Best Survival Pack 500 Pieces

Pack 30 Jun 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. EMDMAK Survival Emergency Travelling Adventures

EMDMAK Survival Emergency Travelling Adventures

We donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love. They stand behind their products. You won't find a tougher mylar survival anywhere. It is guaranteed. The 6 in 1 waterproof case has a versatile steel tool card, fire starter, compass, wire saw, emergency whistle, multifunctional pliers, and an emergency blanket. One case can be used to meet different needs. The box is 5''X 3.5''X 1.6'' and has a weight of 6.8oz. Whistle has a key ring on one end and is loud. The compass is flexible and has high sensitivity. The saw blades of the wire saw are sharp and smooth, do not hurt the hand, and can cut things quickly. The strike rod can be drawn down the block to light your kindling. The multi-tool is made of steel and includes can opener, knife edge, screwdriver, ruler, cap opener, 4 position wrench, butterfly wrench, saw blade, direction ancillary indication, 2 position wrench, and a key ring holder. The battery of the flashlight is included in the Multifunction Flashlight Pliers. Each of the inside components is well made. The case is shock resistant. The other six components are made from plastic. It is very sturdy and durable. It's a must have for all outdoor enthusiasts, it's necessary when camping, hiking, hunting, biking, climbing, traveling, adventures, survival and in an emergency situation. A must have for them. It's also great for a gift.

Brand: Emdmak

👤The case is advertised as waterproof. I assumed it was of a certain quality. The case is cheap. Water definitely gets into the case if it is waterproof. It isn't sealed. The compass feels like I could crush it in my hand. I have four of the same tool card from things like this. There is a The multitool functions. It has a good saw, a good light, and a good plyer design, but it has a knife with a blade that's too long. I pulled the saw out of the bag after my girlfriend asked what it was. There was never going to be any sawing done with it. The metal clips holding the saw were not tight enough. The whistle has a small compartment and a key. It makes noise. The best thing in this pack... The firestarter seems like your basic cheap set. I didn't try the emergency blanket. Even though the belt loop is only 1 1/2 inch wide, I wondered if it was as cheap as others I have seen or tried to use, so I gave it a tug and laughed as the threads easily came loose. It was terrible.

👤This is not good. I expected to be able to use the utensils in a pinch, but I didn't expect the highest quality. The multi-tool action is so stiff that I need to use an extra tool to pry the instruments out. It's difficult to use them once they're out because of the poor handle. The metal card with the can-opener is so sharp that it is impossible to hold in a bare hand and apply any degree of pressure without injury. The emergency whistle is a waste of time. I think the compass is the best component because it is very close to the truth when on a flat level surface. I have not tried using the saw. I wouldn't buy this again or recommend it.

👤It's good to have a survival kit in your home. The zombies will come, never know when. It's necessary when camping, hiking, hunting, biking, climbing, traveling, adventures, survival and in an emergency situation. It's also great for a gift.

👤Firestarter, compass, blanket, saw, and carrying case were all better than I was expecting. The rubber o-right seal on the clips of the carrying case would probably keep things dry in the event of a complete submersion. The can opener, saw, and knife edges are meant to be used as tools, and the steel card multi tool is too small to be used as a wrench. The multi-tool pliers are sturdy enough for occasional use, but feel a little cheap. The flashlight was bright. Whistle is made of plastic and has a small compartment. This is a good deal. It's worth the weight to carry here. I added the following items which are easy to fit into the included case: Iodine water tablets for up to 25 quarts, 2nd mylar blanket, 10 ft 550 paracord, fire tinder in waterproof bag, steri-strips, and bandages. This will go into my day-hike pack with a cell phone charging device.

2. Ultimate Survival Technologies Emergency Rations

Ultimate Survival Technologies Emergency Rations

Also, note: When the oxygen has been removed, bags may not shrink like vacuum bags. Absorbers only absorb 21% of the air, which is oxygen. The air volume will be gone about 1/3 of the time. The apple-cinnamon flavor is pleasant. It is easy to store an optimal balance of cholesterol and vitamins. Each bar can be eaten in six portions with a total of 2400 calories.

Brand: Ultimate Survival Technologies

👤You should ignore anyone who reviews this on the basis of how it tastes. This is not a camping or hiking snack. When you find yourself trapped in the wilderness or in your own home after a disaster, survival ration tastes bland or bad to discourage excessive eating. These taste ok. It was kind of a cinnamon shortbread. For its intended use, texture and quality are fine. I have received 6 of these packages so far and all of them have been sealed perfectly. I put a second layer of vacuum plastic over my survival food to protect it from accidental puncturing and to extend its lifespan. If you get any that have a vacuum loss, just eat it or throw it away. Poor handling in transit or a minor factory defect are the reasons why they're not worth a 1 star review. The calories come out to $.001 per calories. I've been searching for and buying long term storage emergency ration for over a decade and never have I found a better price in the market. Put these in a box in the back of a closet and then buy a bunch of canned and dry foods for your "shtf" meals. These calories are not a meal replacement. To make sure you're getting something resembling real sustenance, keep a bottle of multi vitamins, a few gallons of water, and a couple pounds of freeze dried potatoes or rice nearby. I'm up to 15. I haven't had a single issue with them losing vacuum. Don't let bad luck deter you from purchasing these. If you keep buying these low cost alternatives, the price gougers will start lowering their prices.

👤It appears to be a single pack.

👤The product is not accurate. One pack is not 4 days of food, but one day of food. This product has a shelf life of 5 years and will last 2 years. I am angry with the seller for misrepresenting the product. I would love to have my money back. I could shop locally and find a better deal.

👤We thought we were getting a box of four, not one bar. The image showed four. Since that time, it has changed. The price for 4 seems reasonable. The cost for one is out of line. The product was useless because of the broken vacuum seal. The bars are good for emergency food. We've bought them from local retailers before. The experience of this seller was not great.

👤I ordered 8 boxes and got 8 bars that were not a good value and the bars were good but not at this price.

👤The vacuum seal wasn't intact. The company uses an illustration that shows 4 packages. Caveat emptor is not for purchase.

👤Any type of emergency food is very expensive. These single packs are also selling other places for $20+ each. Also. For $5, you get 2400 calories and a 5 year shelf life, which is a good deal for something that you can just open and eat. You can get these from Wal-mart for five cents cheaper than Amazon will charge, but you have to order four of them. It's a very dense bread type bar. More powdery than bread, like gingerbread. It tastes like a sweet dessert with a hint of cinnamon. It's not something I'd go out of my way to snack on, but it tastes good and is similar to a dense bar. It doesn't taste bad like other emergency ration bars that taste like chemicals or gross. There are some that are my favorite for taste and price. It's worth $5 to have a car glove box and all your backpacks. Just in case. If you break it into the six 400 calories sections, you'll get one of these.

3. Osmo Genius Starter Kit for IPad

Osmo Genius Starter Kit for IPad

The store is in a dry and ventilated location. Osmo is a magician. Learning games are fun. Children interact with real hand held pieces and an iPad, bringing a child's game pieces and actions to life. An iPad is not required for game play. TEACHING To solve creative physics puzzles, place items in front of the screen, learn to draw, add, count, subtract, and multiply tiles to pop the number, arrange over 100+ puzzle designs/pieces to match on-screen shapes, and learn to draw, add, count, subtract, and Skills learned include visual problem-solving skills, puzzles, math, addition, counting, multiplication, geography, marine biology, freehand drawing, and improve spelling and vocabulary. Every move is watched and reacted to by Osmo. I love learning. CAPABILITY: Ages 7-13. There are games for beginners and experts. The continuation of learning is aided by smo. Children can learn through experimentation in a stress-free environment. The box contains the Osmo Base and Reflector for iPad, Tangram pieces, Numbers tiles, Words tiles, Stackable storage for each game, and 5 game apps: Numbers, Tangram, Words,Newton, and Masterpiece. All iPad except Generation 1-4 are comparable. The iPad Pro 11-inch, iPad Mini 6, iPad Air 4, and iPad Pro 12.9-inch are required. There is a minimum version needed.

Brand: Osmo

👤The concept and the Tangrams portion play well, but the numbers and words are not. The pictures do not represent the word that they are supposed to spell. I'm adding pictures to explain. There is no explanation for what the numbers game is supposed to do. They start adding, then they have to put a 2 and a 5 down to get 25 and it's slow in response. Even if we keep going down to multiplication and division, it's still basic practice that they can get on any free app and not worth the money. These games are frustrating my children. I'm trying to decide if I should send it back or wait for a response with great updates.

👤You get an item that is 5 dollars. You have to set up an account, download apps, and buy additional $10 apps before you can use it. Your child will be able to play the games. They are difficult to understand. You should buy a regular $5 app. This is too complicated for young kids to enjoy, and too simple for older kids. I have spent a lot of money on Amazon.

👤We bought Genius kit after hearing about it from our friends who have the product. After playing with the product, I think it's worth every penny, and I would recommend it to anyone. There are a lot of learning games in the market which allow kids to learn basic mathematics and practice it, but this one is unique because it never makes them glued to the screen. It's like a kid is playing a game with chips of a board game or using a pen to draw and compete to finish the challenges thrown by the screen, as far as they are concerned. That is cool! There is a The Numbers game was my favorite game. I can't think of a better way to teach kids how to add and subtract. The team at Osmo has figured out a way to make the kids relate addition and subtract to separate out units. Kids are easily able to grasp the concepts since the idea is hit at a basic level. I would highly recommend all parents to play these games with their children and let them know that the things they are doing in Numbers game is nothing but a way to learn the addition and subtraction at school. My daughter has started using the mental calculation idea at school and I have seen it motivate her. This is the best way to get unbelievable value out of this product. You just need to do it a few times, your child will take it up. The Words game is a good way to improve spellings and vocabulary. There are a lot of libraries on My Osmo. Make sure you sign up before you download the libraries.

👤My kids have Amazon FreeTime with them. Getting Osmo to work on their devices has been frustrating. Everything you attempt will be stopped. Getting the app installed is the first challenge. To do it with FreeTime enabled, you have to download it on a parent device, then share it with the kid device, and then download it onto the kid device. You need an account to open the app on the kid device. The kid device is blocked. It should be done on the parent device. Tell the kid device which products you have by logging on. It tries to install something else based on the last question. It was blocked. I stopped to write this initial impressions review there. Amazon and Osmo received an F in the "Works Well With Others" section. My kids have been able to use the individual apps for each activity, but still can't use the main app. The included pen for the princess drawing needs to be pressed hard to make a dark line, and it broke during the first exercise. There were lots of tears. I'm increasing the rating to 3 stars because my kids like the activities they've been able to do. This product is a great idea, but it doesn't work out.

4. KISEER Pieces Compressed Portable Disposable

KISEER Pieces Compressed Portable Disposable

Ceaco has produced a high-quality, innovative and challenging jigsaw puzzle for millions of years. They are made of cotton linen. The skin can be touched. It is soft to make people feel comfortable. disposable soap paper is good for camping. You can find Kleenex Soap Paper on the Amazon. It's easy to use, put it in cold or warm water. It will become a large towel, measuring approximately 10 x 7.9 inch and 27 x 20 cm. It looks like a pill. Please do not let children in. The coin towels are easy to carry. If you have a purse or backpack, carry a small amount of towels or wipes. It's convenient for business trip, travel, camping, and so on. 200 pieces of mini compressed towels are in the packaging. You can use indoors such as kitchen, hotel, bathroom, hydrotherapy center, office and so on. It is also suitable in the outdoors, for example, travel, camping, similar outdoor activities and business occasions.

Brand: Kiseer

👤The wipes are amazing at a fraction of the competitors prices. There are many things I like about these towelettes. I was surprised that they cost less than the others, since they were charging more. They are packaged individually so you don't have to worry about the wipes getting wet and the wipes being unwrapping before you use them. They can be decompressed using only a small amount of water. They unfold easily and are bigger than their competitors even though they are smaller when compressed. I think you could put another pound on top of the 2 pound container of soup that they easily hold up. It wasn't getting close to tearing. The structure is a knit, not a weave, and it stretches quite a bit without breaking. You feel the net is resisting expansion. They are as tough as mini baby wipes. If not softer, it's just a soft. One of the pictures shows how much it stretches. If you needed to make some improvised cordage, you would want to roll it along the width. I couldn't pull it apart with my hands when it was rolled up. I pulled it to the point where it stretches just long enough to see how it comes apart, and there is a picture of that too. The fiber is starting to thin out but still has some integrity. As it tears, it gets thinner and thinner, until it begins to look like cotton. I think this would make a great fire starting tinder. These are soft enough to use on delicate areas. If you are looking for something rougher, then you might need it, but that is not what I am using these for. There are a lot of materials you can use in an outdoor situation, such as sand, dirt, rough plants and leaves. These are the compression towels that I found. The only bad rating these towels have received is from the seller. These are about as perfect as you can get. I almost set my worktable on fire. This stuff is very dangerous. It is comparable to dryer lint and I have treated it with oil or wax. You have a wipe that can be used to start fires after it has been used as a towel. I will try to see how it does when wrapped in vaseline. The towel is shown in the video.

👤It could not be better for cleaning hands. You can always find water, right? The towel was soft yet absorbent. I decided to take a step further and put it to the test. I used the same cloth to scrub my cast iron sink after I cleaned my face and hands. The ultimate test. Considering the abuse, held up well. There were a few small holes and tears after scrubbing. This was to see how far I could go with this product. Not a typical use. I like this 100% cotton product. I bought it for using to clean hands and face on the go. There was no chemicals. Studies show that water and friction can rid the surface of germs. You can use a fire starter if you use camping. It's good to have for many reasons.

5. First Aid Only Piece All Purpose

First Aid Only Piece All Purpose

The First Aid Only 312 Piece First Aid Kit is designed to be used at home, in the office or on the go. There are 312 pieces of essential first aid supplies in this item. Clear pockets in the fabric pouch make it easy to locate the first aid supplies. The kit is the perfect size for a backpack, vehicle compartment or desk drawer. First Aid Only 312 is a First Aid Kit that will help you in the event of an emergency at home, in the office or on the go.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤There are a lot of the same things in this. Alcohol wipes and bandaids were in mine. It's a mess. In an emergency, you should be able to find things quickly. The American Red Cross recommends that a family of four have a kit that includes: 2 absorbent compress dressings (5 x 9 inches), 25 adhesive bandages (assorted sizes), 1 adhesive cloth tape (10 yards x 1 inch), 5 antibiotic packets, and an antiseptic wipe. Add to kit my own suggestions for sterile gloves. Pre-cut strips of standard tape are used to reduce pain and swelling. If you need to use an Asthma inhaler, you can use Injectable Epistein and Antihistamine. If you're tested for drugs at work, you have medical documentation. If it's legal in your state, you can use medical marijuana. In some states, it is legal if you don't use marijuana and you don't use cannabidiol. An Indica strain with 25%Cannabidiol can help with pain without being addicted to pain killers. Joint protection tubule should not be a problem.

👤The kit is well thought out and has a lot of different items in it. The pieces are a little deceptive. 50 of the 196 Band-Aids are the tiny "Junior" Band-Aids. If you have small kids, those Junior Band-Aids can be useful. Giving them something that makes them feel better is not necessarily for using as Band-Aids. Even though it's superficial at best, a small Badge of Honor and a trophy to show that they've been wounded. Ibuprofen and Tylenol are listed at 6 each, but are actually just 3 packages of 2 each. Some of the medication can last a little more than a year. I don't think that's a big deal because Common belief is that over the counter medication doesn't get dangerous with age. I wish the kit had more items and less Band-Aids. The kit only has one trauma pad, one 4x4 sterile gauze, one burn gel, and one set of gloves. If I'm in a situation where I need a 4x4 gauze, only one will do anything for me. I could always put Band-Aids on it and hope it holds. I think I got my money's worth for the price I paid, because it was on sale. It's a good place to start building a kit. It will need to be fortified in order to be an excellent kit.

👤I feel good! If you count a package of two pills as 2 items, and a package of two gauze pads as 2 items, then I think this First Aid Kit contains more than it was supposed to. That is ridiculous. A sealed package of two pills or a sealed, sterile package of two pads would be counted as 2 items. If only one pill is used, the other becomes useless since the package has been opened. There is no doubt that the first aid kit's description is deceptive.

👤They must be hoping nobody will check to see if everything they list will be in your case, because they didn't get everything listed. So disappointing. There are open spots in the pictures where I didn't receive some items. I didn't get enough pills. No thermometer...

6. EILIKS Emergency Earthquake Equipment Valentines

EILIKS Emergency Earthquake Equipment Valentines

You won't find a better mylar tent anywhere. It is guaranteed. They donate a percentage of profits to help protect the wild places they love. There are top gadgets gifts for men. A new fun accessory for men is their dad. A nice gift for a man or a boy who is interested in adventure or scouting. It's a multi-tool kit that's perfect for your car, backpack, office, ship. There must be 24 in 1 emergency survival gear kits. The multi-purpose survival gear kits have everything you need in case of an emergency. It's perfect for people who love hiking, hunting, wilderness survival, etc. A great gift idea is for an outdoor adventurer. There are ideas for Xmas gifts. Birthday gifts for men, best gifts for man women, father best friend brother hunter and who has everything. Stocking stuffers, fishing gift hunting accessories, and other gifts for teen boys scouts or family who are interested in adventure. Customer service is what it is. They know these cool stuff are unique for Christmas gifts for men, dad Christmas gifts, and gifts for teenage boys, so no matter what problems you have, they'll try their best to solve them. There are stockings for men and women.

Brand: Eiliks

👤This is a good kit for me because I am not an avid adventurer. I keep it in my car for emergencies or when I go camping. Overall, I'm happy. It's not heavy to carry with my camping gear. It has a whistle, a small emergency blanket, a flashlight, a knife, and a tool that can be used as a spoon/fork/knife. I don't know how effective the blanket is or how well the knife cuts because I didn't test the items. It's not possible to put the items back in in a way that you can close the box. I didn't have a problem with this kit. The instruction manual explains what each item is. The material is good enough for emergencies. If you're a person who likes to go on a lot of adventures in the middle of nowhere, you may want to invest in something more sturdy. I shook the survival bracelet and noticed the compass would sometimes show a different direction. It seems that when it is shaken, it will indicate a different direction when it stops. Before you store the kit in your car or bag, be aware that the flashlight does not have a battery in it, so make sure you get one and insert it. The mention of 24 pieces is misleading. There are definitely not 24 items. The carrying case is listed in the instruction manual, but it isn't a survival tool. The little fishing gear kit with 2 fishing hooks, 2 fishing baits and a baggy with 4 little pieces of hemp is counted as 5 items because it has 2 fishing hooks, 2 fishing baits and a baggy.

👤A complete scam. There are missing items. The whole thing was 8 inches. There was no fire starter or flint. One of the most expensive emergencies in the hat class. It's not worth $32, certainly not $10. I know these are hard times, but how can you live with yourself when you rip off hundreds of people? For shame! Don't buy from this seller and be careful. I was hoping the kit was well stocked. Can't rely on this one helping at all.

👤If you're looking for an inexpensive gift to give to a prepper in your life, this tough little survival kit is what you need. Each item is the perfect tool for a job that needs to be done quickly and effectively. This works well for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boy scout adventures. The kit includes a survival knife, paracord bracelets, wire saw, water bottle clip, emergency blanket, flint stone, scraper, blow fire tube, 4pcs fire tinder, flashlight, whistle, saber card, and multi-use spoon. This kit is very small and portable, and can be put into your car, backpack, bug out bag, or camping gear, and get a lot of use out of it. The only thing I wish the flashlight was more powerful is that it was rechargeable. It's useful for so many activities. Highly recommended.

👤All of these products are very well made. Everything is sturdy and nice. Nothing has broken. I bought this for my husband. We can be prepared as much as possible for the truck. He was very excited. He told me to put the bracelet on him after he saw it. He has not taken it off. The kit is amazing. There are a lot of safety products. We live in a rural area. The power goes out a lot. You are stuck when trees fall over the road. It's nice to know we can cut limbs. Make a fire. The tactical pen can break glass if you are trapped in a car. If you forget silverware, the fork, knife, spoon is really cool. There is a protective fire blanket because we have a lot of forest fires. There are many things that can help you. I feel better knowing we have it. I might get a kit for my uncle and cousin. Our guy friends love it. I do too.

7. Vont Hurricane Emergency Collapsible Batteries

Vont Hurricane Emergency Collapsible Batteries

A basic first aid kit includes bandages, alcohol pads, wet wipes, and antibiotics. The lantern has 30 crazy bright LEDs and cuts through the darkness on the stormiest, dimmest nights. The entire tent or room can be lit up. The collapsible design reduces or increases the light as you collapse the lantern. It's as small as your phone when it's collapsed. It's possible to fit it in your backpack or emergency kit. Waterproof is made of aircraft grade materials and is able to survive a 10-foot drop. The original version is hand-crafting each lantern with strict quality control to give you the best gear you deserve. Don't equip yourself with inferior lanterns. You can rest assured that this camping lantern is of the highest quality. It is covered against loss, theft, and defects in workmanship for as long as you own the product. It is certified by the CE/EMC.

Brand: Vont

👤This thing is bright. Like crazy bright. It's like staring into the sun in the middle of the night when you open the sucker. They are not fooling around when they say this is a bright lantern. The only complaint I have is that when you open it, you only get one setting. As the sun or darkness. There is no in-between. It's meant to light up the world, not just your campsite, so you can close it a little to reduce the brightness. I've had mine for a year and haven't changed the batteries. I bring a lantern with me when I go camping in the summer. Everyone else's site is within 10 miles. The lantern is bright. It's great. I plan on using it again. Just as soon as my eyesight comes back from the last time I used it.

👤Double boxed for safety, arrived on time. Save a smaller box for lanterns. The light is very bright. I can't comment on battery life until I use it. It's perfect for my apartment during a power failure. I don't think the lanterns are strong enough for heavy use, such as camping, but in the safety of your home. I recommend.

👤The lights were used for the first time after the power went out. They are bright, but not as bright as they could be. They are bright and painful at the same time. The only use for them is hanging high. Placing on a coffee table or dining room table will not work. Maybe a frosted shade would help diffuse the intensity. These will not work for us so we will need to look for something else to use during rare power outages and hurricanes. I can see why they are called camping lanterns. Hanging them from trees around the camp site might work out. It's not recommended for table use where they will be in close proximity to people during hurricanes.

👤Everyone needs a reliable light in an emergency, camping, or a black out. This is a great solution. It is bright and can light up a room. It pulls open for light and pushes to turn it off. The body of it is nicely constructed and easy to use. The metal handles can be folded down to make it easy to store next to a bed. A young child wouldn't have a problem using it. The light is very bright, but it doesn't get hot to the touch. Everyone in the house can now have a reliable light when they need it.

👤The camping lanterns with batteries were delivered. The lanterns are sturdy and bright enough for what I need. I was required to let a third party update my software when I tried to get the lifetime warranty activated. I couldn't get to the next step without the update. They don't know how dangerous this can be. I don't think I'll have a warranty.

👤Don't let them fool you, it's still decent. These aren't Pelican Case material. I think the lamp would be smarter and just light up the LEDs on the exposed side as I open it. It would use a bit of energy when I opened it. All of them light up when you open it a little bit. It uses the same amount of energy no matter how much light you need. Hope these help someone.

8. Ceaco Multi Pack Thomas Kinkade Collection

Ceaco Multi Pack Thomas Kinkade Collection

Ceaco has produced a high-quality, innovative and challenging jigsaw puzzle for millions of years. There is a BONUS and 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles. There is a poster. The pieces are standard size. The puzzle is 18 Inches x 14 Inches. The Lion King, Peter Pan, Princess and The Frog, and Jungle Book are included in this Disney Dreams assortment. The artwork was created in collaboration with Thomas Kinkade Studios. It's great for family nights, gifts, Holiday gatherings, Disney collectors and more. Ceaco has produced a high-quality, innovative and challenging jigsaw puzzle for millions of years.

Brand: Ceaco

👤The image resolution is not good. It's hard to put together the sky of the Peter Pan puzzle. It becomes an exercise in sorting by shape and trying every piece in every place because the pieces are not indistinguishable from each other. We don't like doing puzzles like that. When half of the puzzle pieces look the same, we don't like it. If you like the image of one of the Ceaco puzzles, I would suggest you size it up for a better experience. My husband and I do a lot of puzzles, but we don't redo them because we're watching TV. This set is a great value for us. If it means we're spending less on puzzles, then we will suffer through less great skies and trees. The paper was coming off of the backing on some of the pieces. I have not experienced missing pieces or pieces that won't stay together when I move a section with the 5 Ceaco Disney puzzles I own. The Princess and the Frog were fine. Kinda boring. The Lion. King was a lot of fun. There is a lot of blurry sky. The bottom half of Peter Pan was enjoyable. The top half had the same sky pieces. -The Jungle Book was my favorite book.

👤The pictures seem really beautiful when completed. You will not regret if you finish one puzzle out of four, as the pictures from Disney are amazing and the puzzles themselves are high-resolution! There is a The image on the box is blurry, so many details are missed. You will see that the puzzle contains more details and color spots than the images on the box. The downside is this. The pictures of the puzzles on the product page on your computer have a higher resolution, which will help you complete the puzzle more quickly. If the company can provide high-resolution pictures for reference in box, that would be perfect.

👤I had good luck with the first set I bought, despite the reviews that said people were receiving puzzles that were missing pieces. I bought this one as well. The "Princess and the Frog" puzzle was missing a piece. It's a waste since I plan on framing the puzzles.

👤Four Disney classics are recreated by one of the most talented painters in the world, each puzzle will take you to a different location for an unforgettable adventure, the lion king takes you deep into the wilds of Africa from the forboding elephant graveyard to the majestic pride rock.

👤The puzzle is great. When you buy a puzzle, you expect it to have all the pieces. One of the borders was missing when we started on the Lion King. We searched and searched for the puzzle room but it was not there. The room is small. I will change the review if we find it. I think it was not in the box. We finished Peter Pan and now there is no Lion King. We will try the Jungle Book.

9. AmazonBasics Performance Alkaline Batteries 100 Pack

AmazonBasics Performance Alkaline Batteries 100 Pack

The box contains 100 packs of AA alkaline batteries for reliable performance across a wide range of devices. There is a toxicity comparable. It's ideal for game controllers, toys, flashlights, digital cameras, and more. Store for emergencies or use right away, because the shelf life is designed to last. It is easy to use and store. There is Certified Frustration-Free Packaging on the ship. These batteries are only used for single use.

Brand: Amazon Basics

👤One of my candles was ruined by a few batteries leaking. I am very disappointed. I thought that I would get a quality product with the Amazon name. I purchase products from Amazon. I would like a replacement for the Gideion Flameless candle. The 6 inch candle was ruined after I purchased three candles.

👤I hate these batteries, but I love Amazon products. In 2015, a pack of 36AAA was purchased and used in a number of items. Every single one of these devices that I have placed the Amazon batteries in, and left them for a couple years, has leaked causing serious damage to the product. Energizer and Duracell batteries have never leaked on me. A quality battery will not leak if you spend more money. Amazon should not be selling a product like this because it causes the batteries to be more expensive than the original purchase price.

👤These batteries are not of the highest quality. I bought a carton of them with an expired date, but they go dead quickly. I tried this brand because of Duracell failures over the past couple of years. These are not a decent battery and I will assure you that it is a constant battle to find a decent battery at any price point. So now what? I attempt to locate each piece of equipment that was installed and replace them with a different brand. I will need to toss the batteries that are still good.

👤I thought the batteries were great until I opened my kids RC spider and found one of the batteries had broken. I have never seen a case of a battery come apart like this. This time, I ordered AC Delcos. Some reviewers posted performance data that indicated they were the best bang for your buck. I can't say it's a systemic issue but it is worthy of note because I had no problems prior to this one.

👤A puppy devoured the previous remote control that I bought. I bought these Amazon batteries as a replacement after I received an alert that the battery life was low. I love Amazon. The batteries were changed in the remote. Four days later, the TV shows that the battery life was low again. I thought maybe I had thought of replacing them before but didn't do it, but I was busy and consumed with teaching and raising children. Within 4-5 days the same alert appeared again. The batteries were replaced in the remote. The same alert appeared last night. It's unbelievable! What is wrong with the batteries? I can't afford to watch free TV at this rate of having to replace batteries. I will never buy these batteries again.

👤I bought the batteries for my closet light strips. I only go into my closet four times a day. I would replace the batteries every month. The batteries in my Thermostat died after five years. I replaced the thermostst with Amazon batteries and it wouldn't turn on. I went through half the pack and finally one pair of batteries worked. Next day? The Thermostat indicated low batteries and the screen was barely readable. The batteries in my thermostat were replaced with Enigizer batteries.

10. Emergency Survival Lifesaving Camp´╝îFathers Boyfriend

Emergency Survival Lifesaving Camp%EF%BC%8CFathers Boyfriend

Stohlquist products are the result of a lifetime of hands-on paddling and entrepreneurial spirit of founder Jim Stohlquist. The models they offer are the culmination of decades of product innovation and refinements to provide their customers with the best WaterWare available. Father's Day gifts for men are perfect. A nice gift for a man or a boy who is interested in adventure or scouting. It's cheap enough to buy several for your car, backpack, etc. 13 in 1 survival gear is an upgrade. Both emergency survival gear are multi-functional. Being well prepared is a must when going on a hike or outdoor adventure. All tools can be used alone, but purchased separately would cost you more. The survival gear box is small and easy to carry. The size of a small book is only 1 pounds. The products were concentrated in a box. Storage case fill with sponge. Place things in a bag, life vest, car, drawers, etc. The survival tool kit has essential tools for survivors or outdoor enthusiasts. It can meet the needs of different environments. 100% money back on the best service. You can contact their customer service if you find that the parts are not complete. You will get a hassle-free, easy refund if you return any of their products. You can buy their products with confidence.

Brand: Scimo

👤Maybe I'm wrong. I didn't take all the items out to look at them. I took the advice of others that once out of the carrier the items don't go back. The container is strong. This went straight in the bag because our family has a "to go" bag. If we are stuck at home during a disaster, most of these items are in a larger supply chest.

👤There was nothing to dislike about this kit. This is a good survival kit. The prices are great and the components are good. If you want to survive, you need to be able to break on first use. If you throw one of these in a bug, you can add many essential tools for a little more than a $20 dollar bill. I have been buying survival gear for a long time and I'm happy with what I got. It's hard to believe that anyone wouldn't be happy with one of these.

👤I am very satisfied with the purchase of the survival suit. I tested all the items and thought it was a great suit. It's not cheap. It can be put in my bag. There is a I really like it! It can be used to attack enemies at close range. I like to write with it. My friends think it's cool. I tested the wire saw with a tree. It's very helpful. I used it on a fishing trip. It can help keep you out of the rain. But folding is a problem. It can help you see or be seen. There were no batteries. I had two AA batteries for use in the event of an emergency. There is a The material is plastic, but there is a compass on the bracelet which is precise, so it's okay. The bracelet is paracord. A great bracelet. I can adjust the strap because it has a lot of functions. I like to wear it on my feet because it has a small compass that I can use to find my way. The knife is very comfortable to hold in hand. There is a Whistle is loud. The Swiss card is versatile. The light is mini. Bright! I tried it three times and it worked.

👤Good idea but cheap materials. The knife doesn't lock in place. The wire saw doesn't work. Inexpensive and innacurate, compasses are cheap. The case is okay. The fire starter works.

👤The compass was cracked and non-functional. It was difficult to get everything back in the carrier case. The kit is ok for what it is. If I had seen it before, I would have invested in something better.

👤My son received an Amazon gift card after selling Boy Scout popcorn. We looked for a cheap prize that would work for camping. This kit has it all. After working on it for a while, his son wanted to see if he could start a fire with the flint and steel. He was very impressed with his choice and was surprised to find a mini flint and steel on the bracelet along with a whistle and compass. This kit is a great gift for a Boy Scout or someone who needs a small kit to go hiking or camping.

11. 50PCS Safety Breathable Elastic Bridge

50PCS Safety Breathable Elastic Bridge

These batteries are only used for single use. 5 layers of protection and a stronger effect. Hold the elastic bands over your ears and press the metal strip around your nose to create a light seal. Black face 50 pieces. These are not intended as a replacement for gas or medical. The store is in a dry and ventilated location.

Brand: Wanwane

👤These masks are not adequate. If you try to stretch the ear loops to reach over your ears, they will pull my ears forward and break off of the mask. I have worn masks to surgery for years and know how to fit them. They are so small that they can hurt your ears. They feel like they have tiny hairy or fuzzy fibers inside the mask that irritates their face. Be careful with the buyer.

👤I'm a verified buyer. I read many reviews before buying these masks. These masks are not for children. A few people with a head like a football tried these and wrote a review that said they were too small. They fit very nicely. They don't have a smell. I cut one open, they have 5 layers as advertised, don't expect them to fall into 5 layers when you are investigating, they have been pressed together and you must separate the layers, again they have 5 layers as advertised! Next best thing to do is buy an N95 mask, they will protect you. The seller is based in the U.S and manufactured in Korea. You can get these masks on Prime in 2 days. The price is a must buy. When we go out, we are still COVID free, even though we are wearing masks. The masks were half the price when we bought them. Keep your paws out of the inside of the mask because they are very good protection and can be worn multiple times. I will buy them again when I run out of masks, they have kept us safe for several months.

👤This is not what they advertised. I decided to check and cut one open which only had 3 layers of thin fabric. The surgical masks seem thicker than the ones on this one.

👤It is horrible quality. It is DEFINITELY FAKE KN95. It is a lie to advertise as such. Don't buy!

👤These are terrible quality, they remind me of black fabric for landscaping. The smell is similar to the lawn and garden center chemicals. Black stuff is on my face. They are not as good as the other masks I have had. The packaging is terrible.

👤Not a good mask for an adult. I have a small face. Good for children 4 to 10 years old.

👤Chengde Technology Co., Ltd. is using test information about the WWDOLL model CD9501B KN95 foldable protective masks. The package indicates that it is in compliance with the Chinese standard and was submitted to NIOSH. Results from the assessment are being used to market it. The results are not to be used by manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and importers to make claims about their products, or to influence buyers, and cannot be used to make claims that the product meets NIOSH approval requirements. Chengde Technology is not a NIOSH approval holder. On 2/18 and 2021), there was a shooting.

👤I have a small face. I can only imagine how it would fit a regular face, with the stitching or glue on the bottom part of the neck.


What is the best product for survival pack 500 pieces?

Survival pack 500 pieces products from Emdmak. In this article about survival pack 500 pieces you can see why people choose the product. Ultimate Survival Technologies and Osmo are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival pack 500 pieces.

What are the best brands for survival pack 500 pieces?

Emdmak, Ultimate Survival Technologies and Osmo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival pack 500 pieces. Find the detail in this article. Kiseer, First Aid Only and Eiliks are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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