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1. UrbanXElites Hand Saw Trees Equipment

UrbanXElites Hand Saw Trees Equipment

This tool is easy to use and control because of the leverage it provides. Use their Tree limb cutter Cable Saw to cut both high and low lying branches. The Hand Chain Saw can cut 14-16 Inches in a matter of minutes. Manual Chainsaw is the way to go. A full fringe kit. The Rope Chain Saw kit has 16 different items. Everything you need for tree trimming. A portable chainsaw and a rope saw are at your fingertips. When all you need is a pocket saw, it's a good investment. Their tree trimming tools are just a fraction of the costs. Rope Chain Saws for Trees are a good value. The hand chain saws for tree trimming can cut both thick and thin trees. You can use this chain hand saw to cut through branches you don't need. You're safer after purchase because they have a 100% refund or replacement guarantee. Add your survival saw to the cart and start cutting! You're safer after purchase because they have a 100% refund or replacement guarantee. Add your survival saw to the cart and start cutting!

Brand: Urbanxelites

👤The product works well for cutting at a short distance. It's light and sharp. You're good if you can only hold the saw with the straps. You're in trouble if you need the parachords. It requires two people for long-range use. You're stuck if the chain gets tangled. My saw is stuck in a tree and hanging off the ground. Unless you have a friend who shares your passion for pruning, you should not use this for long-range cutting. The product description is not in the manual.

👤It did the job as advertised. I cut some oak branches that were several inches in diameter. I made my own throwing line from a Surf fishing sinker because Kit didn't have a weight for it. Throwing the line where you want it takes practice, but it works. The two lines included in the kit are too short for me. I used a piece of para-cord and a throwing line. I suppose I could have tied the two pieces together, but it would have been too late. The video shows that cutting the branches by yourself can be problematic as you get to the branch because it can bind. It does work, but is a workout.

👤I bought a chainsaw hand saw about 1.5 years ago, but it did not have anything in the kit other than some paracord. The kit has everything you need to remove limbs from a tree. I am taking down a large white oak tree in my front yard. I now have all the main branches. If the limb bends in the wrong direction, you will get a pinched chainsaw as a backup. I took off branches that were so high that I could not throw a throw weight high enough to get over them, so I bought a throw weight launcher and am good to over 100 ft now. It works best with 2 people, but I have done a lot by myself. I have a chainsaw hand saw in and I have a heavy rope above the Notch that I use for the main branch. I tie the rope above and use my tractor to pull on the branches so the saw doesn't get pinched. The white oak is over 100 ft tall and has trees to the left and right of it. You can take down limbs over 10 inches if you take your time and work safely. Make sure you have a rope or cable above where you want to cut to get the branch to go where you need it to. You can add longer pieces of paracord to what is supplied.

👤Didn't think the links would make a difference, but they kept the blade moving more smoothly than a regular chain. It's critical that Bi directional cut is done. The kit had a long one for tossing the weight bag and two long ones for the handles. You can practice your knots to attach the handles. I am happy I ordered this one.

2. Upgraded Survival Emergency Hunting。Wire Stainless

Upgraded Survival Emergency Hunting%E3%80%82Wire Stainless

We insist on their products and warranty. Their priority is your satisfaction. They have a lifetime warranty and no-reason return policy to make sure you get the best experience. The snap-on design is more durable, with 38 sections of snaps, 3 serrations per section, sharper, and the thickness of the riveted joint is only 2.4mm, which reduces friction and saves effort. Their new pocket chainsaw can cut wood with ease, and it's easy to use. The fire starter kits for survival are made of high strength, strong, and stretchable 440 STAINLESS STEEL. It is the best wire saw on the market. It can make you stay out of the woods. The cable saw is easy to carry and is 5 times lighter than other chain saws. The light weight design of convenience folding does not affect its sharpness or durability because of the use of high strength materials. It is easier to carry than other chainsaws. It's widely used: fire starter survival tool, survival in the wild, hiking, camping, cutting trees hand saw for trees, collecting firewood, and other outdoor activities. The package contains a nordic pocker saw, a chain saw, gloves, and a fire-starter stick. The package contains a nordic pocker saw, a chain saw, gloves, and a fire-starter stick.

Brand: Nothers

👤It is amazing! This was an impulsive purchase. I found it by mistake. I thought it was a cool idea. I thought this would be a nice conversation piece. On the 4th of July, my honey, a couple friends, and I went fishing and hiking on the river. We were still walking as we were appropriating our buddies property. We rolled up on a tree. I brought along my camping survival kit. The tree was in 4 pieces so we could continue our journey. The design of this little shark tooth saw makes it easy to use. I think it will become sharper as you saw with it. Highly recommend!

3. Upgrade Bidirectional Chainsaw Wood Cutting Survival

Upgrade Bidirectional Chainsaw Wood Cutting Survival

The Pocket Chain Saw can be used for outdoor activities. A close comparison with other brands of hand saws shows that theirs is every pair of cutting blade links cut in opposite direction on both sides. The tree saw will be able to cut through high limbs and low branches from the ground without getting stuck. It allows you to easily tear through wood. Material. The 48 inch saw chain is made of high- strength steel and has 62 teeth that will chew through tree branches up to 16 inches in diameter in a matter of minutes. A full set of guillotines. If you buy their hand chainsaw, you will get two 22 foot long emergency control ropes, 2 sturdy woven nylon handles, 4 STAINLESS steel spring buckles, 1 big aluminum snap hook, and a throwing weight pouch. It also saves you money on tree services. It is a multi-PURPOSE. The pocket saw is perfect for outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, hiking, backpacking, gardening, and field survival gear. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their pocket chainsaw. Backed by their satisfaction. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their pocket chainsaw. Backed by their satisfaction.

Brand: Panzheng

👤A lot of limbs were done. The rope was good, but the quick links gave out, and it cost $2 to replace. After getting tangle with chain, the rope broke from a small tear. The only thing that was useful was the throw bag. Resulted from impact on the ground. The Pros Chain is great. I've used the best. Handles have saved me a lot. It has enough hardware to be able to adapt to each limb. A ladder could be used to control it. Don't crouch in the branch. The crouch results in binding. Do large limbs in steps. A friend with you. It takes some time for limbs over 6 inches in diameter to wear on you. Start wide and finish narrow. Start your strokes with the pull ends apart. This is where a friend can help. A top down cut is possible if the chain gets smaller starting wide. Oil is a friend. Since it is not running through an engine, there is no need for too much. Attach a secondary rope to one of the quick links below the chain. The chain will bind, but with a secondary rope and a friend you can lift the chain on both sides up and away from the limb. It's hard to describe, but imagine getting a couch through a hallway. Everyone is pulling in the same direction and at some point it will slip through.

👤I hung a large dead branch on a lower branch of a Red Oak tree. I had to get that branch down since it was a potentially dangerous situation. Being a cheap SOB, I didn't want to pay for a tree service and this rope saw was my solution. I used a throw line and weighted bag that I had on hand rather than the included bag to pull the saw to the branch. The branch was down a few minutes later.

👤The rope saw works. It is a two person saw. We attached a rope and spread it apart so that we could get a good long pull. We could not reach the job with a gas pole saw. The ropes were short for what we needed. 2. The bag did not hold up. We will make a bag to hold the contents and use as a throw bag.

👤The actual rope lengths were 22 feet 23 inches and 22 feet 5 inches. This measurement is generous, but still falls short of what is claimed. I'm not happy right out of the box.

👤I was skeptical about this. It did work. There is one tip. Greas can be put on the chain. If you are cutting wood. I was able to cut some branches. A bit of exercise but not much climbing.

👤I don't know how this works. If I hadn't been wearing goggles, the chain link would have taken an eye out.

👤I was able to cut several limbs with no problem.

👤It was only used for a small branch. A good price for a good value. I will update this review after more usage.

4. ANCHOVY Chainsaw Trimming Upgraded Survival Emergency

ANCHOVY Chainsaw Trimming Upgraded Survival Emergency

It is recommended that you use the working instructions at 60 degrees. 2 people need to cooperate with 7inch stumps. Apply antirust oil and keep it lubricating. The 41" hand chain is made of high strength heat-treated carbon steel and is a perfect fit for anyone. The chain saw is light and versatile. You can fold a 24 inch chain in 4 inches and the total weight is only 0.35bls. The paracod handle can be used to reach high branches or other emergency situations. It's perfect for hiking, camping, emergencies, simple yard work and whenever you need to cut down the wood. The portable survival saw can cut through wood from small branches to large tree trunks in seconds and cuts over-head branches with ease, thanks to the flexible chainsaw links. The perfect gift is a pipette. The universal hand saw is ideal for many different wild situations and has a portable pocket size. It's a great gift for hikers, campers, hunters, and any other outdoors person. The Pocket Chain Saw is a great tool for home garden fixing, hiking, camping, hunting, firewood collecting, tree-cutting or yard work. It's perfect for your Bushcraft needs. The Pocket Chain Saw is a great tool for home garden fixing, hiking, camping, hunting, firewood collecting, tree-cutting or yard work. It's perfect for your Bushcraft needs.

Brand: Anchovy

👤If yocu use for branches less than an inch, it is bad for larger diameter branches. It is very hard to work. It gets caught often in wider branches.

5. Upgrade Folding Camping Survival Hunting

Upgrade Folding Camping Survival Hunting

essential gear for camping, backpacking, and more The teeth are Carbon Steel. The High Saw Limb has a 53 inch chain with blades on both sides. The double layers of links add strength to the chain. The material is made of carbon steel. The saw chain is 53 inches in length and can chew through 4 - 5 inch limbs in a matter of minutes. A portable rope saw can cut high limbs from the ground. Their saws will allow you to cut through wood with ease. The rope saw is perfect for camping. The package includes a 53 inch rope saw, a throwing weight pouch, 2 handles, and a hand strap. The spring snap hook has a round file. The package includes a 53 inch rope saw, a throwing weight pouch, 2 handles, and a hand strap. The spring snap hook has a round file.

Brand: Toyeah

👤This is my second manual chain saw. I had a different model from another vendor. That one was very hard to stick through a 6-inch limb. The carabiners were small and flimsy. The carabiners lacked self-locking teeth. When the saw got stuck, a come-along attached to the rope pulled each carabiner apart, so that my rope was not stuck in the tree. This one was the other. Ignore the teeth and look at the link between them. There is magic! The other had a straight link. The teeth are not able to take too deep a bite. Deeper bites might get you done quicker. If it doesn't get stuck. You don't get done if you get stuck. Shallower bites mean easier pulls. The saw gets stuck less often. It's not hard to get it unstuck when this one sticks. I will give a tip. Leave the other side completely slack when pulling one side. It will help to prevent sticking. It helped some but not enough. The other is stuck up in the tree. It wasn't any cheaper either. I'm happy with this one.

👤The football shaped guides kept the teeth from getting too deep. Rarely did it get stuck. Get used to how it handles on a low branch. The weighted bag and chain should be thrown. When tossing the weight, be careful not to let the chain run through your hand or body. Before attempting that tall branch, be patient and get proficient with it.

👤This worked out well. You will need more rope for branches over 25 feet in the air. The pouch was worthless after a few throws. I would have given this product 5 stars if it was made of a different material. The saw, ropes, and clips that came with the set were great, but we ended up using smaller logs as handles, so I can't speak to the handles that came with the set. We used this saw for a 40 foot oak branch that was 6 inches in diameter and we had no issues with it. If you want to get the best results, you should have two people on any branches more than 3 inches in diameter. I would buy again, but replace that useless pouch with a heavy canvas.

👤The rope saw is awesome. I was looking for a way to cut branches that were difficult to reach with a ladder and pole saw. I have cut 6 branches that range in height from 10 to 20 feet. All were between 3-6” in diameter. The rope saw is awesome. The hardest part is getting the branch to slide back down. The chain is perfect. Light pressure will cut this thing. Definitely recommend. The first thing I grab is a rope and chain.

👤The chainsaw works well. The cutting teeth have a pair of spacers between them that increase the strength and rigidity of the blade and prevent them from biting too deeply. The long "blade" allows cutting of large logs while still giving you a long and effective pull-stroke. I used it for cutting a branch 50 feet up in a tree, but the ropes it came with were not long enough. It can be used with para-cord directly through the end of the chain, or with a small coreless braided rope, which will allow you to use a splice to fix the rope in place. I keep this one close to hand for my overhead trimming work. Highly recommended.

6. Loggers Art Gens Sides Best Survival

Loggers Art Gens Sides Best Survival

Cut the capacity in half. The Carbon Steel Teeth of the PERFECT GIFT are 62 Sharpest. It doesn't matter how it lands because the High Saw Limb has an upgraded 48 inch chain with blades on both sides. There are lots of freebees. If you buy their chainsaw, you will get two emergency safety ropes, two sturdy woven nylon handles, three spring buckles, and a throwing weight pouch. The accessible surgical scalpel cuts high limbs safely and easily from the ground. Their saws will allow you to cut through wood with ease. A There are a lot of uses. The chainsaw is perfect for camping. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their pocket chainsaw. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their pocket chainsaw.

Brand: Loggers Art Gens

👤I used this saw to cut down some branches. It worked on a few branches, but got stuck on the last one. The saw is very sharp and cuts quickly, but it is difficult to get it into the tree. The chain under the branch will pinch the saw and it will be stuck. We stood on either side of the branch and sawed it. The chain will bend and get stuck if each person is not directly across from the other. If you want to save a few hundred on cutting down a high branch, you can use two people and plan carefully, but this can work for you. The rope saw the cams. There are parts in a box. My branches were over 30 feet high. I used a parachute cord. The rope for the throwing bag and two others for the saw worked best for me. Throwing a line with the yellow ropes that come with this was difficult. I put a half pound rock in the bag. Square knots were used for my connections. Once I got a line over and hauled the saw up, cutting was easy, just short strokes and branches came down quickly. The branches I cut were small and did not come down cleanly, I had no smooth straight cuts because of the weight of the branch pulling itself down before the cut was complete. There were some difficulties getting the rope down. I had to remove all the knots before I pulled the rope back down. The metal clips were good. They will lose with a lot of force. Quality could have been better. The chain needs to be sharp. I have a few photos of the saw but can't post them on the internet.

👤The two of us were able to use the chain saw on the rope. We wanted to open the view to the water and bring down some dead limbs. When the tree trimmer did not show up, we took this project on. It took 2 days to trim 10 trees and 60 limbs that ranged in size from about 1/2 to 10 inches. The guide-line was thrown over the limbs and set up for the actual sawing. The biggest limbs can be cut in 10 minutes or less. My brother gave me the longer rope that is needed but not supplied. The saw worked great and we had the best time. The big limbs were cut twice and a few times to avoid the breaking limb stripping the bark at the tree. We used a round, 1.25 pound dumbbell weight for throwing the guide string over the limbs and it easily reached the 35-40 foot heights. The saw arrived on time, it was easy to set up, and the 48 inch length was a perfect fit. We were cutting through 10 inch limbs in less than 10 minutes. The saw can get stuck in the small or large limbs if the cutting angle is not big enough, and one of the carabiners that the rope was tied to broke. I plan on buying a couple more for Christmas gifts so I can work with my children. Thomas is now a believer.

7. Gardening Chainsaw Outdoor Backpacking 48inch 62teeth

Gardening Chainsaw Outdoor Backpacking 48inch 62teeth

The kit includes a rope saw, a throwing weight bag, ropes, handles, carabiners, and S-hooks. 50% more blades. The High Tree Rope Limb Chainsaw has an upgraded chain. Quality does count. Their saw can cut through anything in a second. The cuts over the head branches are easy. It is easy to take. The hand saw can be put in a pocket. It is easy to pack and take anywhere. The perfect gift is a wild one. It's ideal for hiking, camping or simple yard work. The handles can be extended with rope to reach higher places. Their 100% satisfaction is backed by your money back. Their 100% satisfaction is backed by your money back.

Brand: Borda

👤It was often cut while it was jambed. It took 2 hours to cut the tree limb. I would have to climb the tree to free it. It might be good for small limbs.

👤I wouldn't buy this product again. I had a hard time using this product. The blade was stuck between the brenches and it was very hard on the hands.

👤The first time I used it, the chain broke. Half of the ropesaw is stuck in the tree. I shouldn't have been able to break the chain.

👤I think my husband can use it.

8. NOVSIX Survival Stainless Outdoor Emergency

NOVSIX Survival Stainless Outdoor Emergency

Comes in a bag that is strong. The rope is made of superior 4 strands of wire. It's safe for hand and cloth with two rings and a rotating band at the end. The total length is 75 cm and the wire length is 59 cm. 25g is the net weight. It can be used for cutting wood, plastic, bone, rubber, and soft metal. Light weight, flexible, easy to carry. It's perfect in your backpack for hiking, camping and other outdoor activities.

Brand: Skemix

👤I needed this to make sure I didn't cut through a 3 inch chase pipe while I was cutting it. I got it very quickly and was a little skeptical as it didn't seem like it was coarse enough to cut through HD plastic, but I started on it. It was cutting well, except into my fingers. It became painful after a while because the end end rings are square cut rather than rounded. Heavy leather gloves that didn't fit into the rings make it work, and really, it cut quite well, but it needs rounded end rings not square cut ones. It's a big deal after a while. It did cut well for the price. If that's what you need, that's a no-brainer.

👤It worked well. It was a 2 pack. I have a spoiled pig that had a tusk that was poking him when he turned his head. The first was 85% through. It was in the center of the chain. I thought it was getting too much of a V shape while using it, and it broke. The other person finished the job. They did a great job for this task. It was like any other belly rub. Next time, I will buy another pack.

👤You don't know how nice these are until you need them. Cuts through bone with ease.

👤It seems to be good quality wire saws. I have only tested one of them on a 4in locust tree, and it was a wire saw, so I can't speak to their longevity.

👤It's best used for a survival kit. I own two of the vehicles. It is better to have a second one in a survival situation. If you want to do trapping, it's good to read up on trapping techniques.

👤Great product. These are great for a lot of things. I keep one in my tool box, one in my big out bag, and one with camping gear. Light weight, easy to use, and can saw through anything quickly.

👤The chain's claps are made of aluminum. On the first attempt, the chain ripped free from the clamp. Attempted to finish by hand only cut into my hand.

👤I had to cut the branch with a knife because both of my branches broke apart. You get what you pay for. They cut through a thumb branch that might be good for bone. I wouldn't rely on these.

9. Loggers Art Gens Hand Chain

Loggers Art Gens Hand Chain

48 inch 62 teeth hand is included in the pack list. Rope Saw, Throwing Weight Pouch, 2 Pcs Woven Nylon Handles, 2 Pcs 23 Ft Ropes, and 5 Pcs Metal Hook are included. They will try their best to satisfy you if you are not happy with their products. You can cut trees high enough with the complete high limb cutting kit, 48-inch hand chainsaw, and thicker ropes. The arrangement mode of the 62 sharp steel serrated blades should be upgraded to a high quality chain so that it won't get stuck. The blades sit on both sides of the chain, so it doesn't matter how it lands. It takes 20 seconds to switch between pocket chain saws and high limb rope saws, while longer ropes allow you to cut safely over longer distances. Their rope saws are a fraction of the cost of a tree service and can be used to repair your book many times over and at any time. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their hand chainsaw. They will give you a 100% money-back guarantee if you don't like using their hand chainsaw.

Brand: Loggers Art Gens

👤A tree branch in a storm damaged my roof a few years ago. The minimum trimable height is 16 feet, otherwise there will be damage from the bigger trunk. I would have to risk on a 10 ft high ladder to make it. A pocket chain saw can do the job. Two 3 to 4 inches thick branches were cut down in 1-2 minutes. It saved me money for a professional service. It's better to have two people to operate it.

👤I had a 6 inch dia tree that was growing against a swimming pool fence that needed to be cut down. Feed the saw chain between the fence slats and pull the blade back and forth. It worked.

👤The saw is light and can be taken to camping. The fire starter was fun to use.

👤This product takes ten times longer to cut than the other brands I've used. The teeth on each side are spread out so far apart that they are not cutting much with each strike. Great idea but not very useful.

👤Exactly what I wanted it to be. It's not hard to use. This thing is built to last. It takes up a small amount of space.

10. Kutir Inch Pocket Chainsaw Emergency

Kutir Inch Pocket Chainsaw Emergency

Their friendly service, 1 x pop-up tent, 1 x carry bag, 4 x ropes, 8 x stakes, and 1 x instruction are what you get. Whatever it takes, their professional customer service will do it for you. If you have a question, please contact them. All of Roy Sword. The only saw you need is this 36inch one. It is easy to carry and cuts through like butter. It is suitable for a wide range of cases. Quality matters. The Kutir Pocket Chainsaw is very easy to use. It is possible because of their blade. Save hundreds of dollars on tree service with their high limb cutting kit. Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in inches. Add more rope for higher cuts. The chain can be flexible. Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in inches. Add more rope for higher cuts. The chain can be flexible.

Brand: Kutir

👤I bought this for a friend as a Christmas gift and I am pretty satisfied with it. It is pretty neat. He got a tree cut up for the first time.

👤I went in with low expectations. I came out after the first day of trail clearing with over a dozen logs and live branches that took less than a minute to cut through. It's 4 stars because the strap handles eat into your hands after a fair amount of use but to be fair most people won't be cutting as much as I did.

👤Really nice product. It took nearly a dozen branches to learn how to use it. It's difficult to trim a tree without damaging the tree and strip bark. I was surprised by the simplicity and rapidity. Proper force and technique is needed. My only wish was an instruction sheet with nylon handles. The bag is cute, but folding it back in would benefit from bigger volume.

👤I thought if I threw a rope up high with the saw on it, I could cut through the dead tree. It was complicated, but it worked out. I would be cautious not to bend the chain sideways because it's not as strong as a chainsaw or bike chain. blades are only on one side and it's difficult to cut a branch out of reach if you toss it before it lands on the blade side.

👤I bought this to cut a tree limb from 45 feet high, after attaching the saw to both ends, I cut the 8in limb down to the ground.

👤It's very easy to cut through wood and it has more teeth than I've seen. The trap doesn't feel like they will break easily, but sometimes it gets stuck. It is easy to cut wood for firewood. A lot faster than a machete. It's great for camping.

👤I tried to cut a fresh stump around 10" in diameter, but it didn't work out.

👤It was efficient and sharp. It is lightweight. You didn't know that you needed it.

11. Homyall Upgraded Blades Teeth Included

Homyall Upgraded Blades Teeth Included

Multifuction is a perfect survival tool. It could be used to cut wood plastic rubber soft metal. 50% more blades. The High Rope Chain Saw has an upgraded chain with double teeth on both sides. The double layers of riveted links add strength to the chain. You can purchase your rope and weight accessories with the upgraded chain only. If you want to connect with the saw end holes directly, they recommend using a quarter of an inch diameter rope or two D shape rings. Cut high limbs safely and easily from the ground withblades on both sides. The hand bag is upgraded. You can get one clip and one pair of handles for free if you buy now. There is a notice. The clip is used for hanging a throwing bag. Their 100% satisfaction or your money back.

Brand: Homyall

👤Don't worry, this works. It does. I had to top the tree off because it was hung up in another tree after I took it down. It was dangerous to stand under it with a chain saw. A widow maker in some parts. I broke the rope saw chain when it got stuck. I need to pick a brand. The double-sided designs are much easier to use than the one-sided designs. The old one broke so I was happy. I was able to cut ten inches of the oak trunk so I could throw the bag where I wanted it. There are a few things to consider from someone who has used rope saws. You can tie your throw bag with a heavy paracord or nylon cord. Do not tie it to the lines. They give you a snap clip, but do not use it. Attach the cord to the bag by tossing it. The bag will get hung up in the branches and you will have to pull it free. If you want to pull the saw line over the branch, you need to put a good snap hook on the opposite end of the bag. Throw the saw line in the air with 48 inches of teeth attached and you'll get cut up. If the throw gets caught up in the branches and you can't get it free, your saw will be 20 feet up and your day will be done. The most important part of all. If you are not a patient, call a professional. You may have to throw the bag a dozen or more times to get where you want it. Maybe 24 times. It's funny. Many oaks and pines plan on taking some time if your tree has surrounding branches. Sometimes you have to cut your way up the tree to get a good look at the limb or trunk you want. There is a If you are patient, this will work in some cases where you don't want to hire a pro or climb a ladder, for example, if you feel under a widow maker or just trying to take off a limb. The straps are orange. They are a life saver but never put them on your wrist. If you have to, you can only use your fingers and palms. When we expect trees to fall 100% of the time, they don't.

👤It worked great for the limbs on the tree. I added 20 feet of parachute on each side because my tree was higher, and then I threw a softball over the high limb and advanced the saw teeth to the limb. It takes some patience, but use gentle back and forth pressure, do not pull hard at first, and then continue to pull easy, even if you have to use the right hand. Don't stop and keep alternating gentle pulls. Practice on the lower limbs first. The hand spread out is about the same size as the largest one. I was very happy with the purchase and was able to take down 15 branches from my high tree that were blocking my lake view. You can reach those branches with a cherry picker. I avoided hiring a tree specialist. Would recommend and buy again.


What is the best product for survival rope saw?

Survival rope saw products from Urbanxelites. In this article about survival rope saw you can see why people choose the product. Nothers and Panzheng are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival rope saw.

What are the best brands for survival rope saw?

Urbanxelites, Nothers and Panzheng are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival rope saw. Find the detail in this article. Anchovy, Toyeah and Loggers Art Gens are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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