Best Survival Poncho Tarp

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1. Lightweight Emergency Survival Norwegian Military

Lightweight Emergency Survival Norwegian Military

Get creative with your woobie, it comes with 8TIE-OFF STRINGS. Tie-off strings make your woobie usable for more than just warmth, shelter, and a poncho liner. The size is 5' x 4'. 5' x 8' fully open. The poncho is in a pouch. Excellent quality. The weight is over 6 ounces. It is waterproof and Multifunction.

Brand: Survival General

👤I tried on a poncho. I'm 6'-2" tall. The poncho came half way down my calves, so it's good. I need to see how much coverage I get with a backpack on. The poncho covered most of my arms. The poncho was only 59" wide, one inch shorter than advertised. I think it did a good job of covering my arms. It is made from light-weight material. It should hold up for several wears if you are not running through brush. There are no snaps on the sides. To keep it closed in high winds, you might want to keep a length of cord handy. It took me a while to unfold it because it had so many folds. I would use it for the first time if it was already raining when I got it out of its carrying bag. I don't want to put it back in the bag it came in. This poncho is advertised as a light-weight emergency poncho. It is not intended to be a full-time poncho. I think it will do better than other ponchos. It's a lot lighter than my poncho.

👤It's so heavy that it's like a garbage bag. I am 5'2 and it is so large that it goes all the way to my feet and even my hands are covered. I was able to repack it into it's little bag, which was half as long as it was in the bag, which made it even more reuseable. The sides don't have snaps, but that will help it breathe. There are many good uses for this poncho. I bought two. For a multi-purpose camping ground sheet, tarp poncho, blanket to keep the rain off, this generous size is quite wonderful for the money, and I like Norwegians anyway.

👤Updating my bag in my trunk, I came across this unique product. We remember the old cammie poncho when we were in Boy Scouts and later wore our nation's uniform. The Norwegian poncho is much larger than the American poncho and is well worth the price.

👤This product line was purchased three times. The first couple were wrapped nicely, for the cost. The last set was cheap, marked as being made in China, and had a sticker on it that said "This bag is not a toy, keep out of the reach of children." The description now has the word "style" in it, which tells me that it looks the same. Doesn't mean it's made to the correct specifications. It was rather annoying.

👤We took a big vacation and brought our bikes. We had to be prepared for snow, ice, rain, and warm, sunny days since it was mid-March. In the event of rain, we have ponchos to carry in our bags. We did not get any rain while riding, but we did have to pack and walk in the rain, and these ponchos were great. They're small, lightweight, and waterproof. They aren't very durable, but we expected that. They lasted for our trip, but I wouldn't expect them to last through a lot of uses. If you can appreciate the cheap insurance that you can use a few times, then they're great.

2. USGI Industries Military Weather Blanket

USGI Industries Military Weather Blanket

It is waterproof and Multifunction. A multi-use PONCHO liner. This essential piece of military survival gear provides warmth and insulation against most weather elements and temperature protection which makes for the ultimate camping and outdoor blanket. The pattern is one-sided. There is a style of construction called military. The nylon fabric is insulated with quick-dry batting. There are 8 pairs of tie cords attached around the edges. The Poncho Liner is approximately 62 by 82 inches in length and weighs 1.75 pounds with a compression sack. The Compression Stuff Sack reduces space and volume. It is possible to use a beach blanket, stadium blanket, make shift survival shelter, sun canopy, hammock, tent divider, privacy screen, emergency carry litter, seat cover, pet bed, disaster relief, concealment blind, carry satchel, backpacking blanket, sleeping. USGI industries: For the complete set, pair it with USGI Industries Rain Poncho and Camp Shield/Adventure Blanket. USGI is owned by a disabled veteran. Products are designed, packaged, and distributed in the USA. The money raised from every sale goes to disabled veteran and first responders organizations.

Brand: Usgi Industries

👤I give this poncho liner a 5 star rating. It arrived quickly and well packaged. It is the same as advertised. The compression bag works well and it is well made. This product met all of my expectations, but there are a few things I still have. I wish the blanket was heavier. The lightweight blanket is great for backpacking, but the old bones are looking for more warmth. Augmentation below. There is a I wish the blanket was bigger. I'm 6'-1" I would like to get more coverage. The unfulfilled wishes are unique to my needs and I would buy this product again. A Woobie is not meant to be worn under a poncho as there is no opening for your head. I cut a 14 inch slit in the middle of the poncho so I could wear it under a poncho. The opening was bound with a blanket and it works now. I wish the blanket was thicker and warmer. I got fleece blanket material and snaps at a fabric store. I cut a hole in the center of the fleece for my head. I sewed snaps onto the Woobie and the fleece to make it thicker.

👤After just a few weeks of use, my woobie began to fall apart, because I think it makes a good blanket for summertime use. The binding on the hems fell off as the stitch lines began to unraveling, and I was disappointed to see that it was still usable six months later. I can get over it and just buy a new one every year, although I would prefer to pay more for better stitching.

👤The one I received was made to order and had no issues with quality. I would highly recommend this seller. I was misled by the reviews I read about how warm these things are. I have to double this thing up if I get a chill in the house. If you are not an ex-military and have never used one before, don't expect it to keep you warm in the cold.

👤My son got his first MARPAT style woobie because he's in the Marine JROTC. It will serve him well, just like what we had done in the 90's.

👤It is great for kids. The design is great but the fabric is cheap. I think it's over price. I would use it for something.

👤The poncho liner is not the same as the ones issued in the military. The fabric is a bit rougher. It is not made in the U.S. The fabric was loose and the stitching was not perfect. I don't know about the durability yet.

👤I bought this to use in my layout blind to make it more resistant to ducks. I haven't used it for its intended purpose yet, but this woobie is awesome! It took me back to my time in the Marine Corps when I used it as a blanket. The quality is excellent. Anyone looking for one should look no further.

3. Emergency ,Designed Retention ,Marathons Aid。ANMEILU

Emergency %EF%BC%8CDesigned Retention %EF%BC%8CMarathons Aid%E3%80%82ANMEILU

The cookware kit is designed for anyone who loves camping with their family and friends. It is portable and convenient for camping, hiking, backpacking, picnic and other outdoor activities. Emergency Mylar thermal blankets are emergency blankets. The Mylar blankets are perfect for home emergency kits and bug out bags. Each survival blanket is individually folded, wrapped, and sealed for easy storage. They can be used for both ground cover and shade. Mylar blankets are great for saving body heat in emergency situations. Emergency use is perfect for situations where warmth is required. Retaining/reflecting up to 90% of a user's body heat helps prevent Hypoxic and shock. Their blankets can help keep you dry in wet environments. Mylar emergency thermal blanket is made from the best Weatherproof Material. The foil cover can reflect heat back to the body, or it can be diverted from the sun. It's perfect for camping trips and sporting events. Use as tent footprint, backpack cover, rain poncho, emergency signal, solar oven, shade cover, fishing lure, bird repellent, emergency shelter, sleeping bag liner, ground cover, bivouac sack, wind blocker, arm sling, tourniquet, bivvy, trail is nearly endless.

Brand: Qio Chuang

👤We gave these to homeless people and they seem to like them.

👤I got these because they were cheap and I was surprised at the quality. The curtains were down for a few weeks so I only needed two to see the heat from the two sunny windows. I have camping gear in the car. I thought I would need extras because they wouldn't hold up. I put them on the window frame at night so I don't have to look at it. I thought they might rip up, but they are holding up. I can peel the tape off without the reflective part peeling off. I had temporary use for them. They would work well as an emergency blanket.

👤These things are large. It was much bigger than I thought. I didn't think they would work, but they warmed up immediately. Can't wait to try them out.

👤I use these to cover plants. Work well!

👤The heat comes through windows from the sun. It acts like a one way mirror during the day, with a heavy tinted window effect. When looking at it from the outside, it's barely visible.

👤You have to keep one in your car. I would love to have one in my car on January 29th. Atlanta Slowpocalypse! My first test was to stand outside in the cold weather of Atlanta with nothing but a t-shirt on. I wrapped it around myself and felt like Batman. I stayed outside for 15 minutes, and the longer I stood there the warmer I got. I had intended to give them all away as stocking stuffers, but I had to convince them not to. I only gave one away.

👤I like the product. I received a 3 pack with no resolve after ordering a six pack. The product is functional.

👤There is nothing to complain about so far. The space blankets are very thick. I opened one to make sure it covered the entire upper torso and genitalia. It did all of them. I would buy the 10 pk. You can put them in multiple places you deem necessary.

4. HELIKON TEX Swagman Poncho Adaptive Bushcraft

HELIKON TEX Swagman Poncho Adaptive Bushcraft

It can be used as an emergency jacket, sleeping bag liner, blanket, hammock liner, etc. It's lightweight, easy to transport and non soaking. It should fit the Helikon-Tex BOB backpack. The poncho is compatible with the USGI. The equipment shown in pictures is not included.

Brand: Helikon-tex

👤It started out with a woobie in my pack and then went on to other brands of poncho liners. Two years ago I tried to have my own design made with materials and labor that was 3 times more expensive than the Swagman Roll. On cool and even cold days when I am hunting, I carry a poncho liner because it keeps the air pocket around me warm. We waited all day for the elk to come back out. While 3 guys stood around the fire I lay down and took a nap. I was surprised that the Swagman Roll could be put into a bag, because it had a shield. I bought it. I tried and failed to design the Swagman. I bought them for my hunting buddies because of their low price. You should get one and keep it in your pack. It creates dead air around you while you are sitting or resting and will increase your comfort.

👤This thing is very warm and lightweight and it sheds water just fine, I'm glad I bought it. It doesn't fit in a USGI poncho, but it may fit in a poncho made by Helikon. It is 6 inches narrower than the woobie and has square ends, unlike the USGI poncho/poncho liner. The poncho will be all puffy and shrunk up, and there are no toggles in the middle of the sides or ends, so those won't be secured either. I would like the hood to be a three piece construction design and bigger. I will probably give it to my daughter. Just a few more steps would've crossed the finish line, beautiful concept, workmanship, and materials, but they didn't get the execution.

👤It would be easy to just call it a poncho liner. I don't think that would be a fair assessment. It's water resistant in its own right, so it can be used as an outer garment as well as a liner, and it's offered in a number of camo patterns. You're doubling up on the water protection when you use a poncho. It's light and provides good insulation. When it's converted to a sleeping bag, it doesn't work as well for me as it might for others. Being a little on the bigger side of the chest, it gets a little tight and I have to carry my shoulders inside the bag. I don't consider it to be a strike since it's designed to compliment a standard rain poncho, but there's a limit to the size, so I appreciate that. A standard rain poncho is a good compliment to this. HELIKON-TEX's statement is an accurate one. It's very comfortable when worn in the poncho form, and you can keep a lot of mobility. It's an excellent choice when you're in a hide and want to stay comfortable. I think this is a great piece of kit and should become a standard item for almost any out-of-door activity that is hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, go bag, get home bag, automobile, etc. It offers a level of add-on weather protection and insulation that's not the same from any other article of clothing that I have had experience with. I will definitely look to get another one in the future, so I would definitely do it again.

5. AGPTEK Waterproof Multifunctional Reusable Activities

AGPTEK Waterproof Multifunctional Reusable Activities

The rain poncho is waterproof for men. It can be used as a raincoat. Hood covers full head. It is longer than average raincoats for more protection. When hiking, fishing or other outdoor activities, the AGPTEK raincoat is useful. The poncho is waterproof and made by PU 3000MM. It's perfect for camping, fishing, or any outdoor outing. A roomy back is able to hold a large backpack. It will keep your backpack dry. The Carrying Bag folds up compactly for easy storage. Can be kept in the car office in case of a rainy day.

Brand: Agptek

👤A person is wearing a poncho and it won't work. The shape and straps are not designed for cycling. When you try to cover your arms with a poncho, the straps will detach and you will have a flying cape. The hood doesn't turn as you turn your head, which is a concern for cyclists. If you want to see traffic behind you, you only see the hood, not the road. A poncho is still a lightweight poncho. I think hiking with it would be a nicer experience.

👤The rain coat is awesome. I like how big it is. I'm short. It covers me almost down to my shoes. The coverage is great. I like the fact that it is heavier. It's not the typical flimsy rain coat. It is not the end-all cure-all of rain coats, but it serves its purpose and I would recommend this item highly.

👤I love that this covers me and my walker, and the storage bag is useful when I'm not wearing it. The neck hole is small. It's difficult to pull it on when I have my glasses on.

👤As a letter carrier in Florida, I needed something waterproof. This worked well.

👤I was looking for something that would keep us dry and that was durable. I wasn't excited when they came. They came down to my husband's calf. The rides were perfect when we got to them. They are great for hiking. The cheap dollar ones were wet for hours before they dried. We love them.

👤The poncho is only used a few times and the seam tape is already coming off at the neck and shoulder areas.

👤Product is of decent quality, but hasn't been used in rain yet. It seems to be well made. I'm more than enough room with 300 lbs. Right below the knee. It's a good idea to recommend it. I will update if there are problems during the rain.

👤I tried it on, but haven't used it yet. It fits. The material is light and strong. I'll add a new review if it doesn't shed water.

👤An no lo he was in campo. Se ve una producto.

👤Incluso tienes portas mochila.

6. Kingwolfox Multifunction Tactical Waterproof Activities

Kingwolfox Multifunction Tactical Waterproof Activities

The problem of head opening too small for some people can be solved with the upgrade Poncho. Extra space is available. A roomy back is able to accommodate a large back, protects you and your backpack from heavy wind and rain, and is easy to wear. A multi-used poncho is specially designed for outdoor activities and can be used as a Raincoat, mat for hiking, picnics, fishing, outdoor jungle camouflage Raincoat Shelter Tent or a Ground Sheet Tarp and all other outdoor activities as well as Halloween costumes. Thickened eyelets create enhanced durability, multi-point buttons easily adjust on both sides, and cap margin with elastic rope for effective protection. Made of 100% ripstop waterproof material, soft to touch. It is easy to carry and one size makes it fit all people.

Brand: Kingwolfox

👤I like it because it is a poncho. I bought it because of that. Next time it rains, I will try it. ponchos keep both hands free to use and are better than umbrellas. That is all. It is 78 inches long and 55 inches wide. Comes in a waterproof case. Good purchase.

👤I liked the camo print. Was expecting a more durable material.

👤Also has grommets for multi purposes.

👤It works, but is shorter than I expected. Wouldn't want to depend on it to build a poncho shelter. My dog loves the grommets, but I have a problem with that.

👤They think they will do well in the boat and camping. I am looking forward to keeping them dry.

👤Came with a bag, but don't plan on using it for a poncho. There are some things ready for camping.

👤The tent mode offers good protection from rain. The camo design could be better.

7. Waterproof Raincoat Lightweight Backpack Camouflage

Waterproof Raincoat Lightweight Backpack Camouflage

Rain ponchos are waterproof and can be used as a blanket for the grass or as a tarp for shade. A poncho is easy to carry, waterproof and durable, and can be used for hiking, fishing,camping, and even at the amusement park. It's wide enough for you and a large backpack to keep you dry. There is a super light rain gutter. A rain poncho is a perfect gift for a frequently travel friend. The 3 in 1 poncho can be used as a raincoat, backpack cover, or picnic blanket, it's made of super sturdy waterproof nylon tent type material.

Brand: A-more

👤It's lightweight, so it's fairly durable. It is easy to store and transport compressedes with a stuff sack. It's good for hot, humid, rainy days when you don't want to become drenched in sweat. If you use a ground cloth, make sure the ground is clear of stones, twigs and anything that could puncture it. I would recommend this poncho as a lightweight poncho. I have a large head and the hood is snug. The wind will not take it off. You can be seen in a car's headlights at night.

👤Not happy with the product. The product delivered has four more than the 8 shown in the picture. There are only four snaps on each side, not the eight pictured. The back half of your head is not covered by the hood. The poncho I received is in the size description. The poncho is shorter for me than I would prefer. I have not tried the waterproof capabilities. The DWR coating appears to be waterproof. Two thumbs down for this poncho.

👤If you need rain gear that can double as a shelter, this is for you. It could be short. I'm 6 foot 1 inch and it stops at my knees. I needed two of them to make my costume work, and my wife knows how to sew, so I'm happy. She took the bottom off of the second item to make the cape longer, took the sides off to make the sleeves longer, and made a gorget out of the neck of the second item after removing the hood. If you like screen accuracy, it's not going to work as a costume out of the package.

👤It's pretty decent for the price. I used it to cover a stroller because it's thick enough that it holds up, not a single time use, and it's big enough that I could fit a stroller in it. It says you can use it as a tent to keep the rain out. It is as thick as a 4mil plastic sheet. It comes in a pouch so you can fold it up again after you dry it. I would recommend this for a walk at a theme park. Not for strenuous work. It won't tear easily.

👤Awesome poncho! I spend a lot of time outdoors. It's great for just a cover for a rain or a game. I advise you to hang out for a few days to get a taste of the plastic smell before you head towards the woods. Great product!

👤If the rain falls straight down and the wind is strong, you should not use umbrellas. You should slip this over your outfit. You can wear whatever coat you want, your hands are free. You can stick it into your briefcase or backpack when the rain stops because it folds into a tiny parcel. Not made from cheap plastic. It's a lightweight cloth that sheds water. I like this thing.

👤It doesn't advertise as GI, but it tries to imitate it. The statement is to let you know. It works well. The material is lightweight and has "ripstop" fibers. The camo pattern is what I expected. I can get paracord through the small grommets. It keeps the rain off and the heat on. The camo pouch was a nice add-on. Not going to be used for the poncho, but useful to hold other camp gear. I'm happy with it.

8. Military Tactical P20000mm Waterproof Material

Military Tactical P20000mm Waterproof Material

High-GRADE WATERPROOF. Their raincoats are made of a military grade material. You don't have to worry about the quality because they offer a 5-year warranty. Theirs is a high-end one. The waterproof performance of raincoat is affected by the W/P 2000mm coating, which degrades after half a year. After about two years of use, raincoat waterproof performance will be greatly reduced, most of the big brands use W/P 3000mm coating. Only 14oz weight. The small bag is super lightweight and compact. It is easy to put it in your backpack. The ordinary raincoat is bulky and inconvenient to carry around. This poncho is larger than the normal poncho and will give you a super size. They investigated the size of most raincoats sold on the US market, and after many tests and measurements, they determined the size of this raincoat. Their raincoat is able to protect you from the rain. Functional: It has a lot of uses. You can use it as a poncho, a shelter tent, a tarp, a blanket sleeping bag, a raincoat, and a mat for hiking. A perfect experience for you is the goal of the company. They will reply to you within 24 hours if there is a broken poncho.

Brand: Act Fire

👤I did a 36 mile stretch of the Appalachian Trail in the rain. The poncho fit over me and the pack was very good. I only snapped the bottom snaps as I needed more air. At the end of the day, you are going to be wet from the rain or sweating your butt off in a fully snapped poncho. This is about keeping your pack dry and giving you a versatile piece of gear. The strings and straps that come with this should be taken off. They are mud magnets. They either got in the way or stretched out from the wet to the point where I stepped on them. Paracord would be a better bet. Like you, I rely on reviews. If you found it useful, please mark it helpful.

👤The HD OD poncho was issued to me in the Army. The poncho is still pretty darn durable. This poncho is even lighter than the M 81 and works well with a poncho liner as a bivvy, especially if you have something proving additional protection from the ground. This is a great solution for my in-truck "Get Home" pack as I am weight sensitive and don't plan on needing this past three hard-use days. I would suggest removing the cotton attached to the short tie-off lines and just use 550 if needed. Stay Prepared!

👤The poncho is good for emergency use. The poncho is not close to military grade. The seams are sealed with a thin plastic material that is starting to peel off, so I am not sure if it is waterproof. The cords are flimsy and the grommets are thin. The sales pitch on this product fooled me. Not worth anything. It is hard to get a military poncho. I know military ponchos and am a Veteran. The other brands are just as bad as the other brands.

👤The poncho is sturdy and light weight. I love being a hunter because I can cover my gun and pack in the rain. In Florida, where I hunt frequently, this poncho is what I need. This poncho is not a bulky one like the old green military poncho. Light weight for packing. I liked them so much I bought 2 more. It was raining on the first day of my hunt, but I had my Ameristep umbrella. It's a great combination for a long wet day.

👤This poncho arrived in time. My wife challenged me to put on a poncho and head outside when there was a serious downpour here in Louisiana. It worked well beyond expectations. I was bone dry during the rain. If I need an emergency tarp, lean-to, or tent, this poncho would work very well. I am an Eagle Scout, Cubmaster, and Assistant Scoutmaster. This poncho is a must have for my scouts and scouters.

👤I have purchased other ponchos in the past, but this one is longer and wider. The water proof poncho is heavier than the other ponchos, but it is lighter and less stiff than the military ponchos that I own, so it takes up less room than the military ponchos. If you have three ponchos, you can have a waterproof floor in the shelter because the snaps are perfectly aligned. If you find yourself walking along the side of the road in the pouring rain, the reverse side is a tan color that will reflect the headlights of cars better than the camo color will. This poncho is my favorite poncho.

9. Emergency Blanket Survival Equipment Activity

Emergency Blanket Survival Equipment Activity

Use as a quick-dry beach blanket, stadium blanket, make-shift survival shelter, sun canopy, hammock insulator, pillow, tent divider, privacy screen, emergency carry litter, seat cover, pet bed, sleeping bag insulator, and much more. The emergency blanket thermal poncho is high quality. The emergency blanket poncho is made of PE material and has waterproof, windproof, and mylar. The large size is enough for a larger man. Ponchos are used to keep you safe. The Emergency Blanket Poncho can be used to cover your body. The emergency poncho protects the head from heat loss. The reflective Mylar material is very strong. It keeps you warm and dry. It's small and lightweight, and it fits in your pocket. It's wide enough for you and your supplies. You can carry it with you with a storage bag. Keeping warm while freeing your hands to do other important things. Super glue is used to seal the seams. The seams are put together. It can be used as a raincoat in the rainy days. It can be used in field exploration, investigation, tourism, and disasters. Bug out bag supplies can be used for ball game, hiking, concert, camping, and prepper.

Brand: Jubang

10. Toughest Emergency Blankets Marathon Survival

Toughest Emergency Blankets Marathon Survival

Lab verified using the strictest standard to ensure purity, identity and potency. The HeatFlex mylar is thicker and more flexible than ordinary space blankets and it is the toughest emergency blanket on Earth. You won't find tougher mylar emergency blankets anywhere with the combination of durable packaging and lightweight design. The perfect balance of light weight and durable storage is what makes their blanket the perfect space blanket. You can carry enough blankets for your entire group in the included zip up pack. NASA designed mylar to be waterproof and reflect up to 90% of body heat, making it perfect for hiking, running, and first aid kits. These thermal foil blankets are a must-have for camping, trail running, marathons, 48hr/30 day go bags, tactical gear preppers, earthquake survival kits, home emergency, and car first aid kits. Other space blankets are cheap and can be used for one time. Theirs are built to be there when you need them. There are tactical blankets in your car, roadside emergency kit, survival kit, first aid kit, bug out bag, zombie survival kit, and camping gear. The mylar heat sheets can be used to make an emergency shelter, sleeping bag, or other survival gear. You won't find tougher mylar emergency blankets anywhere. It is guaranteed. They help protect the wild places they love by donating a percentage of their sales.

Brand: Don't Die In The Woods

👤I thought it was better. I'm the kind of person who will test items before an emergency strikes. The emergency blankets are cheap, but they are not as strong as the larger ones. I tried to open it. It was not easy to do. I was impressed. I gave the test to a 6 year old and said have at it. It had minimal damage. No more ripping or anything like that. Very impressive. It's good to have a bug out bag or car just in case.

👤I got these today. I pulled one out to see if it was tear resistance. I pulled it on and it ripped. The material used to make the grocery bag is not as strong as the Walmart bag. Don't waste your money. I'm going to return them tomorrow.

👤All four of them have their own bag for storage, and that the main holder is made of durable fabric. I wore one around the house. It got warm. The material felt strong. I had to put it back in the pack because ofadhd issues. I put it in the bag after my 3rd attempt because I didn't get all my lines right. Will purchase again from this company.

👤I don't like giving bad reviews. These are very small trash bags. I compare these to dollar tree table covers. I was not happy with the quality.

👤I like the way these are packaged. There is a bag in the zip up case. Excellent quality all around.

👤For limited use or emergency only, there is permission. I thought they were bigger. Would have been better for camping.

👤This is a great blanket. Sturdy, big. If you have to walk to town in the dessert because your car broke down and there is no phone service, you should keep at least one in your car. There are many reasons to keep these in your car or on a walk. You have a lean-to if you add a 20' piece of rope. This is a great brand.

11. GLORYFIRE Technical Soft Shell Multi Use Backpacking

GLORYFIRE Technical Soft Shell Multi Use Backpacking

The ACU uniforms have foliage green on them. 1. It's not pleasant to work or go through your day in wet clothes. Ponchos can be used to prevent the problem. The poncho is made of a soft shell fabric with waterproof fully-taped seams. The GLORYFIRE Poncho has a generous size to fit over packs/bags/chest-packs, a hood with brim section fits over head-wear and a zip front to chin for full rain coverage. Bring along the GloryFire. Stay dry with a poncho on your next camping trip. 2. It has a soft shell fabric construction to keep the rain off. It has snaps to close the sides so it can be strung up as a makeshift tent. The Poncho has a Hook-and-loop fasteners field on the front for displaying patches or ID. There are Hook-and-loop fields on the shoulders, back of the head, and back. It can be put into its own front pocket for easy storage. 4. It takes just 1 minute to get to the tent. It can be used as emergency sleeping bags. 5. They'll be glad to help you if you have any questions.

Brand: Gloryfire

👤If you need room for your solar phone charge in your hiking pack, listen if you're trying to save weight. This poncho is not for you. If you have a full beard and are going to build a log cabin in the woods with an axe and no hands, this pancho is for you.

👤I'm a mail carrier and I need something to keep me dry on rainy days. I used it a few days ago on a day when it rained all day. I found no leaking through the seams, and the stitching and material seemed soft and durable, so it was pleasant to walk in. I had some sweat on my shirt at the end of my walk, but I think it was because it was warm under the poncho. I felt no water build up under the poncho and there were no leaks in the seams. I was able to fold it back into itself by the end of my shift because the water slides right off the material. I'd buy it again, but hopefully not soon.

👤I bought this poncho because of the rainy season. The Gloryfire had better reviews of water resistance than the Hazard 4 2020 poncho, so I decided to try it. My first day of testing this poncho was at my outdoor rifle and pistol range. I was exposed to the elements but stayed dry under this poncho. The button snaps when I move it. I'm sure a little oil will take care of that. $65 is the best price for a poncho.

👤I like the poncho's quality and the fact that it folds up into a pouch. This is what I was looking for to either put in my range bag or under the back seat of my truck. The poncho's eyelets are nice if I need to tie it up as a makeshift shelter or keep some gear dry. I would recommend this item to anyone.

👤The Pancho is very durable, it is cheap and can be strung up as a tent ortarp, it keeps you dry, and it can be used as a tent ortarp. The material is thick and stiff, and when I turn my head, it stays out, which can be annoying. It can get really hot inside if it's cold outside. If it's going to be a heavy rain, I still need rain pants because I'm 6'3 and with a pack on it covers my lower thighs. It can save you a lot of weight and space in your pack if you bring a separate tarp and Pancho. I like to stay dry when setting up my shelter, but sacrificing a layer to do that isn't worth it when I can be fully soaked in a minute. It can take a while to setup. It's not very practical to setup a tent shelter with my feet or head exposed. Hunting/hiking/backpacking isn't one of the uses for this product.

👤It was made in China. It is small for a small person. Not large enough for a normal American man. It doesn't cover the arms. See how it works out for you. It won't. Not if you plan on spending the day in the rain. I'm tired of it.


What is the best product for survival poncho tarp?

Survival poncho tarp products from Survival General. In this article about survival poncho tarp you can see why people choose the product. Usgi Industries and Qio Chuang are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival poncho tarp.

What are the best brands for survival poncho tarp?

Survival General, Usgi Industries and Qio Chuang are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival poncho tarp. Find the detail in this article. Helikon-tex, Agptek and Kingwolfox are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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