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1. Kaito KA600 Emergency Flashlight Real Time

Kaito KA600 Emergency Flashlight Real Time

Bigger display, upgrade 5000mAH battery, two alarm clocks and a high precision thermometer are all part of the latest design in 2021. The radio is ideal for outdoor activities. There is a solar powered AM/FM/LW weather radio with a back-lit digital display. The tuning methods include manual, direct digit entry, and memory tuning. There is a calendar, alarm clock, sleep timer, and humidity meter. A solar panel with a flashlight. There are 5 ways of charging the radio.

Brand: Kaito

👤It took me a while to write this review, because I had the unit stored for 2 years. The solar panels do not seem to work, so I decided to use the unit while we were swimming. The battery held a charge for a couple of weeks and then stopped charging. The unit's volume is low even when turned all the way up. The crank doesn't seem to work, or add any charge to the battery. I paid for this unit because I thought it was charity to the clever.

👤It has been almost a year since the last double AA bateries were installed and they only last about 6 hours with the emergency alert on and it does not work when plugged in. If you want a weather alert for camping, bring lots of bateries and change them out daily, but the am is less expensive than the solar when fully charged, but only for 4-5 minutes.

👤If you're looking for a radio that runs on AA batteries, it's not bad. This product is useless if you want other features. If you use the solar feature, you can get a full charge from the original battery, but it will give you less airtime. The battery would be bad. I bought an identical battery. The battery gave 2 hours of airtime. The only way to stop the batteries from draining is to remove them. You have to re-set the clock each time, along with any other features you may have saved. I bought this for camping and it is about as sturdy as a 99 cent store toy. I've never made a worse purchase on Amazon.

👤This product was very disappointing. The weather and the radio are good, but have never heard anything on SW or AM even with a long wire attached to the antenna. I know we are in a sunspot cycle low but I would expect to hear something. I keep it because I need a weather alert radio and the built in lights are helpful. The battery did not charge at the beginning.

👤I pulled out my radio after losing power for two days. I could use the phone to get some information. Whenever a storm was in the area, I kept the internal battery charged. Within 5 minutes, it died. The Biggie batteries were drained for some reason and savesay I put new AA batteries in and had a radio for a few hours, turned it off, and went to turn it back on a few hours later, but the batteries were drained even though the power switch was on the internal battery/adaptor. The internal battery of the AA batteries is garbage. The Internal battery started smoking after I tried to charge it again. I reached out to customer service and am waiting for a response. I would avoid this device for now, but I will update this review later. A friend of mine had the same experience. He told me not to buy it. I thought it was a mistake for him. But not true. I almost set my house on fire with a tool that was supposed to be used in an emergency.

2. Kaito Powered Emergency Flashlight Cellphone

Kaito Powered Emergency Flashlight Cellphone

The portable emergency radio has a hand crank generator, solar panel, compartment for 3 AA batteries, 5V AC/DC input, built-in NiMH and replaceable battery pack. There is a comprehensive coverage of AM, FM, 2-band shortwave and 7 pre-programmed NOAA weather channels for entertainment, sports, talk-shows, breaking news around the world, and a real-time weather forecast for the USA and Canada only. It can be used as an emergency mobile battery charge with built-in standard DC 5Vusb output port for charging mobile devices, such as smart phones, gps units, mp3 players, digital cameras, and etc. There is a red S.O.S. beacon light and a 5-LED reading lamp. The telescopic antenna extends up to 14.5" for high sensitivity reception and has a built-in speaker. The material is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Brand: Kaito

👤There are several areas that make this bad emergency radio. The Crank Power device is very weak, and I was able to charge it manually. The power went off for 3 minutes. The power lasted for less than a minute after I charged again. There are two more The solar panel charge the battery at a very slow rate. It is better to crank it to charge the battery. Imagine how slow the solar panel is. There are 3 more The radio reception is not very good. The SW reception is important since this is an emergency radio. There are four We will submit a review so they can give a free SW antenna to a customer. The radio should have included this antenna. I will look for something better when this radio comes back.

👤I was excited when this radio arrived. I was determined to be better prepared for the next time after going through the storm, and having to find a radio that was battery operated. I was interested in this radio. Five-way power, including solar? Shut up and take my money. It was like being hit in the face with a big wet fish. The delivery arrived on time. The curve is coming up, and the disappoints are just around the bend. Unpacking revealed a bright yellow radio in bubble wrap. There was a small box with a set of cheap ear phones and a microusb cable in it. Wall wart was sold separately. If the unit is capable, I would expect a wall plug. There was no one to find. Again, sold separately. The top of the unit has a sliding switch that can be used to control the light in the unit. The dial/side flash light is the reading light. The red light on the right side of the unit is actually the SOS light, which is a misconception. It isn't that bright, but it might help your rescuers find you. I wouldn't depend on it unless I had to. Purchase a rescue beacon if you need it. Your life and rescuers will thank you. On the front of the unit is the name of the product, speaker output, radio tuning dial, and three switches. The switch on the left controls which weather band to tune in to, the switch on the middle controls which radio band to listen to, and the switch on the right controls which source to draw power from. The power switch doesn't line up with the text on the front, so you can't tell which source you're using unless you count the clicks. The crooked tuning display leads me to look for other quality control issues. I received a great reward for my search. The tuning dial has a light so you can see what you are tuning into. It can be turned off to help conserve battery power. The top switch is slid all the way to the right to turn on the dial light. The dial was adequately illuminated, but the light on the side is dim, which is a waste of battery power. The case of the radio is thin and flimsy, which leads me to believe that the light is through it. This is not good in a product that you may need in an emergency. I am getting goose bumps thinking of what other things have been taken in the manufacture of this device. On the right side of the unit there is a radio tuning knob, a flash light, and a volume control knob. The volume control becomes easier to turn as you turn the unit to the right. The tuning knob is difficult to turn. This will help prevent you from losing your station if you have to move the radio, but I was concerned about something breaking as I was tuning the radio. The hand crank is on the left side. You can charge the battery by turning it from the radio body. You can use it without AC power. The hand crank is not a good word. You definitely want to be careful with this, as it seems to be held in place by two plastic pins. If you break the pins or crank, you will spend more time charging the radio than you thought. The battery door is on the back. The battery pack was found in its own compartment by opening the door. You need to connect the jack to the radio. The battery pack is 3.6v. And is called NiMH. There is room for three AA batteries in this compartment. The radio has a battery door that is permanently attached to it. The solar panel is above the compartment. This is to charge the battery when you don't want to crank. The manual states that the solar panel will charge the battery slowly. This was my worst moment. They added the solar panel just so they could say that it was equipped with such, but don't expect you to use it. The reading lights are on the other side of the fold out solar panel. These are good for a quick look, but there are better options. There is a rubber flap to the right of the compartment. The earphone jack, microusb jack, AC power supply jack, and theusb jack are located under the flap. There is a switch to turn on/off the power. The surrounding case of the radio does not reinforce theusb jack, so it can be moved from side to side, up and down. It seems like an oversight, as anyone with gorilla hands can damage this from normal use. It is attached to the circuit board underneath and you are counting on it being secure. You should not know how they are made. There are no pictures of what is behind the flap. You know it. It's called TLDR. The designers of this radio didn't make it too complicated. There is a lot of stuff built into this. The placement of things seems to have been thought out. A quick overview of the radio manual will show you everything you need to know. The execution of the design is something else. I would accept it if I paid $20 for it. I would expect it. The radio is cheap. You don't want to depend on this in an emergency. Things will be happening around you, and you will be excited. The last thing you need is a device that has to be treated with kid gloves because of the risk of breaking it.

3. FosPower Emergency Portable Household Flashlight

FosPower Emergency Portable Household Flashlight

The power bank will keep the power on. The power bank in the emergency radio can provide emergency power to any small device. The emergency weather radio has 3 power sources that you can use when you need a boost of power or a refill. The radio's crank lever and solar panel are both capable of regenerating enough power to keep the radio, lights, and alarm ready to go when you need it most. When you can't regenerate power, you needAAA batteries. There are always power sources. Light can be provided by the emergency crank radio. If you and your loved ones are in an emergency situation, the 1W flashlight and 4 LEDs reading light will keep you out of the dark. The radio will get up to the second emergency weather forecasts and emergency news broadcasts from the National Weather Service. A limited lifetime warranty is included. Please visit the website for more information.

Brand: Fospower

👤We lost all power when Hurricane Florence came into North Carolina and couldn't even use the generators for a few days. Local radio reports that during that time, we kept our phones charged in hopes of getting cell service and light back, and that the little hand crank radio was our main source of weather information. I must have turned that crank a million times, but it never failed us, and when it was all over, it went into the emergency supplies to be ready for the next one.

👤My husband received this as a Christmas gift. I should've researched it better, but we discovered there was no jack on the unit. There is no way to listen to the radio in private. The second disappointment is that when you tip up the solar panel, the light panel underneath it turns on. The solar charging purpose is defeated by totaly. There is no way to turn off the light panel. It turns on when tilted up and off when laid flat. The radio and flashlight work well. It is early to know how durable the unit will be.

👤I was sleeping when this device caught on fire.

👤You need to have a weather radio that is on all the time in order to get notifications. Apparently, this one. If you live in a part of the country where the weather is unpredictable, you should be used to hearing the drone of the National Weather Service all the time. Nope. This device has a lot of useful things, like a solar panel, but it really falls down on its main purpose, which is to sit in silence until there is a weather alert. Sending it back. No instructions come with it. The on-line manual is sub-par. My calls were dropped by the customer service line. I'm in the middle of a dangerous storm pattern and I'm annoyed and disappointed by this product.

👤One of the larger battery backups is available for it's size, about the size of your hand. The solar panel has a charging light. The crank handle is unlikely to break in use. The radio reception was good. Not all weather radios have sirens and red lights. You may get different prices for this radio because it is marketed by more than one seller.

👤If you're working on a small budget bug out bag, this is a good thing. The radio has a battery that can be charged by crank or solar power. One of the lights is bright, but the other is decent. The radio can connect to local weather broadcasts and AM or FM radio, for $20, which is pretty good. This little thing is for twenty bucks and can charge a variety of devices. This would be great for a bug out bag, or even hiking and camping, because it also has an emergency mode. If you get separated from a group, you can emit a loud sirens and flash a red light.

👤This was purchased for a trip to Philmont. The unit never worked. At one point, the scouts took turns cranking it. It's complete waste of money. The unit is light and flimsy. It was impossible to charge anything with it. It wouldn't hold a charge, so it couldn't be used for the radio. Customer service was a joke, argued with me that there were so many other "neat" specifications on this piece of junk that I should have been happy to just put batteries in it and enjoy the radio. Great. I paid almost 40 bucks for a radio. It was a disappointment. It was too late to send back the item my kid got back from the camping trip. Customer support was not good. Do. Not. Buy. I went to Walmart to get one. We did that for our first Scout who went to Philmont. It at least worked. It worked well. We tried to save money with this thing. I only gave it one star because you have to write a review. 5 stars for this piece of junk.

4. Kaito Emergency KA900 Bluetooth Real Time

Kaito Emergency KA900 Bluetooth Real Time

A solar panel with a 5-LED reading lamp and a back-lit display. The portable emergency radio, hand crank generator, solar power, 5V input, 6V DC wall power adapter, and built-in 2,000 mAh li-ion rechargeable battery pack are all included. It is suitable for everyday use around the house, outdoor recreational activities such as camping, backpacking, picnic, and emergency / disaster preparedness, roadside emergency, and etc., a reliable source of information and a reliable survival tool when everything else fails. There is a comprehensive coverage of AM, FM, Shortwave and 7 pre-programmed NOAA weather channels for entertainment, sports, talk-shows, breaking news around the world and a real-time alert for the USA and Canada only. The design of the dual stereo speakers provides uncompromising sound quality not only for radio listening, but also for playing your favorite tunes via wireless Bluetooth streaming or connecting an external audio device to a 3.5mm audio input jack, features a fully-functional mp3 player. A telescopic antenna extends up to 14 feet for high sensitivity and reception assistance, with 4 tuning methods including manual with tuning knob or keypad, direct numerical keypad entry, and memory tuning with over 1,000 memories for easy access to favorite stations. A built-in standard DC 5Vusb output port for charging mobile devices, such as smart phones, can be used as an emergency mobile battery charger. A 5-LED reading lamp is one of the safety features.

Brand: Kaito

👤I bought a new radio on Amazon. I own a Kaito KA600 and wanted to compare the new model to what I already have. The KA900 adds features and fixes some flaws. If you add files from a microSD card slot, stereo speakers, and a recording function, the KA900 will have an mp3 player. I wish Kaito had kept the RDS function. The KA900 has a bigger battery. There is no option for using alkaline batteries. The KA600 had two battery power options. Kaito removed the push button switches from the radio and I am not using them to turn on functions when I pick up the KA900. I am not fond of the auto-mute on SW tuning and it still does not have SSB. The KA900 has a separate 7-meter roll-up antenna. I use this antenna on my radios. The emergency radios have too short an antenna for serious SWL, so it is a good addition to the KA900. I compared the SW response on the KA600 and KA900. There were slight sensitivity differences across the frequencies with and without the additional antenna, and both my models list the same specifications in the owners manual. Both models have similar sensitivities. One quirk is notable. The display wouldn't light up even after I changed the display set up. The flashlight/reading light switch on the unit was to blame. You can push back farther than the 'off' detent. The display backlight problem was solved by moving it into the off detent. I like this radio. I think it's closer to a 4.5-star rating. It isn't a perfect 5 yet.

👤Kaito has a new portable emergency radio. The KA700 platform has Shortwave and StereoFunctionality added by the KA900 Voyager MAX. If you want to see a full in-depth video review, you can search the model number and my name. The radio reception is great. The speaker audio is great, the stereo separation is clear and well defined. * Direct Entry Keypad for entering radio stations. The button top is replaceable. It is very useful now with the updated Flashlight. The lamps are being read. * There is a solar panel. * The person is called Dynamo. Timed recording and replay of mp3s. There are tons of preset. * There is a large display. The weather band reception is amazing. The alarm function can be changed. There is a calendar function. * A text reader function. A great tool for an emergency. There are settings on the mp3 playback. * There are different repeat modes for the mp3 player. It is easy to carry. Cool color. The AM Circuit needs improvement. The upper part of the band has problems with tuning. SW has too many bands. I would like to see it divided into 7. * The band exhibits AM. The benefits of great stereo sound are what this emergency radio is for the person who wants the best reception on an emergency radio. The 600L may be the best option for you if you want decent AM and SW. The KA700 is my choice. The KA700 has a better AM circuit than the KA900 and I don't need SW on my emergency radio.

5. Powered Emergency Shortwave Flashlight Earphone

Powered Emergency Shortwave Flashlight Earphone

The strap and cover are designed for tight and comfortable wearing. Any invasion of tiny substances would be prevented with a comprehensive anti-fog splashing. The newest upgraded weather radio from the National Weather Service captures a superior signal reception, automatically scanning through 7 available weather band channels to alert you of the hazard weather in your area. This is a short wave radio that can be used indoors or outdoors. 5 Ways powered emergency weather radio with 5000 large capacity built-in battery, which is powered by AC/DC power, solar, hand crank, 3*AAA batteries, and built-in replaceable 5000 battery. The battery icon on the display will let you know if there is a power outage. The 5000 battery can be used to charge your phone or other devices in an emergency. Ultra Bright Flashlight, Reading Lamp, and SOS Alert Light are included. There are two brightness levels for the flashlight on the left side and the foldable reading light on the top. You could use it for outdoor activities. If there is a power failure, you could turn it on for emergency use, which is necessary for areas with frequent power outages. The red alert light can be manually turned on in an emergency. There are two weather alert modes with auto weather alert. This radio is essential for your emergency kit. The red alert light, the Alert icon, and the backlight on the display will flash to alert you if the weather radio receives a weather alert. You could press the button to ask for help. The rescue team will be more likely to find you if you are wearing a loud and red emergency beacon. A lot of user friendly details. The 3.5mm earphone jack will not make you be disturbed when listening to the radio. The portable radio has a hook and wrist strap. The indicator on the battery could tell you if the radio is working. Families with babies will appreciate the lock button. The volume function will always satisfy you.

Brand: Mesqool

👤I just bought this to use as a camping lantern and to get weather reports while camping off the grid. I was surprised by how many channels I could get. Light use has lasted 3 days with the battery. I don't know how long the solar charge takes to charge. The video was taken at home. It is loud and clear with the red light. I'll test the battery life on lights next.

👤I brought it to have a big display, multi power sources, and a flashlight and reading light. It's about the size of a can of soda. It took over an hour to charge, but I left it off and only had one bar left on the power source. The power light will turn green after it was charged. You can only turn it on by closing the hatch completely and pressing the band on the second day. I hope I don't become frustrated in an emergency because I'd rather have a full charge than 3 bars of charge.

👤I am excited to use this item on my first camping trip. I love that it can use a variety of power sources. The light is bright at night. It can charge my phone. I'm ready for anything that comes my way, be it fire, power outage or anything else. Even though there are many functions on it, it was easy to operate. Love it.

👤This product is similar to my grandfather's radio, it has good sound for Am and Fm, but also includes short wave and weather which are used for government and emergencies. The radio is powered by the sun and has a gyro that can be used to charge a battery. A bright led light and red strobe are included in the radio unit. It comes with an emergency location siren. This unit is awesome because of the price.

👤Within a couple hours, the battery was half empty.

👤The first radio had a bad battery. It would not charge fully or hold what it had for a long time. The seller was very responsive and immediately sent a new radio. The second radio and Li-ion work well. The charge is held for 24 hours. Very impressed with their quick response.

👤I am not happy to see how small this radio is. I thought it was a toy. I am not going to use this radio.

👤I bought this because I saw it on tiktok and I am located in Texas so it would be handy for tornado and the next winter freeze. Go a head and buy something. Will update if something happens.

👤Ich hatte das Radio insebesondere, also fr den evtl. Stromausfall/Blackout ist das bekannt gesagt, die bekannt gesagt ist. Gert ist bin, bei uns gelandet. Ihren AM hat es leider, dafr aber Licht undusb-Ladebuchse. Ich ist mal voll, so zum probieren, und ist war nun. The Akku leer is a nutzung. Gut ist ja, es be findet in dem Gert der an der Unterseite. Im Pluspunkt ist das. Ich is also mal den Akku raus genommen. "Notfall"-Gert sollte der idealerweise bei 0mA liegen. Man es braucht ist der Akku voll. The lag bei 5,5mA d.h. Akku das der Akku ist das Gert innerhalb. Is it a thing? Ihren Beobachtung ist besttigt. Also, man den Akku, man das Gert lagert offenbar ausbauen! The Akku war beispielsweise dazu, beispielsweise die Kurbel beispielsweise. The Akku war bedeutet. Ich ist die "Lade-LED", die "Batterie schwach" und die "Gert". Weder das Radio, das Licht lie. I am min. 30 Minuten gekurbelt, wobei es waren eher 45 Minuten, sofort leuchtete aber das Radio. 45 minutes. Ich stelle aber in der Gert den wervollen "Muskelstrom". 5,5mA liegt. Noch dazu leuchtet beim Laden, nun den Strom dafr ist erzeugen. Her ist das Gert, so berhmt. Idealerweise schaltet man, so he is mal, so he is aus, so he is aus, so he is aus, so he is aus, so he is aus, so he is aus, so he is aus, so he ber den Ruhe entstromladen hat ist man damit. Ich ist der Stromverbrauch des gesamten Gertes. Is it possible to damit gemacht? The Kurbelmechanik ist bei Stunden. Im Gert hat die Bedienelemente die Beschriftungen auffllt. Weder das Hersteller ist, kein GS kein, TV und. Ohne, das Gert meines Wissens in der EU berhaupt ist. Ich hatte die Rezension in der sechsenden war. So richtig schlecht ist. Was it nun? Weniger ist doch arguschend wie "verschwenderisch".

6. 5000mAh Digital Emergency Shortwave Flashlight

5000mAh Digital Emergency Shortwave Flashlight

The masks cannot be washed. The new digital weather radio is easy to use and has a backlit screen that makes it easy to read. When important updates from the national weather service are released, it will auto- Scan all the 7 weather channels to alert you with a siren and red flashing indicator. When timer ends up, the WX function will be disabled. 5000 Replaceable/Rechargeable Built-in battery. The weather radio comes with a Li-ion battery that can charge more than one cellphone, and it will power off when it's not needed. It's essential for emergencies, back out or power failure, it works not only as a weather radio, but also an emergency cellphone charge, a handy outdoor camping 3W flashlight or 2.5W reading light. You can emit a loud siren and flash a red light if you use the SOS alarm. The lock button on the newest model is designed to make sure you don't accidentally change your settings.

Brand: Mesqool

👤I was given a radio by the vendor hoping I would write a review. This is an honest review. The radio is 7 inches wide and 3 inches deep and has an antenna that is secured and retracted. The tuning knob is stiff, making tuning difficult. The speaker is small. It doesn't give you a high fidelity sound, but you can hear voice communication and music. A residential room has a lot of volume. I am in a small bedroom listening to a country radio station with the volume turned to 25% of the dial rotation and it is louder than a face to face communication. I pick up lots of stations on AM radio. It was difficult to tune any station as it was difficult to not be interfered with by an adjacent station. I don't listen to a lot of AM radio so I can't give a good evaluation of this function. The radio seems to listen to our local stations. It was clear that the local stations were good enough, even though it seemed a little difficult to tune in. The dial is not very accurate as there are no graduation marks on it, but the frequencies are written on about every 4 Mhz, so it was possible to find the desired station. SW radio. I wasn't able to get many clear stations. I didn't listen to it because it was in English, my only language. WB radio The weather band does not need to be adjusted. There is a switch to choose one of the weather bands. I only received the seventh station. It worked well. I understood the information being received. There are many ways for the device to be powered: built in a Li-ion battery, disposable batteries, crank, solar, and microusb. There is a switch to switch between the li-ion power source and theAAA batteries. I haven't tried anything yet, but the li-ion power source is. The other three power sources are connected to the li-ion batteries and can be used to power the radio. I believe it powers its type Ausb port so you can charge your phone or whatever from its internal battery. I don't know if it powers the battery. There is a flashlight beam on one end of the radio and a reading light behind the solar panel. There is an emergency function that emits a very bright red led and a siren sound. It is loud in a small room. It had a small carabiner and a small compass on it. Is this something I would buy? I live in Florida. I would buy this radio as part of my Hurricane Preparedness because I believe it would come in handy if we lost power. You might take it with you on a camping trip. I have not evaluated the value of this device compared to any of the other ones, so I can't say it's a good deal.

👤With the coronaviruses on the loose, I decided my house needed a nice solar radio. I don't think the coronaviruses will kill our electric, but you never know when you need a radio anyways, so good as any to get one. It seems very durable after I tested it. There are 4 ways to power it: batteries (yours), solar to charge the internal 2000 mAh, crank to charge the internal 2000 mAh, and charging with miniusb. It's always good to have the ability to charge the radio under a variety of circumstances. It has a good flashlight, a good compass, a good radio, and an excellent and very loud sound. I bought a second for my car because I liked it so much. So. You could say that I like this radio.

7. Emergency Weather Broadcast Travelling Flashlight

Emergency Weather Broadcast Travelling Flashlight

Also, note: The CWP-7 is used for cranks using the Octalink system. 5 power sources with 5000 phone charges. The weather radio has 5 sustainable power sources. The portable radio has a built-in charging port that can be used to charge your phones and other devices. There is a weather band with AM radio. The best emergency kit for indoors or outdoors is a crank radio with 7 channels of real-time weather forecast. You can enjoy radio shows without disturbing others with the 3.5mm jack. When you're in the middle of nowhere, the antenna can help improve reception. The solar radio has a flashlight and a reading lamp that provide better vision at night. The reading lamp emits enough light to illuminate a book or map. No more worries about the dark. A loud alarm sound and red flashlight can be used to attract people, and a battery operated radio can be a lifesaver. A pocket-sized compass was also included. Your chances of being rescued increase with the help of all of these. After collecting customers' suggestions, they have upgraded their CR 1009 emergency solar hand crank radio to 5000 watt, added a 3.5mm headphone jack, and changed the 2000 built-in battery to 5000 watt. They also provide a 24H message response. Please contact them via email or Amazon if you have a question.

Brand: Pplee

👤You need a Shortwave or a weather radio if you're a prepper, if you're worried about the worst case scenario, or if you're watching TV. I don't want to shell out 150 bucks for something all digital with fancy cases for a few uses. I settled on this radio after looking over different models. It had a Li-ion battery, a power bank, and a plug, and it was 50 bucks. It has a battery slot that can be used to run it off of 3 AA batteries. The thing had a solar strip for a charge, a flashlight, and a light bar that is dimmable. I am impressed. The cons. There are some. The compass is functional but probably wouldn't be my first choice to use. This seems a bit off, and it's not a dedicated hand compass. The buttons are not going to fall off, just be careful not to crank on them, and you should be good. There is a dock for those few issues. The Pros. The radio works on all channels. I was picking up Italian. The weather stations are clear. AM is loud and clear. The speaker does the trick. It's worth 50 dollars to have all these features and I will update with any new things that pop up.

👤There is a lot to like about this radio. I used this radio daily while backpacking on the superior hiking trail. Whether it was for tunes around the camp fire or picking up weather reports. The battery life is great. I didn't want the extra weight on the radio. The battery on this never died. I would set it in the sun in the morning to keep it charged. I was in a very remote area. I was able to pick up a lot of radio stations. The weather bands were clear and I was able to get information on the systems that were passing through. The tuner is off on this. If I was trying to find a radio station. It was more like 94. There is plenty of room at the end of the dial so you still get the full range of frequencies. The solar panel is not very sanitary when propped up. I put a stick behind it to make sure it was pointed at the sun. I like this radio a lot. I am happy I purchased. It was very helpful while camping. It was one night when we found out the lighting was moving in. I would recommend it.

👤The weather channel works well, the size, color, multiple power sources, and ability to charge my cell phone are all positives. Likes: tuning is very complex. It is difficult to find a station. The band is loud. My other a.m. radios have less noise. It doesn't matter what station is on. There is no change in the background. I am aware that the A.M. band can be loud. This seems excessive.

👤Solar radios are great for emergency's to have just in case. This radio is cool if you are going hiking or preparing a survival bag. It has a crank on the side in case it is night time. You need some sort of power and a solar panel when it is day time. It has a flashlight and sos mode. I was surprised that the clip that I came with can be used to attach it to your camping gear or bag when you are on the move, so it doesn't take up much space at all. It is portable and light weight.

8. Crank Emergency Weather Bluetooth Speaker

Crank Emergency Weather Bluetooth Speaker

It is more practical outdoors and in emergency situations. Life-time Money Back or Free New Replacement guarantee if there is a defect in the product. One key auto scanner is updated. A weather radio and speaker. All 7 WB/NOAA channels are contained in no delay reception. The IPX5 is waterproof. Radio works well in the rain. Get the latest weather broadcasts and hazard information. Your family is safe. Only KAYINOW's radio comes with a 5000mAh LiPo battery, more reliable and safe than the other battery. 72h play time, 5000mAh capacity. Your cell phone will never be power off, keep you safe when you are alone or traveling, and you can charge it with a solar battery, hand crank power source, or 3 ways. If there is a power outage or if you are outside at night, a strong flashlight and reading lamp will light up your night. 24h customer services and 2 years replacement warranty are included.

Brand: Kayinow

👤The vendor reached out to me and told me that the advertisement was incorrect and that they were going to give me a new product. I can keep the product as well. They are going to update their advertising for this product. The device is described in the ad as IPX6 waterproof compliant, but the instructions that came with it are false and only IPX5. Don't use this product in humid conditions. This is an emergency radio for hurricanes. The device was only charged at 69%. There are three ways the item is advertised as charged. If possible, avoid using the Solar or Hand Crank. That is the reason someone buys this device. None of the 7 stations pull in any information, I am not familiar with them. I can't really test this out until I need it. I live in South Florida, and I am pretty sure that the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration should be a priority location here.

👤One of the better emergency radios I have ever seen should be owned by every person. I already owned one upstairs. I wanted one for the den, and this one looked like it had everything I could ever want. It does it all, it does it well, and the speakers were crystal clear, but I forgot about the line in. The weather radio station was easy to find, it will Scan the stations if needed on the radio, and I could not think of a better way to use my phone than with a solar backup and hand crank.

👤The emergency radio is small and convenient. There are three ways to charge it; a mini solar panel, a back up crank and ausb plug. The weather station is clear. I was able to clear the channels. It has a compass and emergency lights. Everyone should have one for emergencies. I am glad I bought this item because Hurricanes are a real threat in my area.

👤The product was undamaged and works well. The hand crank emergency weather radio is well worth the cost. It's built to last and has a lot of useful features. There is a crank in the photo that charges the battery. There is a light on the side of the building. It's also powered by the sun. It has a compass and blue tooth. Sound quality is good. My wife and I like this product. The buttons on the front are volume and channel buttons. Would definitely recommend this.

👤It is very easy to use and lightweight. The blue tooth hook up is very easy if you keep your battery charged in it for a long time. The light was bright and easy to use after the power was out for 15 hours because of a tornado. This is the best for your home, trailer, camper, camping and more. I liked how clear The Voice was and how loud the speakers were. I put my foot in the picture to show how small it is. Love it.

9. Eton Classic Clear Sounding Shortwave NELITE750

Eton Classic Clear Sounding Shortwave NELITE750

The alarm comes with an extra- loud sound. You can get help in an emergency with the help of this sound. When you get lost in a suburb, compass is helpful. If you are riding enthusiastic, you can install the radio on the bike, and enjoy the ride with some music playing. The Eton Satellite 750 broadcasts every radio wavelength, including AM,FM, LW, SW, SSB and VHF aircraft band frequencies. Program in up to 1000 channels, 100 for each band, plus you can personalize up to 55 channels to tune into your favorite stations with ease. In and out: connect any audio device using the line input and listen to your favorite music and media through the Eton Satellit750's speakers; or broadcast your radio to other devices using the line output. They'll keep you connected, in the know, at home, in the office, on the road or in the great outdoors, with weather alert radios, backup battery packs, solar-powered sound systems, and more. Whether you're on a 10-day backpacking trip or barbecuing in the backyard, they're committed to helping you be prepared.

Brand: Eton

👤I'm an active 'Ham' and have been 'radioactive' in one form or another since about 1953. Hundreds of radios have passed through my hands. There are military sets like the Collins R-390A and small pocket all-wave sets. There are 10 multi-band radios that are ready for immediate use, ranging from the Yaesu FTDX101MP to a homebrewed tube type regen for longwave. . Let's get to the Eton Elite 750. I almost sold the same set I had a few years ago because I wanted a different radio. I bought an Eton Elite 750 to use for AM/FM listening, as well as use on the front porch and other things. It is everything I remembered, but I really like the 750 for it's tone, portability and general usefulness. It's my go-to radio for general listening. To show you how much I enjoy the radio, I just bought a second one and received it today. It's located in the living room and will soon be connected to another outdoor antenna. I bought it because I'm spending more time in the living room since wifey passed away. I adopted her power lift chair with massage and wanted a small listening post next to it. I can't stay in the "operations center" for all my life. In the event of a power failure, this radio will always work on it's battery pack, even if you don't keep fresh batteries in it, because it offers a lot of performance in a reasonably priced package. It is one of the best portable sets you can buy. Also, note: I don't like some of the advertising copy, such as "On Every Wavelength". Every radio wavelength is broadcast by the Etn Satellit 750. It does an admirable job as a general coverage receiver, but it doesn't receive "every Wavelength", and it is only a receiver. . I forgot to mention that the AC adapter that comes with the radio is of the old school transformer type that doesn't generate a lot of RFI. Both of my 750's have one. The more common "Switching Supply" can generate a lot of radio noise and cover up weak stations, so this is important for any radio that operates on the AC mains. Phil is a person named Phil.

👤I have a general class licence. You don't have to think I am a radio freak. I love listening to radio and audio. The old Eton LLBean E radio is no longer working. I'm not in the game. 100 to 500 hertz. It works. There is radio silence down there, a single slow CW transponder. Not much of anything. SW isn't bringing in much. A good antenna is needed. It is a crying shame that there is not much on SW. These bands are on the road. The wave length is up to 1 kilometer. It goes and goes. This is a radio that works well for reception and sound. The VFO knob is very nice. I think I could have gone with a Yeasu receiver for double the money. I am very pleased with this Covid Cabin Fever bustin user friendly beast. There is a The noise will be eliminated after some use of the mono button. I like the power of the 4 D cell. The AM rotator antenna is functional. It's handy to dial in AM stations to improve signal to noise. If the power is off, the radio stays on. I plan to use an off grid battery to power it. The center pin for external DC is negative. The center pin is always positive in the states. This is a Euro Grundig rig. It's very cool and has features. There are two 50ohm bnc ant ports and one 500ohm bare wire ant. External. There is a Waiting to hear from Ireland in Hawaii.

10. Emergency Portable Shortwave Flashlight Headphone

Emergency Portable Shortwave Flashlight Headphone

To satisfy more needs, they ensure the crank solar radio with upgraded functions such as the auto alert, bigger 5000 battery, AM/FM/ SW, flashlight, reading lamp. The backlit screen makes it easy to operate. Wrist strap and IPX4 are waterproof for camping and easy taking. They give 18 months warranty and 30 days free return. On weather alert mode, the radio will automatically Scan through 7 preset weather channels. When a warning message is sent out by a local channel, it will emit a sirens sound and red flashing light, which will keep you and your family far away from danger. Automatic search for precise focus is no more annoying than the hard to focus analog tuner. The new digital tuning can provide quick access to the weather broadcasts of the National Weather Service. Information about radio Frequency, battery/charging status, time, alert icon, headphone and lock indicator can be seen on the large display. Within 15 seconds, the backlight will turn off. A 3.5mm Headphone Jack is convenient for listening to. Power Sources and Phone. The weather radio has been upgraded to 5000 batteries. 5-Way Power Sources don't worry about power going off. The solar panel and hand crank generate electricity when there is a power failure. You can have a backup when you can't generate power. You can charge your cell phone or portable device with ausb port. The solar hand crank radio is very useful for travel. In an emergency, the bright 1.5W/2W flashlight can help you get rid of darkness, and the loud sirens and red light of the SOS Alarm can help you find a rescuer. The portable survival radio can be used as a flashlight, and both of the light have 2 Level brightness, making it a must for home and outdoor. The design of Wrist Strap/Hanging Clip makes it very easy to clip to your backpack or hold it by hand. The lock button can be used to prevent accidentally touching. A 3.5mm Headphone Jack is also convenient. It has a sleep timer, waterproof IPX4 and loud sirens that make it a must-have survival kit.

Brand: Mesqool

👤The model I purchased from this manufacturer last year had an analogue tuner, but the digital one is a lot better. The ability to automatically Scan for the next strong channel is something I like. It misses some stations that are manually tunable. The radio is best outdoors. The reception is not as good indoors. A longer antenna or connection for an alternate external antenna could be used to improve this. There is a built-in battery, hand crank or solar that can be used for multiple power sources. The instructions state that the solar panel should not be used to fully charge the battery as the panel's output is only 30-50mA. Depending on how fast one turns the crank, the hand crank can generate up to 300mA. It's important to be able to use the port to charge a cell phone when there's no other power source. The flashlight and reading lights are both bright. The lights can be turned on individually or at the same time. The alarm is very loud. The power lock feature prevents the radio and lamps from being turned on accidentally. The earlier version of the model did not have a headphone jack. This device is going to be part of my kit. This honest review was presented from a product that was provided by the manufacturer, and it did not affect my evaluation of the product.

👤There are top features. The battery capacity is 2. The hand crank, solar, and wall plug are used to charge. The short wave radio is 4. The light was 5 brightness. The weather channel has coverage. You can charge phones and tablets. Digital display gives clarity of which frequencies it is on. The sound quality is mediocre. On short wave 3 tuning is slow. An amber alert from the ocean is nice to have. I would like to keep that function active but not bright. 4. There is no confirmation that the unit is charging.

👤I bought this radio because it is my fourth product from Mesqool. All worked well. My wife and I were discussing buying such a product when I found out that Mesqool had one. I placed my order after looking no further. The value for the money is the first thing. Five stars is well deserved, in my opinion. Second is sound quality. I give it four stars. The speaker is small and cannot be expected to provide more sound than can be expected from such an item. I haven't had time to rate the Battery Life feature so I'm not giving a review. I recommend this radio.

👤The radio has a lot of function. 5 methods of power, including 2 types of batteries and a solar panel, is fantastic. The easy to use hand crank can be used to generate power if other power sources are used up. An emergency radio has many functions, including an audible alert, red light, and weather alert. In addition to uses in the case of emergency, the radio provides user friendly features. Features include a lock button that can be used to avoid accidental changes and a multi band digital radio that can be used to charge a cell phone battery. I would recommend the cost effective weather radio for emergencies and general use.

11. Emergency Survival Portable Flashlight Headphone

Emergency Survival Portable Flashlight Headphone

Can tolerate temperatures from -40 F to 230 F. The emergency crank radio can receive broadcasts from AM/FM/ SW/NOAA certified radio. The weather alert will emit a sound and red flashing light if there is a life threatening weather event. Even in poor signal areas, the radio has a strong reception. The kit includes a weather radio with 5 way power sources, a hand-crank, solar, andAAA batteries. 5000 large-capacity battery has a lifespan of up to 100 hours. The most efficient way to charge a portable survival radio is with theusb. You can charge your cell phone or portable device with a microusb port. Information about radio Frequency, battery/charging status, time, alert icon, headphone, lock indicator and volume can be seen on the large display. Within 15 seconds, the emergency radio backlight will turn off. Enjoy your private time with a free volume control button and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The enlarges button is easy to use. A bright flashlight and reading lamp. The solor hand crank radios have an extra loud alarm and red light to attack attention and save time. The portable radio as flashlight continuously provides 150 to 250 Lumens bright light; as a reading lamp by a flip-up solar panel with a built-in 6 bright LEDs is designed in 150 to 250 Lumens to meet more needs. A waterproof must-have kit for backpacking, camping, and wilderness survival. The design of the wrist strap/hanging clip makes it very easy to clip your backpack or hold it by hand. The lock button can be used to prevent accidentally touching. You can listen to it while falling asleep with a sleep timer. The weather radio is a must-have survial kit for earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Mesqool

👤This is a slightly improved version of the Mesqool CR 1009Pro that I bought last year. Better radio tuning. The documentation has been improved with information on battery life and charging times using the hand crank, built-in solar cell, or the fastest cable. This one does not include the AC plug. It would make it 6 ways to power this little guy. The Li-Ion battery level is specified on the display. The flashlight and reading light work well, as does the radio tuner, allowing both single step changes and scanning to the next available station. Sound is okay, but use headphones for better sound and longer battery life. I like the case. A good deal.

👤The Emergency Alert Radio is great for hikers, bikers, walkers, and just plain sitters because of its ability to operate on multiple power sources. If AC power is not available, multiple types of batteries provide the power and as backup, a hand crank and/or solar panel can charge the batteries. Guidance on battery life is provided by the instructions. If the light level is reduced, there are multiple flashlight options. When the cell phone's battery is low, the units can charge it. All in all. What a great product.

👤The emergency radio has a lot of nice features, like a flashlight, different radio frequencies, and different ways to charge the battery, which is really nice if the power goes out. It is portable and has a strap to carry it. There are several ways to charge-crank and plug. There is a spot light and a reading light.

👤The weather radio is easy to use and reliable. I was waiting for some bad weather so I could get an alert. We did a couple of days ago. The radio is working. It seems the volume only goes to "16", it could be louder for us to drown out the excess noise in our house. The flashlight feature is very useful.

👤It is incredibly useful when out and about, like a Swiss army knife. It has a radio, a torch, an emergency beacon, and a 5000 mah battery, which is enough to charge your devices off, and it has a reading light, too. The + - Volume buttons are the only thing that needs to be changed.

👤I put the batteries in the unit. I returned the unit because the flashlight functions worked perfectly. The lighting functions were excellent, especially the broad area lamp under the solar panel. The unit was very strong.

👤Would not be able to power up. We returned it.

👤The features are considering the size. 4 ways to power it is very forward thinking. I can't wait to see what this company comes up with. Nice job!


What is the best product for survival radio shortwave?

Survival radio shortwave products from Kaito. In this article about survival radio shortwave you can see why people choose the product. Fospower and Mesqool are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival radio shortwave.

What are the best brands for survival radio shortwave?

Kaito, Fospower and Mesqool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival radio shortwave. Find the detail in this article. Pplee, Kayinow and Eton are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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