Best Survival Pen with Knife

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1. Tactical Pen Emergency Survival Military

Tactical Pen Emergency Survival Military

The perfect gift is a pipette. The universal hand saw is ideal for many different wild situations and has a portable pocket size. It's a great gift for hikers, campers, hunters, and any other outdoors person. BadASS SELF DEFENSE WEAPON THAT The REBEL tactical pen writes smoothly and evenly and appears harmless until it is deployed like a kubotan. The glass breaking tip is powerful. The ink pen has 2 ink cartridges. It is compatible with Atomic Bear ink refill. It is made for the long hose. The quality and balance of the pen is apparent. It is strong enough to handle the unexpected. Military grade aluminum body and glass-breaker tip. It is lightweight and durable. The thumb rest makes the grip great. If the day takes a turn, add this edc pen to your gear. The self defense pen and free video training give you the extra layer of security you need to pass the security checkpoint. Why should I trust the animal? They serve you with the products you need. Their products get better ratings because of their commitment to high quality. The metal pen is very nice. They offer a risk-free LIFETIME satisfaction guarantee. You'll be glad you have it, whether you use it as a part of your army gear or as your favorite luxury pen.

Brand: The Atomic Bear

👤Nicolas K's review will be repeated. Like the way the pen writes. It feels good in my hand and has a good weight. There is a big draw back. The cap on the pen isn't secure. It is difficult to write with the pen cap on top and a hassle to keep track of the cap while you are mobile, which is what this pen is meant for. This is a dealbreaker for me. I wouldn't buy the pen again. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen - Self Defense Pen and Window Breaker with Free Pouch and 2nd Ink refill is a good and inexpensive tactical pen. A person named Rich A.

👤The pen from the Rebel is great. It doesn't look like a tactical pen and that's its greatest asset in being unnoticed... It will be devastating when combined with a hammerfist. I have written with the regular pen and it works well. I ordered 2 more Rebel pens based on what I saw in the first one. I'm giving my wife a tactical pen since it doesn't look like it's going to work. Even responding to a fire can be dangerous and deadly. Again, thank you Atomic Bear.

👤It's a nice looking pen. The clip has gotten loose. I can't bend the clip back tighter with the retaining cap off. It's hard to write with it. The balance of the pen could be improved if there was a way to attach the cap. If you have a loose cap, you can either put it in your pocket or set it down and forget. It was similar to the shape and color, but it would have been better if there had been more attention to the functions.

👤The good first. This pen is nice. It looks good. It looks good in the pocket when closed. It feels solid. The pocket clip is stout and doesn't bend easily. It writes well, though I don't put a lot of points on that issue as writing performance is easily changed with refill for tactical pens being readily available. The pen is hard to hold in a tactical position. It's smooth sides allow it to move in one's hand. The cap is the biggest concern. It's held in place by being screwed on. That's nice. There is no way to hold the cap on the pen. It isn't made to sit on the other end. It slips off without much effort if you try. It's not useful for a pen of everyday use. You need a way to attach the cap. It is inconvenient to place the cap down and have to keep track of it until it is put back in place. The materials are nice looking, but falls short of being an everyday use product with its cap problems.

👤I like the look of this pen. Solid all metal construction with some o-rings. The rings provide resistance to the threaded together parts. A pocket-clip is on the cap. The pen is almost gone when clipped in. This could be pro and cons at the same time. It's nice and hidden, but it slows down access. It would be nice to allow a quarter inch or so above the pocket line. The insert is on one end. It definitely works on a piece of glass. As for writing. It hurts. The ink was dead in about one page. Get yourself some quality refill. I'm still happy with this purchase.

2. Tactical Pen Emergency Capacitive Cartridges

Tactical Pen Emergency Capacitive Cartridges

We are committed to providing their customers with the necessary tools to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. They take the quality and durability of their tactical and personal defense equipment very seriously. If you don't like your window breaker pen, simply reach out and they will make it right. A new defense pen has a ballpoint pen, self defense weapon, glass breaker, and touch screen stylus. Tough as nails is an aluminum body, hard glass breaker tip and mesh stylus. It's a great edc pen because it's shorter than most tactical pens, cap doesn't come off and clicks on back are sturdy. Their entire pen line has a lifetime warranty. You can take their online tactical pen defense class for free with your pen purchase.

Brand: The Atomic Bear

👤The pen is strong. It writes with no problems. There are two design flaws that could be improved. The tip of the "breaking glass" should have a screw on top or cover so it won't poke me when I carry it. There are two more The stylus is not very effective, I have to hold it down or poke it with my bare hands for it to work. If the stylus has a screw on top or cover, it will keep it clean when carried in a pocket. I like this pen and hope that the makers can improve it by offering constructive criticism. I just ordered another one of their pens, The Rebel, and I'm looking forward to trying it. I think that this Atomic Bear brand of pen supports what I think.

👤The company sent me a replacement pen less than 48 hours after the first one was stolen, which is great. I was contacted to see how I liked my pen. I said I liked it and someone else did the same. They were chatting with me on line when I bought it on Veterans Day. The pen is great. Solid, functional and nice looking. I am sure it is up to the task if I ever have to use it in self defense. I will buy from this company again and recommend it to others as well.

👤I had never thought to have a multi-tool, but I think it is useful. The pen is probably the most useful part of the tool. I don't know how quickly the ink is used up yet, but I think it's nice that pen refill come with it. The pen cap screws onto the tool, which is a minor annoyance, but it makes more sense in terms of design and safety. I'm not able to get the cap part of the pen to click on the other end of the tool while I'm using it, and this is a mild irritation. It's nice to use the stylus in the winter because it's larger and softer than a finger tip. I've never tried breaking a glass with this multi-tool, but I can see how useful it would be to always have it on hand, especially if it's attached to an item that has otherwise everyday use. It doesn't feel like it will cause problems being too sharp or pokey because the tip is broad.

👤The stylus was the main reason I bought this item. I wanted something that I could keep in my pocket so I wouldn't have to touch the screens with my fingers. I am certain the clip on the basic stylus wouldn't hold up. This item works well for this purpose. It's a different matter using as pen. The pen tip is covered with a threaded cap. The pen has other, more demanding uses such as breaking glass or as a cranial perforator, so this is a great feature. You need to remove the cap to use this item as a pen. The cap should be placed at the tail end of the pen. The small o-ring on this end is supposed to hold the cap in place, but it doesn't hold the cap very well. You will end up bumping it on something and it will fall off. I wish I had purchased a brand that had the cap threaded on to the tail end or the pen tip twisted up.

3. Polaland Survival Emergency Equitment Boyfriend

Polaland Survival Emergency Equitment Boyfriend

It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. If you don't like your flashlight, return it for a full refund. 40 backpacking in 1 emergency survival kit is a versatile use. The survival gear includes a wire saw, fire starter, 5-in-1 survival bracelet, tactical pen, saber card, emergency blanket, whistle, flashlight, mini flashlight, water bottle clip, umbrella rope, carabiner, phillips and flathead screwdriver drill bit. Includes 1x wound pad, 4x alcohol pad, 4x lodine prep pad, 10x bandage, 1x medical tape, 1x PBT bandage and 3x forehead paste. The portable case can be placed in a backpack and car. Birthday and Farther's Day are ideal for a unique gift for yourself, family, friends, father and son. Enjoy the adventure and be safe.

Brand: Polaland

👤All in one survival kit. It has all the basic essentials to keep you going. The medical kit is nice. All in a small case. Everything else is a great bonus at this price.

👤This was bought for the "bug out bag" for each car. It was a great price, contains a lot of items, and comes in a handy storage case.

👤The case is small and there is no way to organize the contents making it hard to close.

👤The camper in you has a nice set.

👤I gave it to my son-in-law for a Christmas gift, but the knife broke in a flashlight.

👤The knife quality is poor.

👤All in one case. It is easy to transport.

4. Schrade SCPENBK Refillable Screw Off Protection

Schrade SCPENBK Refillable Screw Off Protection

Extra weight is ideal to be used in tremor hands, excellent writing aid for elderly, arthritic carpal tunnel, parkinson's and other people who need a heavy duty pen. The overall length and weight of the items are 5.7 inches and 1.5 ounces. It isdurable: The pen is made of aluminum. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of the pocket clip and screw-off top. When not in use, have confidence that this tool will blend in. The pen can be reloaded with the P900Parker Style Black Ball Point Cartridges.

Brand: Schrade

👤I decided to buy this one from Schrade after much consideration. The one seemed to hit all the check marks. The fit and finish is very good now that I have it. I didn't find any issues with the edges and everything seemed to fit together. It doesn't look like it's overly tactical. It's a nice metal pen. This can definitely be used as a compliance device. The end has a nice point and the cap is flat. One of the main reasons to get a pen like this is the fact that it comes with a Fisher Space Pen ink cartridge in the event that you need to write with it in a less than ideal situation. I think this should be included in the stock ink cartridge even if it increased in cost. The Fisher Space Pen SPR4 is compatible with this pen. They come with an accessory that slides on the end to make them the same as a refill.

👤This is a good tool. The emphasis is on the tool. It is light weight and writes well. I wanted a non lethal option as certain situations wouldn't justify lethal options. I have not had a problem with the clip or cap. It will wear over time. It doesn't draw attention because it's obscure. It is dull enough to jab someone without puncturing but sharp enough to break a window. I didn't like the other options as they created a stab risk. Close contact with blood is what that means. Anything that has a sharp point could be considered lethal. It has a flat back that allows the thumb to drive the pen. You won't get the power behind or risk hurting yourself if many are pointed on both. This is a tool that can be used in defence. Don't play with the cap constantly and you won't risk it coming loose, the pen is a bonus. This is not a daily use pen. If you forgot a pen, it should be used for emergency purposes. You can train with it as well.

👤I lost my pen a couple of weeks ago and wanted to replace it. I'm very happy that I found the Schrade tactical pen. It's a third of the cost but I believe it's a better pen. One of the reasons is that it's a little larger in diameter making it much easier to hold and write with, and it's also lighter, so it doesn't look like a tactical pen, especially when you have the cap attached to the back side of the pen. One of the biggest reasons I liked it was that it didn't have the push open and close button on the pen. The nice flat top of the Schrade allows your thumb to get perfect placement for applying any type of pressure. I switched out the space pen refill that came with the pen because it was just right, but now I think it's my new favorite tactical pen.

👤I have owned this pen for several months. I don't think of it as a tactical item, but I think of it as an essential item for an Every Day Carry. I swapped out the original cartridge for a Fisher Space Pen refill because it was quick and easy. The pen is very sturdy and has a tight clip. I know it was risky, but I have not had any problems with airport security or the pen in my backpack. I have included a picture of the most use this pen has gotten so far, and that was when I went to a mall, and most of the stall locks were broken, and the door was too far away to just hold shut, and I was able to use this pen as a makeshift If you are looking for a pen that is strong, look no further. It is high enough to grab when you need it. The pen is non threatening and very discreet, unlike other "tactical" pens. This pen is great for the business man. The cons are now on. The pen has two cons. The finish rubs off quickly. The finish has rubbed off in my pocket against my pocket knife and I have attached a photo that shows it. I have not experienced any issues since I moved my pocket knife to the other side. This doesn't affect the pen's design. I have to struggle because the pen either twists off its cap in my pocket or it doesn't come uncapped when I need it. This could be solved with a little bit of lube. I took off one star for these two things.

5. Tactical Christmas Anniversary Boyfriend Emergency

Tactical Christmas Anniversary Boyfriend Emergency

Two-in-one nylon sheath with shoulder strap houses both swords; it's easy to fit across your back. Do you have any ideas for gifts for your husband, father, boyfriend, brother, or yourself? The tactical pen is the best gift for a lady. It can bring them more convenience to work from home, in the field, or daily driving. It can be used to ask for help when someone is in danger. The pencil is set for men. It is a very sturdy tactical compact pen. You will find: a multi-functional head, fire starter, emergency whistle, premium glass breaking head, compass, and great writing ballpoint pen. The gift box has a tactical pen, multi-tool card, greeting card and extra ink. Their tool is in a pocket. They don't always remember to carry multi-functional tool products with them. This is a great addition to your survival gear when you are facing a dangerous situation. Carry it in a pocket, briefcase, laptop bag, or both. For children, women and older people, whistling loudly can help to escape in an emergency. The aircraft is made of aluminum. The thumb grip is the optimal way to fully transfer power to the target. Won't break. It won't rust. Even if you accidentally drop in water, the pen still can write. There is no problem with leaking. There are unique stocking stuffers gifts for men. The best christmas gifts are their items. Also makes a great christmas stocking stuffer, birthday gifts, fathers day gifts, graduation gifts, anniversary present or just because! Husband christmas gifts from your wife are very special.

Brand: Misuki

👤I bought this because my family and I always need a small tool and we can't find the small parts around the house. It's very inconvenient to have a toddler. When we got the tactical pen and wallet insert, we were able to quickly and efficiently fix everything from screws in appliances to changing the batteries in our daughter's toys, all with one tool and not having to look for multiple things. The package is a normal shipping box, but when it is opened you will find a black box. There is a love note and two tools in the box. The box has a wallet insert and a tactical pen. There are a variety of solutions to everyday issues. If you keep the pen on your person, you will always have what you need. It has a whistle to sound an alarm, a compass if you are lost, a glass breaker if you are in your car, and many other options. If the ink runs out, there are extra ink cartridges. When you disassemble the product, make sure you get it back together. My family is very satisfied with this product because it has saved them time and money.

👤The size of this device is small and can fit in my car. I have it in my glove compartment and it doesn't take up a lot of space. There are so many tools in this device. I've tried out the pen and it works great. It is dark enough that you can read it. I thought it wouldn't work or be a cheap pen. It's definitely not. When you have a difficult cap, the bottle opener works. The point on the tip is not long enough to cut you. The size of this tool is just a little thicker than a cheap pen and has already come in handy during several camping and hiking trips.

👤Great gift idea! I got this for my brother-in-law for Christmas and it was in a gorgeous black box. I am sure he will love it, it is very high-quality and well-made. It has everything you could possibly need for the outdoors, and it's so small you can take it with you anywhere. I'm very happy with my purchase and I might get one for my husband as well.

👤This thing is more than I expected. The build quality is better than I expected. You get different items by spinning different areas in the pen. I thought the compass wasn't working, but it's because you need to have the pen standing vertically. The fire starter is the only part I have not tried out, but I think it will work. This comes with a tool square thing. It is small enough to fit in a wallet, but not sure what it is called. It's very loud when you blow that whistle. It leaves a ringing in my ear when I use it and I haven't been brave enough to blow harder.

👤My boyfriend had to use the card to open the wall outlet because it got yanked out. It's not a good idea to use a screwdriver that way, but everything seems to work. I'll add on if there's something. I give it a personal rating of only 9.8 because I don't like the card attachment and there's a blade on the edge that you can easily cut yourself on. It's a nice thing to keep in your vehicle for emergencies.

6. Tactical Flashlight Stocking Christmas Boyfriend

Tactical Flashlight Stocking Christmas Boyfriend

We aim to provide high-quality products and bring better customer service for their customers. They are always here to service you if you have any issues with their products. The tactical pen is the best gift for fathers day. Their tactical pen is lightweight and portable, it can be used for a variety of purposes, from work to field to daily driving. Gifts for men and dads are cool and unique. There are stockings gifts for men. The tactical pen is the best gift for him. Give your dad a husband gift that he will love. The Ballpoint Ink Pen with Light is a portable pen that can be used to open bottle and flash light with a key tool. The Tactical Pen Glass Breaker has a flaslight with high beam and strobe modes, which is very bright, durable and reliable, it comes with 3 batteries, more than one refill for you, and more than one pen. If you have any questions or concerns about their product, please do not hesitate to contact them, they are always here to service you.

Brand: Df17hgv

7. Smith Wesson Resistant Self Defense Emergency

Smith Wesson Resistant Self Defense Emergency

You can take their online tactical pen defense class for free with your pen purchase. 30-hour run time, 5.85” overall length and weighs 1.7oz. There is good fortune. The penlight runs off 2xAAA batteries. It isdurable: The drop from up to 1 meter is possible. The flashlight is easy to use and has a pointed end.

Brand: Smith & Wesson

👤I expected to be very happy with this item, however the execution fails... The entire process of turning the top off is not functional. This item is supposed to be strong. The light has to stay on in order for it to be strong and tight. I don't like the design and feel that if it's in a bag it could fall apart. It's tight and ready to be used for defense or glass break. I guess I will keep it. It's not something I would recommend due to the design mechanics. The light is bright, but not sure if it's as bright as they claim. The design of it has turned it on inside my bag twice.

👤You have to remove the body of the thing to prevent contact with the batteries. That is not a switch. If you do this, it will make contact again if pressure is applied, so collect pocket lint inside and sometimes open your pocket. The batteries made contact again when I applied pressure to either end, and the light turned on. If you plan on keeping this in a pocket, you should prepare for dead batteries and constant light flashing. The metal is decent quality. They could have marketed this as an emergency glass break tool and left the light out. What a waste of money. I would have returned it if the packaging wasn't necessary to open it. Buy yourself a small flashlight.

👤The product arrived broken. The lower section of this is incapable of being used properly. I was able to thread the lower with super glue. I use the upper portion to turn on and off the light. I was not happy with Smith & Wesson.

👤Even though it looks like a tactical pen, it is not a pen. The reason for the rating is not related to that. I give it two stars because you would be better off buying a tactical light. The use of the penlight is more awkward than most handheld tactical lights. You can turn on the light by twisting or holding the clip. The holding down on the clip method only works if the pen is close to being twisted on. It's not very comfortable to press the clip. Just buy a flashlight.

👤There is no writing pen in it. There is no on/off option. To turn off the light, you have to remove the pen that is inside the circuit. The light stopped working after one day. The pen is too large to fit in a shirt pocket. I returned the pen to Amazon.

👤The principle behind the design of the lighting mechanism is fundamentally flawed, so this is not a five-star review. You have to turn on the light. There is no mechanism in place to maintain them reliably. The effect is that the bulb can still be switched on even after you have switched it off. The whole item becomes unstable when it is in the "off" position. This design flaw has a Minus 1 star. The product was made and supplied with a flaw. The best I have ever owned.

8. Schrade SCPEN4BK Aluminum Refillable Tactical

Schrade SCPEN4BK Aluminum Refillable Tactical

The pen can be reloaded with the P900Parker Style Black Ball Point Cartridges. The overall length is 15 cm and the weight is 1.7 ounces. It isdurable: The pen is made of aluminum. It's permissible. It's ideal for everyday carry because of the pocket clip and screw-off top. Have confidence that this tool will perform in an emergency situation with its defensive end point/glass break, whistle cap, and ferro rod with strikers plate. Refillable: Black Starminen Fine Point D1 Pen Cartridges can be used to refill the pen.

Brand: Schrade

👤I would like to use this pen. The quality and function of the product suffer when you combine too many functions into a single product. Schrade products are generally cheaper than other brands, but I think of them as a quality brand. There is a If I'd been in a survival situation, poor construction quality and or design would have made it nearly impossible to use effectively. I was lucky to find it again after it fell out and got lost, the strikers tip works well, but it's a tiny piece that's threaded into the pen and I've already had it fall out and get lost. It seems like a very poor design if you don't glue the thing in and then rip the glue off in an emergency. I wouldn't rely on this thing as it is because it has no tip and you could find yourself trapped in a car if you pulled this out. The pen is a little heavy, the anodizing is already removed where it rubs against other items. It feels pretty solid, even though it would hurt a lot, because you have a less than sharply tapered end for self defense. The whistle side is large and flat, just the right size to put your thumb on for leverage. I don't think you would want the pen end for self defense, but you can un-thread and swap the cap on the pen to the other side, which will give you a sharper point to the pen. It takes a couple of moments to un-thread and flip and it's a bit awkward being so big around. If I can't find a pen, I just grab another one. I like the idea. I like the pen. There are some major flaws.

👤This is a great tactical pen and survival tool, but it has a few issues. The quality of the build appears great. Very strong. The writing quality is average, but it is still good, and it could be improved by putting in a different ink insert with a better ball surface. I have large hands, and the large pen body fits in nicely, but may become tiring for extended writing, which I never do. The main pen cap seems to be secure. The solid body would make a decent kubotan, although it is not perfectly shaped for that use, and the pocket clip can interfere. It would be great for use as a force multipliers. The pen would be more obviously a weapon if there were some crenelations or "DNA catchers". The survival essentials are in a compact package. The design of the sparker is clever. The ferro rod is visible when you remove the pen tail. The very tip of the tail can be removed. You can use the thread on the outside of the tip as a handle for the ferro rod if you reverse the tip from the pen. The ferro rod was throwing very nicely sized sparks after being coated with a coating. Those that had trouble getting sparks didn't get the coating removed, or were trying to strike without putting the strikers back into the handle, which is too small to get good leverage. The clever threads on the outside tip of the pen are a tad sharp, and while I was fiddling with it, I cut my thumb. I had to use my multi-tool plier to get the tip off because it was very tightly held by that tip. It hurts to grip tightly to be able to twist it off. The ferro rod is housed in a pen that may be able to be used to aid in the building of a fire. There are 3 places on the pen that are not connected, and they use a set of clockwise and counterclockwise threading. I think this is a minor issue, as the pen is going to be rarely used and will stay in my coat pocket until needed, and a few seconds of fiddling with the threads will not be a major issue. The whistle on the pen cap is loud, but not as loud as a survival howler, but still very useful. The cap should be removed from the pen for a louder sound. If you prefer to leave the pen uncapped, the cap can be screwed onto the back of the pen.

9. Survival Fishing Starter Whistle Emergency

Survival Fishing Starter Whistle Emergency

Brand new and original! The multitool survival gear contains a fire starter, fishing tool, survival knife, flint stone, compass, whistle, glass breaker, bottle opener, and paracord. It is easy to carry, and it is a good choice for hiking or camping. There are idea tools for outdoor activities. The material for extream strength is aircraft grade aluminum. The waterproof design makes the product perfect for camping and hunting. The glass breaker can be used as a self-defense weapon to ensure your safety in an emergency. The light and compact design tool can be easily taken in a backpack, pocket or car during your trip of hiking and camping. Gift box packing is cool and unusual. Surprise your dad, mom or anyone you want with this gift. It is the best birthday gift for men, for fathers, for husbands, for boyfriends, and for women. Quality and customer satisfaction are always their top priorities. If you are dissatisfied with this product, you can return it or get a refund.

Brand: Guangzhou Jasmine E-commerce Limited Company

👤I came across this one and thought I would give it a try. I was surprised that it was well made. The rubber gasket on the connecting tubes will keep it dry if you drop it in mud or water. The compass is not moving. It does its job. The knife is sharp. The glass breaker works. I would suggest putting a heavier line on the fishing attachment and putting a few more hooks in the storage compartment. All in all it is worth the money.

👤My father liked it. I was disappointed in something. My dad was ok with it, but he won't be able to use it right without instructions. I liked the look and feel. The thing was heavy duty and came in a small case. Four stars.

👤This is a survivalist type of item, and I think it's great. I have to go to work very early in the morning and late at night. I have some from of protection with me. It is nice to know if I need to use it.

👤The big bubble inside doesn't work with compass.

👤The basics for survival is a terrific concept. Emergency repairs were also done with a couple needles. It actually works well. Remember where magnetic north really is.

👤It arrived quickly and was perfect. Everything is in one tool.

👤The pictures were delivered on time.

10. SOG Survival Defense Whistle Starter

SOG Survival Defense Whistle Starter

It's suitable for emergency situations in sporting events and can be a gift for little children. The tool is the size of a pencil. A built-in fire starter, steel wool tinder compartment, glass breaker, and safety whistle are included. It's easy to carry on a lanyard, in a pocket, or in a pack with a small size and light weight. The aluminum construction is durable. The aluminum construction is durable.

Brand: Sog

👤This is garbage. Your arm will fall off if you fart louder than the whistle, and you won't get a single spark from the fire tool. You wear shoes on the glass breaker because you are born with two better ones. My knife collection has many fine SOG blades that were acquired over the years. This is the second time I've bought from SOG and been burned with a worthless product, so this will be my last purchase.

👤This thing is not real. The whistle is more like a dog whistle than a safety whistle. My wife's voice was louder than the whistle when I tested it against a normal adult voice. The glass breaker is useless because it is too short. It may work as a glassbreaker for a small hand. There is a The ferro rod. I have used ferro rods for 25 years. I 800-273-3217 The rod is THREADED into the handle. Yes, it is athreaded. I'm going to say that it's less than a third of an inch at the threads. I feel like if I put more pressure on it to get a better spark, it will snap off at the threads. It's supposed to have 3 useless functions. I own a lot of SOG products. A few fixed blades, a couple folders, a machete, a hatchet, a saw, a couple packs, and some other odds and ends. I've always been satisfied with the products. This one was a let down and a waste of money.

👤I want a tool whistle that works. This isn't it. I don't think I could find them if someone blew this in my igloo. It is an expensive piece of garbage. It was too cheap to waste time returning it. My first product. I think I'll stick with Leatherman. The fire stick and strikers are very cheap. The window breaker is small and I wouldn't want to risk my life on it. They give you a pill of steel wool for tender. It was made in China. I would not recommend this and would not buy it again. I contacted the person at SOG. They promised to send me two units to get a good one. They followed through. The replacement whistles did not work. Someone will make a useful tool with a whistle someday.

👤Normally SOG makes some good products, this thing is useless, the ferro rod is small and hard to hold on to, and the whistle could hardly be heard across the room. In a survival situation, I could figure out how to make it work. The glass breaker is not something I have tried. I would be surprised if I could get enough purchase to make it work. Very disappointed.

11. Retractable Sharpener Multi Functional Portable Sharpening

Retractable Sharpener Multi Functional Portable Sharpening

Get to know their small team and let them support you with product use, application, and education. They are proud to provide you with superior tactical gear and survival tools and offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY. The pen shaped sharpener is easy to grasp, lightweight, and can be applied with many ceramic and standard knife, and the diamond rod edge is suitable for making jagged objects pointed. The retractable knife sharpener is made of a diamond coated steel rod, which is sturdy, and the aluminum shell protects the sharpener rod, making it easy to work. The package includes a bag that you can carry with you wherever you go, and the handle is designed with a pocket clip for easy access and carrying. The portable knife sharpening steel rod can be used for many purposes, such as sharpening kitchen tools, hunting, outdoor adventure, fishing, camping, workers and archers. The package contains 2 pieces of pen retractable sharpeners, the length is about 5.5 inch, and the retractable knife sharpener can be extended to approx. 9 inches.

Brand: Honoson

👤I wanted to re-sharpen my steak knives. The price was reasonable. It was Way Way Too Coarse. It doesn't leave a polished edge. It had scratches on it. A chainsaw file leaves a more refined edge than a diamond tool. I think the size is about 120 grit. It is suitable for an emergency use, but will not produce a keen edge. I don't think it would make a difference to a small fish hook. Live and learn... I will put it in my tool box.

👤I had a pen sharpener that was great, but I lost it, these looked like it. The coating was not smooth or cheap. I tried to use them on my pocket knife, but it dulled it and I know how you use them. The finish is very difficult to get a sharp edge on. I can still use this in some way because I make knives. Not for final finish sharpening or anything close to that... I would say these are closet to a 100 grit, in that ballpark, and I wish it had some kind of description of the coursness.

👤The sharpeners are what I needed. Some complain that the texture is too coarse, but I think it's beneficial because it's their primary purpose. A knife with a design that allows it to cut past a regular edge is usually in need of significant work for which a coarse tool is required. As coarse texture diamond rod can be used for a number of other tasks, mine stands in regularly as a small file on the spot tasks. As this pack contains two rods, it is relatively easy to keep one as-is, while dressing the other with a spare stone, sandpaper, or an old beater knife. This is a solid purchase which any crafter or outdoors person will be able to use immediately.

👤These are great. I was about to throw out the scissors I was about to use, but I was able to use an old knife tosharpen the serrations. Both of them work well now. I gave the second one to a friend. He liked it as well. I have no complaints. These are a must have if you know how tosharpen a blade.

👤Every day I wear a knife sharpener in my bib overalls. I used this tool to keep my knives sharp while butchering 4 deer.

👤I have several of these and they do a good job at sharpening.

👤It's easy to touch up different size edges.


What is the best product for survival pen with knife?

Survival pen with knife products from The Atomic Bear. In this article about survival pen with knife you can see why people choose the product. Polaland and Schrade are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival pen with knife.

What are the best brands for survival pen with knife?

The Atomic Bear, Polaland and Schrade are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival pen with knife. Find the detail in this article. Misuki, Df17hgv and Smith & Wesson are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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