Best Survival Pocket Knife with Glass Breaker

Knife 9 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. StatGear Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

StatGear Tactical Auto Rescue Tool

Made by surgical steel. The blade is made of 304c steel. The steel rescue tool is perfect for saving lives. It is an essential for first responders or anyone looking to be prepared. The blade runner is made of a true steel. This blade is perfect for sharing and cutting through obstacles. The SeatBELT CUTTER is a tool. The seatbelt cutter folds out and locks into place to cut through nylon seat belts and other strong materials. It folds back. The window puncher is spring loaded. Don't let a window stand in your way. The tactical rescue tool punches through windows to save the day. In the dark of night, use the built-in 5 watt light to see what you are doing. The nylon carrying sheath that the auto rescue tool comes with can be worn on a duty belt.

Brand: Statgear

👤This knife has everything I want in a knife, a good blade, a seat belt cutter, and a bonus flash light. I would give this 5 stars, but the glass breaker wouldn't operate as it should when I opened the box. It works now after being stuck with it for a while and trying to use it for a few minutes. I am giving the knife a 3/6 but if the glass breaker is not a problem I will upgrade the star count. I like the idea of a spring loaded glass breaker that does all the work for you. This knife was moved up to 5 stars. One of my favorite knives. The seatbelt cutter is more robust than any other knife I've seen and the window punch is flawless after some playing with.

👤I keep the rescue device/knife in my center console in case of an emergency because I am pleased with it. The automatic glass breaker made a big hit on the piece of wood I tested. I am befuddled that so many people don't know what a liner lock is and how to use it, as a result of the rant by many reviewers that the knife that is impossible to close. If you want to close the knife, press sideways on the piece of metal in the inside of the knife body, next to the knife blade, and it will open the lock. Its very easy. I own over 75 knives and only started purchasing non-lockback knives last year. The piece of pronged metal in the inside of the folding knife needed to be pushed over to release the knife in its open position. The device seems overpriced because of the price and quality.

👤I feel safe with this knife. If someone else's car plunges into the water, it has everything we need, and I can quick draw it. It has a lot of tools on it that I would like to use quickly. My leatherman has a lot of tools on it, but that's for projects where seconds are in short supply, or my patience is in short supply. The bulkiness of the knife is worth considering, but it isn't so bad. I like to buy clothes that allow me to carry a lot of heavy gear while still looking good. There is a Tactical rating of 5.11. I don't have to worry about my knife pocket being anything other than my knife pocket because I have enough pockets for one item per pocket. You can open it one-handed with the nub on it. I can open it with a flick of my wrist, after practicing with it. The seatbelt cutter can't be opened. The flashlight is bright, the seatbelt cutter is sharp, and the knife is sharp, so it's good to have a serrated edge in case of need to saw something. The blade was sharp. I need to make my mine sharper. I've used it a lot. It's nice to have. It's good to have a flashlight that's out of the way because the flashlight battery needs to be replaced on occasion. It would be great if the battery was rechargable via micro-usb. The liner lock on this knife hurts to close and is the only real downside. I had to use my finger on my other hand. I have been able to close it one-handed, but it still leaves a scar on my thumb.

2. SOG Folding Knife Pocket FLA1001 CP

SOG Folding Knife Pocket FLA1001 CP

The Seal Pup has nylon sheath. Every single day, Barry Kennedy laces up. These folding EDC knives are a great value for a daily carry knife to use in the warehouse, construction site, or job site. 5 inches. Opening tech can be assisted with work knifes. The S. A. T. Tech folding knife is open single-handed and has a Piston Lock on it. The knife blade is low-CARRY FOLDING. The edc pocket knife is perfect for an assisted open knife that clips easily to a pocket or belt, and the foldable knife is equipped with SOG's trademark low-carry reversible clip. Nurse Kone Handle is a geriatric. A lightweight folding knife with clip is built with a nearly indestructible knife handle and glass-reinforced nylon, which is great for grip and keeps the weight low at 3 ounces. SOG knives and tools are built to last but may require initial tuning adjustments along with regular cleaning, lubrication and sharpening; they consider all repair and replacement requests.

Brand: Sog

👤The pocket clip is high and the SOG knife sits very deep in your pocket. The only thing you can see when you clip it on your pocket is the pocket clip. Light like a feather, for how big this knife is, it surprises me. The knife is thick. It feels lighter than most of the smaller knives. The simple internal structure and the GRN handle are what I have to give it to. It's not like other knives that drag down your pocket. When you compare it to the other knives, it feels like nothing. The SOG knife is too stiff and typical. All of those knives are very tight when out of the box. I was hoping the assisted feature would improve that. Not at all. When I opened the box, I felt the same feeling I had on my other SOG folders. The SAT feature helps to open the knife completely when I overcome the initial opening resistance. I hate a knife and I think this SOG has the same break-in period as other SOGs. I didn't need to adjust my CQC-4K because it runs like butter out of the box. I can accept a break-in period for a gun, but not for a knife. Just open the internet and watch at least 5 movies, and keep opening and closing your SOG Flare. After 5 movies, it should be broke-in. The knife is harder to close than it should be. The size of the knife makes it difficult to operate out of the box. This is expected to be honest. I had to make sure my SOG knives were sharp. It can open boxes or cut paper. It doesn't meet my standard for this price range, especially compared to other companies. The ugly: play! SOG has a bad reputation for blade play. I have yet to experience that with my SOG folders. When I opened it, it had a noticeable blade play. I'm not sure if this is caused by the lock mechanism or something else. I'll try to fix it myself, but for an out of the box knife, this is not acceptable. I've owned some cheaper knives by Mtech and TAC Force, but they never had blade play. My blade play virginity was broken by this knife. Made in China! I don't care where it's made. The knives could be very good. This knife is not the best quality "Made in China" knife. "Made in China" is not a good word. The quality is slightly below average. My two cents. This will help you guys as a reference before you buy it.

👤The SOG Flare is ok. I wouldn't choose it for the festival. The knife has a drop point blade and axis lock. The nylon handle is very light and has a balance that tips toward the blade when open. There is a guard on the blade side and a ribbed back of the handle. Very light. The handle has enough surface to help keep a grip. I wasn't sure if it was spring assisted because it was very stiff out of the box. I had to work it manually several times and add a small drop of oil before I could open it. Quality control at the factory is not what it could be. One review said the one they received was too loose, but this one was different. I didn't feel any give between the blade and handle. It feels good when open. The knife can be kept in your pocket with the folded blade, the safest way to carry, if you use the clip for right or left handed carry. That way when you reach into a tight pocked you can rub your hand against the closed side of the handle. If you accidentally engage the knife while drawing it from a pocket, it could cause a problem. The safety adds little beyond a possible point of failure because the tip is covered when closed. The knife can be opened with one hand, but it's difficult to close one handed because of the access lock. It's safer to use two hands than a lock back knife, but it can be done with practice. Not a bad knife. If it didn't take work to make it function out of the box, I would give it more stars.

3. Schrade SCHF30 Point Fixed Blade

Schrade SCHF30 Point Fixed Blade

The carrying options of the Lanyard Hole Porvides Mulitple. The overall length with a blade length of 4.9 inches and a weight of 6.3 ounces is 24.6% larger. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. The high carbon S.S. has a black handle. It's permissible. It is ideal for carrying while working because of its quick and easy access. The blade will not slip with the security of the finger guard. A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous.

Brand: Schrade

👤When Imperial Schrade went out of business, it sold its name to Taylor Brands, which sells knives under many different brand names. The Schrade name was besmirched by having its name put on substandard knives. The knife industry has been growing for about a decade now and many of the "crap knife" brands are putting out good products. This has happened with MTech, as I've noted in recent reviews, though a lot of junk has MTech stamped on it. It's impressive that this is my first Schrade in a long time. It is one of the best knives I have. Let's get into the specifications first. The overall length of the blade is 10 and it has a blade thickness of 5/32. Teflon blade steel is 8Cr13MoV. The construction is made of steel. The knife is well designed and constructed, and the handle scales are rubbery plastic. The blade shape is very nice and has a combination of drop and clip points. I was very impressed with the sharpness of the first image. This is one of the few "budget" knives I've bought recently and it was up to the standards of Cold Steel and Kershaw. Being almost as sharp as those manufacturers' blades is a compliment. To be just as sharp is more than you can ask for. For about two years, I worked in a shop in downtown Portland that sold knives, not because I needed the money, but because it gave me access to a variety of the kind of knives I was collecting. I was warned by the manager to be extra careful handling the folding knives because they were the cause of most of the cuts employees had experienced, and one day I cut myself on one despite being warned. The knife passed both the paper test and the thumbnail test, but did the blade catch on my thumbnail enough to keep me from sliding it? My Talwar is dangerously sharp and it sliced paper as easily as it could. I mean that a small mistake closing the Talwar could easily take off a finger. The handle is very comfortable and between the deep forefinger cutout and the thumb jimping your hand is well- protected from sliding forward onto the blade if the knife meet a solid object while thrusting. The lanyard hole is nice. Many people who use knives in military or emergency situations want lanyards, but I don't use them. The type of sheath is secure-ex. I assume it's proprietary to Schrade because I see no trademarking on it. I'll assume it's plastic. The plastic belt loop can hold a belt that's 1-3/4" wide. The thigh straps have a slit. The sheath is pretty good, though I'll talk about it in the cons section. For the few cons. If you have large hands, this knife is not for you. I have small hands for a man and it's the right size for me. A man with big hands will use his finger to hold it. This could be an additional safety factor in addition to the cutout and jimping. The sheath is one of the major con's. The sheath is very tight. It takes a good hard pull to get the knife out, and I can imagine an accident happening if you do that with a sharp blade. I'm pretty sure that if you applied a small file and worked carefully, you could reduce the grip of the sheath, though of course you'd have to be careful not to make it too loose. You don't want this knife to fall out of its sheath. There is almost no way to withdraw the blade silently if you are a spec ops soldier. A loud snapping sound can be heard when you return the blade to the sheath. I would make a more practical sheath of cordura or leather with a snap or Velcro strap if I were a spec ops guy. If you're looking for a knife that's not too big and not too small, and you don't want to spend more than $25, this is a good option. In the photos, I show the knife with two other serious combat/self-defense knives so you can see how it compares in size. Below it in the 3-knife shot is the monstrous MTech MT 20-39.

4. Tac Force Assisted Opening Linerlock Breaker

Tac Force Assisted Opening Linerlock Breaker

The blade length is 3-1/4-inch and has 3mm thickness. A black steel blade. Spring assisted knife operation. Belt metal clip for carry. 4.5" inch closed 7.5" inch open blade length. Made by surgical steel.

Brand: Master Cut

👤I received the product before the estimated time and there were no problems from the seller. The knife is very light and durable, I purchased a pink one. This is a very sharp knife, so be careful. I was skeptical to buy this because of all the bad reviews about not knowing how to close it, but I have been very pleased with the ease of closing the knife. Once the knife is open and you are holding it the right way, take your thumb and glide it up to where the nub sticks out. The metal bar should be touching the side. You should be able to close the knife as you push it to the side. I wish more people would play with it first before writing a bad review.

👤Several of these knives are in various colors. They were purchased at convenience stores. There are some good prices here, but there is one issue I have had with a few of them. The small bit screws that hold the knife together are hard to find. Good luck trying to find replacements. I have tried many times. They are supposed to have a lifetime warranty, but I have tried to reach the manufacturer multiple times, but never got a response. I would like to know how to repair or replace a knife, and if there is a real number or contact info for them to get a real person. I don't expect much for the money. I would like to know if there is a way to get replacement fasteners for these knives and if it is a good idea for the manufacturer to use a thread-lock during assembly. I like to get bright colors and such so that I can see if I dropped them, and they are not confused with other knives.

👤I own a lot of them. All of the different types and costs have made me very stressed out, and for the price. There are no problems yet for family and friends. Just buy them and you will be happy.

👤When you get it, it's very heavy duty and sharp. Shipping was fast. I needed a knife and flash light to be a woman. It is necessary to walk every where. Good for fishing. I'm amazed by the product. I think woman should be allowed to carry knives for self defense.

👤I was proud of my daughter when she shared the first images of her squirrel collection. She needed a better tool for the job. I found this knife, and it had a sharp blade, and I liked the basic lock blade design, and it appeared to be well built. It was easier than a kitchen knife according to reviews from my daughter. She was happy with the purchase.

👤The locking mechanism was malfunctioning and I had a slight issue with it. I took a metal file to the knife because I loved it so much. It's awesome now. The lock on the blade couldn't slide over to lock because it was too long. The quick finger flip to open the blade feels great in your hands. Its heavy for its size. I would normally knock off a star for the blade lock issue, but it's been so awesome after I fixed it that I just couldn't.

5. Smith Wesson SWBG6TS Partially Serrated

Smith Wesson SWBG6TS Partially Serrated

The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip. It isdurable: The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV black oxide high carbonstainless steel with a black, G-10 handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock. The knife has a glass break, strap cutter and lanyard hole.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I bought this knife for my husband to replace his drop point border guard. It's great for a knife under $30. The blade lock is sturdy. He says if he could change anything about the Border Guard line, it would be a better secured pocket clip, because the only reason he had to replace his drop point was because two of the three clip screws fell out. He is very pleased, so he chose the second Border Guard rather than trying another knife. He put his old Border Guard in the car so it could be used.

👤I have owned many of these knives, they are very durable and cut efficient, and I only own a few because I give them away or lose them at work.

👤It's definitely not a 6 pack. Continue to buy it. If you like a big knife, this is a good EDC, I've bought 3 of them. The blade is easy to sharpen. The knife shows little evidence as I have abused it. I don't mean smacking it against a piece of wood like I see people doing on knife reviews. I mean abuse. The clip point one has a slightly longer blade than the tanto blade, but I think it's a better look. The liner lock is average.

👤Big handed guys like big edc. The best tanto blade for law enforcement is blackened. The G10 handle is great and it takes a sharpening well. The rope cutter and glass breaker are extras.

👤Will be in the car for emergencies. If needed, it looks sturdy and should work.

👤I think I have had mines for 2 years now. I have no complaints. It is a big knife and it is still going strong. If you have small hands, this might not be for you.

👤A pocket knife filled with something. Looks cool too.

👤It is a great knife. Big and strong. I think it was a little right when I got it. I loosened the blade screw and it worked great. 5 stars.

👤Solide verarbeitetes. Es ist grer. There is a The Bildern is kleiner.

👤hyper robuste je m'en sertolument tous.

👤Voulais m'acheter un premier couteau, tout faire pour le campings par exemple. Un grand, bonne qualité.

👤Sinon le produit. Bon grip, bonne prise. Le couteau perd son coté s'il vous plait. Avoir un proposition pour corriger ce problme d'ouverture.

👤Bonjour design, bonne prise en main. Is it possible to have a vraiment sans defaut? Is it possible to be enchanted by the premier couteau? Je recommande.

6. CRKT M16 01KS Folding Pocket Knife

CRKT M16 01KS Folding Pocket Knife

A lanyard hole and a full tang design make the knife very dangerous. Frame lock uses a thick lock bar to secure the blade. The handle is made of STAINLESS steel. Black coating improves protection. The design was created by Kit Carson in Kentucky. The company has a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials. The company has a limited lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials.

Brand: Crkt

👤The CRKT is sleek and easy to keep clean, I like it. I've always found this knife to be useful in a lot of situations, from wood cutting to box opening, and with it's slim design I can have it on my person at all times. I stabbed a guy in the face in a moment of self defence after I was attacked. The guy swiped at me first with his knife and the court ruled in favor of me in self defense. I stabbed this guy in the face with a knife that was very sharp and quick to draw. After calling the cops, I was quickly given a new knife, but I didn't order it until the next day. CRKT has earned me as a customer for life because they were there with the quality knife I needed in a dire situation. God bless.

👤The perfect thin, light, strong, long clip edc knife I was looking for was the one I found. I don't like the locking system. The lock's height is the same as the handle on the opposite side so it's hard to push to open it. The lower grove on the handle should be higher to make it easier to open. I love it!

👤This is the most unique knife in my collection. If I were to imagine a blade with a steel frame lock, I'd imagine at least 4oz. I believe that the thing weighs in at 2.56 and that is very accurate. The weight is distributed over a small body, which makes this feel more sturdy than larger blades with nylon bodies. CRKT was able to fit a blade into a carry style thin body. The frame lock makes it slim. I was hesitant on the tactical look of the M-16 body, but in general, I feel it is not over the top enough. The blade had a bronze washer and nylon spacer. There is no play in the blade. The blade is very sharp. The fit and finish of the body and blade are excellent. The fit and finish are on par with blades I have in the $30 to 70 range. The blade has a thumb stud and finger pull. The texture of both is excellent, but I think the thumb studs are more for aesthetic reasons than true release mechanisms because they are nearly flush with the body when closed. The blade is free. It is a very quick release blade, but it isn't spring assisted like a Kershaw, but it does deploy with a pull on the tab, and with a small flick of the wrist. The jimping on the back of the blade is nice, but675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531675316753167531 The blade is a little bit larger than the front half of a Kershaw Leek, but not terrible. The body, which is where they saved a lot of weight and put this into a gentleman knife category, is very thin in height. It doesn't give a lot of surface area to hold onto. Despite being small, the steel body feels well balanced and substantial, thanks to the decent heft of the steel body. Others have said that my only con is. The frame lock's release mechanism is too flush with the opposite side and I came too aggressive. It has a good catch when open. I've never seen one that goes over that much and I usually am happy with 50%. It is difficult to release the blade with a steel frame lock because I have to purchase it for my thumb. The blade still pushes against it even after I have unlocked it. If I want one handed close, I have to keep pressure on it for a little bit. If you aren't careful, it can put your thumb in the path of the blade. Unless your copy has a slightly looser frame lock, I don't suggest one handed closure. They do not put a speedsafe lock on their gentleman knives. I think it adds weight and size, and I think it might be patented. I would have preferred a deep carry clip. The ingenious design and value for price make this blade stand out in the park. You get a small blade in a discreet body that is made for under $20 The silver blade on the black handle is priced at $19.84. That is a steal. If you're in the market for a smaller EDC that still gives you a 3-blade, you should grab this before they realize that the price might be a glitch. The range of 1s is around $25-35. I like this knife, but one huge flaw is making me drop it to 3 stars. The lock bar is too tight and engages at a low percentage on mine. You have to put a lot of pressure on the release bar with your thumb and push the blade forward to prevent it from relocking, because of this. The amount of pressure required has caused this to chip my thumbnail several times. This can cause the blade to come flying into the closed position and cause me to cut my thumb a few times as my thumb is naturally in the way on a thumb lock. I can't do one handed open and close with this knife, it's too big. The frame lock is too tight and the metal too thick.

7. Wesson Officer Outdoor Tactical Survival

Wesson Officer Outdoor Tactical Survival

The knife has a ferro rod, sharpening stone and a lanyard hole. The overall length is 21.59 cm and the blade length is 10.16 cm. It isdurable: The blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV. A black, G-10 handle is made of high carbon steel. It's permissible. The black, rotating synthetic sheath is easy to access. The blade will not slip if you have confidence in it. The knife has a glass break and lanyard hole.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤Good looking knife and happy to see a real G10 Some issues are hard to overlook. The sheath has no retention at all. I use the word "snaps" lightly, because there is a small bump on one end of the handle that snaps into place. I don't think I'd be confident putting this knife on a piece of gear and expecting it to fall out during a real life emergency scenario. I had to change the sheath. It needs a good sharpening when you receive it. I rounded the handle edges out with sand paper because they are a little sharp. It makes a big difference. I keep this knife in my truck for emergencies, it never leaves and has never been in the weather, yet it still decided to rust on me. Poor quality steel. It looks cool, but I don't think it's enough.

👤The knife is comfortable in your hand. The blade is sharp. The design of the handles is pleasant. The sheath Das is easy to knock the knife out. The belt clip is easy to misplace. I had it next to me and it was moving. I put it in between my holster and spray so it won't move. In order to keep the knife on my belt, I will be looking for a more sturdy sheath. Would recommend and buy again.

👤The blade is awesome. It was very heavy and strong. The handle material is a bit rough. A great knife for the money. The Sheth has an option for ratinionating or a fixed clip, which is nice. I would take this into combat as a former military NCO. This will cut and this will kill.

👤The knife was good. The material on the handle can be hard on the hands. The angle of the handle may be different for everyone. The belt clip is attached to a plastic locking system that rotates the sheath. The belt clip has a small hole on the inside which can be narrowed down to a few different belt sizes. The belt clip could attach to a molle belt if the handle was a bit more smooth.

👤I thought I was getting two knives. It has a great sheath and belt clip.

👤Excellent bare handed wet grip. A medium sized grip. The slash blade is effective. There is no known glove dexterity. If you jump, the knife will not be retained.

👤A great knife. A nice thick spine. It looks like it will last a long time.

👤As the saying goes, get what you pay for. There are two chips in the blade that are needed for the molle clip, but there is a missing one.

8. Gerber Gear Ultimate Firestarter 31 003941

Gerber Gear Ultimate Firestarter 31 003941

The Texas Bushcraft steel flint has a convenient and portable design that fits in your pocket, backpack or auto glove box. Quality crafted knives and tools for every task: Whether saving time, the day, or a life, Gerber delivers professional-grade pocket knives, multitools, and equipment. A Gerber blade has you covered. The Ultimate Survival Knife and sheath features a half-seraded blade that is ideal for edge retention and cutting rope, a hammer, an emergency whistle, sharpener, and firestarter. The sheath is made of nylon and has a sharpener, Fire Starter locks into the sheath and the blade has an ergonomics rubber handle. It's built to handle any task. You can operate like an expert with the partially serrated knife. Whether used to explore, work, defend, or survive, Gerber knives tackle the tasks of daily life head on. The ultimate fixed blade survival knife is 10 ounces. Theitarian drop point blade is 2.2 The steel is made ofstainless steel. The knives for men and women are backed by a limited lifetime warranty. The ultimate fixed blade survival knife is 10 ounces. Theitarian drop point blade is 2.2 The steel is made ofstainless steel. The knives for men and women are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I bought this knife because of the good reviews, but I was wrong to think it was a USA made product, it is engineered and designed in China, and I am going to rethink all my purchases. The knife is strong, has a good grip, but could have been sharper, but it is ok. There is a whistle on the lanyard and a fire starter rod that is on the back of the blade that makes sparks. I wish the descriptions pointed out that it was made in China.

👤The Bear Grylls Ultimate Survival has taken a lot of abuse over the years. It is one of my favorite economic knives. I was looking for a spare since it was discontinued, and luckily the non-advertised version came out from Gerber. It came with a great color. See the pictures. I recommend this product for hikers who need a good economic knife.

👤I read and watched many video reviews before buying this knife. A lot of people don't like the fact that this knife is made in China. Most of the things they own are made in China. I don't think so. The craftsmanship of this knife is not as good as that of a handmade $200+ knife, but it is a pretty good knife. It is tough as nails and holds an edge. Whatever you throw at it, it can handle it. I keep it in my emergency kit when it's not in use. Fire and earthquakes are the biggest natural disaster risks in my area. I would recommend this knife to anyone looking for a heavy duty knife.

👤The knife has been good. Within the first few uses, the firestarter broke. I returned the fire starter to the store. I haven't received the replacement or a response. Terrible customer service.

👤I just got a knife and I like it. This is the same as the Ultimate Knife but without all the markings. The subdued colors of this one make it much more appealing to me, even though I like the Bear Grylls style in general. The nuts and bolts are sturdy and you can feel it right away. The flint won't fall out if it hangs upside-down, and it snaps right into a sockets on the front of the sheath. It snaps firmly into place, but it's not easy to remove. It's much easier to pry loose the flint on my official Bear Grylls Ultimate Pro than it is to use the knife blade. The sheath can be worn vertically or horozontally. The sheath has a sharpening stone under it and can be opened with a strap. Since this isn't a Bear Grylls item, it's expected that this knife doesn't have a pocket in the sheath to hold it. Even though I haven't taken this knife out into the woods yet, I will not hesitate to rely on it for my needs when they arise. This knife is also available under a different listing with a custom engraving on the blade. I went with the original because I wanted the free prime shipping, but both knives are the same price.

9. Kershaw Glassbreaker 1670BGBBLKST Partially Pocketclip

Kershaw Glassbreaker 1670BGBBLKST Partially Pocketclip

The handle has a strong glass breaker built into it. The partially serrated blade makes cutting through tough and fibrous materials easy. SpeedSafe assisted opening allows for fast blade deployment. Trac-Tec inserts on the handle offer grip stability in all weather conditions. The Blur Glassbreaker is made in the USA and is ideal for emergencies, hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, utility chores and tactical use. The blade is 3.4 in. The closed length was 4.5 in. Overall length: 7.9 in. The weight is 110.6 g.

Brand: Kershaw

👤The glassbreaker was used for the first time. I used a glassbreaker to bust out the driver's window of the car that caught fire. A hammer fist shatters the glass. Over the last 2 years, I've used the rest of the knife for a variety of tasks. It's a great knife, sturdy, well constructed and holds a sharp edge. I trust my life with it and it has not failed me.

👤It was almost two months. The kershaw failed for the first time. I use it for cutting food at work and camping. The blade fell on the ground when I took it out of my pocket.

👤This is an excellent knife. The good things. It's very good blade steel close to Austin-8 and it's very tight on the lockup. Great speed safety action. It is well suited and fits in my hand. The glassware breaker is an atrocity! It's the wrong type, it's in the wrong place, and it's way too sharp point. You could punch a hole in it. If you don't turn the clip around to the other end, it will be a problem. LIPPER needs to be on the sidewalk. There isn't a way to allow deep pocket coke. KERSHAW fixes. All of us would buy it if they had a really good price on it. Take care of the issues if you read my post.

👤Great knife! I am very happy with the purchase. I did a lot of research before buying a knife. I wanted to make sure I got the real deal. Do your homework on how to spot a fake. This is the real deal. The USA made quality is very good. The spring assist feels good in the hand and is a great everyday carry knife. You can shave the hair off your arms with this one.

👤I wanted a knife that could open with one hand and was made in the USA. The information was from the Amazon page. There are two options for one-handed blade deployment. To open the smooth, instant open, user can push a thumbstud or press a flipper. I like this knife. I'm happy to have it. It is strong. The blade is not razor sharp. I can open it with either hand because it has thumb studs for both hands. The blade can be finished with a simple wrist flip with the thumb studs used. It doesn't have a flipper button, so if that's important to you, find another knife. I contacted him. The listing on Amazon is not accurate. Hopefully the seller corrects the mistake. The Blur doesn't have a flipper tab. The thumb studs are the only thing. I like the knife. There was no change.

👤The knife is beautiful. It was given early because it was purchased for Father's Day. My husband is very happy with the choice. The design is mean and slick. The curves are wicked. I ordered a black break. I also ordered a different sharpener. He is particular about his knives and that is why the knife needed some sharpening when it arrived. It opens and closes without any issues. I read a couple of reviews about issues with no stampage indicating knock offs, no problems with that here. The knife was stamped with the company info and blade name. So it's legit.

10. Kershaw Barricade Multifunction Stainless Pocketclip

Kershaw Barricade Multifunction Stainless Pocketclip

A pocket clip and glassbreaker. The SpeedSafe assisted opening allows for quick access to the blade with one-handed safe release and the modified clip-point blade opens with the flipper. The enclosed blade is hard and resistant to wear and tear, it closes easily when used, and the liner lock secures the blade in position during use. A single position pocket clip allows for a comfortable carry with ease and accessibility, and also features a deep-carry pocket clip that allows the knife to ride low in pockets. A belt cutter is an emergency escape tool. The handle has a strong glass breaker built into it.

Brand: Kershaw

👤I bought this knife for my job as a police officer. The performance of this knife has been very good to me. The glass breaker on this knife is very good and performs better than the other styles on my co-workers knives. I have used this knife to break a few windows and it did so with little effort. The first time I used it, I cut my arm up because I hit the window too hard. The knife is a great price and can handle some work.

👤It's hard to recommend this since it seems to have more flaws than any other. The execution of this knife was very poorly done and I love the design of it. The action is hard to open, not only with the flipper tab, but also with the thumb studs. The smooth flipper tab makes it difficult to use on a stiff action. The synthetic washer looks like white nylon and the metal washer is a dark color. The washers seem to make the action very sticky, even though I don't use oil on them. I was able to smooth some of the action by working it back and forth a few hundred times but this created another problem. The assisted opening spring seems to have weakened. The assisted action is unreliable as to whether or not it will open and lock the blade. The knife is not held in place by a detent, so it is sticky for the first 5% of the action. To get away from the negative aspects of it. There are a few positives going for it. The deep carry clip has a good amount of tension to it and it sits low enough to hide the bright orange handles. The handles have a square pattern on the surface and suck on the back of the spine and belly. The lock has a strong lockup with the blade. The glass breaker is in a spot that does not expose a hole in my pocket. I don't see a way to replace the two razor blades that are pinched together in the handle of the belt cutter. The blade is thin, but it's alright for your average tasks. I don't think it will hold up to a harder use task. It came with a sharp edge. I plan on keeping it even though it was quite harsh in the review. It's up to you to decide if it's worth it. I couldn't find anything that was reliable anywhere near this price point. I think it's ok for the price point, but it could have been better if Kershaw had done a few small changes.

👤I have had this knife for a year and it's a great knife for the price. It's light and durable, and has a larger blade than I'll ever need for edc or carrying as a firefighter. I have used the glass breaker on multiple vehicles and it works well, just a firm "tap" is all that's needed. The seatbelt cutter is useless, I have tried to cut through multiple seat belts with two of these knives and neither one got more than an eighth of an inch before jamming up. The blade is sharp enough to cut through the average seatbelt. If you have a patient sitting in the seat, I wouldn't recommend that you self extricate them as the blade is very pointed. The thumb-stud broke off early on in my ownership, but I never used it to open the knife, so I don't care. The screws that hold the pocket clip came loose and were lost, so they contacted Kershaw directly and sent new screws and a new clip for free. The company supports their customers and stands by their products. I decided to test the potential for the knife to open on its own because I was worried about it. I have tried to open it accidentally, but no luck. I tried hitting the stud that sticks out when the knife is folded, but nothing. It needs to be opened with the right amount of pressure. It's easy to operate with one hand, it's a solid knife with a great glass breaker.

11. Smith Wesson SWMP4LBS Stainless Assisted

Smith Wesson SWMP4LBS Stainless Assisted

The seatbelt and glassbreaker are curios. The overall length is 8.6 inches and the blade length is 3.6 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of black oxide high carbon steel with a black aluminum handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip, flipper/finger actuator and M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening. The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip. Be aware that the knife has a glass break.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤The knife has been through a lot. Solid steel construction with a smooth spring assist opening. A heavy knife. The pocket clip on the underside holds knife securely to whatever it's clipped to, but it turns outward at the end, which makes me not happy about it. The frame is very sturdy and on the "bulky" side. The blade is serrated. It's a must when you need to slice through the harder to cut items. I bought another one for my friend who is an ex-military and police detective because he loves it. The clip can damage the finish if it sticks out and you wear it in the wrong place. I only use this for work because I leave it inside my truck daily. The knife has a safety switch for the spring assist, however I never use it. I feel the safety clip is too much because there isn't enough force to be weary of. I think the manufacturer thought it was something they should include as a safety precaution. I didn't pay much attention to the lever above the thumb grip of the blade on the handle that opens the spring assisted blade, but I discovered that it was there. I've been using the thumb grip on the blade for most of the time. The button is much easier to use. If you liked the review, please help me to give honest/unbiased insight into products I have used and you have questions about. Interested in a product but don't know enough about it to request a review? Please let me know. I will see what I can do. Thank you.

👤I don't get it, but this is a great knife. The belt clip is my issue. The 2 screws holding it on have come off after only 3 months of ownership. I had to tighten them every few days, but physics got the best of me. I was expecting more from Smith & Wesson. The seller didn't reply about the belt clip. I'm stuck. Dropping to a star.

👤I'm going to try to be tactful after reading some of these reviews. I was a tad unsure of my purchase, but after receiving it, I'm very disturbed by some of the people who felt the need to say: "It's hard to open" I'm very pleased with the release so far. It makes a loud "kerchunk" sound when opening. What did you think it was metal on metal? Is there wind chimes? Come on. "I cut myself when closing it", it's a knife! Maybe a real adult will supervise next time. Or maybe you should pay attention. You can't blame yourself. I only have this knife for a few hours now, and it's already my favorite. I will update in a week or so. I'm still pleased if you don't update.

👤I received this knife quickly from Amazon, and was impressed with the tactical aesthetic of the blade. The blade was very sharp out of the box and was surprised that the assisted open isn't an automatic for how fast it releases the blade. The blade flick broke off just by being gently used. I thought it was easier to open with the switch on the back. The spring release wouldn't work after 2 days. The knife was used for less than a month. The steel used is only one step above the decorative blade steel. Get a solid blade if you pay a bit more.


What is the best product for survival pocket knife with glass breaker?

Survival pocket knife with glass breaker products from Statgear. In this article about survival pocket knife with glass breaker you can see why people choose the product. Sog and Schrade are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival pocket knife with glass breaker.

What are the best brands for survival pocket knife with glass breaker?

Statgear, Sog and Schrade are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival pocket knife with glass breaker. Find the detail in this article. Master Cut, Smith & Wesson and Crkt are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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