a storage bag with a light weight of only 2.78 lbs., giving multiple uses at the same time of saving space and weights in your package. The handle length can be adjusted from 19.1” to 31.5” with the help of three extension tubes. It's great for various outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, off-roading, fishing, survival, hunting, gardening, expedition etc. It's a great present for outdoor lovers. The package also includes a survival shovel with 1x storage pouch and a rope saw and guy line for convenient use. 30-day free placement/money back and one year warranty are included. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Wadeo

👤There is saltwater. You don't want to get sand in the joints.

3. REDCAMP Military Shovel,High Entrenching Cover,Green

REDCAMP Military Shovel%EF%BC%8CHigh Entrenching Cover%EF%BC%8CGreen

There are outdoor activities that can be done in a backpack. There are multiple functions. Striking, sawing,hammering,shoveling. Can be used as a shovel, hoe, pick or saw. There is a carrying pouch. The head size is small. The total length is 22.8" The package is 7.5"x10" It is 2.5 lbs/1.15 lbs. The blade is strong enough to endure the toughest conditions. You can keep it in a backpack, car or other object. 50# High-Carbon steel body and comfortable triangular handle are tough. REDCAMP offers a full manufacturer warranty for a year. They will give you a full refund or a replacement for any broken piece.

Brand: Redcamp

👤So. I was at Ft Polk. A soldier walks up and asks how he can keep his shovel from getting poo on it. She really asked, and she didn't use the word 'poo'. I was confused at first. I told him to dig the hole first, then cover it up, and I got this shovel to keep from needing to be used. This is the substitute. It's a bit lighter than the issue shovel, but it's still effective. I used it to dig cat-holes and hasty's, along with chopping brush and clearing small tree limbs and vines, for a full month, with nothing more than mild wear on the cutting's edge paint. I left it out beside my vehicle for anyone to borrow and it was used for an entire month. It dealt with the heat, rain, humidity, and abuse of my fellow soldiers. Polk could throw it. I'm impressed with the lighter build and the ability to take a lot of use with minimal signs of wear.

👤The shovel is locked up once it's unfolded. There is a When you use it, sand gets into the threads of the nut and you can't unfold the shovel. It's stuck. Let's say you got a channel lock to force the nut open, and you folded the shovel. You can't remove the nut to clean the sand. Sand damages a shovel, so it can't be used to dig.

👤I've used it to dig sand. I couldn't open the folded shovel because I had stored it for 6 months. The screw is not turning. I need to dig a hole for my fox. I will die. It's just a joke, but the description says "military"?

👤If you're thinking of buying this, I suggest you instead. You can dig a whole with your hand. The person put 15 in the hole. Dirt was used to cover it. I hope a better shovel will grow out of the ground. Some people had the same issue as me. The nut that was supposed to hold the head in place didn't work. I tried unfolding and locking in place but the nut held the head in place. Neither of my neighbors could get it to stay in place, even though one is a carpenter and the other an electrician. It's dangerous as the shovel head and axe flop around constantly so you have to hold them in place with one hand and hold the handle with the other. At that point, I had enough of pinching my fingers. If you have to have a portable shovel, you should get one that screws together in pieces as it will be more sturdy.

👤1. The blue strap thing wasn't part of it. 2. The screw doesn't work. The shovel head doesn't stay locked into place. This product is useful. Don't bother buying it. >:(

👤I used it to break ice on the ground. The pic portion was bent the first time it hit the ice. I tried to adjust it to the shovel setup but the lock was so messed up that it was locked in place as a picaxe. Get what you pay for.

4. Yeacool Multi Tool Off Roading Detecting Emergency

Yeacool Multi Tool Off Roading Detecting Emergency

The handle is non-slip. The nylon reinforced glass fiber handle is very firm and comfortable to hold. The Survival Axe Shovel Kit comes with survival tools. A shovel, axe, pickaxe, compass, screwdriver, wire saw, safety hammer, Para cord Survival Kit, Whistle, Fire Starter, Ice Axe, Hexagon Wrenches, Bottle opener, Nail Puller, Hoe, and an Extension Bar with Rubber Tip are included. The components are in a single box. It's good to keep in the car or truck for emergencies. A multi-tool that is sturdy. High quality welds and hard material make them very solid. If you need to dig in enclosed spaces or quickly extended for heavy duty digging, their shovel can be quite compact. The camping axe has a hammer on the back that is great for hammering tent stakes. A useful tool kit can make your life easier. The Camping Shovel Axe Set is ready to use. Excellent grip is provided by the rugged extension bars. It can be used as a walking stick. The flashlight has three light modes: hard, dim, and strobe. It also includes a wire saw, compass, 6 tool bit set, which is a practical addition to their emergency tool kit. It's a must have for any 4 wheeler. A unique gift for people who love outdoor activities is camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, off-roading, metal detecting, 4-wheeling, or driving SUV's. This amazing tool kit will make them smile. Order with confidence. The tactical survival tool kits are made from the highest quality materials. It comes with lifetime satisfaction. They will fix any problem quickly and offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite, fast, courteous, and efficient way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Yeacool

👤The product had surprised me. There are a lot of hidden features within this product, but I knew I was getting an easy and compact way to carry a hatchet, shovel, pickaxe and ice pick. I have found that it has fishing line, hooks, bobs and weights, safety pins, rope, flint, a bit set and driver, a flashlight that has three modes, and a cord of saw that can be used to create a bow saw. I could have used all of the tools that I imagined. It took me about an hour to find all of the hidden features and I felt like a kid opening a Christmas present and putting together a Lego set. It is easy to modify the lengths of the tools, you can go all the way up to just shy of 4 feet, I attached an image to give a better size up. The hatched is good on branches, but I wouldn't try to fell a tree. I have put a lot of work into it and it has withstood the test of time. I have been shocked by how strong and durable the quality is. It's a good purchase if you want to pack a lot of tools in a small case.

👤Everything in this kit is in its place. I can put it in the back of the Jeep and be confident that I have everything I need. It is easy to use. I'm good to go if I need a trekking pole or shovel to get out of an ice ditch.

👤Returned it because the case was too weird for me, then customer service contacted me and gave me a tool kit that fit my needs.

👤I received 2 shovels after reading my first review. I think they are of good quality and I got a bad one. I would recommend their products.

5. Survival Shovel Tactical Sallia Multitool

Survival Shovel Tactical Sallia Multitool

OKOOLCAMP is committed to providing high quality tools for families and outdoor lovers. The shovel has a 3 years warranty and will solve your problems within 24 hours. The survival shovel has been designed using an extra-thick rugged material which brings about increased longevity and never be rusty. The shovel head is 3mm thick. The Tactical shovel is resistant to wear and tear. The folding shovel can be used for hiking or camping. The camping shovel is up to 38.6 inches in length when fully installed. It was folded into a survival backpack. The multitool survival shovel is the most durable shovel for survival purposes and it has so many other tools at your disposal. They range from knives, axes, firestarters, whistle, screwdriver, bottle opener, saw, hoe, shovel and so much more. Their #1 priority is providing exceptional quality folding shovel and top-notch customer service. They will give you a full refund if your folding shovel breaks.

Brand: Sallia

👤Comes in a nice pouch. It is long and heavy. It is strong and can work as a full shovel. Sometimes when I use it, it will slide a little loose because there is no locking mechanism on each piece. I will have to tighten up.

👤The shovel has worked well for what I have used it for. The soil is soft and works to good in the wilderness. For a small shovel. The accessories that come with it seem to work as designed, including the sharp axe side of the shovel for cutting smalle branches. The packs are nicely designed and assemble quickly. The way of carrying a shovel on a hiking trip is not listed in the listing. If you plan on taking it in your bag or backpack for a long walk, you might want to get a lighter shovel with less accessories but if it's meant to be at your campsite or emergency in your car. I leave it in the hatch of my vehicle in case I need it.

👤The shovel is made of high-quality materials and construction and will last a lifetime. It's a shovel and tool that can be used in front and back yard, as well as in an emergency survival kit. The shovel blade hinge and fittings are of the highest quality. I am very happy with this tool. It is nice to have a carry pouch with this shovel, but it would be better if there were pockets for all the tools.

👤I think I should read the fine specifications. I was expecting the shovel to be the size of a folding shovel. Will do in a pinch, I hope it's good for the grandkids.

👤I have been shopping on Amazon for 20 years and this is the best value I have ever experienced. We rough camp a lot. I wanted to lighten my load in the pack and this all-in-one cut out a lot of gear and allowed a lot of space. It is well built. It is not cheap. You can dress a deer, cut a tree, saw logs, dig holes, and so on. This is how I would put it. This would be the one thing I would take with me after my water straw. It is light enough to fit on your belt. You think that the package wouldn't be strong. You would be wrong. I am buying a bunch more to give away as Christmas gifts. I highly recommend this to anyone that is going on a trip. I used it in my garden.

👤My husband likes it. He used to be in the army. It is made from good material that is durable. You can change how long you want the handle to be.

👤It can be used as a walking stick in lieu of a tool, and it was disappointing that it took so long to think of the second one. The shovel should be carried as an attachment to use as needed. Along with all the other accessories.

6. Pathway Survival Camping Stainless Multi Tool

Pathway Survival Camping Stainless Multi Tool

The External Thread Diameter of Spigots is 1.3. The internal diameter of the accessory is 1.25". The ultimate survival set is a great addition to off-roader vehicles, RV, ATV, truckers, or the trunk of your car. Whether you call yourself a prepper or explorer, the log splitter and foldable shovel are two of the most useful tools. The Tough Tactical CHOPPER is a mix of carbon and chromium and is rust resistant. The sharp blade makes chopping hard and soft meat. Break out of a vehicle, split firewood, or hack off branches. No job is too difficult for this axe. The ideal camping shovel is for clearing the ground from rocks, burying your camp fire, digging Sanitation holes and more. The Pathway North off-road shovel handle has non-slip ergonomics and 2 extension bars that make it easy to work with. The portable shovel can be used to cut through tough terrain like roots, vines, or branches. There is a multi-tool with tubular engineering. The Ultimate Bushcraft Axe / Shovel combo set includes: 1 x Fire Starter with Whistle, 2 x Extension Bars, 1 x Screwdriver Set, 1 x Window Breaker, and 1 x Carrying Tactical Canvas Waist Bag. The tube can be used to store other survival or first aid items. Does off roading, hiking, camping, fishing, and rescue missions fill you with joy? You should take the Pathway North Shovel and Axe Set with you. Be ready for any situation. If you have a question, please contact their customer service team. Click to add to cart.

Brand: Pathway North

👤I chopped some firewood on my first trip and the threads snapped in half, but I think this multitool is great quality. I thought the product was great at first, but after a few cuts it snaps in half.

👤This kit was perfect for my boyfriend's birthday. He feels like we can go to more remote areas now that we love hiking. If you get lost, it had everything you need.

👤I would like to introduce myself and my credentials so that this review is in context. I have taught wilderness survival and first aid, as well as former Navy and Sheriff department members. I haven't had the chance to use this in a real life camping or hiking situation yet, but will update the review once I have. wilderness experts wont say a multi-tool is multiple subpar tools bundled for convenience not survival. The truth of that statement is demonstrated by the Pathway North Folding Shovel & Axe Multitool set. The good first. This thing is cool. There is a It looks great and feels great in my hand. There is a The weight is not bad. There is a The stability is good. There is a I would have expected the blades on the shovel, hatchet, and knife to be dull. There is a The compass works. There is a The MOLLE pack is of good quality. There is a The ferro rod is easy to replace. The not so good is second. The plastic threaded piece that holds the knife attachment in place is good steel. I don't know why they used plastic for this piece. It should be all one steel piece. The plastic threads are thin and I can't imagine any heavy use of this knife in the wilderness will ruin them. There is a The screw driver attachment has a plastic port. I used a screw driver and a tight crank to experiment with the tool. There wouldn't be anything stopping the attachment from spinning in the port. There is a The instruction manual is not very advanced. Made in china, but what isn't these days? I like the tool. It is adequate for keeping in the car when you are stranded.

👤Absolutely useless. If you try to cut anything it will most likely break, axe is wrong shape cheaply wielded together plastic everywhere and threads are either plastic or aluminum. It was opened and sent back. I'm not sure why I'm being charged for returning an item. The seller probably set up the scam.

👤The concept of this product is awesome and I wanted to love it so much. The quality is not there. I used one of the two screws that hold the axe head to the handle after buying it. I returned it because I thought it was a mistake. The blade snapped after a single whack into a piece of firewood. The blade stuck in the wood and didn't hit me. The two that were purchased broke on the first use. This product is cool, but it isn't useful because of the quality.

7. OSPUORT Multitool Survival Equipment Ultimate

OSPUORT Multitool Survival Equipment Ultimate

Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns are guaranteed. This survival shovel is the last piece of camping and survival equipment you will ever need. The camping hand shovel is made from high- strength steel and will last a lifetime. The shovel board has athickness of 2.56mm, 6.5 inches long and 5 inches wide. The non slip handle design is more comfortable and convenient. The folding shovel components fit together well. It's easy to put components together and break them down for storage in a small pouch. The camping Shovels can be used in the back of their diesel truck for off road emergencies or just tasks around camp. The multi-function survival shovel tool come with shovel board,saw,knife, the fire starter, bottle opener and attack cone, fit together excellently. Every camper, RV owner, or vehicle owner needs this Shovel Multitool tool. A neat combo of camping shovels. The shovel can adjust various angles for convenience use and the saw/knife has no problems sawing wood or sawing notch. You can chop wood for the fire in a fire pit. You should not go camping or outdoor activities in the back country. One of the best gifts for men is the outdoor travel survival shovel. It's a perfect choice for outdoor enthusiasts. The portable shovel camping is a must have for survival and camping equipment.

Brand: Ospuort

👤Callan todas las piezas.

👤This was what I was looking for. It's a bit better. I wanted a small shovel to throw into a Jeep if I got stuck in sand or mud. This was perfect. It is a small folded up piece of furniture that is very convenient to carry around and protects the shovel and car from being damaged. It can go anywhere, under the seat, in an inner well, up in a cargo box, or through your sleeping bag or tent. You can add as much of the handle as you want for ease and leverage and it goes together in a matter of minutes. It's a good workable size, has a good bite to it, is sturdy, and has a few extras that I suppose could come. Couldn't be happier with this.

👤I think this is a great shovel for camping and just for the yard. It is quick to assemble and does not take up much space. There are two pieces of the handle that screw together. There are some things in the handle pieces. A small knife can be screwed onto the end of a handle section. I have better knives, but this one is useful since it comes with a shovel. The knife is intended for use with fire. I've never had any luck with using a fire rod which is included, so I'll leave that to the experts. The fire rod is located in the top handle piece by removing the safety hammer from the section that has it. The whistle on the fire rod doesn't make much noise for me. The extras are okay, but I think the shovel is better. The shovel's blade has an edge on one side. Even though it's small, it's heavy for its size. It's great for camping when the vehicle is nearby, but I wouldn't want to take this backpacking. The shovel is rated 5 stars by me.

👤Sometimes I do some off-roading. I bought a pair of traction boards that can double as shovels but they are heavy and awkward. A real shovel is what I would need because I am a small woman with not much strength in the upper body. The shovel is perfect. It comes apart in 3 separate pieces and the handle folds in, I love that. I can store this away and out of sight in my SUV withoutcluttering or taking up a lot of space. It can act as a blade of an axe on one side of the shovel and a saw on the other, and it has a serrated edge. By the way, these work well. I started sawing with one of the edges. A bottle opener, knife attachment, ferro rod and a bottle opener are included. This shovel is very useful to have in your survival kit. The pouch for the shovel was badly damaged at the top edges and I didn't like it. The edges were burned off with a match.

👤I love this item. It can function as a shovel. The parts are described. It has a fire starter, spear tip, and many other things. I would only use those if my equipment was damaged or lost. The shovel has a sharp edge and can be used for cutting or self defense. The handle is comfortable in the hand and the shovel breaks down into a compact unit. Excellent item.

8. FullLit Portable Multi Tool Backpacking Gardening

FullLit Portable Multi Tool Backpacking Gardening

All items are described. The Multi-purpose Tactical Survival Shovel is great for military, camping, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial, home and outdoor activities. A multifunctional camping shovel is designed for all the outdoor enthusiasts like hikers, campers, fishermen, survivalists, backpackers, scouts, gardeners, and many more. It can be a shovel for digging, pickaxe for gardening, saw for cutting, whistle for help, compass for navigation, and bottle opener for drinks. With this shovel, you can meet all the needs of the outdoor activities, which is the best choice for your outdoor sports. The camping shovel can be folded and expanded by twisting the lock. The handle is made from segments of tubes compared to traditional folding shovels. There is space for small items in the tube section. Practical and tactical functions! The portable shovel is easy to assemble and stores compactly, so you can put it into the canvass storage bag to carry with you easily. The carry bag is strong enough to protect the shovel and surrounding items while hiking or driving. The portable shovel will make your camping trip easier. This shovel is made of high-carbon steel. It is very well built and engineered at a very affordable price. It's a great gift idea for outdoor enthusiasts. This shovel is the best gift for the person in your life. Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns are guaranteed. 100% satisfaction is their first priority as a senior manufacturer and operated company.

Brand: Fulllit

👤The shovel can't be strongly pressed into the ground easily, in most cases it will fold into itself annoyingly, the normal digging motion for a shovel also folds it back. The pick side had less trouble than the other side. The metal bent when trying to use the shovel as a lever, which to be fair it was used to split roots, however expectations were set high by the description This is a decent portable tool that can be used for gardening and camping emergencies, but it is overhyped.

👤It is impossible to tighten the shovel down enough to not cause it to wobble. It's difficult to dig because it's still usable. I was looking for something light weight to take backpacking and this is not necessarily light weight, even leaving out the extra handle lengths.

👤The tool seems solid. It has a nice balance when assembled. The cutting blade and pick are adequate, but the shovel is too small. This would be a great piece of emergency kit as it is compact and neatly packed. It is too small for snow removal or vehicle recovery. Customer service is very helpful and responsive.

👤I always make sure to have a shovel when I am out for an adventure. It has a lot of features for me. When I get stuck, helps dig out, helps cut firewood, and the compass works perfect. It folds up enough for hiking and doesn't overload my rig.

👤Great shovel for money! It was used as a camp shovel. We were very impressed. A nice built does not feel cheap and has a length. You can change the degree of the shovel blade from straight to 90 degree angle, and it folds to a nice size for transport. The saw can cut down trees. Light and easy to use. It did everything we wanted it to do. It dug holes, buried fish guts, and cut wood. It's exactly what I wanted it to be. Highly recommended.

👤This product was all that was advertised. It had many additional features that made it perfect for me. It is portable, lightweight, strong, rugged and well made. It was a good backup in case another piece of equipment fails, because of the multi tool ability. The FullLit folding Shovel has a built in compass, if I misplace it. I think this is a great idea.

👤A junior explorer received a heavy duty tool as a gift. He said this was his favorite gift.

👤This is a great purchase. Well made. We've used it for both camping and around the house. Very useful. We like the idea of being versatile and portable. It's worth the money.

9. Yeacool Survival Multitool Metal Detecting Emergency

Yeacool Survival Multitool Metal Detecting Emergency

Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They fix any problem quickly and offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite, fast, courtious, and efficient way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them. Solid and Sturdy Steel Construction for a Camping Shovel! It can be used as a camping shovel for digging holes, chopping trees, trenching ditches, or as a gardening tool for planting. It can be used in your car as an emergency tool. It's a nice addition to your camping trip. It's a survival shovel. It's much more than just a shovel. There are a lot of useful items in it. A bottle opener for drinks, an ice axe, and a flint to start fires are some of the things that help. The tool is unique because it serves many purposes. The off roading shovel under segmented design allows you to adjust the length by adding or subtracting extender pieces. More survival items can be fit into the segments of the handle. It also comes with a carry bag with a belt loop and a latch that can be used to keep parts neatly stored away as it breaks down to a small carry/storage size. Highly recommended to people who spend most of their time outdoors and like to go camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, off-roading, metal detecting, canoeing, kayaking, whatever you do outdoors. A shovel, pickaxe and survival gear tool all in one. It is better to have it, and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They fix any problem quickly and offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite, fast, courtious, and efficient way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Yeacool

👤I received my shovel and am very happy. I own folding shovels from WWII, Vietnam, and others. This is the best one so far. I have a heavy duty case that I can put in the trunk to carry with me. It goes quickly. It is strong. It can be used with different lengths of the handle. Sometimes you only need a short handle, other times you want to stand up and get the most leverage. If you don't have matches or a lighter, you can use it to start a fire if you have a compass, a fish scaler, and a whistle. The price is reasonable. This shovel is going to be very popular.

👤I did a little gardening and the saw worked well. I wouldn't use it as an axe. It's sturdy, not flimsy, and the collar lock is decent. I don't like the way the pick folds up along the handle. The whistle is loud, the compass works, and the knife is sharp. The pouch has a variety of straps that can be used to hook it up to a belt or backpack. I chose this one because it has all the features that are not on my other multi-tool, and it is definitely worth the money.

👤I have used the Marine Corps issued E-Tool for many years and wish I'd had it. This is a great piece of gear for a weekend camper. The case it comes in is better than the military version. I can only fault it on the fact that it is screwed together.

👤The shovel and the attachment seem to work well. Will use it and make sure it does a good job. The compass built into the top handle segment does not work after unpacking and checking all the parts. The compass did not move when I turned in a circle.

👤A good quality shovel. I bought this to do some maintenance on my bike, but the threaded part got stuck, and I can't fold the shovel back for storage.

👤The man wanted a tactical shovel combo in case of an emergency and he was very happy with it. He loved putting it together and using the components.

👤I bought this product to add to my bag in case of an emergency. The shovel is very strong.

👤The tool was cool, but the compass is fake and it is not a good tool.

10. EST Gear Entrenching Multifunction Off Roading

EST Gear Entrenching Multifunction Off Roading

The dimensions of the product are as follows: shovel blade/spade 4.5" x 10.75", bag size 6.25" wide x8" high, knife 6 extended, 3.5" folded, and shovel blade 18" long. The shovel head was heat treated. The carry case is 600D. Why do you want to do EST gear? The original survival shovel was designed four years ago. Their shovels have been all around the globe and to this day they continue to build tools that are tough enough to accompany you on whatever adventure you are planning next. You can store the axe and shovel in your vehicle to help you dig out tires or break glass in emergencies. The axe can be carried in the included storage bag. It's perfect to go camping. Be prepared for anything. The axe is made for camping, hiking, 4-wheeling, fishing, SUVing, RV, Truck driver, Military, Hunting, Gardener, Survival, Motorcyclist, Cadets, Backpacking, expeditions, Boatings, Disaster Recovery, Prepping, Off-roading, Fishing. They will replace this multitool axe at no cost to you if something happens to it. Need more time? The 2-pack extension handle is available for purchase. Works with the original survival shovel.

Brand: Est Gear

👤We purchased this kit in preparation for our camping trip. It is better than the one I had before. It can be used in many ways, but it will still fit in a backpack. We have a lot we want to take with us. The size of the tool works for me and my husband, and is comfortable for both of us to use. I will keep it in my car in case of emergencies. This tool is easy to travel with and I would recommend it to anyone who is going to do serious hiking or camping. The carrying case is well made, which is great because my old one ripped shortly after I got it. I think this is a great purchase and would make a great gift. It's a great value for what you get.

👤I had a different multitool that I had been using. This one is very high. It has a lot of useful things. This is one of the best products I have ever purchased. It is durable. I can tell that this tool can take a serious beating, but still work well. It has a nice carrying case that helps organize the parts. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤Awesome product! Really strong. It will last a long time. The Axe blade is of good quality. I haven't tried out all the tools yet, but the ones I have used are great. This kit is very good. I was unsure if I would find many uses for it, but it is really useful.

👤My husband is very picky and he loves it.

👤My hubs is like a kid on Christmas when we get something new like this and he can't wait to play with it and we learned how sharp the ax was when it dropped. The shovel has a really good edge and the Axe and knife are both sharp. We like having items that we can use multiple times. This doesn't take up a lot of space. The Axe, Shovel and Knife are the main tools that you will use the most. I've used the shovel for a lot of things. They are really useful. The axe and knife work well on smaller trees and clearing areas, and you can do a lot with a serrated knife. The ruler is on the side of the shovel. I haven't used the compass yet, but I have used that once. The edges of the shovel can be used to open bottles and cans. The flint and the edges of the shovel can be used to start fires. This is a must have if you want to hike, camp, or just want something light and easy to pack in your bug out bag. These are all hand tools that are sharp and will be useful in many situations.

👤I keep this set in my truck for emergencies. I have been wanting one for a while but have been cautious because so many seem to be cheap. The metal was put to the test. Hammering into wood, digging into dirt. Everything held up. There was no damage. It is much better than low-budget options. I weighed the shovel with the full handle extensions attached. The Axe has a one handle extension. The bag is measured at 4 lbs. This is a good emergency set to have. A non-digital compass that doesn't need batteries can be used in addition to cutting, chopping, and digging. The screwdriver and whistle can be used to sound the universal alarm of help or to signal your position should someone be lost. A good quality investment.

11. BANORES Lengthened Shovelhead Flashlight Backpacking

BANORES Lengthened Shovelhead Flashlight Backpacking

Meet your requirements for different wood sizes with two different models. The camp shovel includes camping tools such as a shovel, hatchet, 3 x extension handles, and a flashlight. The camping gear is packed in a dedicated box, so you can keep it in your car, truck, or snowmobile in case of an emergency. The axe shovel kit is made of 3 CR13 steel, which is strong enough and can endure harsh conditions. The mix of carbon and chromium is non-deformation and rust-proof. Multi-Angle can be adjusted and switched. The shovel head can be used as a hook, the shovel head can be used as a hoe, and when the shovel head is extended, it can be used as a shovel. Be prepared for anything. The handle is made of high carbon steel and has a thickness of 7mm. It wears resistance and has high strength, which can prevent the surface from rusting. The size of each extended handle is 8.11 inches. You can get a survival shovel. With one touch, you can use the zoom to focus on objects that are far away or the other way around. You can install the flashlight on the folding shovel if you want to work at night.

Brand: Banores

👤When you live in the midwest, where the winters are cold, icy and long, you'll want to have these folding shovels in your car. Getting stuck is something that happens and you can't always rely on your rocking skills to get you out. The shovel takes up a lot of space. It is easy to put together and ready to go. Even a child can do it. A small shovel is more than enough to get you out of any situation and it takes up less space in your trunk than a bag of cat litter. It is also less messy. I can keep everything in the pouch. It may be hard to break up the jagged edge of the snow. A lot of great survival types of tools are included. This is the most well-made shovel I have ever purchased. It's superior in quality.

👤A decent quality item. The axe is strong enough to cut logs and has a wolf head picture on it. The shovel is small. You can still dig holes with it, it has saw blades on the side of it, and it has 3 different bolt sizes, a part that you can pullout nails with it, and measuring numbers that can become useful. There are different heads that can be attached to the package, such as a spear, saw, and blade, and the handle piece can be attached to each other or used as one piece. There is an Iron whistle inside the package which can be helpful for calling for help and there is a glass breaker piece at the end of the holders which can break tough car windows in emergencies. The bag, little oil container, and sharper are included in the package which helps to keep everything organized and ready to go. I am happy with my purchase.

👤This was bought for a mining trip and didn't want a full sized shovel. I was worried that the handle would be short. I ordered one extension. If you are a big guy and want to do some standard shoveling, get at least 1 extention if you don't want to bend over a lot. The unit is strong. The shovel head has a good edge. Make sure you keep the cover. Considering price, all in all a great portable shovel.

👤We were looking for a multi tool to add to our camping gear. The shovel can handle a lot of things. It's very sturdy and versatile. Child's play is when you dig for a firepit or pull something out of a late night. Also used a lot around the house.

👤I have purchased the best folding shovel so far. The build is strong. The spear and knife are sharp. After assembling all sections together, it's long enough for me to chop the tree or split the wood. Wait till the next adventure with this shovel.

👤This is a great vehicle. This is a great multi-function tool for camping and we are keeping it on hand for any emergencies. It's lightweight, feels solid, and disassembles into a small pack. It's definitely a worthwhile investment for any emergencies.


What is the best product for survival shovel multitool?

Survival shovel multitool products from Milspec Tactical. In this article about survival shovel multitool you can see why people choose the product. Wadeo and Redcamp are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival shovel multitool.

What are the best brands for survival shovel multitool?

Milspec Tactical, Wadeo and Redcamp are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival shovel multitool. Find the detail in this article. Yeacool, Sallia and Pathway North are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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