Best Survival Saw Knife

Saw 16 Aug 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Pocket Chainsaw Portable Bi Directional Handheld

Pocket Chainsaw Portable Bi Directional Handheld

Since the beginning of the year, Sport Scientist has been seen on Fox News, CBS, NBC and ABC. The tree Pruning Saw is perfect for Boy Scouts, Bug Out Bag, Landscapers or your Emergency gear. It can be used to clear mountain bike or ATV trails. It's a great gift for any occasion. The saws come with an 8mm magnesium Fire Starter. The leaves are like butter. This pocket chainsaw is 36 inches long and has 48 teeth on every link, so it cuts tree limbs three times faster than a saw with teeth on every third link. There is a directIONAL Tiber Reduce Binding! The portable, manual chainsaw is like having Paul Bunyan in your pocket. The saw teeth are made from strong heat-treated steel and cut both ways into the wood with less binding or sticking for faster cutting. The teeth are sharp with a 38 P Chainsaw file. 36INCH CHAIN ROPE CUTS BRANCHES. The rope chainsaw is 36 inches long and can fit into tight grooves where chainsaws can't. The extra length makes it easier to cut for one or two people. Good hands! The handles are soft nylon which is more comfortable to grab onto than paracord and won't cause blisters. Even in the dark, it's easy to find your manual pocket saw. The ultimate camping and survival tool! This pocket chainsaw is stronger and more compact than a wire or cable saw, and has a pouch that you can attach to your belt for convenience. When traveling in your RV or backpack, use your ropesaw to help you in an emergency. The ultimate camping and survival tool! This pocket chainsaw is stronger and more compact than a wire or cable saw, and has a pouch that you can attach to your belt for convenience. When traveling in your RV or backpack, use your ropesaw to help you in an emergency.

Brand: Roadfare

👤I spent a lot of time researching them. I ended up with this one because of the length and teeth on the links. I keep it in my backpack when mountain biking. I think I can do the same thing as people lugging a big chainsaw up, because I have a 36" length. My first real test was a tree that snapped at the base and was stuck in the middle of a trail leaning against another tree. I went to work after I whipped out the chain. The tree fell more out of the way of the trail when I cut it because it was too heavy to move. I was able to cut through the tree in 60 seconds. You can make it work with some clever angles and muscles. It's not bad for a hand-driven saw with 40ft of tree weighing it. This pocket chainsaw is very good. I can see this being used a lot.

👤It's perfect for a portable camp chain. Not perfect for high limb cutting. Either you have to rig a counterweight to make sure the teeth face the limb or you can use rope to stand the teeth up on the limb. If you need a limb saw, make sure the chain is two-sided or has a weight on one side.

👤I used a weight at the end of a string but it was not very accurate. After a lot of experimentation, I ended up using a two foot long piece of wood with a bunch of nuts added to the end. I was able to reach the branches 40 feet up in the dead pine tree using the dowel end, which was more accurate than a weight bag. Once over the limb, tie a light nylon string to it and tie a strong rope to it. Take that back over the limb and down to the ground. If you want the pocket chain saw to bite when it reaches the limb, you have to tie the end of the strong rope to the handle. You don't need two 50' ropes, just one 100' rope will do, if you tie the other end of the pocket chain saw handle to the end of the same rope. Start sawing when you reach the limb. I'm not as macho as I used to be because the guy in the video is a lot stronger than he looks. I used two hands to pull the saw on one side, then used the other two hands to see the other side. It took me about half an hour to see through each of the limbs, though one of the bigger ones might have taken 45 minutes. This is less expensive than a tree trimmer. After most of the chain broke off on the last limb, my full weight was not enough to pull the chain back out of the grooves in the limb. I couldn't remove the chain because it was so tight. I pulled the rope hard enough that the tree gave up and let me get my chain back, but I had to use the rope to pull the vehicle. The wood from the tree limbs is soft. It would take a long time, but I think it would work on a hardwood. Wear gloves. Hope this helps someone who wants to avoid paying a professional to take down limbs.

2. Iziusy Multifunctional Stainless Emergency Backpacking

Iziusy Multifunctional Stainless Emergency Backpacking

Don't worry about missing the 30-day return window. They offer a 120-day, no questions asked return. They will make sure to take care of that if you don't like it. Buy with confidence. 7 in 1 Multifunctional Spork includes a spoon, fork, knife, bottle opener, emergency whistle, Saw tooth blade, and rope. It's perfect for outdoor survival activities. The flatware utensil is lightweight and sturdy and is rust free. They are dishwasher safe and easy to clean. The knife case has an emergency whistle. It is easy to blow, high decibel, long-distance spread, and mutual positioning to prevent dispersion. This is the ideal outdoor tool for hiking, hunting and wild adventures. You can use it as a fork and spoon, then you can use the umbrella cord to make spears, against the dangerous situation in the wild. The spear will turn into fishing gear when outdoors. The metal spork is lightweight and easy to carry. Each set comes with a rope that can be hung on the bag, key rings, and camping gear.

Brand: Iziusy

👤I'm sure this would be great if one could remove the knife from the sheath. I'll return the item instead of seeing if I'll become King of England.

👤I haven't used all of the features on this spork, but it works well as a full cutlery set. The whistle isn't as loud as I wanted it to be, but that's not what I bought it for. It's a handy item to have on hand. I switched to a titanium set after stopping using this spork. You have to hold your food when you cut it since you can't use the knife and spork in tandem. It's not sanitary when you have dirty camping hands.

👤I like that the knife edge is sharp. It is light enough for a couple of nights in the woods. It is sturdy. There is no easy way to clip it to my pack. I wish it had a small ring at the end of the knife sheath. You have to make sure it is clean before you put it back in the sheath.

👤This is a great little tool. The whistle was hard to pull off according to some reviews. I had no issues and it was on. It's adorable and metal which is what I wanted. The knife was sharp. The only thing that I would suggest for the next iteration of this tool is that the sheath has a lanyard on it.

👤It's not bad for the price. There were only two things I didn't like about the item. 1. The knife guard is very easy to slip off with just regular use. 2. The hole for the lanyard is not placed correctly. You can't use the utensil correctly if you don't attach the lanyard.

👤It was exactly as expected. There was a small box inside the envelope. The spork end has small teeth that spear things. The spoon of the spork is large enough to fit in a normal spoon and the teeth do not interfere with the liquid in it. The knife was the first thing I used. The whistle is loud. The spork has a cord that doesn't have a good place to put it on the whistle. The texture of the spork is strange but you can get used to it. I love this multi-tool.

👤Good quality. Works as intended. The cover isn't a problem when using the knife. You have to use force. When the knife comes out, you jerk your hands from the force used. It feels a bit unsafe. Great product.

👤The tool was perfect for camping. The whistle was in the shape of a cover for the knife. The knife portion of the spork is pretty sharp, so don't be fooled. The tool was sturdy and not heavy. It was perfect for travel. I used the string it came with.

3. CIANO Folding Omega Shaped Evacuation Trimming

CIANO Folding Omega Shaped Evacuation Trimming

The surface of the folding saw blade is coated with an anti-rust coating for easy maintenance. The saw provides unparalleled performance for a variety of arboriculture, landscaping and gardening tasks. 5 years warranty with confidence The upgraded small hand saw blade is made of Molybdenum Vanadium synthetic steel, which has stronger hardness and toughness. Laser quenching technology, which is extremely sharp,cutting more quickly and labor-saving, is used in double-row cutting edge, three-sided grinding gear. The chip flute is unique. The garden hand saw of the standard chip flute can quickly remove chips, reduce noise, and let you cut freely without jamming the saw. The safety lock of the folding wood saw can open the blade with one key. There is no need to worry about accidental injury when the saw blade is hidden in the handle. The folding pruning saw is easy to store. The woodworking saw handle made of soft silicone material is more user-friendly, and the non-slip texture is more wear-resistant. People of all hand shapes have a grip. The lightweight folding wood saw is a good tool for fastPruning and cleaning the garden, but also a heavy-duty camping saw and backpack saw indispensable for survival, exploration and hunting in the wild. The lightweight folding wood saw is a good tool for fastPruning and cleaning the garden, but also a heavy-duty camping saw and backpack saw indispensable for survival, exploration and hunting in the wild.

Brand: Ciano

👤The blade is sharp. It was tested against 4 inch branches that were fallen from a storm. It does its job. The handle material becomes damaged when closing the blade. The teeth dig into the handle material when you attempt to close it because there's too much flex or wiggle in the blade. There is no locking mechanism for being closed. It's a good tool for $12, but you have to pay attention to closing it, which is a distraction. Buy now and upgrade as your budget allows.

👤It's the fall. It's time to trim my bushes, shrubs and fruit trees. When I took this out of the box, it was very heavy. I wasn't expecting that and it was a pleasant surprise. The saw feels very solid once the blade is folded out and the handle is heavy. Push the silver metal button and the saw will come back up. The saw blade cut through branches. I wanted to see that I could fold up and use my tools. I didn't want to have a blade that I could cut myself on. The bill quality on this foldable saw is very good and I can tell it will last a long time. I took a chance on it.

👤It's what I need. The blade is thin and the nut that holds it to the handle is large. They should have used a different screw head. Still has a good amount of weight. Clean folds are cut and locks are good. A backpack saw.

👤I found nothing bad about this saw. I needed it to cut. I didn't need to worry about the be blade lock slipping because it was comfortable to grip. It would make a great addition to a survival tool.

👤The blade was very sharp and made quick work of 2x4s that I was using for firewood. The blade is flimsy and I had some issues trying to use the full blade to cut. It does its job as a pack saw, but you wouldn't want to use it for a long time. The price and quality of the product make it a good buy.

👤Great tool. It was taken on a 4 day backpacking trip along Lake Superior. This saw cuts firewood fast for its size. If you are cutting a lot of wood in the wilderness, you should only draw back the weight.

👤I have used this to cut branches. I carry it with me on my backpack. It cuts wood quickly. The blade lock shut is the only improvement I would like to see.

👤This saw is amazing! The larger blade gaps make it easier to cut. Excellent recommendation and a great price.

4. RoverTac Multitool Upgreated Stainless Screwdrivers

RoverTac Multitool Upgreated Stainless Screwdrivers

100% satisfaction guarantee. Their goal is to have 100% satisfaction for their customer. They are always here for you if you have any quality related issues with their saws. They have a money back guarantee for their product. This multitool is perfect for camping and survival. It has a very sharp axe blade and a long aggressive saw blade that make it a perfect camping tool. You can cut or saw trees. The fire starter and whistle make this hatchet a great tool. They listened to you, " Much Longer and Stronger." This survival multitool is full of the tools you asked for. It's almost 9 inches long, which is almost the same length as other similar hatchets. It has an axe blade sheath for easy access. Heavy Duty: Solid steel with a black oxide coating and bright red Hi Visibility oxide coating. It was strong enough to Chop, Saw, and Hammer. Help summon and start a fire. Tools included are screwdrivers and wrenches. A great gift for adventure seekers. The Multi-Functional Utility Hatchet Tool is a perfect gift for someone who likes to explore, hiking, fishing, camping, hunting, or backpacking. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. They offer a lifetime warranty and no reason return policy. They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their priority is your satisfaction. They offer a lifetime warranty and no reason return policy.

Brand: Rovertac

👤Wow. A perfect camping tool. I love this item. Before buying this multi tool, I was concerned about the quality and the locking function. I was impressed by the design and feel of the tool when I got it. The axe is not a toy. I have never owned a multi tool with a working axe built on the top and backed with a hammer head. The tools inside are placed in a way that maximizes their use in the room. I have yet to test the level of lasting coverage that this can give before I lose my color. The alloy seems to work well with the numbers. The rubber cover on the axe has already been cut, so I can't get over it. The axe and hammer head has a sheath. The length was longer than expected and not large for easy storage. The tools I have purchased from RoverTac have been designed for excellent use. The ultimate desire for a well designed tool is what I will update after some hard use. This will be a very good option for defensive use. I am a big fan of tomahawk due to the ability for self defense. They are more than just tools. They can throw and defend. I am not advocating that anyone throw this item because it would probably damage or scratch the red handle, and it would not be a great thrower. After some basic work is done, I can recommend this highly out of the box. If things don't stay the same. I will let you know.

👤I wasn't expecting much from this tool, but it was sharp enough to cut the cardboard box it came in. It cuts small logs well, but wouldn't use the axe for anything over 5” in diameter. Sometimes the other parts will move when swinging, which is concerning to me. The saw was the part I was most excited for but it was not up to par. It's best for 1” branches. The tools are bent out of shape, making it hard to close. The axe head easily rusted for me even when it was in the case. The construction could use some work, but everything seems to work well.

👤I keep a first aid/ survival bag in my car, it has a multi tool. The multi tool and other gear in my bag is great for most situations, but the Rover Tac fills in the gaps left by the others. The axe head and hammer are sturdy and useful. I bought an off brand axe/ hammer multi tool and it was falling apart in testing. I decided to give the RoverTac a try because I was weary of trying other things. Glad I did. The tool looked and felt good in my light duty testing. The locking blade and tools are great and the 5" saw is also nice. Premium brand multi tools have saw blades that are tapered so as to avoid binding while cutting. I was worried that the RoverTac saw wouldn't perform well. The saw performed well with only minimal binding and this was not the case. The extra length made it easier to use. The only reason I'm giving it 4 stars is because it hasn't been tested in a real world survival situation. I think it will do well based on my initial testing. If you understand the intended uses and limitations of the tool, then I would check it out.

5. Fiskars 7 Inch Folding Saw

Fiskars 7 Inch Folding Saw

essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more It's ideal for cutting thick branches. Even through heavy use, the steel blade stays sharp. The blade folds into the handle for easy storage. There are blade locks in the folded and unfolded positions.

Brand: Fiskars

👤Terrible. I returned it. I lost my favorite folding pruning saw. I have owned other Fiskars products and thought this was a good deal. I was wrong. It's hard to believe that this is a genuine product, as the saw is poorly made and designed. The blade is not stiff enough to cut large objects. I tried to cut some small branches on a maple tree, but the blade flexed so much that I had a hard time cutting it. The blade teeth are set in a rough crosscut style that is not correct for aPruning saw. The wide pattern makes it difficult for the blade to cleanly bite into the wood. The plastic body is cheap and has many flaws. Don't buy it.

👤Fiskars have a saw tooth shape that works well. The teeth on the one I received were different from the ones on the saw I was using. Attached is a photo. The Fiskars saws I have work great. Hmm.

👤This feels like something you would get at a dollar store, with sloppy stamped teeth, soft steel, and a toy quality plastic handle. Terrible. I use a lot of Fiskers products and they are either fake ripoffs or people were asleep when these slipped through.

👤I own and use a variety of Fiskars cutting tools, and they have never let me down. Have you ever used a toy? The kind that came with a child's toy carpentry set? That's how this saw the cuts. The saw did not have Fiskars' trademark. It looked like the first two pics in the listing, as opposed to the second two. I don't know if this saw was made by another company or not, but it didn't perform like any Fiskars I've ever used. You may want to buy a different saw. Don't bother with it.

👤This folding pruning saw seems to be the quality product I expect from Fiskars, and arrived promptly, except. The only way to bind the blade up is if the wood cut is bent open, because there is no set to the teeth. I won't buy it again.

👤I gave the saw 3 stars because it was very inexpensive and was able to do the job with effort. I should have known that a Fiskar quality product would come at a low price, but I didn't. If you want a low cost saw for very infrequent use, just get one of the no-name versions. Fiskar does not deserve revenue for putting their name on this. It takes a long time to see small branches. If you want a good saw, get a more expensive one that has two row blades so it cuts on both the forward and backward strokes.

👤Not very strong and low grade steel. Fiskars used to be known for their quality. They're using cheap materials in their quest for lower cost. I bought a proper pruning saw from the local dealer after I was disappointed with this saw. It's expensive, but it's sharp.

6. Multitool AllynX Multi Pliers Needlenose Stainless

Multitool AllynX Multi Pliers Needlenose Stainless

If you are not satisfied with their product, you can contact them directly and they will offer a satisfactory solution to you. The AllynX multi tool has a butterfly deisgn with a central main pair of pliers. It has 10 pieces of 16 features, including wire cutter, knife, screwdrivers, saw and more. The class results in pliers that can be easily deployed without opening the multitool. It is a great option for daily carry with only 0.48 pounds. Stable and high quality--AllynX multipliers. The multi-purpose pocket tool has been made rust-proof and resistant to oxidation by applying premium steel, which is kept clean and dry after use. You will be impressed by its tight pivot, comfortable handle, strong grip, and the ability to take substantial work, especially the strong pliers, which gets the ability to take substantial work. The safety lock and belt clip design was created. The locking mechanism on this multi-tool guarantees safety. The lock design makes sure the side tools are locked in place. When side tools are about to be folded, two side lock buttons will need to be pushed down at the same time. The pocket clip is a convenient feature, it allows the pocket clip to be secured on the belt. It is a good gift idea for Father's Day, Birthdays, and Anniversaries, as well as for Campers, Hikers, and Do-it-yourselfers. It is a special gift for teen boys. Get them and yourself a cool multitool and be prepared for any unexpected situations, no matter where you are or what you are doing. AllynX always stand behind their products. They will always give you satisfactory solutions if you are unhappy with your purchase or experience. AllynX always stand behind their products. They will always give you satisfactory solutions if you are unhappy with your purchase or experience.

Brand: Allynx

👤The multi tool was purchased for my husband to use around the house. The liner lock is very capable and the item has a durable feel to it. All the tools fold back as well. The scissors are not as cheap as some of the ones you get. The holding case is sturdy. The knife can handle some use. It's nice for him to have this at the ready so he doesn't have to go to the garage to find pliers or scissors. This item is comparable to a Leatherman at a lower price.

👤This tool is 10 pieces. I love that it's lightweight and spring loaded. Holds up well in a Leatherman. This is a great tool to have in a car for any emergencies. I would recommend this product.

👤The AllynX multitool is new and I'm thinking it might be my favorite tool. I have several multi tools. My Gerber Suspension has been a constant companion up to now. The AllynX is heavy but strong enough to feel strong. The title suggests that the blades are just under the three inch mark, which is less than the length of the Gerber's. The AllynX when folded is a bit longer. The scissors have a clever design. A thin arm is activated when the scissors are locked in place. An added safety feature is that the spring doesn't work prior to locking in place. The four big tools have a press mechanism that is easy to operate with your thumb. The press to release system is similar to the smaller tools. There are a lot of tools. The pliers have wire cutter blades that can be replaced, they're held in with small allenkey bolts. We will see how well the pouch stays together and how well the blades stay sharp. The pouch is the first item I'm not overjoyed with. It closes with a hook and loop fastening. These tend to collect bits of lint over time and become useless, a better idea would be to use a metal snap button. The shape of the Gerber is negative, it is not easy to slide out of my grip, and the curved handles make it fit in my hands well. The AllynX has straight handles and so does not feel confident in my hands. The lager blades and clever design make this a tool worth buying, but it could be a tough choice as both the AllynX and the Gerber are at the same price level. The blades feel strong, even though they have little to no flex, so unless you abuse them, they should hold their shape and not snap easily. I would give another half star if I could.

👤Although I've always been a gadget freak, I've never had a multi-tool that I could clip to my belt. I can't compare this multi-tool to the Leatherman, which is the best known multi-tool and sells for the same price. The AllynX model is an excellent one. The tools lock into place. The device is easy to use and folds back neatly into a compact piece that fits perfectly in a rugged nylon carrying case. The various tools seem to be of high quality, each one more robust than its counterpart on a large Swiss Army Knife. This multi-tool would be great for camping, in your car or truck's glove box, or in your fishing tackle box. I'm likely to reach for it around the house when I need to make a quick fix and don't want to be bothered rummaging through my hardware drawer. This would be a great gift for the man in your life. Two thumbs up!

7. Professional Folding Landscaping POCKETBOY 346 17

Professional Folding Landscaping POCKETBOY 346 17

Japanese cutting technology. The saw blade has a high-quality and smooth-cutting design. The blade's teeth can last up to three times longer than non-hardened blade teeth, thanks to the use of impulse-hardening technology. The saw has a blade that will take up very little pocket or backpack. The blade has an impulse-hardened non-set tooth design for greater cutting efficiency and 2 locking positions. Large teeth per inch. The carrying case has a belt clip. An ideal saw for hiking.

Brand: Silky

👤The 130 and 170 sizes with medium teeth were given five stars for sharpness and manufacturing quality. I tried the 130 size Silky Pocketboy before I bought the 170 size with large teeth. The large teeth, 170 size is the ultimate backcountry saw. I'm sold on Silky saws, but I wanted to confine my comments to the 170 size with large teeth as a backcountry saw, for clearing brush and cutting the small trees and bushes that interfere with placing a tent or hammock shelter in places too tight or too There are few places to put a tent on the British Columbia testing ground because of the dense salal and undergrowth. I think this is a great saw. It's very sharp, and it only cuts on the pull stroke, so you just grab the bush with one hand and sever it at the base, in one or two strokes. It takes only one or two strokes to cut through the thick base of a bush. The large tooth is designed for wet wood, where it would be difficult to clean a saw with smaller teeth, or where smaller teeth would cause problems with the saw. The large teeth are easy to clean, and I didn't see a tendency to get stuck. I think the medium teeth model gives a nicer cut in dry wood, but in wet wood you don't care about the quality of the cut. You want to cut through the obstacle as quickly as possible. The large teeth are good at that. The handle feels perfect. Depending on what you're cutting, it feels like a knife. I use Bostik tool spray to keep the gum from sticking to the blade, so it's easy to clean the teeth afterwards. I reviewed the four star reviews to see why the users didn't give the saw five stars. They described a blade that could break at the tip. The only way to bend or break a Japanese saw is to push the blade forward. If you just pull the Japanese saw, you can't bend or break it, even if you pushed the blade forward. It doesn't bend. A Japanese saw blade is supposed to be extremely thin because it can't be bent or broken when pulled. Japanese saws don't have a set. The saw kerf is narrow and very little sawdust is produced because there is not much material removed to make the cut. It cuts with short, light strokes. Adding force downward doesn't make it cut faster. Light strokes never tax the blade and the Japanest teeth are set to maximize cutting efficiency. It's hard to understand that pushing the blade has no effect on cutting. The saw only cuts the pull stroke. If you can't afford to damage the blade and be without a saw in the deep boonies, then it's important that you use it properly. The saw blade is not resharpened because the saw teeth are hardened. The blade is half as thick as a push cut blade, so it's lighter, allowing the manufacturer to put more weight into other components, like the lock and ferrule. This is a saw that can be used in a lot of places. It's cutting so fast that the branch you're sawing comes off very quickly, so just watch out when using it. You don't want to cut yourself as well.

8. Schrade SCHCOM6CP Hatchet Machete Combo

Schrade SCHCOM6CP Hatchet Machete Combo

If you take care of your axes and hatchets, they will take care of you, and they will consider repairs and replacements for your properly maintained SOG tomahawk throwing hatchets. DIMENSIONS The overall length of the Hatchet is 28.1 cm and it has a blade length of 3.6 inches (9 cm). It isdurable: The 3Cr13 S.S. blades have black rubber handles. It's permissible. The individual, black belt sheaths are convenient and easy to use. The security of the finger grooves on the hatchet and the front quillon on the machete will help keep the blade from slipping. The machete and Hatchet have lanyard holes for added security.

Brand: Schrade

👤I am a carribean. I bought this set after IRMA. I had to cut a branch when DORIAN hit. It's time to try this tool. After the first couple hits, I was impressed by the sharpness of the blade, but after a number of theses, I ended up with a rubber handle in my hand and the axe flying away. I'm very lucky that I didn't kill anyone. It is not made to be used. I ended the story with my machete, because Rivets and wood don't fail.

👤Don't buy this set. The tools I bought were for a backpacking trip. The first time I used the knife to chop a bush it snapped in half. The sheath is also damaged. Absolutely terrible quality equipment and cheap material. I would be dead if this knife was in my life.

👤I kept the "mini machete" for myself, even though I bought this set to gift the hatchet to a friend. More on that later. I have used one of these hatchets for a couple of years now and have not had a single complaint. This is a good tool that does what it was made to do, such as chopping, splitting, and other light camp chores. The rubber coated metal handle is all in one construction and you don't have to worry about breaking it. I cringe when I see young people on those videos splitting wood with their belt knives by beating on it with a chunk of wood. Why do they risk damaging or breaking their knives if they only have a fixed blade with them? Do they carry a stone to touch up the edge after abuse? One of these little hatchets weighs next to nothing and can be tucked into a side pouch with a folding saw and you can process all of the wood you need without endangering your knife. If you have a stone with you, you can skin game with one. .... The reason I removed a star from the review was because it was a butchers knife with a fancy rubber handle. This knife is not good for use as a machete. I can't think of a fancy name for the different grinds, but this blade has a hollow grind that is more often found on a knife's cutting edge. If they wanted to keep the blade from chipping, they should have left more metal down to the edge and had a round grind like the hatchet. The blade is only 1/6 of an inch in thickness. You want a bent and twisted blade over time, but you're not sure how to get it. Thebelly of the knife's blade will slide over the sheath if it is not fastened right. You will have a hole in your sheath if you have a good edge on the blade. This is a good little set if you want a hatchet for 20 bucks and a knife for 8. There is a If you want a knife for "batoning wood", this one is cheap and won't bother you when you ruin it. Knock yourself out. I am going to take the black gunk off the blade, heat it up, and then dunk it in oil to get it ready for the next use. I'll put a plastic sleeved rivet on the blade of the knife and use it like I would a kitchen butcher knife. To cut meat and veggies.

9. 11001 Stainless Tactical Wilderness Survival

11001 Stainless Tactical Wilderness Survival

Have faith that the hand guard will keep the blade from slipping. A surgical tool. The fixed knife is great for cutting, sawing, chopping, and food prep, and it is also great for hiking. Whitney and Bowie Kinfe. Their survival knife has a fixed blade that spells doom for vegetation and is safe to carry with a hard sheath and quick-release function. STURDY FORCEFUL BLADE: Their bowie knives have a black oxide finish, rust resistance, and minimal reflectivity, which makes them sturdy for hard swings. The tactical knife fixed blade has leverage thanks to the fiberglass TPR handle, which allows you to keep your grip while swinging through thick brush, and the quick release function lets you start swinging in a pinch. Safe storage. The survival knife has a 7 inch blade and is a quick release hard sheath that keeps you safe when not in use.

Brand: Reapr

👤Extra protection is what this knife is for. It was almost chopped through the box fold when I tested it. I don't want to be the one who gets the knife. Would buy again. I used the Bowie to chop down the branch that was as thick as the blade's width. It took me about 3 minutes to cut the branch. The black coating on the edge of the serrations has worn out and I have used the serrated part of the blade. The knife has a sharp edge. I think this knife is a self-defense tool first and then a tool last. I would see the knife in the glove box or backpack. If I were traveling out of town, I would only use it as a secondary EDC. I would buy it again, and I would hate for anyone to be on the receiving end of this knife.

👤I saw this knife at the academy for 20 bucks and then on Amazon for 13 and thought I would give it a try. It is not full. It sounds like something is loose if you knock on the handle. It is an 13 dollar knife that I can put in my tractor toolbox and not worry about, it is not a high end knife. Buy with that in mind.

👤When first ordered, the knife arrived earlier than expected. The knife is the same as pictured. The knife is sharp. It is nice. I like to snap to secure my knife. The blade is well-fitting. Only giving 4 stars because the saw is not sharp and only leaves a small dent in wood and does not see past the saw teeth. I was very disappointed in that. I like the knife. It does not slip out of hand.

👤A 100% strong sturdy knife will buy again and have others purchase as well, if you're not careful.

👤The materiales are excelentes.

👤Well designed. The knife was very good.

👤It's just got a cool look, and it's exceeded expectations, especially at this price.

10. Kershaw Taskmaster Serrated Performance Glass Filled

Kershaw Taskmaster Serrated Performance Glass Filled

We stand by their products. If you have any issues or concerns with their product at any time, you can contact them through Amazon and they will provide you the best solution within 24 hours. The handsaw has 7 in. The blade is high carbon steel. A one-handed release with the push of a button. A textured glass-filled nylon handle is reinforced for increased strength and wear resistance. It's tough enough to clear a campsite, versatile enough for backyard landscaping and compact folding allows easy carry anywhere, perfect for hunting, fishing, camping, farming, landscaping, survival and emergencies. The locking system prevents the blade from closing during use.

Brand: Kershaw

👤It's heavy. The descriptions were not accurate. I thought it was the glass handle. It is still heavy. Unless you are camping in a travel trailer, look elsewhere. It's 253.5 grams. It's too long for what I wanted it for. It is well made and will be perfect for gardening. This saw has the name of a Kershaw on it and it shows. It's not light enough for backpacking. I'll use this for landscaping.

👤It was purchased to cut some shrubs. The blade had been marked over with a sharpie, and it was on the package. I was not expecting a black blade, nor was the product advertised as it had a non coated blade. If that matters to you, there's likely some bulk packaging error. To me? Who cares what it looks like? Some of it is good, some of it is terrible, but this seems perfect for camping and yard work. I'm happy.

👤It's difficult to assess the quality of very similar looking folding saws online. The brands that look similar are actually low quality. The blade is too thin and it's not safe to cut it. The locking mechanism is low grade plastic and makes folding and unfolding actions difficult. The plastic handle is brittle and has poor grip. To cut anything other than small branches or roots requires two handed operation, careful positioning, significant pressure, and quite a bit of time and concentration. This is an unimportant product outside of their purview. I would recommend a generic camp brand.

👤I got my mother in law a saw that she liked, because she needed something to cut tree limbs. She can use this with ease in her 70s. I have carried nothing but Kershaw knives my entire adult life because of their long-termDurability and ergonomics. I was not let down. Great product and company.

👤It is a good product from a company. I was able to cut through the wood with ease. The handle is light and feels great in my hands.

👤I haven't had the chance to use it yet, so I'm reviewing it by faith. The saw is straight forward when it comes to usage. It's a tool. I know it will cut just fine because it's very sharp. The construction seems very good, which I would expect from him. It's a great addition to my hiking/camping kit. I'm happy with my purchase.

👤The quality of this saw is low. It seems cheap and not strong. Have not used yet, but may hold up well under stress. I expected more from him.

👤After 15 years of service, I had to replace my limb saw. This one is made to last. The blade is a bit thin. It makes quick work of green limbs and I have used it a few times.

👤Cuenta con un filo, herramienta, corta con mucha facilidad. No necesita de mucho espacio.

👤El mango sin embargo la Sierra es una filada.

👤A huge upgrade on a similar version. There is no play between the saw and handle when the blade is out. Very happy with this.

11. Kutir Inch Pocket Chainsaw Emergency

Kutir Inch Pocket Chainsaw Emergency

Their friendly service, 1 x pop-up tent, 1 x carry bag, 4 x ropes, 8 x stakes, and 1 x instruction are what you get. Whatever it takes, their professional customer service will do it for you. If you have a question, please contact them. All of Roy Sword. The only saw you need is this 36inch one. It is easy to carry and cuts through like butter. It is suitable for a wide range of cases. Quality matters. The Kutir Pocket Chainsaw is very easy to use. It is possible because of their blade. Save hundreds of dollars on tree service with their high limb cutting kit. Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in inches. Add more rope for higher cuts. The chain can be flexible. Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in inches. Add more rope for higher cuts. The chain can be flexible.

Brand: Kutir

👤I bought this for a friend as a Christmas gift and I am pretty satisfied with it. It is pretty neat. He got a tree cut up for the first time.

👤I went in with low expectations. I came out after the first day of trail clearing with over a dozen logs and live branches that took less than a minute to cut through. It's 4 stars because the strap handles eat into your hands after a fair amount of use but to be fair most people won't be cutting as much as I did.

👤Really nice product. It took nearly a dozen branches to learn how to use it. It's difficult to trim a tree without damaging the tree and strip bark. I was surprised by the simplicity and rapidity. Proper force and technique is needed. My only wish was an instruction sheet with nylon handles. The bag is cute, but folding it back in would benefit from bigger volume.

👤I thought if I threw a rope up high with the saw on it, I could cut through the dead tree. It was complicated, but it worked out. I would be cautious not to bend the chain sideways because it's not as strong as a chainsaw or bike chain. blades are only on one side and it's difficult to cut a branch out of reach if you toss it before it lands on the blade side.

👤I bought this to cut a tree limb from 45 feet high, after attaching the saw to both ends, I cut the 8in limb down to the ground.

👤It's very easy to cut through wood and it has more teeth than I've seen. The trap doesn't feel like they will break easily, but sometimes it gets stuck. It is easy to cut wood for firewood. A lot faster than a machete. It's great for camping.

👤I tried to cut a fresh stump around 10" in diameter, but it didn't work out.

👤It was efficient and sharp. It is lightweight. You didn't know that you needed it.


What is the best product for survival saw knife?

Survival saw knife products from Roadfare. In this article about survival saw knife you can see why people choose the product. Iziusy and Ciano are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival saw knife.

What are the best brands for survival saw knife?

Roadfare, Iziusy and Ciano are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival saw knife. Find the detail in this article. Rovertac, Fiskars and Allynx are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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