Best Survival Shovel Multitool with Axe Military

Axe 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Yeacool Survival Multitool Metal Detecting Emergency

Yeacool Survival Multitool Metal Detecting Emergency

Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They fix any problem quickly and offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite, fast, courtious, and efficient way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them. Solid and Sturdy Steel Construction for a Camping Shovel! It can be used as a camping shovel for digging holes, chopping trees, trenching ditches, or as a gardening tool for planting. It can be used in your car as an emergency tool. It's a nice addition to your camping trip. It's a survival shovel. It's much more than just a shovel. There are a lot of useful items in it. A bottle opener for drinks, an ice axe, and a flint to start fires are some of the things that help. The tool is unique because it serves many purposes. The off roading shovel under segmented design allows you to adjust the length by adding or subtracting extender pieces. More survival items can be fit into the segments of the handle. It also comes with a carry bag with a belt loop and a latch that can be used to keep parts neatly stored away as it breaks down to a small carry/storage size. Highly recommended to people who spend most of their time outdoors and like to go camping, hiking, fishing, hunting, off-roading, metal detecting, canoeing, kayaking, whatever you do outdoors. A shovel, pickaxe and survival gear tool all in one. It is better to have it, and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Order with confidence. Customer satisfaction is all that matters. They fix any problem quickly and offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite, fast, courtious, and efficient way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Yeacool

👤I received my shovel and am very happy. I own folding shovels from WWII, Vietnam, and others. This is the best one so far. I have a heavy duty case that I can put in the trunk to carry with me. It goes quickly. It is strong. It can be used with different lengths of the handle. Sometimes you only need a short handle, other times you want to stand up and get the most leverage. If you don't have matches or a lighter, you can use it to start a fire if you have a compass, a fish scaler, and a whistle. The price is reasonable. This shovel is going to be very popular.

👤I did a little gardening and the saw worked well. I wouldn't use it as an axe. It's sturdy, not flimsy, and the collar lock is decent. I don't like the way the pick folds up along the handle. The whistle is loud, the compass works, and the knife is sharp. The pouch has a variety of straps that can be used to hook it up to a belt or backpack. I chose this one because it has all the features that are not on my other multi-tool, and it is definitely worth the money.

👤I have used the Marine Corps issued E-Tool for many years and wish I'd had it. This is a great piece of gear for a weekend camper. The case it comes in is better than the military version. I can only fault it on the fact that it is screwed together.

👤The shovel and the attachment seem to work well. Will use it and make sure it does a good job. The compass built into the top handle segment does not work after unpacking and checking all the parts. The compass did not move when I turned in a circle.

👤A good quality shovel. I bought this to do some maintenance on my bike, but the threaded part got stuck, and I can't fold the shovel back for storage.

👤The man wanted a tactical shovel combo in case of an emergency and he was very happy with it. He loved putting it together and using the components.

👤I bought this product to add to my bag in case of an emergency. The shovel is very strong.

👤The tool was cool, but the compass is fake and it is not a good tool.

2. Shovel001 Multi Functional Military Survival Emergency

Shovel001 Multi Functional Military Survival Emergency

The strong quality of the Lifetime Replacement Service makes shopping worry-free. The survival shovel can be used for a long time. If you have unpleasant problems during use, please contact them so that they can solve them for you. This is a survival spade. Entrenching tool is a multi-functional, super compact tool for gardening and outdoor activities. The handle of the shovel folds. It is made to be small when folded so that it can be carried on a camping or beach trip or carried to the garden. The handle is comfortable and has a cutting edge. The shovel can be used straight or at a 90 degree angle. The shovel can be attached to a belt or backpack with its pouch. If a car gets stuck, the folding shovel can be used to dig out the tires. A pick tool can help crack ice. A folding camping shovel can be used to scoop out rocks and flatten a surface for a tent, as well as dig holes for tent stakes. A fire pit can be created with the use of folding shovels. If a car gets stuck, the folding shovel can be used to dig out the tires. A pick tool can help crack ice. A folding camping shovel can be used to scoop out rocks and flatten a surface for a tent, as well as dig holes for tent stakes. A fire pit can be created with the use of folding shovels.

Brand: Htt Group Llc

👤I plan on using it in the garden, and I believe this will work well for me. It is smaller than expected, it is very thin and lightweight, and I am very happy with it. If you use the compass in the handle for camping, it's cool. The grip on the rubber handle is loose. There is a I'm happy with my purchase. Hope this helps!

👤It's quite sturdy for how it's built. I like this thing. We've been using them for a few years after buying a couple. If you hit the turning adjuster with a hammer or rock it will loosen.

👤It is lightweight and small. Smaller than military issued ones. It feels sturdy and heavy. I haven't used it yet. It is in my car as a contingency.

👤It's really small and can't do anything.

👤This was a joke and not a serious tool for children.

3. OAKVUE Folding Shovel Collapsible Multifunctional

OAKVUE Folding Shovel Collapsible Multifunctional

The AXE dimensions are 22'' L * 6.6'' W. Fishing, Disaster Recovery, RV Camping, Cadets, Scouts, Military Personnel, Hikers, Camper, Hunter, Fisherman, Gardener, Survivalist, Gold Digger, Truck driver are available. Light and portable. The camping shovel is designed for people who love camping. It will make you tired and uncomfortable to move with a heavy shovel. The lightweight shovel is only 2.5 pounds. Strong. The shovel is made of 3 CR13 steel. That can survive harsh conditions. The mix of carbon and chromium is strong and resistant to rust. The extension bars are made from aluminum. This portable shovel can be used when going on off-road adventures. The handle of the folding shovel can be adjusted from 17.4 to 35.8 inches. The shovel head can be used as a hook, hoe, or shovel. There is a multi purpose. This premium camp shovel has camping tools such as an axe, a saw, a saw blade, a knife, window breaker, screwdriver, fire starter, whistle, and a foldable shovel for camping. There are terminal accessories. The military waist pack comes with the ultimate military shovel. This bag will make your adventure safer and easier because you can put this collapsible shovel and all the survival tools in it. Their product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacturer defects and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Brand: Oakvue

👤I wish you and your company were more competitive with their prices. The wrist blade needs to be longer or sharper. The price I paid was not much forVersatility. I got more tools and a shovel for $20 less than average, but I'm at a 4 from 1-10. I left it out in the rain and dug a Trent 20 ft long 1 Fr deep and the bolt cane lose because the blades were sharper. You should be more inquisitive with your future designs and pricing. Thank you, best regards,Corey J.

👤I believe that for the price point, this does a wonderful job, even though it's not up to par, and I had seen a similar one the military uses. The first thing you will see is well packaged and organized. It's sturdy and feels great for basic camping needs. It folds down to fit nicely in my husband's bag, it's very convenient. The cover for the shovel head is great. Dirt doesn't get into our bag. This thing helped us out of a tough situation on our first camping trip. It did its job and built us the perfect whole, which we needed to cut. Would definitely purchase again, you can't beat this price point. I'm happy with our purchase.

👤It's too heavy for backpacking. Why sacrifice strength for the sake of being small? I realized immediately that it was in my car's trunk emergency pack, not my survival or hiking pack. I realized that a hand shovel would be better and cheaper.

👤This shovel is great. It is very light, small, and flexible and I would recommend it to anyone. It can be used in a lot of different situations as it has everything you need. When I go camping with my family, I always carry it in my car. It is useful when camping.

👤Comes with a pouch. It's very easy to put together.

👤It is very sturdy with a lot of flexibility. The case could be improved. It would be perfect if it included a sowed in loop for a belt or pack straps. The tool is tough enough to last a lifetime.

👤They came in good condition. The shovel is strong and the knife is sharp. I recommend these tools for everything you may need in gardening or other stuff, they help me a lot in my garden.

👤Light weight and great leverage are important optional uses.

👤Un producto. Tengo un jeep, donde hay arena. La oportunidad de probarla tienes.

👤3 semanas de uso ha aguantado.

👤Me gust mucho la herramienta. No ocupa espacio, est guardada es compacta.

👤Buen producto, llego en buen tiempo.

4. G4Free Survival Multitool Multifunctional Emergency

G4Free Survival Multitool Multifunctional Emergency

The ACTION Multitool was originally designed for survival, camping and outdoor use. It's a heavy duty, working man's dream tool because of the skeletonized STAINLESS steel architecture. This survival tool set is made of high-quality military-grade 3CR13 steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy, which make it sturdy. The shovel has 20 functions, which can be used to shovel, planer, split, saw, pat, break, pry, cut, hoe, chisel, spark, hook, whistle, stab, cut rope, and be self-defense stick, corkscrew or wrench. These functions will allow you to 800-273-3217 The camping shovel can be folded and expanded by twisting the lock. The blade could stay put at 45, 90, or 180angles, keeping you safe and protected. This shovel is great for hiking, backpacking, hunting, traveling, expedition, car emergency, and outdoor survival. This shovel is lightweight and portable, it comes with a shovel head and a camouflage bag, it will make your adventure safer and easier.

Brand: G4free

👤This shovel is worth a lot. It has all of the tools, but it is poorly executed. The knife rubs the metal when you take it off of the handle, the handles don't lock tightly, and everything screws backwards when you screw them in. I almost got cut by the knife when I was taking the stuff out of the box. When you pull out the handle, the knife falls out and the blade falls down on my hand. I give this 4 stars because it is very cheap and really useful.

👤It is compact and capable of high centering. As a razor.

👤Es fcil de armar.

5. BeyJoy Functional Survival Manganese Engineer

BeyJoy Functional Survival Manganese Engineer

This shovel is lightweight and portable, it comes with a shovel head and a camouflage bag, it will make your adventure safer and easier. BeyJoy is a portable and strong multi-functional toolbox that can be used in the trunk of the car for outdoor exploration and is suitable for garden planting and felling at home. The extension bars of high quality manganese steel can carry out a variety of shape and function conversion. The main tools are a shovel, axe, pickaxe, and self-defense stick. By changing the shape, it can be used for a lot of things. There are auxiliary tools such as a broken window safety hammer, whistle, flint, multifunctional knife, peeling, hexagonal wrench, bottle opener, dining knife and fork. The scenarios are designed and produced with the sports and outdoor enthusiast in mind. Please keep away from children, this product is dangerous. If you need to charge the strong light directly, you should use a rechargeable battery. The rings need to be in strong light after the normal luminescence. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact their back office customer service.

Brand: Beyjoy

👤I am not sure how heavy a strike the tools can handle, but I like the hatchet and pick axe the best. I like the multi tool set and carrying case. I think the company has gotten it right. I was not able to find a better price or customer service at the time of this posting.

👤I have a survival toolkit in our camper. It is easy to store. I put a pen in the pictures. The items are strong. It will be useful on our camping trips this summer.

👤It is well built. The case is nice. The set has multi functions.

👤Good quality, wish it had more handle pieces and a flashlight battery.

👤Very cool. The case is very durable. It's a perfect addition to my truck.

👤It was bought for off roading. It was well made and small. It's better to carry a small shovel and axe.

👤Everything is in a solid compact case.

👤I bought this for our go bag and it wasn't what I expected. The axe head doesn't screw in correctly, and the steel seems a bit fragile. The flashlight arrived with no batteries, but I have the charging port. Not what I expected.

6. BANORES Unbreakable Flashlight Multi Function Equipment

BANORES Unbreakable Flashlight Multi Function Equipment

The function is Shovel, scoops, saws, axes, picks, mulberry, bottle opener, magnesia rod, hammer, nail pullover, wrench, hammer, etc. It's military-grade handle makes it a breeze to work with and the shovel is made from hardened, heat-treated military solid carbon steel. Abuse and impact can be handled without scratches or dents. The Survival Tools set has 28 tools in it, including a shovel, flashlight,saw, axe, hoe, hexagon wrench, scissors, multi-function tools,bottle opener, screw set, compass,whistle,hunting knife, etc. The Survival Shovel Axe is made from a strong mix of high carbon steel and chromium, making it rust resistant. The shovel has passed their destruction tests and will be standing the test of time. The extended and portable folding shovel is about 24 cm long. The extended back shovel can reach up to 40.1 inches to meet your needs. It's suitable for camping, backpacking, hiking, fishing, emergency, gardening, etc. It is easy to assemble and store the parts. It only takes a few minutes to assemble, and BANORES camping shovel set is the best gift for husband, elders, and friends.

Brand: Banores

👤This is the review you want to read. I bought this for myself to use. I am currently in the mountains of Idaho and have a lot of use for everything in this bundle. I struggled to get this bundle, but I decided to invest in a good pick axe and go with this axe bundle instead. Don't buy this kit for the axe, first thing you need to know. It broke when I was using it as a wood axe to chop up small logs. The axe head surprised me and seemed capable of chopping. The sides of the log were damaged by my swings, as you can see in the picture. The axe head is pretty good. It broke on its own neck. It broke on its own neck and did not break at an extension where you can connect to it to extend it out and make it longer. The picture is deceiving because you can see threads where the break is, but it is not the case. I think they put that neck into the axe. There is no way to change out that neck for a different extension if the threads are there. I have a small hand hatchet with a hammer. There is a risk with that axe. The axe head broke off and that was the end of the story. If I hadn't used it as a short hatchet and extended it into a wood chopping axe, it could have gone flying off somewhere. It broke my second swing into a wood log because I didn't have enough force to break it as a hand held. I am not sure about that. Let's move past the axe and get to the rest of it. The shovel. The neck of the shovel is important because it can be used as a hoe. I have used it a bit and it may feel a bit weird, but I am used to holding shovels. The shovel doesn't seem to break easily. After the axe broke, I played with it to see if the shovel would hold up. There is a bit of a hassle in changing from shovel to hoe. It's easier to remove the shovel head from the extensions and put it back on. The way that the extension handles screw together makes it difficult to adjust the shovel head lock because the threads are opposite directions. Nobody is buying a cheap compass. You can buy replacements if the flint looks like it screws in and out. If you are getting in some night work, I recommend using a headlamps as well as the flashlight. I like the pocket knife a lot. It was ready and sharp and is not a cheapo knife. It is a Browning. The clippers and pliers are of good quality, not necessarily name brand, so if you have craftsman tools, obviously this wouldn't be on par, but it's not just cheap crap that seems like it's going to break just being taken out of the package. The extension bars feel like a force to be reckoned with. They feel good quality, the whole set, all of the metal smelled like a well oiled fire arm and that smell was really impressive and added appeal to everything. They screw together clean and at the final turn, even if you screw it in tight, it will come together. The work they put into those extensions is great. The whole thing feels powerful and smooth, but it is also misleading. If they don't use aluminum or aluminum alloy on the head of the axe, it's simply not strong enough for a real man to use, so I think they have to use something else. The only complaint I have is the axe. I wish they would have tested it more, or at least not advertise it as a wood cutting axe, because that can seriously hurt someone. I think everything else in the box is decent, except for the axe, which is a bit down, but I don't think it will break as easily. If something else goes wrong, I will update this review. I will give this 3 stars because everything is pretty good with one exception. I would have given it 4 stars, but I feel like it should lose one for the danger it poses if that axe head doesn't break as smoothly as mine.

7. FullLit 23 6inch Tri Fold Entrenching Backpacking

FullLit 23 6inch Tri Fold Entrenching Backpacking

The military shovel set is made from military grade solid carbon steel and aluminum tubes. A sharp axe blade, a saw edge, and a hammer can be used in heavy duty. You have everything you need to explore in the outdoors. The multitool is ideal for digging, cutting, gardening, and trenching. The tool can be used straight or at a 90 angle. The portable folding shovel can fit into any backpack and can be stored with the Carry Pouch. The Military-inspired style folding shovel is made of premium materials, it is durable, compact, sturdy, very well built and engineered at a super affordable price. The ideal gift for outdoor enthusiasts is a camping, hiking, hunting, backpacking, fishing, and gardening kit. Field survivalists, Disaster Recovery, Offroad, and 4-wheeling enthusiasts use the ideal entrenchment utility tool. Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns are guaranteed. 100% satisfaction is their first priority as a senior manufacturer.

Brand: Fulllit

👤The mini folding shovel should be the FullLit folding shovel. The FullLit shovel is larger and better constructed than the other one. The way the head of the shovel is attached to the swivel joint is the main thing. The FullLit shovel is half the size, but still very compact. The shovel blade can be turned 90 as a light duty pick, or it can be used as a shovel, with an edge that is sharper on the one side. There is a The price is the same. This is the shovel you are looking for if you want a military style collapsible shovel.

👤It is a good item to have in your vehicle when you need it. This foldup compact shovel is for you. It worked great for the task at hand when I had to use mine. It stays locked in position. It is strong for its size. You should get one before you need it.

👤A great piece in a pinch. Small, lightweight, seems to last. The shovel is great for keeping in your car. It is easy to carry. Light weight. I don't want to use it for hard manual labor or sub it out for a full size shovel. It's a good quality piece for the price. Pros- light. It folds up nicely. There is a case. The handle is plastic. I'm not sure how well the locking mechanism would work, so it's a com. It's more of a mystery to them.

👤The joint between the handle and shovel was rusted when I took it out to use. There is a The shovel we use for camping seems to be very strong. It is easy to open. I like the way it folds up. I will give this one to my son and buy another one for myself.

👤The handle is plastic, but it seems sturdy.

👤A high quality shovel. Light and durable.

👤I use this for metal detecting when I need to dig deeper. I can easily fit this into my backpack as it folds up and unfolds, just as easily. When it's unfolded, it twists to tighten so it doesn't fold up. If need be, this can be used as an axe in a survival situation. I highly recommend this thing, it is sturdy and folds up small.

8. FiveJoy Multitool Flashlight Military Tactical

FiveJoy Multitool Flashlight Military Tactical

The best gift for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Farewell, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Year's is a durable outdoor toolkit. The portable power bank can charge your phones while you need it, and it has an output port and input port. The FiveJoy product team has a new charging function. FiveJoy owns the patent. It is a great guarantee for your adventure trip. Don't worry about your phone running out of power. The flashlight has four light modes. Press and hold the Power Button for 3s to turn it on in glare light mode. The four built-in indicators show 25% battery level, so you can always get to know the battery level. Their high-quality survival tool is made with the best materials and features an aluminum alloy handle. The shovel is lightweight and portable. When folded it is 24.5 cm long and 98.6 cm when fully extended. The aluminum alloy handle with a thickness of 0.2" (5mm) is super durable and is resistant to survive the toughest outdoor conditions you throw at it without any rusting. The handle has been engineered to maximize comfort and control for all glove types. Perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts, it's ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking, self-defense, backpacking, fishing, hunting and gardening. It's great for anyone to use, gardeners, survivalists, hunters, hikers, campers. Field survivalists, Disaster Recovery Staff, Truck driver, and many other people use this Folding Shovel.

Brand: Fivejoy

👤There was a nice bag with the five joy shovel. The easy release mechanism at the shove head makesAssembling it fun and intuitive. The end of the stick has a flush light that can be mounted. There is a strong magnet at one end. The battery for the light can be used to charge my phone in about an hour. I will have a power bank. anyway It is good to have for emergencies. The shovel is easy to use and the cutting tools are sharp. The little pocket chainsaw worked well. The foam sleeves are great for ergonomics. It is a high quality product and is looking to carry it around. It seems to be a product that can be used for a long time.

👤Excellent tool for the car, boat or back yard. The carry bag is very sturdy, well made pieces fit together easily to form a super strong shovel that has 3 ways to bend for different uses. The flashlight is bright and easy to use. There is a fire starter. When I found my son at Disney on the opposite side of the dinosaur with a whistle, I couldn't hear his voice as close as I could to him. You can blow a whistle longer than you can scream for help, and it will carry farther. I learned this truth from Barney. The drill bits and chainsaw are made to order. There are many tools in this shovel. I gave one as a gift and the other as a house present. I might buy another one for the boat.

👤I did a lot of research and found this well built survival shovel that fit all of the categories I was looking for. The product would be highly recommended.

👤Excellent quality and construction. I feel good about the quality of all the components for use in an emergency scenario because it has a lot of useful tools. It was a perfect compliment to our bags.

👤Everything you need for the outdoors can be found in this set. It can dig through rocky ground and normal clay. Everything is high quality and the bag is sturdy. Would recommend.

👤Excellent construction. I need to test it in the field.

👤My husband received this for Christmas. He loves it! It is lightweight and durable.

9. Camspor Multitool Emergency Backpacking Gardening

Camspor Multitool Emergency Backpacking Gardening

It is visible high quality. Years of reliable performance are guaranteed by high-quality engineering. You can enjoy the quality andDurability of real shots. Please contact them if you have any questions about the product. The multi-tool includes a shovel, hoe, saws, cutter, hammer, Axe, 3 size wrench, bottle opener, whistle, safety hammer, fire starter,Phillips and Flat Head Screwdriver. It's convenient for survive camping or outdoor activities. Perfect gifts for a camping enthusiast. The angle of the head of the shovel can be adjusted with a screw locking device, which makes it easier to stay at a certain angle. You can adjust it to your liking. You can change it to 45hook, 90hoe or 180shovel. The foldable shovel with all the multi tools is portable and compact. It is easy to carry for outdoor activities. It's an emergency bag for your car. The maximum length is 31.5 inches when it is fully assembled. This survival tool set is made of high quality military-grade 3 CR13 steel and aluminum-magnesium alloy. The grip of the handle has veins that increase the amount of force on your hand. The military shovel set is made for heavy duty digging. The multifunctional outdoor shovel is a great gift for men and outdoor lovers. The product is high quality and their service is good. They will provide you with the most professional and satisfactory service if you have any quality issues or questions.

Brand: Camspor

10. Aerospace Grade Multifunctional Multitool Ultra Light Collapsible

Aerospace Grade Multifunctional Multitool Ultra Light Collapsible

If a car gets stuck, the folding shovel can be used to dig out the tires. A pick tool can help crack ice. A folding camping shovel can be used to scoop out rocks and flatten a surface for a tent, as well as dig holes for tent stakes. A fire pit can be created with the use of folding shovels. There are multi function tools. The survival shovel emergency kit includes a wrench, knife, tool, and fire starter. There is a shovel head. The tool is all-in-one. Most of your survival needs can be met by a tactical shovel. There is a sturdy survival shoe. The survival tool kit is made of thick aircraft grade aluminum tubes and is military grade. You can handle tough terrain and branches with this camping shovel. It can be placed in the car as an emergency tool. It's cool and exquisite, and it's practical. This folding shovel is a great gift for your boyfriend, dad, or energetic junior boys. Buying a gift as a gift is a great way to show your love on any day of the year. A collapsible pitchfork is a small entrenching tool. It is a portable emergency shovel and can be carried on a backpack or belt for camping. ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE. You can use it as a snow shovel, sand shovel, gardening shovel, or a sturdy, strong tactical shovel, ideal for camping, backpacking, hiking, off-roading, fishing, scouts, archeaologist or emergency! They offer the best solution to their valued customers in a polite way. Contact them via Amazon when necessary to enjoy hassle free shopping with them.

Brand: Hx Hx Outdoors

👤The shovel is light in weight. It has all the items listed, and the materials are good. It seems well constructed, but won't find out until we go on a backpacking trip in August. My 3 stars are onVersatility. As soon as it's "battle" tested, I will update this review.

👤There is a need for bigger foot pegs. There is only a problem with it.

👤The shovel is sturdy and well put together. I enjoy it a lot.

👤The spade part of the shovel broke off. Don't think the video is awesome. I don't think I was relying on this scrap metal for survival.

👤I haven't used yet but it looks cool and many features are easy to put together.

11. Sahara Sailor Unbreakable Shovel 180 Shovel Camping

Sahara Sailor Unbreakable Shovel 180 Shovel Camping

REDCAMP offers a full manufacturer warranty for a year. They will give you a full refund or a replacement for any broken piece. The Unbreakable Survival Shovel is made from military-grade solid carbon steel with aluminum tubes that make it sturdy enough to deal with survival activities or car/truck emergency. The Mufti is functional. The ultimate survival shovel has 12 other functions and tools, including a shovel, hoe, saws, bottle opener, cleaver, whistle, knife, fish scaler, emergency hammer, flat-blade screwdriver, and 4 size wrench. You will survive camping with your kids. The camping shovel can be folded and expanded by twisting the lock. A camping gift is a carry storage bag. This tactical shovel is perfect for camping, hiking, gardening, backpacking, hunting, traveling, expedition, car emergency, and outdoor survival. Lifetime warranty with 100% satisfaction and zero hassle returns. This survival shovel is the last piece of camping and survival equipment you will ever need.

Brand: Sahara Sailor

👤Really cool. My issue with multi tools is that they end up being less. Versatility was sacrificed for rigidity. The shovel is strong when it is in the soil. The problem is that when the blade is hit by a root or rock, it will cause the thread to come loose on the handle. This is very frustrating. The shovel blade is of the highest quality and all of the smaller tools work well. The slot for the tip could be tighter. There is an update. The seller sent me a different model of the camp shovel. The new shovel seems to work well. The company does their best to make their customers happy.

👤The third time it was used, the spade broke off and stabbed my son in the leg. It is definitely not unbreakable. There is an update. A replacement Survival Shovel was sent by the company.

👤The survival shovel set is made of metal. When we bought our Jeep, our previous camping shovel got lost in the transfer and did not make it in. Been needing to replace it for a while. The survival shovel is above what we had before. This does about any camping chore you might need to take care of. I like that it is made of metal. The case is a great place for everything. Our case had a tear along the inside seam. I like that the shovel blade has a nice cover for safety and keeps the shovel/blades sharp and functioning their best. The case is small enough to fit in our vehicle. There is a single con and no instructions, although I believe I've got it all sorted out. It would be a plus if that was included. This would be a great gift and comes in a nice box. This is in the back of our Jeep at all times. We feel safer in our adventures.

👤This shovel is a well thought out survival kit in one, but it's only mediocre at most tasks. I think it would work well if you wanted something that could get the job done in a pinch. I'll give you 4 stars for the quality, but I'm not happy with the saw blade coming out. The shovel had everything described. There was a little oil on the shovel, but it was not bad. The Sawblade came out as I tried to cut through a weed tree. After a few strokes, it came out after being held in place. If I don't get a refund, I will glue it back together. The case is sturdy, but there is only one loop to go onto your belt, instead of two. I think the first thing to go will be the stiching. The saw blade came out, the axe edge was not sharp, the knife blade was not sharp, and the tool worked well. I have only put it through a quick backyard test. It fit in the case well. Look at pictures.

👤There are too many joints on the shovel head. It looks fancy, but not practical.


What is the best product for survival shovel multitool with axe military?

Survival shovel multitool with axe military products from Yeacool. In this article about survival shovel multitool with axe military you can see why people choose the product. Htt Group Llc and Oakvue are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival shovel multitool with axe military.

What are the best brands for survival shovel multitool with axe military?

Yeacool, Htt Group Llc and Oakvue are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival shovel multitool with axe military. Find the detail in this article. G4free, Beyjoy and Banores are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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