Best Survival Rope Dispenser

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1. Yaesport Grappling Climbing Carabiner Stainless

Yaesport Grappling Climbing Carabiner Stainless

Buy today and take no risk. If you don't like what you see, please reach out to them and they will either replace or refund your product. 304 Spring Steel is built to Last and is super durable. It won't be easy to bend or break. The Grappling hook 4 claws go through oil quenching process, which is the highest level of hardness, playing great reliability under extreme operating conditions. Load up to 880Ibs. The hook is very easy to carry because of the collapse of the claws. The hook ring's inside diameter is 0.64 inch, which can be used with a variety of climbing ropes and carabiners. The grappling hook is ideal for all outdoor activities, such as climbing, survival adventures, tree limb removal, grapple falling objects, fixed fishing boat and so on.

Brand: Yaesport

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I don't know what he is going to do with it. My sister and brother in law think it's dangerous and he will get hurt. I think that makes him like it more.

👤A bad mom moment. My son saved up money for his birthday and was browsing through Amazon for Batman gear. I was exhausted and sleepy on the couch when he asked if he could get a real bat grappling hook with his birthday money. I nodded and he is better at internet shopping than I am. I opened an Amazon package a few days later and found a legit grappling hook, but my mind went back to a few days ago. We had a long discussion about how to keep the legit Batman grappling hooks in our camping gear. We are going to go camping in a few weeks and I am excited to try it out.

👤If you like hooking things up, this is the one for you.

👤I ordered this last night before I fell asleep and it was here this morning before I had a cup of coffee. Incredible job Amazon. I bought it to grab a tree limb so I can pull it away from power wires before I cut it down. It is a little smaller than I thought, but it was probably too big. This is perfect. It's worth the $26 I paid for it. I don't know how many uses I'll have after this tree. It's still cool. Would I trust my life? Not unless I had to. Now is the time for that cup of coffee.

👤We used this hook to find out what was in the water. The hook is strong and doesn't show any signs of damage. A great grappling hook. Thank you guys!

👤Light weight and works well in my bag when it collapses. I'm not sure about strength or durability yet. It seems decent.

👤We wanted to grab a chair that fell off the dock. This thing is sturdy, so be careful with what you put on it. Ended up doing a great job. The chair and a few others were found by us.

👤There was a boat accident on the canal. The grappling hook was praised by the team as excellent.

2. UOOOM Paracord Bracelet Parachute Survival

UOOOM Paracord Bracelet Parachute Survival

2x life-saving bracelets are in the package. The weight is about 18 grams. It is lightweight and suitable for outdoor activities. 10 bracelets rope. 10 colors are shipped randomly. Core nylon is 7 strand and has a high load capacity. It's great for making bracelets, wristbands, dog collar and belts. It can be used as a survival tool while hiking, camping, trekking, or climbing.

Brand: Uooom

👤The quality of the whole lot is mediocre. The paracord inside the threads was very loose and prone to being flat when tied. They did not cut the ends right. The threads are hanging out in the picture. This didn't work for me because I needed something more rounded. There is a large variety of color.

👤I made a mistake by not fully reading the description. I thought I was getting all of the different colored para cord pictures. I took away two stars because I wasn't given the option to pick the colors that I wanted and the price was too expensive.

👤You only get a fraction of the paracord colors in the picture.

👤I'll keep it short. The description was made so long that the fact that you get 10PCS is hidden. The cord is junk. You get the same stuff at both Michael's and Jo Ann Fabrics. It feels like the inner fibers were not twisted properly during manufacturing, which is hard to describe, but they are not made like real paracord. There is a The colors are now. Solid colors are hard to mess up, but theTTERNED ones don't match what's in the picture. There were just pathetic imitations. They are displaying the hottest new designs of paracord sheaths that you can find on the most popular pages, but they are just cheap imitations. They cut the cord with a dull knife, and the strand of the sheath that is the longest gets pulled out of the weave part ways, which causes an ugly crinkle on the ends of the cords. Don't buy it unless it's for someone new to Paracord. If they've been doing cord crafting for a while, you'll get a polite smile and they'll never use it.

👤A picture shows many colors, but only 10 were received. Read it carefully. The cord is not round. There are very little strands inside the cord. If you're looking for better quality, look for "550 paracord".

👤There are more bundles of paracord in the photos than what is shipped. I now see that 10 is lumped into the name of the product. The seller can use a lot of words to explain what they are selling, but there needs to be a better way to clarify what you are buying. I bought this because I wanted to see all the colors. Feels wrong.

👤My original item was never delivered, so my replacement item of 10 colors came and they seem okay. I didn't have a say in the colors. It's cheap. I will roll on with it. I will not reorder.

👤You get a great selection of colors and designs. It's good quality. Not great quality. It's pretty good. It works well when you combine 2 strands.

👤These cords are flimsy and stretch too much. The core moves separately to the outer layer, and tends to stretch at a different rate. The strength of the cord was compromised. Rope Access uses a cord for hanging tools off, but it's not up to the job. I think it's fine for making friendship bands.

3. Giroa Accessories Guidebook Bracelets Beginners

Giroa Accessories Guidebook Bracelets Beginners

The rainbow bracelets are made to be used in survival and emergency situations and can be worn for any occasion. It can be worn to show your support for the community. The set contains 36 different styles of paracord, 3 colors of wide ropes, 40 buckles and accessories. It's enough to make all paracord projects. The ideal gift is to open this big gift bag and see the brilliant and non-repetitive colors and various styles of cord buckles and accessories. Children and adults will be excited about their brains. They will be very happy and can't stop being in it. It is necessary to cultivate hands-on and appreciation of art. In a party, the abundant quantity can meet the needs of many people. Both beginners and kids can make bracelets from the guide. Grioa can provide a lot of videos and instructions to make a variety of products. All this will be provided for free if you contact them through the station letter. Children can use umbrella rope suits to make bracelets, lanyards, school bag ornaments, clothing accessories, pet collars, and necklaces. The bag they provide is very suitable for outdoor use and is easy to carry. It can meet any outdoor scenes that require ropes. The paracord has 7 cores and is soft and wear-resistant. I am proud of the quality of the paracord kits. They will provide you with 100% satisfactory service if you don't like them after the purchase, and you can contact them if you don't like them after the purchase.

Brand: Giroa

👤There are many ways to use this kit. You can make bracelets, key chains, dog leashes, etc. The quality and color options are excellent. The larger lanyards can be used as tie-down for small items. You can design your creations with different hardware and latches. It's a great gift for those who make things. Definitely recommend!

👤What was ordered was outstanding. Thanks!

👤Great colors. Strong and versatile.

👤Poor quality. If you buy this, you won't get what you see in the picture.

👤A variety of paracord and accessories are included.

👤This is a great kit. I counted to make sure that all the pieces were there. For those who are confused, it is not a 550 piece kit. The style of Paracord is 550. There are 81 pieces. The kit is worth it in my opinion.

👤He has been making bracelets, key chains, rings, and all sorts of different things since he received it as a gift. He absolutely loves it.

4. Atwood Rope MFG Micro Dispenser

Atwood Rope MFG Micro Dispenser

There are free video investigations. Bored Paracord has created over 300 videos. You will get instructions on how to access the hundreds of videos that will be included with your purchase. All for free! The Micro Cord is pre loaded with a 100lb test. There is a cutting blade in this picture. It is small, compact, and lightweight. Impact resistant and durable. Reloads in seconds with replacements.

Brand: Atwood Rope Mfg

👤If they would just take the time to build it right, it would be a great idea. I tried to use it for the first time and found the blade was installed backwards. While I was using a pen to open the cover, the plastic prongs snapped and broke, as I was taking the cover off to fix the blade. I tried to keep the second one from breaking, but it snapped as well. I had to glue the cover back on. This is cheap and there is no quality checks going on here. The thing will last forever if you use the plastic. Shouldn't the tongue on the back touch the spool to keep it from unraveling on it's own? Another great idea was ruined by bad production.

👤It's easy to use, built in cutter works great. Poor packaging is to blame for four stars. The packages were bent and folded because they were shipped in a bag not a box. They were bought as stocking stuffers for Christmas. It's too damaged to be a gift.

👤The cutter is very helpful. The V that holds the cord in place is too narrow to actually hold the cord. The cord slipped in nicely after a couple of uses of the sandpaper.

👤The notch that holds the Paracord in place was a pain to find the end and other times it will just get untangled. The first one I bought was a black hold Paracord.

👤It's nice to have in your vehicle, pouch or toolbox. Some reviews complain about cord unspooling, but if they are explained it works perfectly. Extra cord can be found in many colors.

👤This is my new go to cordage. It has come in handy for its small size. This is perfect for a ridgeline. I'm not saying that it should replace your paracord, but it definitely takes many of the jobs away from paracord in a much smaller size.

👤I switched to Neon Orange's paracord weight of 275 lbs. The larger cord is cut with no problems.

👤This product is a great little tough cord that can be used in your car, garage, or to go bag. The cord is great and the idea of a dispensers is really great. Some of the best cord/rope is made by Atwood.

5. Atwood Rope MFG Polyester Dispenser

Atwood Rope MFG Polyester Dispenser

The components of the TRD are made in the USA. The new V2 Mini TRD has a 100lb test. A new blade notch. Increased blade retention. Impact resistant, flexible, and durable. In seconds, you can reload with Micro /Nano replacements.

Brand: Atwood Rope Mfg

👤The tabs holding this together broke, freeing the scalpel blade to fall out. The slot that the blade was in is wide enough that I would be concerned about it in a bag or near finger tips. The concept is great but the design and build are not. It was easy to return this.

👤This product is a great little tough cord that can be used in your car, garage, or to go bag. The cord is great and the idea of a dispensers is really great. Some of the best cord/rope is made by Atwood.

👤The cord is strong. Love the cutter.

6. 620 SurvivorCord Integrated Multi Purpose Waterproof

620 SurvivorCord Integrated Multi Purpose Waterproof

At the request of Special Forces in Afghanistan, their SurvivorCord was designed with 3 life-saving survival strands in mind. Paracord. The U.S. Patents 9,528,204 and 9,926,652 are the ones that protect SurvivorCord. There isn't a better paracord. A mono fishing line that can be used when critically needed food is just yards away is included. This can be melted and used to patch holes. The Waxed Jute Fire-Starter is made of twisted, waterproof, jute fiber. This strand is the best on the market. You will have an instant fire even in a rainstorm if you have your favorite ferro-rod or SurvivorSteel. The wire is multi-purpose. The 30 AWG metallic alloy is non-magnetic. It's perfect for small snares, HAM Radio antennae, camp-fire food wraps, and any other ingenious survival ideas. The only parachute cord you'll ever need is SurvivorCord, which is designed to replace any and all parachute cord in your backpack, vehicles, or emergency kits. It is more functional and easier to cut and use than normal paracord. A service-disabled U.S. Army Combat Veteran invented and patented a product.

Brand: Titan Paracord

👤I have not used this product for any of its survivor characteristics. There are tons of awesome reviews of this product. The product's awesome inner characteristics are what I assume most. I hope I can give cautionary feedback that it's not great. I used this to make a continuous ridgeline for my hammock camping setup. I thought it would be cool to have the survival strands right inside of my ridgeline. First of all, tying the cord tight between two trees, putting tension on the cord with a trucker's hitch, causes the cord to "bunch" funny and cause it to develop kinks in it. I assume this is because of the different materials inside that they have different amounts of give. After using the cord for a while, you will notice that some elements have shifted, and are now sticking out past the end of your terminated/burnt end. If I was not careful, I would pierce the rain fly with the copper wire if I had to. I have also cut myself of it. It's not nearly as flexible as "normal" paracord. I knew it was going in. The product is cool. It would be cool to make bracelets out of it. It's not a product that I would use in a working setting. That eliminates it from my bag. I need products that can be used everyday.

👤I was impressed and wanted to be thorough. I wanted to give a shout out to Jarod and Shannon. I had some questions and concerns that they addressed quickly and professionally. They responded to my email within a couple hours after I sent it. I have worked with other sellers on Amazon before but none have been as friendly and fast as Jarod and Shannon. Whenever I need paracord, they have earned my future business. The review is now on. I had pictures to accompany this, but I couldn't get my old camera to download them to my computer. The portion of the trip that was intended to be used to test new gear was supposed to be used. One of the new items was a cord. The paracord has 3 additional survival cords added, brass wire, and 25lb fishing line. I had the chance to use the real mil-spec 550 while in the Army, so I have a base line for comparison. I have been a prepper for over 25 years and have some knowledge of how the 3 additional strands might be used. 1st I have at least 6 different brands of paracord that all claim to be mil-spec, and there are many different makers of paracord available on Amazon and elsewhere. It does not come close to being as good as mil-spec if it says "commercial" paracord. Buyers beware and pay attention to the reviews, even those who claim to be mil-spec are not always. I am not here to tell anyone not to buy another person's product, or to bad mouth other companies. I think that the Titan brand cord is stronger than what I had access to in the Army. It is tightly woven and feels better. I did not test the breaking strength of the "550", but I did hang my self from a tree branch on a single strand, even though I would like to hang my self from a tree branch. I plan to purchase a lot more of the regular Titan cord without the added strands. I would trust my life and survival to this cord. I did not actually fish with the fishing line, but it appeared to be good quality. I compared the strength of it to the regular fishing line from my reel and they had the same or very close to the same breaking point. It is a challenge to cut the lines from the SurvivorCord without damaging it, which is one of the drawbacks to using this as a survival cord. It would be difficult to use the fishing line if you separated the strands. The fishing line is only relevant to the fishing line and not the wire or jute because you would not need more than a 5' section. If you needed to fish in a survival situation, you would have to pull all the internal strands together so that you wouldn't have the full 550lb cord. The inner cords and outer sheath are still very useful. The fire starter is made of wax. It's a little more difficult to separate the jute from its fibrous state, compared to regular store bought twine, but it's still very usable. It took a spark from the ferro rod. It is not easy to start with a ferro rod without separating into fibers. I compared the paracord being sold as a survival item to the one being sold as a survival item, only adding a fire starter with mil-spec 550 and having an additional inner cord that is red and is a proprietary chemical fire starting "tinder" similar to the waxed jute in the The red fire starter worked just as well as the Titan cord, but the cord itself was not as strong as the one used in the movie, and it cost more than the one used in the movie. I had pictures of the comparison and it was obvious that it was inferior to the Titan cord. The wire was the 4th one. It was stronger than expected since it has to be thin enough to fit into the 550. I used the wire and regular inner strands of the 550 to make snares and traps. I tested the snares with a stick and no live animals were harmed. It is not a braided wire, but a picture hanging wire, which is useful for many things. I used wire at the base of the log to prevent the Swedish torch from splitting during the burn, and it worked well for that. There are only 2 negatives about this cord, but they don't detract from the awesomness of this cord. If you need more than a 5' continuous length, it can be difficult to withdraw only 1 strand. The SurvivorCord is more difficult to tie knots than regular paracord and it is also more difficult to make small loops. If you want to use it as a cord, get the regular Titan cord instead of the survivor cord. If you read the whole thing, I thank you. I wanted to give a lot of my findings to other people that may be considering this cord because I was very impressed with it. I plan to use the regular Titan cord for all my needs moving forward. My other brands will be replaced with Titan. I asked Jarod and Shannon if they could make the longer lengths of the SurvivorCord available, but they haven't been able to because they have been busy with demand. I am going to make a belt out of the SurvivalCord after I buy some more, as the lanyards on my knives and sheaths have already been replaced. It is the best survival cord I have seen.

7. Grappling Survival Multifunctional Stainless Mountain

Grappling Survival Multifunctional Stainless Mountain

Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If you are dissatisfied with their product, you can contact them via their seller account and they will resolve the issue for you. The survival claw with strong and non-slip saw-tooth can hold up to 1100 Ibs and is reliable and safe to use. It's good for wilderness outdoor climbing activities, grapple falling objects, fixed fishing boat, and also rescue vehicle traction. The claws are foldable and portable, they are easy to operate and convenient for you to carry. The hook claw has a great design and is very reliable under extreme operating conditions. Each grappling hook is made of premium quality SUS 304stainless steel, which is more solid, durable, and built to last, and the claws are made of the same material as the climbing hook.

Brand: Ruipoo

👤The hook may seem like a joke at first glance, but it is not. These hooks were first introduced to me nearly two decades ago, and have a lot of uses. This is one of the best hooks I have seen. It's stupid strong and bites down. I have used this hook for a lot of things. The quality of this hook is best used for grabbing and balancing. Being 80 feet up in a tree on a free rope with a chainsaw is frightening, but then you start to spin and it gets really bad! Not with this guy. Throw it out to a branch and boom! There is no more spin. It allows for more pressure when making the cut you went up to make. You need to get to where the hook is in order to retrieve a hook like this. It was worth it. I would trust it with my life. I have.

👤The ring on the end of the shaft has sharp edges. You will fall if you attach a Carabiner because it will be chewed up by this thing. This thing will chew up your rope if you put it in it. There is a void all the way around the shaft where it looks like the fixture was welded with gaps in the base material. The seller told me there was no reason why this unit couldn't be used. This is the lowest thing I have seen so far in my career. This is a good buy if you don't care about falling, but if you do, avoid it.

👤Phenomenal! The Ninja supply magazines have many hooks from the back. This is a solid construction that can be used with only one or two hooks deployed to assist as climbing hooks in ice and snow, or hook only two well rappelling so you can relieve tension and pull and recover hook back down. Quickly deploy and fold backup. It holds my weight, no problem.

👤I will update my review after its first use, because I haven't had an opportunity to use this yet. It will be used for a hammock rope anchor in the high desert, where there are no real trees. Tie a rope to this and a rope to the cage of the RZR, good to go. It feels like it should work perfectly.

👤This is the second one that I've received that seems to be out of the return bin. The first one has a hole in the shaft where the blade folds and the second one has a deep score mark on the shaft where the eye connects. Very disappointed.

👤When I received the product, there were small divots on the top, however, after communicating with the sender, it was realized they were customer service oriented, and the extremely cosmetic damage was upgraded to 4 stars. They tested each product before sending it. The weight is heavy enough to not be affected by the weather, but it is perfect for my needs. If you are looking for a backpacking/camping grappling hook, look no further, and give this one a try!

8. Atwood Rope MFG Tactical Dispenser

Atwood Rope MFG Tactical Dispenser

This survival bracelet is about 7.5 inch to 9.5 inch which is perfect to fit your hands, your parents, friends. You can attach the strap to your bag, belt or backpack. You can buy it for friends as a gift. The package contains a survival bracelet. 50ft pre- loaded paracord rope dispensers. The built in cutting blade, belt clip, cord grip, view port, integrated attachment rail and Ruler are all there. This is the only way to use Tangle free 550 paracord without having to use a spool. Cut the cord with the build in cutting blade, the rest will be stored away. One of the most versatile survival cords on the planet is the 50 ft X 550 pound nylon core paracord, which has an unlimited amount of uses. The tangle free cord was created by US special ops. Great for survival kits, bug-out bags, tool boxes, boating kits, tent lines and vehicle emergency kits. The components of the TRD are made in the USA.

Brand: Atwood Rope Mfg

👤The little device seems to be well made. Years ago, CountyComm came out with a paracord dispensers. A climbing type carabiner with a Delrin spool slots onto the biner. This is better and costs less. Adding a slot or securing a standard Bic lighter to the dispensers would be one suggestion I might suggest to the maker. A mini Bic is possible. I've been using a 550 cord for decades and have rarely seen it used without melting the ends. A rubberband or shock cord is not likely to work on this one. If you use the inner strands you don't need to melt it. It's a great tool when you need a cord on the go. The cheaper stuff you can find in walmart is not as strong as the 550 cord. I haven't opened it yet to see how it works. Its definitely not going to happen unintentionally. It is likely that I will stay in the car. I ordered the mini version for my man purse. Yeah... I meant my backpack. I have lost my excuse for not making everyone bracelets. It's great to have some cordage on you when you need it.

👤I love the fact that this keeps my para cord and a nice tight spot, all rolled up nice and neat, and I don't have to search for scissors! I ordered the black one as well, and I love how you can refill them with other colors. I will be ordering the one for the micro cord soon.

👤I keep this in the trunk of my car. If I pull too much rope out there is no way I can reverse the spool and pull the tail back into the spool.

👤It's hard to reload, I like it very much. Still awesome. Please support the abolishing of private prisons. Keep going.

👤The packaging is cool and probably more efficient to buy paracord and a knife.

9. IHeartDogs Paracord Bracelet Donated Veterans

IHeartDogs Paracord Bracelet Donated Veterans

If you're not happy with your purchase, they will give you a full refund so that they can make their products better for you. Now is the time to buy with confidence. They give back as a veteran-owned business, they always look for opportunities to help the men and women of the United States armed forces. 20% of the proceeds will be donated to help pair military vets with shelter or service dogs. Fashionable and functional, this tactical bracelet isn't just a fashion accessory. This bracelet can give you a sense of style and security, even if you are trekking through the bush. Paracord is similar to duct tape. It has many uses. If you find yourself in a bind, this survival bracelet can be undone and the paracord material can be used in an emergency situation. Their bracelets are the perfect gift for service men and women or those who honor a loved one. It's perfect for Memorial Day, Father's Day, anniversary, birthday, or any other occasion. They're a must-have for those who enjoy hiking and camping. Their bracelets are adjusted to 7” length and 7” width. They can be adjusted from 7 to 7.5. Each bracelet has a locking clasp and a bronze American flag. The iHeartDogs brand was made by The Hero Company.

Brand: Iheartdogs

👤The bracelet is even better than the picture shows. I don't think I'll need to take it off. The value you get in return for the product is greater than the cost. This bracelet is high quality and won't get damaged. It's not going to fall off of your wrist. It looks good. I want to address two of the chief complaints that I see from others. 1. It might be true for some people that it doesn't fit. Measure your wrist before ordering because the bracelet is adjusted from 7 to 7.5”. 2. It is probably true for most people, but I'm fine with that. I don't take it on and off. If you push the part of the bracelet that you put on against your chest, you can use your free hand to lock it in place. Thanks for the great product.

👤I bought two because I wanted to support the cause. I have an average wrist size and it was difficult to fit it in. I will give them away to friends. I wish they made it bigger.

👤I bought what I could to support our veterans. I received my bracelet yesterday. It is snug on my wrist, but not uncomfortable, because I am a big guy. I am proud to display our flag.

👤I am a Veteran and wanted a wristband that was affordable. The product fulfilled the search for me. It is durable and eye catching. It takes a little bit of contortion to put it on, but it's worth it if you are flying solo. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed with the purchase, I certainly wasn't!

👤The bracelet could have been at least an inch bigger. My son is a power-lifter and has thick wrists. One of his sons wears it now, so it wasn't a loss, but I would love to see them make one a bit larger.

👤The design of the bracelet could be revised by an expert. Getting the threaded bolt into three separate points is a hardship for wearing this. The ability to be worn on the wrist is lost if the threaded bolt is lost. Don't wear to places that require the wearer to go through metal detectors. A metal clasp that is fastened in place and pulled loose might be a better design. If the screws are ever lost, the vendor may need to allow customers to purchase them separately.

👤Great packaging and fast shipping. I believe this is one of a kind. I am very happy with how it looks and feels. It came down to this one after searching and compering it to many other people. It has a locking mechanism so you can size it at your convenience. I don't have any plans to take it off. I will wear it in the shower and update my review in a few months.

👤Excellent quality! The bracelet is worth it for what it stands for, as a fellow veteran who has served over 21 years in the military. Service dogs for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are funded by the hero. Post traumatic stress disorder is something we should never take lightly. What these men and women do to protect our freedom is unforgettable. Thank you for your support.

10. Kutir Inch Pocket Chainsaw Emergency

Kutir Inch Pocket Chainsaw Emergency

Their friendly service, 1 x pop-up tent, 1 x carry bag, 4 x ropes, 8 x stakes, and 1 x instruction are what you get. Whatever it takes, their professional customer service will do it for you. If you have a question, please contact them. All of Roy Sword. The only saw you need is this 36inch one. It is easy to carry and cuts through like butter. It is suitable for a wide range of cases. Quality matters. The Kutir Pocket Chainsaw is very easy to use. It is possible because of their blade. Save hundreds of dollars on tree service with their high limb cutting kit. Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in inches. Add more rope for higher cuts. The chain can be flexible. Quickly cuts branches up to 16in. in inches. Add more rope for higher cuts. The chain can be flexible.

Brand: Kutir

👤I bought this for a friend as a Christmas gift and I am pretty satisfied with it. It is pretty neat. He got a tree cut up for the first time.

👤I went in with low expectations. I came out after the first day of trail clearing with over a dozen logs and live branches that took less than a minute to cut through. It's 4 stars because the strap handles eat into your hands after a fair amount of use but to be fair most people won't be cutting as much as I did.

👤Really nice product. It took nearly a dozen branches to learn how to use it. It's difficult to trim a tree without damaging the tree and strip bark. I was surprised by the simplicity and rapidity. Proper force and technique is needed. My only wish was an instruction sheet with nylon handles. The bag is cute, but folding it back in would benefit from bigger volume.

👤I thought if I threw a rope up high with the saw on it, I could cut through the dead tree. It was complicated, but it worked out. I would be cautious not to bend the chain sideways because it's not as strong as a chainsaw or bike chain. blades are only on one side and it's difficult to cut a branch out of reach if you toss it before it lands on the blade side.

👤I bought this to cut a tree limb from 45 feet high, after attaching the saw to both ends, I cut the 8in limb down to the ground.

👤It's very easy to cut through wood and it has more teeth than I've seen. The trap doesn't feel like they will break easily, but sometimes it gets stuck. It is easy to cut wood for firewood. A lot faster than a machete. It's great for camping.

👤I tried to cut a fresh stump around 10" in diameter, but it didn't work out.

👤It was efficient and sharp. It is lightweight. You didn't know that you needed it.

11. überleben Matchstick Anodized Aluminum Waterproof

%C3%BCberleben Matchstick Anodized Aluminum Waterproof

The heavy duty stakes are great for both hard and soft ground. The Tindr Wick is made from KeroDry and will make fire, starting a piece of cake. Get some sparks from a ferro rod by fluffing out the end. It will burn for an hour. Any weather is a good place to grill. When you need to survive, the KeroDry infused hemp is your best bet. Any time, this fiber rope will beat any weather. The Tindr will light even if it is wet. An ornate aluminum clasp can be used to control the burn rate or snuff out the flame. It is made from aluminum and has a profile to keep it cool. Doubles are a knockout. The 3-inch sleeve is perfect for small or solo fires, it weighs less than an ounce and is a minimalist bellow. The Tindr has your back if you pull the wick out. The berleben Tindr has an aluminum box. It's not much, but it's perfect for starting a mini fire or survival kit. Store your ferro rod.

Brand: überleben

👤This one stands head and shoulders above the rest. I've tried all of them, but recently began looking for a product that would be easy to use, and create usable fire with practically no effort. The closest option to make that grade is Char Cloth. I have experience with the two. If done properly and with extreme care, char cloth can be used to transfer fire from one place to the next. The char cloth negatives are extremely fragile and can only hold a burning ember, and need a secondary tool to light it. Personal negative. I already carry a pocket bellows, so the bellows on this rope becomes redundant, and I will cut way down and leave it on as a slide-over extinguisher. The main function is that it will burn a long time, and if used properly will make a huge amount of fires over the lifespan of just one wicks. Just make a new one! This is a great piece of Effortless Instant Fire. Weightless, waterproof, affordable, and long-burning. This is a survival fire preparation item. If that was an option, I would give a hundred out of a hundred stars. It's a perfect choice for making fire with fire-steel or flint. This is for sale! Nater.

👤The fire starter is slick. It is easy to do. Pull out the aluminum tube and hold the bellows in your hand and you're done. Hit it with a spark once the wicks is damaged. You can direct the fire by holding the bellows. I have used every type of tinder that was invented for fire starting. The Tindar Wick is much better than the pre-fab one because it stays lit in adverse weather and burns as long as you need it to get your fire started up to 60 minutes. The bellows tube is the only thing that makes this product special. It is far to short to be effective. You would get air to a fire if you burned your face. It's not easy to pull a damaged tip out of the tube and force it back into the tube when you're done blowing through it. The tube has a tight fit, and the fraying prevents it from going back in. A nice rigid structure to hold the wick and direct the flame where you need it is what the tube should be. You will love this product for its function, small footprint, and ability to start a fire quickly. You should buy yourself one. You will not be disappointed.

👤We've only tried it once, but it worked well. It took a little longer to light than a cotton ball, but it was lit quickly. It seems convenient. Aftet uses reduced to three stars. ferro rods are awesome. It is not easy to light this thing because it burns to ash fast. Cool. It is not worth $10. I will update the review if I change my mind.

👤I was surprised to see it was so small. I read the specifications, but the pictures are misleading. The size and strength of the jute made it impossible for a large knot to be tied at the bottom. The diameter of the jute is very small. I wouldn't pay $16 for three replacements. The product is overpriced for what you get. I'd be hesitant to use the bellows as a single cylinder because it's only a few inches long.


What is the best product for survival rope dispenser?

Survival rope dispenser products from Yaesport. In this article about survival rope dispenser you can see why people choose the product. Uooom and Giroa are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival rope dispenser.

What are the best brands for survival rope dispenser?

Yaesport, Uooom and Giroa are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival rope dispenser. Find the detail in this article. Atwood Rope Mfg, Atwood Rope Mfg and Titan Paracord are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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