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1. TH 9800D Cross Band Mobile Transceiver Radio

TH 9800D Cross Band Mobile Transceiver Radio

The base unit. The battery is rechargeable. There are preset selections compatible with all standard radios. FONGHOO is the official distributor of TYT. The " Plus" version of TYT TH-9800 has a remote mountable faceplate, Twin simultaneous Receive, and multiple tuning steps. 2. Quad-band Transmit, Twin Receive, dual display; TX: 28-29/50-54/144-148/420-450MHz; RX: 26-33/47-54/110-180 with AM Air Band. 3. The programming software is free on the TYT website. 4. 800 AlphaNumeric memory channels, 800 AlphaNumeric memory channels, 800 AlphaNumeric memory channels, 800 AlphaNumeric memory channels, 800 AlphaNumeric memory channels, 800 AlphaNumeric memory channels, 800 AlphaNumeric memory channels, 800 AlphaNumeric memory channels, 800 Alpha 5. The kit includes TYT Th-9800D. There is a mobile radio, speaker mic, DC power cable, radio and mic brackets, user guide, and TYT programming cable.

Brand: Fonghoo

👤Over the past few years, I have purchased six of these radios. They are a great value. My Yaesu and Kenwood mobiles are more expensive than the ones at around $200+, but they have better freq ranges at 50 watt max. I have them in my car, boat, and home HAM stations. TYT radios have 2 of their radios for the price, which is great. 73s

👤The radio was tested and not 50w on high output. Only 26 was available.

👤I had to remove one star for a short time. This is the ultimate radio station for many bands and services. The version is close to perfect. AM receive has a lot of fidelity. The most sensitive receive I have ever experienced is the FM receive. The Plus version's updated manual makes programming simple. I didn't order the data cable initially, but I was able to fully program bandwidth, Alpha tag, Frequency, repeater type, offset, sub audible tone, and crossband repeat, manually. I have a cable. I expanded the transmit and receive. The radio 4 meters and the American 1.25 meters can be made by one. I really like this radio. If it had AM or Single Side Band transmit, it would be better. The advertised power is on spot. It's very easy to apply 10 to 15 volts. The face that detaches makes it possible for this to be used in any vehicle or area with an appropriate voltage and current. You can match it with the HH 9900 antenna. Keep it legal until the zombie apocalypse, but listen in many services and frequencies. You can stay ahead of the rancid dead when they emerge from their dormancy with the use of your TYT TH-9800 Plus. Was it necessary for you to transmit? When you think you have to. The Citizen band, Police band, Fire Department band, Ministry of Defense, your govenement bands, marine bands, PMR446, GMRS, CB, UHF CB, Railroad frequencies, amateur bands, weather broadcast frequencies, they are all yours! Use them with care and not use the information for evil. Only where you are allowed to be can you transmit. Use the amateur and public bands only if you have an amateur radio license. Stay legal in your region because Ofcom, Cancon, FCC, and MIC are listening. The other bands are there when you need them to. Get your Tyt-th-9800 Plus today and be part of the resistance against the dead. Do not order from secret YEAHU. You will never get a murchandise.

👤The little radio is small and works well. Not much use for a 10m band. It is illegal to use this radio on radio, grm or munications without a license from the FCC.

👤The sky is the limit for what you can spend on equipment in HAM radio. I think the TYT is a carbon copy of the FT-9800. You can use the same cable. Once I got used to the layout, programming was pretty easy. I mostly use this radio for 2 meter and 70 centimeter because there's not a lot of activity going on where I am. I was able to get 50 watt off of this little guy when I connected to my 2 meter antenna. The mountain hardware for a car/truck is pretty basic, so be prepared to find something else when you get it. The power cable had stripped 10AWG positive and negative leads. You might need to buy an accessory for your setup. The receiver works well and the sound is good. There were no issues there. I haven't tried that yet, but it's said you can use this as a cross-band repeater.

2. BaoFeng UV 82HP High Power Radio

BaoFeng UV 82HP High Power Radio

The Frequency Range is 136-174 MHz. Broad (Wide) is a part of the UHF. The band is narrow. VOX Talk Around Mode Busy Channel Lock-out (BCLO) Transmission Time Out Channel Receive Only (TX Off) Frequency Reverse Squelch Tail Elimination (STE) Work Mode The PC03 FTDI cable is recommended for easy computer programming. The kit includes a radio, battery, antenna, earpiece, belt clip, and user manual. BTECH is proud to be in the USA and can offer the best local support. BTECH develops radio products. The brand focus allows you to have the best radios and accessories with a real USA warranty.

Brand: Baofeng

👤A totally blind person is also a ham. I sold my ham gear when I lost my sight. We recently moved to a new State and I thought it would be a good idea to join the local hams. I wanted a partially accessible radio. I looked for the offerings from the big three and Alinco. I owned portables from Yaesu, Alinco, and Kenwood. The only accessible radio I found is the Kenwood THD-74, which costs over $600. That was out of my budget. I learned that some of the radios from China have partial accessibility built-in. I did a lot of research on the brand. After many hours of research, I settled on the UV-82HP. I have only had the unit for a week, so I can't comment on how well it will hold up, but I am very impressed. The radio is solid in the hand, not like a cheap toy from China. The buttons on the front and side of the volume control work well. The reception and audio quality are excellent, even though I have not yet transmitted with the unit. The regional fire dispatch is loud and clear. I charged the unit on the day I received it, but have not charged it since. It would require more charging if I were to transmit more. I had a problem with the charging base that shipped with the radio. It was difficult to put the battery into the charger. It required a lot of force to remove the battery. The seller sent me a new charging base and wall wart after I contacted them. The base is better and the radio is easier to use. I gave this product a five star review because I was impressed with the level of service from the company. There are websites on the internet that give information on using the UV5R as a blind person. I was able to get up to speed with the UV82HP very quickly, thanks to the information I was able to apply. I sent a note toBT asking them to consider two accessibility enhancements. The first thing would be to have the voice say A or B when you switch between the two VFO displays. The second would be to program one of the buttons to speak the channel name. This would be very easy to accomplish and would make a huge difference for a visually impaired user. I use a screen reader and decided to buy the programming software and cable. I was able to learn the program quickly. I tried the software with the screen reader and it didn't work with Jaws. There are parts of the software that are not accessible, but the sections that are most important to getting the radio programmed are accessible. I treat my electronic items with care. If I treat it well, this radio will last me a long time. I would not hesitate to purchase another higher-end radio from the same company.

👤I have been a ham for 50 years but this is the first time I have used a handy-talkie. I am not a fan of the genre. I have serviced and operated many VHF and UHF HTs. The review is biased towards what I've seen in commercial and industrial applications. Without considering the extra features for ham use, the UV-82HT checks most of the boxes. It seems like a good radio. The devil is in the details. Some of the features are great, but there are some things that are not. Let's get to it. The User Manual is well written and illustrated in English, and is helpful. Push to Talk. This is great. One can monitor two frequencies at the same time. Press either the A or B to transmit. If both have a signal at the same time, what happens? If you don't want this feature turned off, you can. The transmit power levels are H=8 Watts, M=4 Watts, and L-1. Watt. For UHF: H-7 Watts, M-4 Watts, L-1 Watts. The Watt battery voltage display has a key that can be pressed for about 2 seconds to display the battery voltage. You can listen to some tunes on the radio while your favorite radio station is off. reception of a signal on your active channel will interrupt radio. And. You should be on the active channel. You'll get a call. When the signal ends, the reception will resume. The feature that stops the scanning when it gets a signal is not different from the one that stops when it's in a different mode. The keyboard can be used to program the weather. The scanning of this channel can be avoided with software. There is a flashlight on top of the radio that can be used. Comes in a variety of colors. I bought a blue one. Some of the Squelch threshold adjustment is missing. The adjustment is made by programming a digit. The default setting is 5. A 0 will open continuously. There is no change in the squelch threshold when I try different digits. A weak signal on 2 meters kept opening the squelch when nothing was heard. No matter what I programmed, it could not be silenced. It was annoying! When analog, squelch adjustment works better. There is a A dual pot would be great. There are 128 channels that can be programmed with either a VHF or UHF frequency. The scanning rate is 3 channels per second. It's impractical to look at a large number of channels. You will probably want to do a few scans. Unless programmed to skip, each channel in memory will be scanned unless a given Frequency is stored in a memory. This can be accomplished by placing an S into the skip column of the channel table. It is not possible to skip scanning a channel by a keyboard entry. VFO Mode is cumbersome. It allows manual programming via the radio. VFO mode is useful for experimenting in the field and programming is difficult at first, according to the user manual. I would say it's painful. You need to specify a vacant memory channel. This is problematic. You can scroll through the channels, but I can't tell you which ones are empty. The channel cannot be edited using the key pad. The channel needs to be deleted. This shows that an existing can't be changed. VFO mode allows scanning. It can do this by incrementing the frequencies in fixed steps. The scanning mode is very slow and not practical for many. The bottom of the radio case is not flat and it feels good in the hand. There are two plastic nubs on the bottom of the case. There are two rectangular depressions in the radio and battery. The radio can easily fall over if it is upright. It's not cool! The charger can slide on a hard surface. There are four ridges on the bottom, but no pads for my charge. I don't mind, but I don't like when the radio and the charging station slide around with the smallest touch. When you remove the radio from the charging port, the red, green, and multi-color lights on the charging port are off. It attracts small children and it is annoys to me. Why don't you just turn the light off? compromises between performance, features, aesthetic, price, and other factors leave room for improvement. The UV-82HT is designed with compromises. The radio has a lot of features that I won't likely use. It can be very flexible. I haven't tested any performance specifications. Maybe I will in the future. I enjoy operating it. I enjoy it a lot. It is a great value. I gave it 5 stars and recommended it. 73

3. Midland MicroMobile Repeater Channels External

Midland MicroMobile Repeater Channels External

The 15 watt micro mobile walkie talkie has 15 high/low power gmrs channels. There are 8 channels for increased communication range. The Mxt115 has a 50-mile communication range in open areas with little or no obstruction. There are 142 privacy codes that give you many channel options. There are so many unwanted transmission that they are not heard. Noaa Weather Scan will alert you if there is a Severe Weather Update. There is a risk of severe weather in your area. Noaa Weather Scan will alert you if there is a Severe Weather Update. There is a risk of severe weather in your area.

Brand: Midland

👤A 15w radio is a bit pricey for a ham. I was impressed when I first opened it. It feels very solid and well put together. I realized it had a couple of shortfalls when I started using it. The audio quality of the built-in speaker is not good. I'll just switch it to the remote speakermic. I opened it after spending an hour trying to figure out how to do that. There isn't a speaker in it. It feels big because they put a foam block in the space for a speaker and dropped a chunk of lead in there. I don't feel like I'm getting anything. Why use a speakermic housing if you're going to deceive people? You could make a housing that's less than the size of the room. This radio should be about half the price.

👤I bought one of these radios to help me communicate with my parents when I am at the Grand Canyon Caverns. There is very little cell service in that area. I already have a pair of X-talkers that I would connect to this radio. The campground is 2.6 miles from my parents home. There is scrub oak scattered through the terrain. If I drove to the top of their hill, I could hear them. I could make them out of it. They could hear me. I decided to buy a second one of these radios because they did a better job than I expected. We were able to communicate 5x5 just East of Peach Springs, Az., as the crow flies from their home. There was a dead spot as I got closer to the bottom of the large hill, but returned to 5x5 after rounding it. The dead zone was only about 100 yards. I had a radio and antenna in the side of the travel trailer when I got to my campsite. As if we were standing next to each other, we were both talking to each other. I will get a couple of the 6db gain that is available for these radios to see how they perform. You need to obtain a license from the FCC to operate on GMRS frequencies, which I have. It was a one time fee of $70 for a 10 year license and it covers my immediate family. $7 dollars a year is how much it is. Not to break the bank. I have been a fan of 2-way radios since I was a kid, and I remember watching the Dukes boys chase down the bad guys. I felt like I was watching a movie when I saw these little guys. They have all the basics to start. There is an antenna, mounting hardware, power supply, radio and mic. I bought a brand new Cobra 29 NWST 19 years ago and it is still in the box. I didn't install it because I couldn't find the right antenna setup to fit my needs and I couldn't find someone to help teach me how to tune it. The little guys helped eliminate guess work. They connect to my walkie talkies on the GMRS frequencies.

4. Emergency Survival Portable Flashlight Headphone

Emergency Survival Portable Flashlight Headphone

Can tolerate temperatures from -40 F to 230 F. The emergency crank radio can receive broadcasts from AM/FM/ SW/NOAA certified radio. The weather alert will emit a sound and red flashing light if there is a life threatening weather event. Even in poor signal areas, the radio has a strong reception. The kit includes a weather radio with 5 way power sources, a hand-crank, solar, andAAA batteries. 5000 large-capacity battery has a lifespan of up to 100 hours. The most efficient way to charge a portable survival radio is with theusb. You can charge your cell phone or portable device with a microusb port. Information about radio Frequency, battery/charging status, time, alert icon, headphone, lock indicator and volume can be seen on the large display. Within 15 seconds, the emergency radio backlight will turn off. Enjoy your private time with a free volume control button and a 3.5mm headphone jack. The enlarges button is easy to use. A bright flashlight and reading lamp. The solor hand crank radios have an extra loud alarm and red light to attack attention and save time. The portable radio as flashlight continuously provides 150 to 250 Lumens bright light; as a reading lamp by a flip-up solar panel with a built-in 6 bright LEDs is designed in 150 to 250 Lumens to meet more needs. A waterproof must-have kit for backpacking, camping, and wilderness survival. The design of the wrist strap/hanging clip makes it very easy to clip your backpack or hold it by hand. The lock button can be used to prevent accidentally touching. You can listen to it while falling asleep with a sleep timer. The weather radio is a must-have survial kit for earthquakes, floods, and other disasters. Feel free to contact them with any questions.

Brand: Mesqool

👤This is a slightly improved version of the Mesqool CR 1009Pro that I bought last year. Better radio tuning. The documentation has been improved with information on battery life and charging times using the hand crank, built-in solar cell, or the fastest cable. This one does not include the AC plug. It would make it 6 ways to power this little guy. The Li-Ion battery level is specified on the display. The flashlight and reading light work well, as does the radio tuner, allowing both single step changes and scanning to the next available station. Sound is okay, but use headphones for better sound and longer battery life. I like the case. A good deal.

👤The Emergency Alert Radio is great for hikers, bikers, walkers, and just plain sitters because of its ability to operate on multiple power sources. If AC power is not available, multiple types of batteries provide the power and as backup, a hand crank and/or solar panel can charge the batteries. Guidance on battery life is provided by the instructions. If the light level is reduced, there are multiple flashlight options. When the cell phone's battery is low, the units can charge it. All in all. What a great product.

👤The emergency radio has a lot of nice features, like a flashlight, different radio frequencies, and different ways to charge the battery, which is really nice if the power goes out. It is portable and has a strap to carry it. There are several ways to charge-crank and plug. There is a spot light and a reading light.

👤The weather radio is easy to use and reliable. I was waiting for some bad weather so I could get an alert. We did a couple of days ago. The radio is working. It seems the volume only goes to "16", it could be louder for us to drown out the excess noise in our house. The flashlight feature is very useful.

👤It is incredibly useful when out and about, like a Swiss army knife. It has a radio, a torch, an emergency beacon, and a 5000 mah battery, which is enough to charge your devices off, and it has a reading light, too. The + - Volume buttons are the only thing that needs to be changed.

👤I put the batteries in the unit. I returned the unit because the flashlight functions worked perfectly. The lighting functions were excellent, especially the broad area lamp under the solar panel. The unit was very strong.

👤Would not be able to power up. We returned it.

👤The features are considering the size. 4 ways to power it is very forward thinking. I can't wait to see what this company comes up with. Nice job!

5. SAMCOM Channels Rechargeable Hand Held Outdoor

SAMCOM Channels Rechargeable Hand Held Outdoor

SAMCOM 2 Way Radios with a long antenna give an exceptional range of up to five miles, they can cope well with densely packed environments. The walkie talkie has a high power rating. The low mode saves battery life. You can make "direct calls" to the same channel members from the left side of the walkie talkies. You can talk to other people even if they are not on the same channel. Work crews can connect, coordinate and collaborate to get the job done right. The channel knob is easy to switch and the volume level keeps the sounds clear. The speakers on these phones are loud and crisp, making it easy to hear a signal even in noisy environments. The status of the channel and setting can be read on the display. Two-way radio can survive harsh environments. The Day Night Shift has a large-capacity 1500mAh battery. The working time is 12 hours and the Standby time is 50 hours. Less than 4-5 hours to be fully charged. In working areas like a hotel, school security, market, construction area and concert, communicate easily. Private CDCSS codes can be used directly out of the box with the pre- program of Walkie Talkie for Adults. The business radio can be reprogramd to prevent irrelevant signals from interfering with your conversation. Provide SAMCOM software. Only Windows and not Mac are supported by the software. The FCC ID is 2AIOQ-FPCN30AA. The package includes a two-way radio, a battery, a long antenna, a K-Type Earpiece, and a manual. The radio is : 1.19*1.18*11 inch.

Brand: Samcom

👤When we used to work at the club, we used to use a cheaper radio, no one could hear each other and the music was not good. I was wrong when we set them up with all of the features these radios have, they are better than the Kenwoods we had, they have a great range on them, and we can talk back and forth during loud music, and still hear what's being said crystal clear. If you're looking for a radio with features to cancel out noise and squelch control, then these Samcom radios are for you.

👤They arrived in 2 days. They were given to the construction crew to use on the job site. 3 track hoe operators, a dozer, high lift, 2 track truck operators, and the superintendent. We used them for 4 days before needing to replenish. They are loud enough to hear and can talk from one end of the job site to the other. The guy radioed the sup for another part after he ran into town for parts. Look and it appears to be very heavy duty. We are very pleased with them so far and will be buying more. These are not toys. The gang charge worked great, we bought it.

👤After two weeks of use in a construction environment, the six pack felt like high quality units and I initially bought them for my business, but they have done well ever since. Sound quality is good, range is dependent on terrain and weather, but so far it has reached as far as 3 miles before signal loss. I bought another set of 6 and they all work together.

👤The walkies worked well out of the box. I'm very impressed with the range. While my staff are on the football field, I can communicate clearly in my concrete office. It's not on high power mode. The group button allows me to talk to certain people on certain channels at the same time. Excellent! I decided to purchase 6 more after the initial 6.

👤I have to give them 5 stars after checking them over. The audio quality is excellent, the battery life is good, and the ease of use is excellent. I used the same cable I use for the UV5 RA and the software downloaded from the factory website to program it. I wasn't able to get Chirp to work, but it could have been because of an older version. The ability to change settings from the keypad is not always a good thing for a business handheld, but proper training of the user should prevent any problems. The high power output is a real plus for amateur radio users.

👤Excellent quality product. The programming cable is the only thing you'll need to use. If you want to use it outside of your home, it needs to be programmed. It works in a very open area when it comes out of the box. Disappointed in the distance. I'll have to reprogram. They're advertised as long range, but only if the buyer knows how to reprogram. Love the signal scrambler. Excellent quality! The buttons are easy to operate.

6. BaoFeng BF F8HP Two Way 136 174Mhz 400 520Mhz

BaoFeng BF F8HP Two Way 136 174Mhz 400 520Mhz

The UV-5R has been upgraded twice the output power, with a 30% larger battery, and a V-85 high gain antenna. The Frequency Range is 136-174 MHz. Broad (Wide) is a part of the UHF. The band is narrow. They wanted to focus on providing an easier user experience because not everyone is a radio expert. The new in-depth manual will guide you through the capabilities and customization of the BF-F8HP. exclusive concierge customer help and warranty support are also included in the BF-F8HP. The concierge service is only available on certain models of the BaoFeng. The kit includes a battery, a dual band antenna, a charging kit, and a belt clip. BTECH is proud to be in the USA, which allows them to offer the best local support for any issue that may arise. BTECH develops radio products. The brand focus allows you to have the best radios and accessories with the most features, with a real USA warranty and support.

Brand: Baofeng

👤Do not use this radio while it is shipped. The radios must be programmed for specific channels. Before use in the US. If you use these channels, you will find yourself at odds with the FCC and military, because many of the frequencies are pre-programmed land squarely in military use only ranges. Purchase the programming cord separately or include it with the radio. You can be free and enjoy the radios with an hour of research, and you can download one of the free radio programming apps from the interwebs. If you want to avoid costly fines, you will be restricted to 1.5w transmit power on a very limited number of available frequencies.

👤I'm a new ham. I wanted to get a radio that was barely good, but not too expensive. I rejected the UVR5 because of its perfect price. There are too many indications of issues. I didn't want to spend $150 on a radio only to find I didn't like it, and tons and tons of bells and whistles, when I don't know what I'm doing. The radio is very small and inexpensive, but it has more power, range, and function than the UVR5. Enough, but not a lot. I was perfectly satisfied with my choice. I'm able to hit a lot of local repeaters, including some 15 miles away, because I've used it from the house. I received a lecture on how Baofeng is evil. I have also used it on the road. I was able to make contacts with the repeaters I set up. I've only made one simplex contact so far. The radio is easy to use and learn. It was easy to program. I've used both of them. I like to chirp. I bought a longer antenna for it, which changed the radio for the better, so you might want to do that as well. This is a great choice for the first step into amateur radio. I'm waiting for my Yaesu 8900R to arrive so I can install it in my Jeep. KC1KCE

👤Buy the UV-5X3 instead of this radio. I own both the UV-5X3 and the BF-F8HP and run them side by side every day. I own a Yeasu. The BF-F8HP doesn't let you change settings via the keypad, even when it says "confirmed". The UV-5X3 has the same interface. I use software to program all 3 programs, without issue. I won't include a comparison between the two. I use the UV-5X3 for daily use, it's $180 more expensive, but I use it for occasional transmit. Why buy the UV-5X3 instead of the BF-F8HP? You can lock out channels on the UV-5X3 via the keypad, but you have to reprogram it to skip a channel. 2. The display on the UV-5X3 can be locked to show the Alpha text. 3. The UV-5X3 is a band. If you are going to transmit on the 220 band, you have to use the other tuning antenna. The V85 that is included with the UV-5X3 is the same V85 that is shipped with the BF-F8HP. While the UV-5X3 has no issue while they are sitting next to each other with the same V85 antenna, I have had weird receive cut out on the BF-F8HP. 5. You can find that the spurious emission of the UV-5X3 is in line with the other radios by doing your research. Not much of the other Beeng is similar. UV-5X3 is a tighter radio. 6. The extra 3 watt isn't going to do anything for an identical setup. A real tuning antenna is needed. Any experienced HAM will verify this. 7. The UV-5X3 has a more powerful audio output. There are 8. The UV-5X3 is $5 cheaper. You should buy the 3800mAH battery for either radio. If you don't want to sound like you're running a Fisher Price radio, buy the BTECH QHM22 external mic/speaker. This mic/speaker is a must for either radio, as it allows you to have the radio under your raincoat and the mic/speaker outside. The optional battery and mic/speaker are the same for both UV-5X3 and BF-F8HP. -Mike

7. Retevis Handheld Transceiver Acoustic Earpiece

Retevis Handheld Transceiver Acoustic Earpiece

The high power design of the walkie talkies provides you with clear and loud audio. The 3000 mAh battery supports 12 to 24 hours of use time, 260 hours of standby time, and meets the needs of standard shifts. Military grade body design can survive drops and shocks. Side keys can be programmed to select high and low power, you can choose the transmission power according to different environments, and use time can be extended. You can switch high-gain antenna to get more coverage in extreme environments. Two custom side buttons and a channel knob can be combined to set the parameters of the walkie talkies. Changing the side keys will allow you to choose the transmission power according to your environment. The walkie talkies will issue an alarm if the side button is pressed in an emergency. The walkie talkies will issue an alarm if the side button is pressed in an emergency.

Brand: Retevis

👤I was greatly intimidated by the similarity of these walkie talkies to other brands of radio. They are junk. We use theRETEVIS 1 for hunting and they are the best, so don't waste your money on those brands. Bitter life is good in cold temperatures. Sell the 5 pack of radios to your hunting buddies for a fee. The range is amazing. 70 BUCKS IS A BARGAIN. I have been with them for 3 years.

👤The products were individually packaged and performed up to my expectations. When it was discovered that one item wasn't working right, the return was handled perfectly and to my satisfaction. I've dealt with many vendors who didn't provide good customer service. The range of the radios was over 2 miles in a city with many tall brick and steel buildings and tall train tracks nearby. I sat in my living room after sending three co-workers out in different directions and these radios delivered clear and focused sound. I have a background in 2-way radio communication and these are very similar to some of the top names in the business. It is absolutely recommended and affordable.

👤The product met our expectations. We plan to use the family when we ski, so we can easily check in with each other even if we are not on the trails. The long antenna was able to communicate 2 miles away. Customer support was great. I had a single screw that was missing from one of the units, which is used to secure the clip. The vendor gave me the exact dimensions of the screw and answered my question very quickly. They were able to send me some when I couldn't find one. They kept in touch to make sure the issue was solved and that I received the replacement. They are very polite and transparent. Thank you very much!

👤The radios have poor sound on and off of a mic. It happens to me and my crew several times a day. The battery will last me for two ten hour working days before I have to charge.

👤They work great if you buy them. It's impossible to understand the Chinese directions. If you buy all of them at the same time, they will come preprogrammed. I bought 4 after I fought 1. I can not program the 1 to work with the other 4. Maybe it is me, but don't think so.

👤These radios are very good. The belt clip and batteries break when the screws fall out.

👤We have used these radios for a while. The tunnels work well with the average range being about 3-6 miles. Excellent value for money.

👤I used the radios for my board members at the fair. I was happy with the battery life as they were used over 15 hours a day and the reception was not very good as there were many obstacles in the way. It worked well from inside the buildings. I will be purchasing more in the near future.

8. Baofeng 136 174 400 520MHz Portable Transceiver

Baofeng 136 174 400 520MHz Portable Transceiver

Function VFO & Memory channels scans, dual display, and auto keypad lock. The emergency alarm is necessary for traveling, survival, hiking, cycling, work, camping, fishing, and other activities. It is a favorite of the walkie talkie lover. They gave away a bend freely 2X771 soft antenna to increase the communication distance and make your conversation easier. The amateur radios have been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device. You may be tempted to use frequencies. There are restrictions on the bands that make this illegal. The package includes a portable radio, a soft antenna, a battery, and a belt clip. The user's manual for the sling 2 X Earpiece. The package includes a portable radio, a soft antenna, a battery, and a belt clip. The user's manual for the sling 2 X Earpiece.

Brand: Baofeng

👤There are batteries,chargers and antenna's. Also, note: You need a license from the FCC to use the radio's.

👤Only one had an upgraded antenna, it works well.

👤The radios are the same kind. They have been out 2 times. They only work with each other. I wouldn't recommend them. $59 goes down the drain. I wouldn't rate a star if I didn't have to.

👤It works well for off-roading.

👤The UV-5R is a bit more expensive than the basic black one. It came with two extra antenna.

9. AnyTone AT D878UVII Plus Handheld Radio

AnyTone AT D878UVII Plus Handheld Radio

You can now receive other users' APRS transmissions with the new AnyTone AT-D878UVII Plus. You can grow with the community if you have a 500,000 Contact List instead of 200,000. BridgeCom University has a free AT-D878 course with step-by-step video instructions to get you on DMR and make contacts fast. You can have one radio for everything on the tech bands with a dual band radio. You can have maximum range with up to 7w of high power transmission. You don't have to worry about making new contacts because interface and programming software is easy to use. You can program with the VFO channels and punch in frequencies on the fly without using the included programming software. You can program with the VFO channels and punch in frequencies on the fly without using the included programming software.

Brand: Bridgecom Systems

👤The guys in China made an excellent product. I get a lot of splash from other china radios. The constant "Band Error" is ridiculous when trying to enter a code plug. I have tried to get this thing to work, but it won't. There is a clean spectrum for a china radio. If you download a current plug for it and shoot it into the radio, you should expect a "Band Error" message and not to work. They mean it when they say "Free University" training is included in the radio they sell. They wont respond to your call or email if you don't have the right words for your radio. I think they get a lot of them. I don't have time to attend "University" to get this radio working, but it has a lot of potential. Band Error. You will see if you buy one.

👤Keep moving if you're looking for a radio that you can use out of the box. You'll need to learn the in's and out's of programming before you can use it. You need to be comfortable with computers and learning new things. You might be able to program this radio without a computer, but you might also enjoy assembling a car with nothing but Ikea instructions. There are hours and hours of videos on this radio. There are also groups on Facebook and on the internet. It will make sense once the light bulb comes on. For your first weekend with this radio, ignore the DMR andAPRS stuff. Get it talking to your local radio station. You will be overwhelmed if you don't. This is my go-to handheld now that I understand it. It does everything I can ask for and goes everywhere with me. This is a great radio after a few stumbles.

👤I only used baofengs for about 4-5 years, but I picked up the 878 after that. If you have already used programing software like chirp, the learning curve is not as steep. If you want to play around with it while you wait, I recommend you download the Anytones code plug software. The class can be helpful if you want to take the easy option but be proficient by the end. It is included so it is a good add-on. The reception analog is only able to be changed with a range of 0-9 zero being a full open and 1 being well, a bit more than you want. The issue I run into is that the squelch will turn on and off randomly, not bad if you don't have a good antenna, but you will have to fill in some blanks if you don't have a good antenna. You can pick up the sound of analog, but antenna choice is important. The focus of theht is not the stock UV5R, but the 9/9 squelch, which will pick up more of an analog signal than the 878. It has battery life, audio clarity, and customizability. The 878 does full color images, while the baofeng will allow you to put some text. The 878 has 15 base button bind that can be changed. It's easier to setup on a pc with APRS. It seems like the reception is more consistent for analog than it is for voice, but since it waits for dead air, it seems like it just waits again. I don't have a second radio that can verify that it is the same for both APRS and voice on the same frequencies, but it seems to be better when both are being used on the same frequencies. The digital functions work as expected, I have made 100 mile line of sight contacts with my local repeater on trips on analog, so unless you are looking to spend about twice as much on a HT this is about as good as it gets. The $250 blue button version of the radio will feel a bit limited. The extra capacity to fit the whole contact list is worth the effort of making your own. The video is recorded 7 miles from a repeater in a parking garage with no direct line of sight and large concrete buildings between as well. It doesn't show the cutting in and out of analog, but that should show how picky I am about it. Start up wait time for a HAM is 7.5 hours over all 8/10, without using the included course.

10. Uniden HomePatrol 2 Touchscreen TrunkTracker Emergency

Uniden HomePatrol 2 Touchscreen TrunkTracker Emergency

BTECH is proud to be in the USA, which allows them to offer the best local support for any issue that may arise. BTECH develops radio products. The brand focus allows you to have the best radios and accessories with the most features, with a real USA warranty and support. The Uniden HomePatrol-2 is one of the most popular Digital Police scans. You can hear communications systems used by Public Safety, Police, Fire, Ambulance, aircraft, Military, Weather, and more. Home Patrol-2 will do the rest if you enter your zip code. HomePatrol-2 keeps you informed whether it is across town or across the street. Digital Capable can receive all non-proprietary radio systems, including the non-proprietary channels of the P25 digital channels. USA and Canada are covered. There is an optional gps receiver. The HomePatrol-2 Scanner, Flex Antenna, Desk Stand, and 4 x AA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries were included in the box. An AC or DC power adapter is not included. It comes with a cable that can be used to power the unit and charge the NiMH batteries. Please use this cable to connect your HomePatrol2 to a standard Smart Phone power source or to your computer'susb port with DC5V power output. The unit was included in the components. The Uniden scanner has a standard headset jack so you can listen to transmissions without disturbing others. It's easy to listen to transmissions in your area with this scanner. You can use the digital touch screen to see a list of radio services and choose which ones you want to listen to. You can listen to the radio at your local fire station or police department.

Brand: Uniden

👤The product was great at first, but then the screen became unresponsive. I contacted Uniden for warranty support, but they said screen issues are final. I am out $450 because it is a useless device. Stay away!

👤Both of these were not good. The supplied software is buggy, but I was able to turn on the unit. The operation manual is in the software if one can't load it, but not answer some of the basic questions. Uniden needs to give the software on a memory stick so the user can install it on his PC with a backup and restore mode. He can reload the database along with his personal favorites. The battery indicator is useless if the battery is dead or charged, why not use the color screen to see the status of the battery? If Uniden can address some of the weaknesses, it will be a better product.

👤I have been using a scanning device for almost 40 years, first when each frequency was added by placing a crystal in a sockets, and later when there was a keyboard to manually enter each frequency. Since most of our local radio channels have changed to digital, I was unable to hear the channels I wanted to hear. The Uniden HP2 is great, but it might be a challenge for the first time user. The screen menu is easy to use, and the only buttons to push are the on/off and volume controls. I prefer to enter data on a touch screen than on a keyboard. Selecting area code over city is the best way to limit the number of useless fringe area channels that cause static. The stock antenna picks up all the local channels that I want to hear, but an outside antenna would probably improve range and reception. The computer program is helpful, but it might be a challenge for the first time user. I would recommend this scanner to either experienced or inexperienced users, as it is exactly what I wanted.

👤I got this because my local police recently upgraded their radio system. I was looking for a quick solution after learning how many local systems are now digital. The HomePatrol 2 is a good solution. It was easy to set the ZIP code location. The ability to select by service is very handy, and the connection with the database works nicely. I'm so used to doing all the work that it takes some getting used to. The receiver will only decode AM or FM signals in the amateur bands. If you need something for amateur radio work, this is not the unit for you. The color touch screen and desk stand are nice, even though I'm not fond of the "landscape" device format. The ability to pause reception by the system, department or channel is something I like. This is great for limiting the scanned channels on-the-fly, but you can also set up favorites for doing this more permanently, and the SMA-BNC adapter will allow you to connect your favorite scanning antenna. If you want to use a vertical antenna on the unit, you'll need a right-angle BNC elbow. I decided to return the unit and get the Uniden BCD436HP, which is similar to the HP-2 but with a few extra features and is less expensive. I still recommend the HomePatrol-2 as a great general modern scanner with plenty of capabilities, especially if you like a desktop format and it can be mounted mobile as well.

11. Rechargeable Handheld Complete Earpiece Programming

Rechargeable Handheld Complete Earpiece Programming

The power output was high or medium. Power switchable, reprogrammable radio supports PC programming. Use, etc. The power source is a Li-ion battery that can be used for 12-20 hours a day. There is a dual-band standby. You can transmit and monitor on two channels at the same time. You may need to apply for a radio license to use the 128 channel memory. The Greaval UV5R dual-band ham radio is compatible with many other radios. Bit-Trading is authorized by Amazon. The Greaval UV5R is compatible with other UV-5R models. The complete set package contains a full set of accessories, no more searching for compatible accessories. It's the best choice for your business. 30-day hassle-free return, 18-month warranty, hardware and tech-support is provided by them. The complete set package contains a full set of accessories, no more searching for compatible accessories. It's the best choice for your business. 30-day hassle-free return, 18-month warranty, hardware and tech-support is provided by them.

Brand: Greaval

👤This is the device we will use for our planned hike. One of the group leaders asked every group member to have a walkie-talkie so they could communicate with each other. We were miles away but we used the device in Frequency mode to set the radio to the same channel frequencies as everyone else. The battery life is very long. I need to keep my radio on all the time because I am a group leader. The battery kept me going. Anything needs to pay attention? If you are using Frequency mode, make sure you don't change the setting as you won't be able to communicate with others. It's a great device for outdoors. You can talk to your team from either Indian Garden or Plateau Point. Like the unit!

👤Word to the wise. I should've done more homework after buying these. In the end, it's a blessing in disguise, but you'll need an amateur radio license in order to transmit legally. It's worth it to avoid fines and penalties. Don't take my word for it, do your research, I'm not an expert. You can use it like a scanning device. If you open the door for a visit from the government, you must not transmit. I removed one star because they weren't up front in the description. The radio seems to be well built for the money and so far I have no complaints with it.

👤I was trying to get something in the budget to try it out. It comes with all the accessories you need. The weight and size is perfect for me. The battery is still alive, so I played it for the whole day. It's a good buy for me because I'm still learning how to use it. The package says "2 pack" but it actually only has one.

👤The box was small, but they fit everything in it. It was nicely packaged. I have all these accessories. Have been running battery for a long time and trying to get weak signals. After a few hours, there is still plenty of life left. Batter was in the box. I was able to get the software to work. I don't think it's difficult to program from the keypad. Was able to shift it. Is it possible to hit a satellite repeater between the dual watch and 250.000 sift? We'll see. The mic feels light, the button shakes. The data cable seems fine. The ear piece, small antenna, and rubber duck have not been used. The whip was used. Did not waste time connecting it to the JPole. 25 miles away, you can get repeaters. I have it in a cradle with the power cable on it. The rooftop antenna and hand mic feel like a base station.

👤Okay, got the replacement and all of that was great service from Amazon. This one was packeaged differently, with one pasted over the other. I have no problem with that. I don't understand it, but it's not my issue. The radio sits in a plastic tray and the box took a hard shot on it's end corner. -- The mic is not working again. This time the button didn't work. When it installed the plug end, it keyed up the radio until it was seated. The Up arrow didn't work all the time when I tried all the buttons and switches. It took a lot of hard work to get it to work. The Down was fine and quick. I will return this one only if I am able to apply the credit on Amazon and then apply it to a replacement. I am fine with that. I believe I am allowing enough room for issues, "bad luck" of the draw in a mass produced item, and just came with all the accessories, which look less than the radio. I don't know how much the +3 Watts up from 5 W is worth. It may not be a 63% increase in transmit power more than bandwidth and a noisy signal, as I am digging deeper every day. From 5 W to 8 W, it is 63%. I understand the difference. The 5 W versions are even more attractive to buy and could have two for the price of one, but there are no functional accessories that could be used. It's new to this and I need to note my process and context of review. If I were a FCC Lic'd operator and could fully test it and compare it to experience, I would be detailing that. It looks like this or the 10 Meter may be the one or one of each to have if used for Emergency Prep Communications for a "Katrina" or "911" event where all com sys are off line. I hope that helps someone. It's the same thing. It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It's not a good thing It appears to be a good value, new to the UHF/VHF in this context, but not "new", generally speaking. It's hard to say if it's a good value or not, but it appears to be a good way to start out. The box was packed and arrived in the outer box pristine, but it made me look at the contents like a puppy with a coconut. The "Handset" mic that plugs in looked cheap and lightweight, and the "Button" was broken, as luck would have it. All must have slammed against that. I wouldn't have known, I wouldn't have been going to "PTT", key up. - It all looks like it's good quality. I don't have a way to check the ratings, but there are plenty of people who have already done so. I used the usual great service from Amazon to do an Exchange and will likely get a replacement today. I will add if I progress. It seems that there are many highly proficient people who can engage with this all out. Since there are so many frequencies to then get lost within, there needs to be freebands. This is the only reason I'm doing this. But, who knows, once licensed, there may be a need to do otherwise.


What is the best product for survival radio ham?

Survival radio ham products from Fonghoo. In this article about survival radio ham you can see why people choose the product. Baofeng and Midland are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival radio ham.

What are the best brands for survival radio ham?

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