Best Survival Radio Crank

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1. Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio

If you don't like the weather radio, they can give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you, and they will always be responsible for the products they sell. An emergency kit with a weather radio and battery backup is essential for any good kit. Their radio also includes all other local frequencies, as well as the NOAA stations with weather forecasts. The long antenna gives a boost to reception for clear sound. No matter what emergency situation you find yourself in, you will never run out of electricity. Their multi-powered emergency radio can be powered by either a wall outlet or a car cigarette lighter, or it can also be powered by a SOLAR PANELS and a HAND CRANK. There's an internal rechargeable battery that keeps it running for hours after charging. Most emergency radios have an internal battery capacity of between 600-800 mAh. Some of the higher-end solar radios have 2000 mAh. But ours? It will last a lot longer, which is exactly what you need in an emergency situation. Cell phone charging, flashlight, and loud sirens are all things that you can keep your family safe during an emergency. This device can charge your phone directly from the power it creates, and it also has a flashlight and an emergency alarm. Purchase with confidence, because of the 100% money back guarantee and world class customer service. The portable am fm emergency essential is easy to use and works well out of the box. If you don't like it for any reason, just contact them and they'll make it right or give you a refund. That is a promise!

Brand: Zurio

👤This is a small radio. After using the carry handle for a while, I found it quite handy. The buttons are easy to use, the display is easy to read, and the unit is easy to use. The flap that protects the micro andusb connections is typical for this price point. One doesn't notice the engineering in the triangular shape at first. The large bottom houses the battery pack, which allows for a low center of gravity, unlike rectangular designs. The radio is isolated from heat, humidity and vibration by the nubs on the bottom. The triangular shape of the radio allows the solar panel to face upward in the direction of the sun. The rectangular designs fail. Well done! The crank is on the bottom, which keeps it out of the way, and allows a secure grip and good leverage when using it. The crank handle is snug into the bottom and is less likely to pop out at an opportune time. The crank is easy to move and has a confident feel to it. Don't try to use "King Kong" the crank generator. This applies to all radios of this type. The other features worked as well. The on/off button is on the lower right, the alarm button is on the upper right, and the other buttons are on the bottom. All in the right place! The sound quality of the emergency radios I have is better than any of the other emergency radios I have owned. When facing the sun, a red light at the top of the display column shines brightly, even though the light is low. There is a green light in the middle of the light column that can be seen when the signal is good. When the power is on, the blue light comes on close to the power button. This is thoughtful engineering. I was surprised by how well the solar panel works. The panel seems to be of high quality and the charges are higher than I expected. The panel will keep the battery topped off if it gets some light. It charges even when it is overcast. One can see this because of the red light. Under a bright indoor light, it will charge. The red light blinks when wall charging and then stops blinking when fully charged. The manual doesn't make it clear. I understand why, because the red indicator doubles. I prefer a red light when charging. The bar indicator in the display works well. I can forgive this pick. I don't like these little antennas. If one doesn't take care, they are prone to break. It works as expected. The local weather station was the only one that didn't change. I would have preferred that the fold down area where the antenna fits was not used, so that all of the antenna was protected. The antenna can be easily removed when moving the radio. A bright engineer could design a fractal antenna that doesn't have to be deployed. Figure out how the antenna works. Keep it clean. The display has a shiny surface. It's prone to finger prints and smudges but that's probably asking a lot from a device at this price point. The light is not very bright. This could benefit from an upgrade. The output is just okay for hunting in the dark. It won't light up a campsite or room. It is very easy to use and it doesn't draw down the battery. I highly recommend this radio. It serves its purpose well and is designed well.

2. Emergency Shortwave Portable Survival Flashlight

Emergency Shortwave Portable Survival Flashlight

The weather radio has an excellent display, which shows the battery power, radio channel, volume, mode, and battery indicator. ZELMINE customer service is always here for your convenience and they offer 30 days free return and one year warranty on portable radios. With the automatic weather alert radio, you can get the weather information from the weather band you want, and you don't need to keep the radio on. It supports the manual digital tuner to set weather bands and enjoy AM/FM/ SW with good signal. Thanks to the large screen, you can see all the frequence choices. To keep your radio online, they offer 5 powered options, including a microusb cable for fast charging, a 5000 battery, solar panel, hand crank, and 3AAA batteries. The updated display can remind you to charge the radio on time. It's important to make sure you don't have to worry about running out of power. The solar radio has a 5000 capacity battery and can provide enough power to keep more than one phone charged for contacting assistance in an emergency or power outage situations. The distress signal will be sent with a loud noise and a red light to alert someone of your location, and you will get help quicker. Always keep yourself safe. Super-Bright 2 Light Modes and Headphone Jack. The radio has a flashlight and reading lamp. Both high illuminated lights have optional brightness levels that can be used to satisfy more situations. The 3.5mm earphone jack allows you to listen to the radio with 16-level volume, which will make you feel relaxed during the long trip. To satisfy more needs, they ensure the crank solar radio with upgraded functions such as the auto alert, bigger 5000 battery, AM/FM/ SW, flashlight, reading lamp. The backlit screen makes it easy to operate. Wrist strap and IPX4 are waterproof for camping and easy taking. They give 18 months warranty and 30 days free return.

Brand: Roxicosly

👤I like everything about this radio. I wanted to have a back up plan in case I need to leave in a hurry because of a wild fire. I have a back up plan. It does everything from a flashlight to a phone, weather radio to a hand crank. I love it and everything about it. Don't bother with purchases if you have a must have. When I need to leave home in a hurry, I put my radio in my emergency bag. Thank you for making a great product.

👤It comes with so much more, but I bought it for the NOAA feature. The sound is clear and you can listen to any of the stations. It has a few different ways to charge and power it, and the lights on it are very bright, and the brightness can be adjusted as well. There's an emergency feature as well. I think of how this can be helpful in natural disaster situations, if my family and I are trapped, the light and SOS feature can help us be found. I recommend this product, it gives peace of mind, especially if you live in an area prone to very bad weather, and is good for use in many other situations as well!

👤I used this for three days as a night light and to charge up my phone while I was on a camping trip with no electricity.

👤This radio is very clever and covers all bases. It can be charged with a variety of sources. It can be used to charge your phone and has emergency lights. I'm happy with it.

👤Radio reception is poor. The radio would be terrible in an emergency. The most powerful station is picked up by both AM and FM. Shortwave picks up echoes of the strongest AM stations. The radio hums loudly when the microusb is used to power it. The market is divided into cheapo radios that barely function and high-end radios that are iffy. I am shopping elsewhere.

👤The radio was what we wanted for emergencies. We didn't like the sound quality. The company sent us a replacement. The sound quality is perfect. The radio is made in the USA by a company that takes pride in their products.

👤We just got it and so far it works and is bright, but it hasn't been tested for an emergency. It is a small radio.

👤I think all these little radios are of the same quality, but bottom line, so it's difficult to rate this item. The reception is terrible. The setup is nice, but the reception just kills this item. The stations close to town had bad static, and the weaker stations did not exist. The weather stations were a wasteland. If you are camping in the wilderness, it's not a tool to count on. I am returning it because it doesn't serve any purpose.

👤I listen to radio. I've been involved in radio for decades and I'm pretty sure I can speak with credibility. There is a basic radio with a battery that can be charged by a variety of means. There is a provision for 3AAA cells in case the big battery runs out. In this case, the radio will switch on. There aren't any memories. Where you left the tuning is where the power will come up. There is a provision for an earphone, but not a stereo earphone feed. The fidelity is what you would get from a small speaker. It's not bad, but it's not going to win any awards. I like the display. Its basic. There is no signal strength indicator. The digits are large and the back lighting is good. The radio control buttons are not on. You power it up and it comes up. You need to press the BAND button to get the radio action. You need to memorize the function buttons to operate in the dark. The radio is not very sensitive. The "reading light" and "flashlight" are both bright. When there is nothing else better around, they are appropriate for use. You can't beat dedicated tools. The flashlight that is in this radio is fine. It has a bright beam, but it won't outdo a real flashlight. The solar cell is small. Is it possible to charge the 18650 from dead to full charge in a day? Maybe, but I don't think so. My expectations would be lowered under these conditions. I don't think the solar cell would get it better than 25% charge, but you would get some flashlight and radio use in the evening. The hand crank generator is always there. The radio has a carrying strap, but it blocks the solar charging cell. I have no issues with this radio. It does what it is advertised. This isn't a prortable for general use. This is a radio for camping. It will get you some music, give you a flashlight, and give you a "reading light" so that you can look at a map in your tent and plan your next days adventure. You can listen to the weather forecast if you're within range. What do I not like? It's a "camping radio". Please, any color but black. How about yellow or orange? It is a good value for $50, but it has a specific focus.

3. 5000mAh Digital Emergency Shortwave Flashlight

5000mAh Digital Emergency Shortwave Flashlight

The masks cannot be washed. The new digital weather radio is easy to use and has a backlit screen that makes it easy to read. When important updates from the national weather service are released, it will auto- Scan all the 7 weather channels to alert you with a siren and red flashing indicator. When timer ends up, the WX function will be disabled. 5000 Replaceable/Rechargeable Built-in battery. The weather radio comes with a Li-ion battery that can charge more than one cellphone, and it will power off when it's not needed. It's essential for emergencies, back out or power failure, it works not only as a weather radio, but also an emergency cellphone charge, a handy outdoor camping 3W flashlight or 2.5W reading light. You can emit a loud siren and flash a red light if you use the SOS alarm. The lock button on the newest model is designed to make sure you don't accidentally change your settings.

Brand: Mesqool

👤I was given a radio by the vendor hoping I would write a review. This is an honest review. The radio is 7 inches wide and 3 inches deep and has an antenna that is secured and retracted. The tuning knob is stiff, making tuning difficult. The speaker is small. It doesn't give you a high fidelity sound, but you can hear voice communication and music. A residential room has a lot of volume. I am in a small bedroom listening to a country radio station with the volume turned to 25% of the dial rotation and it is louder than a face to face communication. I pick up lots of stations on AM radio. It was difficult to tune any station as it was difficult to not be interfered with by an adjacent station. I don't listen to a lot of AM radio so I can't give a good evaluation of this function. The radio seems to listen to our local stations. It was clear that the local stations were good enough, even though it seemed a little difficult to tune in. The dial is not very accurate as there are no graduation marks on it, but the frequencies are written on about every 4 Mhz, so it was possible to find the desired station. SW radio. I wasn't able to get many clear stations. I didn't listen to it because it was in English, my only language. WB radio The weather band does not need to be adjusted. There is a switch to choose one of the weather bands. I only received the seventh station. It worked well. I understood the information being received. There are many ways for the device to be powered: built in a Li-ion battery, disposable batteries, crank, solar, and microusb. There is a switch to switch between the li-ion power source and theAAA batteries. I haven't tried anything yet, but the li-ion power source is. The other three power sources are connected to the li-ion batteries and can be used to power the radio. I believe it powers its type Ausb port so you can charge your phone or whatever from its internal battery. I don't know if it powers the battery. There is a flashlight beam on one end of the radio and a reading light behind the solar panel. There is an emergency function that emits a very bright red led and a siren sound. It is loud in a small room. It had a small carabiner and a small compass on it. Is this something I would buy? I live in Florida. I would buy this radio as part of my Hurricane Preparedness because I believe it would come in handy if we lost power. You might take it with you on a camping trip. I have not evaluated the value of this device compared to any of the other ones, so I can't say it's a good deal.

👤With the coronaviruses on the loose, I decided my house needed a nice solar radio. I don't think the coronaviruses will kill our electric, but you never know when you need a radio anyways, so good as any to get one. It seems very durable after I tested it. There are 4 ways to power it: batteries (yours), solar to charge the internal 2000 mAh, crank to charge the internal 2000 mAh, and charging with miniusb. It's always good to have the ability to charge the radio under a variety of circumstances. It has a good flashlight, a good compass, a good radio, and an excellent and very loud sound. I bought a second for my car because I liked it so much. So. You could say that I like this radio.

4. Weather Radio Household Outdoor Emergency

Weather Radio Household Outdoor Emergency

We care about you and your love ones. Vondior has helped more than 150,000 USA Civilians through the 800-273-3217 They back their weather radio for 3 years. Their customer service is always available for you. The Weather Alert Radio is the best emergency kit during tornadoes, because it will inform you of the coming weather disasters ahead. The red light will flash continuously when the loud sirens last for 9 seconds. You will always be able to see it even at sleep. AM Radio with Headphone and Volume Control is easy to use and tune into your favorite radio station. You can listen to the morning news on the radio. The portable radio has the best reception. The big volume knob is designed for easy volume adjustment. The 5 way-powered Emergency Radio will always be ready. The 5000 battery works as the main power, it is easy to charge by solar/hand crank/plug adapter, not included. The weather radio has a backup battery compartment. No more power failure concerns. The full charged radio can play for up to 13 hours. The hand crank radio is designed for outdoor survival and provides 2 light sources in an emergency. The flashlight emits strong and straight light. If you are lost at night, you need survival gear and equipment. 2.5W. The reading lamp has two brightness levels. The solar panel can be flipped up to make the radio a reading lamp. The 5000 battery operated radio can charge more than one cellphone for important calls or texts. The side button can make a loud alarm with a red light. The compact light weight noaa emergency weather radio has a compass, hand strap, and is perfect for outdoor camping, hiking, trekking, and night biking. Email them with any questions and they will give you a one-year warranty.

Brand: Eoxsmile

👤I like gadgets a lot, but only occasionally do I find one that shocks me. The size and weight are related. The size is portable, not heavy, but packed with a lot of functions, you can throw it in your backpack and not notice. The orange colour looks very nice, and the build quality is surprisingly good and with a retro-style that reminds me of the old radio my grand-parent used to have. A lot in a small package. You can choose what you want to charge the internal battery. Or, use the solar cell to charge the batteries. I can imagine in-house or camping, but they don't cover it all. I have been listening to the radio and it works well. The portable size is taken into account. The brighter of the two levels is better than a regular flashlight. My son is fond of it. Light is being read. It is promoted as a reading light, but the brightness level is much brighter than I expected. You can light the entire room with it. The sound of the internal battery is very high, but it will do the job in an emergency. I haven't used the charge yet, but I will try and update it. Don't wait for a zombie apocalypse to get one, there's a lot ofFunctionality in a small package and very easy to use.

👤I will return the radio immediately. It is just an emergency radio. There is no bad weather alert which will turn the radio on and give the needed alert. It is misrePRESENTED as such.

👤I thought I'd give it a try because we have regular power failures. The internal battery was fully charged for over five hours. I ran the led light along with the radio and got about 4 hours of life after charging it a second time. I used the hand crank for about 5 minutes after the second battery died. I think the battery only lasted about an hour with the radio, but it's not bad when you consider you can crank it for 5 minutes every hour or so and get another hour of use! The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because the handle is small and it becomes difficult to hold when cranking. You'll probably never use the crank with a supply of batteries around.

👤I have been telling my husband for years that we need a radio, and he finally asked for a small radio for Christmas. He loves it! We can listen to the weather, as well as the radio stations. If you run out of power, it's your fault.

👤On day two, it stopped working. It was an Amazon return. The company contacted me and offered to send a replacement. Excellent customer service and much appreciated! The replacement was sent by the company and it works well. Useful and necessary product. I'm enjoying it. I would like to thank you at

👤Over the years, I've bought a lot of these radios. Most were good and one bad. I think this model is the best bang for your buck at this price point. It comes with all the features you would expect. It's very easy to use, and I like that adjustments are made with knobs instead of buttons. Just my preference. The function of the station selection needle is not affected by it being not lined up straight. A good buy...

5. Emergency Weather Broadcast Travelling Flashlight

Emergency Weather Broadcast Travelling Flashlight

Also, note: The CWP-7 is used for cranks using the Octalink system. 5 power sources with 5000 phone charges. The weather radio has 5 sustainable power sources. The portable radio has a built-in charging port that can be used to charge your phones and other devices. There is a weather band with AM radio. The best emergency kit for indoors or outdoors is a crank radio with 7 channels of real-time weather forecast. You can enjoy radio shows without disturbing others with the 3.5mm jack. When you're in the middle of nowhere, the antenna can help improve reception. The solar radio has a flashlight and a reading lamp that provide better vision at night. The reading lamp emits enough light to illuminate a book or map. No more worries about the dark. A loud alarm sound and red flashlight can be used to attract people, and a battery operated radio can be a lifesaver. A pocket-sized compass was also included. Your chances of being rescued increase with the help of all of these. After collecting customers' suggestions, they have upgraded their CR 1009 emergency solar hand crank radio to 5000 watt, added a 3.5mm headphone jack, and changed the 2000 built-in battery to 5000 watt. They also provide a 24H message response. Please contact them via email or Amazon if you have a question.

Brand: Pplee

👤You need a Shortwave or a weather radio if you're a prepper, if you're worried about the worst case scenario, or if you're watching TV. I don't want to shell out 150 bucks for something all digital with fancy cases for a few uses. I settled on this radio after looking over different models. It had a Li-ion battery, a power bank, and a plug, and it was 50 bucks. It has a battery slot that can be used to run it off of 3 AA batteries. The thing had a solar strip for a charge, a flashlight, and a light bar that is dimmable. I am impressed. The cons. There are some. The compass is functional but probably wouldn't be my first choice to use. This seems a bit off, and it's not a dedicated hand compass. The buttons are not going to fall off, just be careful not to crank on them, and you should be good. There is a dock for those few issues. The Pros. The radio works on all channels. I was picking up Italian. The weather stations are clear. AM is loud and clear. The speaker does the trick. It's worth 50 dollars to have all these features and I will update with any new things that pop up.

👤There is a lot to like about this radio. I used this radio daily while backpacking on the superior hiking trail. Whether it was for tunes around the camp fire or picking up weather reports. The battery life is great. I didn't want the extra weight on the radio. The battery on this never died. I would set it in the sun in the morning to keep it charged. I was in a very remote area. I was able to pick up a lot of radio stations. The weather bands were clear and I was able to get information on the systems that were passing through. The tuner is off on this. If I was trying to find a radio station. It was more like 94. There is plenty of room at the end of the dial so you still get the full range of frequencies. The solar panel is not very sanitary when propped up. I put a stick behind it to make sure it was pointed at the sun. I like this radio a lot. I am happy I purchased. It was very helpful while camping. It was one night when we found out the lighting was moving in. I would recommend it.

👤The weather channel works well, the size, color, multiple power sources, and ability to charge my cell phone are all positives. Likes: tuning is very complex. It is difficult to find a station. The band is loud. My other a.m. radios have less noise. It doesn't matter what station is on. There is no change in the background. I am aware that the A.M. band can be loud. This seems excessive.

👤Solar radios are great for emergency's to have just in case. This radio is cool if you are going hiking or preparing a survival bag. It has a crank on the side in case it is night time. You need some sort of power and a solar panel when it is day time. It has a flashlight and sos mode. I was surprised that the clip that I came with can be used to attach it to your camping gear or bag when you are on the move, so it doesn't take up much space at all. It is portable and light weight.

6. Emergency Portable Shortwave Flashlight Headphone

Emergency Portable Shortwave Flashlight Headphone

Their weather radio is more stable and practical and it is a great choice whether outdoors or indoors. The packing includes an emergency radio, charging cable, and instruction. They offer professional technical support with 7/24 customer service. The portable weather radio has a power supply that can be charged by solar, hand crank, AC adapter, rechargeable battery andAAA batteries. A survival kit with a large capacity battery and hand crank radio is a must have. The National Weather Service has a weather alert. When the WX alert function is enabled, the emergency radio will use the strongest channel to alert you if there is a storm, and it will also use a red flashlight to warn you. The solar radio has a big screen and it shows the time, Frequency, battery level, alert/lock icons directly, which makes it intuitive to operate. The weather alert radio has a high signal-to-noise ratio and excellent handling. You can get help in an emergency if you have a loud alert and attractive red flashlight. A headphone jack and a reading lamp are included. The hand crank radio has two brightness reading lamp and flashlight, which will light up your night and bring you a sense of security in the dark, it is great for camping and backpacking. You can listen to the radio privately with the help of a Headphone Jack connection. The noaa weather radio is waterproof and lock button function, so you can hang it on your backpack while hiking. All your settings will not be changed under any motion state with the lock button. They protect the rights of their customers and give them a warranty of 18 months and 30 days.

Brand: Roxicosly

👤You're going to be shocked. This thing is crazy. There is a box of mac and cheese. Works about as well. We're about half way between Pittsburgh and Cleveland. Mrs is a fan of the Indians. Radio won't be in Cleveland. Our 30yr old, under kitchen counter mounted AM/FM CD, yellowed and cracked beat still pulls in Chicago. This thing. Don't use while the AC is on. All you get is static. I bought an over-air TV antenna. Picture clear with many stations. Poor radio reception, Lousy. 3. A lousy antenna. 4. Not included is the adapter. I bought a universal one separate, with every plug I needed. Only microusb is used for the AC charge. If your outlet has ausb port, Microusb can be used to charge cell phones. I admit, maybe I mis-read. The radio was only boxed with a carabine clip to attach to a backpack strap. It would have lasted a few uses. I also bought a pair of longer cables. 3 stars were given due to what was described. A solar cell, hand crank, 3AAA battery, bright flashlight, S.O.S. digital tuning, and a solar cell are not included. Two phases of light reading. Yeah,... We have something. There is a little, light doorstop. I wanted something for my wife to listen to. My advice to you. If you want to stake your life on something like this, you should spend the extra money. It's cheap, and it's not working all the time. Will not charge or power up. CRANK, FRESH BATTERIES, SOLAR, ANY. There was a wind blow closed on 10/27. We do have a junk doorstop. Stay away! GARBAGE!

👤We had a power outage earlier this year and this radio was the perfect gift for me. It lived up to all the claims in the ad. It is a "Swiss Army" of emergency functions at a very reasonable price. All bands work well with the tuner. The weather alert band works well to get your attention. The flashlight has a bright and dim function and the reading/area illumination works well. We just got back from a 1400 mile trip to visit our daughter. I took this along in the van and tested the radio at 5 different locations along the way, and it was able to pull up the emergency weather broadcasts and AM stations at all of the locations. This item is very good. You'll be happy to Tuck it away for a rainy day or in the trunk of your car. Mike and Kathy F. are related.

👤I threw out the shipping box and material after I tried a lot of things with my new Emergency Radio and it appeared to be malfunctioning. Within 26 minutes, I received a response from the supplier, offering a replacement or refund. A few minutes later, they sent me another email with a request for my Amazon order number and a suggestion from their engineer. The next email said that they had shipped another one and it was received in 2 days. It worked as described. Excellent service!

7. Emergency Flashlight Survival Operated Supplies

Emergency Flashlight Survival Operated Supplies

There is a concierge service. The portable radio has a compass. The package includes: a weather radio with a built-in battery, a belt, and a compass. The user manual for the microusb cable. Their customer service is always available for you. Onlyee products have an 18-month warranty. The strongest solar radio. The solar charging speed is 10 times that of a normal emergency radio, so it is an indispensable equipment in your emergency supplies. The Brightest Emergency Radio has a button that can make a loud sound to attract people attention. It's the most important gear for camping. The 5000mAh portable power bank can be charged up to 3000 times and can be used for 2 hours. It's an essential part of your survival gear. You can receive the latest weather and hazard information on disasters related to hurricanes, snowstorms, wildfires, floods, earthquakes via this weather broadcast. The best way to help in the case of emergency power failure is to use a hand crank radio.

Brand: Feierya

👤This is not an Audiophile device and that is perfectly fine as that is not the intended purpose. The speaker and audio quality is not great. The 5000mAh battery has a decent amount of power to give hours of bright light from the various LEDs lamps, give hours of emergency or weather radio reception, or top off your cell phone. The audio quality of many inexpensive "pocket radios" is good, but it is not adequate for emergency news and weather. I knocked off a star for that, but it isn't the greatest, and probably would have increased the price a bit - a fair tradeoff. The fold-out solar cell is larger in surface area than most single cells on other radios, so it can be used to charge its battery in a reasonable amount of time. That is what you really need from such a device in an emergency where there is no other power source. It would take more than a full day for a single small cell radio to be charged. It is a reliable go-to device when you need it. It won't change your life, but it may be a lifesaver when you need it the most.

👤The emergency radio works. It can be charged with a hand crank, batteries or a plug. During the last winter storm, I used it. The house was blacked out after a few trees fell over our power lines. I pulled out the Emergency Radio to listen to music and get the weather updates when internet and cable were down. The Emergency Radio has a flashlight with two settings that was useful for getting around the house and cooking on the gas stove. The device has a power meter that you can use to monitor the battery life. I like to keep the battery charged until our electricity came back on.

👤I was impressed by the two radios I received. It's larger than most solar panels. When AC power is not available, you can use solar, but it will take all day and part of another day to get the radios charged. AC power was used to finish the recharging. The NOAA Weather Radio station, light, strobe, am/fm radio, hand crank, siren, ambiant red light, and other things are all great. Radios kept their charge for a while. I love them! So far, so good!

👤I like this little thing. The lights are bright and can be charged in many different ways. The speaker quality isn't going to impress anyone, but that's not what this type of radio is made for. I intended to use it as a camping/fishing radio, but I have been using it as a work light around the house. I would buy it again.

👤On December 11, there were 3 tornadoes that came through our town of Bowling Green. I have been looking at these weather radios for a while and I wish I would have had them. I didn't know what was happening outside during the storm because the power was out for a week. I did not have a radio or cell service. I stayed awake until 5am when I saw the first responders. Absolutely devastating. The houses were destroyed by their neighbors. I only had trees that were down. For Christmas, I bought 4 of these for my family. On New Years Day, a tornado hit our town, and my family was thrilled to have these as backup batteries for their weather radio. Thanks!

8. Emergency Portable Hurricane Survival Flashlight

Emergency Portable Hurricane Survival Flashlight

The do it yourselfer and the professional can use DrainX drain cleaning solutions. Things can get messy. They are here to help. Please contact them if you have any questions. Their products come with a 1 year warranty. The portable solar emergency radio is more powerful than the traditionall radios. There are upgraded points such as the large screen to show the percentage of battery surplus, bright flashlight, 4 led reading lamps, bottle opener and the alarm. It's deserved. The weather radio captures a superior signal reception, automatically scans through 7 available weather band channels and locks onto the strongest weather channel to alert you of the hazard weathers in your area. A life saver radio. There are four ways to power the weather radio. The crank weather radio will provide continuous power to the radio and no worry about power being off. It can be used as an emergency power bank. The HAND-CRANK will always have power. An alarm and a reading lamp. This flashlight radio with alarm and speaker is great for outdoor enthusiast, it can emit a loud emergency call, and make you get help quicker, if you get lost outdoors. You can read stories for children even at night, as well as a must-have for travelling, camping, backpacking and car. Aiworth waterproof emergency radio with a backup power source is an essential tool for home use and outdoor activities, it makes your life more safe. The packing included an emergency radio, a microusb cable and instruction.

Brand: Aiworth

👤The emergency radio is good for what it costs, but it could be better. I like the big screen. It's much easier to read. There is a The charging cable uses a microusb cable. Most of the phones in the world use theusb-c cables. There are no cables for Apple products. We had to order the cables in case we had to charge our phones in an emergency. The 2000mAh Power Bank is next. It's okay. The newer emergency radios use a power bank. The 2000mAh will only charge one phone. The radio has a solar charging station on top of it. The flip up solar panel on the emergency radios gives them more direct sunlight for charging.

👤I've been testing this against my other gear for a couple weeks now. It's going well. I have a few of the Eton Microlink FR160, so you can see how it compares to my video review. There are pros and cons for people who don't want to watch the video. It's not as compact as an analog or battery only device, but it's not hard to focus. It could be easier to replace the built-in battery.

👤I wanted to keep something in my vehicle for emergencies. The sound quality of the emergency radio I have is so bad that it becomes an irritation after a minute or two. The sound quality is good, but the radio matches the er210 in every respect. It was the same size as the er210. The solar panel will produce power. The crank can be turned easily. The reading light is more of a spot light. When the radios are plugged in, reception on the er210 does not change but on the Aiworth reception is severely affected and one has to move the antenna to an upright position to get it away from the body of the radio. Both radios have excellent reception.

👤We are trying to build a family emergency box. My husband suggested that we get an emergency radio to use when we are backpacking, since we will be off the grid for a week next spring. I found this one on Amazon and it has all of the bells and whistles. Exactly what we were looking for! Oh my gosh! There is a hand crank that you can use to crank battery power, and the radio is charged by solar energy. The radio can be charged using a cable or batteries. There are lots of different options. This emergency radio has a flashlight, a reading lamp, and a compass, and it's also an emergency radio. This is a power bank, so I can charge my phone with it in the event of an emergency. That is better than that. This will be great for us to take with us. It's essential for emergencies and backpacking. It's definitely recommended for every household.

👤The radio has a battery inside. The solar panel will charge when it's under the sun. You can put batteries in it. You can charge with the cranks at back. The radio can be used to search channels. It has a flashlight. It's a good companion when you are in the forest.

9. Premium Version Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio Puiuisoul Portable

Premium Version Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio Puiuisoul Portable

Search and rescue teams can use the dog whistle to locate individuals during an emergency situation. The emergency solar hand crank radio AM/FM and the weather alert radio with 6 LEDs has a headphone jack and a reading lamp. It can be used to illuminate dark areas or to keep your room bright after a storm. The outdoor bodyguard has portable NOAA stations at a crystal-clear sound weather radio with flashlight for lighting road in dark and an alarm ready to go when you need it most. Solar emergency weather radio built in 2000mAh power bank is a great way to charge your phone or small tablets. There are 4 ways to charge a hand crank radio. It can be charged on a sunny day even if there is no electricity. If you don't like the weather radio, they can give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you, and they will always be responsible for the products they sell.

Brand: Puiuisoul

👤You will be surprised by this radio, it is a little cute. I usually use "crank/solar" style items to provide light, and it has six reading lights. The crank handle can be used for instant charging or charging with a cable. You don't have to worry about running out of battery when you are camping if you charge your phone through the radio. It's a great gift because of the strong plastic body and easy-to-use features. The National Weather Channel broadcasts on the radio. It's not DIGITAL! Trust me, digital display is not your right choice. Digital displays can be frustrating when they get old or aren't working perfectly. Digital displays work well, but this isn't the type of item that you need to be "ADVANCED", you just want the darn thing to work. In a survival situation, you want functional.

👤I like the many ways to power-electric, battery, solar, and crank. There is an AM/FM radio and a flashlight. I bought it for the ability to crank in case of no power. It was smaller than I thought, but works well and will take up less space. Not included is the 3AAA batteries. I am glad I bought this.

👤I bought the radio to complement my backpack. I loaded him with his crank the day he arrived. I heard 6 runs without reloading while I was playing a local ball game. I was so happy on the radio that I was my companion for the games. I listened to the commentators while watching the game. During the Caribbean Series, I was able to use my phone without problems, and I am very happy with my radio. The product came back to the emergency backpack after the baseball season ended. I didn't have to place batteries for the radio in two months. I love my radio. Compre el radio, pero un complemento. Lleg con su manivela. Sintonicé un juego de pelota local, parmi sorpresa escuché 6 hours. On the radio, I fue acompaante a los juegos de la Serie del Caribe. Mientras ve a los comentadores. Estoy una radio, pude recargar a los jugos de la Serie el Caribe. The producto volvi a la mochila de emergencias. En lod dos meses, con el radio. No he tenidos, colocarle baterias. Enamorada de radio.

👤I could upgrade the 2000 mah battery to max 3600 mah to make it a better battery bank for charging cellphone or radio.

👤This is great! The purchase was made because of the last storm I went through. My cell phone died and I couldn't get the weather updates. The weather band on this was very important. I have a radio station, a bright flashlight, and even us so I can charge my phone in an emergency. You can crank it to get power if the sun goes away. The crank was easy for my brother to do. It's light enough to fit in a back back for hiking and camping.

👤I sent the first Radio back because I couldn't get the radio and light to work after I charged it. There is a I got the same result after repeating the first charing attempt after getting the radio a second time. There is a My wife noticed on the bottom of the radio that you have to switch to "LI-ION" to charge the radio's battery and the light and radio worked as advertised. Be aware. This isn't in the directions.

10. Emergency Radio,4000mAh Solar Portable Flashlight Lamp,Cell

Emergency Radio%EF%BC%8C4000mAh Solar Portable Flashlight Lamp%EF%BC%8CCell

The material is suitable for both indoors and outdoors. They've upgraded a lot of features based on customer feedback and the newest Design MD-090P. The most powerful lighting functions include a motion sensor reading lamp and a super-bright 3 mode flashlight. External antenna, electricity label, comfortable hand crank, tap switch fit all your needs. The MD-090P is the best value for emergency radio. Nature is unpredictable, but you can be prepared in the face of her fury. The emergency crank radio with weather band and phone charge can be used to get the latest weather broadcasts and hazard information for your area from 7 stations at a crystal-clear sound. It's a critical time for you to get full preparation, so you and your family are safe. The solar radio has 888-405-7720 888-405-7720 The flashlight radio could be supplied for days after the storm had passed until the power came back on. The hand crank light never runs out of electricity, no matter what emergency situation you find yourself in. A motion sensor reading lamp. If you need to walk in places without lights, the flashlight radio with 3 modes flashlight is a great alternative, it has a longer lighting range than the most other solar emergency radio. A reading lamp with a Motion sensor will help you get up in the evening to avoid waking your family. You will never regret purchasing this crank flashlight radio. They care about you and your loved ones. In the past years, their emergency radio has helped more than 10,000,000 Americans to survive hurricanes, tornadoes, and snowstorms. Your voice makes them the best. The emergency weather radio has an 18-month warranty. If you don't like the weather radio, they can give you a full refund. Their customer service is always available for you.

Brand: Runningsnail

👤This device is amazing. It does everything it claims to do. The hand crank is easy to use and effective because there is almost no tension. The solar panel can be used to charge the device, and when you lift it up, it becomes a very strong beacon of light. Awesome feature! The light has an optional sensor that turns it on when it senses movement. The batteries can be charged using a wall outlet and a cable. Radio: no static! The weather band works well. The radio stations near me are great. Considering the size of this powerful unit, the sound is pretty darn good. The antenna is easy to use and tune into. The alarm is so important. The alarm is loud and clear that you're in trouble. The power status light is easy to see and understand. You can crank to 25%, 50%, 75%, or 100%. I have a cell phone and the cord that comes with the light doesn't fit it. I use my own cord. The picture in the description is correct. I am very happy with the power house of an emergency light and radio.

👤I asked for Made in USA. The box says it's made in China. Don't be deceived. Wonder what other items are not.

👤The emergency radio is amazing. It picks up all of the radio channels. This radio has a Weather Broadcast option so you don't have to waste time searching for it on the AM station. After a minute or so, the hand crank charges the radio and the flashlight is bright.

👤It does what it says. I don't use it often because I think it's just something I need in case of an emergency. There are two things I have noticed with my unit. The blue battery level lights are not consistent. I was playing the radio with all the lights on. It showed 3 when turned on the light. The radio came back on after everything was turned off. The battery lights seem to wipe out the AM radio. I get a lot of static when those blue lights are on, even if it was already set to a local station. The station can be heard as soon as the lights go out. It takes 30 seconds or more for those lights to go out. It is more extensive than that. The blue lights can come on for another 30 seconds depending on what you do. If you are listening to the radio, turn on the headlights. You can't hear the radio until the blue lights come on and they go back off. It does the job, but you will need to be prepared to deal with the quirks of mine.

👤I like the fact that this radio uses standard batteries, which means I already have a bunch of replacements, and I got longer lasting batteries to put in it. The crank charge is not something I like because it takes a lot of cranking to charge it full, however in an emergency it does charge and per the manual one minute of cranking equals 6 min of radio or 30 min of light. The batteries don't drain due to the bright lights on this. Radio reception is terrible inside. I think it is deserving of five stars. I will have to change the rating if it isn't durable.

11. RunningSnail Weather Emergency Flashlight Reading

RunningSnail Weather Emergency Flashlight Reading

If you try it for yourself, you will discover why it is one of the most popular plumbing snake uncloggers. Their customer service team is standing by, so if you have a problem, please contact them. Made in the USA. The emergency weather radio is a must-have for the emergency, as it will always receive up to the newest emergency weather forecasts from the National Weather Service. All your emergency needs can be met with the SOS Alarm, external antenna, comfortable hand crank, tap switch. RunningSnail's emergency radio comes with a 2000mAh power bank, which can be used on most devices. Enough emergency power for important calls to your family, the emergency services, or for contacting assistance in emergencies. You will always be in touch with the outside world. The emergency crank radio with a 2000mAh built-in battery can be powered by hand crank and solar panel to ensure that you can use the solar crank radio normally. When not able to regenerate power, you should always have aaa batteries in your house. Don't ever run out of electricity! The emergency radio could provide a light source and flashlight. They can keep you and your loved ones out of the dark in an emergency, if they can provide you with the timeliest help. You can make a loud siren sound and a flashing light if you use the SOS function. There is no risk for your purchase. Your voice makes them the best. The emergency weather radio has an 18-month warranty. They will give you a solution if you don't like the weather radio. Their customer service is always available for you.

Brand: Runningsnail

👤I like it. The use of 3 TripleAAA batteries is nice. The NiCad battery is charged with theusb. There is also Solar and Crank. Better made and larger than some of the other models on Amazon. This will be useful the next time there is a power outage. The Weather Band is useful when you need it. The reading light is nice. Hurricane Matthew is an update! There was no power for 5 days. The radio was a lifesaver.

👤This little guy is the best weather radio I have ever owned. It can power with solar, batteries or crank. It picks up the radio signals. The weather channel is clear. It has a loud panic alarm, and it has a flashlight. There is a reader behind the solar panel. You can use it to charge your phone. It is a good looking radio. The feel is very soft. The item is very well made. I really do. Love. This is the radio! I would recommend it to anyone who wants an inexpensive emergency radio that does that job, because I am so pleased with it. There are a lot of good things about this.

👤There is a big drive in movie addiction here. We hit it once a week from opening weekend until last weekend. In the last eight years, I have been very harsh on my car batteries and alternators. The voice of reason whispered in my ear and said "hey maybe you should get a radio instead of using the car". Excellent! I searched for one, months and months. I'm not dealing with that because boom boxes and portable music players all need "D" batteries. I looked at other types from related searches. The sports radios had the right battery size, but it seemed too small for movie sound. I knew the sound would be right, I have one of those in my garage, they had the right size battery, so what is stopping me? I don't want to deal with another device that needs batteries, probably weekly or bi weekly, with my usage, so I don't want to. I look in every month to see if anything catches my attention. There are solar powered speakers, right batteries, and a manual hand crank. At drive in, had been solar charging all week. It's perfect sound can be heard in 2 movies without an issue. It doesn't turn on after the second week. I know it was already in the position. My youngest said that he wanted to see how it worked. It's okay. I forgot to put some extra batteries in the car, so we're going to have to crank it. We are cranking and passing for 30 minutes. It almost got through the first movie before it died. The sound gets softer. I was able to crank it after we watched it.

👤One trip to the outdoors and a piece of plastic was warped and came away from the product because it was in the sun. This is not acceptable because it's solar powered. Everything else worked.


What is the best product for survival radio crank?

Survival radio crank products from Zurio. In this article about survival radio crank you can see why people choose the product. Roxicosly and Mesqool are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival radio crank.

What are the best brands for survival radio crank?

Zurio, Roxicosly and Mesqool are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival radio crank. Find the detail in this article. Eoxsmile, Pplee and Feierya are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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