Best Survival Playing Cards Waterproof

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1. Bicycle Element Poker Standard Playing

Bicycle Element Poker Standard Playing

It's a great gift for UNO lovers who are older. Poker size is standard index. American made since 1885. The tuck case and card back have illustrations. It was printed on a bicycle brand. The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The major card manufacturer Bicycle made these cards. The scheme and color pattern are striking. Excellent idea. The bad. D&G Source advertised these cards as collectible. D&G Source misrepresented the condition of these cards. They are being used. The edges are worn. I have provided some pictures. I will use these cards as poker cards. When buying from D&G Source, it is important to exercise caution. You may get what you ordered. You may not find the product advertised.

👤The card backs are not uniform and make them difficult to use. Marking the card is the same as rotating a card 180 degrees. The dealer needs to make sure all cards are in the same rotation. I brought out my normal deck because of the extra step hands slowing down. I made a mistake when I looked at the order pictures, the design has a light patch and dark patch, but still. The branding on the ace of spades is not good for a clean deck. Buyers need to be aware of what they're buying.

👤They are the same as described. The standard fair face of the cards are your typical bicycle playing cards. The only thing special is the jokers. I bought these because of the back of the cards and the tuck box. Next to my metal deck, these will look good. They have a nice orange fire look with blackened areas. The cards seem sturdy, which may make it difficult to bend while shuffling. I can't test that because I'm only collecting cards.

👤A nice deck of cards. The air-cushion finish on these is gorgeous. They deal out smoothly without sticking together. The design is unique and fun to play with. The rest of the elements don't appear to be available. When we play games that require two contrasting playing decks, I purchase the Bicycle Arch Angels deck.

👤Fire cards are nice if you only need them for a few games of Go Fish. The card backs are not symmetrical, making them useless for magic. The deck was fanned out with one card turned upside down. Can you identify the card? I buy cards for card tricks, and if I'd seen a picture like this before, I wouldn't have bought them. This review will hopefully save magicians from making the same mistake.

👤I like the brown overcoats on the ace's and face cards. Fast shipping and a good price.

👤These cards are very good. They are easy to read, have good graphics and are easy to hold on to. I recommend them very highly.

👤The deck is a nice burnt orange character but the cards are boring and I had to change them because I don't like them. Not cheap or thin. I don't think I'll dock for the devils. I don't like that. Many others don't. Lots do.

👤The deck of cards is one of the best cheap bicycle decks, with a simple but exotic design, and brilliant smooth quality, but it is also known for the quick deterioration if the sides are damaged. Don't touch the water. (adoi)

2. Playing Waterproof Plastic Printed Orange

Playing Waterproof Plastic Printed Orange

The deck contains 52 suited cards and 2 jokers, great for Poker, Blackjack, Pinochle or any other cards games. The service life is times better than the paper made playing cards because of the high quality of the material. It's very easy to shuffle and clean because they have good toughness that keeps their playing cards in a smooth and flat condition. Jumbo index is a playing card that has large-sized letters and numbers that help players see what cards they have. Each deck contains 52 suited cards and 2 jokers. They will spare no efforts to make you satisfied, so please feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Teskyer

👤I bought a pack of the Teskyer playing cards. I wanted to try them out to see if they were the same quality as the Da Vinci cards I usually buy. This seemed like a good value at half the price of other brands, at $4 per deck. The reviews on Amazon were positive with some negative ones. I was positive. The cards were delivered on time. The cards are the correct poker size, about 2.5” x 3.5” as described, and I just opened one of the decks and measured them. The print is called the jumbo print. They are plastic, as opposed to non- plastic that wears faster. So far, so good. I looked at the backs of the cards. The backs of the cards need to be the same color, patter, and design in order to be uniform. I held each card arm from my face for a second. If I didn't notice a mark, it went in the good stack. The bad stack was where the marking went if I noticed it. There are 52 cards in the deck. You will not notice unless you look at the card, and they are not huge marks that cover the entire card, which you could see out of the corner of your eye. The marks are either a white or black dot. It's unacceptable to have any marked card in the deck. I haven't played the deck yet to see how it holds up. I haven't contacted the seller yet. If you are playing a game with friends and family, these cards might be nice. If you plan to play poker or another card game with money, these are not the cards to use. The entire deck is worthless if a single card is marked and there is a bend in the corner. I will not buy this brand in the future.

👤My family has played a lot of card games with these, and I have had them for a couple months. They feel like traditional cards. They are closer than some others, but they won't fool you. Plastic cards are not going to cut it if you are into cardistry. They are good for shuffles. They are nice for regular shuffles. You're not going to be able to pull off the more complex moves. I can't. They have added benefit of being able to be cleaned, in addition to being more like paper cards. My son plays cards and sometimes eats. If he can get something on these, it will be easy to clean and return to the deck. The images on the cards are very clear. Some companies that make plastic cards don't think customers care about the difference between a Jack and a King. Teskyer took a more traditional approach. It looks good. The boxes would be the only criticism I would give. The boxes are cheap. The paper on the boxes is good for now, but I think the cards are going to last a long time. I still like the cards.

3. Playing Premium Plastic Waterproof Professional

Playing Premium Plastic Waterproof Professional

Enjoy their lifetime 'Royal Flush' guarantee. They took great pride in creating their Circuit Playing Cards. They wanted to provide professional and amateur players with the highest quality playing cards on the market. You will feel like the hero of Game Night with these cards. Click the yellow button and you will be taken to a website where you can purchase a winning deck. This is a standard size professional black playing card with a green and blue digital pattern design on the front and gorgeous texture design on the back. Theme party games use stylish and atmospheric design. The decks of cards set is made of high-quality plastic material and exquisite craftsmanship, and is more durable and economical than ordinary paper playing cards, and do not need to be replaced frequently. The plastic playing cards are easy to shuffle and hold, which makes them ideal for family and friends to enjoy a game. These waterproof playing cards can be washed with water, as long as they are washed under running water, which is very convenient and practical. Cool playing cards are great gifts. If you are dissatisfied with their waterproof playing cards, you can contact them for a replacement.

Brand: Integear

👤I assumed I was getting 2 decks of cards. I got one. I would have liked two decks, the one I got seemed good and sturdy for cards. If that is the name of the cards, they should change it. More than one person would think they are getting two decks.

👤The cards are okay if you don't use them often. The back design is not like the one shown. The gold backing is not present. The front of the cards are dull and it is difficult to see them. The print has worn off after less than a week of use. If the room isn't lit well, it's difficult to use the cards.

👤These are solid cards. The paper is not paper, so no worries about it getting wet or separated. Awesome. They are easy to use, and a little slippery, but all around wonderful to use. The black background and dull color of the cards make them hard to use in low-light times. I purchased them to play with my mother who can't see as well in low-light. The lamps are bright, but the colors are dull.

👤The other deck was messed up. One of the cards was folded inside the box when it was shoved into it. I can't use that deck for a game because it's marked and the box fell apart when opened. Everything was perfect except for the box and card. The cards are good quality and beautiful. Not happy with the way it was packaged.

👤I love the cards, they are amazing and worth it. The colors were not bright so it makes it harder to see, and the blue blends in a little more easier, which makes it harder to see without some good lighting. They tend to slide when doing poker or shuffling so it can be a good thing or bad thing. The colors are nice, but I wish it was brighter and not blended in with the black.

👤The colors of the cards are not as vibrant as advertised. I bought them for a blacklight glow party, but they weren't at all reactive under the lights. I returned them.

👤I received an open deck. They were mixed together. I had to go through both decks to separate them. The club suited cards were in one of the decks. The rest had to be pulled from the 2nd deck. It was very annoying. Not sure if this was the norm. I was not happy. I separated them and made 2 complete decks.

👤I needed a new deck of cards and these were a great change from the old cards I had. They are fun, updated and more comfortable than the decks I had, and they look like they will last a long time. Thanks for the great product!

4. Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

There are 160 challenge cards, 80 betting token, 10 cups, 5 balls, 4 dice, and a tape measure. Clear is more fun. The face cards are visible even though the cards are clear. It's easy to shuffle. It's waterproof and perfect to take to the beach, pool, or camping. The playing card size is standard. Premium clear plastic card stock is printed on.

Brand: Hoyle

👤I work in an assisted living facility. My people were locked up like animals and not allowed to see family or have much contact with the people they shared the common areas with after the hit. When we got word that they could play cards again, our activity person told people that they could only play four cards at a table with masks and hand sanitizer. They couldn't have drinking or eating at the table. These fit the bill because she wanted something that could be washed after playing. She ordered one set. We have a lot of card players so I ordered 3 more decks. If I could, I would give this product 100 stars. I would like to thank you for making a great product.

👤These cards are a hit. The kids are getting a lot of exercise because we have had so much fun for $6. Throw them in the pool and have a race to get 10 hearts, all even numbers, and numbers that are divisible by 3, etc. You can only put the numbered cards into the pool if you want to have the kids race to bring back cards that make an equation to make a number. The kids love this. You can only get one of the numbers if you have an equation with at least 3, 4 or 5 cards. For example, no 2x2. If I'm feeling like a softie, we'll include the Aces to use as ones. That makes it so easy. More or less cards are thrown in. We tend to do one suit per person playing but including more would make it easier to find that one card you are looking for. It has been fun to see the equations they come back with. They want us to do this. They are working on quick math recall and simple equations. The ink on the cards is starting to wear off in some places, but we've already used them so much we don't even care. They have been worth the price for what we've used them for. It's cheaper than a math book. They are stiff when out of the package, but loosen up and become more fun to play with outside of the water, as other reviewers have already stated. These are more plastic than paper so will feel different.

👤The reviews for this deck have been going on for a while. I found many of them to be false after reading through them. The cards I received did not have bubbles or scratches on them. The look of the cards is pretty cool. The individual cards are not fully transparent. If you fan the deck in a smooth way, you will see a mirror effect. The box reminds me of 90s pencil holders. I agree with the review that it would be nice if these cards had a little bit of noticable texture. Card flicking is the worst thing I have ever experienced. A friend of mine can stick traditional cards into some surfaces with a flick of a wrist. I have been jealous of his skills. I flick the cards at the wall. One of them shatters. Not the intended use of a card... You have trade offs. Regular cards can be ruined by improper use just as easily as these cards can. The product is cool and the material is not worse than standard cards.

5. Bullets Playing Cards Waterproof Professional

Bullets Playing Cards Waterproof Professional

This version of Phase 10 is great for storage. Are you an avid poker player looking for the best deck of cards? The answer is with the amazing poker playing cards, a premium deck that will help get the winning hand. Premium quality. The decks of cards are made of plastic and are easy to handle. The edges of the cards will not bend, so you can use the same two decks of cards over and over again. The level of the casino. The plastic playing cards have a smooth underside. This deck is ideal for both amateur and professional poker players because of the textured rear side. Play your best. The professional playing cards have a jumbo-sized index on two corners so you can easily recognize the community cards from any position around the table. The standard poker card set has two decks of cards with 2 clowns included. The cards can be used for Texas Holdem, but also for tricks, Skat or any other card game that you love.

Brand: Bullets Playing Cards

👤The customer service is top notch and these cards are the best. I will never buy another brand of playing cards. The story is here. I play poker with my friends after work. The cards we used to use would wear out and the corners would start peeling back. Not these cards. They fee good, fold easily, glide on the poker mat, and come with a generous guarantee. I realized that these cards are built to stand by their guarantee after seeing them survive a few adult beverages. The cards can't hold up against a puppy that likes to chew. The puppy chewed away at the diamonds for about 20 seconds, but it was too late. I contacted customer service and they replaced the cards even though they probably didn't fall within the guarantee. They sent a whole new pack of 2 decks and I only needed 3 diamonds. Superb! Excellent! Thank you for the great service! I would buy you a beer.

👤The spades group received the cards well. I bought a second set. The corners of some cards have begun to chip off. The decks were used about twice every 5 weeks. People don't bend up to see cards in spades. If they were used for that purpose, they would have broken earlier. Only a few have broken off so far, but even one makes the deck useless since people can tell what is in your hand. The cards will not break and their edges will not bend according to the description. This is not true. When the new deck starts to get broken corners in a year, I will either throw away the old deck or buy another one to use as a replacement. The price has gone from fifteen dollars to twenty dollars, putting it in the neighborhood of KEM cards. I was leaning towards tossing the deck. When I first got them, I recommended them a lot, but now I don't.

👤I love these cards and I have had several sets that I use for once a week home games. They are very nice to shuffle and deal with. The last two sets I got have not worn well. I mean the ink on the card. They have faded quickly with the black. Is it possible that the manufacturer has made changes to the ink? I have not had these issues in a long time. The current set has only been in play for a few sessions and should not be losing its shine so soon. I am curious if anyone else is having the same issues. I would like to hear what the Bullets Co. thinks about this. Cheers and cards in the air.

👤A friend called out that the weathered markings on the old casino cards were becoming easier to spot. It's time to replace them. But with what? After reading the reviews, I decided to buy a set of jumbo cards from Bullets Playing Cards. It's Bingo! These are great. What I was hoping for. All my friends asked where I got them. The Bullets cards come in their own sleeve, which makes it easier to store in the deck slots in my chip case. I like it when decks have red and blue backs, they contrast nicely with a green felt topper. The cards are flexible and crisp. They are easy to shuffle and fan out of the deck because they are not sharp. They feel like you've played with them before. The pips are clean and big. It's easy to see and understand. The red cards are deep red. It's easy to tell from the black. I don't like when red cards are bright red. The reds are easy to see. They handled the water well. One dad spilled his drink and they cleaned it off. This is a great choice if you want to upgrade your poker supplies with nicer cards. I can't wait to play with these.

6. LotFancy Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards

LotFancy Waterproof Plastic Playing Cards

The air-cushion finish makes it easy to shuffle. No worries about spills from your favorite liquor, wine, or beer, because the playing cards are made of 100% PLASTIC. Premium waterproof playing cards are perfect for magic props, hot tub, pool beach water card games and all kinds of beer drinking card games. Each deck of cards has a clear plastic case. Poker cards measure 2.5” x 3.5” The deck contains 52 suited cards and 2 jokers, great for Poker, Blackjack, Pinochle or any other cards games.

Brand: Lotfancy

👤I'm getting back into the game of poker. I ordered several types of plastic playing cards to see which ones I like and which ones I don't. The worst cards I ordered were theAuthentic Ace, Copag, DaVinci, Modiano, Kem, Ice, Peter Pauper Press and Bullets. The package was plastic sealed and arrived fine. When I unwrapped the plastic and took the decks out, I noticed that each deck was placed in a single plastic container, which made a container for one of the decks. The package was shorted because the description on Amazon stated that the cards should come with two plastic containers. I unwrapped the shrink wrap and found 888-353-1299 The smell was more foul and plastic. Surely it smelled of chemicals. The deck was still there after I let it air for a couple of days. I asked the question on Amazon and it didn't seem like anyone had done it before. I was told to wash the cards in warm soapy water. I don't know about you, but I want to play with my cards straight out of the box and not do any "prep" work to get them ready for a game. I sent feedback to the company about the smell and missing container. I waited for a response for 5 days. They were sent back for a refund. I didn't want to exchange them for another deck because of the smell. The look and feel of them is fine, so I rated them 3 stars. I don't think they're good, just fine. They are 2 decks of playing cards and have a price. I couldn't deal with the smell. More power to you if others can wash them to see if they can get rid of the smell. Even if you have to pay a few dollars more for them, there are better cards that beat them. Thank you for reading.

👤I play a lot of cards at the bowling alley and bar and the decks get very dirty and sticky very fast. These are easy to deal with. It's nice if they get dirty and get new again. I think they are too slippery if I knocked them at all. It takes a little getting used to. New players tend to play a lot of 52 cards the first few times they play. People who have played with these ask where they can get a deck. I had to update this review. I still love these cards, but be careful not to drop them on the floor as they can break. I'm having a hard time finding a replacement for a King of Hearts that I broke. The rating should be lowered to 3 stars until I know how hard it is to get replacements. Update back to 5 stars. Lot Fancy replaced the broken card for free. Thanks!

7. Gentlemens Hardware Campfire Survival Playing

Gentlemens Hardware Campfire Survival Playing

At KEMA they have a card multitool with responsive customer service and support that you won't find anywhere else. They will be happy to help with any questions you have. Part of the Gentlemen's Hardware collection by Wild and wolf is a mix and match. There are 52 fully illustrated playing cards in the set. The metal Tin is ideal for camping and travel. The cards and Tin are waterproof and can handle any weather. The metal tin has a measurement of 3.5 x 4 x 0.75 H and each individual card has a measurement of 3 x 2.5 x 0.75 H.

Brand: Gentlemen's Hardware

👤I use these to keep my workouts unpredictable. Sweat on them. They hold up well.

👤I think my son will like and appreciate them, he hasn't received them yet, but I think he will.

👤Yes, it is waterproof while camping.

👤Zu den Knoten getan.

👤je ne regrette pas Achat.

8. Gent Supply Mythical Creatures Playing

Gent Supply Mythical Creatures Playing

Plastic-coated playing cards are called mavericks. Extra Durability is also added. A deck of playing cards features mythical creatures from Greek, Norse, Egyptian and East Asian traditions. Hand drawn artwork, custom face cards and custom pips. There are 52 cards and a card identifying all the creatures. The playing cards are made of 100% black plastic. A gold foiled box.

Brand: Gent Supply Co.

👤I would like to say that these cards are amazing. I like them. They are the "plastic" type, and they glide in my hands when I shuffle. I like them. The only con I have is the jokers. I love playing rummy bridge and my family uses the jokers as a wildcard, but since the faces of the jokers are inversed, it's difficult to identify them in the pictures. Is there a way to have the future cards have the same flush as the rest of the deck? I love this deck and will buy it again. Still recommend.

👤I really like this deck, it has become my favorite deck now. The box shimmers and the cards are beautiful when showing off to friends. It's difficult to shuffle it, and I can't do any flourishes with it like my other decks. I am trying to break them in. Chris Ramsay told me that I should rub the deck against my jeans to smooth them out. That helped get them to shuffle better.

👤There is a limited number of "monster" cards. The custom decks tend to just fill in the royalty cards, and the number cards are pretty bland. This deck is not an exception. I was excited to get my daughter to learn about the many creatures in the Egyptian, Asian, and Greek pantheons, but I didn't want her to know about the many other creatures. Sadly, you get the barest-bones representations. I'm not sure if it's racist to pool Chinese and Japanese myths with similar creatures, but it seems like it would. If they had to come up with 13 creatures, I would be more tolerant. But when it's just 4? Pick one and stick to it. These are not Hoyles or Bicycles, and they definitely have a different feel. These are either better or worse for simple card tricks, but they feel different than most playing cards I'm used to. Not really going for the theme full-bore was the reason for the 1 star. I don't see why a mythological creatures deck can't do it. People might learn something while playing spades.

👤I love these playing cards. I had thought that there were mystical creatures on the cards, but they only appeared on the face cards and jokers. There are either silver or gold accents on the cards. The face cards show creatures from many different cultures. The Chinese-Japanese names are King: Dragon, Queen: Kirin, Jack: Pixiu, and the ace. The Egyptian: King: Andro Sphinx, Queen: Ammit, King: Typhon, Queen: Medusa, Jack: Minotaur. King: Fenrir - Wolf, Queen: Jrmungandr - Midgard Serpent, and Jack: Jotnar - Giant. Fafnir is a dragon.

👤It's great. It is durable because of the plastic. It's not perfect, but it is more slippery than typical plastic cards. It is soft and flexible. Well, the Faroes. The photos are a bit misleading because it has poor contrast. The box is gold and silver, but the ink is brown and grey. It doesn't stand out very well against the dark background. My friends say they are the most impressive deck in my collection.

9. Regal Games Casino Standard Playing

Regal Games Casino Standard Playing

UNO can be played anywhere. The playing card pack comes with 12 decks of poker-sized playing cards. They measure 2.5 x 3.5 and have an index. There are 52 cards in the deck. SMOOTH & DURABLE. Their playing cards are made using a blue paper core and a linen finish which makes them strong, smooth, and flexible. They are easy to stack, shuffle, and slide across a table, and the paper weight makes for an improved snap. These decks of cards are ideal for both professional and casual playing. The blue paper core prevents light from entering the play cards, while the durable finish ensures a professional feel and grip. The design is classic. The back of the playing cards has a classic design to eliminate distraction and improve flexibility. Poker, pinochle, euchre, bridge, hearts, Solitaire, blackjack, rummy, gin rummy, baccarat, canasta, go fish, and any other card game you can think of can be played with these playing cards.

Brand: Regal Games

👤They don't shuffle. I use them as a practice for one of those performance quagmire's. If you need to practice card manipulation with a terrible deck of cards, these will do it for you.

👤I needed some cards for my display. This year's theme is: Gambling with skeletons! The cards look great. 4 weeks in the sun and rain will likely make them tired at some point, but, hey, why else would I need 12 decks? It's a challenge to make changes after everything is set up, so hopefully they won't need too many change-outs.

👤The cards shuffle well, but feel a bit thin... After being handled a lot for several hours, the edges are still flexible and crisp. The red colored cards are not a rich deep red. The red looks cheap and like it was too expensive to produce. The red face cards are harder to read. I play a lot of Solitaire. The corners don't "mark" easily because they hold up well. I wish the red was deeper as it makes it easier to identify each card.

👤I was misled by the picture on the item's listing that showed a laminated card, but these have no plastic. If you plan on using these around liquids, be careful. They're nice if they aren't. After being broken in, they shuffle just fine for me. It's a good value at $1 per deck. If you care about that kind of thing, you should look at the images of the product. The picture of the card faces are correct.

👤The box for the decks survived shipping. There was no damage to the decks on the bottom corners. These decks have a cardboard feel to the card edges, unlike the LotFancy cards that have smooth card edges. These cards have a higher quality feel than the decks I can get at the local dollar stores for a dollar. I would recommend these cards for people who don't expect to use a lot of decks. I might update after I use them.

👤The cost per deck is not very high. The deck had to be destroyed. The deck is not usable because of the blemish on the 2 of spades. The card contained whatever got into the mix. The good news? I have a spare deck in case one of my cards gets damaged.

👤We are retired. We play cribbage on a daily basis, with a few exceptions when we are traveling. We play a lot of decks. These hold up well for the amount of use we give them. I like the feel of plastic cards. Good and bad reviews I give. I believe in giving credit when it's due. I will buy more of these. I have never received anything from any site I have purchased from. Honest reviews are what I believe in.

👤Great cards. They are sturdy and good to use.

👤No son de la calidad, pero por el precio estn ms.

👤It's normal. The extraordinario por el precio.

👤Buen producto, llegaron en buen, y por el precio estn bastante.

10. ACELION Waterproof Playing Plastic Diamond

ACELION Waterproof Playing Plastic Diamond

Poker, pinochle, euchre, bridge, hearts, Solitaire, blackjack, rummy, gin rummy, baccarat, canasta, go fish, and any other card game you can think of can be played with these playing cards. 1. Their playing cards are made of high-grade flexible plastic material, which is very smooth, easy to hold, and very durable. 2. Don't worry about smudges and wet playing cards, they are waterproof. 3. They will look brand new after being washed. 4. There are 54 cards in the deck of poker playing cards. 5. If you are unhappy with their poker cards, you can contact them for a free exchange or refund.

Brand: Acelion

👤The gold and silver print on the face is very cool, the backs have a neat textured design, and the product looks really good. They're terrible when playing cards. You have to shuffle them because they're very slippery. The normal rules of physics don't apply because these cards are made of dark matter. The deck of cards will explode if you drop them. A fun game with these cards is to give a deck to each person at a party, with a cash prize going to whoever has all his cards at the end.

👤I met some romanians in an alley and bought these cards to play a high stakes texas hold em game. The night ended with a maxed out credit card, missing eye, and a missing kidneys.

👤Don't buy them! They are very slippery. I couldn't get a good grip on them and when I finally got them out, they went flying everywhere. The cards slip around when you hold them. Worthless. I will return them!

👤They look cool, but they are slippery. They can explode all over the place when you're shuffling, and when you're dealing they will fly off the end of the table easily. I plan to use them on our boat, but I prefer the regular paper cards around the house.

👤The reflections, contrast and small details look great, but they slide too easily. I thought these would play the same as the other plastic cards I have. They don't. Setting down the whole deck of cards requires extra care because there is almost no contact between the cards. They look very cool. There is a lot of small details on the cards, and the reflection is nice.

👤I use these on the water. The cards are really nice. They are waterproof and flexible for shuffling. Kids would love these since they can be wiped clean. They are very nice looking for cards. They are easy to read. I like the black cards but a world series poker player wouldn't like the fact that they are black instead of white. I like the color of them. It is worth the price.

👤My boyfriend will love them.

👤These are great for playing cards outdoors in humid conditions. They are easy to wash and shuffle, they don't have a memory like paper cards, and the corners don't peel, so they stay upright. If you play cards on an outdoor patio or other area that isn't ideal for paper products, this is a good purchase.

👤Good quality cards!

👤I loved this deck. The quality is amazing. It is waterproof and very hard to tear, I love the design and my favorite card was the queen of diamonds. You should buy this because of the incredible value for money.

👤The box that holds the cards is a card. It looks good to ignore.

👤Exactly like the description. He is very pleased with the way they look.

👤The cards move on top of each other, which is really annoying.

11. Acelion Playing Waterproof Plastic Collection

Acelion Playing Waterproof Plastic Collection

A gold foiled box. 1. Their playing cards are made of high-grade flexible plastic material, which is very smooth, easy to hold, and very durable. 2. Don't worry about smudges and wet playing cards, they are waterproof. 3. They will look brand new after being washed. 4. There are 54 cards in the deck of poker playing cards. 5. If you are unhappy with their poker cards, you can contact them for a free exchange or refund.

Brand: Acelion

👤The photos that show the product on the ad are not as good as the photos that show it in person.

👤The pack was bashed on the corners. The cards are not as bright as the images they appear on, since the images have been enhanced using computer software to make the colors a lot more vivid than they actually are. The letters and numbers are hard to see in a well lit area. The seller replied to me once, but has been ignoring my requests for a new box. There is a If you want a good deck of plastic playing cards, look elsewhere.

👤The cards were beautiful at first glance. They last longer than most cards. The card is waterproof. We do not have a card shuffler. We used to shuffle the cards manually. The set is easy to shuffle. The only thing that could have been better was the colour. The symbols are in black and white. It feels nice and it looks great.

👤My sister loves playing cards and wolves, so I gave these to her. The cards look similar to the photos. She loved them!

👤The printing on the cards is dull baby blue, not as bright blue as the cards shown in the photo's of the products description. The cards are very slippery and like to slide off of one another when shuffling, so they are more for show than I had anticipated. They might not be the best cards to play with for a long time but they will be impervious to all the dirt, grime and moist other cards get. It will take some time before I can say whether the print fades or not. Are they gift-able? Is they worth the price? I would be happy with 5 dollars, but I know things made overseas, worker compensation, and the cost of materials. I think it's a fair deal. I may have bought the wrong set of wolf playing cards since I have seen two other companies selling them for a few dollars less. A gag gift or a decent and legible deck of cards with a neat design are worth it. They are not the same color blue as seen in the photos and that is a huge bummer.

👤The cards are easy to shuffle and a bit of a conversation piece.

👤I don't usually do many reviews unless I'm very happy with the product. I am very happy with a small disappointment and some advice. To make it easier for the customer to see the cards they are playing with in low light, the maker of these cards should use a brighter color like the turquoise shown or a metallic mix. For the review. The color is not as shown in the sellers pictures. That is not the color. The sky in the fall is rich in blue. It is very pretty. It is hard to see against the background. After playing with for a week, my eyes adjusted to the shade, but still couldn't play in low light. As for the resilience? I and my family have used these cards for a couple of hours every day over the past two weeks. They are very nice. I like how easy it is to shuffle them. They are great to do card tricks with. If you are an avid card player, you know how cards can get dirty after so much use, feel nasty, and don't get me started if they wet. Oh my! These cards have no issues at all. If you accidentally eat a snack on them, they can be easily cleaned. I recommend these cards to people who don't have an issue with the colors. I will recommend them 100% if they fix this issue. It's Shalom...


What is the best product for survival playing cards waterproof?

Survival playing cards waterproof products from Bicycle. In this article about survival playing cards waterproof you can see why people choose the product. Teskyer and Integear are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival playing cards waterproof.

What are the best brands for survival playing cards waterproof?

Bicycle, Teskyer and Integear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival playing cards waterproof. Find the detail in this article. Hoyle, Bullets Playing Cards and Lotfancy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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