Best Survival Saw Made In Usa

Saw 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Folding Pruning Premium Comfort Camping

Folding Pruning Premium Comfort Camping

The Pocket Chain Saw is a great tool for home garden fixing, hiking, camping, hunting, firewood collecting, tree-cutting or yard work. It's perfect for your Bushcraft needs. The saw tool fits around the log perfectly. The blade of the folding saw is 65Mn Carbon Steel Triple Cut. The curve of the saw helps cut branches more smoothly and efficiently. This lightweight saw can be put in your backpack. The saw can be used as a pruner for a variety of outdoor activities. The tool will be useful in the bush for trail maintenance or constructing shelter. The orange handle makes it easy to find. The saw can fit in your pocket when folded. Simply grab it from the pocket, flip the lock, extend the saw and lock it open. The handle is made of non-slip materials. The size will fit any hand size. Strong pulls cause the razor tooth saw to remain stable. The branch saw is easy to open and close. The lock on the handle keeps it from flopping around when not in use. A great garden tool. The branch saw is easy to open and close. The lock on the handle keeps it from flopping around when not in use. A great garden tool.

Brand: Wisdomlife

👤This little saw is pretty impressive. I took it outside to a Tulip Poplar tree. The limb had died at the end, but it was not dry enough to break off. I was sawing above my head with this little saw, but I got this 2 inch diameter limb off in less than ten minutes, including a few rest breaks as I reached above my head. I was amazed. It was very easy and I will be able to use the fallen limbs in the fireplace. I am very happy with this purchase.

👤It folds up small, but still works well. It's in hand good and sharp.

👤The branches were too thick for the clipper.

👤Pros- bright handle color keeps it from getting lost, locking feature keeps kids from getting into it, and it seems like a strong blade.

👤It cuts easily. I'm an older woman. The grip was too large to hold comfortably. The lock feature is hard to use because of my arthritis. It would have been better to have a clasp to keep it locked.

👤It looks cool, but it won't cost much.

👤I was able to cut the tree limbs.

👤The little handsaw is perfect for branches. It's important that my hands fit my smaller hands.

👤I didn't expect a lot of quality when I ordered this because it was so cheap, but I needed it to help my mate out in the garden. When it arrived, I was surprised. It works well on larger branches because it has sharp pointed teeth. It will hopefully stand the test of time, but early indications are that it won't.

👤Those with dexterity problems have hands that are arthritic. The item seems in perfect order, even though it looked like it had been out of its packing. This is small enough to fit in your pocket. The safety aspect is the reason I have given this three stars. It is locked when folded, which is a plus. I have a hard time undoing the blade to be able to use it without my fingers being cut off. I wear thick gloves because it takes me a few minutes to open it. There are no instructions as to how to open and press the door safely. I use it with a draw action because it has long teeth and is not used as a sawing tool.

👤This is a budget tool. I didn't think the world would be this way. I expected to be able to cut branches with it. The saw extends fully to further decrease comfort and the shape of the handle is not good. I could live with the shape and grip, but not the blade. It looks ferocious but it is useless. I could use a plasticine knife to cut more. The first branch was only 5 centimetres across and it took me almost 5 minutes to get through it. It was not a tough branch. Save your money and don't buy the saw because it doesn't work.

2. SUIZAN Japanese Ryoba Double Edge

SUIZAN Japanese Ryoba Double Edge

It is possible to cut up to 6 teth per inch with chisels. The cuts are quicker than a traditional saw. The product is called a Pull Saw. Push saws, which cut materials via pushing, are what most people are used to. Pull saws are what this product is called and they are the same as Japanese saws. Pull saws are lighter in weight, require less power, and the edge is cleaner than push saws. All SUIZAN Japanese saws are made with top quality japanese steel. It uses high quality Japanese steel to make cuts. Made in Japan. SUIZAN products are manufactured in Japan. The process of making Japanese hand tools has been going on for over 100 years in one of Japan's towns known for their craft making tradition. Improve your woodworking life. If you are a beginner or a master in using saws, it will give you a brand new experience from using traditional Japanese style saws and will allow you to make a wider variety of woodworking products. Improve your woodworking life. If you are a beginner or a master in using saws, it will give you a brand new experience from using traditional Japanese style saws and will allow you to make a wider variety of woodworking products.

Brand: Suizan

👤I have been using this saw for woodwork since May 2020. It has been great. The mother-in-law has been baking with the kids. We didn't have a bread knife and she was appalled. I could fit two loaves of bread together with this thing. The rip blade cut quicker with larger crumbs while the cross cut blade left the bread with a fine texture and tiny crumbs. I might have cut a turkey in half this week. It is back in the workshop.

👤The saw helped me make an adjustment to the window. I made a bad mistake when I installed a window sill that was too wide. The kitchen draw was blocked by the sill. After everything was done, I disovered my mistake. The only way to correct it is to trim it. The challenge was to trim it without changing the look of it. I searched for a power tool that could cut the long staight line in a tight space, but couldn't find one. I was able to find a mention about the saw that could do long staight rips. I decided to try it. This saw is amazing. I learned how to work it. I was able to trim the sill in less than 20 minutes. The cut was about 5 feet long. I was surprised by the quality of the cut. The saw has to stay in line with the material for it to cut effectively. The saw auto cuts at an angle when you pull it because it widens towards the end. The cutting motion can stay up and down and not need to maintain a cutting angle. A lot of comments said to let the saw do the work and not force it. This is an excellent saw for wood working.

👤I bought this as a replacement for my last saw, which my son used as a hammer. When I'm away from my shop, I need saws for when I don't have power, or when my batteries are dead, or both. I used this recently and am very pleased with it. I can cut through a board quicker with it than I can with my 18 watt circular. It is a cleaner cut. You get more square cute than a western saw once you get used to pulling and the feel. My son destroyed one, but this one is even better. I didn't think a saw of this quality would cost that much.

👤This little saw makes it easy to clean up general construction and trim projects where a power saw is not an option. It is a pleasure to crosscut a 2x4 without blowing sawdust. The pull saws I have seen in Japan have a taper at the bottom to make it easier to grip, but the handle is so sharp that it doesn't take a very firm grip to hold on to it. The saw is easy to transport after it broke down.

👤Very disappointed. I had high hopes for this saw, based on previous reviews and pictures. I bought a cheap $16 irwin from my local big box store several years ago. I will be sending this one back instead of replacing it with this. Maybe mine is flawed. I doubt it. The cross cut teeth on this are larger than on the cheaper one. It causes them to pull very frequently. The worst part is the snagging. No matter what type of wood you're cutting, it wants to grab on. Cross cuts or rip cuts. It's much harder to start a cut than it is to start a stroke. It requires a lot of slower action to start. The saw doesn't want to cut as straight as my cheaper saw. It gets really bad chatter because of the teeth wanting to keep gnawing. The cuts are also slOPPY. The finish is reminiscent of a band saw. Not as good as my cheaper one. Iv was always impressed by the clarity of the end grain after cutting it with a Japanese saw. The piece of oak cut with a fork is clear and grace. The rip saw is not good. It's near impossible to keep it cutting straight. Again, for comparison, it comes almost naturally on the cheaper Japanese saws I've used. You might think that it would cut faster than the smaller toothed, more accurate, easier to use, cheaper saws. You would be wrong about that. This one takes on average a little more than the others. Twice as long to cut through different types of wood. I hope that mine is just bad, that the guy that does the finish sharpening was sick or that the guy that aligned the tooth was drunk. I don't know how this saw has a good rating. It was grossly disappointed. Terrible performance.

3. Edward Tools Folding Saw Backpacking

Edward Tools Folding Saw Backpacking

The package includes a 53 inch rope saw, a throwing weight pouch, 2 handles, and a hand strap. The spring snap hook has a round file. The blade is made of #65 manganese steel and is stronger than other folding saws. 7” Triple Razor Tooth blade makes for faster and cleaner cuts. The Multi Use Folding Saw is great for camping, survival, backpacking, trees, gardening, and landscaping. The safety lock blade can't be opened until the saw blade is closed. Edward Tools come with a lifetime warranty. Edward Tools come with a lifetime warranty.

Brand: Edward Tools

👤So far, I'm staying sharp. I have been cutting trees in the yard and branches off other trees. Like it.

👤I was looking for something that I could keep in my pocket that I could use to remove the small plants from my field. The only good thing is that it fits in my pocket. It is dull. Very dull. This isn't a quality pocket saw. Look somewhere else.

👤I wanted to cut larger branches on the mock orange tree. My lack of strength made the branches too thick for Pruning shears and loppers. I tried to use the saw, but it didn't work. It barely reached the center of the branch after sawing for a long time. Not good. I used my lopper to call a neighbor who had a saw. I will be returning the product.

👤I used this to cut down on the branches of the shrubs. I bought a lopper which was much more effective and easy to use than the saw.

👤It hurts the trees.

👤This is an item that you will want in your pack for clearing lanes around camp. Will split the H bone on an animal in a short time.

👤Material metlico de la hoja is flexible.

👤I loved the last one. Medium sized wood can be cleared over logging roads.

4. Survival Outdoor Emergency Stainless Backpacking

Survival Outdoor Emergency Stainless Backpacking

Edward Tools come with a lifetime warranty. The package includes 3 pieces. It is portable and easy to carry. Steel wire + plastic, 4 strands of wire rope twining keep strong strength. The total length is 73 cm/28.7in, and the wire length is 58 cm/22.9in. Multifuction is a perfect survival tool. It could be used to cut wood plastic rubber soft metal. Multifuction is a perfect survival tool. It could be used to cut wood plastic rubber soft metal.

Brand: Troroda

👤I have a male sheep that has a horn. It worked great when Doc Pole used a wire saw to talk off the horn. This saw went through without a hitch. There was no pain to the animal.

👤This is for field dressing deer. The handle is not easy to pass through the deer. In cold weather, it doesn't have enough force. The first one broke as we were getting through the bone. It worked quickly until then. I may have overheated the wire.

👤The quality is good but hard on the fingers and it could have been better if the end was open.

👤The wire saws are sharp but the attachment rings fail. They are too thin.

👤It was exactly as advertised and expected.

👤I tried to cut a branch in the air. After about 4 passes, it snapped in half. Will stick to the professional chain.

👤There were 3 in the package. The handle broke on the first use.

👤If you have all day to burn calories, this will do the job. Don't waste your money, buy a saw.

5. Aufee Emergency Survival Cutting Plastic

Aufee Emergency Survival Cutting Plastic

The camping tree cutting saw can cut large trunks into small branches in seconds. The flexible chainsaw chain is easy to use. The emergency wire saw Mini is made of quality STAINLESS steel which is anti-rust and durable. With a chain saw and two ring handles, it is easy to cut an object by holding the two handles and pulling the saw forth and back. The total length is Approx. 75 cm/30.53inch The saw chain length is Approx. 65 cm. The weight is Approx. It is easy to carry 6g. It's perfect in your backpack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. Emergency wire saw can be used for cutting wood, plastic, bone, rubber and soft metal, which has long service life, and is easy to carry. Steel wire saw scroll is suitable for many outdoor activities. It's ideal for hiking, camping emergencies, or simple yard work whenever you need to cut down a branch.

Brand: Aufee

👤The wire was not as strong as I expected. I used it to cut a frond on a palm tree. It snapped as I pulled it through. The wire isn't strong enough.

👤This would be great for something in a pinch. I never knew it was so short.

👤It is not just be warned if you need the extra inches.

👤The item broke on its first use. The saw broke in half, but I didn't break the handle which I thought was a weak spot. What a waste of money. Don't buy.

👤The first small task I had for it was completely dislike this.

👤Men complain about how tall they are and don't lie about their packin or how tall they are. The boys at the club loved it when I refused advances and pulled it out, they didn't want to leave me alone.

6. Bahco 396 LAP Laplander Folding Inch

Bahco 396 LAP Laplander Folding Inch

There is a 30 day no risk guarantee. The product has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee. Return it for a full refund if it isn't perfect for you. A general purpose folding saw has a blade of 7 teeth per inch and can cut both green and dry wood. 7 TPI of XT toothing. The blade is coated with rust protection. The plastic handle has a leather strap. It's specially designed for hunters, campers, and wildlife enthusiasts. It has a safety lock for both lock-in and lock-out. It has a safety lock for both lock-in and lock-out.

Brand: Bahco

👤It has been a long time since I replaced my backpacking saw. I have used that thing for fire prep on camping trips for the past twenty years, usually for cutting deadwood off of pine and oak trees. I found glowing reviews of both the Pocket Boy and the Laplander when I did my research. I was sure that I wanted one of these saws, but which one? I decided on both. Which one is better? It's hard to say. The Pocket Boy and the Laplander weigh the same. There is no real advantage for backpacking. The Laplander has a blade and handle. Longer reach takes up more space in the pack. There is no real advantage for backpacking. The Laplander feels better in my hands. Longer handle gives more options for grip. The Pocket Boy has a handle that can be held in one way. It is very definite about how to grip. The handle of the Laplander is curved. The Laplander has a small advantage. They both cut up pine, redwood, Douglas fir, and oak well. The Laplander is a very good, fast saw, which is far better than my old camping saw, and better than the fixed-blade Sandvik saw in my workshop. The Silky cuts very dark. The Silky does not bother to go through wood. It does all the work for you, you just drag it through. The Silky is the point. The short version is that both are great camping saws, but it is a matter of personal preference. The Silky and the Laplander will be working with me in the back yard.

👤I went to Homedepot and got a folding handsaw and was like, "if I think this is for me, I'll get a better one". I put it in the box because it sounded good. 3 years later, my wife buys me this thing for Father's day, and I was like, "Woah." When she said " well aren't ya gonna use it?", she was ready to throw it in the box next to the other one. I did what any kid would do with a gift. I pretended to use it. I used it more and wanted to prove that it was junk. It exceeded my expectations. It's on my belt loop.

👤I am very happy with this tool. Most people will recommend a Silky. I haven't used a Silky yet. If you need to process large sticks that are bordering on log thickness, you may want to use a bigger saw. There are a number of things that I find useful in this folding saw. The size is so small. I was surprised at how small it was. I think it is a very capable saw. The size is large. It's easy to pack. I can put it in my back pocket. I wanted a folding saw with a straight blade. I prefer this style of blade for any craft bush project where you need a flat cut. The handle is comfortable. If you loosen the pivot screw slightly, you can deploy the blade with a flick of the wrist. I saw that on the internet. The quality and price of the Laplander make it a great choice for a folding saw.

7. Coghlans 0562 Pocket Sierra Saw

Coghlans 0562 Pocket Sierra Saw

The knife has a safe one-touch lock system. The handle is comfortable and slip- resistant. essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more

Brand: Coghlans

👤The saw is lightweight. I am surprised at how good it is. Backpackers or campers on a budget will love this saw. If you choose the saw that sells for 2 or 3 times as much, you'll be very happy with the deal you got. I enjoy camping. I don't like having to buy firewood and bring it to the site. After one camping trip, this paid for itself. The blade is thin. It's 1mm. The saw can cut a 5in log in less than 45 seconds, since it has to remove less material on its way through to make room for the blade. It's easy to bend your blade when you ramming the saw through a piece of wood. It's difficult to get it straight again after being bent. The handle is plastic and you have to grip it tight to prevent sliding. I keep it closed with a rubber band. The blade is not long enough to cut wood with a diameter larger than 6in and the handle can fit a carabiner. It looks new after multiple uses and washing. Thank you for taking the time to read the review, I hope you found it helpful.

👤I usually don't do reviews, but I had to do one on this one. I bought it because I needed a pocket quickly, and it was on a budget. I thought I would get this and upgrade to something better down the road. When I got the saw and took it from the packaging, my first thought was of how cheap it was. It seemed like it was barely holding itself together. I did not think it would hold up to the smallest jobs. I thought about how small it was. I wanted a small saw, but I didn't pay much attention to the dimensions, so it fit in my hand. I put it in my pack for a few days and went back to buy a better one. I went to my bag to make sure everything was in order. I came back to this saw as I was packing and wrapping. I feel cheap plastic and think that if I look at it wrong it will break. I had a 2x4 stud next to me and thought I would give the saw a chance. I was impressed from the very beginning. The handle held up very well and the saw cut through that stud with almost no blade flex or binding. I was through the saw before I knew what happened. I am certain that it will do well in cutting deadfall and green stuff, even though I am not sure how it will perform in the field. I only gave 4 stars because of the cheap feel, but if the handle holds up, this saw will be with me everywhere. Great buy at a great price. Keep up the good work, I have been impressed with Coghlan products recently.

👤I posted a 4* review on Wednesday, but I realized that I didn't mention that the blade tended to bend when cutting a 1" x 4" board. No! The saw is junk. It took me over 30 minutes to make 6 cuts in a board that was 1 inch in diameter. I had to stop at least 4-5 times because of my wrist and hand. The back half of the blade can't be used because either the saw won't move or it will bind, and the blade still bent multiple times. The teeth were cut very well and deep during my initial cut on Wednesday, but tonight they were only cut a few times. It was exhausting, back-n-forth, back-n-forth, back-n-forth for 30 minutes. I was given CC credit but was told not to send this piece of junk back. I wonder why?

8. Upgraded Survival Emergency Hunting。Wire Stainless

Upgraded Survival Emergency Hunting%E3%80%82Wire Stainless

We insist on their products and warranty. Their priority is your satisfaction. They have a lifetime warranty and no-reason return policy to make sure you get the best experience. The snap-on design is more durable, with 38 sections of snaps, 3 serrations per section, sharper, and the thickness of the riveted joint is only 2.4mm, which reduces friction and saves effort. Their new pocket chainsaw can cut wood with ease, and it's easy to use. The fire starter kits for survival are made of high strength, strong, and stretchable 440 STAINLESS STEEL. It is the best wire saw on the market. It can make you stay out of the woods. The cable saw is easy to carry and is 5 times lighter than other chain saws. The light weight design of convenience folding does not affect its sharpness or durability because of the use of high strength materials. It is easier to carry than other chainsaws. It's widely used: fire starter survival tool, survival in the wild, hiking, camping, cutting trees hand saw for trees, collecting firewood, and other outdoor activities. The package contains a nordic pocker saw, a chain saw, gloves, and a fire-starter stick. The package contains a nordic pocker saw, a chain saw, gloves, and a fire-starter stick.

Brand: Nothers

👤It is amazing! This was an impulsive purchase. I found it by mistake. I thought it was a cool idea. I thought this would be a nice conversation piece. On the 4th of July, my honey, a couple friends, and I went fishing and hiking on the river. We were still walking as we were appropriating our buddies property. We rolled up on a tree. I brought along my camping survival kit. The tree was in 4 pieces so we could continue our journey. The design of this little shark tooth saw makes it easy to use. I think it will become sharper as you saw with it. Highly recommend!

9. Loggers Art Gens Sides Best Survival

Loggers Art Gens Sides Best Survival

Cut the capacity in half. The Carbon Steel Teeth of the PERFECT GIFT are 62 Sharpest. It doesn't matter how it lands because the High Saw Limb has an upgraded 48 inch chain with blades on both sides. There are lots of freebees. If you buy their chainsaw, you will get two emergency safety ropes, two sturdy woven nylon handles, three spring buckles, and a throwing weight pouch. The accessible surgical scalpel cuts high limbs safely and easily from the ground. Their saws will allow you to cut through wood with ease. A There are a lot of uses. The chainsaw is perfect for camping. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their pocket chainsaw. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their pocket chainsaw.

Brand: Loggers Art Gens

👤I used this saw to cut down some branches. It worked on a few branches, but got stuck on the last one. The saw is very sharp and cuts quickly, but it is difficult to get it into the tree. The chain under the branch will pinch the saw and it will be stuck. We stood on either side of the branch and sawed it. The chain will bend and get stuck if each person is not directly across from the other. If you want to save a few hundred on cutting down a high branch, you can use two people and plan carefully, but this can work for you. The rope saw the cams. There are parts in a box. My branches were over 30 feet high. I used a parachute cord. The rope for the throwing bag and two others for the saw worked best for me. Throwing a line with the yellow ropes that come with this was difficult. I put a half pound rock in the bag. Square knots were used for my connections. Once I got a line over and hauled the saw up, cutting was easy, just short strokes and branches came down quickly. The branches I cut were small and did not come down cleanly, I had no smooth straight cuts because of the weight of the branch pulling itself down before the cut was complete. There were some difficulties getting the rope down. I had to remove all the knots before I pulled the rope back down. The metal clips were good. They will lose with a lot of force. Quality could have been better. The chain needs to be sharp. I have a few photos of the saw but can't post them on the internet.

👤The two of us were able to use the chain saw on the rope. We wanted to open the view to the water and bring down some dead limbs. When the tree trimmer did not show up, we took this project on. It took 2 days to trim 10 trees and 60 limbs that ranged in size from about 1/2 to 10 inches. The guide-line was thrown over the limbs and set up for the actual sawing. The biggest limbs can be cut in 10 minutes or less. My brother gave me the longer rope that is needed but not supplied. The saw worked great and we had the best time. The big limbs were cut twice and a few times to avoid the breaking limb stripping the bark at the tree. We used a round, 1.25 pound dumbbell weight for throwing the guide string over the limbs and it easily reached the 35-40 foot heights. The saw arrived on time, it was easy to set up, and the 48 inch length was a perfect fit. We were cutting through 10 inch limbs in less than 10 minutes. The saw can get stuck in the small or large limbs if the cutting angle is not big enough, and one of the carabiners that the rope was tied to broke. I plan on buying a couple more for Christmas gifts so I can work with my children. Thomas is now a believer.

10. Folding Camping Emergency Survival Backpacking

Folding Camping Emergency Survival Backpacking

Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If your multitool products have any quality problems, please get in touch with them and they will solve them for you to be satisfied with your purchase. The intricately designed, convenient, co-molded handle provides a comfortable grip for extended use. It's a great tool to use when outdoors. They need to chop wood. The saw has a thicker chain. The longer chain is made of high carbon heat treated steel. Meet your requirements for different wood sizes with two different models. Meet your requirements for different wood sizes with two different models.

Brand: N/ A

👤The main saw quality is very good. The strap handles are much better than the standard ring pulls you see on most of these that it cuts on both strokes... have not tried the tiny saw yet.

👤Excellent pocket saw for preppiers.

👤It's convenient to put this in a backpack when you need it. It's a good item to have if you're camping or stranded.

👤There was only one person who saw the 26in and the 23in weren't there.

👤It takes a bit of skill to cut wood with these, but the thin one works well for anything less than an inch and the big one works on anything of marginal size as long as it's sturdy enough to be held still.

11. Pocket Chainsaw Portable Bi Directional Handheld

Pocket Chainsaw Portable Bi Directional Handheld

Since the beginning of the year, Sport Scientist has been seen on Fox News, CBS, NBC and ABC. The tree Pruning Saw is perfect for Boy Scouts, Bug Out Bag, Landscapers or your Emergency gear. It can be used to clear mountain bike or ATV trails. It's a great gift for any occasion. The saws come with an 8mm magnesium Fire Starter. The leaves are like butter. This pocket chainsaw is 36 inches long and has 48 teeth on every link, so it cuts tree limbs three times faster than a saw with teeth on every third link. There is a directIONAL Tiber Reduce Binding! The portable, manual chainsaw is like having Paul Bunyan in your pocket. The saw teeth are made from strong heat-treated steel and cut both ways into the wood with less binding or sticking for faster cutting. The teeth are sharp with a 38 P Chainsaw file. 36INCH CHAIN ROPE CUTS BRANCHES. The rope chainsaw is 36 inches long and can fit into tight grooves where chainsaws can't. The extra length makes it easier to cut for one or two people. Good hands! The handles are soft nylon which is more comfortable to grab onto than paracord and won't cause blisters. Even in the dark, it's easy to find your manual pocket saw. The ultimate camping and survival tool! This pocket chainsaw is stronger and more compact than a wire or cable saw, and has a pouch that you can attach to your belt for convenience. When traveling in your RV or backpack, use your ropesaw to help you in an emergency. The ultimate camping and survival tool! This pocket chainsaw is stronger and more compact than a wire or cable saw, and has a pouch that you can attach to your belt for convenience. When traveling in your RV or backpack, use your ropesaw to help you in an emergency.

Brand: Roadfare

👤I spent a lot of time researching them. I ended up with this one because of the length and teeth on the links. I keep it in my backpack when mountain biking. I think I can do the same thing as people lugging a big chainsaw up, because I have a 36" length. My first real test was a tree that snapped at the base and was stuck in the middle of a trail leaning against another tree. I went to work after I whipped out the chain. The tree fell more out of the way of the trail when I cut it because it was too heavy to move. I was able to cut through the tree in 60 seconds. You can make it work with some clever angles and muscles. It's not bad for a hand-driven saw with 40ft of tree weighing it. This pocket chainsaw is very good. I can see this being used a lot.

👤It's perfect for a portable camp chain. Not perfect for high limb cutting. Either you have to rig a counterweight to make sure the teeth face the limb or you can use rope to stand the teeth up on the limb. If you need a limb saw, make sure the chain is two-sided or has a weight on one side.

👤I used a weight at the end of a string but it was not very accurate. After a lot of experimentation, I ended up using a two foot long piece of wood with a bunch of nuts added to the end. I was able to reach the branches 40 feet up in the dead pine tree using the dowel end, which was more accurate than a weight bag. Once over the limb, tie a light nylon string to it and tie a strong rope to it. Take that back over the limb and down to the ground. If you want the pocket chain saw to bite when it reaches the limb, you have to tie the end of the strong rope to the handle. You don't need two 50' ropes, just one 100' rope will do, if you tie the other end of the pocket chain saw handle to the end of the same rope. Start sawing when you reach the limb. I'm not as macho as I used to be because the guy in the video is a lot stronger than he looks. I used two hands to pull the saw on one side, then used the other two hands to see the other side. It took me about half an hour to see through each of the limbs, though one of the bigger ones might have taken 45 minutes. This is less expensive than a tree trimmer. After most of the chain broke off on the last limb, my full weight was not enough to pull the chain back out of the grooves in the limb. I couldn't remove the chain because it was so tight. I pulled the rope hard enough that the tree gave up and let me get my chain back, but I had to use the rope to pull the vehicle. The wood from the tree limbs is soft. It would take a long time, but I think it would work on a hardwood. Wear gloves. Hope this helps someone who wants to avoid paying a professional to take down limbs.


What is the best product for survival saw made in usa?

Survival saw made in usa products from Wisdomlife. In this article about survival saw made in usa you can see why people choose the product. Suizan and Edward Tools are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival saw made in usa.

What are the best brands for survival saw made in usa?

Wisdomlife, Suizan and Edward Tools are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival saw made in usa. Find the detail in this article. Troroda, Aufee and Bahco are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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