Best Survival Pocket Knife with Fire Starter

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1. Smith Wesson Response SW911B Assisted

Smith Wesson Response SW911B Assisted

The total length is 9.1-inches and the blade thickness is 1/6-inch. The manufacturer's warranty is limited. The overall length is 20.8 cm and the blade length is 8.6 cm. It isdurable: 4034 Black Oxide High Carbon STAINLESS STEEL has a black nylon fiber handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip, ambidextrous thumb knobs, finger actuator and M.A.G.I.C. assisted opening. The liner lock and safety lock are secured, so you have confidence that the blade won't slip.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤The lever that releases the blade broke inside the knife, so it no longer restrains the blade. If I slide off the blade lock safety switch, the blade opens all the way under the opening assist spring tension, which would cause physical harm if I had it in my pocket. The lever doesn't keep the blade locked until I pivot it. I discovered the problem before the blade opened. The glass breaker still works, but I no longer carry the knife. It's not safe for on-body carry. It doesn't seem to handle pocket carry well, so I don't recommend it. The lever for the blade release is not strong enough for carrying a pocket. This is disappointing for a knife that had good reviews and appeared to have great quality out of the box. I replaced it with a fully manual opening knife with a seat belt cutter hook. It looks odd with the handle and blade design, but it is very easy to operate one handed, and it is easy to grip. The opening mechanism is very fast and responsive. The release process of the glass breaker rod is odd at first, but once you get used to it it makes sense. I carry a knife and a seat belt cutter with me all the time. I have a cheaper one in my kit. This knife has a safety switch that prevents accidental blade release while in one's pocket, which is important because the blade has a strong opening mechanism when tripped. It takes one to remember that the safety is there, but once you get used to it, it's second nature to release it under stress. It isn't cheap and might make one pause before buying it. It has a good balance of utility, brand reputation, and price. I'm not sure if the models and brands that are more expensive are any better for practical purposes. If you want a seat belt cutter that works with the blade closed, this isn't your knife. The cutter is a blade that will rip through a belt. It will make the cutting go faster. This isn't a general purpose knife as it is designed for seat belt cutter and glass breaker uses. I use it with a tanto point everyday carry smooth blade folder so I have better use of it.

👤My husband had his knife taken from him at a comedy show because of the venue restrictions. We decided to give him a new one because he was unable to return to our car to store it. Since joining the military, he has generally had the same knife. He wanted something with a punch in the event of an emergency and his knife had to have a certain aspect. His last knife had a punch but this one is spring loaded. He injured himself when he accidentally activated the punch when opening the knife. The knife is light and has a safety. It can cut seatbelts. It's a great knife for anything. The price is reasonable for all of the uses. You will love it!

2. Folding Survival Multitool Flashlight Boyfriend

Folding Survival Multitool Flashlight Boyfriend

SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they consider all repair and replacement requests. Top gifts idea for men and women. There are fishing tools that can be used for fishing. The AMZBUY multitool knife is made with precision and has excellent cutting performance. The handle of the multi tool is made of aluminum. It was designed for ease of use. This multi tool EDC knife is a practical and multi-use tool item to have in the field, it's cool stuff and personalized gifts idea for camping, hiking, fishing, survival, adventure, and home use. The pocket survival multitool knife is a 7-in-1 multitool knife. The knife and serrated blade is used for sawing thin branches, the seatbelt cutter is used in accidents, and the fire-starter is used for safe firing of wood and straw. AMZBUY EDC multi-tool knife is a great choice for everyone who needs an extremely solid knife for outdoor activities. There are unique heirlooms and cool Gaga gifts. The pocket multitool knife has a "LUCKY FOREVER" engraved on it. Warm words make people feel good. He will always feel your love, even if he is working or driving a car. It's an ideal gift for young guys, it's Christmas gift, Stocking stuffers for men, Fathers day gifts for dad from daughter son kids, Birthday gifts for men, Anniversary gifts for husband. The size of theOCKET. The folded size is only 5.47 inches. The pocket multitool knife is portable and compact, and can fit in your palm, making it ideal for carrying a big knife. It is more convenient to keep it in your car in case of an emergency with the belt clip and nylon sleeve design. A multi-functional tool is a must have. Everyone needs a reliable survival multitool that can be carried with them in case of emergency. A survival tool protects you from danger. It's an excellent gift for men who have everything, under 30 dollars makes it affordable for everyone. If you have an issue with this multi tool set, you will get a quick response from AMZBUY.

Brand: Amzbuy

👤I was looking for a knife to take with me to camping and general outdoor use. The porch light has helped get into the house at night. The blade seems to be in place. The case is too small for the knife, but that's not a big deal. If I needed another one, I would buy again.

👤My son is 14 years old and he will use this around the farm. He will be using this knife for something. It's easy to see round bales of hay in the dark with a small light. If you need the fire starter, it comes with a belt holder. He likes the size of the knife. The knife is great for money.

👤This knife has a lot of weight. It doesn't allow for one-handed opening. The blade is placed very tightly. The flint stock fell out within the first week because it was so loose. The flash light will go the same way soon. It wouldn't. But again.

👤The knife is a great value. It is difficult to flip open with one hand. The thumb know is too close to the hinge for leverage and could be bigger. I worry that I will lose the light part of the Flashlight since I have to remove it to keep it off. It's just something to consider for the manufacturer. Really can't beat the price.

👤flint works, belt cutter is sharp, and flash light doesn't look into batteries. The light construction seems weak and needs more. Let's see after the battery is replaced.

👤The knife, belt cutter, and glass breaker are sharp. The light needs to be removed so the battery can contact the spring. It must be turned off. The on/off switch was not correct. The fire starter was poor quality. It was junk. It will do it all.

👤I like the extras of the flashlight and fire starter. It's hard to open if your hand is wet or slippery.

👤It's very affordable and functional. The grip is definitely usable and not uncomfortable. The multitool features are great and the blade is sharp. The lock is very easy to use and comes from someone who has never handled a knife before.

3. Morakniv Fixed Blade Pocket Sized Stainless Firestarter

Morakniv Fixed Blade Pocket Sized Stainless Firestarter

The sheath is black and has a belt loop to keep the knife at your side. The winner of the 2016 award was based on quality, innovation, design, and practicality. The Sandvik 12C 27 blade is a high strength, tough and resistant to rust. The neck kit has a hard plastic sheath, firesteel, paracord and secondary lock. The total length is 146 cm, the blade length is 56 cm, the blade thickness is 0.8 inches, and the weight is 80g. The manufacturer has a 1-year warranty.

Brand: Morakniv

👤I like the knife. A lot. It's great! It works well for small tasks and it feels great in the hand. The sheath was the reason I gave it 4 stars. The knife does not fit securely in it. You can hear the knife moving if you shake it. When I put the knife in the sheath, it doesn't click. My Mora companion fits very securely in the sheath with no movement at all and a nice audible "click" when it slides in. My sheath looks like it's been used, or it's just cheap. There are some scratches on it and one of the retention pieces in the inside looks a little worn, which could be the cause of the first problem. The knife fits securely with the leather strap I bought. I'm not worried about losing the knife, but it's disappointing. It's a neck knife and you can't attach it to your belt, but a pocket clip or belt would be nice. There is a small scratch on the handle of the knife. The knife is very good. It feels great in my hand, it cuts easily. The quality control seems to be not that good. I decided to make a small fire kit out of the video from Ultimate Survival tips. The sheath was wrapped with the survivor cord and the fire steel and SOL tabs were held in ranger bands. It turned out pretty well.

👤To neck knife kit or not to neck knife kit? I love it! I do. I was hovering over this one for a long time and I am happy to have it in my possession. I remembered that on every episode of dual survival,Cody Lundin wore a Morakiv, and that's a pretty convincing endorsement in my opinion. The Sandvik steel is very impressive in person and was a big selling point for me. I don't think you'll be wearing it under a shirt, because it's small and light. You could work with this tool all day. The handle is strong. The handle looks great and adds a lot to the grip. I was very excited to break it out and I love the red color. I also bought my girlfriend a blue one. I'm the best. I like the color of it. I wanted them to be unnatural colors so they would be easy to find on the forest floor, and I almost bought the black one. I went back and forth on the neck knife kit and whether I really needed it since I was buying two. Do you need it? Nope. Am I happy with it? Yes. This thing is not going to fall out of its sheath. It's tight and nice to have. I'm happy with it because I think it may loose over its lifetime, which is one of the reasons I'm happy with it. It comes with a firesteel that is very high quality, the right size to add to the necklace and rains sparks like champ, especially against the spine of the blade. The leather safety strap is very tight and easy to put in place. It holds the knife well. If you want a leather safety strap, you can get it for free if you spend $10 bucks on firesteel. Morakiv has won me over with this one.

4. SOG Survival Defense Whistle Starter

SOG Survival Defense Whistle Starter

It's suitable for emergency situations in sporting events and can be a gift for little children. The tool is the size of a pencil. A built-in fire starter, steel wool tinder compartment, glass breaker, and safety whistle are included. It's easy to carry on a lanyard, in a pocket, or in a pack with a small size and light weight. The aluminum construction is durable. The aluminum construction is durable.

Brand: Sog

👤This is garbage. Your arm will fall off if you fart louder than the whistle, and you won't get a single spark from the fire tool. You wear shoes on the glass breaker because you are born with two better ones. My knife collection has many fine SOG blades that were acquired over the years. This is the second time I've bought from SOG and been burned with a worthless product, so this will be my last purchase.

👤This thing is not real. The whistle is more like a dog whistle than a safety whistle. My wife's voice was louder than the whistle when I tested it against a normal adult voice. The glass breaker is useless because it is too short. It may work as a glassbreaker for a small hand. There is a The ferro rod. I have used ferro rods for 25 years. I 800-273-3217 The rod is THREADED into the handle. Yes, it is athreaded. I'm going to say that it's less than a third of an inch at the threads. I feel like if I put more pressure on it to get a better spark, it will snap off at the threads. It's supposed to have 3 useless functions. I own a lot of SOG products. A few fixed blades, a couple folders, a machete, a hatchet, a saw, a couple packs, and some other odds and ends. I've always been satisfied with the products. This one was a let down and a waste of money.

👤I want a tool whistle that works. This isn't it. I don't think I could find them if someone blew this in my igloo. It is an expensive piece of garbage. It was too cheap to waste time returning it. My first product. I think I'll stick with Leatherman. The fire stick and strikers are very cheap. The window breaker is small and I wouldn't want to risk my life on it. They give you a pill of steel wool for tender. It was made in China. I would not recommend this and would not buy it again. I contacted the person at SOG. They promised to send me two units to get a good one. They followed through. The replacement whistles did not work. Someone will make a useful tool with a whistle someday.

👤Normally SOG makes some good products, this thing is useless, the ferro rod is small and hard to hold on to, and the whistle could hardly be heard across the room. In a survival situation, I could figure out how to make it work. The glass breaker is not something I have tried. I would be surprised if I could get enough purchase to make it work. Very disappointed.

5. Morakniv Companion Stainless 4 1 Inch Military

Morakniv Companion Stainless 4 1 Inch Military

The package has spare parts of: 1 set of 3pcs Button coin cell batteries, 5 O-rings, 3 flints and a solid clip. The lighter isn't fueled because of logistical limitations. Purchase and fill with the right fluid. A 4.1-inch Sandvik 12C 27 steel blade is ideal for carving, food prep, and cutting. High-quality Swedish steel is extremely tough and razor sharp, and it is less prone to rust than carbon steel. In wet and cold conditions, a patterned, high-friction grip sits comfortably in the hand, for greater control, safety, and performance. The overall length of the blade is 8.6 inches and the weight is 4.1 ounces. 116 g. The sheath is made in Sweden and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Brand: Morakniv

👤I was skeptical of Morakniv because I needed to personally assess its merit, despite its legendary status in the knife market. The idea of having the ability to chop small tree limbs while also having the skill to filet a fish seemed far-fetched. The reality of the Mora is that this knife is everything it claims to be. It's more than just a knife, a throw around, or a cheap way to give a friend a gift. It's the real deal. I don't think there is anything else worth entertaining before you give this one a try. I know what everyone is talking about.

👤I have been collecting knives for over 20 years. I heard good things about mora but never bought it. I purchased a Mora companion. I decided to put it through an assortment of abuse after it arrived. I might as well see what they can do at the price. I chopped and hacked a tree in my yard. All sorts of smaller logs were thrown away. I beat the poop out of the knife to see what it could do. For the price, I didn't see a problem with breaking a small knife while discovering its abuse limits. I ordered bushcraft orange and 3 more companions after torturing this knife. These knives were more expensive than my more expensive knives. The quality is amazing. I put the bushcraft through a vigorous routine to see how far it could go. The knife handled everything I threw at it. I ordered a Pro S online and will put it through the same testing I would never do with a blade. Why? Price point and discovery. If we don't test them right, can we learn the limits? I can afford a few fails at this price. The bushcraft orange and companion have exceeded my expectations so far. The excitement of getting the pro s tomorrow has me writing a review at 2 in the morning. I can't sleep and these knives are really good. You can't beat them when you factor in price, comfort, and ease of cutting. I own thousands of Moras and they are becoming my favorite knives. I love these knives. I will be buying more of these. Next ones will be made of carbon.

👤I was very impressed with the knife I received. It feels good in the hand. It had a nice sheath. It felt strong. It was cheap. I planned to use it in salt water, so I bought the steel version. The picture shows that it doesn't hold up. After a few uses, it started to rust. I leave it at the bottom of the ocean all the time because of the amount of rust that accumulates after only 7 or so uses. I washed it with soap and water but it hasn't helped.

👤Everyone knows that mora knives are great. The older version and the new one are both in my possession. The old blade had a rough finish. The wrist lanyard is great for batoning and I drilled a hole in the pommel to accommodate it. The steel is strong for the price, but works well, don't expect s30v or any other ultra premium steels, but it works very well. I have batoned large pieces of wood. I sanded off the rust that developed on the blade and tried to create a sharper edge for striking fire steel, the only bit of wear there is. I carry the older one on my 10-22 solo camp/hunt/survival kit and it fits perfectly and adds very little weight. I highly recommend this product to anyone that enjoys the outdoors.

6. Smith Wesson SWFR2S Stainless Serrated

Smith Wesson SWFR2S Stainless Serrated

Good waterproof performance, can float on the water. It will leak if you can't soak in the water. The overall length is 20.3 cm and the blade length is 3.3 inches. It isdurable: The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV High Carbon Black Oxide Stainless Steel with a black, textured and grooved aluminum handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock. Be aware of the knife's seatbelt and glassbreaker.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤It would be an absurdity to say that this is junk. Totally Disappointed in the knives. You can save money and buy a knife. I've never written a review before. I would like other people to be aware of what they are buying. Everything else is not a good thing. The housing was loose. There are two more It began to rub on the housing after opening and closing the blade. Enough to remove the paint from the blade. I wanted to see how the glass breaker and belt cutter worked. Neither was impressive. It took about 20 hits to get the window to crack. As far as the seat belt. It wouldn't cut through. If you and your family want to see a rapid exit tool, do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.

👤I bought this on a sale for less than $10 on Amazon. The knife is pretty good. It needs to be replaced this year. The pocket clip is the downfall. You just need a mini star driver to tighten the screws. I can't tighten the clip down after five years because the screw holes have stripped out. I carried this for five years. That is a great value for this knife. I have had to replace the clip on my expensive knives due to the horrible quality of the material used to make it. I would purchase this again at full price.

👤I love this knife. It's hard to open it with one hand because it's tight when it's new. After a while it loosens and you can open it. I had a first S&W for many years and only had to sharpen it once. The blade was still solid despite the black on the handle showing wear. The handle has a soft texture. I never had a problem with it getting hung up on. The placement of the belt clip makes it easy to close the knife and store it. I found the original after I received the replacement.

👤I bought this knife because I wanted a backup in case my pepper spray failed, and I also wanted a peace of mind. This blade is compliant with Colorado concealed carry law and I needed it. The knife is either in my purse or pocket. I haven't used it for defense yet. I use it a lot when camping. The knife was sharp when it was out of the box. I don't worry about it breaking on me because it feels sturdy and durable. The seatbelt cutter is a plus. The locking mechanism of the knife is easy to disengage when you want to fold the blade back down. The texturized grips are sufficient for the things I do and it feels good in my hand. It's lightweight and compact, which makes it a good choice for my pack. This is the first knife I've ever bought for such purposes so I don't have anything to compare it to but no regrets on this knife. It's a good all around survival knife, especially for women like me who do a lot of things alone.

7. StatGear STAT05 BRK Surviv All Survival Knife

StatGear STAT05 BRK Surviv All Survival Knife

If there is any product issues, each Witharmour knife has a lifetime warranty. If you have a question, please email them and they will be happy to provide you with a solution. StatGear is a survival knife. The knife can handle anything outdoors. The drop point blade has a blade sharpening stone in the back of the sheath so it is sharp and sturdy. The starter and cutter are in a sheath. The cord cutter works well for small cuts so you don't have to remove your knife. If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice. If you enjoy hunting and other outdoor activities, you'll find the StatGear Surviv-All outdoor knife to be a convenient and practical choice.

Brand: Statgear

👤The steel used was the only thing that was different about this knife. I bought this knife for my AT section hike. It has a great grip, a nice sheath, a built-in line cutter, and a sharpener. Give it five stars and be done with it. The steel used for this knife is probably A. This steel does not hold an edge for very long. It is a good value for this price point. There are better steels for a survival blade. It is a nice little rig. I decided to use a D2 steel knife and a swiss firestarting rod.

👤Great product. I have not used the knife yet, but if it breaks I will update this review, otherwise it is what I think. The knife feels very solid, good weight, the blade is solid, a slight bit wider than I thought, but not really a flaw, the handle is a little soft and tacky, and the rubber feels durable. Even when wet, you get a really good grip. I can pinch it just where the blade meets the handle, and it has a good overall length to control it, and it is well balanced. The nylon belt loop is thick and nice and the sheath feels very durable. The fire starter works, it is mounted upside down on the sheath, but it takes a bit of effort to pull it out, so I don't see it falling out. I can't say over time. It would have been nice if the sheath had spaces on the side to strap it onto a backpack. The nylon belt loop is screwed onto the back of the sheath, so I might try to rig something up. The sharpening stone on the back is coarse for my liking, I would have preferred something a bit more fine to just put back an edge. I think it is a great knife for the price.

👤I tested the knife in the field, cutting, carving, and chopping, and it has stood up to the abuse. The knife is tough because of the softer steel and it will not chip if you chop hard woods or drop it on a rock. It can besharpened on the included diamond plate once the edge is rolled or dulled. You can get a shaving edge on it in minutes, which is an advantage over harder steel knives. The pummel was damaged from hitting slay rock but is still usable. The fire steel started a fire for me in seconds using brush, dried grass and all I could find in the forest around me, so it definitely works. This knife is a cheaper version of the Ultimate Pro knife, but it is still very strong. If you want a cheap knife to take out to camp or hunting, with a nice sheath and fire steel all in one package, this is the knife for you. It does the job for $35, thats a meal for 2 in a restaurant.

👤This knife is a great buy. It is similar to the Prodigy. Another budget knife is added to the collection. I have a lot of expensive knives, but they aren't that expensive. I decided to remove the paracord with the clip on the sheath to make my hack.

8. Smith Wesson SWBG2TS Serrated Aluminum

Smith Wesson SWBG2TS Serrated Aluminum

The Black clash is a great tool for any hiker, hunter, angler, gardener, mechanic, Backpacker or anyone in need of a solid, reliable EDC. 10 inch (25.4 cm) overall length with a blade length of 4.4 inches (11.2 cm) and a weight of 8.8 ounces. It isdurable: The blade is made of 7Cr17MoV black oxide high carbon steel with a black aluminum handle. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its convenient pocket clip and ambidextrous thumb knobs. The blade will not slip with the security of the liner lock. The seatbelt and glassbreaker are curios.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I carry a couple of S&W folding knives and they are very well made. The folder is large and strong and has the same quality as all their products. I own a folding knife that is one of the largest I own. The only downside is that it's not a spring assist or M.A.G.I.C. Assist, it's a S&W brand. It's a high quality knife at an affordable price, so you would definitely want it in a collection. If you liked the review, please help me to give honest/unbiased insight into products I have used and you have questions about. Interested in a product but don't know enough about it to request a review? Please let me know. I will see what I can do. Thank you.

👤I know I'm a total knife whore. I was motivated by reviews when I bought the S&W BG2, not just on Amazon, but all sorts of knife forums. I was looking for an edc that was rugged and capable of taking a beating, but also had the emergency capabilities I wanted. Believe me. This knife has never failed me. It's pretty heavy, which I really like. It wasn't designed to be used for delicate cutting. It's like a sword in your pocket. If you're looking for an edc that is just a pocket knife, look elsewhere. It's big! That's okay too. I'm big. You might not want to get this if you have small hands. If you tend to beat the knives out of them, you might have trouble handling them. You might want to buy some gloves. It was very sharp. I have to shake my head because I see so many Q&As and reviews about it not being razor sharp out of the box. There is a If you're in a line of work that requires you to be 'razor sharp' or something, then that's one thing. Why are you worried about a razor sharp instrument if you don't need it? My experience has been that anyone who insists that knives be razor sharp at all times has more scars, and less respect for the blade, because of accidents or not respecting it. I'm not sure. Look. The knife is very good. Anyone that passes on a tool like this is a fool.

👤I own dozens of knives and I was interested in this knife because it seemed like it would fit my large hands. There is a If you've worked with your hands, you've developed them beyond keyboards and manicures. You can use this knife. It will shave hair. You can't complain about the quality of the knife or the price. This doesn't have the bearing system of $100+ knives, but it snaps open with ease. The belt/rope cutter is my only complaint. If you don't pay attention, the cutter can get into your clothing. Not a deal breaker at all!

👤This knife is not a safe knife, the liner lock of the knife at least I received was not well designed or bad quality control, as you can see from others' review. I thought the knife was open when I opened it, but it wasn't. A lot of blood came out, my nail was cut 5mm wide, with a gentle sweep, the knife suddenly closed. It hurts after 3 weeks. I found that the blade was not always locked by the liner lock after opening, because the liner lock was soft, not that rigid, as another knife I bought from Amazon, which has very strong and thicker liner lock. It won't give me a fake lock impression.



It is made in the USA. It was made of the highest quality material. Comes with a sheath.

Brand: Ka-bar

👤I own a lot of knives. My method is to buy every version of Ka-Bar knives on the market, and pick the one or two that I want, and give the rest away to my friends. I could talk myself into keeping all their knives because they are fantastic. When I went to Ka-bar, I was looking for a rugged fixed-blade that could handle business. This knife does what it says on the tin. Let's get to it! The knife is large, which is either good or bad depending on your perspective. Most knives don't fit in my hand at 6'5 because I have large hands. This one has room to spare. It is large without being unwieldy. The thickness of the blade is less than that of the BK 2. Although you're giving up some heft andDurability, I don't feel like it will matter for the majority of users. I touched it up on my sharpening stones to make sure it was where I wanted it. The sheath seems well made and it fits nicely. The value is the one thing that must be commented on with all Ka-bar knives. The bang for your buck is what you get from these knives. Don't bother looking for a knife that will give you this much in return. I own every knife under the sun that would be considered a competitor. Ka-bar is the only one in this business that delivers on the value component. It is nice to know that there is a company that will give you a bad-a$$ knife for less than $100. They make several. Don't worry, if you don't have the money to drop on a 200-300 premium blade, you can still use it. Any knife in their line-up will get you where you want to be. Excellent. The sheath is the only real problem with this knife. I want to make it clear that it isn't a bad sheath, it just doesn't knock my socks off compared to some of their competitors. Let's discuss competition. There are other blades that you can consider. I've done reviews of these as well. 1. The LMF 2 Infantry is from the Gerber group. This knife is comparable in size to a great value and has a better grip and sheath that will knock your socks off. It has a partially serrated blade, which I'm not a fan of, but it is a great knife. 2. The name of the company is The Gerber Prodigy. The LMF 2 Infantry is the slightly smaller brother of this knife. 3. The blade of the knife. A straight forward combat knife is similar to all of the above. I've owned all of the Scar blades. It is not for me to say what is the best for you. If you forgive the pun, I will say that I have to give the edge. They have a sheath that adds something to their already great package. Don't take my word for it. The knives will serve you well for a long time.

10. SOG Fixed Blade Knives Tactical

SOG Fixed Blade Knives Tactical

SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last, and they consider all repair and replacement requests. 4. 75INCH AUS-8 STEEL PARTIALLY SERRATED BLADE The 9 inch overall length of the SEAL Pup outdoor knife is a perfect balance of combat knife, boot knife and hunting knife with sheath. There are five OUNCE WT. W/ black bandana. The military knife has a glass-reinforced nylon handle and a nearly indestructible fixed blade. MOLLE-COMPATIBLE SHEATH ATTACHMENT: The nylon MOLLE knife sheath makes it easy to carry this versatile back pack knife, camping knife and compact belt knife. There is a full tANG, powderATED CO and hardENED. SOG's heat treatment makes the blade steel stronger than your average belt buckle knife. SOG fixed blade knives with sheath are built to last and they will take care of you if you need it. The Seal Pup has nylon sheath.

Brand: Sog

👤SOG traded quality and integrity for cheap Chinese manufacturing. I used to be a big fan of SOG product, but not anymore. The #1 knife that you see on the picture is a Japanese design called the Seal PUP. I used to have that knife for a long time and it served me well for several years. It was very functional despite sustaining a lot of abuse. There were no issues with that one. If you decide to order one now, you will receive a Chinese replica that is not close to the original design. SOG sells cheap Chinese duplicate while customers put a picture of original made in Japan design in the description. If you scroll down, you will receive the knife. Be aware of what you are buying. Don't waste your money, is my personal advice as an OIF veteran and infantry NCO. People who wrote positive reviews have nothing to compare with. You will be disappointed if you know about knives. I'm done with SOG. I'll get a strong-arm knife instead of a knife next time. The quality is not the same. I got a new SOG in the mail and attached pictures of my old one. Look for yourself.

👤This knife is a great survival knife for the price. You'd be hard pressed to find a seal pup for less. The product images are not the same as the product you will get. This knife is not made in Japan or Taiwan anymore, but it is Chinese made. My other one is made in Taiwan and it seems like it's as good as this one. It could be sharpened for a razors edge. The SHEATH is my biggest problem. I don't know who changed the design, but I'm not worried. You will not get the same Sheth as in the photos. The snaps are plastic, and they are no longer metal. If it didn't take two hands to open and close the snaps, that would be great. If you can't get the knife out of the sheath with only one hand, that's useless. They are hard to resnap. After opening and closing them a few times, I noticed that the nylon under the snap was starting to degrade. The Chinese version of the sheaths pocket flap is smaller than the American version. The old sheath was about 1/2 inch wider. If you want a sheath that you can rely on, spend the extra $5 - $6 elsewhere.

👤The review was lowered from five to three stars after 16 months because the sheath it comes with is just plain awful. The sheath is bulky and the retention snap is difficult to open or close. When you can find it in stock, the KYD-M40 Kydex sheath is about $22 to $30. The combination is cheaper with the better sheath. The even better Strongarm, which also comes with a great Kydex sheath, is an even better knife and bargain. The knife was almost given to me by Amazon, but I'd rather pay full retail. It's good.

11. Rush Deer Multitool Portable Screwdriver

Rush Deer Multitool Portable Screwdriver

Major in Military is also ready for hunting, survival camping, outdoor, hiking, Bug Out Bag, air soft game, and so on. The top Christmas gifts are stocking stuffers. The 16 in 1 Upgraded multitool knife has needle nose pliers, rope / wire, large knife, fire starter, emergency whistle, saw, can/ bottle opener, phillips screwdriver, and a slot cutter. It's perfect for work, home improvement, carpentry, etc. and can be folded into a grip. It's ideal for everyday carry because of its nylon pouch. The multitool pocket knife has a safety lock that prevents the blade from accidentally open and closing. The pocket knife can be opened with one hand. Individual tools can be operated safely. The handle design is easy to grip. You never know when you'll be in an emergency in the wild, so make sure to keep this all-in-one survival multi tool in your pocket, and know that even in a bad situation, you can make it. You can use the multitool knife pliers to cut, pry, twist the screw, open fire hydrant, saw wood, and many other things. An essential survival gear tool. If you are looking for a gift for a loved one, the multitool is a perfect choice. Whether Christmas gifts for women, Stocking Stuffers for men, Thanksgiving gifts, Fathers Day gifts, anniversary gifts for men, this personalized gifts-multi function knife will bring smile to your loved one and he is sure to love. The camping multitool comes with a gift box that says "best gift for you". Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. They will do their best to ensure your happy purchase experience if the multifunction pocket knife doesn't live up to your expectations.

Brand: Rush Deer

👤I love tools of all kinds, and I have used half of the functions already after just a short time with it. The magnesium fire starter is a genius idea and while it may seem small, it could last a lifetime if you use it frequently. It's well made, great quality, and sturdy, so far, so good. After carving some plywood and sawing through a few thick tree branches, the knives are still deadly sharp. I don't know if it was designed that way, but it's very comfortable to hold, I was expecting my hand to hurt from digging into something, but it's not, it's very comfy to use. It's so cheap that I want to get one for my dad, even though he only goes camping once every few years.

👤This is a small kit. It's perfect for a quick need. The mag stick is tightly seated so you don't need to worry about dropping it, and the spring loaded pliers are smooth so they lock securely. The components are locked together so you can adjust the tightness if you need to. There is only a small suggestion. I would like to see a flint and strikers added to take advantage of the magnesium stick. The product is well made. Couldn't be happier.

👤My husband has been using this multi tool on his side since we arrived. Some of his coworkers ordered this tool when he took it to work. The gift option for those who enjoy knives and gadgets is delivered from the box. We use this Multitool at camping trips in the weekend with scouts or on hikes for geocaching. The size of the tool made it easy for my husband and myself to use, and my son could also use the plier portion. I have small hands, but they did not feel awkward when I held them. There is a The black nylon belt case has a blade sheath on the axe, which makes carrying it around safe and secure. There is no risk of losing or damaging the case because it has a belt loop tool and a strap with a solid snap. The blades are fastened in and rested against the top position. The customer service and shared photos on this item gave great tips for using it. They sent a photo of how to hold the hammer side with axe blade up and extend the saw blade for sawing.

👤It is a very handy knife. It is very sturdy and built to last. It comes with a case that fits the knife. The material in the case won't tear easily. I bought the knife because it has everything you need. It's useful when I need a screwdriver, pliers, knife, or both.

👤I was expecting this tool to be cheap. I didn't think the jaws of the pliers would line up. I was expecting rough construction. I couldn't have been more wrong. The thing is tight. The pliers are very precise. I haven't been able to pull the ferro rod out yet because it's so tight. I have no doubt that when I get it out, it will be fine.


What is the best product for survival pocket knife with fire starter?

Survival pocket knife with fire starter products from Smith & Wesson. In this article about survival pocket knife with fire starter you can see why people choose the product. Amzbuy and Morakniv are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival pocket knife with fire starter.

What are the best brands for survival pocket knife with fire starter?

Smith & Wesson, Amzbuy and Morakniv are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival pocket knife with fire starter. Find the detail in this article. Sog, Statgear and Ka-bar are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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