Best Survival Pen Whistle

Pen 8 Dec 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. Treasures Lake Emergency Whistle

Treasures Lake Emergency Whistle

Better design is what GO TIME GEAR ADVANTAGE is about. Better quality. Customer service is world-class. That is the Go Time Advantage. They were tired of cheap ponchos and unreliable ponchos. They needed a high-quality poncho to keep you dry and on the move. It didn't exist. They designed it. You can get your Life Ponchos survival bundle today for your bug out bag, hiking gear, earthquake kit and survival gear kit. The right surgical blade can save your life. The double tube design ensures a loud 120 decibel sound power. It will scare away invaders and signal for help a mile away. Disability assessment: The waterproof and floatable pea-less design of their whistle makes sure that the sound power is not interfered with and that the whistle is not broken when it's cold. A fuss-free experience is provided by a lightweight marine whistle that can be attached to life vest, belt loop, kayak, sailboats, hiking gear, kids' jacket, and so on. An essential gift for women who travel alone at night, students who walk to school and children who wander off. Their loud whistle is great for outdoor activities. A multi-purpose product. Their versatile product is a fitting sports gear that can be used professionally or otherwise as a referee whistle. You can add to cart today knowing that their whistles will not fail you.

Brand: Treasures Lake

👤I lost my S.O.L. Rescue Howler, so I thought I would try something new. It doesn't have the sound of the S.O.L. and it flutters in tone. I wrote the above review on the first whistle after buying the 2 pack. I tried the second one and it was great. Quality control is an issue?

👤Blow harder if you're not getting a sound. When it works, it is loud because you must blow hard into it.

👤Don't buy! Can't hear in the next room on a field trip.

👤It's not as loud as they say.

👤The two whistles seem to be a copy of the emergency whistle. These don't feel as sturdy as the Heimdall whistles. The whistles use a pealess design and are rated to 120 decibels. 13 grams with a lanyard is quite light. They are great for backpacking, hiking, survival bags, storm supplies, or just to keep on one person. Whistles are a good way to get attention. A whistle is a good tool to use in emergencies or to drive away attackers. Treasure Lake has an emergency whistle.

👤The material feels strong. It's loud. Good value for money. The lanyard is easy to use. It won't come off accidentally, that's a plus. I don't plan on using it in an emergency, but you never know. I am happy with it. A great insurance policy has a low price. I was trapped in a log jam without a device and it was frightening. In the middle of national forests, phones may not work. I purchased this because of that. You can store one in a secondary location if you get two.

👤The design hangs well around your neck and is very slick. It's great for multiple uses. I teach kids football. It's great for getting everyone's attention.

2. 1945 Bolt Action Plus Pen

1945 Bolt Action Plus Pen

A 30 day money back guarantee. The end of world war in 1945 was marked by a refined smooth and addictive bolt-action mechanism. Modern look and feel for writing. It is LUXURY and COMFORTABLE. The weight is balanced. Machined and hand built with high strength Titanium. Excellent resistance to corrosive elements. The multi-tone whistle has an integrated pen clip and is up to 100 decibels loud. The most compact breaker with a safe push-away tip can be used anywhere. Gets you out of a car in an emergency. A quick measurement is a secret reference unit of an inch and a centimeter. The pen clip has two levels under it to catch thick and thin pocket edges.

Brand: Gpca

👤The review begins at the second paragraph. I bought the edition on the crowd funding site a year ago. I loved that pen. I used it religiously and it was part of my EDC. I lost it a week ago and have no idea what to do with it. I tried to use something. I can't fill the GP1945 hole in my pocket, hand, and heart. I ordered another one from Amazon. I'm sad I don't have my own edition anymore, and I can swear that the one I had before was slightly heavier than the aluminum edition I ordered this time, but nothing beats the size and feel of this pen to me. The skinnier the pen, the faster my hand hurts. The pen is the right size for me. The review is now on. I have tested the glass breaker and it will shatter what you get. The whistle works well, but if you break the pen clip, you'll lose the slide and need to hold it. The new pen I just ordered has a separate piece than the old one, which surprised other reviewers, but it was obvious to me when I looked at how the pen was held together. The clip is still held on to the pen with another retainer, so no worries. Good on the guys for paying attention to the feedback. There is a The pen's action is fun. It's not very smooth to start with, but once you run it through a few times, it will start to smooth out just enough to make it right. It's gratifying to release the bolt action as I'm putting my pen away, it's second nature to me now. I love giving someone a pen top and watching them try to figure out my pen. There is evil laughter. I get a lot of praise for it, and they say that it looks like it can break glass. It can as a matter of fact. The finger grip is not soft. I read a review where someone was disappointed by this, it is a diamond cut knife, unless you get the titanium edition. It helps with the grip in my hand and it's never been uncomfortable to me. I used to use the Dr. Pilot pens because they were balanced and had a good size. The pen would annoy me because the soft finger grip would start to slip. There are no problems with that here. The pen has a lot of weight. I think my project was heavier than this one, but it still has a good weight. There is a How does it write? I have not had any problems with the pen writing. The GP22 pen refill is small. If you do a lot of writing, I would recommend the space pen, I don't like how much flow those pens have. I take notes at work, write daily, and remind myself, and it usually lasts me a few months. A refill of daily use will last me about 4 - 5 months. Your mileage may be different. I have never had a refill that was jammed or didn't work because the pen writes smooth for me. If you're in the market for a tactical or tacticool pen, then this is the one for you. If you don't like it, you'll have to pay return shipping from Amazon. Give it a try. A good quality pen is built by these guys. There is a I will make one note. The bolt action catch screws on my pens kept coming slightly loose as I used them. I had to twist it back on. I did it so much that it stopped coming loose on my first one. I read that someone used a little locktite on the screw, which is a good idea, and if this one does come loose, I may try that, but for the time being, I'll keep checking it to make sure it's not loose.

3. Sun Company Outsider Multi Tool Thermometer

Sun Company Outsider Multi Tool Thermometer

You will have survival tools that can help you in an emergency. A fire starter that will help give you sparks, a whistle that will catch attention when needed, and a compass that will guide you. Even in low-light conditions, the luminous compass button keeps you on course. It's perfect for hiking, camping, hunting, or any other situation where reliable tactical gear is essential. One of the must-have accessories for survivalists is survival whistle. The mini whistle makes a big sound. The cooled thermometer reads the temperature down to -20 degrees. An essential piece of equipment for the outdoors. The fire starter has waterproof flint rod and steel strikers. A piece of emergency equipment. You can use the key ring to easily clip these gadgets to your backpack, jacket, or key chain for quick access. A full survival kit is in a key chain. You can use the key ring to easily clip these gadgets to your backpack, jacket, or key chain for quick access. A full survival kit is in a key chain.

Brand: Sun Company

👤The whistle is not strong. It works, but you can't put full lung power behind it or it will snuff out the sound of the candle flame. There is a block in the sound chamber. The company's logo is on the pictures. It is hidden by picture angles and is bulky. The plastic where the split ring goes through looks like it won't last long, it's a thin strip of plastic. The ferro rod is sparky and works. The button compass is very responsive, both how fast it tracks back to north and how much you play before it gets stuck from not holding it flat. It's accurate. The button compass is the one you want over all other buttons. I was surprised that there wasn't any badness when I expected a cheap compass. It's not bad, I would buy this again. You can't expect to find it missing when you need it, and you can't expect to use it outside your gear as a pull. The thin plastic strip is a good product, if it were thicker the other complaints would be better, but still a good product. If I can get a better and more durable attachment point, I might be able to drill a hole through it.

👤I bought this because it has a ferro rod. Adding the whistle and compass was nice. I get a spark from the ferro rod, it works as expected for being a small rod. The temperature is not very high. Even though the ambient temp has changed, it is hard to see if the temp on the thermometer has changed. The compass isn't accurate. North points to the east. It can get stuck and spin in different directions. The only good thing is that the liquid in the compass doesn't freeze in the freezer. The whistle works, but not in a dense forest. If you want something that is cheap for a gift, you found it. If you want to survive in a survival situation, you should buy them separately and better quality.

👤I thought the compass, whistle and fire starter was a perfect compact device. There is a sticker on the product that could easily fall off and show you the most important information about the item. The metallic blade for the flint is positioned right under the compass, which makes the reading completely distorted and gives you incorrect directions. The sticker tells you to take out the blade in order to read the compass. It would be a disaster if someone didn't know this and depended on the compass. The critical user information should have been etched into the product and not a sticker on it that was about to fall off when I received it. The temperature gauge reading label didn't match the temperature reading. The product had a high temperature on it. It seems to be off by a couple of degrees. The whistle produces a loud and sharp sound.

👤I'm not sure how the fire starter works. Do I hit the stick on the jagged edge of the metal because the sides are smooth? I was not sure if the stick was flint or not. Is it possible to add flint? The parts of your keychain are the only instructions you'll need. I figured it out. The stick is plastic and metal smooth on both sides. compass doesn't work either

4. ALPINISM Emergency Whistle Keychain Carabiner

ALPINISM Emergency Whistle Keychain Carabiner

The double-tube design of survival whistle requires the lightest blow to work and produce loud attention-grabbing sound up to 120 decibels. Whether you are jogging, hiking or standing at a distance from your loved one, it is there at your convenience. Alpinism loud whistle is made from high quality aluminum and is waterproof and rust resistant. It is safe to hold directly from mouth under harsh conditions. It's important to have safety gear. The bear whistle is perfect for fishing, hiking, boating, and any other emergency situation. The portable design of your safety kit is incomplete without the high-pitched metal whistle. It's easy to attach the bag or wear around the neck with the carabiner and lanyard. It fits perfectly in the pocket. A blow in a rape whistle will draw attention to the rescuer with the loud sound that can be heard a mile away. It's great for crime prevention, survival situation, natural disasters, workplace safety and scaring animals.

Brand: Alpinism

👤I bought this whistle because of one reason. I have a surprise for the telemarketers when they call me every morning. The price was good and it serves its purpose well.

👤I'm happy to have a whistle. It's easy to use and lightweight. It comes with a lanyard, should you want to wear the whistle around your neck, you can attach it to your purse or backpack, and it will be ready to clip onto your keychain. I like having all the options and will likely pick up more for other family members. A great safety device!

👤The whistle is easy to carry. There are no moving parts so that is helpful. It came with a lanyard and hook that I didn't expect. I don't think this is meant to replace the other "survival" type whistles, but it is a great whistle for the price and loud. Everyone should be whistled on at all times.

👤I decided to blow as hard as I could for a second to make sure the whistle was loud enough in a life-or-death situation. It is loud, so don't blow as hard if you want to keep hearing. I guess you get what you pay for with the metal and plastic inside, it seems like it was painted silver. I am not complaining about the rest of the items, as I was more focused on the whistle.

👤I needed some sort of protection while walking, but I didn't want a big whistle or a small one to ward off offenders. I use this whistle to get people out of the way of cars and scooters. It is loud enough to get a driver's attention. The whistle is easily revealing a black plastic type material if it is scratched. It doesn't affect the quality. It is a great price and I highly recommend it.

👤If I had bought whistles at the dollar store, I could have saved money. The level of quality is the same. The short chains on them are a joke. I replaced the short chains with 12mm split rings. They would have been lost on our first outing if they had come off.

👤The whistle is very loud. It really needs this when you arrive late at night.

👤We got this for our daughter. It is loud and discreet. She can't blow a sport whistle easily but this doesn't take much to make it loud.

5. Christmas SULKADA Portable Survival Emergency

Christmas SULKADA Portable Survival Emergency

You'll be glad you have it, whether you use it as a part of your army gear or as your favorite luxury pen. It is difficult to find a gift for your dad, husband, boyfriend, and even your teenage son who is an outdoor enthusiast, but this survival tool is your best choice. This Best Personalized gifts will light up your lover's eyes. 9 in 1 is a professional emergency survival fishing tool. A gift box contains: fishing tool, fire starter, compass, bottle opener, flint stone, Whistle, Glass breaker, Fish hook, and Paracord. It was made by Air Craft grade aluminum, and the glassbreaker which was made by High hard Tungsten steel, can easily leave traces on glass or steel plate, and also can break glass windows to escape. The function is distinct. It can be used for a food supply tool if you don't have any food in the wild. The k-n-i-f-e should be screwed in the anti clockwise direction. It is easy to use and comes with superior strength. There's never a good excuse to not have this wonderful device, it has a length of 7.6 inches, a diameter of 0.6 inches, and a weight of 0.16 lbs. It can be taken on a hike or camping trip. Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If you are dissatisfied with their product, you can contact them via their seller account and they will resolve the issue for you. Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If you are dissatisfied with their product, you can contact them via their seller account and they will resolve the issue for you.

Brand: Sulkada

👤I know a little about disaster medical assistance teams and search & rescue, but I'm not going to claim to be an expert. I really like this thing. It's the size and shape of an overly thick pencil, light enough to fit in a shirt pocket without pulling at the fabric, and solid enough to be used in self-defense, and it's a good class to take. It starts fires. It irritates my neighbors dog. It cuts, scales, shaves, sharpens, and AnyFormats. It tells time with a compass. An easy to carry pocket fishing pole that doesn't feel like it's going to break if you catch a fish with it is finally here. I'm not going to say anything about the glass break feature. Glass is a glass-breaker. The whole thing is a metal glass breaker. I replaced the paracord with an equal length of Tacti-Glow Survival Cord, the same length as the provided cord was already suited for self defense use. It's light weight and solid enough to hurt, but a good whip strike on bone will hurt the other guy. I'm not going to claim to be an expert, but I could build Gilligan's Island with this thing. I don't know if it's a tool or a toy. I'm going to be playing with it a lot. I'm ordering more for my jacket, glove box, and "oh sh*t" bag to go along with the one that's going to be in my pants/ shorts pocket at all times. It doesn't need an light to illuminate it. My belt buckle has an LED light built into it. If they want to make any changes to the design, they should figure out how to play the James Bond theme song while it shoots darts or a grappling hook.

👤Love it. I've used the fire starter and fish hook. The starter started a fire. That was great. I used a fish hook and line to pull my keys out of the small crack I accidentally dropped them into. They saved me from a 10 mile hike back to cell service. This is easy to carry and has been useful. I think it's worth a purchase.

👤I thought it would be a great addition to my bag. I thought it would be too big, but it's perfect! I put a S in the Molly gear loops and it was perfect. If you screw the knife part in, it will rattle. I got rid of 3 tools and replaced them with this. Space saver! I took all of the fishing line off, and put more on that was twice as long.

👤They would never know what's inside of the survival tool, which is why it's a great gift. The lanyard that comes with the tool is about 2 feet in length. The magnesium stick works well when used with a blade. It would be handy if the need arises, but the blade would be sharper. I will probably replace the fishing line with a braided line but the included line would be very useful and works. As the line ages, I would suggest checking it. This is for all fishing line. I believe this survival tool is good for anyone who is just starting out in this type of thing or would make a great gift idea.

6. Moikin Tactical Multitool Flashlight Ballpoint

Moikin Tactical Multitool Flashlight Ballpoint

The world's most loaded pen is a well designed, well crafted tactical pen. A tactical flashlight, a glass breaking head, a rope cutter, and 6 multi-tool heads are included. Includes: Emergency Whistle, Magnesium rod firing, bottle opener, cross screwdriver, and 2 sets of batteries. High quality is made of aircraft aluminum, light weight and durable. Don't get trapped, crash safe emergency tool. The glassbreaker can be used to break a window. Every day carry. The tactical pen performs perfectly when you carry it with you, whether you use it for writing, repairing, or defending yourself in the wild. A pen in a pocket is a low profile, effective self defense pen. Surprise your dad, father, grandpa, uncle, brother, son, grandson, husband, boyfriend, for him, for women with this unique gift ideas. From mother, father, son, wife... Cool gadgets for men. It's perfect for birthday, graduation, father's day, Christmas stocking stuffer, and more. Surprise your dad, father, grandpa, uncle, brother, son, grandson, husband, boyfriend, for him, for women with this unique gift ideas. From mother, father, son, wife... Cool gadgets for men. It's perfect for birthday, graduation, father's day, Christmas stocking stuffer, and more.

Brand: Kilitn

👤I wanted a pen with more options than the Atomic Bear one I got. Both pens are made in China. The problem I found is that the tools are all really low quality. The cutter wouldn't cut sewing thread because it was dull. I tried sharpening it, but it wasn't very good and I had to remove the attachment. The screwdrivers set into the area behind the tools are not deep enough to securely hold the insert, so they will be loose and not functional for very tight screws. The whistle is barely audible. The ferro rod can produce sparks, but they are small and intermittent. If you want to start a fire, you will need a strong tinder with magnesium. There's no way to assemble the bottle opener to use on the ferro rod, so that makes it useless. The knife blade is dull and can't be kept in the bag for storing the equipment, it will stab you, so it has to be kept in the pen itself. The pen storage area is ventilating so the blade will rust, making it useless. It is light, which is the only positive thing I can say about it. The flashlight works and is bright, but the storage compartment does not have a seal, so the battery area is not sealed to protect it from the elements. That means battery rust will be fast. It will need to be checked frequently. The pen works and it fits my spare parts. There are o-ring seals in places that the pen is not allowed in. No way it would keep out the rain. I don't recommend this because it is overpriced and very low quality. Highly disappointed.

👤I liked the various gadgets that were offered with pen, but no carrying case to hold them in. Suggestions on what to carry with the pen. One can only carry one of the options with them. A small crying case was not provided. I have to look for the above case to give it a four.

👤4 stars for quality, function, and price. The price is $15 The ad misled me into thinking all the tools fit in the pen. It's not feasible to have the pen on you in it's original box just to have access to all tools, but perhaps there's a good tactical situation with any pen that offers that many tools. It's not ideal to expose the bulb, but it's encased enough that it's bright enough for a pen light out of the box, and 6 extra batteries for two more cycles. The whistle is not great. I haven't tried to start a fire, but flint seems adequate. I'm sure the glass breaker works. I like that the tips are capped for preservation, but it's a pain to remove the cap and write with a full scale pen because the actual pen is under 5 inches. It was nervous to use the pen-bottle-opener tool after reading reviews of other similar/identical looking tools that broke after only two uses. I wouldn't recommend using wood with the small razor blade, but it looks useful when a razor blade is needed. I have not tried a rope cutter. The pocket clip on my pen is very tight, and there is no way to loosen it with a star-bit in the pen. The card companion is unlikely to bend or snap in half, the tools are useful but skeptical with can opener being of any use, and the bottle opener is better inDurability than the pen attachment. I would not recommend this pen at the price I paid, but I do recommend it at the price I paid. Good item for an emergency kit.

7. VViViD Essential Emergency Flashlight Waterproof

VViViD Essential Emergency Flashlight Waterproof

A multi-function compass has many other features such as measuring scales and alanyard with a light. A whistle, screwdriver, and compass were packed in. If you're looking for a compass, this may be it. Every customer has a lifetime warranty from BIJIA. If you have a question, please contact them. The essentials of survival in one kit is what you need. There is a folding knife, flashlight, compass, signaling whistle, fire starter, strikers flint, thermal blanket, tactical pen, and hand-saw in a waterproof case. The light is ultra light. You won't notice it in your backpack, car trunk, or glove-box, but it could save your life. A unique gift for men. The set of tools is practical, fun and designed to cover every aspect of wilderness survival. It is recommended that you have a fully featured survival kit tucked away in your home, car or bag in the event of a survival situation or natural disaster. Hunting, camping, and fishing are all activities. All the family can enjoy adventure holidays. This kit of camping and hiking gear lightens your backpack, knowing that the same tools you are using for recreation can save your loved ones lives.

Brand: Vvivid

👤The compass was broken. The wire saw is not something I would trust. The pen broke. The knife is dangerous to the user. The case is excellent. The whistle works. The steel works. The flashlight works. I haven't used the emergency blanket. It looks standard.

8. Whistle Emergency Survival Signaling Training

Whistle Emergency Survival Signaling Training

The neighbors dogs are quiet because of the EDC Whistle. If mom falls, it can be used for her. The Lanyard was 30 inches. 8 pack plastic flat whistle is included. It's made from sturdy plastic that won't break easily. They can be used for a long time. It is easy to be seen when needed. Each whistle comes with a lanyard for hands free use, easy to carry and storage, or only wear it around your neck, the whistles can be taken virtually anywhere, for awesome whistling and blowing fun. Loud and clear. If you're a little out of breath, it's easy to blow a loud whistle. If you need to be found, their alert whistle increases the range at which you can be heard. It is designed for mountain and outdoor activities. It's ideal for camping, hiking, boating, hunting and many other emergencies. If there is an emergence, make sure you whistle around. It will save your life. You can keep one survival whistle in your kit or give it as a gift. Emergency whistle is a must have for outdoor sports. Their emergency whistles are bright-color and exactly what you want.

Brand: Ju Mei Zhuang Shi

👤Unless the one I blew is somehow malfunctioning, these are nothing more than a toy train whistle. The little tyke likes trains. The video on my phone is louder than the whistle sounds. I ordered these along with another type for stocking stuffers, but they do not suffice. Someone might hear you in the middle of an open field on a clear night. Oh yes... That's helpful, they are orange. I think so. If they advertised these as toys, I would give them a 3 star rating.

👤Cub Scouts use hiking and camping. There are 8 individually wrapped whistles and lanyards in the case. The flat style is better than the louder whistles. It's shape makes it easier to carry in a pocket without being a nuisance for kids, and it keeps them from blowing on it. They aren't the loudest design of whistle on the market, so if you are looking for volume, there are better options. It's easy to carry and loud enough for kids in the woods.

👤You have to make sure that your upper lip doesn't cover the three holes that the sound comes out of when you use the whistles. This is a very good piece of construction and a great price. It arrived to me on time.

👤The lanyard is bright and easy to attach to a PFD.

👤I bought these because they are required for white water rafting and boating in our area. I like to give these along with a life-jacket.

👤A great whistle at a great price. 45 skiers/boarders were taken out west and bought enough for everyone. My boat has louder whistles. They are bulky in comparison. There is a lot of volume and a great price. It's a must for tree skiing.

👤The whistles are not very strong. They work. They are bright colors. I am happy with the purchase. It's a good idea to recommend it. There were 8 in the pack. There is plenty for anyone.

👤I bought these for Cub Scouts. There is room on the side for the owner's name to be written, and they are a convenient size and shape to slip into a day-hike first-aid kit. I like that they were wrapped individually.

9. ZHT Electronic Training Handheld Rechargeable

ZHT Electronic Training Handheld Rechargeable

Good service. 100% satisfaction guaranteed for all their whistles. They will respond within 12 hours. Electronic whistle can avoid mouth contact. The different tones can provide up to 150 decibels of sound power. Whistle with lanyard is perfect for referee coaches. The electronic whistle has a built-in 2000mAh rechargeable battery, which can keep sounding for 4 hours. There is no need to replace the battery. 10 times more durable than ordinary button batteries, it's much convenient environmental and it's cheaper than traditional whistlessaving. The electronic whistle is made of high quality materials that are tasteless and healthy. In this special period, hand-held electronic whistle does not need to be blown with the mouth. Hand Squeeze whistle is easy to carry, it can easily loop through backpack, sailboats, camp hike gear, life jacket, and weights about 80g. If you need to use the whistle in case of an emergency, you can tie it to your belt or shoulder straps. The electronic whistle has built-in flashlight lighting, 3 loudspeaker adjustment, 3 loudspeaker conversion and other functions. They will help you 24 hours a day if you send them an email.

Brand: Zht

👤I like that they are louder than the ones my partners use. I like the fact that they can be used again and again. I used mine for 5 college matches and it was still working, but at that point I decided to charge it. I am very happy with the purchase, and my partner inquired about what brand mine was because it was so much louder than her Fox model. A two pack is perfect for tournament days.

👤The 9 and 10 year olds that I coached hated it. So it worked! They knew that it was time to get on the line when they were talking and goofing off. It's true! If you are wearing a mask, this is a great alternative.

👤It seems to work as advertised. It was nice and loud. The plastic is cheap but will hold up. The last option sounds like a real pea style whistle. The electronic whistle uses an 18650 battery. Button/watch type batteries are used by the others. These don't last for long and can be hard to find. The battery should last a full day. I have several of these type batteries already so I don't think it will be a problem if it runs out of power.

👤I bought this item for myself. I was going to give the whistles to them as a gift. They arrived undamaged. They were a cheap version of the hand whistle that I had purchased in person at the store. The quality of the whistles was disappointing. I already have a cheaper one, but they were less effective. It was embarrassing for me to give them a bad gift. I can't even return the cheap whistles that I received. There is a 30 day return policy for this product. The return window was not clearly stated. I wasn't worried about waiting to gift them later on because they were returnable. I have less money in my bank account because I have 5 hand whistles that were tested once and still in their original packaging.

👤This is the item you are looking for if you are looking for a personal security alarm. If you want to replace a whistle for sports, then keep looking. It hurts my ears when it's loud. The volume levels are the same. I think I should have read it more closely. The lowest level is an ambulance sirens and the highest is somewhere between a jet engine and a shotgun blast.

👤The whistle is loud. It works well. I'm leaving this review because of the excellent customer support I received. I had a problem with the first whistle. Within 24 hours, they responded to my email. They sent a new one after I showed the defect. The business card should be inside the box. The email address is on that card. When you first remove the whistle, it doesn't slide out of the box. I am very satisfied.

👤It was a great help to our basketball coach because he didn't have to use a whistle under his mask. The sound is loud and the charge is good. It was very long on one charge. It is not as small as I wanted, but I couldn't find a smaller one with a charge.

10. Kilitn Tactical Multitool Flashlight Ballpoint

Kilitn Tactical Multitool Flashlight Ballpoint

There is a pack of 6 colors. The world's most loaded pen is a well designed, well crafted tactical pen. A tactical flashlight, a glass breaking head, a rope cutter, and 6 multi-tool heads are included. Includes: Emergency Whistle, Magnesium rod firing, bottle opener, cross screwdriver, and 2 sets of batteries. High quality is made of aircraft aluminum, light weight and durable. Don't get trapped, crash safe emergency tool. The glassbreaker can be used to break a window. Every day carry. The tactical pen performs perfectly when you carry it with you, whether you use it for writing, repairing, or defending yourself in the wild. The PASSESAIRPORT SECURITY CHECK is a self defense pen. Surprise your dad, father, grandpa, uncle, brother, son, grandson, husband, boyfriend, for him, for women with this unique gift ideas. From mother, father, son, wife... Cool gadgets for men. It's perfect for birthday, graduation, father's day, Christmas stocking stuffer, and more. Surprise your dad, father, grandpa, uncle, brother, son, grandson, husband, boyfriend, for him, for women with this unique gift ideas. From mother, father, son, wife... Cool gadgets for men. It's perfect for birthday, graduation, father's day, Christmas stocking stuffer, and more.

Brand: Kilitn

👤I love the extra tool that comes with it.

👤The pen has many uses.

11. Weewooday Emergency Keychain Aluminum Survival

Weewooday Emergency Keychain Aluminum Survival

2 plastic emergency whistle with a lanyard, 2 aluminum alloy whistle with key rings, 2 lanyards, and 2 carbine clips are included in the package. Reliable material is made of aluminum alloy. The whistles can serve you for a long time. The things are small and sturdy, can be hung on the keychain as an ornament, and are suitable for your use and storage. The transmission distance is long, and the sound is loud, which makes it possible to hear it from a long distance. When traveling outdoors, it can confirm your location, avoid getting lost, find a companion, and provide assistance, can be applied in emergencies, referees, training, sports and so on. It can be a nice gift for friends who want to travel, or people who need attention to ask for help in an emergency, and there are 12 pieces of whistle in the package, enough for your different use.

Brand: Weewooday

👤The color of these "whistles" is the best. They make them look bigger than they are in the pictures. A dozen of them fit in a box that was only three-quarters full. My advice is to keep looking.

👤They're not a style statement, they're black in color, and that's why. They are loud and clear as a whistle. Light and small. Would buy again. It's quite inexpensive.

👤They were worthless and had little to no sound.

👤It is a whistle that is small and comes with a metal loop, perfect for scouts in any location or activity.

👤One or two worked. The rest did not.

👤Liviano perfecto para llevar en el llavero del carro.

👤This is the perfect size for my car's emergency survival kit. There was a lot of loud.

👤The whistles are perfect for travel. They are the perfect size and arrived quickly.


What is the best product for survival pen whistle?

Survival pen whistle products from Treasures Lake. In this article about survival pen whistle you can see why people choose the product. Gpca and Sun Company are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival pen whistle.

What are the best brands for survival pen whistle?

Treasures Lake, Gpca and Sun Company are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival pen whistle. Find the detail in this article. Alpinism, Sulkada and Kilitn are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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