Best Survival Nuclear and Chemical Suit

Chemical 3 Oct 2022 10+ Comments Open

1. MIRA Cartridge Respiratory Protection Filter

MIRA Cartridge Respiratory Protection Filter

The ultimate is to maximize your protection. The NBC-77 SOF is a 40mm gas mask that has been tested for superior safety against a wide range of harmful substances, including CBRN agents. The ultimate level of protection for you, your family, and your organization is offered by these high-performance combined filters. Advanced: A military-grade filter. The NBC-77 SOF filter canister is used to help protect the user from known CBRN threats. The A2B2E2K2HgSXP3DR reactor is rated for radioactive iodine and is different from other NBC/CBRN respirator filters. NATO standard size. The NBC-77 SOF multi-gas filter has a 40mm x 1/7" threading. These premium threaded CBRN filters for gas masks are built to comply with a wide variety of stringent international standards. Excellent 20-year shelf life and robust durability. The NBC-77 SOF CBRN filters are safe to use until the date on the filter housing is marked. The sealed plastic canister has a highly durable construction that is resistant to shock and impact, and can fit into any emergency kit, making it a great option for families who need it the most. MIRA SAFETY is trusted by professionals around the globe. They provide cutting-edge equipment and self-defense gear that meets the demands of top-tier military operators, with key engineering enhancements to make them more practical and effective on the homefront, including solutions for children and the elderly. They are dedicated to delivering superior products and unparalleled satisfaction, and they strive to maintain uncompromising workmanship and excellent customer service with every purchase.

Brand: Mira Safety M

👤It's a tip. If you are a first-responder, you can purchase the "CBRN Gas Mask Filter NBC-77 SOF 40mm" directly from MIRA Safety dot com. The total bill with shipping was less than Amazon's.

👤I haven't used it yet but if it remains sealed it could be a lifesaver.

👤Will serve its purpose sooner than later.

👤I have not used this product for hazardous chemicals. I tried it on it and it was secure and convenient.

👤This is a real Mira filter.

👤I am very satisfied with both harpy eagle and the company after the product arrived much earlier than expected and harpy eagle answered every question quickly.

2. Reusable Respirator Chemical Woodworking Protector

Reusable Respirator Chemical Woodworking Protector

The seal edge is made of high-quality Silicone mixture material, which fits the face very well, and the soft texture provides you with a comfortable wearing feeling. The strap belt is designed for tight and comfortable wear. The mesh headband protects your head and hair. Reusable design. Get the job done quickly. It's used in paints, chemicals, polishes, sprays, and other things.

Brand: Erock

👤The filters work well but the distortion through the face shield is terrible. I have to take it off often to see the project through.

👤Sanding cabinets and woodworking are my favorite pastimes.

👤A great price, comfortable, easy to breath, and lite weight.

👤The filters don't fit. I've tried many ways to make them work. They don't fit the mask. I don't know if I received the wrong ones with my mask, but they do not belong to the mask I purchased.

👤It was used for spraying my garage. It works great, comfortable, and easy to see.

👤Filters are easy to change and are very durable.

👤I have a big face. I think it's a good place to be. I'm not sure how good it is at fine particles, but I couldn't smell the wood I was cutting.

3. Industrial Organic Particulate Reusable Respirator

Industrial Organic Particulate Reusable Respirator

The professional heavy duty filtration system has dual activated charcoal filters. You should be confident in your investment. You can register or file claims on their website. The mask is Premium full-face. They have a 100% money back guarantee. The mask is perfect for working with toxic substances. Environmental technology, inspection equipment, and chemical laboratory are included. It is not possible to remove the protective face mask film with glass.

Brand: Parcil Distribution

👤The buyer should beware. According to the CDC, N95 respirators certified by the FDA and NIOSH can protect against 95 percent of airborne biological agents and particles, which include Viruses andbacteria. There is a list of approved manufacturers on the CDC website. The respirator is not on that list. The mask does not include actual 3M filters, but the description claims that it is compatible with 3M N95 filters. The product is not certified by the FDA or NIOSH, both of which are under the US Dept of Health and Human Services. You should use this product at your own risk.

👤I bought a new respirator in January because my old one was getting old. The old one failed this month so I pulled it out. It is a disappointment. The 3M filters are not 3M but a questionable manufacturer. They were replaced with my own P 100. I wore the mask and did the check seal. The piece of garbage leaked through the valve. I am not wearing a mask. It is perfect if you want it for Airsoft. Give it a hard pass if you need it. If you use it, you will die from what the respirator is supposed to keep out.

👤It is 5 stars. The mask and filters have an effect on their effectiveness. Also 5 stars. It does fulfill the purpose of a full face half mask. It comes with a tear-away lens cover. You need to have another one if you're a painter. You don't. They don't seem to make them available. Someone made the one that came on it. After you have to clean the actual lens with alcohol when it gets fogged up, it is beyond use, and you are resigned to it. No replacement hard shields are available. Save money as a painter, spend more and get a 3M mask or equivalent with readily available replacement and consumables. This was a waste of money.

👤My job requires me to go under houses frequently. This is perfect for me. It protects my lungs and eyes. I can wear any head gear with it.

👤If I were going to use this around gases or compounds worse than chlorine, I would shave my face and ditch my beard. That's a lot of respirator 101. I was amazed by how well the mask worked when I used chlorine based mold removal in the house. I knocked the mask off because I didn't smell bleach at all. It wasn't terrible even then. I was able to remove the mask quickly and effectively. Visibility was good. The hood of the tyvek jumpsuit fit perfectly between the mask body and the seal. I got no fog on the visor despite being hot and sweaty. I'm very happy with this purchase.

👤The plastic buckle broke after three weeks of use. I used one of the included extra buckles to repair the unit. The strap broke a week later. Not happy that this unit only lasted four weeks.

👤I work as a lawn technician. No issues there, it works great. Can be uncomfortable if worn too long or if it is put on wrong. It is difficult to communicate in noisy environments without yelling, and it is very sweaty in hot conditions, and it is impossible to communicate beyond 2 yards. After a couple weeks, you get used to the heat. Thankfully, it comes with replacements after one of the adjustment buckles broke. No other parts have broken yet. The plastic film that comes on the visor should not be removed. Has been very useful as a visor protectors. Maintenance can be done simply by hosing it down with a lawn hose or kitchen sink sprayer. After about an hour, the air dries out and leaves white stains on plastic components. It may be partially resolved by using a cotton cloth. Good for my line of work, but wouldn't recommend it for rough use. The description of the product is accurate.

4. CM 3M Child Escape Respirator Infant

CM 3M Child Escape Respirator Infant

Babies and small teens are protected against the CBRN situation. A complete system includes an expanded mask, blower unit, tubing, back/waist carrier and integrated water bottle.

Brand: Mira Safety M

👤Mira should be ashamed of themselves. These items are inexpensive to make. They charge over $500. They should make them affordable since they are an emergency tool. They rank the price up. I bought from a better company. It is like selling water bottles for $10 a piece during a crisis. No honor, how shameful and disgusting.

5. PD 100 Full Organic Vapor Respirator

PD 100 Full Organic Vapor Respirator

The heavy duty filtration system has dual activated charcoal filters. You should be confident in your investment. The mask is Premium full-face. They have a 100% money back guarantee. The mask is perfect for working with toxic substances. Environmental technology, inspection equipment, and chemical laboratory are included. It is not possible to remove the protective face mask film with glass.

Brand: Parcil Distribution

👤I am a private investigator on The Big Island of Hawaii. I put one of the masks I received to use on Friday. Drove south to take a picture of the eruption. When I saw clouds of gas, I wore a mask. I walked towards the area where I parked to take the pictures. A person wearing a cone mask with eye covering and a canister at the end was there. It didn't work for him because his lungs were weakened by exposure to the Laze-Vog and it was too much effort for him to get air through it. When I let him try it, he said "WOW!" Big improvement! The mask and suit were the same as when I got back to my car, but the plastic pen I was carrying was partially melted and the paper on the pad was discolored. I washed and inspected my equipment when I got home. The eye shield was not damaged by the mask. The rubber was not changed. The estimated time of exposure is 15-20 minutes.

👤I may look weird in the picture, but I am very happy with my mask. I work with caustic, strong smelling chemicals and once I put them on, I can't smell them. I can't seem to take a deep breath. I can, but it is more difficult if I have a mask on. I am sure that is just masks like this. Everything else is great so far. I hope I get a lot of use out of it.

👤I have facial hair and it works well for me. Relax and breathe slowly for people who are not used to it. The air supply is being brought in through the filters and that will cause you to have labored breathing. This was not a big deal for me because of my scuba experience. It was my first time using it and I was able to see what I wanted, although I was soaking from perspiration.

👤This is the first time I have used this mask. I've used a lot of masks over the years, but all of them had draw backs. The highlights of the full face respirator so far are: no need to wear eye protection and a mask. The eye protection portion of the mask did not fog up. I can wear a mask while protecting my hearing. Excellent seal around the perimeter of the mask. Losing lung function is cheaper than not having lung function.

👤I am not very fond of the item. I have noticed that after the filters, I get a lot of soot inside. There is a dirty place there. What is the point? I ordered a new one. I will see how that goes.

👤I used just safety glasses and a woven 3m mask the first day I insulated my basement. I was so sick the next day that I couldn't breathe. The investment I made for this mask was well worth it. The seal is tight and clear. I thought I was sweating so much that I could not speak on the phone with my wife. I had no allergy or asthma issues when I was done and the filters showed everything I should have breathed in. If you suffer from an allergy or asthma, I highly recommend painting or other house hold chores that will make your lungs or sinuses hurt.

6. 3M Versaflo Respiratory Assembly M 307

3M Versaflo Respiratory Assembly M 307

Widely use and waterproof. The tactical assault pack backpack is perfect for military person. You will be happy with this camping backpack. Be used as a range bag, survival molle backpack, army backpack, trekking backpack or day pack. Directed airflow is a feature that allows users to direct the location of the airflow inside the headgear for increased control and comfort. Headgear is lightweight and has good balance for comfort and even weight distribution. Excellent peripheral and downward vision are combined with good optical clarity in the coffered ceiling. It is possible to adjust the suspension. The suspension is easy to adjust for the comfort of each user.

Brand: 3m

👤This is the headpiece for heavy industry workers. If you are in healthcare, you can't use a stethoscope or hear what's happening in the room if the blower is on, as the inner shrouding system covers the ears. I was busy with Covid. I blew the return deadline and will sell it on eBay. The effort was wasted.

👤I don't have the kit because my friend ordered it for me and I got the PAPR kit. It's good to ring the bell to let the owner know that they are appreciated. When I order this item, I need an owner signature, how come your delivery person didn't press the doorbell? We have a lot of stolen delivery in our place, please let the owner or someone in the house sign it. I return it because I don't want to have one without the whole kit.

👤I have been using a disposable hood for 8 months for COVID patients and this is a huge improvement over that. Would recommend to other health care workers.

👤There is availability of accessories and parts.

👤This is being used with my older 3M Ad Flo system. It's more comfortable than the older versions.

👤The powder coat will not enter the helmet because of the positive air pressure.

👤It was well built and comfortable. I looked at hoods before choosing one. Most of them wouldn't meet the same standards as this one. The hood was as comfortable as all of them. You have the choice of a belt pack or ambient air pump, all of the replacement parts are readily available. I would recommend this hood to anyone.

👤You don't have to hide your wife anymore with this. I'm not worried about the news anymore.

👤I think that is for panting and good stuff.

7. Chemical Resistant Cleaning Protective Industrial

Chemical Resistant Cleaning Protective Industrial

Full protection, high durability and flexibility allow protective coveralls to provide a more comfortable range of motion for workers. The coverall is available in a variety of sizes. The material is natural latex, it has a length of 12:12. Acid and Alkali resistance, wear-resistant, strong toughness, andTear resistant are features. Chemical Processing,Household Cleaning,Car Washing,Machine Maintenance are all applications. The environment of H2SO4 70*10h and 40%NAON 70*10h is not obvious. The latex gloves material is imported from Malaysia. The latex gloves material is imported from Malaysia.

Brand: Double One

👤I use chemicals to dry my skin and remove my nail polish when I restore furniture. My hands were protected from being stripped from them. They fit women's hands better than some of the larger gloves. I highly recommend them.

👤I like to use hot water when washing dishes and I get my nails done so these are perfect. They allow me to protect my nails from the heat and also handle it. I ordered them on 4/19. It is not even 2 months later. I had to toss them because the dominant glove ended up with a lot of wear on the finger tips. I only used them for dishes. I thought I had found a good pair of gloves, but I was back on the hunt.

👤I was paid on August 29th. I was happy with my gloves. I work in a restaurant. I've been looking for gloves. I can't return until Sept 28th. There was a big hole in the gloves. I was disappointed. Let's see how long these will last, I just purchased 2 more. The package says Wear resistant Puncture resistant Acid and Chemical resistant. They didn't hold up.

👤I use these to wear for my cold process soap making. These are great! They are very sturdy and comfortable when they go up to my mid-forearm. They're not too thick, where you have difficulty doing the job. I was able to do everything from measuring to using the spatulas to taking the caps off of bottles, and so on. My friend ordered a pair as well.

👤It was thought that this would be a decent glove for housecleaning and car washing to protect against mild chemicals. I have used them intermittently for a few months. I feel as though there is a small hole in a glove, as well as a rolled band at the wrist. That might be expected from a thicker glove. They are not as heavy duty as I had hoped, but would still be acceptable if they were more substantial than rubber gloves used for dishwashing, or a price point that reflects their actualDurability.

👤Gloves were not damaged. I am a dishwasher. I wanted gloves that were comfortable. They tore the finger on the left side. There is a tear in the middle finger. These are not what you want. I would suggest getting a thicker pair for lighter work.

👤I got a medium. I wash dishes at a restaurant and the plates come out of the machine in good shape. They help with heat by having grips on the palms and fingers. They are a little pricey, but I would still order from this seller.

👤They started letting water in through micro-tears about 3 months after I made it. I don't know if I can say they didn't do their job because they only lasted 3 months. I didn't know how long they would be a good purchase. They didn't last as long as I had hoped.

8. DuPont Industrial Scientific TY122S Disposable

DuPont Industrial Scientific TY122S Disposable

A more tailored fit, reinforcement in high stress areas for fewer blowouts, and an elastic are some of the benefits of the comfort fit design. The hood is attached to the face mask and designed to cover the neck and chin. The boots have a special coating. The package has dimensions of 5.12"L x 20.32"W x 22.86"H.

Brand: Dupont Industrial & Scientific

9. Respirator Reusable Chemical Woodworking Protector

Respirator Reusable Chemical Woodworking Protector

It is not possible to remove the protective face mask film with glass. The full face cover and strap belt are designed for tight and comfortable wearing. Anti-fog splashing is used to prevent the invasion of tiny substances. Everything you need to see can be seen. It's comfortable and sealed. The seal edge is made of high-quality Silicone mixture material, which fits the face very well, and the soft texture provides you with a comfortable wearing feeling. It's ideal for workplaces and play, it's suitable for science, outdoor work, soldering, railway, fabrication, sawfly, shooting, workshop, eye protection, lab, chainsaw worker, cleaning, construction, desert, designer, electricians, infield work, engineers, laser Longer Service Life is a reuse design. Get the job done quickly. You will get 7 pairs of cotton for your replacement. The replacement filter can be chosen via FERRLIN. The package includes: a full face cover, 2 x filter boxes, 12 x filters cotton, 2 x plastic covers, and a black salve bag. They want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: None Brand

👤Delivery was a little on the poor side.

👤No sirvio de nada, la bastanta pequea, pense, era, muy grande, facil, los lentes de aumento.

10. 3M Facepiece Respirator 6900 Chemicals

3M Facepiece Respirator 6900 Chemicals

A full-face mask is included. The replaceable filters, 2x caps, 2x particulate cotton filters, and 2 months unconditional return policy are included. It's an Enlightened Commission. A lightweight, well-balanced, full face respirator design and silicone face seal are used. Cool, dry comfort is provided by 3M Cool Flow Valve. Directs exhaled breath and moist downward is the purpose of the center adapter. Large leashes give a wide field of view. As you look from left to right, the optical correction limits distortion. It is easy to clean. The smooth surface makes it easy to clean. The requirement is in the American language. The requirements of Z87.1-2010 are high impact. 3M particulate filters or chemical cartridges can be used to provide respiratory protection against particulates and gases. Only for industrial use. Not for use or sale. Only for industrial use. Not for use or sale.

Brand: 3m

👤We can't afford to lose any brain cells to paint fumes. We don't have anything to spare. I had to remind myself of my kids' names every time I painted. I'm not getting any dumber from the fumes now that I'm using this. It's comfortable, doesn't fog, and does the job.

👤This is a great mask. I work in a shop that is always grinding metal, sanding foam and carbon fiber. I don't smell a thing anymore, even after hours of use, my head is not bothering me. The strap system makes it very easy to make adjustments. I used it for work on the lathe and was amazed at how nice it was to not be breathing in dust and seeing it in my eyes. I feel like my neck is getting sore from the extra weight and possibly its forward weight distribution, only problem is that after extended periods of use I can feel it.

👤After helping a friend gut an old farmhouse, I bought it. This one is great for that as well. It was comfortable enough to last several long evenings, in all types of climates. It was nice to mow the lawn and do fall clean up at home, but I didn't think it was that nice. I was able to mow the lawn while wearing this without being out of commission for the next 8 hours because I had massive allergies. The neighborhood laughed but who cares when you can get stuff done and feel great after. I can resume my wood working hobby if I get the right filter.

👤I've purchased masks over the years and Doctor's appointments to figure out the issues with summer allergy issues and medications. I've spent a lot of money on this respirator. It is hard to find hats that fit my head. I ordered the large for myself. My beard doesn't make the respirator fog up or loose its seal. This thing is amazing. My eyes don't burn after mowing and I use 3M 2097 P 100 filters to filter mowed and weed eating grasses. I sweat the most. I mean really sweaty. I try to leave it on and not take it off because I'm afraid of inhaling some grasses and having issues. There is a puddle of sweat in the bottom of the respirator, which does not cause any issues with the respirator, when I leave it on and remove it. Have not used the cover, but plan on doing so in the future. I've read that taking a shower after mowing helps. I don't know what to do with all the masks and goggles I have, except give to Goodwill. Love, love, love it!

👤I'm very pleased with this respirator. I dipped a toe in the world of woodworking about 5 years ago as a way to get small things I couldn't afford. I have asthma, but this hobby didn't pick up until summer, when I decided to "restore" a wardrobe trunk my mom had rotting in her basement for years. So. Much. SANDING! I volunteered to remove the ceiling in my mom's bedroom. A regular mask. .... Yes... My lungs hurt. It was bad. For a while. When I looked at respirators, I realized that my lungs were sore and my allergies flared whenever I used stain, seal, paint, and I occasionally want to use spray paint. I can't believe how sensitive my lungs are. I've had a lot of lung problems throughout my life, but this was constant and it hurt to take deep breaths. I didn't use partial respirators because I was so used to the eye gear fogging up with a mask. I didn't know this didn't come with filters. I suspected, but I didn't read the fine print. I didn't consider size because I didn't know I had ordered an XL until I got it. I'm glad I got the big one because it's bulky if I wear a bun or tuck my braid. I keep saw dust out of my hair by wearing fabric over it. I've tightened the straps over my bun before and it makes me feel worse. I've learned how to place the straps and my hairstyle to avoid that, but if a smaller size had the same amount of space in the back as the larger one, I'd be happy. There are a lot of rides on which filters you get. I got the ones that were recommended because I had no idea what I needed. I wore it for the first time and it involved spray painting. Everything was normal after I observed how my lungs felt over the next couple days. This was where the purchase was worth the most when it came to cutting and sanding wood. I don't give a damn what my neighbors look like, I can sit outside and sand for hours and hours, cut wood, and get my face close to watch my cut without debris flying into my eye or inhaling dust. I have noticed that when I do a quick cut with a tool like a jigsaw or a saw, the redness in my lungs is almost instantaneous. Even if it's a small cut, I have to wear it every time. I keep it on throughout the clean up. I wear clothes under my overalls to shake them out. I don't take the respirator off until I'm done with the sawdust. I've thought it wouldn't be a big deal before. Every time. I wear my respirator when I drill pocket holes. I live in the Midwest and the weather was 95 degrees yesterday. I was sweating a lot. Every time I made a cut, I put that damn respirator on. I will give a tip about winter. It fogs up from the cold and doesn't go away even after you put it on, so you have to put it on before you go outside. It is easy to clean. The filters are taken off and the central part of your nose and mouth is washed. I've dropped it a million times, and there are no cracks. I'm pretty rough with my car, but there might be a few scratches on the outside. It works well and is still going strong 8 months later. You won't appreciate it until you use it.

11. Medtecs Disposable Coveralls Protection Protective

Medtecs Disposable Coveralls Protection Protective

The package includes a half face cover, 2 x Filter boxes, 4 x Filters Cotton, and 2 x Plastic covers. They want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have a question, please contact them. They will give great support after the sale. The coveralls provide a snug fit and reliable protection from harmful particles. Each coverall has a front zip. PPSB laminated with PE film provides excellent protection. The coverall provides enhanced comfort to the workers. High performance on the AATCC 42/ AATCC 127/ASTM F1670/ASTM F1671 test is achieved by theFabric Pass AAMI Level 4 Protection. The coverall creates a barrier to splashes, dust and dirt to protect you from hazardous elements. Reliable Protection in Hazardous Environments is applicable for agriculture, spray painting, manufacturing, food service, industrial and pharmaceutical processing, healthcare settings, cleaning, and removing ivy. Full protection, high durability and flexibility allow protective coveralls to provide a more comfortable range of motion for workers. The coverall is available in a variety of sizes. Full protection, high durability and flexibility allow protective coveralls to provide a more comfortable range of motion for workers. The coverall is available in a variety of sizes.

Brand: Medtecs

👤I loved it and washed it, but it was a pity because my boyfriend had covid19 and he needed help, but the suit with my other Ppe made me feel safe.

👤I ordered this suit a few sizes larger than I needed, because I didn't want the material to pull or rip, and I needed some freedom to move around. The leg ripped up when I took my first step into the weed area.

👤Love the light quality of the material and how it gathers at the ankle and arms. It's true to size... If you wear a size 8 dress or a size 8 -10) jeans and a large size polo shirt, you will be able to wear a medium fit.

👤I wore the lightweight coveralls on because I didn't want the spray to touch my skin, and I also had tent caterpillars on my apple trees, so I put the product over my clothes. It's easy to slip on and off over your clothes, you don't have to change into painting clothes or spraying clothes. I love it!

👤I ordered larger because I couldn't get the size I needed. The extra pant length was turned into footies. We used full coverage PPE when we used them to remove popcorn ceilings. They were very lightweight and didn't rip even at the zippers.

👤When I left, I stripped it off because I used it in my Covid unit. I was able to wash it. It was intact for many uses.

👤I bought this to use with spray foam insulation in a project house. It worked well. I was covered up. The size was correct. I'm 300 lbs and a 3XL fit me well. I cried a few times when I wore it. I was spraying foam into the walls and bending and reaching for it. I would buy it again.

👤I was able to use it for two purposes after I purchased it. The material was durable and did not make me feel suffocated. If I were not working in a highly sensitive environment, I could easily make more use of this suit. The second time I wore it, I was a bit overheated and unsure about sterilizing it to the point that would be required. This product is very good. The medium was a perfect fit because I am 5' 7.5" and have a slim frame. I don't wear clothing underneath these, but I could have and it would fit.


What is the best product for survival nuclear and chemical suit?

Survival nuclear and chemical suit products from Mira Safety M. In this article about survival nuclear and chemical suit you can see why people choose the product. Erock and Parcil Distribution are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival nuclear and chemical suit.

What are the best brands for survival nuclear and chemical suit?

Mira Safety M, Erock and Parcil Distribution are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival nuclear and chemical suit. Find the detail in this article. Mira Safety M, 3m and Double One are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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