Best Survival Rope Bracelet

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1. Balit Parachute 10 Strand Emergency Bracelet(Purple)

Balit Parachute 10 Strand Emergency Bracelet%EF%BC%88Purple%EF%BC%89

Their paracord is made of a material that is better for wet performance. There is a spare replacement pin for the emergency bracelet. The 10-Strand Core is made of 10 high- strength polyester inner cores and can be used separately. It's top-grade nylon makes it great for survival and many outdoor applications. Not only a nylon rope, but also a super strong rope, light and easy to carry, and will not fluff after a while. UV resistance and fading resistance are high quality. It's top-notch nylon material makes it great for survival and many outdoor applications. It is suitable for any outdoor activities with a diameter of 4.1 MM. Their camping rope is perfect for camping and hiking. If you have any issues with their paracord, please feel free to contact them through the Amazon message center.

Brand: Balit

👤It is a very good price for what it is. The outer layer is not as flexible as other brands, which causes the surface of the knot to get a bit wrinkled around sharp curves. The cord is very flexible, it's just the outer layer that changes when bending. Our hobby is supposed to favor function over form.

👤I have a lot of this stuff. Mostly for camping. It's useful in whip wrapping handles. I don't like going over tent lines at night. It is great despite being a pain to unwrap.

👤This line was used with camping gear. It can be used on my sailboat as a tie down line.

👤The cord looks like it will hold up in the elements. Fast shipping. The rating isAAA+++.

👤Good, tough. Some of them were used to make new laces. Highly recommended.

👤This is very good. Way better than I anticipated.

👤I have used a lot of paracord.

2. Survival Military Multifunctional Wristwatch Emergency

Survival Military Multifunctional Wristwatch Emergency

The outdoor survival watch set includes a digital wristwatch, whistle, fire starter scraper, paracord, and magic belt. A 2-in-1 bracelet. The inside of the sports strap is made of a material that can be adjusted to fit your wrist. It is made of parachute cord which can be stretched to a long rescue rope. A multi-functional sport watch. There is a day of the week, date, alarm clock, snooze function and a clock. The watch case width is 2.16inch, the lugs width is 1.06inch, and the whole watch length is 10.63inch. Some customers think this watch is large. Before buying, please note the size. The survival tool is very good. The design is easy to carry and use. It's a good gift for friends or family who enjoy travel, camping, first aid, mountaineer, hunting, fishing, boating, hiking, backpacking, adventure and military.

Brand: Addiesdive

👤Only thing that can't be adjusted on it.

👤The $20 watch had a broken pin on the band. I have to figure out what to do for a band since it doesn't take conventional spring pins.

👤The wristband is a strap. The paracord is all decorative. The Wrist clasp is very heavy.

👤I was pleasantly surprised by this military style survival watch with a multifunctional bracelet. I gave this watch as a gift for a male friend who loves large wristwatches and it is easy to read. It looks like it was made well with all the elements functioning correctly. The manual is hard to understand but it can be done. The watch is light weight and the paracord strap is wonderful with multiple tools hidden inside. This watch is a real bargain, for everything it does and all the accessories are included. My friend loves it and it keeps accurate time. Thank you for this item, I am very happy with it!

👤If you are an outdoors person, and you are a man or woman, you will love this watch. This has a lot to offer. This is a very large watch and thick. One of my sons is a fan of this watch, but the other is not. We live near a national park and both boys are outdoors. My son thought the watch would be useful, but it has more than 6 functions. All the functions work as they should.

👤I got this for my son who wants to join the military and likes to camp and learn survival techniques. He likes the functions of the watch and also likes the look. He has been using it for a few months now and all the functions still work. He likes it.

👤Muy bonito reloj. Fue un regalo y por la calidad.

👤El reloj lleg en mal, una de las cintas se desprendi de inmediato.

3. A2S Protection Paracord Bracelet K2 Peak

A2S Protection Paracord Bracelet K2 Peak

K2peak is a complete paracord survival bracelet that includes a high-quality compass. The Emergency Whistle creates noise levels of up to 100 decibels. There is a useful leaflet with instructions. There are sizes that fit everyone. There are 4 fixed sizes and 1 adjusted size. There are fixed size variations of 7.5, 8.0, 8.5, and 9.0 inches. Wrist sizes between 8 and 9 inches are affected by the size variations. Please check the size instruction image, measure your wrist, and make sure you pick the right variation before ordering. The bracelets in each set are the same size. Power, practicality, and function are all UNMATCHED. The wide range of colors is made of military-grade 550 parachute cord and has a built-in compass and whistle. Everyone needs emergency gear. The A2S Paracord Bracelet is a lightweight and convenient accessory for any camping, fishing, hiking or hunting trip. When lighting a fire is a matter of life or death, MagneSIA ROD can give you a solution. Rub the rod to get the spark and fire. The minimum breaking point has been tested for excellence. If you need a strong rope or cordage, use your 12 feet of paracord. It can be used as a trap, a shelter, or a fishing line.

Brand: A2s Protection

👤The survival bracelet is multi-functional and potentially life-saving. It's fun to use and attractive enough to wear on any casual outing. At least 45 applications for this bracelet have been given by the manufacturer, including my personal favorite, "tie criminals or intruders to a tree stake or chair" Who knew? The instructions manual with step-by-step directions for the compass, the fire starter, and how to use whistle survival codes is included with the bracelets. I learned a lot by reading the brochure, you should bring the paper with you on your adventures in order to get the maximum benefit. The first time I struck the fire starter, a ball of fire floated down to the ground. You will want to get the hang of it before you go into the woods or up a mountain. If you strike it over a generous handful of dryer lint, you'll have a small fire that you can easily build on. The manual has a lot of useful tips and tricks. The compass is accurate. If I get stranded, I need to have reading glasses. Knowing how to use a compass is important, so practice in a familiar area until you are proficient at finding your way. The emergency knife is used as the strikers for the magnesium rod. The whistle is essential for solo adventures. I love this product and use it a lot. It could save your life one day. It's an excellent tool to add to your gear. Highly recommended! The bracelet was packaged well and arrived earlier than the promised date. I had no issues with the seller and he followed up with a note asking if I had any questions. I will be researching and buying more of their products.

👤We love it. I ordered an 8 because it will be more of a "middle" for my husband's and mine wrist sizes. There is a I might have to order the kid's version. It was too large for me. My husband's paracord bracelet is fine. There is a I can order it again. There is an issue with the compass. I've read that in reviews. I've tried using magnets to fix it. Sometimes it will point to the other side, and other times it won't. I put it on a table to make sure it's not me. It seems silly to have to do that. Where will you find a flat surface when you're outside? I have to figure out where the East, West, North, and South are before I can make a determination on the bracelet's validity. It really hurts the purpose. I'm giving this a 4 out of 5 stars because of that. It might be malfunctioning. If they replace this "defective" one with a new one, I will update my review. I think it's already generous to keep it at a 4 because there are other things that are negative. The whistle is hard to use. I was able to whistle through it, but it was very frustrating. It's like learning a new instrument. It was cumbersome. I'm letting it go for the price. If you could learn to make it work, it's still good. Don't faint if you lose all your breath trying to blow it. I haven't tried the fire starter yet. It seems like it would work. The knife is sharp enough to cut through the rope. That was the one I liked the most. The clasp was difficult to close on your own, and you really have to line up the fire starter and small knife to make sure it closes. For the price and just for the knife... It's still good to have. I received my replacement a few days ago. It wasn't because they took so long. I was busy with work and wasn't able to respond to them immediately. They offered to replace the bracelet. I was going to buy another pair since the one I bought was a bit loose, but I thought that was nice. My husband liked it. He wore it even with the faulty compass. He doesn't wear anything on his wrist. I was hesitant to buy another pair from this seller. They got my trust back. I have changed my rating to a 5-star because the item works better now. I like that the seller checks the items before sending them again. I know because they put an additional sticker on the package and you could see that North pointed to the north as soon as I got it out of the package. The ones that I receive first were different. North pointed to anywhere but north. I want to add the size in this review. Their size is correct. I have small wrists. I thought I would fit the kid's size instead of the adult's. I ordered the regular size because I didn't think it was true. It was a small to medium size for me. Just a tip. Follow the chart. Thanks again to the seller. If you check it before you send it, it would be good. It will be better for your business and it won't take away much from your profit. I know that it can't be avoided to get bad products from your manufacturer... Some manufacturers should give you credits. Maybe you can sell it for a low price. Some people buy your bracelet for more than just the compass. The paracord, small knife and fire starter are all useful. It's just a suggestion. Thanks for being fair and just!

4. X Plore Gear Emergency Wilderness Survival Kit

X Plore Gear Emergency Wilderness Survival Kit

The overall length is 4.25 inches and the closed length is 2.75 inches. The ultimate survival gear. The SA01 emergency paracord bracelet is a compact and tactical survival bracelet that comes packed with all the features you need in order to survive in the wilderness. The paracord bracelet is the perfect choice for anyone who likes camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, or just wants to be prepared for the outdoors. There is a surgical kit. The bracelet is a survival kit. This bracelet has a flint fire starter, a whistle that can be heard from a long distance, and a compass that will help you navigate through winter and even survive the apocalypse. It's smart, it's convenient, and it's portable. The paracord bracelet for men and women has a smart design that makes it easy to carry and store. You can either wear it on your wrist or snap it on your backpack and have a tactical survival kit with you no matter where you go. Their bracelets come in different colors for you to choose from. There are three different sizes: Regular, Medium, and Kid. You can order yours today. You can always be prepared with their 4 in 1 Survival Bracelet. Set traps with the Paracord rope, secure your items or use it as restrains, light a fire for cooking, find your way with the compass, and have an important scraper at your disposal. The tactical bracelet is small, compact and packed with everything you need. A safe purchase. They manufacture their paracord bracelets according to the highest standards so that you can enjoy them for as long as possible. Their survival bracelets are 100% reliable, unlike many other products on the market. They have an amazing set for you and your friends to explore.

Brand: X-plore Gear

👤If you ever try to find your way anywhere with the compass on this thing, you will face an emergency that is in reference to the word emergency in the title. If my daughter should become separated from us on a hike, I bought it for her to learn survival skills. The compass is off by 180 degrees. Trying to head north will take you to the south. The cord is nice and my daughter loves it. The whistle works well and the flint does its job. I am critical of it because it is being marketed as "The Ultimate Tactical Survival gear" for kids and your compass would do more harm than good if I had just put this on her and sent her off. It is a toy compass, so please fix it or at least put a notice on it that it is not a real compass. My daughter loves it so I'm stuck with it until I find a replacement.

👤The bracelet is pretty solid. The knife/striker is great for when you need a quick way to open a package or cut something that isn't very sharp. After a week or so, the bracelet fits perfectly. So far, so good, here's a few things I've learned that will hopefully help others. It's best to put it through the scanner to make sure the little fire scraper isn't sticking out, it's small but better to not have any sharp looking poking out. The knife/scraper can pop out of the holster. It's easier to leave the holster. The compass was a big reason for my purchase. I re-magnetize with a neodymium magnet. It was great until I put it back on my wrist. I realized the knife/scraper appears to cause interference when the scraper sits millimeters away. The scraper will make the compass jump around if you remove it. I might have accidentally magnetized the scraper. I can unbuckle the bracelet and hold the compass away from the opposite end. It points north! I don't know if you can demagnetize something, but it might fix it. Hope that helps!

👤This is a 3.5 star for me due to the size information, so it's too bad they don't allow half stars. The photo chart is a good start, but keep in mind that the buckle has components that make it a little longer than most. The "circle" measurement of your wrist is misleading because the buckles don't bend. I went with medium because my wrist is a little under 8. If you like a tight watchband, this will be fine for you. The longer buckle makes it nearly impossible to turn it on the wrist because of the looseness. Measure your wrist to see if you like snug or loose. If you have a big wrist, take the buckle off and make your own. It's pretty good. The whistle and compass are good. Unless you cover the hole with your lips, whisltle is loud. My main goal was to have a fire strikers. ferrite rods don't give you perfect out of the box. ferrite rods come with a "paint" like coating on them, so until you get past that you won't get much. Keep trying. There is a lot of hot sparks when you pass the paint. If you think sparks will set a small stick on fire, you should limit your camping to a hotel.

5. Friendly Swede Paracord Survival Bracelets

Friendly Swede Paracord Survival Bracelets

The set of 2 Sephardic paracord boots. The bracelets in this pack are made of high-quality Paracord. There are two things: sylish and function. If you need to use the paracord in an emergency, wear your new bracelet and put it in your everyday life. It is easy to open a clam. There are 2 different sizes for the wrist. The plastic Buckle is much easier to open and close than other clasps. The POLYESTER PARACORD is made of POLYESTER. Their paracord is made of polyester, which is preferred for its better performance when wet.

Brand: The Friendly Swede

👤Staff Sgt, Joseph Lupoli: Yep! The Friendly Swede hits a ball in the park. I've worn a lot of survival bracelets as an ex-Army Airborne SpecOps operator. I can tell you that this Friendly Swede model is the most well designed and comfortable model you can buy. The clasps of the Friendly Swede model para-chord survival bracelet are heavy and reliable, making it nearly bombproof. Unless you really need it, the clasp will not break. The para-chord is thick and tightly wound, with melted spots on the underside of the bracelets. I ordered the large because I wanted the size that wouldn't fit on my wrist to be smaller. The size small fit my wrist perfectly. The large is too large, but at these prices, who cares? I've bought a number of tactical items from The Friendly Swede in the past, and they make and sell really solid products that are reasonably priced. I kept both sets of bracelets. I wanted to reward a good small company by giving them more business. I'll give the larger bracelet to the Army buddy who has larger wrists. I hope that the Friendly Swede will soon offer the same survival bracelet model in woodland camo. This is a great product and I highly recommend it.

👤I thought they came with a metal clasp, as shown in the picture, but I was wrong. I was happy with the construction when they arrived, but I was disappointed when I saw the plastic clasps. I've had bad experiences with these after serving in the US Army. I have always preferred a metal type of closure and thought that was what I was getting. The way it is made has no issues for me. Everything seems to be well made and the packing it arrives in is some of the best I've ever received from an online seller. I can't complain about the quality of the bracelets, I was really impressed with the packaging. It wasn't what I had ordered.

👤These are great bracelets and a great deal, when you consider all the over priced paracord bracelets on the market now a days, these are a great deal. I was hoping the extra size would fit my fiancée, but it didn't. I ordered the smaller one because I was expecting it to be snug. It stops it from sliding during activities. The bracelet fits my fiancée, so that's a win for us. We got 2 bracelets for a great price. If you don't know about the rough paracord concerns, then you should do some research and find out if it is soft to start with. It only takes one shower to get the bracelet softened a bit and in my case it helped form it to my wrist. I've been wearing this bracelet for a long time. I don't plan on taking it off anytime soon. I would recommend these to my friends and family if I ordered more.

👤This set of bracelets is very strong. They have a good amount of cord and are well made. They didn't fit my 10" wrists. I was surprised that they didn't fit, but I think they make some of the larger bracelets. This is a common issue for me in a lot of things. Unless you have never found a large watch that the band never fails to be too short or has a head the size of mars, I will not rate this set at full 5 stars. I can't fault the quality of the set.

6. Survival Bracelet Paracord Compass Backpacking

Survival Bracelet Paracord Compass Backpacking

Their Survival Iron Rod is made of high quality and works in all weather conditions. A perfect gift for hikers, scouts, hunters, fishermen, survivalists, and outdoor enthusiasts. Their survival iron rod and bracelet kits are perfect for camping, hiking, backpacking, and outdoor gear. The knife bracelet is easy to switch between. Attach it to your bag, belt, or backpack and it will be sharper and more durable. 5 The survival bracelet has a fire starter, whistle, and compass. The compass has correct orientation and is waterproof. The whistle makes a clear and penetrating sound, and the Scraper is used for magnesium rod to create a spark. Even when wet and cold, the wood handle of the Survival Fire Starter Iron Rod allows for an easy grip. The built-in toothed edge for scraper ferro rod, bottle opener, ruler, map scale, and bottle opener is made of hardened steel and attached to a paracord lanyard. 1x bracelets, 1x Iron Rod, and a compass are included.

Brand: Aikertec

👤I have found that the bracelets usually don't work correctly because the compass worked. I have not started a fire yet, but I am glad it is working.

7. Survival Equipment Professional Accessories Emergency

Survival Equipment Professional Accessories Emergency

Do you know a person who loves to explore the great outdoors? Make sure they have their survival kits. They are a thoughtful present for the adventurer in your life. The camping accessories have everything you need in case of an emergency. Tactical gear is made with long lasting materials that will stand up to the elements. Even after use, keep surviving with failure-free emergency supplies gear. There is a need for professional survival gear that includes 14 in 1 Axe, Personal Alarm, 18-in-1 Snowflake Multi tool, Fire Stone Starter, Tactical Pen, Flashlight, Multifunctional spoon, Emergency Blanket, Bottle Hanging Buckle, 2 PCS Climbing Hooks, Parachute Cord, Survival Bracelet, and These survival kits are suitable for birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or holiday gifts for your men. Sending a gift to them is more meaningful than anything else. Let them go camping, wilderness exploration or hiking. I think it will make them smile and they will love it. A more relaxed and safe adventure is a perfect companion to help keep you safe and have peace of mind while you're hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, backpacking, travel or adventures. If you need a reliable aid, their survival gear and equipment is a good choice. There are Christmas gifts ideas. Birthday gifts for men, best gifts for man women, father best friend brother hunter and who has everything. Stocking stuffers, fishing gift hunting accessories, and more are available for teen boys scouts or family who are interested in adventure.

Brand: Suywoeu

👤It arrived with a tactical pen. I had to wait for a replacement. A better quality process is needed. The quality is not up to par. Other customers have mentioned that after a few uses of the tools, they can change shape. I'm not happy that it doesn't have a wire saw. It's tightly packed. It's hard to put the pieces back in the container after you remove them. It is nice for a few uses. Not fully built for the outdoors. I think to look nice as a gift.

👤The flash light went off. The beeper does not stop. The compass does not point north. I have nothing else to do at this time.

👤The fire starter from flint does not work. Did not receive it. Do not want to come back, just want missing parts.

👤It was a birthday gift for my girlfriend. She was so excited to open it and every new thing she put in it was like she was in a candy store.

👤This is for the renovation of our lake house. It was handy.

👤I bought this for myself to keep in my car, and I love all the things inside it. My brother in law wants his dad to have one.

👤My son loved this set. I bought it for him as a birthday gift.

8. UOOOM Paracord Bracelet Parachute Survival

UOOOM Paracord Bracelet Parachute Survival

2x life-saving bracelets are in the package. The weight is about 18 grams. It is lightweight and suitable for outdoor activities. 10 bracelets rope. 10 colors are shipped randomly. Core nylon is 7 strand and has a high load capacity. It's great for making bracelets, wristbands, dog collar and belts. It can be used as a survival tool while hiking, camping, trekking, or climbing.

Brand: Uooom

👤The quality of the whole lot is mediocre. The paracord inside the threads was very loose and prone to being flat when tied. They did not cut the ends right. The threads are hanging out in the picture. This didn't work for me because I needed something more rounded. There is a large variety of color.

👤I made a mistake by not fully reading the description. I thought I was getting all of the different colored para cord pictures. I took away two stars because I wasn't given the option to pick the colors that I wanted and the price was too expensive.

👤You only get a fraction of the paracord colors in the picture.

👤I'll keep it short. The description was made so long that the fact that you get 10PCS is hidden. The cord is junk. You get the same stuff at both Michael's and Jo Ann Fabrics. It feels like the inner fibers were not twisted properly during manufacturing, which is hard to describe, but they are not made like real paracord. There is a The colors are now. Solid colors are hard to mess up, but theTTERNED ones don't match what's in the picture. There were just pathetic imitations. They are displaying the hottest new designs of paracord sheaths that you can find on the most popular pages, but they are just cheap imitations. They cut the cord with a dull knife, and the strand of the sheath that is the longest gets pulled out of the weave part ways, which causes an ugly crinkle on the ends of the cords. Don't buy it unless it's for someone new to Paracord. If they've been doing cord crafting for a while, you'll get a polite smile and they'll never use it.

👤A picture shows many colors, but only 10 were received. Read it carefully. The cord is not round. There are very little strands inside the cord. If you're looking for better quality, look for "550 paracord".

👤There are more bundles of paracord in the photos than what is shipped. I now see that 10 is lumped into the name of the product. The seller can use a lot of words to explain what they are selling, but there needs to be a better way to clarify what you are buying. I bought this because I wanted to see all the colors. Feels wrong.

👤My original item was never delivered, so my replacement item of 10 colors came and they seem okay. I didn't have a say in the colors. It's cheap. I will roll on with it. I will not reorder.

👤You get a great selection of colors and designs. It's good quality. Not great quality. It's pretty good. It works well when you combine 2 strands.

👤These cords are flimsy and stretch too much. The core moves separately to the outer layer, and tends to stretch at a different rate. The strength of the cord was compromised. Rope Access uses a cord for hanging tools off, but it's not up to the job. I think it's fine for making friendship bands.

9. Metown Stainless Wirerope Bracelets Construction

Metown Stainless Wirerope Bracelets Construction

It's time to use colorful rope to weave friendship bracelets or woven crafts, give it to your loved ones like close friend or family, just take a little time and some effort, you can make a sweet and practical gift. Pack of 2pcs D shape screw pin anchor shackle. There is a working load limit. The material is made of 304stainless steel, it is non toxic and harmless. Strong load-bearing and solid design. Work well in the outdoors. The screw pin anchor shackles are used for camping, hiking and other outdoor sports. The expansion hook and chain are always used with the D-shape shackle. Load and unloading of goods, mining equipment, forestry machinery, land transportation, hoisting machinery and etc. could be done with the best use of connection accessories. One-way screw, Bolt design, more robust, easy and convenient to use, are high quality. No cracks or defects, a smooth appearance, and strong resistance. In metallurgy, machinery, railway, petrochemical, port, power, automobile, aviation, construction and other fields, shacks are used.

Brand: Metown

👤I used these for attatching parrot toys because I have a good parrot. She hasn't been able to open them yet.

👤Work great, very small, but do a good job.

👤Not wide enough for my needs.

👤It works as expected. Good quality.

👤These little numbers are very strong.

👤I use them on a small boat ancor line and they will work fine despite the fact that mine had some forging flaws.

10. Aarrows Co Paracord Survival Adjustable

Aarrows Co Paracord Survival Adjustable

Paracord is hand woven in cobra style. A black ferrocium fire starter rod. The woven length is about 24 cm. The unwoven length is about 8 feet. This bracelet can be used to make shelters, snares, tourniquets and more. An essential piece of survival gear.

Brand: Aarrows & Co

👤Poorly constructed. Came apart in a week. I was excited when I found this bracelet because I bought it from another company who donated profits to get our veterans a service dog. The flag template came off within a week. The rope came undone. It began to fall apart.

👤Many people have said that the flag fell off within 2 weeks. The bracelet is bigger than expected and still slips off without having to remove it. I think having a rope around my wrists is fine.

👤Even on the shortest setting, this bracelet is big. I have medium wrists and they are big. After fiddling with the awkward clasp for several minutes, I was able to confirm the oversized fit. It is not recommended for small to medium wrists.

👤It's falling apart already, I bought it two weeks ago. I'm a very patriotic person and expect an equivalent product.

👤I like that the flag still shows who we are, and represents the sacrifice of our forefathers. Our people in the Great Republic have the freedom to disgrace it and the blood she'd for them.

👤It is good for people with big wrists. 8 inches or more. The cord is coming off and the adjustment is very limited. The qc is low.

👤So. First thing. The design is cool. It lacks practicality. It was very large and hard tofasten. I am a big man. I can't recommend it despite its coolness.

11. ATOMIC BEAR Paracord Bracelet Pack

ATOMIC BEAR Paracord Bracelet Pack

The design is light. The mess kit with cups is only 7oz and it is travel and backpack friendly. The marks on the kettle went up to 20oz. The survival gear essentials are in one bracelet, and you can be ready to survive without a backpack. Unlike other options, the Cobra bracelet is able to fit small and big wrists. The bracelet adjusts from 8 to 10. A perfect gift for an outdoor enthusiast. Did you know that cold is the leading cause of death? Beat the numbers. In an emergency, use the flint steel to start a fire and the paracord to protect the shelter. Add the cobra to your tactical gear or wear it when hiking, camping, fishing, hunting, and other outdoor activities. There is a pack of 2 bracelets, one black and one orange+black. There are instructions on how to make a fire. Buy now.

Brand: The Atomic Bear

👤I am blind. I camp in the wilderness where there is no cell signal, hospital or anything else. I wouldn't even try and go by myself, I'm not insane enough to do that. I found the compass, whistle, emergency knife, and fire starter within 2 minutes of opening this up. I can't use a compass. If I need to go west, I can use a compass, but it's not as accurate as a fire starter. I got that coating off and it was a champ. There is a One side of the clips has a small emergency knife and the other side has a fire starter. You just use them. There is a The compass and whistle are built into the clips, so it's all on your wrist. The fire starter may cause interference with the compass because of it's iron content. Simply remove the ends and use the compass. Paracord is enough to make a trap, a shelter and a fishing line. It's nice to have some paracord in case you need to make an emergency stretcher, drag equipment or gather fire wood. I've checked out a lot of similar items that have fishing hooks and other extras but they are usually low quality. A blind man figured it out on his own without help, despite the fire started thing. This is a fantastic item if you are into survival or camp.

👤I read that the compass doesn't work well. The reviews showed that the compass doesn't point North, but I noticed that the bracelet was clipped around the arm of the user. That's the problem. Some people don't understand how a compass works. The magnetic compass is next to the metal fire strikers when the bracelet is clipped together. The metal strikers cause the compass to show incorrect directions. To get the correct direction, unclip the bracelet, lay the compass flat, and keep the compass away from metal. We'll be using these on all of our backpacking trips because everything else about this bracelet works.

👤These are the things I just got. I don't have a lot of time with them. I will update if something changes. I like it for now. The Paracord is adjusted, which is helpful. I have small wrists. The strikers is not needed at the moment. The whistle is loud. The compasses work great, and with all the negative reviews pointing that out, it's most important. They should point north. You have to unclip the band for it to work. You can remove the metal piece if you want to wear it as a compass. It's good to have it unclipped. Why make a big deal out of a small thing?

👤You get what you pay for. The decible level of the whistle is surprisingly effective. If you have small wrists, the band may be too large. The compass is fairly accurate, but you weren't expecting it. If you take the bracelet off before checking your heading, it will give you readings that are very bad. The compass will be affected by the magnetized strikers on your wrist. I had to figure out why it was wrong. It's a fun and useful thing to have on your wrist.


What is the best product for survival rope bracelet?

Survival rope bracelet products from Balit. In this article about survival rope bracelet you can see why people choose the product. Addiesdive and A2s Protection are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival rope bracelet.

What are the best brands for survival rope bracelet?

Balit, Addiesdive and A2s Protection are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival rope bracelet. Find the detail in this article. X-plore Gear, The Friendly Swede and Aikertec are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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