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1. Burpee Carte Hybrid Spinach Seeds

Burpee Carte Hybrid Spinach Seeds

Premium quality seeds are grown in the USA. Non-GMO is an open pollinated species. Up to 2 seed replacements may be applied. A fast-growing vegetable with a nutty flavor. 300 seeds are in each packet. After the average last frost date, sow outdoors in early spring. The plant height is 6. The plant spread is 12. Annual for all growing zones. Sunlight exposure is the same as the sun setting. Burpee vegetable, herb, and flower seeds can be found on Amazon. The Burpee Seed Starting Kit will give you a great start. Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever.

Brand: Burpee

👤I have been trying different settings for almost 2 months. There is nothing! Old dead seeds... Grrr.

2. Cauliflower Snowball Heirloom 100 Delicious

Cauliflower Snowball Heirloom 100 Delicious

Premium quality seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Company. It's low calories and also healthy. One's health can be improved by consuming cauliflower. It is possible to eat cauliflower raw. Or you can cook them. There are many health benefits to cauliflower. The cauliflower is full of vitamins and minerals. The leaves are rich in many vitamins and minerals.

Brand: Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots

👤My mother keeps a vegetable garden and bought seeds for it. She said the seeds were growing quickly. The plants are growing well. She is happy with the purchase.

👤I tried twice to get it to grow up.

3. Burpee Culinary Herb Starter Seed

Burpee Culinary Herb Starter Seed

Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever. The kit contains 5 seed packets of their most popular cooking herbs, plus everything you need to start seeds indoors. 5 pots, 5 coir pellets, and 5 plant markers are included. Start a project with your children or grandchildren, or grow your own windowsill herb garden. There are certain botanical HerB favorites. Try parsley in soups and salads, or top taco with cilantro. Dressings and vegetable dishes can be improved with the addition of dipper and chives. You could combine multiple herbs to make rubs and marinades. InDOOR SOW: Follow the instructions on the packet to start seeds indoors. Add water to the coconut coir soil pellets. Plants can be grown indoors or outdoors. Plants grow well in containers, so patio and small-space gardeners are rejoicing. Great gardening gifts. The herb garden kit is perfect for both new and experienced gardeners. An indoor herb garden is a gift that lasts all year. These packets contain seeds that grow into plants that thrive indoors or outdoors. 100% GUARANTEED. Burpee is committed to the success of gardeners. Each order is treated with care to ensure healthy seeds, plants, and gardening supplies are sent in excellent condition. They want to make it right if you are not happy with your purchase.

Brand: Burpee

👤This is a great herb kit. The T4U 4.75" Plastic Nursery Flower Pots with Pallet Dark Grey - Set of 10 are perfect for the rice hull pots that come with this kit. It took me a week to find the right pots. Place a pellet in a bowl. At the moment, you will not be absorbed if you add 20 lbs of water. Break the pellet apart to make it resemble the soil. Add more water and mix. Next, add the seeds to the pot. Some pellets grow bigger than others. I had to combine the soil from some pellets with the soil from others to make sure each pot had the same amount. I have attached pics of the herbs after 2 weeks of growing. The basil grows fast. The parsley is starting to grow after two weeks. If you want to know what to grow. I use the "A Plus LED Indoor Plant Lights, dual Head Full Spectrum Sunlike Grow Light, Double Switch Flower Lamp, with Replaceable E 27 Bulb, Professional for Seedling" on Amazon. The lights are on for 10 hours a day. I use a spray bottle to water the plants, 10 sprays in the morning and 10 sprays at night. Don't overwater your plants. White mold forms on top of the soil due to over watering. It can be prevented. If mold forms, remove it and toss it. I've attacked a picture marked 4 weeks. I have been cutting down the plants that have grown more than shown and using them in my cooking. Light usage has been lowered from 10 hours a day to seven. I water the herbs three times a day. I use water in the morning, afternoon, and night.

👤I was looking for an herb growing kit that had both basil and dill, but it was hard to find. There were two options that looked similar on Amazon. I went with this product because it was $5 cheaper and a familiar brand. I was disappointed in the pots, though I received everything that was promised. When the transplants are big enough, I thought they were the kind you just put in the garden. They are not. They feel like cheap plastic, but they say they are made from sustainable materials. We will see. You are paying for convenience. The product is delivered on that point. It kind of fails to raise herbs for cooking. You can't transplant them to your garden. It would be simpler to plant the seeds outside. The pots are not strong enough to be left on the windowsill. You will have to buy other pots if you want to set these within. The product is not enough on its own. I should have bought the more expensive product first. The components of this set were bought separately. It would have cost the same, but I could have gotten nicer pots.

👤Everything you need to start a garden. The plants don't get stalksy if you have enough light. There is a SNAP eligible...hurrah!

4. Champion Heirloom Organic 100 Radishes

Champion Heirloom Organic 100 Radishes

ANDY PANTRY BRAND. Customer service is backed by it. The snow white interior of this radish is retained. It's perfect for salads. Pick in 25 days. It is easy to grow.

Brand: Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots

👤These sprouted within 10 days of planting them.

👤I had a crop of fruit in 4 weeks. So. There is a state called CA.

5. Vegetable Seeds Heirloom Variety Selection

Vegetable Seeds Heirloom Variety Selection

Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever. The food supply of non hybrid, heirloom, and non genetically modified seeds is never ending. Instructions on how to collect new viable seeds from your plants. Non- genetically modified seeds are in a transparent bag. A Zip Mylar bag is used for a paper envelope. Green bean seeds, tomato seeds, cauliflower seeds, and other seeds.

Brand: Heirloom Seeds

👤We live out in the country and have a garden every year, but it can get expensive to buy starter plants and seeds. These heirloom seeds don't have to do that. You can harvest the seeds from the produce and have seeds every year from here on out. The best part is that it will be free of genetically modified organisms. This is the perfect gift for a prepper. I received a discounted product in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts reflected in this review are my own.

👤Thank you for the prompt shipping, these came in the mail very quickly. The product amount, size, and quality were exactly described. It's too cool to plant in my region right now, but I will let you know how it went in a few months.

👤Excellent for the home prepper who is just starting. The instructions on how to dry and use the seeds will help you keep them. The package was sealed to help with storage. I've gotten packs of seeds before that do not have the right amount of seeds, but these packages had the right amount. Excellent buy. I received this product as an Amazon Review Trader.

👤A great pack of seeds! It was in great condition when it arrived. I planted some of these and I don't know if they grow. I don't think I'll have any issues. The assortment that comes with it is a great multi-pack to start your own vegetable garden.

6. Heirloom Vegetable Seed Collection Greenhouse

Heirloom Vegetable Seed Collection Greenhouse

Since 1989 Seeds of Change has been dedicated to preserving and making organic seeds available to gardeners and farmers. In addition to the primary Grannys seed collection and booklet, you get a giftable box, 12 cell seed tray, humidity dome, seed label sticks, and 12 minute soil coco coir pucks. A bonus 80 page guide to growing vegetables. Clear planting instructions are sealed in a waterproof Mylar package. The Minute Soil coconut coir pellets are twice as large as the peat ones. Add water. It's that simple. Unrenewable coconut coir is a product left over from the coconut industry. It is not destroyed like peat is. Premium quality, ethical and sustainable seeds are offered by the sustainable seed company. US based customer support. Some seeds may be replaced. The collection may have up to 2 seed replacements, which are usually very similar to the one listed. There are a number of factors that affect seed availability.

Brand: Sustainable Seed Company

👤What a great find! A guide to planting, harvesting and saving seeds is included in the price of non-GMO, heritage and heirloom seeds. If you're sick of big agribusinesses dominating our food supply and controlling seeds, you should buy seeds from a company like this. I'm not much of a gardener. I'm trying to do my part. I'm sharing the seeds with my neighbor.

👤I planted a number of seed packets, and they came up within a week. When I warm up a little more, I will be able to plant the rest of the seeds.

👤It was called granny's and I bought it. That is what my mother was called. She liked to garden. It was a sign from God that the seeds would be great. I am buying seeds from here. My daughter received it as a present. She loves gardening. She was excited to have seeds to plant. She immediately planted all the seeds. 75% of the seeds had sprouted three days later. I will look at the seeds when I visit her today. The way it was packaged made me like it. It also had a book to explain planting. The company made planting successful.

👤I had to write a review because I am so impressed with this company. The packets are easy to recognize, the packaging is attractive, and the planting details are in the packets. They send a booklet with information about each vegetable. I would order again from Granny's Garden Company.

👤You don't have to pick out seed packets one by one because of the price. There is a nice variety of seeds. I would say that about 1/3 of the packets were complete duds with little or no seeds being able to grow from them.

👤I wouldn't blame you if you get upset because some seeds didn't grow. They may not grow well in the coco coir. I think there are at least 4-7 out of the 12. My brain is not straight. coco coirs grow anything, but the good thing is you can play with a variety of seeds. I will still give it 5 stars.

👤The seeds have not sprouted yet. I have tried seeds indoors and outdoors. Only 2% of the plants have sprouted after following all the guide lines. This is the first time that this brand has sold a product. Within 3 days, have tried other brands from growers.

👤A convenient package of seeds for my small garden areas. My cat thought the seed starters were great, but he spread them all over the floor. I planted some small cups and what I got was tomatoes and peppers.

👤The garden was disappointing this year. Nothing grew from this selection. Didn't grow.

👤Great value! I got a good amount of the expensive seeds. Excellent for my garden.

👤Everything grew like weeds. My neighbors are jealous.

👤Came on time and all the seeds were germated.

7. Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Variety

Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Variety

A 25 year shelf life is possible. It yields over 2300 pounds of produce. 13 hardy seed varieties. A shelf life of up to 4 years.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤I bought another brand of heirloom seeds and tried them in the past, but they didn't grow as well as I would have liked, so I decided to grow my own. It wont be long before food prices will be high and the dollar not worth much, so prepare, augason brand is good and I have a couple years of there disaster meals also. When you stack it deep, you won't get another chance.

👤This can was made by LOT 19DEC19 and made by BB 19DEC 24. The can contained 13 seed packets and a growing guide. The winter squash is called the Waltham Butternut. The tomato hamson is an heirloom. Summer Squash Black Beauty is a variation on the classic summer squash. The best Jumbo is cantaloupe melon Hales. The Carrot Chantenay Red Core is an heirloom. The onion is white and sweet. Cucumber Straight Eight. Romain Lettucee Cimmaron is an heirloom. There is a vegetable called the Spinach Viroflay. The Golden Cal Wonder is made of Sweet Pepper. The Bean Bush Blue Lake is an heirloom. Pea Lincoln is an heirloom. All seeds are non-GMO, non- hybrid, and heirloom varieties. They are well packaged and labeled. The quantity of seeds is a good value. I will be testing them in my garden this year. The can was opened with a swing-a-way can opener.

👤There are a few pictures of what is inside. Will be planting soon but not sure of the quality. The can is packaged well and has a plastic lid. Will post updates when I open the seeds and when they grow. I am planting one of the cans I bought. I know what to expect. If you are a prepper, always try what you buy so you don't have to worry in an emergency.

👤Great product. I have been using these seeds for a long time. Every seed that I plant has been planted 99% of the time. I buy a container every year.

👤The instructions for planting seeds are well sealed for freshness. This kit has a sealed can that must be opened with a can opener and a plastic lid that you can put back on after opening. The can has a list of 13 types of seeds, but not specific varieties. You can see the list below for those details. Inside the can is an oxygen absorber pack to keep the seeds fresh longer and a large bag of Growing guide for 38 types of vegetable, herb, and fruit plants. The guide has details for planting, care, harvest, and seed collection. I have a good guide for all of the seeds I save from my plants, as I have only started saving seeds from my own harvest. The seeds are sealed in foil packs for freshness. The amount of seeds included in my kit was measured in grams, and the 13 specific varieties of seeds that were included were: Bean, Bush Contender 150g Carrot, Imperator 58 3g Corn, Golden Bantam 8 125g Cucumber, and many more. Straight Eight 4g melon, cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo 3g onion, yellow sweet Spanish 2g Pea, Thomas Laxton 150g Pepper, Sweet California Wonder 300 TMR 2.5g lettuce, Romain Cimmaron 3g, and Winter Waltham Butternut.

8. Assorted Organic Vegetable Seeds Planting

Assorted Organic Vegetable Seeds Planting

Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever. The vegetable 10 garden seed estate is organic. For gardening indoors and outdoors. 10 varieties of fresh heirloom organic seeds are included. You can harvest these open pollinated varieties year after year if you join the movement towards food self reliance. The Eevee grow guide. This kit includes a vegetable growing guide with roots, remedies, and routines for a delicious life. Learn how to start a garden and harvest the fruits of your labor at the end of the season. Grow and cultivate your own food. Even if you don't have a lot of space, vegetable gardening is still a possibility with just a little know-how. Vegetables are included. Cucumber seeds, Broccoli seeds, Cucumber seeds, Kale seeds, Watermelon seeds, Carrot seeds, Cilantro seeds, Summer Squash seeds, and Basil seeds are some of the seeds. The vegetable seeds collection includes over 3,200 seeds in these seed packets. There is survival, seed storage. These organic heirloom gardening seeds are sealed in a beautiful mylar package for long-term shelf life. You can add this garden seeds vegetable variety pack to your emergency food storage. The perfect seed starter kit for your garden. It's approved for indoor or outdoor gardening. Mountain Valley Seed Company is a US based company. Their customer service and workforce are based in the US, along with their heirloom vegetable seeds being sustainable. Everyone should experience the joy of growing.

Brand: Mountain Valley Seed Company

9. Burpee Storm Blend Seeds Pelleted

Burpee Storm Blend Seeds Pelleted

Can be used in place of other greens. A multi colored crop of Kale is ready to be used in salads, soups, and sandwiches. There are 20 seeds in each packet. You can harvest in 80 days if you sow 12 weeks before the last frost. The plant height is 24. The plant spread is 12. The leaves can be yields of up to 12. Annual for all growing zones. Sunlight exposure is the same as the sun setting. Burpee vegetable, herb, and flower seeds can be found on Amazon. The Burpee Seed Starting Kit will give you a great start. Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever.

Brand: Burpee

👤These were balls with multiple seeds in them, and they were bought without realizing they were not seeds. I planted 6 of these balls and now have 18 of them, I don't have the strength to pull them out. Be careful not to plant too many. If you want small greens in a small space, this is good for you. If you want to have full sized heads, you'll have to be stronger than me.

10. Onion Sprouting Seeds Chemical Microgreens

Onion Sprouting Seeds Chemical Microgreens

There are many health benefits to cauliflower. Premium seeds. Non-GMO with high rates of germination. Microbial was tested. The pouch has long shelf life. It's perfect for gardening, food storage, cooking, and more. ANDY PANTRY BRAND. Customer service is backed by it.

Brand: Handy Pantry

👤I thought the seeds were expensive when I bougth them. They have an excellent taste. I bought a smaller package of seeds from another provider, but they did not grow. These grow every time. Give them about 8 days to finish it. It will take me some time to get through a one pound bag because I eat these in my salad twice a day. You should buy these seeds. Don't waste your time with cheap ones. You get what you pay for.

👤It was difficult to find anything other than the large economy, sling over the shoulder, kind of bags, when we decided to look for sprouting seeds. These are packaged in a one pound freezer safe re-sealable bag, which is very easy to scoop out. We are probably getting 75% of the seeds to grow. It takes longer than a lot of sprout, so they are hard to find in stores. The flavor of the sprouts is absolutely fantastic, but it takes two weeks for them to be ready to eat. They have been put in fried rice. I use my fingers over the top of the jar to let the un-sprouted seeds wash through. Hold your palm over the jar mouth and swirl the water upside down. You can let the water drain out by sliding your fingers over the opening. A few cycles and you have clean sprout!

👤The onion seeds take 3-4 days to grow, so I plan my garden accordingly. The greens have a mild onion flavor and the seeds have a high germination rate. They are great on my breakfast sandwiches. When I run out, I will buy these seeds again.

👤Only 50% or less of germination was not happy as they are very expensive. Had much more success when it was grown these many years ago.

👤I have sprouted another brand before and they were great, but mostly didn't grow and got moldy. Is it better for micro greens?

👤The bag on Amazon doesn't say "Conventional", which is a problem. The purpose of seeds being sprouted is for health. This is going back.

👤The producto de adentro was compro, pero no trajo el producto de afuera.

👤The onion flavor is great for salads and sandwiches. They do well in a basic canning jar.

11. Organic White Seeds Packet 2000

Organic White Seeds Packet 2000

The mylar-lined packaging protects the seeds from light and humidity, making it a great choice for seed vaults. White chia seeds are 3 g and come in a packet of 2000 seeds. Certified organic has a high germination rate. Microgreens, chia, and seeds for sprouting. The days to full maturity are 120 and 180. Premium quality seeds from Mountain Valley Seed Company.

Brand: Handy Pantry

👤I bought two 5lb cans for $17.45 each. I was expecting a price increase when I ordered again, but I was not expecting it to be $33/can. I can't buy these again, there's plenty of others to choose from with the same quality and lower pricing. They will come in until I get them, so I have to give up the plastic storage.

👤I used these for an Easter project and they grew quickly and were easy to use.

👤A bag full of seeds is happy. The bag is silver Mylar.


What is the best product for survival seeds non gmo?

Survival seeds non gmo products from Burpee. In this article about survival seeds non gmo you can see why people choose the product. Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots and Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival seeds non gmo.

What are the best brands for survival seeds non gmo?

Burpee, Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots and Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival seeds non gmo. Find the detail in this article. Heirloom Seeds, Sustainable Seed Company and Augason Farms are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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