Best Survival Playing Cards In Tin

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1. Bicycle Standard Playing Card Pack

Bicycle Standard Playing Card Pack

Don't forget to say "UNO" when you're down to one card. Bicycle standard playing cards have a mix of red and blue. The Historic Rider Back is featured in Bicycle Standard playing cards. Each bicycle deck has a standard deck of playing cards. Great for all card games, including Poker, Canasta, Rummy, Pinochle, Euchre, Hearts, Blackjack, Go Fish, Baccarat and many more. Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish.

Brand: Bicycle

👤The standard playing cards are not the subject of this review. The front of the cards are larger so that people with vision problems can see what they are playing. The cards are regular playing cards. The recipients were very happy with the gift as there are elderly members in the family. I can't comment on whether the cards are durable or slippery. Will update if I find out from the recipients.

👤The cards were received today. The pack only has 52 cards.

👤The third box of playing cards is being worked on. Why so many? Every day of the week, my husband and I play cribbage. We play a deck of cards for three months. Bicycle is one of the two brands that I will never purchase for regular play. It's cheaper to buy them in bulk than it is to buy one deck at a time. Some decks go faster than others because we might accidentally fold a corner or get something on them that makes them impossible. We'll keep buying Bicycle as long as we can because it's a great brand.

👤The cards are great, what I expected. They arrived with a banged up red pack and a few bent cards inside. I bent them back, and I think they will be fine, but it's kind of a shame that they are on a new deck. I don't think I'll take a star away again, but I will probably get a card from a local store to make sure they're not damaged.

👤Some reviews for Bicycle Cards said that some decks were incorrect, short, double carded, etc. I matched up all the suits in all the decks. There are no problems here! They are well-made, and I needed them for playing cards with friends.

👤If you've received one pack, double check that you're in the correct one. If you click on more quantity, you'll know if you're getting one pack. If you would prefer more than one. The price for 2 packs is $5.99. There is a The first option I presented was for my personal order. I received 2 packs of cards after I clicked for 2 quantities. Hope this helps anyone. Stay safe and enjoy your card games.

👤I am surprised I like the cards as much as I do. I didn't know where to buy cards at poker night. I was aware that Amazon would have some. I picked a random pack of cards that were high quality. The cards are very sturdy and the "air cushion finish" makes them float across the table. Everyone thought I had some fancy cards because I had the official Bicycle seal. It comes with a "free app" so you can learn to play alone. I would definitely recommend them for a deck of cards.

👤The packages arrived today. I ordered Jumbo index playing cards. I should see 2 packs. I only see one pack in the box. The second one is missing. I looked at 2 packages to make sure I didn't overlook the second pack of playing cards. I read it. It indicated 2 packs. I think there should be 2 packs of playing cards.

2. Bullets Playing Cards Waterproof Professional

Bullets Playing Cards Waterproof Professional

This version of Phase 10 is great for storage. Are you an avid poker player looking for the best deck of cards? The answer is with the amazing poker playing cards, a premium deck that will help get the winning hand. Premium quality. The decks of cards are made of plastic and are easy to handle. The edges of the cards will not bend, so you can use the same two decks of cards over and over again. The level of the casino. The plastic playing cards have a smooth underside. This deck is ideal for both amateur and professional poker players because of the textured rear side. Play your best. The professional playing cards have a jumbo-sized index on two corners so you can easily recognize the community cards from any position around the table. The standard poker card set has two decks of cards with 2 clowns included. The cards can be used for Texas Holdem, but also for tricks, Skat or any other card game that you love.

Brand: Bullets Playing Cards

👤The customer service is top notch and these cards are the best. I will never buy another brand of playing cards. The story is here. I play poker with my friends after work. The cards we used to use would wear out and the corners would start peeling back. Not these cards. They fee good, fold easily, glide on the poker mat, and come with a generous guarantee. I realized that these cards are built to stand by their guarantee after seeing them survive a few adult beverages. The cards can't hold up against a puppy that likes to chew. The puppy chewed away at the diamonds for about 20 seconds, but it was too late. I contacted customer service and they replaced the cards even though they probably didn't fall within the guarantee. They sent a whole new pack of 2 decks and I only needed 3 diamonds. Superb! Excellent! Thank you for the great service! I would buy you a beer.

👤The spades group received the cards well. I bought a second set. The corners of some cards have begun to chip off. The decks were used about twice every 5 weeks. People don't bend up to see cards in spades. If they were used for that purpose, they would have broken earlier. Only a few have broken off so far, but even one makes the deck useless since people can tell what is in your hand. The cards will not break and their edges will not bend according to the description. This is not true. When the new deck starts to get broken corners in a year, I will either throw away the old deck or buy another one to use as a replacement. The price has gone from fifteen dollars to twenty dollars, putting it in the neighborhood of KEM cards. I was leaning towards tossing the deck. When I first got them, I recommended them a lot, but now I don't.

👤I love these cards and I have had several sets that I use for once a week home games. They are very nice to shuffle and deal with. The last two sets I got have not worn well. I mean the ink on the card. They have faded quickly with the black. Is it possible that the manufacturer has made changes to the ink? I have not had these issues in a long time. The current set has only been in play for a few sessions and should not be losing its shine so soon. I am curious if anyone else is having the same issues. I would like to hear what the Bullets Co. thinks about this. Cheers and cards in the air.

👤A friend called out that the weathered markings on the old casino cards were becoming easier to spot. It's time to replace them. But with what? After reading the reviews, I decided to buy a set of jumbo cards from Bullets Playing Cards. It's Bingo! These are great. What I was hoping for. All my friends asked where I got them. The Bullets cards come in their own sleeve, which makes it easier to store in the deck slots in my chip case. I like it when decks have red and blue backs, they contrast nicely with a green felt topper. The cards are flexible and crisp. They are easy to shuffle and fan out of the deck because they are not sharp. They feel like you've played with them before. The pips are clean and big. It's easy to see and understand. The red cards are deep red. It's easy to tell from the black. I don't like when red cards are bright red. The reds are easy to see. They handled the water well. One dad spilled his drink and they cleaned it off. This is a great choice if you want to upgrade your poker supplies with nicer cards. I can't wait to play with these.

3. Mattel Games Official Amazon Exclusive

Mattel Games Official Amazon Exclusive

You will get a deck of cards, including 52 playing cards and 2 Joker cards. They will give you a one year warranty and a lifetime customer service. It's easy to open the packaging that's 100% recyclable. At checkout, you can choose "Ship in Amazon packaging" for a gift-ready box. Phase 10 is a card game with a twist. The first player to complete 10 varied phases with two sets of three, one run of seven, or seven cards with the same color is the winner. Each phase is specific for a particular hand, meaning that each player must complete one phase before moving on to the next round. "Skip" and "Wild" cards add excitement. It's fun for the whole family. This version of Phase 10 is great for storage.

Brand: Mattel Games

👤When my kids were young, I got Phase 10. I've played it with kids as young as 5 years old. I play it with my grown children as well. It's fun. There are no complicated rules for learning the game. You may need to get cards in number order or a combination of both in order to reach your goal. The game can be stopped after any round without feeling like you're in the middle. I've given this as a gift many times and it's always been enjoyed. How much screen time do we really need? Family game time allows us to interact in a friendly way. It's good that Amazon has it whenever I need to buy a new toy because my local store doesn't always carry it.

👤Kids played this once. It took about 10 minutes to figure out that this was going to be the most boring game we've ever played. It's one of those games where as soon as you read the rules, you realize you made a mistake. If you are prepared to spend hours and hours playing, you should start the game. If you want to lay down any points, you need to get one of the ten "phases" in order. We played at least 30 minutes and some of us got to Phase I, while one person was still trying to get their first Phase I. It would have taken at least 5 hours to make it all the way to Phase 10. If you tried to sit down and take the fun out of Rumy, you would end up with Phase 10. It would not be a good idea.

👤The cards in this set are not very strong. They are more like little pieces of paper than playing cards. I'm not sure how long they will last. There are cards that identify the requirements for each phase. The phases are identified in words in the past, but in this set they are graphically identified. I found it odd and not user-friendly, but it must be so that the set can be sold in non-English speaking countries. The "skip" and "wild" cards have no words on them. I'm going to keep this set, but will buy another one in a different packaging to see if I can get more sturdy cards.

👤I've been playing Phase 10 for about 10 years, but I've never had a deck of my own. I saw this set for $10 and decided to buy it so we could have fun. The metal tin gives the cards a premium feel. I've read that it's difficult to see the yellow cards in low light, but we never had that issue. They did change the yellow from orange to bright yellow, but it's not hard for me and my family to see.

👤Normally, I wouldn't review something this simple, but I wanted everyone to know that the other side of the French instruction cards are in English. You can play this game with up to 6 people without running out of cards, so 4 instruction cards isn't much. How many points did someone get, who won, who started, what phase is everyone in? The game is very easy to play. You need to shuffle the cards a lot.

4. Joyoldelf Creative Playing Waterproof Cardistry

Joyoldelf Creative Playing Waterproof Cardistry

Bicycle playing cards are made in the USA and have an air-cushion finish. The deck of cards are designed with a dunmer theme, black background, white, red, blue and green pattern, and the black back of cards make them very comfortable to read. You can use these cards for a long time, they are printed on high quality plastic with a perfect look, and they are 3.5'' x 2.3'', so you can play them by left hand. If there is a smudge on the surface, you can run them under the water and it will be easy to clean. Flexible cards will make it easier to shuffle than regular cards, as they will return quickly and be easier to shuffle than regular cards. You will get a deck of cards, including 52 playing cards and 2 Joker cards. They will give you a one year warranty and a lifetime customer service.

Brand: Joyoldelf

👤It's difficult to read the cards. The writing looks better online than in person. It is difficult to deal with the cards. I haven't been able to use them.

👤Can't even play with them. You can not see what card you have unless you shine your light on them. The black on black is not functional.

👤I thought the cards would be black with a gold imprint but they are black on black and useless as you can't see what's on the cards without holding them under direct light.

👤A photo prop for a cosplay. They looked great in photos. When we were bored and had down time, we played with them. It's easy to read great cards.

👤This deck takes a lot of messing with to be able to bridge. The cards are difficult to bridge because of their thickness. The cards slide around a bit when playing on a hardwood table. The lack of static between the cards makes them easy to slide and difficult to handle. The colors of the cards are not as vibrant as they should be. They appear more vibrant in my own photos than they do in reality, and the last and darkest photo does a better job of showing their lack of vibrancy. This isn't a big deal. I was worried I'd have to rip the box to get the cards out, but it was easier than I thought. The box is not fancy and the card that explains the company is in Chinese. They are waterproof, hard to bend, flexible, and modern-looking. I expected better for the deck of cards. There are cards that come in a premium case and have 24k gold. I would raise my rating to 5 stars if the deck didn't slide around so much and the box the cards came in was not just cardboard. I have to be honest. I changed it to: The company offered me a partial refund in exchange for lying about the quality of their product and raising my review. Don't trust any reviews of this product, they might have just been paid off.

👤These are hard to read. The cards solve the problem. If you are like me and don't play cards often, and don't have people watching, then the ones with gold etchings may be for you. I didn't understand what I was buying. These cards are very difficult to make out, and easy to conceal, which is very important in a competitive game, especially when you have multiple people watching. The cards are for professionals. I wish I had the ones that I could see better, but maybe after a few good games of poker when my party's guests are unable to send a subtle signal to the person they came with because of how difficult they are to read from any given angle but your own, They don't soot my needs yet, but maybe in a future game they will be worth more than a game of 10k of poker. These are very high quality. I will not return because they have a purpose and demonstrate a new perspective on any card game. I have been cheated on cards many times, even if the crowd didn't mean it, these are the private screen protectors of many card games just like a privacy glass. There is no room for anything from perfect when you have 5k 30k. It's a good thing.

5. UNO Disney Anniversary Amazon Exclusive

UNO Disney Anniversary Amazon Exclusive

The standard poker card set has two decks of cards with 2 clowns included. The cards can be used for Texas Holdem, but also for tricks, Skat or any other card game that you love. It's easy to open the packaging that's 100% recyclable. At checkout, you can choose "Ship in Amazon packaging" for a gift-ready box. A UNO card game that comes in a collectible storage tin is the perfect way to celebrate 25 years of Pixar movie magic. The cards and tin included with this special edition are decorated with images from Pixar films of the last 25 years. The Pixar Pop Quiz is in the deck. The player who draws it can challenge any other player to name up to 5 characters, and then draw a card for each correctly. Use the tin to store the deck and take it on-the-Go or display it with a larger collection. It is a great gift for families, adult game nights and kids ages 7 years and older.

Brand: Mattel Games

👤I didn't think my niece would let me stop when I played this with her. She loved it and I did the same. Ya know a lot about Pixar, but you have to name the characters! It was a fun game.

👤UNO and Disney are related. There was only one game on the night. I think the cards were a bit flimsy. I feel like Disney could have made the designs for their UNO and Monopoly games more vibrant. That is Disney's fault and not this seller's.

👤I like the tin and the card pics. There's an extra style of Wild with instructions to quiz your teammates on Pixar movies. The instructions themselves include these instructions. You can use it as you please.

👤I'm glad I went with these because I was on the fence between these and the uno. They come in a small case that makes it easy to read the cards. Family game nights are fun.

👤I was expecting more of a variety of characters. The only good Toy Stories were not included, and the 4th edition was the worst.

👤There are cards in a tin. When I received it, it was bent. I have no complaints.

👤I give toys and games to children on the Salvation Army tree at Christmas. This is a giftable box.

👤My friend who loves uno was gifted. The card game edition is one of a kind. The game is easy to play.

👤The material of these cards is plastic. They are not cards. Not worth the money. I would have expected something that came in a special tin box to be better. I returned the product after 5 minutes. Very disappointed!

6. Ravine Crafty Cooperative Card Game

Ravine Crafty Cooperative Card Game

It's a great gift for card lovers of all ages. A party game. There are 193 casino-quality cards in this package. There are 36 laser-etched, screen printed wood health token and 1 large fire token. For 3-6 people.

Brand: Stellar Factory

👤If you want a card game that you can play with anyone, get this. This is the only card game we can play with our 5 year old and have fun with. It is always fun to play card games with your kids.

👤The cards don't get old until the point where everyone isn't familiar with it all. The game will be less enjoyable once it is familiar with any group. It will be a good game for the next group of people, if the group ever gets mixed up.

👤I wanted a game similar to Oregon Trail, so I bought this game. We tried to understand the instructions, but quickly deferred to the video which was easier to understand and then we used the instructions for reference. The first game took about 30 minutes to figure everything out. The games lasted about 15 minutes after we got the hang of it. Some of the things were weird and not really fun. We tried many times to go past 3 days. It is nearly impossible to gather enough food to build things. When you play it a few times, it gets boring because you are trying to get enough food to last to the next day, and the repeated dying puts a damper on wanting to play. It was fun to play the first two times. Unless it is a completely new group of people, I won't play it again.

👤Why are you 5 stars? 1. The playing chips are wood and come with a cloth storage bag. The box is strong. 2. It was very quick to learn. It takes about 2 minutes to learn to play. 3. It was fun to play. This game has a tight mechanics and makes for a fun game of chance and strategy.

👤The Ravine is easy to set up. The madness cards are good for a laugh, and the rules fit the theme. The components are of good quality. It has nice wooden token and good quality cards. It has a small canvas bag with it. I was thinking about giving this game four or five stars. The game is solid, but I think the novelty of the madness cards will wear off and the game will fall to four stars.

👤I got this for my nine year old's birthday and it was a long one. This is a family favorite. It is fun, fast, cooperative and even little sister is engaged and understands what is going on. We have played it four times and lost once. I think we will be playing this for a long time. Themadness cards are entertaining, but a little hard for the prereaders, as the rating is set to ten years, not five. Please make more games like this. We will probably be giving this to someone.

👤This is a fun game and has been covered in the other reviews. There's a chance of both winning and losing every time you play, and it has great cooperative action. Some of the cards make no sense or are ambiguous, so you have to develop a list of house rules. Do you mean the "permanent" shelter of the cave when you say "all shelter is destroyed"? The card should say "all non-permanent shelter is destroyed". Most of the madness cards have dumb directions like "this player has to have their eyes covered for the rest of the game" which makes play impossible. We don't pay attention to these cards. If you are playing with someone who is a real stickler for rules, this could be frustrating. It is nearly impossible to raise someone from the dead. The modifications are necessary, but it is fun. My kids love it.

7. ACELION Waterproof Playing Plastic Diamond

ACELION Waterproof Playing Plastic Diamond

Poker, pinochle, euchre, bridge, hearts, Solitaire, blackjack, rummy, gin rummy, baccarat, canasta, go fish, and any other card game you can think of can be played with these playing cards. 1. Their playing cards are made of high-grade flexible plastic material, which is very smooth, easy to hold, and very durable. 2. Don't worry about smudges and wet playing cards, they are waterproof. 3. They will look brand new after being washed. 4. There are 54 cards in the deck of poker playing cards. 5. If you are unhappy with their poker cards, you can contact them for a free exchange or refund.

Brand: Acelion

👤The gold and silver print on the face is very cool, the backs have a neat textured design, and the product looks really good. They're terrible when playing cards. You have to shuffle them because they're very slippery. The normal rules of physics don't apply because these cards are made of dark matter. The deck of cards will explode if you drop them. A fun game with these cards is to give a deck to each person at a party, with a cash prize going to whoever has all his cards at the end.

👤I met some romanians in an alley and bought these cards to play a high stakes texas hold em game. The night ended with a maxed out credit card, missing eye, and a missing kidneys.

👤Don't buy them! They are very slippery. I couldn't get a good grip on them and when I finally got them out, they went flying everywhere. The cards slip around when you hold them. Worthless. I will return them!

👤They look cool, but they are slippery. They can explode all over the place when you're shuffling, and when you're dealing they will fly off the end of the table easily. I plan to use them on our boat, but I prefer the regular paper cards around the house.

👤The reflections, contrast and small details look great, but they slide too easily. I thought these would play the same as the other plastic cards I have. They don't. Setting down the whole deck of cards requires extra care because there is almost no contact between the cards. They look very cool. There is a lot of small details on the cards, and the reflection is nice.

👤I use these on the water. The cards are really nice. They are waterproof and flexible for shuffling. Kids would love these since they can be wiped clean. They are very nice looking for cards. They are easy to read. I like the black cards but a world series poker player wouldn't like the fact that they are black instead of white. I like the color of them. It is worth the price.

👤My boyfriend will love them.

👤These are great for playing cards outdoors in humid conditions. They are easy to wash and shuffle, they don't have a memory like paper cards, and the corners don't peel, so they stay upright. If you play cards on an outdoor patio or other area that isn't ideal for paper products, this is a good purchase.

👤Good quality cards!

👤I loved this deck. The quality is amazing. It is waterproof and very hard to tear, I love the design and my favorite card was the queen of diamonds. You should buy this because of the incredible value for money.

👤The box that holds the cards is a card. It looks good to ignore.

👤Exactly like the description. He is very pleased with the way they look.

👤The cards move on top of each other, which is really annoying.

8. Playing Waterproof Plastic Printed Orange

Playing Waterproof Plastic Printed Orange

The deck contains 52 suited cards and 2 jokers, great for Poker, Blackjack, Pinochle or any other cards games. The service life is times better than the paper made playing cards because of the high quality of the material. It's very easy to shuffle and clean because they have good toughness that keeps their playing cards in a smooth and flat condition. Jumbo index is a playing card that has large-sized letters and numbers that help players see what cards they have. Each deck contains 52 suited cards and 2 jokers. They will spare no efforts to make you satisfied, so please feel free to contact them if you have a problem.

Brand: Teskyer

👤I bought a pack of the Teskyer playing cards. I wanted to try them out to see if they were the same quality as the Da Vinci cards I usually buy. This seemed like a good value at half the price of other brands, at $4 per deck. The reviews on Amazon were positive with some negative ones. I was positive. The cards were delivered on time. The cards are the correct poker size, about 2.5” x 3.5” as described, and I just opened one of the decks and measured them. The print is called the jumbo print. They are plastic, as opposed to non- plastic that wears faster. So far, so good. I looked at the backs of the cards. The backs of the cards need to be the same color, patter, and design in order to be uniform. I held each card arm from my face for a second. If I didn't notice a mark, it went in the good stack. The bad stack was where the marking went if I noticed it. There are 52 cards in the deck. You will not notice unless you look at the card, and they are not huge marks that cover the entire card, which you could see out of the corner of your eye. The marks are either a white or black dot. It's unacceptable to have any marked card in the deck. I haven't played the deck yet to see how it holds up. I haven't contacted the seller yet. If you are playing a game with friends and family, these cards might be nice. If you plan to play poker or another card game with money, these are not the cards to use. The entire deck is worthless if a single card is marked and there is a bend in the corner. I will not buy this brand in the future.

👤My family has played a lot of card games with these, and I have had them for a couple months. They feel like traditional cards. They are closer than some others, but they won't fool you. Plastic cards are not going to cut it if you are into cardistry. They are good for shuffles. They are nice for regular shuffles. You're not going to be able to pull off the more complex moves. I can't. They have added benefit of being able to be cleaned, in addition to being more like paper cards. My son plays cards and sometimes eats. If he can get something on these, it will be easy to clean and return to the deck. The images on the cards are very clear. Some companies that make plastic cards don't think customers care about the difference between a Jack and a King. Teskyer took a more traditional approach. It looks good. The boxes would be the only criticism I would give. The boxes are cheap. The paper on the boxes is good for now, but I think the cards are going to last a long time. I still like the cards.

9. Decorative Sequencing Family Players Exclusive

Decorative Sequencing Family Players Exclusive

There are 3 playing card decks, 2 Bicycle playing card decks and a bonus deck of playing cards. It's easy to open the packaging that's 100% recyclable. At checkout, you can choose "Ship in Amazon packaging" for a gift-ready box. This special edition of Skip-Bo, the ultimate sequencing card game, comes within a decorative storage tin, so you can keep your game closet organized. This game requires skill and strategy, along with a bit of luck, to create sequence of cards in ascending order. Skip-Bo wild cards can be used to add twists to game play. The first player to use all the cards wins. It's a great gift for card lovers of all ages.

Brand: Mattel Games

👤SkipBo is a favorite game around here. I didn't have to use rubber bands to hold it together because I bought it in a tin. The tin is bigger than a box. There are three spots for each pile in the holder. The game is a lot more bulky to store now that the tin is more fitted.

👤My parents and their friends loved this game. It's easy to learn and keep the mind sharp. I bought Skip. It was always well received, no a few times as gifts. The challenge is fun for all ages. It's very easy to play, you just need to know how to count. I enjoy playing, Skip Bo. It's great to play as a team. It's a great way to pass time with friends. Highly recommended for all ages.

👤Since it is essentially three decks of cards, it is not fun to store. It is easy to find this card set on the shelf, it is just for the tin.

👤The metal box is a must and worth the extra money; the cardboard boxes eventually fall apart leaving a gal with no storage and torn or lost cards.

👤There is a card game in a tin. The game is easy to play and learn. Play 3-6 people. I think that 2 are the best. I think that is correct.

👤The game was ordered with a storage box. The game costs double of what is paid. The first one was crushed so the box wouldn't shut. Returned. The inside storage trays were falling apart when the second box came. Do not pay more for a flimsy box. What about the game itself? Love it.

👤The tin makes this game perfect for traveling. Great addition to our collection.

👤This is my favorite game. It's easy to teach and strategy is involved. Everyone I show it to buys it. It's great for all ages.

👤Le contenant soit en métal l'intérieur ou placer les cartes était brisé d'un cté.

👤We love the game. Two houses were delivered away. Thank you for great neighbours.

👤Jeu pour le petits, facile jouer, pour le grands.

👤I enjoy the game. The tin is useful, but the insert that holds the cards was made of cheap plastic. I will use elastics for the cards. The box will hold the cards better if you really want the tin.

👤2 et plus, passe-temps. jouer pour tout le monde!

10. Family Sturdy Storage Travel Friendly Exclusive

Family Sturdy Storage Travel Friendly Exclusive

Usually orders are shipped the next business day. UNO is a card game that is fun to play and easy to learn. In a race to deplete your hand, match one of your cards with the current card shown on top of the deck by either color or number. Skips, Reverses, Draw Twos and color-changing Wild cards are action cards that can be used to defeat your competition. Don't forget to shout "UNO!" when you're down to one card. The card game is perfect for adults, teens and kids. UNO Tin has 112 cards and instructions in a sturdy tin that's great for storage and travel.

Brand: Mattel Games

👤Too much plastic inside. The product could be much smaller and more portable but they decided to add a giant plastic insert. I was looking for a replacement for the cardboard box that fell apart quickly, I like pack Uno with me when I travel. Looks like I have to make my own.

👤We got this because we wanted a nice tin to keep the cards in and the box looked horrible, but we received a broken and bent tin box, the box was perfectly fine, but the product looked horrible, I also have photos but not sure how.

👤The cards were made with wild, yellow and red cards. There were no blue and green cards.

👤They asked to be taken home when visiting.

👤I would buy this set for myself and my friends and family. The tin that holds the cards and manual is very nice. It takes a little more space than the original cardboard box, but it is worth it. It's light and protects the cards if you drop the pack or spill something onto it. I had the exact amount of cards for each color and special as claimed, and I also counted all the cards that it came with. It's UNO, besides that. Who doesn't like UNO?

👤My kids and grand kids loved this game. At times it gets very intense. We play together. So, so much better than Candyland and Sorry! When the Monopoly board comes out, I immediately ask if they saw the UNO game. I don't know about the re-design and the new card that requires a re-deal. What does that card mean? "Not sure what happened to the instructions?" I hate the new design of this card.

👤I've played with these a few times, and so far, it's a good set. The cards don't bend easily, they aren't sticking together, and they feel nice. If there is a problem with the card tray, get one. There are blank cards that you can use to make your own, and they include some suggestions that I can see being fun or entertaining to those watching. I don't have my own cards yet, but I think permanent markers should work.

👤It is an investment if you get the tin and keep the cards well stored. We lost game cards when we bought flimsy cardboard boxes. The metal tin is better.

👤La verdad el estuche se ve de lujo. Nos hemos pasado, me trae recuerdos. Muy buen producto.

👤No dice, no original, no nivel, no por el nivel de calidad, hay quien dice. Las cartas tienen hechas, resistentes, impresas, and buenos colores. Y yo tienes una presentacin, quien tiene un buen detalle.

👤Pour la famille, a chalet ou camping. I am contente, soit en métal garde. Feuillet en Franais.

👤It is ideal to have 10 integrantes, because they are ideal para pasar el rato en familia. La lata est una perfecta, perfectamente las cartas, adems. Para escribir en ellos la regla, haciendo el juego ms dinmico.

11. Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

Hoyle Waterproof Clear Playing Cards

There are 160 challenge cards, 80 betting token, 10 cups, 5 balls, 4 dice, and a tape measure. Clear is more fun. The face cards are visible even though the cards are clear. It's easy to shuffle. It's waterproof and perfect to take to the beach, pool, or camping. The playing card size is standard. Premium clear plastic card stock is printed on.

Brand: Hoyle

👤I work in an assisted living facility. My people were locked up like animals and not allowed to see family or have much contact with the people they shared the common areas with after the hit. When we got word that they could play cards again, our activity person told people that they could only play four cards at a table with masks and hand sanitizer. They couldn't have drinking or eating at the table. These fit the bill because she wanted something that could be washed after playing. She ordered one set. We have a lot of card players so I ordered 3 more decks. If I could, I would give this product 100 stars. I would like to thank you for making a great product.

👤These cards are a hit. The kids are getting a lot of exercise because we have had so much fun for $6. Throw them in the pool and have a race to get 10 hearts, all even numbers, and numbers that are divisible by 3, etc. You can only put the numbered cards into the pool if you want to have the kids race to bring back cards that make an equation to make a number. The kids love this. You can only get one of the numbers if you have an equation with at least 3, 4 or 5 cards. For example, no 2x2. If I'm feeling like a softie, we'll include the Aces to use as ones. That makes it so easy. More or less cards are thrown in. We tend to do one suit per person playing but including more would make it easier to find that one card you are looking for. It has been fun to see the equations they come back with. They want us to do this. They are working on quick math recall and simple equations. The ink on the cards is starting to wear off in some places, but we've already used them so much we don't even care. They have been worth the price for what we've used them for. It's cheaper than a math book. They are stiff when out of the package, but loosen up and become more fun to play with outside of the water, as other reviewers have already stated. These are more plastic than paper so will feel different.

👤The reviews for this deck have been going on for a while. I found many of them to be false after reading through them. The cards I received did not have bubbles or scratches on them. The look of the cards is pretty cool. The individual cards are not fully transparent. If you fan the deck in a smooth way, you will see a mirror effect. The box reminds me of 90s pencil holders. I agree with the review that it would be nice if these cards had a little bit of noticable texture. Card flicking is the worst thing I have ever experienced. A friend of mine can stick traditional cards into some surfaces with a flick of a wrist. I have been jealous of his skills. I flick the cards at the wall. One of them shatters. Not the intended use of a card... You have trade offs. Regular cards can be ruined by improper use just as easily as these cards can. The product is cool and the material is not worse than standard cards.


What is the best product for survival playing cards in tin?

Survival playing cards in tin products from Bicycle. In this article about survival playing cards in tin you can see why people choose the product. Bullets Playing Cards and Mattel Games are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival playing cards in tin.

What are the best brands for survival playing cards in tin?

Bicycle, Bullets Playing Cards and Mattel Games are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival playing cards in tin. Find the detail in this article. Joyoldelf, Stellar Factory and Acelion are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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