Best Survival Pen for Women

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1. Christmas SULKADA Portable Survival Emergency

Christmas SULKADA Portable Survival Emergency

You'll be glad you have it, whether you use it as a part of your army gear or as your favorite luxury pen. It is difficult to find a gift for your dad, husband, boyfriend, and even your teenage son who is an outdoor enthusiast, but this survival tool is your best choice. This Best Personalized gifts will light up your lover's eyes. 9 in 1 is a professional emergency survival fishing tool. A gift box contains: fishing tool, fire starter, compass, bottle opener, flint stone, Whistle, Glass breaker, Fish hook, and Paracord. It was made by Air Craft grade aluminum, and the glassbreaker which was made by High hard Tungsten steel, can easily leave traces on glass or steel plate, and also can break glass windows to escape. The function is distinct. It can be used for a food supply tool if you don't have any food in the wild. The k-n-i-f-e should be screwed in the anti clockwise direction. It is easy to use and comes with superior strength. There's never a good excuse to not have this wonderful device, it has a length of 7.6 inches, a diameter of 0.6 inches, and a weight of 0.16 lbs. It can be taken on a hike or camping trip. Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If you are dissatisfied with their product, you can contact them via their seller account and they will resolve the issue for you. Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If you are dissatisfied with their product, you can contact them via their seller account and they will resolve the issue for you.

Brand: Sulkada

👤I know a little about disaster medical assistance teams and search & rescue, but I'm not going to claim to be an expert. I really like this thing. It's the size and shape of an overly thick pencil, light enough to fit in a shirt pocket without pulling at the fabric, and solid enough to be used in self-defense, and it's a good class to take. It starts fires. It irritates my neighbors dog. It cuts, scales, shaves, sharpens, and AnyFormats. It tells time with a compass. An easy to carry pocket fishing pole that doesn't feel like it's going to break if you catch a fish with it is finally here. I'm not going to say anything about the glass break feature. Glass is a glass-breaker. The whole thing is a metal glass breaker. I replaced the paracord with an equal length of Tacti-Glow Survival Cord, the same length as the provided cord was already suited for self defense use. It's light weight and solid enough to hurt, but a good whip strike on bone will hurt the other guy. I'm not going to claim to be an expert, but I could build Gilligan's Island with this thing. I don't know if it's a tool or a toy. I'm going to be playing with it a lot. I'm ordering more for my jacket, glove box, and "oh sh*t" bag to go along with the one that's going to be in my pants/ shorts pocket at all times. It doesn't need an light to illuminate it. My belt buckle has an LED light built into it. If they want to make any changes to the design, they should figure out how to play the James Bond theme song while it shoots darts or a grappling hook.

👤Love it. I've used the fire starter and fish hook. The starter started a fire. That was great. I used a fish hook and line to pull my keys out of the small crack I accidentally dropped them into. They saved me from a 10 mile hike back to cell service. This is easy to carry and has been useful. I think it's worth a purchase.

👤I thought it would be a great addition to my bag. I thought it would be too big, but it's perfect! I put a S in the Molly gear loops and it was perfect. If you screw the knife part in, it will rattle. I got rid of 3 tools and replaced them with this. Space saver! I took all of the fishing line off, and put more on that was twice as long.

👤They would never know what's inside of the survival tool, which is why it's a great gift. The lanyard that comes with the tool is about 2 feet in length. The magnesium stick works well when used with a blade. It would be handy if the need arises, but the blade would be sharper. I will probably replace the fishing line with a braided line but the included line would be very useful and works. As the line ages, I would suggest checking it. This is for all fishing line. I believe this survival tool is good for anyone who is just starting out in this type of thing or would make a great gift idea.

2. Hoffman Richter Tactical Survival Discreet

Hoffman Richter Tactical Survival Discreet

Surprise your dad, father, grandpa, uncle, brother, son, grandson, husband, boyfriend, for him, for women with this unique gift ideas. From mother, father, son, wife... Cool gadgets for men. It's perfect for birthday, graduation, father's day, Christmas stocking stuffer, and more. This titanium coated black pen is made from impact resistant aircraft grade aluminum and hand-made out of one solid high-quality block. The glassware breaker. If you need an emergency escape from a car window, you can use the beveled edge. No one will know you're carrying a tactical pen in your pocket, every day, if you're wearing jeans and a shirt. It's easy to use, regardless of size or sex, and it can take replaceable ink. Your precision, multi-purpose pen is protected by the Ironclad Lifetime Warranty, so it's easy to rest easy.

Brand: Hoffman Richter

👤I'm going to give this one a review after using it for a few days. I got this for the pen. It didn't fail in that respect. I can toss a Space Pen refill into it. The weight is nice and the writing is smooth. The pocket clip is in my shirt pocket. The icepick style grip is great with the flat end. The pen feels solid and I like it. I would recommend it. There is one small con. A design flaw takes a star off. The cap is pop-on. There is a small amount of play to it. When the pen is put on, it doesn't instill a lot of confidence, even though it's not an issue when the pen is deployed. The cap stays on the pen and doesn't pop off unexpectedly. It's a plus that I don't have a "DNA Catcher" crown. I have a tactical pen that I am constantly poking myself with. The flat end would be better for my thumb because it would reinforce the grip I have on it. I have a suggestion. I would leave it as a screw on cap for the defensive tool purposes and a pop-on, pop-off for when the pen is deployed. If you screw the pen cap off, you can pop the pen onto the other end and deploy the defensive end. If my pen were designed like that, it would earn a fifth star because it would be rock solid. This is still my go-to tactical pen, until it dies or I find a better one. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to start writing. Your mileage may be different.

👤I have no reason to doubt that the pen is made from aircraft grade aluminum, as the manufacturer claims. The pen feels strong and heavy, which is how I like it. The main reason is that this pen can do a more than adequate job as a glass-breaker. I purchased this product. It is aided by its 6.25-inch length, since a good portion of the pen would extend out of the palm when it is gripped in the "ice pick" position. The steel pocket clip on this pen is large enough to fit in a purse. It is not difficult to pull the pen out of the pocket if the clip is firmly attached to the shirt or pants pocket. This pen has grooves on its body to improve grip, but someone made sure that the clip contacts the pen on a smooth surface, as opposed to a grooves. The latter case would have made it more difficult to get the pen out of the pocket. The manufacturer claims that the pen is coated in titanium. I have no background in metal coating and can't confirm or deny this claim, but I can say that the coating on this pen looks good and it seems to hold up better than some of the aluminum flashlights and pens that I have. I was pleased to see that this pen accepts the easyflow 9000M refill, which is one of my favorites for writing, and I will use it to write. The only thing I had to do to make sure the refill fit perfectly was to file it down the plastic end, which is easy to do with a steel file or a coarse knife sharpening stone. The pen is well balanced and a pleasure to write with, but I prefer the feeling of writing with the refill that the pen comes with, it is decent in quality and does write upside down, but I don't like the idea of writing upside down with a nice refill. It might be a good idea to lubricate the rubber O-Ring in the cap of the pen occasionally to keep it from drying out.

3. Tactical Pen Emergency Survival Military

Tactical Pen Emergency Survival Military

The perfect gift is a pipette. The universal hand saw is ideal for many different wild situations and has a portable pocket size. It's a great gift for hikers, campers, hunters, and any other outdoors person. BadASS SELF DEFENSE WEAPON THAT The REBEL tactical pen writes smoothly and evenly and appears harmless until it is deployed like a kubotan. The glass breaking tip is powerful. The ink pen has 2 ink cartridges. It is compatible with Atomic Bear ink refill. It is made for the long hose. The quality and balance of the pen is apparent. It is strong enough to handle the unexpected. Military grade aluminum body and glass-breaker tip. It is lightweight and durable. The thumb rest makes the grip great. If the day takes a turn, add this edc pen to your gear. The self defense pen and free video training give you the extra layer of security you need to pass the security checkpoint. Why should I trust the animal? They serve you with the products you need. Their products get better ratings because of their commitment to high quality. The metal pen is very nice. They offer a risk-free LIFETIME satisfaction guarantee. You'll be glad you have it, whether you use it as a part of your army gear or as your favorite luxury pen.

Brand: The Atomic Bear

👤Nicolas K's review will be repeated. Like the way the pen writes. It feels good in my hand and has a good weight. There is a big draw back. The cap on the pen isn't secure. It is difficult to write with the pen cap on top and a hassle to keep track of the cap while you are mobile, which is what this pen is meant for. This is a dealbreaker for me. I wouldn't buy the pen again. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen - Self Defense Pen and Window Breaker with Free Pouch and 2nd Ink refill is a good and inexpensive tactical pen. A person named Rich A.

👤The pen from the Rebel is great. It doesn't look like a tactical pen and that's its greatest asset in being unnoticed... It will be devastating when combined with a hammerfist. I have written with the regular pen and it works well. I ordered 2 more Rebel pens based on what I saw in the first one. I'm giving my wife a tactical pen since it doesn't look like it's going to work. Even responding to a fire can be dangerous and deadly. Again, thank you Atomic Bear.

👤It's a nice looking pen. The clip has gotten loose. I can't bend the clip back tighter with the retaining cap off. It's hard to write with it. The balance of the pen could be improved if there was a way to attach the cap. If you have a loose cap, you can either put it in your pocket or set it down and forget. It was similar to the shape and color, but it would have been better if there had been more attention to the functions.

👤The good first. This pen is nice. It looks good. It looks good in the pocket when closed. It feels solid. The pocket clip is stout and doesn't bend easily. It writes well, though I don't put a lot of points on that issue as writing performance is easily changed with refill for tactical pens being readily available. The pen is hard to hold in a tactical position. It's smooth sides allow it to move in one's hand. The cap is the biggest concern. It's held in place by being screwed on. That's nice. There is no way to hold the cap on the pen. It isn't made to sit on the other end. It slips off without much effort if you try. It's not useful for a pen of everyday use. You need a way to attach the cap. It is inconvenient to place the cap down and have to keep track of it until it is put back in place. The materials are nice looking, but falls short of being an everyday use product with its cap problems.

👤I like the look of this pen. Solid all metal construction with some o-rings. The rings provide resistance to the threaded together parts. A pocket-clip is on the cap. The pen is almost gone when clipped in. This could be pro and cons at the same time. It's nice and hidden, but it slows down access. It would be nice to allow a quarter inch or so above the pocket line. The insert is on one end. It definitely works on a piece of glass. As for writing. It hurts. The ink was dead in about one page. Get yourself some quality refill. I'm still happy with this purchase.

4. AbeuRox Multitool Tactical Survival Traveling

AbeuRox Multitool Tactical Survival Traveling

100% money back guarantee. Swiss Safe guarantees customer satisfaction or a full refund. This is the first time they have a Lighter, Fishing tool, Whistle, small cutter and a Tungsten Glass breaker in one. The main part and small tool parts were both made of aircraft grade aluminum. The item is strong. A tool to add to your gadgets. You will always find some functions helpful, it combines the most needed tools. This item is perfect for self defense in emergency situations and is also perfect for daily use with all these small tools. The fishing pole is a great tool to kill time during the outdoor period. It's convenient to carry a pocket size. The cap and lighter are combined to form a small Lighter. The two small tools inside are replaceable, so you can choose which one you want to use. The class was packed. There is a small tool for replacement. There is an extra 6 In 1 Multitool card, 6 O-rings, 3 flintstone and a solid clip. It's ideal for family and friends. There is a transportation limitation. The Lighter isn't running. Purchase the right fuel and use it for lighters. The two small replacement tools should be screwed into the barrel. Not common right hand direction. There is a transportation limitation. The Lighter isn't running. Purchase the right fuel and use it for lighters. The two small replacement tools should be screwed into the barrel. Not common right hand direction.

Brand: Abeurox

👤This thing is a joke. The knife is about the size of a house cat's claw and sharp. It's fun, but don't think of it as a safety tool.

👤There were problems fitting the parts together.

👤Have to open that box. I have something. Looking for something that feels behind the couch. I can do that. Light weight and easy to carry. I have one in my car and one at home. How can I use this next?

👤It's pretty cool. It doesn't take up a lot of space in a backpack or pocket.

👤It does everything it says it will do, but it won't be big. The pic makes it look bigger.

👤It is perfect for a person who loves gadgets.

👤It is very sturdy and convenient. I have bought seven so far for my two sons and daughter. More for Christmas!

5. Tactical Multitool Survival Flashlight Breaker

Tactical Multitool Survival Flashlight Breaker

Gifts for Men are made of rugged, durable and oxidation resistant aviation-grade aluminum. Tactical pen include glass breaker, screen stylus pen, LED flashlight, ballpoint, 4 in 1 multi-function tool, pen clip, cutting knife, 4 ink refills, 3 sets of batteries and a gift box. Cool pens are perfect for carry and the ideal gift for men because they have so many hand tools integrated in one. A pen light is very suitable for hiking and outdoors. The flashlight is strong enough to illuminate your way and be useful for strobe-signaling in a dark place. You can use the strobe mode when calling for help. The screen stylus pen can slide the phone screen to view maps and information when wearing gloves. The knife is easy to use. Tactical pen sets are the most practical Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones. A multi tool pen is a great gift for a birthday, Christmas, or even a love interest, it is a great choice, it is also a great way to help and keep anyone you care about safe, when they are in danger. The Tactical pen has a heavy duty pocket clip that you can attach to your shirt or notebook. The handle has an anti-slip function. The Tactical pen has a heavy duty pocket clip that you can attach to your shirt or notebook. The handle has an anti-slip function.

Brand: Dgemoc

👤I gave this pen to a couple of people for Christmas. They liked it. It's a unique gift. One person will be taking it on their motorcycle trips. The other person thinks it's cool.

👤To fit over a flashlight, the cap needs to be changed so it doesn't go missing.

👤I got several for gifts and only half worked. Prepare to face this issue.

👤The multi tool/ dislike- nib comes off easily.

👤Changing tools can lead to lost piecces.

👤The flashlight doesn't work. No instructions, can't figure out how to use the emergency tool.

👤The whistle doesn't work and the batteries don't work.

6. Novium Hoverpen Executive Vertically Free Flowing

Novium Hoverpen Executive Vertically Free Flowing

The tactical pen is a great gift for a loved one. It can be a gift for a birthday, anniversary, Father's Day, Mother's Day, graduation, or any other occasion. It's a great stocking filler for Christmas gifts. dare to defy gravity The Hoverpen is a self-balancing pen with beautiful motion. The pen turned uninteresting into fascinating. Premium modern design. No power is needed. The pen and pedestal are made with all-metal and magnets. Expect your pen to last a long time. Provoke wonder. The Hoverpen has fully magnetic features. The pen should be put on the pedestal to boost creativity. Sit back and relax. The ink is waterproof. Experience easy-glide writing with archival ink that lasts a lifetime. Their refills are international standard, so replacement is convenient. There is a stand-out Decor and Gift. Reward yourself for a job well done by giving you a fancy, free-standing pen. It could be given to the best boss in the world who already has everything.

Brand: Novium

👤I like that I have a pen that is ready to use, standing up tall and ready to grip. The pen writes with no stutters. I can feel the pull of the magnet and it is a strong feature. The whole purpose of having a standing up pen is lost when I frequently knock it onto the base. It's not nice to have to remove the magnetic cap and put it on the base for safekeeping. The tip is important and should not be lost. When I return the pen to the base, I have to look directly at the base to make sure the pen is dead-center. One or two of the four base points grab the pen and do whatever they please with it. Oh my gosh! The feature of the magnet makes it more work than it is worth. I have limited free space on my home office desk, so it might work on an executive-sized desk.

👤The design made me fall in love with it. I have been looking for a pen that I can use for symbolic occasions.

👤It is a great pen that writes well as well. It is giftable. I have spent the most on a pen. It is worth the money.

👤The pen has nothing special about it. The pen feels cheap. Not worth 75$. Better options are available for less.

👤I got a hoverpen for myself to try out and I absolutely loved it. The product is sleek and high tech. The pen writes well too. Will purchase this pen again as a gift for others in the future?

👤The package was great. The idea is unique. The price is not cheap. Should have more than one refill. I am satisfied.

👤It was a gift for my friend and he says he gets a lot of compliment on it.

7. Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool

Tactical Pen Self Defense Tool

Quality and customer satisfaction are their top priorities. If this miracle hammer doesn't live up to your expectations, contact them and they will make their best to ensure your happy purchase experience. The patent legislation of the United States. The pen has never rung more true. This Pen is made from a high quality aluminum. The Cool Pen Multitool is used by military pilots, Navy SEALS, first responders, and other challenging professions. If you have had issues with pens breaking in your bag and ruining your gear, this is the perfect solution. This self defense tool in your pocket will protect you against attackers. They don't always remember to carry self-defense products with them. This is a great addition to your personal survival gear. You can either carry your MOLLE system in your pocket or carry it in your backpack. It's great for your rain book. The Tactical Pen Gift sets are a favorite gift for the Father figure in your life. It is also a popular gift for a husband or boyfriend. Crash Safe Emergency tool is not recommended. A glassbreaker can be used to break a window. It's perfect for military, police officers, and emergency responders. You can trust theVETERAN brand, it has a 1 year unlimited warranty. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact them via their seller account and they will replace it or give you a refund. There is a free bonus! Extra replacement smooth writing black ink refill. It is compatible with standard refill. You can trust theVETERAN brand, it has a 1 year unlimited warranty. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can contact them via their seller account and they will replace it or give you a refund. There is a free bonus! Extra replacement smooth writing black ink refill. It is compatible with standard refill.

Brand: Tf Takeflight

👤I bought 2, a pen that had a strong pocket clip and was ready for action, but the cap was solid and the writing was smooth. 1 came unusable, and was replaced quickly without return, and they both have week clips, a pen hole in one end, and an un- positive twist to expose pen point. This one is solid and ready to use, and feels strong in your hand. The front end had a pointed cap and the back end had a glass breaker. Good job! The tactical pens are cheap. Or give away. It's almost like a roll if dimes, with points on both ends. The pens are better than others, but last about 3-4 weeks. I have 3 of these and a box of parts that I need to put together. The pen end won't snap on either end when the O-ring comes loose. I'm trying to figure out where the ring goes.

👤My wife usually arrives home late by the subway. I thought it would be a great idea to give it to her as a birthday gift, but it was disappointing. When she opened her gift, she couldn't get it to work. 1st. There are no instructions on how to use this. We spent 20 minutes trying to get it to work. We attempt to use the pen. A fixed point is what looks like a ball point end. When you remove the body, the pen refill falls out. We couldn't find a place to put it, so my wife just held the refill to write while I tried to figure out how to use it. I return it and get her something else.

👤I like the fact that the cap fits on the opposite side of the pen, which makes it a self-defense item. You could lose the cap if other items like this don't have this feature. It has a nice feel in my hand. I showed my wife the pen and she said she wanted one. She will get her self-defense pen today. I will conduct drills with her on how to use and carry this pen so that I don't have to worry about her when she's alone. If you have daughters that you would like to worry less about their safety, get them one as well. Then train them in defensive use. You can find training instructions on youTube. The item is well worth the investment. It's Semper Fi!

👤This is the second purchase for the Tactical Pen. I purchased the first one last year and enjoyed it until the twist top stopped working. I was using it in the field and it didn't push the ink out for use. I opened it up to look at it, and it was fine. I put it back together, but it still didn't work. I put it back in the box and tried to send it back, but I didn't find any return documentation. I discarded it. I bought the second one because I really liked the pen. I hope the issue isn't the same as before. Will.

8. Gadgets Survival Equipment Camping Whistles

Gadgets Survival Equipment Camping Whistles

The BCD436HP keeps you informed whether it is across town or across the street. With the largest display on the market and more advanced features, the BCD436HP is a superior unit for the scanner enthusiast. Instant replay plays back up to four minutes of the most recent transmissions. When you receive a Channel or Unit ID, a Close Call hit, an ID is transmitted with an Emergency Alert, or a Tone-out hit, you can program your scanner to alert. You can choose from 9 different tone patterns, 15 volume settings, 7 colors, and 3 flash patterns for each alert. There is a position and use. The 9 in 1 survival gear includes fishing gear, compass, whistle, bottle opener, window breaker, fire starter, and Umbrella rope. It is easy to carry and it is good for hiking or camping. The hight quality is Roachon. The main body of the tool is made of aluminum and the Glassbreaker is made of hard steel. The oxidation resistance steel helps it last longer. The consistency of the thread makes it possible to change parts of the product in arbitrary ways, which improves the product's ability to adapt and bring a better experience to the user. It is easy to carry with a length of 7.6 inches, a diameter of 0.6 inches, and a weight of 0.16 lbs. The best gift for men is emergency gear. People prefer small, space-saving tools. This must be a cool gift for a man and woman who like outdoor sports. If you have any needs, please contact them immediately, they promise to give you a satisfactory answer, you can rest assured to buy their products. There is either an unrestricted replacement or an unrestricted refund. Any product problem can be dealt with by their customer service. If you have any needs, please contact them immediately, they promise to give you a satisfactory answer, you can rest assured to buy their products. There is either an unrestricted replacement or an unrestricted refund. Any product problem can be dealt with by their customer service.

Brand: Rocwon

👤The survival kit reminds me of the toys you could get in a vending machine or claw for a dollar. The parts fit together awkwardly and the quality and size are useless. With hard work, you may be able to wrangle up a goldfish in your home aquarium, or even damage a cardboard box with the glass breaker. The knife/bottle opener can be used to scratch H- E- L-. If the tree is big enough to get the first line, then P onto it. There is a This is a useful tool for you to keep under your luggage and pizza boxes if you are counting on this kit to help you survive a day in a hammock on a campsite with a snackbar. The upgraded Hello Kitty toy is for a dollar at the arcade down the street.

👤The knife blade wouldn't attach to the unit on my first order. I received my replacement today after going through the return process. The same problem was presented. I was left to my own devices because there were no written instructions. I tried to screw the knife blade in with a left-hand thread, but it didn't work. I tested the one I am returning and it worked. This could have been avoided with printed instructions. The whistle is loud, the compass is accurate, and they haven't tried the fire starter. The fishing rig is not very good.

👤You would have a hard time catching a fish. Yes, start a fire. Yes, open a bottle. A can is open. When you need a can opener, you should put a bottle opener on the tool. Yes, break a window. Yes, buy it. It's better to have then not.

👤This thing is small and fun to use. The blade is very sharp and I haven't fished with it yet. I could start a fire with the flint.

👤It is a nice and sturdy little survival tool. I can catch a fish, skin it, start a fire, and cook it with this. I think that is cool. I received this item for free, but it still earned 5 stars.

👤It worked perfectly on a camping trip, which is what a great tool like this would recommend. I'm going to buy more for Christmas.

👤I thought it would be smaller, but it is. The glass break works well and the blade is nice and sharp. I would recommend a multi tool.

👤The tool is lighter and takes up less space than other tools. The tools work as expected. I keep mine in a daypack.

9. Functions Whistle Bottle Screwdriver Window Breaker Survival Whistle Made

Functions Whistle Bottle Screwdriver Window Breaker Survival Whistle Made

Perfect Gift The gift of a self-defense multitool is perfect for a woman and man who have everything. It has a survival whistle and a multitool. They will fall in love with this gift. You can break a window and cut the seat belt with this multitool. It can be used as a bottle opener, screwdriver, and box cutter. Bamboo Joint Whistle The quality of brass is very good. It is easy to whistle and make a loud sound with a great design. Apply for survival, life-saving, and collect. There are 2 holes at the top of the multitool and whistle so that you can hold it with a lanyard on your neck as a decoration necklace. You can either put the rings in your handbag or install them on your keychain with this bullet keychain. 1 x Multitool, 3.15 inches in length and 0.4 inches in diameter, 1.3 ounces; 1 x Survival Whistle, 2.1 inches in length and 0.4 inches in diameter, 0.8 ounces; 2 x Keychain Rings, 0.8 inches in diameter; and 4 x spare.

Brand: Diafly

👤It is the same as described and better in person. I kept it on me because it's got some weight to it, but I didn't attach it to my keys. I really like the blade. I find it cool that the hidden knife can be attached to the whole tool, since I deal with a lot of deliveries as a shopaholic and working enterprise. It is not dull. It can be used to open packages, shatter a glass window, and open a bottle. If you camp or hike, get out of work late. Sally sent me instructions on how to keep it clean. It's nice. 100 percent!

👤I like brass and am a sucker for pocket sized gadgets. I have a lot of things, including brass lights, bill-clips, flat containers, chandeliers and candlesticks. This is a multi-functional tool. It wasn't clear from the pictures that the whistle and tool were separate items.

👤I recycled it and can't return it, so I don't have a photo of it. This is a box cutter, not a self-defense knife. If you want a self-defense knife, buy one that is not about the size of an x-acto blade. I want a blade that is long and can be extended with my thumb, rather than the screw-off blade that I am buying. If you are looking for a self-defense knife, don't buy this one. This is fine if you want a simple multitool.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. Comes in handy.

👤This was an impulsive purchase. I am happy with it after getting it. Thank you.

👤It's perfect for your keys. It's small and perfect for attaching to your key-chain. It is described. The waiting time was less than thought. You can feel save with this. It looks cute. Sally sent me tips so that the color of the product wouldn't oxidize, she is a nice seller. I absolutely recommend it! Definitely would order it again.

👤There are two different pieces. I keep them in my purse and my keychain.

👤My friend loves it because she can make a key chain with it.

10. TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Survival Gear Aircraft Grade

TAKEFLIGHT Tactical Survival Gear Aircraft Grade

Customer service is what it is. They know these cool stuff are unique for Christmas gifts for men, dad Christmas gifts, and gifts for teenage boys, so no matter what problems you have, they'll try their best to solve them. Don't carry the arcade multitool pen that is heavy and bulky. The TakeFlight Tactical Pen has a lightweight body that clips easily on your pocket for quick access. This flashlight is made of aluminum and has a strength-to-weight ratio that is 888-282-0465 888-282-0465. Their gear pocket tool is constructed for power and precision in an emergency situation, unlike many other gear pens that are not strong enough to break glass. This tactical light tool can be used to break glass and save lives when car doors are jammed after an accident or windows are unable to open in a fire. Every day, military, Navy SEALS, first responders, and SWAT teams carry an emergency flashlight, screwdriver, small SAW, and functional ballpoint pen, and this tac pen is the ultimate pocket multitool. Their tactical multitool has a complete user guide. These top-of-the-line tactical pen gift sets are perfect for friends and loved ones. Their tactical pens are the gifts that keep on giving, whether you are giving them for a BUGOUT BAG survival kit, FATHER'S DAY gifts for dad, cool gadgets gifts for men, grandpa gifts, brother gifts, or a women SELF DEFENSE KIT. They are committed to providing their customers with the necessary tools to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. They take the quality and durability of their tactical and personal defense equipment very seriously. They will make it right if you don't like your window breaker flashlight pen. They are committed to providing their customers with the necessary tools to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. They take the quality and durability of their tactical and personal defense equipment very seriously. They will make it right if you don't like your window breaker flashlight pen.

Brand: Tf Takeflight

👤The pen is nicely packaged in a giftable box, but the lid doesn't fit on the other end, it's an honest review by a US Marine Corps vet. How could that be overlooked during the design phase? The pen is strong and well made, it writes well, and the light is nice. The bottle opener is well done. The lid isn't fitting both ends is a deal breaker for me. It's called Semper Fi.

👤My wife bought this for me. I received a link from the seller asking me to review the Tactical Pen Multitool, so here is one man's honest assessment. There are pros and cons. Cool. It can do a lot of things. I like this stuff. The flashlight is small. At first glance, the multi-tool parts are impressive. It was fun. The window breaker feature makes it a great item for the car, and I will keep it there. They included replacement batteries and ink. It's nice. The pen is in use. It's not an item for your business suit, but it's good to know where it is. I have respect for the engineering of this item, but it is very well designed and made. You get what you pay for with this tactical pen. It works perfectly except for the requirement that you place half the tool down as you use the other half for a pen. It is heavy for a writing implement. Can't decide if it has more novelty than function. These small cons kept me from giving it a 5.

👤It is a great design, with a lot of features one can use on a daily basis. The fit and finish is not good for the price. There is a huge blemish in the black finish near the tip of the pen. I saw tactical pens from Smith and Wesson and Uzi that were cheaper. The pen won't snap on to the back of the pen if you flip it from the glass-breaker to the pen side. The pen is meant for active lifestyle use. Check the Multitool tip before you use it. The glass-breaker tip is more than just a piece of metal. The light is bright enough for what you need it for. It has a single mode, no strobe, and aggled on/off press. It is great to see Take Flight has extra batteries. I will likely return the pen because it is not worth the asking price.

👤The pen has a comfortable grip. The construction is light and solid. It's not long, but it's easy to fit in a bag and the light is great for finding things in the bottom of a bag. The point is that if you are using the flashlight to find your way, your natural grip means it is ready to use in self defense, if needed. You can use the bottle opener to enjoy a cold one if it comes to that. This is a great gift for both men and women, and comes in a nice box with two pen refill and a spare battery.

11. Atomic Bear Tactical Pen Ballpoint

Atomic Bear Tactical Pen Ballpoint

LIFETIME WARRANTY - RISK FREE SHOPPING: To back it all up, they are offering their Friendly Lifetime Warranty for this flint and steel. Every day of the year, their World Class customer service team is here for you and happy to answer any questions you may have. You can copy-paste this link into your browser. The Atomic Bear's SWAT Pen is a great writing utensil and is easy to use. A devastating strike can be delivered with a remarkable grip. The cap is solid and tight with an audible click on both ends when you switch between a pen and glass breaker self defense weapon. LIFETIME WARRANTY a spare black ink cartridge, and a proprietary Atomic Bear tac pen self-defense online class are included. A ballpoint pen that can take a beATING is a plain and simple design boasting the performance of a luxury pen combined with heavy duty military quality. Don't be chewed up by your pitbull! Won't break. Won't rust. Made of military grade aluminum. The feeling of weight and balance will make you happy. In both defense and writing modes, edc gear is surprisingly comfortable. Is there a pen that doesn't write? This ink pen writes as well as luxury pens, so don't be fooled by its low price. You will feel a smooth transfer of ink. Takes ink from many places. CARRY CONFIDENCE is perceived as non-lethal. It will make you feel safer in areas where arms are not allowed. The tip of the glass breaker breaks a window. Their online class will teach you how to use the SWAT pen and become the worst prey ever. You can open boxes, engrave wood, metal, glass. It's perfect for the event. It makes a great gift for security guards, police, military, shoppers, joggers, men and women.

Brand: The Atomic Bear

👤I have carried tactical pens from Smith&Wesson and CRKT for a long time. I bought this pen for a number of reasons. The price was good. The reviews were good, but I don't like removing the cap to expose the writing point. The pen is sturdy, a handful of tactical tools, and the cap pulls off with a firm pull, it won't accidentally fall off, and it secures to both ends. The pen is easy to use and writes well. If I hang it in my shirt pockets, it will pull down the neck of my T-shirt. If I don't want the belt holster in my pants pocket, I can use the supplied belt holster. I was worried about the small point on the cap hurting my thumb if I needed to use the pen, but that isn't a problem; the point isn't uncomfortable or high enough to hurt. No one has raised an eyebrow yet, but it does look like a tactical pen. It will be too heavy for anyone who uses slim, skinny pens.

👤I needed a Tactical pen that was at a price point that I would not be angry if I went missing, as I seem to have a problem with pens walking off on me. The pluses. The carrying case and the fact that it was not being shipped from China made me decide on this pen. When I order items from China, I don't get what I want in a timely fashion. I realized that the pen I was using was designed to be used by a professional when I used it more. The ability to use it like a Kubaton is eliminated by the sharp parts of most tactical pens, which is my biggest gripe. The window breaker is in the bottom of the pen, which will make the pen unable to be used in a self defense situation. The treads are smooth. The Tactical pen is almost the perfect one except for the top of the pen, which is a minor gripe, and it is almost not worth mentioning. I would prefer it to be flat. I don't know if they were trying to incorporate an edc style top into it or something else. I gave it 4 out of 5 because it wasn't perfect and Amazon wouldn't allow me to do half of a star. 5 out 5 is for items that blow my mind.

👤The pen is a nice package, but the cap is loose, so when you hold the pen the other guy could grab the tip end and pull it, and you would be stuck holding the cap. The cap is small to hold in your hand if you take it off. The tip is small. I was pretty disappointed in it. They said they fixed the problem and would send me a new one. This was a long time ago. There is still nothing. They have a cellar. There is a service. It is terrible.

👤The holster is lightweight and awesome. If you ask me, it's not too tactical. You didn't. Works well. Does break glass. I promise it breaks glass.


What is the best product for survival pen for women?

Survival pen for women products from Sulkada. In this article about survival pen for women you can see why people choose the product. Hoffman Richter and The Atomic Bear are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival pen for women.

What are the best brands for survival pen for women?

Sulkada, Hoffman Richter and The Atomic Bear are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival pen for women. Find the detail in this article. Abeurox, Dgemoc and Novium are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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