Best Survival Saw Folding with Case

Saw 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Drchoer Stainless Chainsaw Survival Emergency

Drchoer Stainless Chainsaw Survival Emergency

Be prepared, because high visibility orange color allows for signaling for help or easy location when lost. The package has 3 or 4 PCS.3 colors to choose from. Steel wire and plastic are easy to carry. The total length is 21inch steel wire. It can be used for cutting wood,plastic,bone,rubber and soft metal. If their product doesn't meet your expectations, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's perfect in your backpack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities. If their product doesn't meet your expectations, they will give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. It's perfect in your backpack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Drchoer

👤I bought these Drchoer 3X Wire Saws for a different use, and I'll start by saying that. I'm using closed cell spray foam insulation to insulate the exterior walls of my cabin. I had to come up with a different way to trim the foam because my closed cell foam trimmer is too large. The light came on after I came upon the mini cable saws. I used wire saws that were tensioned between two steel rods to make several different sized jigs. I was able to trim in tight places because of them. The project is finished after my problem was solved. The wire saws come with blue handles, as shown in the seller's images. They were removed to make foam saws.

👤I was trying to solve an interesting dilemma when I bought these. I needed to remove some lumber from the walls of my RV. I didn't want to take the skin off the RV. The inside wall had to be removed to fix the damage. I can't use assault without damaging the aluminum outside. I was able to cut the boards out of place because I was able to slip the small product behind the wood. They're very sharp and can cut through wood quickly. I will use them for other uses. I will use my RV or cutting wood whenever I need it. It's important to keep one in your vehicle if it's allowed in your area, as they are great on any kind of hiking trips. This is something you could use in an emergency. Help build a small fire.

👤If you enjoy feeling cheated, stupid, and saying nasty words in front of your neighbors, you will love this POS. I bought a tree limb that is stuck in a tree in my front yard. I think I'll leave it there.

👤The product is weak and useless. I broke the first one when I pulled through the branch. The second one lasted the same despite my being more careful. I used the third to cut through a tiny branch. This saw is not worth much.

👤I had to cut out a couple of dead trunks in the middle of a big crape myrtle cluster because I couldn't fit my bow saw. As I got into the trunk, I realized that my right arm was stronger than my left arm, and that I couldn't pull the saw through one way or the other. I tried reversing the saw, but it didn't work, so it was my arm strength that mattered. The plastic in the handles was very frightening to me. The plastic is a hard type. I was afraid that I would hurt my fingers if I jerked it with my whole body and I didn't have confidence that it wouldn't break.

👤It comes coiled up, saves space, and never becomes uncoiled. It is very easy to start a cut to saw of a limb, but a few pulls back and forth can cause the saw to become stuck. I had to pull it out of the cut multiple times. If the limb is not high up in the tree, it's not doable. Very disappointing.

2. Silky Bigboy Folding Blade Large

Silky Bigboy Folding Blade Large

It's small, compact design makes it easy to fit in a backpack or hunting back. A multi-purpose folding saw has a blade that is more than 400mm in diameter. 6 teeth per inch (7 teeth per 30mm) teeth configuration with a perfectly-balanced uniquely-shaped low angle curve, hard chrome-plated blade Even in the most difficult operating conditions, the two-handed handle provides a comfortable grip. It's suitable for cutting green wood as well as dry wood.

Brand: Silky

👤I really like this saw so far. If you intend to cut wood that is up to 8 inches or larger, the longer blade is very useful. You could certainly cut larger sizes with more effort. Solid construction. This is my first longer blade saw from silky and it is thinner than I expected. I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised since that is a trademark of the Silky. I assumed it meant a bit thicker. The blade will flex if you whip it to the side. It's a good thing, thinner means less material to remove on each stroke, hence more efficient use of your energy. I got a large tooth blade as I intend to use it for larger sized cuts and use my smaller 240 for limbs and medium tooth precision cuts and sawing. It works very well. I can confirm that I like the thin blade. I'm usually a bigger, heavier guy. I have knocked down several cuts on 4-7 inch wood but have not used it extensively yet. The large tooth bite allows for a quicker cut than the medium so I am very happy about that. Most of the well designed saws don't want you to exert a lot of force on them. Unless you exert unnecessary force on the blade, I have had no binding or jumping. It cuts well without it, just keep a nice line and rhythm, and it cuts like butter. The thinner blade and flex that I mentioned earlier appears to help alleviate some of the conditions of binding which I really like and again, you are working to remove a smaller amount of material to make the cut so it is very efficient. The 2 position capability is a great addition for ease of use and it comes in very handy. A blade lock would be a nice thing to have. The lock out is solid, would be nice to have a similar notch in the blade on the fold to lock it down as solidly in the folded position. I have had a saw or two jump off a track and bite me, you can do that with this saw, it's very sharp. This cut on the pull saw does not cut in either direction. I intend to use it for camping and bushcraft, it's intended purpose is to trim my trees around my property.

👤Excellent tool. My first attempt was a piece of oak. I was a little surprised at first. The saw wanted to catch the wood and not cut it. I thought I needed a saw with bigger teeth. I figured out what I was doing wrong after experimenting for a few minutes. I let the saw's weight feed the blade into the wood instead of pushing it down. This way it cut better. The saw cut was very smooth. I tried a piece of green oak. It was like a hot knife in butter. It cuts great if you don't press down to hard on the wood.

3. Silky Saws PocketBoy Professional Folding

Silky Saws PocketBoy Professional Folding

Silky Saws have a limited lifetime warranty. The pull-cut technology combined with the curved blade results in the fastest cutting speed available. The blade length is 7 teeth per inch and is used to reduce resistance. The teeth of the blade stay sharp for three times longer than non-hardened teeth. Each PocketBoy has a hard plastic belt case. Product applications include camping, hiking, trail maintenance, hunting, and general pruning. Product applications include camping, hiking, trail maintenance, hunting, and general pruning.

Brand: Silky

👤I was concerned that the 130mm blade would be too short to process wood in larger dimensions, but this cutter put all my concerns to rest. I processed 4 to 5 inch diameter green and dry hardwood with little effort. I let the blade do the work and it did a great job. The cut ends were furniture grad smooth and accurate, not that I require that, but it does increase the possibility of the saw for finished ends. The curve makes a difference. I used to go on long hikes with this to process wood for my stove. It is very packable without a big weight penalty.

👤This is what I call "Never Hike without it seen". The saw went fast and impressed all the fellow backpackers.

👤When scissor-type trimmers were not effective or couldn't be used due to limbs in the way of long handles, I bought this to carry in the back pocket. They are easy to use off a ladder as they only have one hand. They seem very well made and have survived many hours of use with no apparent weakness in the rotating pivot or dulling of the blade teeth. A handy bush and tree trimming tool.

👤The saw is great, but the price is the only thing I don't like about it. I've been on backpacking trips. The weight is very heavy. I can process firewood in a matter of minutes. The size is perfect, roughly the length of a water bottle. These are the same things as cheaper products. My backpacking partner has a random off-brand saw which is a bit cheaper and larger than I like, but it functions the same.

👤This little saw is very sharp. I want the larger saw for camp. The little one is in my pack.

👤Silky folding handsaws are something that everyone has already said. I prefer the Gomboy, but if you're going out for a long time, then the pocketboy is a better choice. It does everything bigger brothers can do. I had no problem sawing 10 inch limbs.

👤This thing will power through limbs, just as well as a chain saw, with a lot less weight to carry. I wouldn't use it for cutting firewood, but for limbing and trimming it's my go to saw.

👤The pocket saw is mighty. The thing is strong and well made. The cuts are like butter. Highly recommended for pack camping or just around the house. I was surprised at how easy it is to cut.

👤Silky had an excellent folding saw. I've never bought a Silky product before. The 'Crazy Russian Hacker' videos are very entertaining. I'm not disappointed that he recommended this. A nice hard plastic transparent case is used. The blade is very sharp and can cut through a two inch branch in about 5 seconds. I cut my finger while wiping the side, so be careful! The teeth stick out of the side. A comfortable hard plastic grip with a strong feel to the saw. The blade is strong and sturdy. I'm happy that I bought this. You can keep this in your gardening toolkit. The yellow one has the biggest teeth. I'm looking for a medium or small size as it will be more suitable for other jobs, where a neat cut is required. It would be great to put this in your survival pack as the case makes it safe to carry. Considering how powerful it is, it's very small. It was a fantastic little saw.

4. Professional Folding Landscaping POCKETBOY 340 13

Professional Folding Landscaping POCKETBOY 340 13

Pruning, trimming, lawn and garden are some of the product applications. Each PocketBoy has a hard plastic belt case. The blade is chrome-plated and has impulse-hardened, non-set teeth. The blade length is 130mm/5.1 inches and has 2 open locking positions. It's an amazing cutting capacity that's ideal for landscaping, trimming, camping, trail maintenance, and general outdoors. The PocketBoy is small, lightweight and takes up little room in your bag, backpack, glove box or pocket. The PocketBoy is small, lightweight and takes up little room in your bag, backpack, glove box or pocket.

Brand: Silky

👤I have used the old folding saw on backpacking trips for the last twenty years and I thought this might be a good upgrade. I was disappointed with the size and weight of it, it felt too heavy for my style of camping. I will keep it for the back yard. I tried it. I sliced off the branches of the dead tree for the fireplace and it was obvious why people love it. It cuts through pine like a knife through butter. I sliced the small branches off the trees. I have never used a limb saw like this before. Either it is superb engineering or it is dark magic, but I like both of them. I will have to make up the extra ounces somewhere else now that it is going into my backpack.

👤This isn't a much more popular backpacking, camping, bushcraft saw. It's small and light, and can take down small trees with ease, but it's in a front pants pocket, so you can forget it's there. I think people might think that the dry stat is the same as a multitool saw, but it's not. This little guy is vicious on any tree you use for a camp fire, it can bring down or log it, and that's about how big of a tree it can get through. This is vastly under appreciated in the outdoors sports, bushcraft and survival scene. It has completely replaced the bahco in my system and has allowed me to carry all my cutting tools on my person, not in a pack, for day trips, overnighters and even weekend trips. I have a pocketboy, a belt knife, a Scandi folding knife, a tomahawk, and a 16 ounce knife. The tool weight kit. If you do any saw work, just get it in your hands and you will understand how useful it can be. You can carry a big knife if you can carry a smaller one. There is a I wish my knives had this grip because the grip is the most comfortable I've ever felt on a tool.

👤I trim mangroves to the legal limit in Southwest Florida and cut down brush/ trees that are not native to the area. Silky saws are the only hand saws I will use. I now own five different varieties. Over the years, they have proved their worth to me and allowed me to work in areas that would be very dangerous to use a chainsaw in. There are too many branches, vines, and sloppy ground that can keep you off balance. My friends might start asking if they can "lend me a hand" if I slip with a chainsaw. The Silky saw folds into a five inch long easily carried length, comes razor sharp, stays sharp for a long time, and replaceable blades are available when it becomes dull. When using it, you have to remember to use the pull stroke as the cutting stroke and not to expect a cut to be made when pushing the blade back for the next pull stroke. You only have to learn one lesson if you ignore this basic instruction. I regret buying a Hayauchi Telescoping Pole Saw that was 12 feet long. I've never seen a pole saw that was easy to use and effective. I would not hesitate to order their 20 foot pole saw if I were doing it again. I might be able to break this one so that I can tell my wife that I have to get another longer one. There is a note here. After 5 years of hard use, my pole saw gave up. The 21' model is the one that I am proud to own. Silky 179-39 Telescopic Pole Saw Hayauchi 390 is my review.

5. Silky Professional KatanaBoy Folding 403 50

Silky Professional KatanaBoy Folding 403 50

Quality is a budget priority. The tool is the same as advertised. It is durable, high quality and efficient at a relatively low price. It is resistant to rust and is made of high end heat treated steel. The device is packed with the benefits of expensive brands, but it is a much more cost efficient solution. The largest folding saw is on the market. It is possible for two-handed operation. The blade has a cutting capacity of 10. It's great for use on off-road adventures on snowmobile, ATV, motorcycle, or horseback. Comes with a carrying case. Silky Saws have a limited lifetime warranty. Silky Saws have a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Silky Saws

👤I own a business that does wilderness trail construction and maintenance, and it's become a very useful niche item for maintenance. We carry a few cutting tools when we do maintenance. A bowsaw, a pulaski, and a crosscut saw are similar to this. Blowdown sizes that are too big for the gyokucho and bowsaw, but small enough the crosscut turns into a pain in the ass, are a routine before we got this. It's fantastic if you understand what it's used for. It's pretty self explanatory. It's expensive. A pull saw costs roughly 40 dollars. One of the katana boy blades lasts half the time. I don't like the folding action design since you're closing the blade on your fingers. The safeties are awkward and I think a better handle design would fix a lot of the issues. If you're doing trail clearing or cutting wood over 6 in diameter, it's not awkward to use the larger pull saw. It's a great purchase. The blade is very strong.

👤This saw cuts through faster than you would expect. Every review about sharpness is true. I was cutting down a patch of buckthorn and didn't pay attention to where my right hand was and the blade flew through before I could react and expose more of my internal workings than I ever want to see again. There was a bloody mess. I kept working with one hand because I tied the digital up tight. I fell a total of about twenty buckthorn trees in a half hour. The saw is lethal and silent. Very happy, a little scared, but happy.

👤This thing is very light for it's size, but it's beautiful, and you are scared that you will cut your hand off at any moment, because the saw is so sharp and huge. It's wonderful. You have the confidence that you can quickly get your job done and become a lumberjack. You can grow your beard by touching it. This is a must if you go camping a lot and always have the fire wood collector. It's designed for cutting logs and kindling branches.

👤I decided on 500 because of the cost and weight. It was too good to pass up. I had a chance to use this and it was amazing. I can't get over how easy it is. I had a steep hillside and needed to clear some trees. This was the perfect opportunity to try out my chainsaw. I finished in 45 minutes. I was taking out 2 trees in one pull. The pulls were 6 or 8. I never touched the ground with the stihl The hill was very steep and I would ruin it. I purchased this to process wood while camping and bushcrafting, but I keep it in my truck in case I see a tree across the road. That is efficient and effective. I will buy as many as I can and give them as birthday or Christmas gifts if I find it again. I could keep going about it.

6. Upgrade Bidirectional Chainsaw Wood Cutting Survival

Upgrade Bidirectional Chainsaw Wood Cutting Survival

The Pocket Chain Saw can be used for outdoor activities. A close comparison with other brands of hand saws shows that theirs is every pair of cutting blade links cut in opposite direction on both sides. The tree saw will be able to cut through high limbs and low branches from the ground without getting stuck. It allows you to easily tear through wood. Material. The 48 inch saw chain is made of high- strength steel and has 62 teeth that will chew through tree branches up to 16 inches in diameter in a matter of minutes. A full set of guillotines. If you buy their hand chainsaw, you will get two 22 foot long emergency control ropes, 2 sturdy woven nylon handles, 4 STAINLESS steel spring buckles, 1 big aluminum snap hook, and a throwing weight pouch. It also saves you money on tree services. It is a multi-PURPOSE. The pocket saw is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, backpacking, gardening, and field survival gear. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their pocket chainsaw. Backed by their satisfaction. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their pocket chainsaw. Backed by their satisfaction.

Brand: Panzheng

👤A lot of limbs were done. The rope was good, but the quick links gave out, and it cost $2 to replace. After getting tangle with chain, the rope broke from a small tear. The only thing that was useful was the throw bag. Resulted from impact on the ground. The Pros Chain is great. I've used the best. Handles have saved me a lot. It has enough hardware to be able to adapt to each limb. A ladder could be used to control it. Don't crouch in the branch. The crouch results in binding. Do large limbs in steps. A friend with you. It takes some time for limbs over 6 inches in diameter to wear on you. Start wide and finish narrow. Start your strokes with the pull ends apart. This is where a friend can help. A top down cut is possible if the chain gets smaller starting wide. Oil is a friend. Since it is not running through an engine, there is no need for too much. Attach a secondary rope to one of the quick links below the chain. The chain will bind, but with a secondary rope and a friend you can lift the chain on both sides up and away from the limb. It's hard to describe, but imagine getting a couch through a hallway. Everyone is pulling in the same direction and at some point it will slip through.

👤I hung a large dead branch on a lower branch of a Red Oak tree. I had to get that branch down since it was a potentially dangerous situation. Being a cheap SOB, I didn't want to pay for a tree service and this rope saw was my solution. I used a throw line and weighted bag that I had on hand rather than the included bag to pull the saw to the branch. The branch was down a few minutes later.

👤The rope saw works. It is a two person saw. We attached a rope and spread it apart so that we could get a good long pull. We could not reach the job with a gas pole saw. The ropes were short for what we needed. 2. The bag did not hold up. We will make a bag to hold the contents and use as a throw bag.

👤The actual rope lengths were 22 feet 23 inches and 22 feet 5 inches. This measurement is generous, but still falls short of what is claimed. I'm not happy right out of the box.

👤I was skeptical about this. It did work. There is one tip. Greas can be put on the chain. If you are cutting wood. I was able to cut some branches. A bit of exercise but not much climbing.

👤I don't know how this works. If I hadn't been wearing goggles, the chain link would have taken an eye out.

👤I was able to cut several limbs with no problem.

👤It was only used for a small branch. A good price for a good value. I will update this review after more usage.

7. CIANO Folding Omega Shaped Evacuation Trimming

CIANO Folding Omega Shaped Evacuation Trimming

The surface of the folding saw blade is coated with an anti-rust coating for easy maintenance. The saw provides unparalleled performance for a variety of arboriculture, landscaping and gardening tasks. 5 years warranty with confidence The upgraded small hand saw blade is made of Molybdenum Vanadium synthetic steel, which has stronger hardness and toughness. Laser quenching technology, which is extremely sharp,cutting more quickly and labor-saving, is used in double-row cutting edge, three-sided grinding gear. The chip flute is unique. The garden hand saw of the standard chip flute can quickly remove chips, reduce noise, and let you cut freely without jamming the saw. The safety lock of the folding wood saw can open the blade with one key. There is no need to worry about accidental injury when the saw blade is hidden in the handle. The folding pruning saw is easy to store. The woodworking saw handle made of soft silicone material is more user-friendly, and the non-slip texture is more wear-resistant. People of all hand shapes have a grip. The lightweight folding wood saw is a good tool for fastPruning and cleaning the garden, but also a heavy-duty camping saw and backpack saw indispensable for survival, exploration and hunting in the wild. The lightweight folding wood saw is a good tool for fastPruning and cleaning the garden, but also a heavy-duty camping saw and backpack saw indispensable for survival, exploration and hunting in the wild.

Brand: Ciano

👤The blade is sharp. It was tested against 4 inch branches that were fallen from a storm. It does its job. The handle material becomes damaged when closing the blade. The teeth dig into the handle material when you attempt to close it because there's too much flex or wiggle in the blade. There is no locking mechanism for being closed. It's a good tool for $12, but you have to pay attention to closing it, which is a distraction. Buy now and upgrade as your budget allows.

👤It's the fall. It's time to trim my bushes, shrubs and fruit trees. When I took this out of the box, it was very heavy. I wasn't expecting that and it was a pleasant surprise. The saw feels very solid once the blade is folded out and the handle is heavy. Push the silver metal button and the saw will come back up. The saw blade cut through branches. I wanted to see that I could fold up and use my tools. I didn't want to have a blade that I could cut myself on. The bill quality on this foldable saw is very good and I can tell it will last a long time. I took a chance on it.

👤It's what I need. The blade is thin and the nut that holds it to the handle is large. They should have used a different screw head. Still has a good amount of weight. Clean folds are cut and locks are good. A backpack saw.

👤I found nothing bad about this saw. I needed it to cut. I didn't need to worry about the be blade lock slipping because it was comfortable to grip. It would make a great addition to a survival tool.

👤The blade was very sharp and made quick work of 2x4s that I was using for firewood. The blade is flimsy and I had some issues trying to use the full blade to cut. It does its job as a pack saw, but you wouldn't want to use it for a long time. The price and quality of the product make it a good buy.

👤Great tool. It was taken on a 4 day backpacking trip along Lake Superior. This saw cuts firewood fast for its size. If you are cutting a lot of wood in the wilderness, you should only draw back the weight.

👤I have used this to cut branches. I carry it with me on my backpack. It cuts wood quickly. The blade lock shut is the only improvement I would like to see.

👤This saw is amazing! The larger blade gaps make it easier to cut. Excellent recommendation and a great price.

8. FLORA GUARD Folding Camping Professional

FLORA GUARD Folding Camping Professional

Pruning, trimming, lawn and garden are some of the applications. Their hand saw can cut through High-carbon steel and razor tooth blade can cut through branches up to 4 inches in diameter. The razor teeth of the saw are hardened to stay sharp. The handle of the small saw is designed to fit the hand and prevent it from dropping. Strong pulls result in accurate cuts. The size will fit any hand size. The saw blade is fully hardened. The razor tooth saws are designed to be comfortable in your hand. The razor tooth is impulse hardened for a longer life after being whetstone-ground. The Florentine Guard hand saw is easy to open and close. It keeps the blade firmly in place during use and prevents the accident of saw blade falling or gripping when not in use. Making better tools for gardeners. The Florentine Guard hand saw is easy to open and close. It keeps the blade firmly in place during use and prevents the accident of saw blade falling or gripping when not in use. Making better tools for gardeners.

Brand: Flora Guard

👤I get upset when advertisers lie. There are 2 lies here. The blade length is advertised as 7.7 inches. The cutting edge of the blade is not small. They say the blade locks into two different positions. The blade is locked in the first position. It's a mere 30, and almost useless. I would have given it four or five stars if they hadn't lied, the saw still cuts very well, and I would have given it four or five stars if they hadn't lied. The seller apparently did not like my review, and this is the last email sent to me via Amazon. I am very sorry that you didn't like it, but would you mind updating your review first so we can give you a refund? I stand by every word of my original review. If you want to buy a saw like this, I recommend the Colwelt Folding Saw Set on Amazon.

👤The saw works well for the purpose it was designed for. The saw has a large cut on it. It can be difficult to get a grooves because the teeth will catch on harder wood. It tears through wood quickly and straight. I am curious how they are using the blade. Improper use or expecting it to act like a full sized saw will make the user disappointed. I recommend it to anyone with common sense because I am very pleased with the way it works.

👤I have to push the end over to close it because it is ascue. The +2 locking position is useless, as it only has one setting to use, which is open all the way. The extra position is almost closed, so I was hopeful that it would lock open at 45 degree leverage. It was a good purchase. It has been updated. The screw fell out after 2 months of trimming and the blade fell out.

👤It is a folding saw. It works. The blade is not as large as others I have used. It is very easy to modify it. When you close it, the blade hits the handle. It is possible to bend it back straight with your hand, but that makes me question its resilience.

👤I can't say I didn't pretend this was a switchblade, but I can say it's light weight. It was easy to use. It's not easy to unsheath a serious blade. It's great for medium branches. Bushes and tree limbs. It is very easy to move around your yard. It was in my back pocket when I wasn't using it.

👤The cutting action of this saw was very disappointing to me. It looks and feels good, but the teeth are not made well. They are poorly set and not cut well for a razor tooth-type blade. The edges of the teeth are not straight, but they are different from each other, and some have a small "hook" on the edge. It takes forever to cut a small branch, feeling like you aren't getting anywhere. It will make you stop breathing with the longer it goes. It's hard to get started because it won't start a line where you mean for it to start. The saw is difficult to work with and it doesn't give good results. The razor tooth saw I use is very good and goes through branches quickly.

9. Pocket Chainsaw Pocket Sized Emergency Wilderness

Pocket Chainsaw Pocket Sized Emergency Wilderness

The belt loop is included. RAZOR SHARP SELF CLEANING. 3 inches in seconds! It is designed for maximum performance. There is minimal binding, which decreases your workload. This is a must have for your survival kit. It is possible to be portable. The hand saw folds and fits neatly into the holster case, which is 5” long by 4” wide. Pull and tug motion versus push and shove is a key feature of the saws efficiency. The pocket saw saves you energy and it is less strenuous. All terrain: The saw performs at its best no matter where it is. It can be used in the backyard for cutting and grooming trees. Campers can use it for clearing grounds or gathering fire wood. It's economical: COMPACT. The extendable chainsaw can be expanded with more rope to reach taller branches. No fuel is needed, it's more efficient than traditional handsaws. There are no harmful chemical emissions which cause breathing air to be polluted. Quality is a budget priority. The tool is the same as advertised. It is durable, high quality and efficient at a relatively low price. It is resistant to rust and is made of high end heat treated steel. The device is packed with the benefits of expensive brands, but it is a much more cost efficient solution. Quality is a budget priority. The tool is the same as advertised. It is durable, high quality and efficient at a relatively low price. It is resistant to rust and is made of high end heat treated steel. The device is packed with the benefits of expensive brands, but it is a much more cost efficient solution.

Brand: Wealers

👤This tool is useless. The teeth are only on every 3rd link, and have little stops on them, which makes it hard for it to sawing effectively, and it jams immediately on any limb I tried. It's almost impossible to get the blades to go in a different direction once it's on a tree because the chain is very inflexible. You have to take the whole thing down. The pouch seems like it's good quality, and they wrap the chain in a plastic bag to keep the oil from getting on the bag.

👤I bought one of these to remove some of the low branches of the trees in my yard. I had to break the other half of the limb to get the saw loose because it was bound up 1/2 way through. I went to my local hardware store and bought a bowsaw at the same price point, and it did a great job. I tried using a pocket chain saw to cut up the limbs that were down but it wouldn't work and I had to break it free. I was cutting small branches. I would suggest buying a bowsaw for the limbs instead of purchasing one of them. The job was finished quickly because it made all the difference.

👤The survival saw is a must have. Great tool. I recommend very highly. The U.S. Army's cavalry engineer. Retired Sgt. 1st class.

👤I bought this to cut down a tree that had grown in a strange place where a traditional saw couldn't access it. It took a while but a tree with an8" trunk is gone and the saw is still sharp. I don't know if I'll ever use it again. I know it will work if I do.

👤Wow. The Gigli saw from Walmart was 1000% worse. I cut logs for my fire in less than a minute. The logs were in a certain size. Didn't get any. It works like a champ.

👤I bought this for the bug out bag and it works great. It will require manual work from the user. It cuts well. I don't think this is a good idea. I cut through a 6x4 Pressure treated and with breaks took me about 8 minutes, a 4x4 pressure treated in about 5 minutes then about a 1.5” branch. It cuts well, is sharp, and has good handles. I need to get in better shape to cut quicker. It's funny. Definitely recommend it.

👤I dropped a limb next to the house. I wanted to go on a ladder, but the branch was higher than I wanted. It took some time to figure out how to get the saw to cut through. I was unable to see the rest of the way through after the branch broke on the first cut. It's a fifty percent chance it will bend the wrong way. Just slide it off the branch and twist the rope. It was best to stand underneath the branch and extend my arms as far as possible. Light tension is the best. Pulling too far gets the handle stuck in the kerf, and pulling not enough doesn't cut as much. You have to pay attention and get out of the way when the branch is done.

10. SILKY Folding Landscaping GOMBOY 294 21

SILKY Folding Landscaping GOMBOY 294 21

The blade is curved for maximum speed. The blade length is 8-1/3-inch. 6 teeth per inch and 30 teeth per millimeter. The operating weight is 0.55 pounds and the weight with the carrying case is 0.65 pounds. There is a clear plastic carrying case. Pruning, trimming, lawn and garden are some of the product applications.

Brand: Silky

👤I bought this saw for my bag. It is a backup if I end up outside for multiple nights. My decision was between an axe and a saw. The saw is lighter and more portable. I had my top picks between the Bahco and Silky. The Bahco has a firm blade and cuts on both push and pull strokes, while the Silky only cuts on the pull stroke. So you would think, why not buy the Bahco? Wrong! You have more control over the pull stroke, and this saw has no issues there. The flexible blade may be a blocker for some. If your wood is irregular, or just in a tight spot, the flexible blade will prevent much of the binding compared to a rigid blade. Both of these choices are great. The bug out shelter and camp fire will be ready in a pinch. The Silky comes with a nice weather sealed carry case, the blade lock offers several angle of attack positions, and the back edge can be used as a strikers for fire steel. I used my saw on several branches. It went through like butter. It seems to fit in the hand. Always wear gloves. This is not a toy. I am happy with my decision so far. #Trump 2020.

👤I bought the Silky Gomboy with large teeth because these reviews seem to get used for similar but not always the same purchases. I have used this saw to cut iron wood and maple. You don't need a lot of downward pressure when using the saw because it cuts on the pull and not on the push. The blade will bend if you push it to cut. Pull it and it will do the work. Have been impressed. The length of the blade is perfect. I don't think I'd go much longer or shorter for what I use it for. I bought a $5 leather pliers belt holder, which I soaked in water for 15 seconds, then slid the saw in to dry the leather, and it was shaped right to the saw. I love the hole in the handle and would like to add an orange line to it to increase visibility. You will not regret spending the extra money, but you would like the replacement blades to be cheaper than a new saw.

👤This is one of the best saws on the market. I teach Bushcraft survival and this saw will cut. If not careful, it will cut you. The quality of steel is superior. This is a serious piece of equipment and it is made in Japan. I would bet my life on it. The only thing I would change is the blade. If you get close to the ground as a fallen log, this pivot is useful. I have had the pivot assist in cutting at this angle click in the wrong position. It is not a big deal. I would prefer a positive lock. I'm pretty sure I applied pressure to the blade at the wrong angle to cause it to change angles. The only reason for the one star is that! I own two Gomboy's, one Pocket and one Zubat. Awesome saws! Quality!

11. Fiskars 7 Inch Folding Saw

Fiskars 7 Inch Folding Saw

essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more It's ideal for cutting thick branches. Even through heavy use, the steel blade stays sharp. The blade folds into the handle for easy storage. There are blade locks in the folded and unfolded positions.

Brand: Fiskars

👤Terrible. I returned it. I lost my favorite folding pruning saw. I have owned other Fiskars products and thought this was a good deal. I was wrong. It's hard to believe that this is a genuine product, as the saw is poorly made and designed. The blade is not stiff enough to cut large objects. I tried to cut some small branches on a maple tree, but the blade flexed so much that I had a hard time cutting it. The blade teeth are set in a rough crosscut style that is not correct for aPruning saw. The wide pattern makes it difficult for the blade to cleanly bite into the wood. The plastic body is cheap and has many flaws. Don't buy it.

👤Fiskars have a saw tooth shape that works well. The teeth on the one I received were different from the ones on the saw I was using. Attached is a photo. The Fiskars saws I have work great. Hmm.

👤This feels like something you would get at a dollar store, with sloppy stamped teeth, soft steel, and a toy quality plastic handle. Terrible. I use a lot of Fiskers products and they are either fake ripoffs or people were asleep when these slipped through.

👤I own and use a variety of Fiskars cutting tools, and they have never let me down. Have you ever used a toy? The kind that came with a child's toy carpentry set? That's how this saw the cuts. The saw did not have Fiskars' trademark. It looked like the first two pics in the listing, as opposed to the second two. I don't know if this saw was made by another company or not, but it didn't perform like any Fiskars I've ever used. You may want to buy a different saw. Don't bother with it.

👤This folding pruning saw seems to be the quality product I expect from Fiskars, and arrived promptly, except. The only way to bind the blade up is if the wood cut is bent open, because there is no set to the teeth. I won't buy it again.

👤I gave the saw 3 stars because it was very inexpensive and was able to do the job with effort. I should have known that a Fiskar quality product would come at a low price, but I didn't. If you want a low cost saw for very infrequent use, just get one of the no-name versions. Fiskar does not deserve revenue for putting their name on this. It takes a long time to see small branches. If you want a good saw, get a more expensive one that has two row blades so it cuts on both the forward and backward strokes.

👤Not very strong and low grade steel. Fiskars used to be known for their quality. They're using cheap materials in their quest for lower cost. I bought a proper pruning saw from the local dealer after I was disappointed with this saw. It's expensive, but it's sharp.


What is the best product for survival saw folding with case?

Survival saw folding with case products from Drchoer. In this article about survival saw folding with case you can see why people choose the product. Silky and Silky Saws are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival saw folding with case.

What are the best brands for survival saw folding with case?

Drchoer, Silky and Silky Saws are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival saw folding with case. Find the detail in this article. Panzheng, Ciano and Flora Guard are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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