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1. Silky Professional Curved Folding 446 24

Silky Professional Curved Folding 446 24

Product applications include camping, hiking, trail maintenance, hunting, and general pruning. The folding saw works like the fixed-blade cousins. The Silky Ultra Accel has a sturdy yet lightweight aluminum frame and an easy-grip rubberized handle. Silky's legendary cutting ability and engineered smoothness are included as you would expect. Large teeth, 6.4 teeth per inch configuration are used. The blade is curved for maximum speed. The blade is curved for maximum speed.

Brand: Silky

👤This one is very light and strong, and it is worth the extra money. The Silky blade works well on soft wood, it's much easier to start with, and it will almost keep up with my Boreal 21 bow saw. It's now locks closed, which is perfect for keeping in a pack where it might otherwise get caught open, or setting it down around small kids. If you mark the blade with a pencil or Sharpie just ahead of the pin in the closed position, it will lock perfectly. They should grind it out at the factory or make it foolproof.

👤The Silky New Professional Ultra Curved Blade Saw is new to me. I used it for three hours today. I cut through green wood. I cut down trees, cut up firewood, and cut through poison ivy. I cut over my head, below my knees. The saw was very sharp. It feels very comfortable. I am a woman with small hands. I had no blisters or wear on my hands. I had a black hand from the handle of the saw. The handle is comfortable. I used a Fiskars for the job, but the Friskars handle was not as comfortable as it could have been. The Silky did not cut as well as the Fiskars did. The Silky saw blade is very comfortable in my hand, and I don't think about blade breakage as much as I would with the Fiskars. I might have to buy more if anyone else wants to use the Silky saw.

👤The fiskars that I replaced rusted after a couple years. The reviews for silky were great so I decided to upgrade. The blade is much thinner than the fiskars and it cuts like a champ. Is it really a better saw when the blade is fragile? I only used it for cutting up limbs while backpacking. The first time the blade was binded up on a tree branch it bent. The blade snapped after a few more occurrences. I have never had an issue with my previous fiskars. The rest of the unit is well built. I would like to get a heavier duty blade but I have to shell out $36 for a replacement after a few uses. Is it better to use the money to buy a new saw? I can get a new fiskars for less than a replacement blade, which lasted me 3 camping trips. It leaves you sawless in a moment.

👤If that helps, I have large gloves that fit very snug on my hands. The rubber grip on the saw is very comfortable. I might be able to open the blade with a flick of my wrist, but that's not the case, at least not on this brand new one. If I hold down the button, the blade won't budge unless I open it with my other hand. I think it's possible to loosen the action a bit by backing off the screw at the pivot point, but I haven't messed with it yet. I would prefer that it doesn't open quickly. The blade is chrome plated so that it won't rust, and I was relieved to learn that my fingerprints showed up on it. The effort required to open the blade, the pressure required to depress the button, it's all perfect. I haven't had the chance to use it yet, but there are lots of videos on the internet where people compare it to other saws. This one is a winner.

2. Silky Saws 717 24 Professional Folding

Silky Saws 717 24 Professional Folding

Japanese cutting technology. The saw blade has a high-quality and smooth-cutting design. The blade's teeth can last up to three times longer than non-hardened blade teeth, thanks to impulse-hardening technology. Silky's #1 selling GomBoy folding saw is the GomBoy Curve Professional. The new and improved version has a curved blade. The blade has hardened teeth. The carrying case is made of plastic. Pruning, camping, hiking, and hunting are all applications. Pruning, camping, hiking, and hunting are all applications.

Brand: Silky

👤Fantastic tool. As long as you remember to be careful, it goes through wood like butter. It went through a fallen pine with a blade that was not binding. This is the first pull saw I have used in Japan. If you're not trying to break speed records and keep an easy rhythm, you'll be fine, even if you read lots of reviews that say they're junk because the thin blade will bend and break easily. The two best pieces of advice I can give are printed on the packaging and wear gloves.

👤Quality control is lacking. I own 6 similar saws. I decided to upgrade to the Gomboy 240 after listening to the reviews. I used this saw with two others to compare a cut. I used the Gomboy after cutting with cheaper saws. The first cut was very good. The blade snapped from the second cut. The blade was dry and solid. I was an auto engineer and when I looked at the break it was very brittle. The spine of the saw should have been softer because of the heat treatment. The blade was not good. The saw body was comfortable. I have never had a saw blade break in the cheaper saws. I will be asking for a new blade.

👤I have been carrying a folding saw in my pack for more than two decades. The folding saw has seen less use since I began carrying a forest axe several years ago. Two weeks ago, I was clearing a trail with an axe and saw, and the Sandvik seemed to be getting tired. The teeth are still sharp, but the anti stick coating is peeling and it is a lot of work to cut two or three inch limbs. The Silky Gomboy was too awkward to swing the axe. I put it to the test on some maple limbs. I heard the saws were cut and I was not disappointed. The limbs had come down. The pull action is the same as the Sandvik saw. The saw is lightweight and will not be noticed in my pack. I like the case as well. Highly recommended.

👤After a few uses, the blade broke. I am aware that it is a PULL blade, but sometimes when you are cutting a limb, especially the larger ones, your arm can get tired and you can accidentally bite into the wood. This $54 was rendered useless because one third of the blades length broke off.

👤Wow! This is my first Silky. I've bought other cheap saws and thought they were fine. I used this. There is no comparison. I use this as a bush saw when camping and hunting. I decided to get it because of the reviews I saw. I decided to check it out after getting it a few days ago. I had to cut around the house to clean it up. The saw cut through the trees. I was surprised how quickly it cut through the wood. I'm happy I spent the money for a quality product, and I'm sold on this product.

3. Silky Professional GOMBOY Folding 717 21

Silky Professional GOMBOY Folding 717 21

Pruning, camping, hiking, and hunting are all applications. Silky's #1 selling GomBoy folding saw is the GomBoy Curve Professional. The new and improved version has a curved blade. There is a curved blade with hardened teeth. The carrying case is made of plastic. Pruning, camping, hiking, and hunting are all applications. Pruning, camping, hiking, and hunting are all applications.

Brand: Silky

👤It will give you good service if you buy his saw. This is a Japanese style saw and it cuts on the pull stroke. After a lot of cutting, I waited to do my review. The cost of the saw is the reason I only give four stars. I know how to use different saws because I've been using them my whole life. The Silky saw works well, but it is not as good as my Bahco saw which costs less. It will give you good service if you spend the extra money on this saw.

👤I was going to buy a collapsible bow saw. The Gomboy was lighter. It weighed.53 pounds without the case. The blade has a locking handle. It cuts on the pull, which is initially counter intuitive, but when you get the hang of it is cuts like some sort of wizardry!

👤I compared it to my old Walmart saw after I got it. I was using the old saw to sweat. It took me a quarter of the time to see through the Silky. It didn't bite or bind on the wood like the Walmart one. I was confused. That's it? That's all it took? It was quick. Awesome tool. The cheap plastic case will help keep the blade from getting into my pack, pouch, or pockets. I will probably update this review if I have any major problems with it.

👤It's expensive, but quality is not cheap. This saw is going to surprise you. I had the Big Boy on a recent trip to get some lumber for a project, and he was doing volunteer hiking trail work. I decided to cut the board in half so I could drive home. It took 9 strokes to cut through the 2X4. I used this saw to do my project cuts.

👤The Bahco Laplander backpacking saw is very light and good for backpacking. The Silky line of folding saws can buzz through wood faster, easier, and longer than any other folding saw on the market. These professional grade saws are built like a battle tank and will last for years of heavy use, saving you thousands of calories. All the way up to the grand master BigBoy, I have every size. I always go into the forest with one.

👤I live on 98 acres of land. I walk with our dog a mile up and down a hill through the trees and meadow. The trees fall. There are branches and limbs that fall. Our path can be completely or partially blocked. I can carry the saw in a pants pocket. The saw is easy to use. I might buy more of this model saw for carrying our cars. Most buyers of this saw will be happy with it.

👤The price and the sheaths... Silky saws used to be in a league of their own and built a reputation for quality and "cutting edge" design. That was nice. Silky sacrificed the quality of materials and design for the sake of profit and this Gomboy is no exception. The blade steel is cheaper than any Silky I've ever owned. The blade "capture" curve that holds the blade in the enclosed position doesn't work and it relies solely on the tightness of the screw to keep it closed. The plastic case is a joke. It's made of plastic that won't hold up to bumps or drops. They can either give you a really good case or not. Silky has fallen in the quality department. Time will tell how the teeth will hold up to use. I'm disappointed. If they want to compete with fiskars or gerber in quality, they need to compete with their prices as well. I'll be looking for a different saw.

4. Professional BIGBOY Folding Landscaping 356 36

Professional BIGBOY Folding Landscaping 356 36

Sport type is camping and hiking. There is a foldable hand. This professional handsaw has high-quality design and superior performance. The blade can be folded down and the double-fist rubber handle is easy to grip. You can easily store the handsaw in your pocket, glove compartment, or storage case. You can use this blade for a number of jobs, including trimming, branch cutting, and maintaining your lawn or garden. This blade is the perfect addition to your tool collection, no matter how hard or delicate the work is. You can use this handsaw for effective sawing today. Light weight dumbbell The blade attachment was designed to be light enough to cut through harder objects without the teeth getting stuck. With this high-quality blade, you can complete difficult jobs more effectively than with an average saw blade. Heavy-DUTY CONSTRUCTION. The saw blade is made from high-quality steel that is 1.4mm thick. The blade's teeth were hardened to improve its cutting capabilities. The blade is 362mm in length, with 6 teeth per inch. Japanese cutting technology. The saw blade has a high-quality and smooth-cutting design. The blade's teeth can last up to three times longer than non-hardened blade teeth, thanks to the use of impulse-hardening technology. Japanese cutting technology. The saw blade has a high-quality and smooth-cutting design. The blade's teeth can last up to three times longer than non-hardened blade teeth, thanks to the use of impulse-hardening technology.

Brand: Silky

👤I assumed the statements were hype and hyperbole. They are sort of. This thing is amazing. It is much faster than any other saw I have used. I think the comments on the blade bending come from people who understand how a Japanese saw works. They all cut on the pull stroke and don't cut on the push stroke at all. There should be no downward pressure applied when you push the saw forward. When pushing the saw forward, I apply a slight lifting pressure. The pull stroke is the only place where down pressure should be applied. If you do it this way, you will find it easy to cut. The blade can be binding by the pressure of the limb. This can be stopped in two different ways. All of the ways to make an undercut first! * Unless the branch or log is an inch or so around, make and undercut first. This is very easy to do with the saw. It cuts up as well as it cuts down. I have made undercuts that were over half way through the limb and then cut it down with a down cut. The cut top and bottom should be marked. The cut will go faster if the limb rotates. A cutting wedge can help a lot. I have cut 6” limbs with this saw and am a volunteer for the Park Service. I can't say enough good things about it. I ordered a Katana Boy because I love it so much.

👤Light and sharp folding saw. The blade is thin, something that others have an issue with. The saw won't have any problems if you follow the instructions and pay attention to the fact that the saw cuts on the pull. I can't see how it would break if you twisted it to one side or bent it. You know what it takes to keep a saw from binding if you've processed wood before. I bought this particular size Silky to take backpacking and it's been great to use. I wanted to cut larger limbs and small tress with 12 " diameter trunks, so I chose this over the Bacho Laplander. I found this saw to be easy to use. There is a The Silky sheath will allow you to free up your hands for carrying wood, so if you're a backpacker, definitely purchase it. If you're going to strap it to the outside of your pack, you'll need to modify it.

👤I've used this for a year and a half and am writing this review. I spent a lot of time researching the differences between the silky models. My main interest was cutting firewood for camping. I carefully consider the weight to utility ratio of everything I carry. A one pound saw would process wood faster and with less effort than an axe. A baton can be used to split wood. It's cutting speed and precision is incredible for something that weighs so little and is powered by a motor. I've used it to cut up a large limb that fell in my yard. I bought a Gomboy with medium teeth to see how it would affect cutting speed. It seems to cut the speed of this model by half. If you have a specific task, I recommend getting the largest size teeth per model.

5. Corona RazorTOOTH Folding RS 7265D

Corona RazorTOOTH Folding RS 7265D

It's important to them that you buy with confidence. They can make sure you have your money back. The 10" blade is ideal for cutting small to medium branches. The intricately designed, convenient, co-molded handle provides a comfortable grip for extended use. The folding blade is easy to maintain and prevents injury when not in use. It's IMPULSE to have a long service life. The tool season is extended after each season. It is possible to cut up to 6 teth per inch with chisels. The cuts are quicker than a traditional saw.

Brand: Corona

👤There was a lot of saw in the package. I cut 4 25' trees into firewood in about 2 hours. The base probably has a diameter of about 6 inches. We had a big campfire. 2 of the guys I was with decided to buy a saw of their own. The chrome blade doesn't get stuck when cutting wood that isn't completely dry. I used this for 8 days of camping. The blade has dulled. It is still cutting, but it is a lot slower than before. A lot. It would take about 12-16 days out for a normal camper to get a large fire when they are camping, because we like to have a large fire to stay warm. I am amazed at how soft the metal is. I'm thinking about buying another blade, but I know it's going to dull again. This should be expected for the price. My rating was lowered from 5 to 3 stars because of the blade's softness.

👤Every year I have to cut trees on my property that are growing on steep slopes because I am a female in my 70's. I have no problems using this saw to cut down trees. It folds since the slopes are slippery. When I'm cutting, I sit on the slope. The trees fall down the slope below me because I don't have to bend. I have cut several that were 4 or 5 inches in diameter. I estimate I've cut 60 or 70 trees since I've had the saw. The saw cuts them very quickly. You have to remember that it cuts on the pull. My saw is 3 years old and still sharp. I highly recommend.

👤It is as sharp as a bowsaw. Control will leave a cut that looks like it has been sanded flat. It's safer to carry. It will reach where a bowsaw doesn't. It will cut the job with a flush with the trunk. I use it and loppers for the first stage of disposal of a limb or tree. I like to bring in the chainsaw after I take care of the cuts of less than 2 inches. I kept it in an open shed. I noticed rust spots after 18 months. I keep a paint brush and a bottle of motor oil in my car. I thought the blade was made of steel, but I oil it to keep it from sticking. Maybe the light oil wasn't enough. The saw works well, so I found the problem in time. blades that can rust look like blades that can't I wish he had warned me.

👤The knife looks solid. The 10 inch was ordered by me. It is like a foot when folded. The only down size that I have seen so far is the fact that the teeth are still exposed when the knife is folded, but not a deal brake for me. Time will tell, so I should give 4 stars. It looks great so far. If something goes wrong, I will update my review. It's a good thing.

6. Silky Saws PocketBoy Professional Folding

Silky Saws PocketBoy Professional Folding

Silky Saws have a limited lifetime warranty. The pull-cut technology combined with the curved blade results in the fastest cutting speed available. The blade length is 7 teeth per inch and is used to reduce resistance. The teeth of the blade stay sharp for three times longer than non-hardened teeth. Each PocketBoy has a hard plastic belt case. Product applications include camping, hiking, trail maintenance, hunting, and general pruning. Product applications include camping, hiking, trail maintenance, hunting, and general pruning.

Brand: Silky

👤I was concerned that the 130mm blade would be too short to process wood in larger dimensions, but this cutter put all my concerns to rest. I processed 4 to 5 inch diameter green and dry hardwood with little effort. I let the blade do the work and it did a great job. The cut ends were furniture grad smooth and accurate, not that I require that, but it does increase the possibility of the saw for finished ends. The curve makes a difference. I used to go on long hikes with this to process wood for my stove. It is very packable without a big weight penalty.

👤This is what I call "Never Hike without it seen". The saw went fast and impressed all the fellow backpackers.

👤When scissor-type trimmers were not effective or couldn't be used due to limbs in the way of long handles, I bought this to carry in the back pocket. They are easy to use off a ladder as they only have one hand. They seem very well made and have survived many hours of use with no apparent weakness in the rotating pivot or dulling of the blade teeth. A handy bush and tree trimming tool.

👤The saw is great, but the price is the only thing I don't like about it. I've been on backpacking trips. The weight is very heavy. I can process firewood in a matter of minutes. The size is perfect, roughly the length of a water bottle. These are the same things as cheaper products. My backpacking partner has a random off-brand saw which is a bit cheaper and larger than I like, but it functions the same.

👤This little saw is very sharp. I want the larger saw for camp. The little one is in my pack.

👤Silky folding handsaws are something that everyone has already said. I prefer the Gomboy, but if you're going out for a long time, then the pocketboy is a better choice. It does everything bigger brothers can do. I had no problem sawing 10 inch limbs.

👤This thing will power through limbs, just as well as a chain saw, with a lot less weight to carry. I wouldn't use it for cutting firewood, but for limbing and trimming it's my go to saw.

👤The pocket saw is mighty. The thing is strong and well made. The cuts are like butter. Highly recommended for pack camping or just around the house. I was surprised at how easy it is to cut.

👤Silky had an excellent folding saw. I've never bought a Silky product before. The 'Crazy Russian Hacker' videos are very entertaining. I'm not disappointed that he recommended this. A nice hard plastic transparent case is used. The blade is very sharp and can cut through a two inch branch in about 5 seconds. I cut my finger while wiping the side, so be careful! The teeth stick out of the side. A comfortable hard plastic grip with a strong feel to the saw. The blade is strong and sturdy. I'm happy that I bought this. You can keep this in your gardening toolkit. The yellow one has the biggest teeth. I'm looking for a medium or small size as it will be more suitable for other jobs, where a neat cut is required. It would be great to put this in your survival pack as the case makes it safe to carry. Considering how powerful it is, it's very small. It was a fantastic little saw.

7. Silky Saws 710 65 Off Road Folding

Silky Saws 710 65 Off Road Folding

The safety lock on the wood hand saw can be controlled by folding the blade. The tool kit will not cause accidental damage to their hand. Silky's answer to the "man-powered chain saw" is a two-handed folding saw. Premium Proprietary Japanese steel results in an ideal blend of tooth hardness and blade flexibility. The blade has four teeth per inch. The folding saw is the ideal tool for trail building, ATVing and all your outdoor needs. The nylon shoulder bag is Sturdy. The nylon shoulder bag is Sturdy.

Brand: Silky

👤If you thought of yourself as the best knife in the drawer, this would be your clone. The tool was out of the case. The lock is strong. The saw is light. If you saw something above your shoulders for more than a few minutes, your arms will wear out. It cuts through wood. I sent a message to the company's customer service mailbox with questions about the saw, but they don't seem to answer all of the messages they receive. Some firms do not offer customer service. I hope I don't have to contact them in the future. When you open the blade, it will swing very quickly and slice your fingers, so be careful. The blade should be unlocked with it pointing down. If you make the mistake of not doing that, you will either have a heart attack or be forced to change your nickname to "six fingers" and seek medical help. The saw is expensive but it is worth it. It can cut anything a chainsaw can do. I couldn't find any other company with the same product so I couldn't lower the price. When gas is not a commodity, you will want this product in your toolkit. Don't wait for a better deal and also be aware of the warning about the blade collapsing.

👤After using the shorter version of the katanaboy for a couple of years, I decided to try the longer version. I use it for firewood cutting and forest trail maintenance. It is a joy to handle and I saw it without reservation. The handle is very strong and the blade is sharp. I have cut logs that are up to 8” in diameter. If you are like me and enjoy cutting wood while still being able to hear the birds and water flowing, then you should check out this saw.

👤I bought a saw to pull oak stumps. It is very sharp and can be sliced through the tree roots very easily. I dig around the roots as much as I can, then use a saw to cut the roots. I attach a tow strap to the stump and pull it out of the ground with my pick-up truck. It trims branches off felled trees. I watched a video on sharpening saws for instructions. It can be done. I'll use a diamond hone tosharpen it. The saw has a nylon case. It's well recommended.

👤Everyone that has used them loves them. The 650 is almost as light as a smaller saw, yet can cut through large blowdown with ease. It is so light that I can clear most obstructions without having to return. If I were to use a smaller saw or crosscut, I would have to be closer to the work. It's worth the money.

👤This is a great saw. We had a big storm and we took down a big tree branch with a chainsaw.

👤I saw a few different reviews before buying. I made the right choice. I've cut down about 7 trees. It's as thick as a soccer ball. There was no overstatement. I hope it stays that way for a long time. I had it for about 4 months. Each tree took me about 10 minutes. This thing is very large.

8. SILKY Folding Landscaping GOMBOY 294 24

SILKY Folding Landscaping GOMBOY 294 24

The PocketBoy is small, lightweight and takes up little room in your bag, backpack, glove box or pocket. The blade length is 9 inches. 6 teeth per inch and 30 teeth per millimeter. The operating weight was 0.6 pounds and the weight with the carrying case was 0.8 pounds. There is a clear plastic carrying case. Pruning, trimming, lawn and garden are some of the product applications.

Brand: Silky

👤I had to call in sick to try this out because I just received mine. I have been bushcrafting for a long time. If it works, don't change it. I decided to give the Gomboy a chance after my corona saw gave out. God... The blade is moving fast. I mean literally. I've heard that these saws will eat through wood, but to actually use one is life changing. The forest Creatures were cheering me on as I processed through wood like a lumberjack. A bird soared high above the clouds. It was time to call out in approval. I knew that. I would be unstoppable. Can you build a shelter quickly with the storm approaching? Yes, I did. How many would you like? The saw was amazing. I felt like a man when I saw my wife look like a man. I am encouraged to go into the woods more. Forget those chores. You have a soft skin. Go make us proud. Thank you, Silky. Thank you.

👤The blade bends too easily and snaps, which is a major flaw. I've used a cheap Coleman folding saw for years, but it's made from poor quality steel, and it didn't break. It bent and stayed bent. I had to bend it back. The Silky saw blade got stuck. Then it snapped into two pieces. I only used it for a few days. I bought two of these saws. I'm very careful with the one that isn't broken, but I can see the blade getting stuck and snapping. I will never buy another saw with a blade that is easy to break. If the saw breaks so easily, what good is it? I can only give this one star. I just bought a folding saw with a higher blade than the Silky. I don't know what to call it, it's not thicker, it's higher. Is it taller? It doesn't bend as easily as the Silky, and costs half as much. I've heard good things about Silky. Beware.

👤I read a lot of reviews and watched a lot of You Tubes, so I decided to give this Gomboy 240 a try. I used one for the first time and it tasted like butter. I am an older woman who is weak and needs to cut some wood for my stove, so I thought this would be fun to try. I am amazed at how easy they are. I've learned that they are more in money, but I will probably remain Silky loyal. Will ask for a pole saw for my birthday. Can't wait until spring to attack all the broken branches, and I bet their Hayauchi would work well for those out of reach branches.

👤The best I've tried. I gave my son a Bahco folder, but I can't remember the brand anymore. I put this saw a cut above the rest because I wanted it to be a cut above the rest. It's much easier to start a kerf when the pull stroke is cut. The Laplander can cut on the pull stroke. 2. The teeth are designed to hog out and expel chips like crazy. 3. If you ever have to sharpen this saw, you should cut the wrong stuff, like tool steel, granite, or my ex-wife's cookies. 4. One of the lock settings allows you to keep your knuckles away from the work piece while using the full length of the blade to the handle. The locking detents are very deep. 5. You will appreciate the smooth cut, even if you aren't using it to make furniture. 6. The blade does not move because of the tight friction on the pivot screw. The blade is held in the handle securely without a locking mechanism. 7. The tooth design, absence of wiggle, and pull-stroke cut make the blade more stable than the Laplander. There are 8. The blade is chromed and hardened, making it easier to clean and maintain. There are 9. Replacement blades can be used for coarse, medium and fine cuts. The Silky Gomboy comes with a plastic storage case, but I think it's unnecessary. The Silky Gomboy 240 is longer than the Laplander, but I have the option of sawing larger pieces, both saws can fit in a backpack, rucksack, and even a haversack. There is a tool pocket in a pair of Carharts. The Silky Gomboy has more features and quality than the Laplander. Is it worth the extra money? The Laplander is a good folding saw, and if you use it for occasional bushcrafting or pruning, then you may be satisfied with it. I would have to pay more for the Silky Gomboy.

9. Silky Professional KatanaBoy Folding 403 50

Silky Professional KatanaBoy Folding 403 50

Quality is a budget priority. The tool is the same as advertised. It is durable, high quality and efficient at a relatively low price. It is resistant to rust and is made of high end heat treated steel. The device is packed with the benefits of expensive brands, but it is a much more cost efficient solution. The largest folding saw is on the market. It is possible for two-handed operation. The blade has a cutting capacity of 10. It's great for use on off-road adventures on snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, or horseback. Comes with a carrying case. Silky Saws have a limited lifetime warranty. Silky Saws have a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Silky Saws

👤I own a business that does wilderness trail construction and maintenance, and it's become a very useful niche item for maintenance. We carry a few cutting tools when we do maintenance. A bowsaw, a pulaski, and a crosscut saw are similar to this. Blowdown sizes that are too big for the gyokucho and bowsaw, but small enough the crosscut turns into a pain in the ass, are a routine before we got this. It's fantastic if you understand what it's used for. It's pretty self explanatory. It's expensive. A pull saw costs roughly 40 dollars. One of the katana boy blades lasts half the time. I don't like the folding action design since you're closing the blade on your fingers. The safeties are awkward and I think a better handle design would fix a lot of the issues. If you're doing trail clearing or cutting wood over 6 in diameter, it's not awkward to use the larger pull saw. It's a great purchase. The blade is very strong.

👤This saw cuts through faster than you would expect. Every review about sharpness is true. I was cutting down a patch of buckthorn and didn't pay attention to where my right hand was and the blade flew through before I could react and expose more of my internal workings than I ever want to see again. There was a bloody mess. I kept working with one hand because I tied the digital up tight. I fell a total of about twenty buckthorn trees in a half hour. The saw is lethal and silent. Very happy, a little scared, but happy.

👤This thing is very light for it's size, but it's beautiful, and you are scared that you will cut your hand off at any moment, because the saw is so sharp and huge. It's wonderful. You have the confidence that you can quickly get your job done and become a lumberjack. You can grow your beard by touching it. This is a must if you go camping a lot and always have the fire wood collector. It's designed for cutting logs and kindling branches.

👤I decided on 500 because of the cost and weight. It was too good to pass up. I had a chance to use this and it was amazing. I can't get over how easy it is. I had a steep hillside and needed to clear some trees. This was the perfect opportunity to try out my chainsaw. I finished in 45 minutes. I was taking out 2 trees in one pull. The pulls were 6 or 8. I never touched the ground with the stihl The hill was very steep and I would ruin it. I purchased this to process wood while camping and bushcrafting, but I keep it in my truck in case I see a tree across the road. That is efficient and effective. I will buy as many as I can and give them as birthday or Christmas gifts if I find it again. I could keep going about it.

10. Bahco 396 LAP Laplander Folding Inch

Bahco 396 LAP Laplander Folding Inch

There is a 30 day no risk guarantee. The product has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Return it for a full refund if it isn't perfect for you. A general purpose folding saw has a blade of 7 teeth per inch and can cut both green and dry wood. 7 TPI of XT toothing. The blade is coated with rust protection. The plastic handle has a leather strap. It's specially designed for hunters, campers, and wildlife enthusiasts. It has a safety lock for both lock-in and lock-out. It has a safety lock for both lock-in and lock-out.

Brand: Bahco

👤It has been a long time since I replaced my backpacking saw. I have used that thing for fire prep on camping trips for the past twenty years, usually for cutting deadwood off of pine and oak trees. I found glowing reviews of both the Pocket Boy and the Laplander when I did my research. I was sure that I wanted one of these saws, but which one? I decided on both. Which one is better? It's hard to say. The Pocket Boy and the Laplander weigh the same. There is no real advantage for backpacking. The Laplander has a blade and handle. Longer reach takes up more space in the pack. There is no real advantage for backpacking. The Laplander feels better in my hands. Longer handle gives more options for grip. The Pocket Boy has a handle that can be held in one way. It is very definite about how to grip. The handle of the Laplander is curved. The Laplander has a small advantage. They both cut up pine, redwood, Douglas fir, and oak well. The Laplander is a very good, fast saw, which is far better than my old camping saw, and better than the fixed-blade Sandvik saw in my workshop. The Silky cuts very dark. The Silky does not bother to go through wood. It does all the work for you, you just drag it through. The Silky is the point. The short version is that both are great camping saws, but it is a matter of personal preference. The Silky and the Laplander will be working with me in the back yard.

👤I went to Homedepot and got a folding handsaw and was like, "if I think this is for me, I'll get a better one". I put it in the box because it sounded good. 3 years later, my wife buys me this thing for Father's day, and I was like, "Woah." When she said " well aren't ya gonna use it?", she was ready to throw it in the box next to the other one. I did what any kid would do with a gift. I pretended to use it. I used it more and wanted to prove that it was junk. It exceeded my expectations. It's on my belt loop.

👤I am very happy with this tool. Most people will recommend a Silky. I haven't used a Silky yet. If you need to process large sticks that are bordering on log thickness, you may want to use a bigger saw. There are a number of things that I find useful in this folding saw. The size is so small. I was surprised at how small it was. I think it is a very capable saw. The size is large. It's easy to pack. I can put it in my back pocket. I wanted a folding saw with a straight blade. I prefer this style of blade for any craft bush project where you need a flat cut. The handle is comfortable. If you loosen the pivot screw slightly, you can deploy the blade with a flick of the wrist. I saw that on the internet. The quality and price of the Laplander make it a great choice for a folding saw.

11. SILKY Folding Landscaping GOMBOY 294 21

SILKY Folding Landscaping GOMBOY 294 21

The blade is curved for maximum speed. The blade length is 8-1/3-inch. 6 teeth per inch and 30 teeth per millimeter. The operating weight is 0.55 pounds and the weight with the carrying case is 0.65 pounds. There is a clear plastic carrying case. Pruning, trimming, lawn and garden are some of the product applications.

Brand: Silky

👤I bought this saw for my bag. It is a backup if I end up outside for multiple nights. My decision was between an axe and a saw. The saw is lighter and more portable. I had my top picks between the Bahco and Silky. The Bahco has a firm blade and cuts on both push and pull strokes, while the Silky only cuts on the pull stroke. So you would think, why not buy the Bahco? Wrong! You have more control over the pull stroke, and this saw has no issues there. The flexible blade may be a blocker for some. If your wood is irregular, or just in a tight spot, the flexible blade will prevent much of the binding compared to a rigid blade. Both of these choices are great. The bug out shelter and camp fire will be ready in a pinch. The Silky comes with a nice weather sealed carry case, the blade lock offers several angle of attack positions, and the back edge can be used as a strikers for fire steel. I used my saw on several branches. It went through like butter. It seems to fit in the hand. Always wear gloves. This is not a toy. I am happy with my decision so far. #Trump 2020.

👤I bought the Silky Gomboy with large teeth because these reviews seem to get used for similar but not always the same purchases. I have used this saw to cut iron wood and maple. You don't need a lot of downward pressure when using the saw because it cuts on the pull and not on the push. The blade will bend if you push it to cut. Pull it and it will do the work. Have been impressed. The length of the blade is perfect. I don't think I'd go much longer or shorter for what I use it for. I bought a $5 leather pliers belt holder, which I soaked in water for 15 seconds, then slid the saw in to dry the leather, and it was shaped right to the saw. I love the hole in the handle and would like to add an orange line to it to increase visibility. You will not regret spending the extra money, but you would like the replacement blades to be cheaper than a new saw.

👤This is one of the best saws on the market. I teach Bushcraft survival and this saw will cut. If not careful, it will cut you. The quality of steel is superior. This is a serious piece of equipment and it is made in Japan. I would bet my life on it. The only thing I would change is the blade. If you get close to the ground as a fallen log, this pivot is useful. I have had the pivot assist in cutting at this angle click in the wrong position. It is not a big deal. I would prefer a positive lock. I'm pretty sure I applied pressure to the blade at the wrong angle to cause it to change angles. The only reason for the one star is that! I own two Gomboy's, one Pocket and one Zubat. Awesome saws! Quality!


What is the best product for survival saw silky?

Survival saw silky products from Silky. In this article about survival saw silky you can see why people choose the product. Corona and Silky Saws are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival saw silky.

What are the best brands for survival saw silky?

Silky, Corona and Silky Saws are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival saw silky. Find the detail in this article.

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