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1. AceCamp 2595 Pocket Survival Stainless

AceCamp 2595 Pocket Survival Stainless

Indicated for outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing, camper, explorer, rescue, and family. It is easy to use and made out of a strong steel. The size is 28.6 inches long and just 0.5 ounces. The pocket is comfortable to hold in your hand and can be stored easily. It's always ready for your outdoor adventures, whether it's cutting trees or gathering wood. This saw is heavy duty and perfect for camping or an emergency kit. Everything you need at the same time. They have a 30-day return or exchange policy. Their biggest concern is your satisfaction. They will do their best to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Acecamp

👤It's small and suited to backpacking. It's "teeth" are small and can be held in the hand or nylon pocket. It's not the fastest saw out there, but the weight to usefullness ratio makes it worthwhile to carry for cutting up firewood and other limbs while backpacking. If you don't want to be extremely small and lightweight, then a chain based saw would be better for you. Their weight and storage size is a bit larger than they are.

👤I tried to cut the branch off the tree. Starts well, digs in for the first inch, then gets stuck. It would have worked better if the branch had been completely dead. I didn't expect to cut down a tree with it, but a 1 inch branch. Don't waste your money. It's not worth the price they charge. I can't imagine having to use this in a survival situation if you didn't have life insurance.

👤Everyone should have a saw. It folds up nicely in a pack, big or small, and it can cut down a tree or some branches if you need to. I used it to cut large tree branches out of the way for my camping spot and firewood. The saw cuts. It's easy to get to and use when you need it and folds up as small as a key ring because I store it in a belt/hip pocket.

👤The saw is not very sharp, so it can be held in your hand, but it cuts through wood. It's a good saw for emergencies. I usually take a small folding saw when I go backpacking, but I'm going to start taking this to save on weight. I don't usually end up cutting much firewood, but this cuts well enough.

👤This is a lightweight option to stick in your pack. This one is so light and useful that it will always be in my hunting or backpacking pack, even though it is advertised as lightweight and compact.

👤In about 5 minutes, you can cut through a downed limb.

👤Quality made and lightweight. This pocket saw cuts wood in a similar way to butter. Kids can use it. I will put one in all of my vehicles and backpacks because it is light and easy to use.

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2. Upgraded Survival Emergency Hunting。Wire Stainless

Upgraded Survival Emergency Hunting%E3%80%82Wire Stainless

We insist on their products and warranty. Their priority is your satisfaction. They have a lifetime warranty and no-reason return policy to make sure you get the best experience. The snap-on design is more durable, with 38 sections of snaps, 3 serrations per section, sharper, and the thickness of the riveted joint is only 2.4mm, which reduces friction and saves effort. Their new pocket chainsaw can cut wood with ease, and it's easy to use. The fire starter kits for survival are made of high strength, strong, and stretchable 440 STAINLESS STEEL. It is the best wire saw on the market. It can make you stay out of the woods. The cable saw is easy to carry and is 5 times lighter than other chain saws. The light weight design of convenience folding does not affect its sharpness or durability because of the use of high strength materials. It is easier to carry than other chainsaws. It's widely used: fire starter survival tool, survival in the wild, hiking, camping, cutting trees hand saw for trees, collecting firewood, and other outdoor activities. The package contains a nordic pocker saw, a chain saw, gloves, and a fire-starter stick. The package contains a nordic pocker saw, a chain saw, gloves, and a fire-starter stick.

Brand: Nothers

👤It is amazing! This was an impulsive purchase. I found it by mistake. I thought it was a cool idea. I thought this would be a nice conversation piece. On the 4th of July, my honey, a couple friends, and I went fishing and hiking on the river. We were still walking as we were appropriating our buddies property. We rolled up on a tree. I brought along my camping survival kit. The tree was in 4 pieces so we could continue our journey. The design of this little shark tooth saw makes it easy to use. I think it will become sharper as you saw with it. Highly recommend!

3. Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw Survival Emergency

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw Survival Emergency

Soft grip touch points help control. Their saw has a full longer, thicker 36" chain, which makes it more durable and less likely to break after a few uses. The chainsaw style cutting teeth tear through wood. The long chain is made of high carbon heat treated steel and has razor sharp blades that cut 3 sides of a limb at the same time. Quality does count! Their saw can rip through anything in a second. Cuts over head branches with ease. Their saw has heavy duty rugged handles with metal brackets and can easily be re-sharpened. The pocket chainsaw has a nylon front snap storage pouch and belt loop. A regular 5/32 round chainsaw file can be used tosharpen it. It's a perfect multitool for Bushcraft needs. You can find pocket saws for less, but they are much less expensive. If you spend less now, you'll pay more later as the quality of hand chainsaws are not all the same, and other cheaper saws are simply made with a thinner chain and handles. They stand behind their top-rated, best-selling saw. They wouldn't give you a LIFETIME GUARANTEE if they didn't. If you don't like what you see after using their saw, you can get a Money Back Guarantee. Find another vendor that will do that. Since the beginning of the year, Sport Scientist has been seen on Fox News, CBS, NBC and ABC. The tree Pruning Saw is perfect for Boy Scouts, Bug Out Bag, Landscapers or your Emergency gear. It can be used to clear mountain bike or ATV trails. It's a great gift for any occasion. The saws come with an 8mm magnesium Fire Starter.

Brand: Sportsman Industries

👤I had the chance to put this little thing through a torture test. I will cover several topics I have read about in other reviews. There are teeth. The chain is narrow, which helps reduce drag. Someone thought there should be teeth at every link, and some said they had teeth that cut in both directions. The manufacturer got this right. More teeth would have made pulling the chain through the wood dragier. The non-cutting direction to pull when the chain binding in the wood is worth more than the bi-directional cutting. The first cut into the log is the key to tooth orientation. The chain can't get sideways, so if a gentle pull along the log feels as if the chain is cutting, have at it. If the first gentle pull across is easy, you need to move the chain. The narrow width of the chain keeps it in the kerf until it gets to binding. It's easy to reposition the blade. Pull the chain off the limb, then slide along the limb a little to try and get it back. You have a chance. The only times the chain was bound in the cut was when I pushed too hard and got aggressive. If you let the saw do the work, it doesn't bind. The cut channel on the bottom will be closed because of the weight of the limb. This can be avoided by cutting one side of the limb and then changing sides every now and then. I was cutting the tree branches from the ground. Getting the rope up in the tree was the hardest part. I used the pouch the chain came in, put a rock in it, and tied it to the rope to throw it. It took more time to get the rope in the tree than it did to cut the limbs. I cut three large limbs of about 8 inches in diameter, and two smaller limbs of about 4 inches in diameter, before the saw felt dull. That's a lot of wood for a hand saw. It took 3-6 minutes to cut through the limbs. These are standard chainsaw chains, so they can be sharpened, however my task at hand is over. I will order a new saw when I have more limbs to do. It was well worth the time and effort, I got two quotes from tree trimmers that were over $1,000.

👤I have had this in my bag for a while and knew I would need it soon. Today was the day. It was preformed beautifully. I drive Hana tours on Maui and have been stuck behind fallen trees many times with no cell service and nothing I can do except wait for someone with a chainsaw. Today was different. I moved the tree to the side of the road after cutting it in half. Thanks for making this!

👤The piece has only one tooth on one side. Unless you have the straps in your hands, it's useless. It turns to the side when it is tied to a rope for cutting a high branch. I thought it was used for cutting a high branch. It doesn't. I wouldn't have bought it if I'd known. It was a bit misleading.

4. Nonazippy Wilderness Equipment 360 Degree Strengthening

Nonazippy Wilderness Equipment 360 Degree Strengthening

Their 100% satisfaction is backed by your money back. One of the strongest and most durable metals is Rope Chaun Hand Sword in the Wild. This is a must have for a survival kit. It is portable and hand operated. It can cut up to 3 logs. This pocket chainsaw can be used out of the woods. The Pocket Emergency Sawyer is perfect for cutting through wood and other dense materials. It's useful for camping, hunting, and camping. The rope saw and pocket chain saw can be used to remove branches and fallen logs. There are 4 strands of steel wire cross winding. A pocket chain saw is the ideal tool for quick operation. The saw is pulled through the wood by a rotating hoop. The pocket chain saw is your best friend when you are in trouble. Pull the saw apart by hand and then rub it on the cut object. There is a barbecue in the backyard. The pocket saw is small enough to fit in your pocket, but strong enough to cut almost any small thing. Hard metal ores are not included. Pull the saw apart by hand and then rub it on the cut object. There is a barbecue in the backyard. The pocket saw is small enough to fit in your pocket, but strong enough to cut almost any small thing. Hard metal ores are not included.

Brand: Nonazippy

👤This one is basically disposable if you spend an extra $5-10 dollars. Cut well the first few times.

5. Reach Ropes Sharp Teeth Blades

Reach Ropes Sharp Teeth Blades

Their 100% satisfaction is backed by your money back. Simple to use. Carefully cut high limbs from the ground. The tearing through wood is achieved by cutting on both stroke rotation. The package includes a cutting set. 2 x Ropes, 1 x Throwing Weight Pouch, and 2 x Handles. 2 x Wrist straps. + 1 x file. A survival bracelet. 64 teeth are carbon steel. The high limb saw has a 48 inch chain with blades on both sides so it doesn't matter how it lands. There are a lot of uses. Their chainsaw is designed for camping, hunting, backpacking, fishing and any experience with nature. Extra. BRACELET. The kit can be used to start a fire, build a shelter, and find your way to safety. 100%. Your money back or satisfaction? Extra. BRACELET. The kit can be used to start a fire, build a shelter, and find your way to safety. 100%. Your money back or satisfaction?

Brand: Nordinsai

👤I was happy to receive this as I wanted to try it out. I was excited to try it out after watching a video on how easy it was to delimb high branches. After 5 minutes of sawing, my first branch came down easily. My next branch was about three feet in diameter. I would just move the positions when the chain got stuck. The chain was stuck again after the branch fell. I moved to a new position and gave it a few tugs on the cord. The chain snapped back at me when it broke in half. I wore eye protection, but not a helmet or face guard. I can't recommend this product because of the weak steel. I'm not a big muscular guy, so it wasn't my bulging biceps that broke the steel.

👤On my last camping trip, the saw in the survival pack was able to cut high tree limbs with ease. The saw is made of steel. The survival pack has good quality material.

👤The rope saw chain is on one side. There are a lot of tree branches on the roof of my house. Throw it over the branch and use the rope saw to cut it. There is enough rope to get up high.

6. Alomejor Emergency Outdoors Survival Bushcraft

Alomejor Emergency Outdoors Survival Bushcraft

If you need to cut wood, rubber, plastic, deer antlers, or even meat, complete your home tool kit, as these saws can cut through almost anything you need. Good strength. The portable survival chainsaw has good strength and elasticity because it is made of high quality material. With a chain saw and two ring handles, it is easy to cut an object by holding the two handles and pulling the saw forth and back. It can be used for sawing wood in both directions. The folding chain saw has long service life and is easy to carry. There is a wide application. It's ideal for hiking, camping emergencies, or simple yard work whenever you need to cut down a branch. Flexibility and light weight. The emergency wire saw is made of quality STAINLESS steel and is durable. It is easy to carry. Flexibility and light weight. The emergency wire saw is made of quality STAINLESS steel and is durable. It is easy to carry.

Brand: Alomejor

👤I ordered two and they both measured 23". It was advertised at 34.5.

👤I bought a saw to trim my pig's tusks, but the wire was too weak and snapped through the first tusk. My husband had to hold on to one end without a handle to get the job done.

👤The plastic loops on the ends are small enough for your pinkies. Not handles. Can't use it safely.

👤When cutting small branches on a tree, it can get stuck.

👤It says more than 80 cm. Around 50 cm. It's a garbage to me now. Before placing your order, check the comments.

7. Homyall Chainsaw Serrated Chainsaw 16 Blades Best

Homyall Chainsaw Serrated Chainsaw 16 Blades Best

Package content 1 The Compact Circular Saw has a 30T Saw blade, 36T Saw blade, Diamond blade, and scale ruler. Cells for Laser Guide and User Manual. 3x more tetanus 3 times jump in cutting Best pocket chainsaw has a razor sharp cutting blade on every single link, it will cut through wood with ease, it will reduce the amount of time and effort that you need in cutting down a branch. portable survival chateau is made of heat-treated steel and has self-cleaning cutting teeth that can tear through wood while cutting on both strokes. The chain has Bi-Directional teeth that devour wood with every pull. It's small enough to fit in your pocket yet it cuts through wood faster than traditional saws. There are over 30 flexible nonbinding blades. Their 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Brand: Homyall

👤I was skeptical of the "Pocket Chainsaws" at first, but I was sure they would work. I wanted something small that I could carry with me when I ride my Mountain Bike. I know Silky folding saws work great but they are expensive and this was a good chance to take. I'm glad I did because it works well. It's small and comes with a pouch that I can keep in my pack without sacrificing my riding. My local trails have a rule that no one is allowed to use power tools, even trail crews, and that includes battery operated saws. We have to use something that is powered by humans. It worked great when I tested it on some smaller trees. It takes some getting used to and you have to figure out the technique as it can get hung up and stuck a lot. It happens more on the small branches. I was able to cut a 6 inch wide tree and it was fine up to 8' wide. You can't cut much bigger than the chain. Since I haven't had it long, I can't comment on the durability. You will have to sharpen it eventually. The straps are attatched well and should hold up for a long time. The pouch it comes with holds it well. It's a nice tool and works. It's a great buy for the price for anyone who wants to clear trees off trails. That needs a very cheap item. I am happy with my purchase and would recommend it to others.

👤I bought this for a single job. I had to trim a maple limb that was about 20' up. The saw looked like it could do the job. I was able to get the saw chain rope rigged and oriented on the first try. The cutting angle was decreased so that the binding was minimized. It took a long time of walking back and forth and tugging on the rope line to make the cut. The blades began to jam in the kerf as the saw passed the center of the limb. I pulled the end of the limb. Success! The limb came down on me. It's a good thing. There were no injuries. It's a reminder to be careful. This saw cuts well and seems strong. I think it's a great value for the money and it's a lot easier to carry than a saw.

👤Don't buy this if you don't understand basic physics or have the ability to throw a ball. If you understand how a saw works, how forces work, and how to throw a ball, you might be able to do it. The hardest part of using this is throwing the carry sack over the offending branch. I used nylon rope as pull ropes. I've cut through six branches that were more than 15 feet high, but too far for a poll saw. I marked the sides of the nylon pulls so I could get the cutting side on the branch. I was surprised how quickly I cut through the branches, the teeth are sharp and cut both ways. I only found one of the 6 cuts to be troublesome. If you don't use your brain, you will surely have a half cut branch with your brand new saw stuck 15' up mocking you until the tree falls or you move. If I don't abuse it, the tool will do another 6 branches. I think it's reasonable to assume the nylon straps, chain, and sharpness of the blades to last no more than 20 uses. Hope this helps.

8. Folding Camping Emergency Survival Backpacking

Folding Camping Emergency Survival Backpacking

Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If your multitool products have any quality problems, please get in touch with them and they will solve them for you to be satisfied with your purchase. The intricately designed, convenient, co-molded handle provides a comfortable grip for extended use. It's a great tool to use when outdoors. They need to chop wood. The saw has a thicker chain. The longer chain is made of high carbon heat treated steel. Meet your requirements for different wood sizes with two different models. Meet your requirements for different wood sizes with two different models.

Brand: N/ A

👤The main saw quality is very good. The strap handles are much better than the standard ring pulls you see on most of these that it cuts on both strokes... have not tried the tiny saw yet.

👤Excellent pocket saw for preppiers.

👤It's convenient to put this in a backpack when you need it. It's a good item to have if you're camping or stranded.

👤There was only one person who saw the 26in and the 23in weren't there.

👤It takes a bit of skill to cut wood with these, but the thin one works well for anything less than an inch and the big one works on anything of marginal size as long as it's sturdy enough to be held still.

9. Drchoer Stainless Chainsaw Survival Emergency

Drchoer Stainless Chainsaw Survival Emergency

Be prepared, because high visibility orange color allows for signaling for help or easy location when lost. The package has 3 or 4 PCS.3 colors to choose from. Steel wire and plastic are easy to carry. The total length is 21inch steel wire. It can be used for cutting wood,plastic,bone,rubber and soft metal. If their product doesn't meet your expectations, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's perfect in your backpack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. If their product doesn't meet your expectations, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's perfect in your backpack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Drchoer

👤I bought these Drchoer 3X Wire Saws for a different use, and I'll start by saying that. I'm using closed cell spray foam insulation to insulate the exterior walls of my cabin. I had to come up with a different way to trim the foam because my closed cell foam trimmer is too large. The light came on after I came upon the mini cable saws. I used wire saws that were tensioned between two steel rods to make several different sized jigs. I was able to trim in tight places because of them. The project is finished after my problem was solved. The wire saws come with blue handles, as shown in the seller's images. They were removed to make foam saws.

👤I was trying to solve an interesting dilemma when I bought these. I needed to remove some lumber from the walls of my RV. I didn't want to take the skin off the RV. The inside wall had to be removed to fix the damage. I can't use assault without damaging the aluminum outside. I was able to cut the boards out of place because I was able to slip the small product behind the wood. They're very sharp and can cut through wood quickly. I will use them for other uses. I will use my RV or cutting wood whenever I need it. It's important to keep one in your vehicle if it's allowed in your area, as they are great on any kind of hiking trips. This is something you could use in an emergency. Help build a small fire.

👤If you enjoy feeling cheated, stupid, and saying nasty words in front of your neighbors, you will love this POS. I bought a tree limb that is stuck in a tree in my front yard. I think I'll leave it there.

👤The product is weak and useless. I broke the first one when I pulled through the branch. The second one lasted the same despite my being more careful. I used the third to cut through a tiny branch. This saw is not worth much.

👤I had to cut out a couple of dead trunks in the middle of a big crape myrtle cluster because I couldn't fit my bow saw. As I got into the trunk, I realized that my right arm was stronger than my left arm, and that I couldn't pull the saw through one way or the other. I tried reversing the saw, but it didn't work, so it was my arm strength that mattered. The plastic in the handles was very frightening to me. The plastic is a hard type. I was afraid that I would hurt my fingers if I jerked it with my whole body and I didn't have confidence that it wouldn't break.

👤It comes coiled up, saves space, and never becomes uncoiled. It is very easy to start a cut to saw of a limb, but a few pulls back and forth can cause the saw to become stuck. I had to pull it out of the cut multiple times. If the limb is not high up in the tree, it's not doable. Very disappointing.

10. NOVSIX Survival Stainless Outdoor Emergency

NOVSIX Survival Stainless Outdoor Emergency

Comes in a bag that is strong. The rope is made of superior 4 strands of wire. It's safe for hand and cloth with two rings and a rotating band at the end. The total length is 75 cm and the wire length is 59 cm. 25g is the net weight. It can be used for cutting wood, plastic, bone, rubber, and soft metal. Light weight, flexible, easy to carry. It's perfect in your backpack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Skemix

👤I needed this to make sure I didn't cut through a 3 inch chase pipe while I was cutting it. I got it very quickly and was a little skeptical as it didn't seem like it was coarse enough to cut through HD plastic, but I started on it. It was cutting well, except into my fingers. It became painful after a while because the end end rings are square cut rather than rounded. Heavy leather gloves that didn't fit into the rings make it work, and really, it cut quite well, but it needs rounded end rings not square cut ones. It's a big deal after a while. It did cut well for the price. If that's what you need, that's a no-brainer.

👤It worked well. It was a 2 pack. I have a spoiled pig that had a tusk that was poking him when he turned his head. The first was 85% through. It was in the center of the chain. I thought it was getting too much of a V shape while using it, and it broke. The other person finished the job. They did a great job for this task. It was like any other belly rub. Next time, I will buy another pack.

👤You don't know how nice these are until you need them. Cuts through bone with ease.

👤It seems to be good quality wire saws. I have only tested one of them on a 4in locust tree, and it was a wire saw, so I can't speak to their longevity.

👤It's best used for a survival kit. I own two of the vehicles. It is better to have a second one in a survival situation. If you want to do trapping, it's good to read up on trapping techniques.

👤Great product. These are great for a lot of things. I keep one in my tool box, one in my big out bag, and one with camping gear. Light weight, easy to use, and can saw through anything quickly.

👤The chain's claps are made of aluminum. On the first attempt, the chain ripped free from the clamp. Attempted to finish by hand only cut into my hand.

👤I had to cut the branch with a knife because both of my branches broke apart. You get what you pay for. They cut through a thumb branch that might be good for bone. I wouldn't rely on these.

11. Chainsaw Paracord Emergency Survival 11teeth

Chainsaw Paracord Emergency Survival 11teeth

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality apparel that ensures you are prepared to tackle any obstacle, under any condition. You can view their complete line of products from their storefront. The portable chain saw is about 26 inches long and can cut wood in a variety of ways. The chain saw can cut through wood in a second. Industrial grade quality will give you cutting efficiency. The chain is made from heat-treated steel and is tough and resistant to rust. There are nylon paracord handles and self-cleaning cutting teeth. It won't hurt your hands or cause blisters. Give yourself a better feeling to grab. The 170 gram pocket chain saw can be folded into a storage bag. Attach it to your belt or take it with you. Prepared for the need of emergency situations outdoors. If you are a hiker, outdoors enthusiast, survivalist, hunter, or anyone who needs to live in isolated or deserted locations, this is the perfect place to live. It is a very useful and perfect survival tool. This pocket saw is perfect for cutting down wood whenever and wherever you need it. Saving your time and effort is a priority. This pocket saw is perfect for cutting down wood whenever and wherever you need it. Saving your time and effort is a priority.

Brand: Sucrain


What is the best product for survival saw wire?

Survival saw wire products from Acecamp. In this article about survival saw wire you can see why people choose the product. Nothers and Sportsman Industries are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival saw wire.

What are the best brands for survival saw wire?

Acecamp, Nothers and Sportsman Industries are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival saw wire. Find the detail in this article. Nonazippy, Nordinsai and Alomejor are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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