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1. Medicinal Seed Collection Premium Assortment

Medicinal Seed Collection Premium Assortment

There is a bend in the pavement. Burpee is committed to providing its customers with the highest quality seeds at the best rates. All of their orders are packaged and shipped in a good condition. Premium seeds have a complete selection of non-GMO tea herb garden seeds. Premium seeds come with growing tips on the back. The seeds included are Hot Pepper, Anise, Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Lavender, and Borage. You will get one of the two seeds based on the season. Your own herbal teas are the best because they are made with fresh, home grown tea and healing herbs. The seed variety was chosen for its flavor intensity and traditional Medicinal properties. Their beautifully boxed tea herb garden starter kits make excellent Christmas gifts for gardeners, are a great kitchen gift for cooking enthusiasts, and are the perfect garden set for kids and families. Premium quality seeds grown in the USA are the brand of Mountain Valley Seed Company. Non-GMO is an open pollinated species.

Brand: Mountain Valley Seed Company

👤I was excited until I opened the box. The packs were not sealed well and allowed seeds to get out. I feel like I'm missing a lot of seeds.

👤There is a lot of herbs. The Rosemary is notoriously difficult to grow and has sprouted in abundance so far. I planted on March 1st and had my first plants on the 4th. I used a $5 grow tray, vermiculite and a light, and it was pretty impressed. I received garlic chives instead of Burdock seeds, but I sent them an email and I'm not going to take off any stars for that since they're quality seeds so far. Would buy again. They sent me a packet of Burdock. I planted all but one of the following: anise, cayenne, and cayenne pepper, but the angelica and anise have not come up. The seeds that were planted directly outside took a little longer to grow. I accidentally planted way too much chamomile because the seeds were so good and I have over 300 seedlings.

👤I received the package 45 days ago and only 10% of the seeds were born, I didn't think it would be any better.

👤I got a lot of herbs from the seed collection, and I love them! The seeds were spilling out of the package as I tried to open it, because the packaging was not fully sealed. I shook every pack, and it seemed like they still had seeds in them. I inspected every pack and found that some of the bottoms were not completely sealed. I am excited to use them because it is still usable. I was a little disappointed in how many seeds were spilled. I am still happy with the purchase and I am really pleased with the variety.

👤I bought this because I wanted some plants. I planted parsley, sage, oregano, and dill since it came with it. I had mixed feelings when I opened. Most of the packets weren't sealed properly, some weren't sealed at all, and there weren't many seeds spilled. The quantities were not consistent. Most packets had a lot of seeds printed on them. I got a couple hundred of the larger seeds and a couple thousand of the smaller seeds. All except for Rosemary. There were 16 Rosemary seeds. Sixteen. I didn't expect much success, so I planted about a quarter of a cup of each seed and all 16 of the Rosemary seeds. All seeds were started in solo cups outside and used the same bag of soil to watered every few days. Some of them were very successful. Every basil, parsley, and dill seed decided to grow. The seeds of the two plants sprouted. A single oregano seed is successfully growing true leaves, while the only other oregano seed that sprouted stopped growing and is withering away. Not a single Rosemary seed sprouted. Rosemary is known for having a low germination rate, so why did they only send me sixteen seeds? I wanted one successful plant. Most plants sprouted within a few days. Parsley was a little slower. This probably deserves at least 3 stars for what it has done, but I am pretty disappointed since it was 1/3 of the reason I bought it. I guess I'll use that pot for mustard.

2. Survival Vegetable Herb Seeds Bundle

Survival Vegetable Herb Seeds Bundle

The cherries are 1 12 inches in diameter. They have a mild flavor with white flesh. Each pack contains the top heirloom vegetable and herb seed varieties. Keep your spare garden seeds safe and dry for next year's planting in a waterproof mylar bag with individually packed seed packets. For years to come, your heirloom seeds are ready to supply your sowing. There is worry free gardening. Their seeds are consistently tested at or above 95% germination rates, which is essential for your prepping supplies. You will be able to grow thousands of pounds of food if you have 8000 seeds. The waterproof mylar pouch that the seeds are packed in allows for long term storage. Put your trust in Home Grown and the experience it has to offer. Your plant seeds are backed by a commitment to great gardens, fine foods, and your consistent agricultural success.

Brand: Home Grown

3. AeroGarden Bounty Elite Stainless Alexa Enabled

AeroGarden Bounty Elite Stainless Alexa Enabled

The 8 flavors of DripDrop ORS taste great and offer dehydration relief fast. The new top of the line bounty elite is perfect for a variety of big harvests. The new features of your garden, including a 3 step water level indicator, infiinite dimming grow light, and sunrise/sunset auto light dimming, can be controlled with your smart garden. The new and improved Bounty Elite is available today. Home grown freshness and flavor is what the In- Home Garden System is all about. It's right at your fingertips every day of the year. You can grow fresh herbs and veggies on your kitchen counter. Plants grow in water with this growing system. You can grow up to 9 plants in your garden. Drop in the non-GMO, pre-seededpods and watch them grow. In a few days, the sprout is ready for harvest and lasts for weeks. The world's leading countertop garden has energy efficient grow lights. When to add water and liquid plant food are reminders from smart garden technology. Sunrise andSunset lighting. The 9- Pod GourmetHerb Seed Pod Kit includes Genovese Basil (x2), Thai Basil, Curly Parsley, Italian Parsley, Thyme, Chives Dill, Mint and nurtured by their specially formulated Miracle-Gro liquid plant food, enough for a full season of growth. A 6 inch tall trellis is included. All natural.

Brand: Aerogarden

👤I have given away more AeroGardens than I have owned over the years. I had an older version of the Bounty model that I had given to a friend and was curious to see what the new model looked like. I was impressed. Some of the new features were pretty nice and it was better looking. The control panel is nicer. It's much easier to know when to add more water with a visual display. The old model had a touch screen for setting the time that was easier for me, but it's still a bit tight for my fat fingers. They've added a Vacation Mode that claims to use 50% less water, which should be good for when I travel on long trips. It was easy to assemble, which is not a strength of mine. You're good to go if you put a few pieces together. I can't report on growth because it was only recently planted. I've had good success with all the other AeroGardens. I don't think I'll have any problems. Everything but the Mint has sprouted. You can't see the Mint, but it is growing. It was a little slow. Everything is going well.

👤I ordered all kinds of seeds andpods after I grew my first herb garden in the AeroGarden I received in December. I wanted to keep a continuous garden. Plants are transferred from AeroGarden to pots. On my second garden, the light went out and support was not available by phone or email. While I love the garden when I'm working, I have invested over $400 in one successful herb garden with no communication from the manufacturer to resolve the issue. Customer service for faulty product is an ongoing issue in other one star reviews.

👤I am giving this review one star due to the fact that the link for warranty registration on the website is broken and no one has ever used it.

👤The AeroGarden bounty basic has helped us grow our herbs. The set up took 5 minutes, and our herbs were not growing inthyme. We have never had a garden of our own, so it has been a challenge to watch our herbs grow. The size is perfect for our kitchen. It fits like it was Mint to be! The AeroGarden has been a treat. It was easy to set up, maintain and watch the herbs grow. We have substantial growth with no additional effort since the photos were taken 11 days after we set up. We can't wait to cook with our herbs.

👤I have had Aerogardens for several years and have been very pleased. I own over a dozen units and the new Aerogarden Bounty Elite is better than I could have imagined. There are no lost options in the new model 2019. I want to break it down as best I can. The design of this unit has a modern look. The hood is thinner. The adjustment rod is easy to use. Pull the light up or push it down if you want to tighten it. The Bounty Elite has a 50 watt hood. If you need to dim the lights to a certain amount, you can do it at any time. Sunrise/Sunset Mode allows you to tell your unit to raise the lights in the morning and at night. 60 minutes from the lowest setting to the 50 watt is what I have set for mine. This feature is great. This mode is on previous units. I haven't used this feature yet. The display is easy to use. The desk of the unit is very nice. There are no openings for the water to come up through and cause calcium marks. There is no fear of over spill in the water fill hole. The bowl of the unit has a special holder for the pump and where the water goes out of into the deck. The design will make it hard for Roots to get into the deck. The pump can be removed for easy cleaning. The roots are more contained with the new pump housing. The new system is easy to install. There are four rods that you put into the deck and then the plant holder piece. The old one is no longer connected to the light rod. There are no issues with installing and using wi-fi. This unit is superior and I love it.

4. Burpee Sweet Salad Mesclun Seeds

Burpee Sweet Salad Mesclun Seeds

Since 1989 Seeds of Change has been dedicated to preserving and making organic seeds available to gardeners and farmers. A beautiful blend of greens. 'Ruby' lettuce, 'Bull's blood', 'Bloomsdale' Spinach, 'Simpson' lettuce, and 'tender green' mustard. 750 seeds are in each packet. After the average last frost date, sow outdoors in early spring. The plant height is 9. The plant spread is 6. 3-4 leaves. Annual for all growing zones. Sunlight exposure is the same as the sun setting. Burpee vegetable, herb, and flower seeds can be found on Amazon. The Burpee Seed Starting Kit will give you a great start. Burpee is the gardener's best friend. America's most trusted seed company has beautiful plants and everything else you need to grow a garden. No genetically modified organisms, ever.

Brand: Burpee

👤I bought the seeds for my garden. They sprouted after 3 days. I'm happy that they show some potential. Was skeptical after the two revoews that were left. Hope they like it.

👤You know how expensive this mix is if you buy it in a grocery store. This grows back very quickly. A delicious blend.

👤The package only had 6 seeds and I thought it was real quality.

👤The green lettuce leaves turn bitter and form roots.

👤In heavy rain, grow in partial shade or cover.

👤Only one variety of lettuce grew from this mix and only a few plants made it to the "pick for salad" stage.

👤I was excited to get my first Burpee seeds. Sad they are not up to date. I didn't see that in the ad. I hope I get some salad mix to grow. I could have picked up the seeds at the dollar store.

5. Culinary Starter Premium Non GMO Varieties

Culinary Starter Premium Non GMO Varieties

Living Whole Foods and True Leaf Market are based in Utah and supported by their in-house customer service team. May will include up to two small seed replacements. This complete herb garden kit is easy to use and will help you grow herbs on your kitchen countertop or windowsill. There are step by step instructions for growing. Home grown herbs and spices make food delicious. The seed variety was chosen for its flavor intensity. There is a beautiful giftable box with 3 Drip Trays, Three 12 Cell Seed Trays, 3 Humidity Domes, Seed Label Sticks, 36 compressed soil pucks, and an assortment of 18 culinary herb seeds. It's easy to follow instructions. Basil, Oregano, Chives, Mustard, Cilantro, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme, Garlic Chives, Arugula, Anise, and Mint are included. Their beautifully boxed culinary herb garden starter kits are a great gift for gardeners, cooks, and even Mother's Day garden gifts. Some seeds may be replaced. The collection may have up to 4 seed replacements, which are usually very similar to the one listed. Demand and other factors affect seed availability.

Brand: Mountain Valley Seed Company

👤I compared a few different herb kits before deciding on this one, since it seemed to be offering the best variety, while still providing everything I would need. It was easy to put together, and I saw some green poking through. The growth is shown in the pictures. So far, so good, not all the seeds have sprouted yet. Will try to update after a few weeks.

👤The soil should be put in upright. When they expand from the water they need to grow up, not out. The ones I had that grew out cracked the plastic tray because they had so much pressure to expand. You can't break them up into soil. See the picture. Very disappointed! I couldn't plant 4 types of herbs because of this. I only have one usable tray for 12 herbs and I have no soilpods left. I would like to get a replacement. If my herbs grow, I will update, but for now, half the kit is not usable. The company replied after I contacted them twice. My review was changed to 3 stars for that. The herbs seem to be getting bigger.

👤I am stuck at home with virtually no purpose in my life because I am out of work. I thought it would be a good time to become a plant mom. I was correct. I was surprised that the kit arrived one day before I was expecting it. I set it up on March 23rd. The planter has 12 cells and 12 soil discs, so I did 2 cells of each seed type. The setup is easy and the instructions are perfect. I am happy to report that as of today, March 27th, only 4 days later, that 4 of my 6 plants have visible sprout, and they didn't even get the morning sun on the first day. My babies! They are growing. I hoped they would do well because I get a lot of natural light through my windows, but I can't express how much joy they are bringing me. I love cooking so I will soon be able to use fresh basil, parsley, and oregano. I was murdered!

👤I want a greenhouse to start growing plants and start small, but I also want to start small. The package was a nice little box, but it didn't seem like they could pack all that stuff in there. They did. I added some of my own to see if it would work, and followed the directions that I was told to follow. I think it's a good starter kit. If you want to scoop it out, use a small spoon and it will do the trick. Something like that should be added to the kit.

👤I was surprised at how easy the seeds were to start and am happy to see that everything is growing. I'm concerned about the next step where I have to get everything to grow in my garden or pots in the house. The kit had a bunch of seed packets, started soilpods, 3 plastic starter containers, and containers to hold the starter contains. If I knew more about planting stuff, I could have bought it at a local store and saved a few dollars. It was a good way for me to start growing herbs.

6. AeroGarden Jumbo Veggies Farm Models

AeroGarden Jumbo Veggies Farm Models

Premium quality seeds grown in the USA are the brand of Mountain Valley Seed Company. Non-GMO is an open pollinated species. The Jumbo Veggies Seed Pod Kit has 3 seed Pods: Mega Cherry Tomato, Poblano Pepper, and Sweet Bell Pepper. If a Seed Pod doesn't grow, they'll replace it for free. Non-genetic. There was no herbicides. No pesticides. Also includes 6 ounces of patented, specially formulated Liquid Nutrients and a Growing Guide with step-by-step instructions. For use in AeroGardens with 24‚ÄĚplus growing height. The power source is corded electric.

Brand: Aerogarden

👤I have 2 stars because I love AeroGarden, but this listing on Amazon deserves 1 star. The Jumbo Veggies kit is only fifteen dollars. There are still errors in the listing. AeroGarden has the potential to be an amazing company, but this package from Amazon is not. The items came in a plain white box, which is not the same style of box as all the other orders I have placed directly on their site and from other Amazon listings, but I am pretty sure the listing shows the seller is actually AeroGarden. The instructions for the normal seed Pod kit are what you get. The listing doesn't help me with my plant knowledge and I don't know how to plant them. The printed writing on one of thepods is hard to read. I don't know the sprout time. If it is a tall plant, I assume all 3 are tall. I would like to see a simple diagram showing where to put the 3 Pods in the Farm/Farm XL unit. Some who grow fruiting vegetables are told in the instructions. Leave the spaces open to give the plants more room to grow. It sounds like they are saying it would work even if I put the 3pods right next to each other and fill the other 9 with people. I am sure that wouldn't work well. There has to be an ideal position for these plants.

👤Save your money! The kit was over priced. There are 3pods for $40.00. Advertising was not accurate. The packaging is not Aero garden packing, the seller took cheap wholesale card board gift boxes and printed out jumbo veggies. It makes this funnier because they over charge for the product. I thought I was getting more then 3 Pods. I want my money back for this nonsense.

👤I was under the impression that these peppers and tomatos would work well in a garden, and that they were a mini-variety. I have a huge tomato plant that I have to trim back and only have 3 tomatos on the vine in 96 days. It's a pretty big deal for my garden. I have about 3 bell peppers that are starting to grow. This one takes too long and is too big. You would need a huge floor unit for this to succeed.

👤I can't tell you how these grow, but I'm pretty sure they grow just as well as the other aerogardenpods I've used. I only received 3 Pods, with one tomato Pod instead of 2, and only one bottle of plant food when 2 are shown. I like aerogarden, but I don't like false advertising.

👤The tomato and pepper seeds are difficult to grow. One is growing mold after 2 weeks, the other is just starting to grow. I don't care about the fact that the poblanos are moldy. I will contact AG about it, but they seem to be backlogged. I'm assuming it's because so many people are buying AGs. Eventually they will come through. Customer service is very nice.

7. Culinary Seed Collection Pellets Variety

Culinary Seed Collection Pellets Variety

Save seeds to grow year after year. Saving seeds is easy with the help of Frozen Seed Capsules. There are basil seeds, chives seeds, cilantro seeds, dill seeds, lavender seeds, oregano seeds, parsley seeds, Rosemary seeds, and thyme seeds. The "Herb Growing Guide" is a full color illustrated guide. Grow herbs indoors from your kitchen countertop with any indoor garden kit, seed starter kit, or sprouting kit. The most fragrant herbs in their herb seeds assortment are basil and lavender. The included coco coral seed planters. Their 30mm Minute Soil seed starting pellets are made from coconut coir. Add water, plant, and transplant the seedlings in the net. The free non-genetically modified herb planting guide has detailed instructions on how to grow herb plant seeds, including basic planting terms, lighting, indoor and outdoor seed starting, watering, and pest control. There is a booklet for herb garden kits. Give the gift of gardening with heirloom herb seeds or vegetable seeds for planting outdoors with the SEED VARIETY GIFT COLLECTION. A grow guide and bag for gift giving is included with the heirloom seeds collection.

Brand: Sustainable Seed Company

👤Five stars are given to the seeds from this set. They are going strong and have an excellent germination rate. Is it the coconut Pods that start them? There are zero stars. I started two batches at the same time because I was skeptical when I saw them. There is a tray with coconutpods in it. Peatpods like I use in the other. The peat ones took off quickly. The coconuts were behind the peat for weeks. I put them out in the dirt to see if they made it. Sorry, but the coconutpods are garbage.

👤I have never used this type of growing material, so I followed the instructions. The time has passed and nothing has sprouted. The seeds that were planted in the supplied material have died off. Three weeks have passed since I planted the lavendar seeds. We have nothing. The tomato seeds from another source that I started in the traditional way have sprouted and are doing well, so I'll add.

👤I had high hopes for these seeds. They come with instructions in a bag. Only one of the over 20 seeds I've planted has sprouted above ground. The coir planters dried out quickly. I want to give these seeds another chance, the reviews and commitment to the community impress me. I have planted two types of seeds, one non-GMO and one heirloom, in the past. The same container has the same soil. I will add to my review after posting results.

👤I tried to follow the instructions and get the seeds to grow in a bag with a moist paper towel, but they didn't sprout. Apparently, all duds. Disappointing.

👤I didn't receive a greenhouse tray, but that's not a big deal. The seeds were planted in thepods and only the cilantro grew. Not very well. I planted the seeds in a different type of plant. They are growing fast. I decided to do a second planting. Great results again. I would buy this kit for the seeds, but I recommend throwing the planting Pods in the compost.

👤Just planted seeds in a medium and can't comment on their growth yet. The package contained only 6 seeds, not 25. The planting guide was not received. Don't waste your money on this, the seeds didn't grow. I missed the return window because I had to wait for the seeds to grow. I was given a small compensation by Amazon, but they can't give me a refund.

👤I bought them for the outdoor. My package didn't come with any instructions, but there is an instructions book that should be in it. I planted herbs in the garden. The herbs have not sprouted. I planted some plants in the soil. The only thing that grows is the cilantro.

👤After 2 weeks, 80% is growing. Didn't follow all the instructions, but still worked. I used one technique for all seeds, which was to spray bottle daily once and put in sunlight, and then put plastic wrap over the top to make a greenhouse.

8. Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Variety

Augason Farms Vegetable Garden Variety

A 25 year shelf life is possible. It yields over 2300 pounds of produce. 13 hardy seed varieties. A shelf life of up to 4 years.

Brand: Augason Farms

👤I bought another brand of heirloom seeds and tried them in the past, but they didn't grow as well as I would have liked, so I decided to grow my own. It wont be long before food prices will be high and the dollar not worth much, so prepare, augason brand is good and I have a couple years of there disaster meals also. When you stack it deep, you won't get another chance.

👤This can was made by LOT 19DEC19 and made by BB 19DEC 24. The can contained 13 seed packets and a growing guide. The winter squash is called the Waltham Butternut. The tomato hamson is an heirloom. Summer Squash Black Beauty is a variation on the classic summer squash. The best Jumbo is cantaloupe melon Hales. The Carrot Chantenay Red Core is an heirloom. The onion is white and sweet. Cucumber Straight Eight. Romain Lettucee Cimmaron is an heirloom. There is a vegetable called the Spinach Viroflay. The Golden Cal Wonder is made of Sweet Pepper. The Bean Bush Blue Lake is an heirloom. Pea Lincoln is an heirloom. All seeds are non-GMO, non- hybrid, and heirloom varieties. They are well packaged and labeled. The quantity of seeds is a good value. I will be testing them in my garden this year. The can was opened with a swing-a-way can opener.

👤There are a few pictures of what is inside. Will be planting soon but not sure of the quality. The can is packaged well and has a plastic lid. Will post updates when I open the seeds and when they grow. I am planting one of the cans I bought. I know what to expect. If you are a prepper, always try what you buy so you don't have to worry in an emergency.

👤Great product. I have been using these seeds for a long time. Every seed that I plant has been planted 99% of the time. I buy a container every year.

👤The instructions for planting seeds are well sealed for freshness. This kit has a sealed can that must be opened with a can opener and a plastic lid that you can put back on after opening. The can has a list of 13 types of seeds, but not specific varieties. You can see the list below for those details. Inside the can is an oxygen absorber pack to keep the seeds fresh longer and a large bag of Growing guide for 38 types of vegetable, herb, and fruit plants. The guide has details for planting, care, harvest, and seed collection. I have a good guide for all of the seeds I save from my plants, as I have only started saving seeds from my own harvest. The seeds are sealed in foil packs for freshness. The amount of seeds included in my kit was measured in grams, and the 13 specific varieties of seeds that were included were: Bean, Bush Contender 150g Carrot, Imperator 58 3g Corn, Golden Bantam 8 125g Cucumber, and many more. Straight Eight 4g melon, cantaloupe Hales Best Jumbo 3g onion, yellow sweet Spanish 2g Pea, Thomas Laxton 150g Pepper, Sweet California Wonder 300 TMR 2.5g lettuce, Romain Cimmaron 3g, and Winter Waltham Butternut.

9. Assortment 12 Culinary Herb Seeds

Assortment 12 Culinary Herb Seeds

This indoor herb garden is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to grow fresh herbs and veggies. The AeroGarden Harvest is a great gift idea for men, women, dad, mom, grandma, any friend or family member. Always fresh, always local. Also included: Coriander, Basil, Oregano, Chives, and Garlic Chives are all found in the herb Parsley. High quality seeds. The seeds are grown in the USA. Fresh from the most recent season. The garden table contains 12 popular herb seeds. Home grown herbs and spices make food taste better. The seed variety was chosen for its flavor intensity. Their herb seeds are perfect for Christmas gifts for gardeners, kitchen gifts for cooks, and Mother's Day garden gifts, and they are also great for kids and families. Living Whole Foods and True Leaf Market are based in Utah and supported by their in-house customer service team. May will include up to two small seed replacements.

Brand: Living Whole Foods

👤I bought these seeds a week and a half ago. I am a new gardener. I tried a lot of things when the weather failed to improve, but I got lucky with some cilantro. These seeds are mine. It is in the 70s and 50s at night in Phoenix. I plant them. I thought maybe some of the seeds in the packet were duds, because the mustard is taking over the pot I planted it in. I used a few of them. Nope. I can't see the color of the pot. They seem to have all grown up. Four days after I planted them, they started coming in. The pot was green on Sunday and was even bigger today. I thought the basil would take a bit longer. The chives are arriving. On my way to a ballroom dancing class tonight, I noticed that my peppermint had sprouted. I don't remember which ones I planted in which pots, so I will have to wait until they are mature to see; one appears to be the summer savory, and one the dill. Who cares? The only thing that matters is that they are all responding to the rain that I collected from the last two storms. I planted 10 of these and 8 have already sprouted. You would have to be an idiot to not get these seeds to grow, because you would have to plant them at the wrong time, water them, or put them somewhere dark.

👤The seeds in the packet were listed in the bulletin as being: Parsley, Thyme, Cilantro, Basil, Oregano, Oregano, Peppermint, Chives, Savory, Garlic Chives, Mustard, andSage. I'm happy with what I received. I use a zip lock bag method and a paper towel to get the seeds germinating. I will post updates after the harvest. The package did not have a Mylar pouch or an instruction book. The paper seed envelope contained all the herb packets.

👤The packet is empty. What kind of quality control is it? Return!

👤The herbs have not grown. I watered only when needed and used great soil, but still had no success. Nothing grew over the course of two months. I was not happy with my customer. I researched a lot on the internet, I wanted to have a great herb garden.

👤This assortment of everything herb seeds came from me. All herbs grew. If you follow the care guidelines you shouldn't have any problems. I grouped them by how they grew. There is a If you're new to growing herbs, I recommend doing research on the growing conditions in your area.

👤I bought these a year ago and they did amazing things. Everything I planted was doing well. My favorites were the chives, basil and sage. They were used a lot last summer. My boyfriend was getting tired of me using so much basil. It's a good thing. The basil grew strong after being moved to a bigger pot. The leaves of the basil were large enough to make a large dish, and the basil tasted good. The rest of the seeds are being used.

10. Rosemary Heirloom Organic Germination Normally

Rosemary Heirloom Organic Germination Normally

The Mountain Valley Seed Company makes an amazing christmas tea gift set or herbal tea gift set, which is a beautifully boxed medicinal and tea herb garden starter kit. There are up to 4 small seed replacements that can be applied. A good tasting herb. Non-GMO. Lots of leaves per plant is a great producer. Better than anything in the store. Most grocery stores don't carry this variety.

Brand: Country Creek Acres Growing Is In Our Roots

👤I started several plants at the same time. I planted all of the Rosemary seeds that I was sent. Not one sprouted. I planted everything else. These were Rosemary seeds. Pick up a pack of seeds at your local store. I messaged the seller and he said that since they were planted, he couldn't return them. I asked for a refund but got no response.

👤There were seeds from Laos. The were jewelry in the customs declaration? Several plants were sprouted from them, but no Rosemary.

👤Not a single seed grow. It was a huge rip off. It's a waste of money. I planted a lot of different seeds with the same location, soil, water, and location, but only a few of them are doing well. Don't buy! These seeds are a waste of money.

👤None of the seeds have sprouted a month after planting. The seeds that arrived in an envelope with a Customs stamp from Asia did not appear to be from the United States. The seller should tell the public which region these seeds are from because climate differences can affect the growth of certain plants. Poor quality and a waste of money.

👤This is a thing. Only one out of 25 seeds was successfully grown. The rate of growth is very low when I learn about Rosemary. Plants can be purchased from a grocery store. It will be easier. Try this one. A couple of the purchased seeds would be used to grow plants. I gave it three stars. It works because it was germinated and researched.

👤I made sure the seeds were moist in the sunny spot I planted them in. Nothing came up despite daily checks and mist. I have never had a poor result with non-expired seed. A different bunch of basil that was planted at the same time had all of them thriving.

👤Considering how long it takes for resemaryto to grow from seeds, I think this is good. This is the first time that I have been able to grow it from seeds.

👤The package was very cute. The seeds are heirloom which is fantastic.

11. Variety Culinary Collection Growing Guide

Variety Culinary Collection Growing Guide

The product is made of plastic and steel. The dimensions are (L) 11.65" x (W) 17.12" x (H) 13.18". Black. The weight was 6.43 lbs. The weight capacity is 88 lbs. There are basil seeds, cilantro seeds, dill seeds, oregano seeds, parsley seeds, Rosemary seeds, mustard seeds, fennel seeds, and thyme seeds in this pack. The "Herb Growing Guide" is a full color illustrated guide. Grow herbs indoors from your kitchen countertop with any indoor garden kit, seed starter kit, or sprouting kit. The most fragrant herbs in their herb seeds assortment are basil and Rosemary. Identifiable packages are CharMINGLY PACKAGED. Each paper packet has beautiful designs and detailed planting instructions. The collection is delivered in a mylar pouch. The free non-genetically modified herb planting guide has detailed instructions on how to grow herb plant seeds, including basic planting terms, lighting, indoor and outdoor seed starting, watering, and pest control. There is a booklet for herb garden kits. Give the gift of gardening with heirloom herb seeds or vegetable seeds for planting outdoors with the SEED VARIETY GIFT COLLECTION. A grow guide and bag for gift giving is included with the heirloom seeds collection.

Brand: Sustainable Seed Company

👤I bought these for my garden. I planted them in their pots and hung them on the pallet after I was reassured by the instructions to seed them indoors. They are growing well with minimal work on my part. I planted all of the varieties. Rosemary was the last flower to bloom. There are lots of seeds in the package. I would recommend anyone. See my photos.

👤I have 3 batches of oregano and basil that I am on. These plants grow fast. Take some of the main plant's leaves and put them in the water. Plants grow indoors during the cold season, and fortunately, you have several plants growing constantly. More pictures were added. The vegetable seeds I bought from this company are doing great. I wanted to try the herbs as I like to use fresh rather than store bought dried. I planted the basil and oregano and they grew very quickly. I planted a few more last week and they are already growing. This product is great for cooking with fresh vegetables and herbs.

👤I'm Hi. Looking forward to the garden. After the hospital, you need to do more activity. What can be better? I'm trying to set it up so I can use the chair. I get ashamed at not keeping up because living things are dependent on my level of commitment, as was my Malamute. Catholic nuns are terrible. It was a guilt trip. Give a prayer and have fun. Steve is from Texas.

👤I have been gardening for 27 years and am good at it. I can grow from a variety of sources. ad nauseum. I was excited to receive the set and expected it to be a great success, since I am an ol' pro at propagating from seed. Less than three dozen seeds even germinated out of this entire seed grouping. They took a long time to do so, and the ones that did were weak and slow to grow. Not a single plant survived three months later. I feel like I got a very old set, or maybe the set I got was exposed to extreme heat at some point. The seeds were bad and that makes it a complete waste of money. It can happen to you if that happened to me. Can't recommend this product at all.

👤The package is the best I have ever seen. I've been gardening for 72 years. Excellent instruction for planting and harvesting. How to save seeds. A happy gardener!

👤I wanted fresh herbs when I cook so I decided to start an herb garden. Each type of seed is placed inside a larger envelope. It's easier to store the seeds in one place because they are all in one place and the packaging can fit in smaller spaces. The seeds will last between 5 and 7 years. The booklet has instructions on how to take care of the herbs. This was useful to me because I don't know much about gardening. I don't have a green thumb, but I follow the instructions. There are instructions on each packet. Two weeks ago, I planted 8 of the 10 herbs, including Basil, Chives, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Oregano, Dill, and Cilantro. The lavender and Rosemary have not sprouted yet. I am not worried as the lavender takes a long time to grow and I may have over-watered the Rosemary. The herbs are in small pots and seem to be doing well. I'm looking forward to seeing how they turn out.


What is the best product for survival seeds herbs?

Survival seeds herbs products from Mountain Valley Seed Company. In this article about survival seeds herbs you can see why people choose the product. Home Grown and Aerogarden are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival seeds herbs.

What are the best brands for survival seeds herbs?

Mountain Valley Seed Company, Home Grown and Aerogarden are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival seeds herbs. Find the detail in this article. Burpee, Aerogarden and Sustainable Seed Company are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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