Best Survival Pants with Knee Pads

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1. Waterproof Pockets Climbing Camping Fishing

Waterproof Pockets Climbing Camping Fishing

It is suitable for Spring, Summer, Fall,Winter. You can find a custom fit with the Elastic Waist. Ripstop material is used at the knee area for protection from the toughest users. 2 Zipper Hand Pokets and 2 Zipper Rear Pockets keep your stuff safe. This pants is perfect for outdoor activities, like hiking, camping, climbing, fishing, traveling, and working in the winter.


👤The pants are good at the waist, but need more options. I would only like these if I had boots. I'm 190 lbs. The design of the clasp is poor. I prefer a button and hole. The belt is not worth keeping. It's not good for work wear. Only for hiking. Being yoga pants is one step up. I'm not sure if I'll keep them.

👤I've never been one to wear shorts. I didn't want any convertible hiking pants with theremovable legs because I have been wearing pants since I was knee high to a gapped toothed grasshopper gnawing down on some Grannie Smith's out on his daddy's juniper grove. The shorts are not real. No matter what my wife says, I'm a grown man and I'm not going to be cool with a bald man. I like the look of these pants. A little thin. I'm curious about their long term durability, but I'm happy with their pocket size and comfortable fit. I think they're good for cold weather with low humidity, because the water resistance means you'll feel sweat running down your legs and or stank. I was craving a shower by 10am when I wore them one morning. The shower was the only thing I had to look forward to that day. A bald man does to a marriage what these pants did to me. The shower and some video evidence will get rid of it. I liked the yellow accents on the zippers. Not out of control. James Brown was more like Sam Cooke. I haven't tried to wear them since they were like wearing a stylish sauna.

👤Don't waste your money on a brand that you don't like, spend your hard earned money on a reliable brand and seller who sells what they describe. I saw these pants on Amazon as I was shopping and they looked like the pants I was looking for, a light weight but heavy duty outdoor work pants for gardening and fishing. I was excited to get them but was disappointed. I opened the box and took out the bag with the pants in it and tried them on. The clasp that holds the top of the pants closed was missing and I couldn't get it to hold the top of the pants closed. I had a nice pair of pants, so I thought, but they were faulty from the seller. What do you think about using a Saftey pin to hold pants closed? I decided against returning them because I didn't like them and I wanted to wait for a reimbursement, but I also thought that if they came faulty on the first try, I would return them. The second pair of shoes could fall apart after a few wears as they were supposedly built for outdoor camping. For out door activities like camping, hiking and work, the last thing you need is something coming apart at the seems miles into the outdoor environment, so I don't know what the seller considers heavy duty, but for me camping and hiking alone requires real heavy duty products to stand up in Working outdoors is demanding and tough on gear and clothing. I have a lot of experience as I am an avid hunter, fisherman, and camper for over 49 years, as well as a scout master for over 15 years, and a master carpenter for almost 40 years. I don't like this product because they are not a cheap pair of pants, but they are a great price for a great quality product, which is what I think of when I say you get what you pay for. I will spend a few more dollars to find some light weight pants that arrive with no manufacturing defects, and I hope you do the same, so I can save you some grief. I found the defect quickly. They did not fall apart on me.

2. MAGCOMSEN Tactical Lightweight Hiking Pockets

MAGCOMSEN Tactical Lightweight Hiking Pockets

Rip-stop is a blend of cotton and polyester. Shrink and wrinkling are resistant. This tactical hiking pants have an elastic waist. Military pants have 9 pockets, with 2 front hand pockets, 3 back hand pockets, 2 zip up pockets, and 2 cargo pockets with hook and loop closures. It's great for all season outdoor activities and work wear. Pick the standard US size as your usual wear.


👤These pants are great. They are a little large. I had to come back. I ordered another pair. I wear a true size 38 US, but they were a little bit large. I ordered 36's which I think will be perfect. It's still comfortable but not baggy. Since they are elastic in the back for a small portion, order one size down for a better fit. They won't be like that modern fit BS. You don't have to have a mustache to wear functional pants. I don't recommend them for people who are not traditional.

👤June 15 2020. Excellent pants that are very durable. They are very small. I wear a 32 33 in my jeans, but I like the 36 and 38. They limit movement, but thats the cost of the extra durability. The makers seam stitching seems to be questionable. I recommend these pants for over a year because they repel rain water and patch small holes. The product is good and will not happen on all pairs. I have 4 pairs of these in different colors.

👤It was perfect. I wear a 33w x 30 inseam. I ordered 32w and they fit perfectly. They are a bit snug, but they are comfortable to 33. The length is 30. They can't ride up over boots with pull tabs if they have a longer back. I work in the rain in crawl spaces. They feel great when they kneel on cement. If you stand in heavy rain for 4 hours, the water will soak in. There will be showers and water. They don't like dirt soaking in. I ordered two more.

👤The crotch area of these pants is tight even if you get a big pants. It feels like a workout to walk in two different sizes. They don't put enough material in the back of the pants to make them comfortable, so they fall down when you walk. The pockets are hard to get into and I will return the one that is on the side and look for a different one.

👤I like the design with a lot of pockets and good material. I ordered my size because the seller's description said true size, even though there were some reviews that said under size and over size. Even with the elastic waist band, the legs were tight from thigh down to knee, which was not good for hiking, and I don't think it would be comfortable for stand.

👤The fit and strength of the material made me happy. The pant legs are a bit long, but worth noting.

👤Lifting your leg half way without restriction is possible. You will notice it when you walk up the stairs. I wouldn't use these in a field environment where you have to step onto a truck or over something because your pockets are full. These pants are advertised as hunting pants. Good luck stepping over a low log or trying to run in these. They are waterproof and seem to last a long time. The pocket arrangements on these were better than the Stryke pants, but I will keep the 511s.

3. MOCOLY Elastic Lightweight Outdoor Resistant

MOCOLY Elastic Lightweight Outdoor Resistant

The material is 10% elastane. Sun protection is provided by stretch-woven fabric that has a high protection against harmful ultraviolet rays. The YKK Zipper-Closure Pockets are deep enough to securely hold your phones, wallet, and keys. The capri has a cord lock around the cuffs to keep bugs out when hiking and it also has a hem that is more convenient for sports. The elastic Waistband has drawcord for a snug fit. It's made of a slim fit with a soft 4-way stretchy fabric that gives you the freedom to flex. There are OCCASIONS. Hiking capris pants are suitable for all seasons. Good choice for outdoor sports, exercising, hiking, camping, hunting, fitness, active, cycling, fishing, rock climbing, travelling, running, jogging, lounge and home wear.


👤I blame myself for not reading it more closely. I was looking for hiking pants that had good reviews. The photos were with long pants. I was wondering where the lower half of the pants were when I pulled the package out. I realized I ordered the capris. I would have bypassed these in the store. I weigh between 150 and 156 pounds. I ordered a large one. They fit right. I was worried about the quality. I was going to return them, but I hate the return process. I decided to wear them on my first backpacking trip in years. I was surprised. There were multiple river crossing knees to mid-thigh water deep. The pants were completely dry within 20 minutes. A companion wore jeans that never dried and he was miserable when the temperature dropped. I expected the desert brush to fall down on the trails. Not a single problem. I would recommend these capris. I need to find these in pants. I did not get paid for this review.

👤I'm really happy with my first pair of hiking pants. I'm 5'9" and I got the XXL, they fit! The length is perfect. It hits my shoes. The leg at the bottom can be narrowed using the drawstring. I was able to tie it because of the long waist drawstring. They are very comfortable, flexible and quiet. There are several deep pockets. I will definitely buy at least one more pair, but I wish they had the black one. They are gray, but I would love a black pair. There is an update. I got a pair of the XXL in black.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. I bought a large size. These fit well around my waist. They are not low rise. The fabric is light and comfortable, and the fit allows for freedom of movement. They may not be very flattering. I am looking for functional so that is fine.

👤I am 5 foot 5, 170 lbs, have a 33 inch waist and a 47 inch hip. These pants are very tight on my thighs, yet very large on my midsection. I tried 8 pairs of hiking pants, and the only pair that was decent for a curvy girl was the "Rdruko Women's outdoor Water-Resistant Quick Drying lightweight Cargo pants(Blue, US XL)". I hope this helps someone with a curvy body.

👤These are not friends for my pear shaped ladies. I ordered the XXL because I am 5 feet 9 and 18 years old, and my legs and hips were stuffed in like sausages. I would not dare walk in them. These would be great for you if you don't carry your weight in your hips and thighs. The company offered to pay me to remove the review.

👤I'm going to say that I never write reviews. I base my buying decisions on what I read. I read many reviews to find pants that were comfortable and sporty. I waffled for a while before choosing this brand. They showed up fast. All I can say is... I am in love with myself. They are some of the most comfortable pants I've ever worn, and they make me feel sporty. My boyfriend told me that they look great on me, but he did not give me a compliment. The size is correct. If you were on the fence, I would urge you to go for it. You will not be disappointed.

4. RIGGS WORKWEAR Wrangler Ranger Brown

RIGGS WORKWEAR Wrangler Ranger Brown

Relax fit. The relaxed fit work pant is designed with comfort in mind. This work pant has a relaxed fit through the seat, thigh, and knee and is comfortable on the waist. Room2 move furniture. For long days on the job, you want a pant that is comfortable. This pant is made with an improved fit and features an action crotch and deep front pockets for added comfort in wear. The materials aredurable. The Ripstop work pant is made with 10oz 100% Cotton Ripstop fabric, which is long lasting and comfortable. There is forced construction. This work pant is made for long- lasting durability and is reinforced in the knees, seams, and tape measure clip. 1000 Denier Cordura is lined in the back pockets. There is extra storage. A secure spot for all of your tools, this work pant has a hammer loop, reinforced leather tape measure clip, roomy side cargo pockets, back pockets, watch pocket, and deep front pockets.

Brand: Wrangler Riggs Workwear

👤I ordered the Bark color and they sent the Green color. It's not a big deal, but still annoying. I'm just using them to work on projects around the house, but was tired of tearing up decent blue jeans on projects that got them dirty or ripped. I wear a 38 waist and 32 length. I ordered in that size, but the waist is too tight, I can get them on, but not as comfortable as I would like. The pockets are cut towards the top of the pants, which makes it difficult to get your hands in and out of them, because they are tight at the waist. The cargo pockets are too tight, and not really useful for putting anything useful in them, and it's hard to get into or out of them. The hip area is still tight, so items in your front pockets are not as big as they should be. They are a tad long, to the point of dragging on the ground when I walk. I don't find the pants particularity comfortable because of the tight waist. The material is tough despite being the wrong color. It will take a few washings to get these limbered up, and they are going to be plenty rugged enough for me. Maybe I should have returned them, but I wanted to get some projects done, so I just bite the size problem and use them. If they shrink, I'll probably not fit into them anymore. I don't like them enough to order the correct size, will probably try a different brand hoping for a better fit and more useful pockets. If you order these using typical jean sizes, I would suggest you go bigger in the waist and shorter in the length to get a better result. Even if you get a good fit, I don't like the pockets enough to order another pair. There is a change to be made. After a couple of years of having these. My fit is the same. These are bulletproof. It was tough. The material limbered up well.

👤This is probably my 4th pair. When Carhartt's quality went down hill, I started buying these. I decided to go with quality instead of just buying a product because of a name. My dad had a pair before me and he said they were great. He was correct when I decided to buy my first pair. The rip-stop material is very strong. I just got through my last pair and they lasted a year. I washed them twice a week because I wore them every day at work. I think that's pretty darn good. There were spots where I'd have something in the same pocket. My wallet, keys, and phone all had white outlines, and ended up wearing out over time. It did take a while to get to that point. I wore them out again. The fit is ok. It is a risk to order clothing online. I'm honest with myself about my waist size. I've noticed that a lot of men don't know where their waist is, or they're not being honest, on reviews of pants. The issue of "what size should I order?" and "Are they true to size?" are created. To save some confusion, I would say order the size that fits you best, overall. Since I work both inside and outside, I order a 38 W so that I have room to tuck shirts in. The 2 belt loops on both sides of the back seam is a key feature that most casual jeans fail to do. I don't like when there's too much space between loops, which can result in a belt coming up above the pants. These will stop that from happening. The right side pocket has a leather pocket corner. This feature prevents you from being constantly in and out of getting keys or phones because you can't wear them all the time. I wish both front pockets had them. The top of the back pockets have been fortified. Not leather but added protection. These pants are made for the working man or woman. Carhartt lost that a long time ago. I used to walk through those pants. It makes sense to own one pair of these as opposed to 3 pairs in a year. There are pros and cons for further assistance. Thank you for reading! Quality ripstop material that is comfortable and roomy,Leather padding and added material to pockets,Proper amount of wide belt loops, fit is true to size, long-lasting, price cons: could use some more color options

5. 5 11 STRYKE Tactical Cargo Flex Tac

5 11 STRYKE Tactical Cargo Flex Tac

5.11's patented two-way mechanical stretch 65% polyester/35 cotton ripstop fabric makes the Stryke pant lightweight and durable, and they provide outstanding comfort and performance in harsh conditions. The Teflon fabric treatment protects against stains, spills, and soil. You will be prepared for running, kneeling, crawling, and hustling your work demands with comfort features like a self-adjusting tunnel waistband, a fully shirred crotch, and articulated knees. The 5.11 Stryke pants have a number of operational features, including double-deep cargo pockets for tactical use.

Brand: 5.11

👤I was going to write a review. I am familiar with tactical pants. I have been wearing BDU pants for a long time. They have become a necessity in my warehouse workplace environment where I am constantly bending my body in different positions as well as working around moving equipment and changing outdoor environments. I need comfort and flexibility in BDU wear. Propper pants are very good. I have owned several pairs of shoes for over five years and they are still going strong, but they are starting to wear out. I thought it was time to buy 5 new pairs of BDU type pants to last me the entire week. I was looking at Propper pants. Reviews for 5.11 pants caught my eye. They were higher than Propper pants. I began to see that the STRYKE pants were more favorable than the standard PRO pants, when I began reading reviews on the 5.11 brand. I faced the initial issue. These pants cost a lot. That's crazy! I used to buy tactical/BDU pants for $35 a pair. As I read more reviews of the Tactical Stryke pants, I realized that spending $75 might not be a bad idea. I bought 5 pairs of these pants blindly. If I didn't like them, I could return them to Amazon. I wore my first pair of pants. I was floored. These are tactical pants? They looked like dress pants. The material was very soft. The appearance was refined and slim, and it had some pinstripes in the fabric. I could wear a nice shirt and go out to dinner in these pants. I was surprised that these were actually tactical pants. I could tell that this was ripstop fabric. There were pockets all over the place. I never felt a bit of tightness in the fabric as I bent down, because it was flexible and roomy. The pants hug me. They look great on me. I'm a short guy. I wear a 29-inch inseam. Everyone with my inseam knows that no pants are tailored for us. I thought I would have to pay a lot of money for these tailored pants since I bought five. I was happy to find that the length was short so that I could just get by with the 30-inch inseam. Several Amazon reviews point out this. I was happy that these pants held their shape after being washed for the first time. These are quick-dry. I don't recommend drying them for more than 30 minutes. These are the most amazing pants I have ever owned, and I am here to tell you about it. I can take them to the warehouse. I can wear them to dinner. How many pants do you think can serve you for work and dining? I think pants that cost $75 a pair can. It is definitely worth the price. I will not buy another brand again. I was sold on 5.11.

👤This is my second pair of pants. The crotch gave out in the first pair. The pants fit, that seemed a little fast. I thought I'd try it again. The second pair I bought was torn in the crotch by the middle of September. No good. I can't recommend them because of the high price and short life span.

6. FREE SOLDIER Scratch Resistant Climbing Tactical

FREE SOLDIER Scratch Resistant Climbing Tactical

The material is material. Men's cargo pants. Tactical pants for men made from teflon fabric repel stains and liquids. Hiking pants for men are made of anti-wrinkle fabric. Mens pants are scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and durable. There are functional pockets. Men's cargo pants have up to 11 pockets, with 2 back hip pockets, 2 back thigh pockets, and 2 back shank pockets. The design: The hiking pants men wear are made with strengthened knees and 3D tailoring. The fly closure is made of yans. The hanging loop of the MOLLE system can easily hang hiking gear. The free tactical pants men are perfect for outdoor, four seasons, duty work, tactical, hunting, daily life, casual, military, climbing, hiking, camping, etc.

Brand: Free Soldier

👤They sent me a larger size 42 waste, which fit great around the waste, and I had to hem them because they were too small. I wear a size 38 relaxed fit in Levi and Carhartt. I haven't run through my outdoor haunt yet, but they look and feel great. They have double stitching all over and extra thick fabric in the places you normally wear out. These pants are my go-to for hunting and off-grid cabins. I expect them to do well after about a year of abuse, but I will most likely update this after that. You could hope for great pants with all the bells and whistles. I've worn these for more than 30 days in a harsh Eastern Oregon Winter. I've spent a lot of time on a tractor moving snow, digging out snowmobiles and gates, and getting snow off my cabin and shed. They are perfect so far. It was very dry in all of these activities.

👤It was used for my superhero suit. It was nice and tactical.

👤I've been looking for pants that can handle what I can dish out. They are awesome in every way, except for the fact that they can be pretty hot in the summer. They are ideal. There are plenty of pockets with a velcro closure for being up and down all day. I can crawl an attic or crawlspace without worrying about my stuff falling out of my pockets and having to carry a bucket or tray with me. I will be wearing these for upcoming video shoots. They feel like armor. Excellent! I've found nothing better.

👤These pants are great. The pockets have pockets! I can load up every survival piece of equipment. If you carry a pistol, extra mags, radio, cuffs, and rifle mags, you may need to reinforce the Top of the Belt loops. Suspenders help too. I have lived in several pairs of Uniform pants during my deployment to Afghanistan. Tan, Brown, Black, Grey!

👤Heavy work. I usually rip the crouches out of pants. They have held up well after a few days of rigorous and odd positions and squats. There are many storage pockets.

👤These things are great. I use these in the emergency room. I have pockets for everything. They have held up well so far. I get a lot of comments from patients. The only downside is that you have to empty out all the pockets before laundry day. It can take a while.

👤The pants weren't made very well. I washed them after they fit me perfectly. They were too skinny and small to even fit on the floor. One leg was skin tight and the other was loose, but they 888-282-0465 The seam in the rear was twisted. The pants seemed to move. Be sure to cut it right. Otherwise they were nice pants. Don't wash them? It was very uncomfortable. Get cheap. Will not be buying this brand in the future.

7. TACVASEN Tactical Outdoor Military Ripstop

TACVASEN Tactical Outdoor Military Ripstop

Water repellence, Wrinkle resistant, Scratch-Resistant, lightweight, Breatable. Double-layer legs design, could have built-in knee pads. The waist is elastic for flexibility. The front D Rings are easy to hang. Two leg side pockets with a zip up are part of the multi-pockets. The thigh side pocket can be extended by 2CM. The leg will not be squeezed when the large object is installed. It's perfect for outdoor activities.

Brand: Tacvasen

👤I've decided to keep them. I'm going to take them for a trip to Iceland in a few weeks. I need something that is comfortable and has extra pockets. I'm slim but not skinny, I'm 48 years old. I'm 31 years old. It's difficult to find well-fitting camping/hiking pants at an affordable price with those specifications. I'm spending $90 to $170 on some things. Most things are either tight or baggy, which makes them easy to steal from your local appliance store. These were better than most I've seen, although they're a little baggy in the calves and thighs, and don't feel "tactical", but I ordered size 32, which is the smallest they have. They look nothing like the pictures on Amazon, which makes them hilarious. I ordered the color # 002-grey. The pants are in the picture, but they are not telling you much. It's hard to see in the Amazon photo, but all of the pockets and a lot of the seams are at funny diagonals. If, like me, you spent a lot of your teen and young adult years wearing those old army surplus fatigues, these "tactical" britches will seem like the Pentagon had hired a team of clothing designers freshly graduated out of fashion institute. And honestly? They did a good job. The funky angles make the pants look a bit better. I've seen worse things come down the runway. So. Yes. I like them. I don't like the whole paramilitary thing that's popular with the tactical pant consumer base. I'm walking through the brush with a camera and a bunch of lens. These trousers are a bit fashion-forward if the militia thing is your bag. I'm pretty sure that what I got was a purple-toned slate. The pictures on Amazon were misleading. It's not bright purple, but wearing anything besides black or brown will make it look purple. If you wear a green top, you will look like the villain.

👤The size is smaller than the pants. I wear 34x32 and that is the size that is on the tag, but they are much smaller in the waist and inseam. The belt loops are too small for a tactical bet. The pocket openings are so small that my hand couldn't fit into them. A wallet would never fit in the left rear internal wallet pocket. The pants look great, feel good to the touch, and they are reasonably priced. A bit more attention to detail could make this a great buy. The attached pictures give a better idea of what's happening.

👤Most of the pockets are covert, but these are fantastic cargo pants. These are very easy to wash. I kneel in the dirt and have no wear or discoloration. Would buy again.

👤I am 5'8" tall and 140 lbs. I bought a size 30. I don't need a belt because the waist fits me well. They are a little long on me, as you can see in my pics. I don't think they're water resistant, they just absorb water. The ripstop fabric is tough. I wear them in 90 degree days and they are comfortable. I think they are a good deal.

8. AKARMY Military Tactical Camouflage Multi Pocket

AKARMY Military Tactical Camouflage Multi Pocket

The design is perfect. Their pants are made with a blend of twill fabric that is resistant to wrinkling. The work pant has widened belt loops and a hook. The leg and knee are open with a hook and loop. There are multi-pockets. The ripstop cargo pants have 10 pockets, with 2x large front slash pockets for easy access, 2x Thigh flap pocekts with hook and loop for quick storage of tactical equipment, and 2x Leg flap pockets for more convenient to get items when squatting. 4x flap rear pockets for deep and secure storage. There are features. Tactical pants with camouflage design. Ripstop fabric repels liquids. Shrink, scratch, and wear-resistant. It's lightweight and resistant for all kinds of outdoor sports. There is a fabric called Stop FABRIC. When training for the army, the fabric can keep you dry and comfortable. Ripstop ripstop fabric is durable and comfortable. It is durable in harsh environments. Repels water,oil, and dust. You can breathe and quick-dry. It keeps you dry in the outdoors. There is an overarching meaning. Their waterproof hiking pants are suitable for any outdoor activities, training, off duty exercises or daily wear.

Brand: Akarmy

👤The performance features of the tactical pants are adequate to the challenges of my security needs. The lightweight material has proven to be durable for the work I do, and the multitude of pockets accommodates my needs well. I am not a fan of the velcro for long term usage. The four weeks of use that these pants were used for, they served well, until the inside pocket's bind gave way to a quarter-sized hole through which the pocket's contents poured. The stitching on the front leg panel gave way, creating a three inch gap between the front pocket and the rear leg panel. The lightweight stitching on these pants is causing them to fall apart as I wear them. I can't recommend them for lightweight duty use since the construction lacks any reasonable longterm quality and the two stars rating reflects the durability of the material and the comfort that the plants provide while I'm working. They need a needle and thread for daily repairs after six weeks of wearing. Unless you're a sewing enthusiast, shopping at a local law enforcement supply store is better than going somewhere else.

👤These pants have been bought three times by me. The size was odd. I bought according to the reviews and they were still odd. I bought two more times and was sent a different size. They were supposed to be a gift and were cool looking.

👤It fits! There are two more I'm in a flattering 42 waist and 6'4" tall. velcro instead of buttons is huge. I spent more on poetry than I could ever get into. This is a good product. I will get more.

👤They fit. It was too snug for my liking. They don't stretch at all. It is going to be interesting to squat down and climb the hills with them. There are holes in the front pockets. The pockets have a weird connection to the leg. There is no idea why those are there. I will definitely cut those out. I can't imagine putting anything in the pockets because they're so slim. The material seems good, but can't imagine the stitching will hold up to many uphill hikes. I have changed the name to EDIT*. As I anticipated. First time hiking in them, lunged forward to climb a hill. Don't waste your money.

👤The multiple pockets deep pockets are what I like about this product, it's recommended for anyone who loves to have those extra pockets, whether they're a law-enforcement worker or a military man.

👤The material is thick and durable, so it wasn't right for me. I would get too hot using them. They are an awesome pair of pants. They have a lot of pockets. They are similar to a pair of Dickies. They have a lining inside the top pockets that allows one to shorten the pants. I was in awe when I saw this. The engineering of that is amazing. They are very form-fitting. I would like them to be right for what I need them for. They might be the best tactical pants I've ever seen. I wouldn't be able to wear them because I get so hot, so I thought about keeping them.

9. Caterpillar Trademark Regular Sizes Black

Caterpillar Trademark Regular Sizes Black

A classic fit work pant with pull-out tool pockets and a top loading knee pad pocket. The fabric is double brushed on the inside for comfort. The Oxford knee has a top loading knee pad opening that reduces the fabric bulge at the back of the knee. The tool pockets have extra denier to keep multiple tools within reach. The leg opening is 20 inches.

Brand: Caterpillar

👤These last a long time for me as a plumbing professional. I bought a second pair of pants after my first one wore out. My other pair is still being worn. You can't say that about jeans. I like the pockets. The picture is of my original pair.

👤I work in a dirty environment and I often ask for clothes. I am a knee-shredding machine. I have used a lot of different brands. The pants are the best and most durable, and the price is reasonable, if the fit and configuration works for you. They have carpenter pouches built in. I have a wonderful set of carpenter pouches, but I never use them because of the work I do. These pants allow me to approximate real pouches when I need them. I can tuck them in when the pouches are not in the way. The double knees of these pants are made of cordura-like material that is strong enough to stand up to my daily routine, and though there are a couple of small cuts in them, they are nowhere near wearing through after a year of use. That is high praise. The double-layer knees are roomy and easy to use, and they are a nice addition. I would suggest to the manufacturers that the pads are a bit narrower than the pouches, so they don't get stuck in the side. This does annoy me because the pads still work. The pads should be wider or narrower. The size and configuration of the carpenter/cargo pockets seems well thought out and plentiful, so no complaints there. I would make the flap on the one side wider to keep the dust out of the pockets. The corners of the flaps are beginning to work loose, so I would double stitch them. The reinforced hems work well. Over the course of a year, the hems have not worn out. These pants fit well, they have thoughtful features, and they make me look sexy. If you don't like them, don't buy them. They are perfect for me because I like a roomy leg. Despite my two suggestions for improvements, they are far and away superior to all other work pants that I have tried, so I am giving them 5 stars. If the manufacturer hiked the price by twenty dollars, I would still buy them. If nothing changes, they are the only pants I will ever buy again.

👤Yes. I like them. I don't have a construction history. I wore blue jeans in my basement. I found these. If people in the business knew about these pants before I did, it would be silly to be excited. What I like. The material is easy to clean. It's super durable. Feels light but not crazy. Strong. The wife weave won't hold mud. It doesn't get wet like cotton when it gets wet. There are pockets. Awww. They are large. The mini tool belt pockets that are tucked away in the front pickets are the best part. It was so convient. I want these all the time. I have a cell phone, reading glasses, credit cards, two sets of keys, breath mints, and more. I've been using them for tools. But? I don't have to keep my phone in my pocket. Unless you have a specific job like electric or carpentry framing, you should only use tool belts van. Then! As I age, the middle gets bigger than the but and chest, so I should be on all my paints. There is rubber on the belt line. It keeps the pants up. It seems silly but it's wonderful. They were what I was looking for. You have enough room when you bend over or squat. These are similar to life paints. I would love to be a stay at home dad. A bottle. Check. The person is called a pasifyer. Check. I would wipe it out like a gun slinger from the west. Tood pockets in paints that stay up. Fashionable. Kinda. Don't go to a black tie event. I feel like a avenger. I look like a middle aged man at work. But he cares. I feel like I can tackle things. This isn't paid for review. Check my spelling. Thanks designers. I am a loyal brand fan.

10. Unionbay Mens Survivor Relaxed Cargo

Unionbay Mens Survivor Relaxed Cargo

A classic cargo pant has cargo pockets and a belted waist. Zip fly with button closure

Brand: Unionbay

👤The new version of the pants Amazon sent to me did not include the flaps that cover the small side pockets, even though there are pictures of a pair of theses pants on this page. The problem of inaccurate pictures is not solved by Amazon, but by Unionbay removing a useful feature when they decided to exclude the small side pockets. It used to be possible to put items in other pockets and dry them from the rain in the small side pockets, but now that the small side pockets don't have flaps, it's not possible. I would have bought more pairs of the older style if I knew Unionbay was going to change the design with the small side pockets. I liked the fit and the look of the older style cargo pants, but the material is not bad. The new version of these cargo pants have small side pockets that are very similar to the ones in the original item photos.

👤I was skeptical about purchasing these, but I'm 6'5 and around 300 are amazing. They don't look big on you because you have room for days. It's the best buy for big and tall people. They have more than enough pockets. I will purchase these again.

👤I was disappointed in these. I was going to replace my older Cargo's soon as they fit wonderfully, felt great and were great to be around. As I'm getting ready for work, they tear as I'm kneeling down. Being a big guy, it's hard for me to find good quality clothing that doesn't cost $100 every time I buy something, and these were fitting the bill until today. I expect any piece of clothing to last longer than 45 days, and these did not fit that bill.

👤Many of the reviewers agree with me. The pictures are the same as they used to be, but these are not. The little credit card size pockets on the outside of the larger cargo pockets have a fold over flap. I ordered 5 of these and none of them had the fold over flaps that Amazon has. I have had the flap on older ones. They are a thinner weight product and are less comfortable than they used to be. The credit card pocket is smaller than it used to be, so it sticks out of the top. The credit card pocket was a feature that I really liked, but now I can't use it because the cards won't stay inside the pocket. I am very disappointed. I loved Unionbay clothing. It's worse now.

👤The material is durable. The cargo pockets are large and sewn to expand. I use those pockets at work. I have a little room to move around but they are not baggy. They fit well. I have a 32" waist. I always have to go up a size to fit my toosh because I'm well endowed in that area, I bought a 34w30l and they fit perfectly. There is room for me in the hips which I desperately need, but the waist is slightly bigger than expected.

11. IDOGEAR Multicam Military Paintball Tactical

IDOGEAR Multicam Military Paintball Tactical

The material is made of 50% and 50% polyester with a 4-way stretch-woven accents ripstop clothing, Teflon coating, YKK zipper, military level elastic, velcro and thread, which makes it very comfortable and durable. The IDOGEAR G3 combat pants are a new design. There are concealed elbow pads and the combat knee pads. The waist adjust system and knee pad height adjust system make it very professional and functional. There is a size adjustment at the back of the waist, knee and ankle. F) The zip fly has a 2 hip pocket. SPECIFICATION: a It is in European regular size, a little smaller than US size, so please refer to their size chart from the last photo before ordering. You can choose from Small (30W/31L), Medium (32W/32L), Large (34W/32L), X- Large (36W/33L), and XX- Large (37W/33L). The color is MultiCam, MultiCam Black, and Ranger Green. USAGE is perfect for paintball, hunting, shooting, wargame, daily wear and training. The package does not include the boots and belt.

Brand: Idogear

👤I have had these pants through 2 deployment, 2 NTC rotation, and numerous trainings, and they have gone through everything. I am amazed. I have climbed mountains with them, gone through forests, swamps, and more, and they are still hiking up. Everyone around me thinks they are precision until I tell them they are Chinese knock offs. I hope to use them for a while.

👤I went to 3 other manufacturers to try to find a pair of these that fit, they were all too big around the crotch area, these fit perfectly and don't feel like I have a parachute around my waist. I'm 6' 3' 140lb and I'm really skinny, so it was hard to find a pair that wouldn't be too baggy, I wear a size 29/30 waist, the small fit just the way I wanted them to. There are three pannels sewn onto the top and sides of the pants which help prevent the knee-pads from blowing out. I think it's a genius feature. These were a perfect purchase for me. If you are a skinny guy looking for a pair of pants that won't look like a parachute, or if you are a slendar woman, these are the pants for you. I have no complaints about the multi cam color, it matched the rest of my multi cam gear. The lack of color options is the only complaint I have. At the time of my purchase, they only had multiCAM and multiCAM black. I have made other purchases from IDOGEAR and have been satisfied every time. I have purchased two of their 'taco' style pistol and rifle pouches and they have held up just fine. I will be giving a review on the Combat shirt I purchase next. A message to IDOGEAR, you guys are doing a good job so far, keep this up and you will get more and more business and become a bigger name. Crye Precision, 5.11 tactical, and all those other big names started from nothing, so don't be afraid to purchase from these guys just because they don't have a well known big popular name. Don't be afraid to try new things.

👤I am a size 36 in most things and the "XXL 38" waist is the highest they go. Quality time will tell. I wanted to write a review for people who were worried about how these would fit. Initial quality looks good. The ripstop fabric is very durable and there are small details that you wouldn't expect from Chinese knock-offs. 4 out of 5 stars for being a bit tight, but it seems to be a great product. Will update after initial testing.

👤The cord ripped apart the loop when I pulled it. It happened to both knees. The loop was not sewn together. It was probably only one stitch that held it up. One stitch can't stand a pull. Quality control is an issue. I was trying to contact the seller about the missing elbow pads. I have been waiting for a response for a long time. Elbow pads are not included. The advertisement is not real.


What is the best product for survival pants with knee pads?

Survival pants with knee pads products from . In this article about survival pants with knee pads you can see why people choose the product. Wrangler Riggs Workwear and 5.11 are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival pants with knee pads.

What are the best brands for survival pants with knee pads?

, Wrangler Riggs Workwear and 5.11 are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival pants with knee pads. Find the detail in this article. Free Soldier, Tacvasen and Akarmy are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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