Best Survival Nuclear and Chemical Military Grade Gas Mask

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1. 8200 Facepiece Polishing Woodworking Decoration

8200 Facepiece Polishing Woodworking Decoration

The package includes a half face mask, cotton filters, and safety glasses. They want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have a question, please contact them. They will give great support after the sale. The half face cover with integrated goggles protects the wearer's mouth, nose, and eyes, especially designed to fit the Europeans and American's face structure and nose bridge. The contact edge has elastic silicone that is soft, comfortable and perfect for wearing. The main part of this half face cover is made of food grade silicone, which is suitable for direct contact with the skin. Silicone and plastic give the headband a lightweight feel. Their professional half face cover with integrated eyewear has an efficient dual filter and circulating systems to effectively block most of organic vapors, irritating gases, pollen, particulates and other particles in the air. It is a great protective device for daily commute and specific works. The face cover can be used again and again with the filters being replaced. Their face covering set comes with two pairs of filter cottons to give you a long lasting guard, it's a must have for finishing your work. The half face cover is ideal for daily use to purify air and block particles and particulates; it is often used to against substances and pungent airs at the workplace. The package includes a half face cover, two Filter boxes, Cotton and plastic covers. They want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Generic

👤The nose mouth opening is small, tight on the face, and left me with a red nose after a long day of wear. It keeps dust and wood dust out. Within 15 minutes of working in a dusty area, I usually start sneezing and sniffling. I was able to finish my project in about 5 days, without any sneezes or sniffling. It left my nose and cheek red bones and made me feel bruised after all day wear. You can't beat it for $7. It is not for long term or professionals, only for occasional do-it-yourselfers who will use it once in a blue moon. *

👤This unit allows you to cut grass with out breathing in the grass pollen.

👤Really good. It doesn't seem you can get replacement filters. I looked on the internet and Amazon. No luck! It seems to do an excellent job. L.

👤I use this mask for wood working. Their customer service is excellent. This mask and seller are recommended by me.

👤I don't think anyone could improve it. The price is great. It was used for sanding.

👤I am happy with the purchase. It's cheap because it's made in china.

👤It's important to choose the right side of your face.

👤I can't smell the chemicals, but the price works for my job, and I'm not dizzy after I finish my assignment.

2. WORKCARE Respirator Cartridges Respiratory Woodworking

WORKCARE Respirator Cartridges Respiratory Woodworking

The safety mask made by high grade silica gel is easy to clean, it will enhance comfort, endure the aging, avoid allergy, durable and easy to clean, diversion slot in filter box avoid blockage and make breath smoothly and more comfortable. Users don't need to wear protective glasses because the 200 degree full lens provides a wide field of view. The Buckle Design is easy to install. It's convenient to communicate with partners when using the unique sound device. It protects you from breathing in dust. The five-point straps and double gel fringe would protect the human face successfully and without any allergy reaction. It is applicable to the protection from organic vapors, such as benzene, aniline, carbon tetrachloride, nitrobenzene, chloropicrin, chlorine, acetone, alcohol, carbon disulfide, nitroalkane, etc.

Brand: Work Care

👤The mask is made from a material that I like. The fit is comfortable. I bought dust/mold to protect myself from demolition of old buildings. Happy with the price compared to the brand.

3. Respirator Anti Fog Respiratory Supplies Suitable

Respirator Anti Fog Respiratory Supplies Suitable

The full face cover and strap fit most head sizes and are designed for tight and comfortable wearing. It can be used to prevent a variety of harmful particles. The double tank type has a low breathing resistance and a compact appearance. The valve opens wide and the exhales more smoothly. A large lens for a wide field of view. The soft gasket can ensure air-tightness, and the cotton is easy to install and disassemble. Exhaust the heat and dampness without affecting the sight. The exhalation valve plate is not easy to clean. The packing list includes 1 x full face respirator, 2 x filter boxes, 2 x 501 filter cover, and 10 x 5N11 filters cotton. They want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have a question, please contact them.

Brand: Erock

👤It works well, creates a great seal, and saved me. I kept tear gas out of my eyes and lungs. If you want to get away from the gas, it will buy you time. If you choke on tear gas, it is hard to run away from the attackers. Oregon is currently on fire, and this has helped with that. I keep the ash out of my eyes and lungs.

👤I can't get a perfect seal on my face with this mask. Attempting to cinch the straps tight enough causes them to detach. Look at pictures. The design is supposed to be a safety feature, to make sure the mask wouldn't get caught in something, if it was pulled. If someone grabbed the front of your mask, it was coming right off. This is not a military grade. I found a pre-adjustmemt for the top straps, which allowed me to only loosen and tighten the bottom straps, and achieve a good seal. The mask has an exhalation valve like most military masks. This is a one way valve. When you exhale, the air is sucked closed. If it didn't work this way, you would die. The mask accepts 3m "bayonet" fitting filters. The mold casting is pretty good. Not perfect, but adequate for the price. I don't know what material it is cast from, it doesn't have the same feel as the silicone used in a military gas mask, so there is no telling the longevity of the mask in dry storage, temperature tolerance, resistance to chemicals, UV, contact with petro-chemical There isn't a manual. I would recommend storing in a dark place with a bag that is water resistant. The bag the mask is packaged in won't fit the mask with filters attached. It's best to keep it in a safe place and not open the package until you are ready to use the mask. There are two Chinese-no-brand organic vapor cartridges and several N95 pre- filters in it. The filters cannot be used without the cartridge. The large clear face plate is good for viewing. It's a good deal for 50 bucks. I would recommend using 3m cartridges to be certain of the level of protection you're getting.

👤The only reason for my purchase is to take attractive selfies to post on my future dating profile, which highlights one of my best features: my eyebrows! Dating apps are a pain and I can't belured into the gold digger-types with this sexiness. That's right! Now that I have stopped making dumb jokes, I have decided to use this mask to prevent some of the issues I have been having with working with the fumes. I have found that I am more sensitive to fumes outdoors, even while wearing protective eyewear and cloth masks. I decided to buy a proper respirator. This thing is great. I used to wear a cloth mask and eyewear, but it is not as uncomfortable now. It doesn't fog up, which was surprising. It worked great in the hot weather of AZ, savesay is hot and savesay is going from inside to outside savesay is going from outside savesay is going from outside savesay is going from outside savesay is going from outside savesay is going from outside savesay I am annoyed that I did not get this sooner. I wish my product had instructions in the box, but that is what the internet is for.

4. MB 90 Powered Purifying Respirator Blower

MB 90 Powered Purifying Respirator Blower

Respiratory accessories. It's easy. A powered air-purifying respirator is an upgrade to your standard gas mask. This unit uses an integrated blower instead of lung power for improved air flow and positive pressure within your full-face gas respirator, creating an additional layer of protection around the edges of your mask. The MB-90 PAPR is ideal for people with a limited lung capacity who can't wear a protective mask. The design is user-friendly. Any NATO threaded gas mask is compatible. This lightweight blower has a slim profile for use in confined spaces and can easily be mounted to your belt or pack with two CBRN filters, connecting to your respirator via a 40mm filter hose. The MB-90 is powered by AA batteries that can last up to 12 hours of sustained air flow, delivering 90 liters of air per minute. Drugging: Construction that is impact-resistant. Don't worry about bumps. The MB-90 PAPR air-purifying system is military-grade and features a durable polycarbonate that holds up to the demands of extreme conditions. The PAPR helps to reduce fatigue and improves mobility by attaching to your belt or pack. The complete PAPR system is an economic indicator. The MB-90 PAPR powered air-purifying Respirator Blower, 40mm NATO threaded filter hose, accessory pouch, body rig, and belt are all included in the cost-effective setup. The NBC/CBRN filters, full-face respirator masks, and AA batteries are sold separately. MIRA SAFETY is trusted by professionals around the globe. They provide cutting-edge equipment and self-defense gear that meets the demands of top-tier military operators, with key engineering enhancements to make them more practical and effective on the homefront, including solutions for children and the elderly. They are dedicated to delivering superior products and unparalleled satisfaction, and they strive to maintain uncompromising workmanship and excellent customer service with every purchase.

Brand: Mira Safety M

5. Reusable Facepiece Painting Respirator Woodworking

Reusable Facepiece Painting Respirator Woodworking

You will get 1x Respirator 6200, 4 x 2091 Filters, 2 x Earplugs, and 1x Goggle. You need to protect your eyes and ears even more in special environments. The headband can be adjusted quickly to fit your head. The clip on the neck makes it easier to put on the respirator. The respirator doesn't need to be fixed by ears, making it more comfortable to wear. The respirator is made of food-grade silicone and is tightly sealed. The soft silicone will not make your facial skin uncomfortable and is suitable for long-term wear. Half face cover set can effectively block organic vapor/gas, oily smoke, pollen, dust and other particles in the air. It is used in a lot of things.

Brand: Dadumk

6. Facepiece Respirator Carbon Filters Painting

Facepiece Respirator Carbon Filters Painting

Warm tips: If you feel a smell, fog, gas, or shortness of breath, you should replace the filter box immediately. There is a large inventory in the US. Large lens for wide field of view, lightweight, balanced design, Silicone faceseal for greater comfort and durability. Protection against particulates is provided by theVersatility for many environments and applications. Well balanced. The elastic strap belt can be used for most head sizes. Anti-fog splashing is used to prevent the invasion of tiny substances. The large facepiece lens gives you extra protection for your eyes and allows you to see more. Users don't need to wear protective glasses because of the anti-fog design. Chemicals, metals, paints, agricultural substances, methanal, and other irritative vapor can be found in work areas. During mechanical work such as welding, saw cutting, grinding, graffiti, painting, etc.

Brand: Erock

👤!! Covid-19 safety. This mask does not help with exhalation. Before or after the exhalation port, add the filtration material. It is real as my skull. The mask is $40. What a wonder. It's pretty comfortable. The incoming (dry+filtered) air will not fog up because the outgoing (moist exhaled air) does not go directly out the front. If you're wearing this in public, please put something in your mouth to keep out pollutants. The mask does not do that by default. It might help a little compared to just breathing on people, but all it does is direct your breath through a rubber flappy bit. That is helpful, but not filtration. To make sure that the hole at the front of the mask wouldn't be noticed, I put a flu mask to the inside of the breathing cavity. If you wore a flu mask, they would expect more protection. The rubber flappy-bit that acts as a one-way valve can be exposed if the cover-piece on the front of the mask is removed. This shows a large circular surface with the same diameter as 3, so it's more like a 3.5 inch pipe. This means that it is possible to modify this mask to add a voice amplifier or an external exhalation filter box. It takes time and is a side project for me. The mask I received had a date on it. I think this is really good. It's a good thing that they aren't shipping us filters from decades ago because there could be consumables in them. When I first wore this, it left a red mark on the bridge of my nose. My experience with CPAP tells me that I was wearing it wrong, and that you should never have deep red marks when wearing safety gear. I found that it helps to adjust the top straps tighter than the lower ones. This makes the weight rest on my forehead and top of my head, which is very important, because it's too heavy to be sitting on your nose. Only tighten it enough to form a seal. It is possible to put these things on too tight and hurt yourself or damage your equipment. Be safe!

👤It doesn't look like it will last very long.

👤I treat Covid patients in enclosed spaces. The price is right, and it comes with 2 charcoal cartridges with a dozen K95 pre filters. The fit seems to form a seal on my face. The mask wouldn't pass a fit test. The exhalation valve looks flimsy, and I think it's the failure point. The Bitrex was sprayed against the front, but it was still there. I will return this. I had my 3M half face respirator tested and it was fine. I don't think it was our method.

👤The gasket that goes between the mask and the charcoal filters will not be accepted by the unit. May not be completely safe. Don't know.

👤Just as described. Great product. Hopefully never to use. Fast shipping.

7. Respirator Painting Sparying Connectors Included

Respirator Painting Sparying Connectors Included

The use of this complete set of Trudsafe 6900 full face respirator is very wide. Assembly and mechanical, Chemical Clean-up, Chemical Handling, Chemical Splash, Chipping, Chiseling, Cleaning, Furnace Operations, Grinding, Laboratories, Machining, Painting, Pouring/Casting, Sanding, Sawing, UV Protection, Welding are recommended applications. It has one pair of organic vapor cartridge and one pair of particulate cotton. The filters on this respirator can be used to remove organic gas, organic vapor, oily and non-oily particles, dust and particulate. Full face design can offer extra protection for your face. The seal of this full face corset is made of high quality Silicone mixture material, which fits the face very well, and the soft texture provides you with a comfortable wearing feeling. The lens is made of PC material and it has anti-fog treatment inside and outside. One person has two things in common. The most common types of filters on the market are 40mm and bayonet type. Two types of standard connctors can fit in this respirator. You can use almost all kinds of filters for this respirator. The set includes 10 PCS lens covers for free. The cover is clear. Without affecting the line of sight, it protects and prolongs the useful life of the respirator. It should be protected from minor impacts.

Brand: Trudsafe

👤The first mask I ordered was not good. I paid for it with a respiratory illness. I disassembled it to see if there was a fix for it. The valve that should close when you breathe in should only close if you breath very aggressively. Breaths that are normal let air in. I returned the mask and tested the second one, which had the same issue. I think all of these masks will be the same and people will rely on them without knowing the harm they are doing to themselves. These should be removed from Amazon. It is nice to know that your eyes are protected with the rest of the mask. The mask doesn't filter harmful chemicals unless you breathe hard. There is a gap between the seating surface and the silicone flap.

👤I thought this would be a short-term solution to my safety glasses. I was wrong. The silicone seal around the nose and mouth doesn't seal, allowing water to enter the rest of the mask. Within 5 minutes of using the eye port, the entire inside was fogged up with condensation running down the inside. I could smell the dust I was working around even with the "respirator" fitted. The inside of the mask was covered in dust when I removed it. I don't have an oddly shaped face or big chin, and I wasn't chewing gum the whole time. This is not worth your money and is dangerous to use.

👤There were no lens covers or filters. The internal valves were useless.

👤It was worth every penny. Very comfortable.

👤It is very comfortable to wear.

👤I tried to attach the filters. One fit perfectly. The second ended up being in your line of sight rather than in the air. I was told it wasn't the way I was seeing it. Stay away.

👤Very pleased with the purchase.

👤The price looks good and should be comfortable.

8. Respirator Widely Organic Chemical Woodworking

Respirator Widely Organic Chemical Woodworking

Head belt type design, wear firm and comfortable to ensure the tightness, large anti-scratch lenses coated with an anti-fog layer which provide a excellent visibility, Reasonable airflow design inside the mask can effectively prevent fogging in the window and ensure the clear sight. The mask has a voice device. The new material used in the mask can not be affected by temperature and humidity, and will not produce fog. The Full Face cover and strap are designed for tight and comfortable wearing. Any invasion of tiny substances would be prevented with a comprehensive anti-fog splashing. Professional filtration. Dust has Activated Charcoal filters and a full face impact resistant lens. Any traces of organic chemical vapor or dust will be eliminated. The filters inside the package are not applicable. It's also suitable for the P 100 filter. The port is the same as the 6000/7500/7800/FF-400/6000DIN V- series. You will usually receive the Anti-fog 6800 full-face mask within 20 days. You will usually receive the Anti-fog 6800 full-face mask within 20 days.

Brand: Generies

👤The straps are held on with button-like fitting that sit in holes. This stuff tears like rubber. Silicone does not tear like this, it is where it fits on your skin. The part is joined to the frame of the mask so it can't be replaced. I'm left trying to come up with a way to fix it.

👤Silicone face harness needs to be changed to less sticky material for easier use.

👤A good respirator! A little heavy, but does the job.

👤There are pieces missing from the mask that was really needed for the job.

👤The plastic around the face housing was cheap and didn't seal well. I had to glue the broken plastic together to make it hold up in the middle.

👤It wasn't formed how it should be, it was also let in tons of chemicals that caused issues with breathing, and it was not shaped how it should have been.

9. MIRA SAFETY Certified Respirator Professional

MIRA SAFETY Certified Respirator Professional

If you don't like it for any reason, return within 30 days for a full refund. This is the perfect present for the person in your life. Father's day, 4th of July, birthday, Christmas, or to gift this to the person who is outdoors in your life. The MIRA Safety ultimate CM6M is a Certified CBRN NBC mask, and it's included with the following: Water bottle-canteen, installed drinking system, and speech diaphragm. MAXIMUM PROTECTION against harmful gases or other substances will be offered by the robust construction and elite full face design. It is better to be safe than sorry. There is a new version of the CBRN reagent mask available. While other masks are only approved for the European Union, the MIRA Safety chemical protection mask is approved for both the European Union and the United States. Disasters do not come with a warning sign. The MIRA Safety full face mask has a flexible and comfortable design that will keep you safe during deployment. This premium mask features a 180 angle vision with a larger field of view and a built-in speech diaphragm, which will make communication easier and more efficient. Communication is the key to survival. MIRA Safety will keep you and your family safe from harmful substances in the air. It is available in many different sizes. There is a drinking system already installed. In a changing world, you need a safe and durable mask in order to sleep better at night.

Brand: Mira Safety M

👤I am a combat veteran with 4 tours in Iraq and a gas mask collector. I own the following: - Drager CDR 4500 - Drager X-plore , - Drager DHS 7000 - Drager FPS 7000 - Israeli Military M15 mask It is important to know what the mask is intended for and the level of protection it provides. The focus of the comparison is for the applications of the CBRN. A gas mask is only one component of personal protective equipment. You need coveralls, gloves, boots, and Chemtape to seal up the exposed areas. You would need a decontamination agent such as the FAST Act for equipment and theRSDL for the skin. You need to make sure the filters you buy are made for use in the CBRN. A rating of "A2B2E2K2HgSXP3 D R Reactor" is needed to be a true CBRN filter. There are a lot of filters on the market, but very few that also cover Reactor. The reactor neutralizes radioactive iodine. The filters cover all bases. Anyway, the review is here! The CM6M is compliant under the standards for respiratory protective devices. The visor has a wide field of view. The rubber is made from butyl rubber and it meets material specifications. It's a silicone inner mask and it's hypoallergenic. Comes standard with a speech device. The drinking system and canteen are standard. It's compatible with CamelBak water bladders. The standard 40mm filters are widely available. It's easier to breathe under physical exertion, and for people with smaller lung capacities, if you fit up to 2 filter cartridges simultaneously. Governments in Europe and the Middle East use it. They can be shipped to friends and family overseas without a lot of paperwork if they are produced in Europe. The shelf life is 20 years. There is a slight rubber smell. I thought I would mention that I own butyl masks that have some rubber smell, just in case someone reading this is sensitive to this. It is not approved by the NIOSH for use in the USA so it would limit professional use. It's great to have, but having or not having this certification doesn't determine quality, just means it passed a series of tests here in the US. The CM-7M is similar to the CM6M, but is made for military personnel. The Czech military uses a mask. There are 2 visors that are not standard. The CDR is a drager. I have designated the mask as a Preparedness backup after my CM6M and DHS 7000. The lack of a drinking system made me seek out other options as gas masks get pretty stuffy, and taking off the mask for some water while getting out of dodge may not be an option. The drager X-plore is 6000. The structure of this mask is the same as the CDR 4500. The rubber used for this mask is not approved by NIOSH. It has a NIOSH rating for use against many gases. This mask has a certification. Drager DHS 7000. This mask is very difficult to find and expensive. It is my favorite mask from all of them. I found one that was used for around $500, and they sell new ones for around $800. You can use it with any of the 3 configurations. Buy it if you can find one and have the cash. It is definitely overkill for basic CBRN preparedness. The drager has a performance rating of 7000. The mask is approved for use with an SCBA system, but it is not meant to protect from agents of the CBRN. The Israeli Civilian mask can be found in surplus stores for under $30. The small visors make it difficult to see, even if you have one for each eye. Many people in Israel have this mask in case of emergency, and I am sure it has saved lives over the years, but I would not trust it, most are surplus and could have been sitting around for 20 years. The mask is not rated for use in CBRN. Most of the filters supplied are long expired. The Israeli Military M15 mask has the same specifications as the 4A1, but with bigger visors. If you purchase these, keep in mind that they do expire in 20 years. Over the years, I have owned 5 M15 surplus masks and 3 had damaged valves, which led to a return. The masks are resistant to certain warfare agents. The spec sheet is a good place to look for more detail. Mestel SGE 150: The mask is not intended for use in the CBRN. There is no protective coating on the visor. This would be used against tear gas, pepper spray, and riot situations. The Mestel SGE 400/3 is the same as the SGE 150, but with three filter ports. There are a few accessories for this mask. Retail is around $200, and can go up to $400 when fully loaded with accessories. If you want the extra accessories, you either have to buy them pre-installed or send them back to the factory for professional installation which could take weeks. If you are stuck in a riot, this is a great mask to use to block tear gas. The Mestel SGE 400/3 is the same as the SGE 400/3, but has a rubbery butyl seal, which is more suitable for use in the CBRN. The Russian/German M-10-M protective mask is outdated and not suitable for use in the field of CBRN protection. All it is good for is a costume. The current military issue mask for the US is called the Avon M50. There are a few things that can happen. The M50 uses filters that are difficult to find un-expired. 99% of the filters on the market are expired surplus, because they are only sold to the military. If you can get one in a sealed box with the included instruction manual, I would recommend purchasing it. If the valves on your M50 are clear, the mask is faulty. If you get a sealed mask with unexpired filters and functional values, it will work very well. These are ITAR regulated and cannot be exported out of the country. The biggest bang for your buck for a CBRN mask can be found in the MIRA CM6M gas mask and the MIRA NBC-77 SOF filter. It is used for civil defense to protect government officials in Europe and the Middle East, it comes with a drinking module, canteen, and a speech diaphragm, and it is also used for protection against CBRN threats. The large visor makes it easy to see. The standard shelf life for filters out of the water is 6 years, but the mask and filters have a 20-year shelf life. A mask from Drager would cost $750, one from Mestel would cost $400, and an Avon M50 mask would cost $600 with all accessories. This mask is my top choice for preparedness on a budget without sacrificing features. Hope this helps!

10. Respirator Facepiece Professional Breathing Protection

Respirator Facepiece Professional Breathing Protection

Material safety is made from food-grade elastic silicone gum for the guarantee of healthy and comfort. The face cover can be adjusted without restriction for perfect adaption and increased comfort, but you may forget about it after a few minutes. The face cover and safety glasses strap belt are designed for tight and comfortable wearing. Anti-fog splashing is used to prevent the invasion of tiny substances. Everything you need to see can be seen. Face cover has a double filter system that can effectively block the air with organic gasses, smoke, pollen, dust and other particles. It is a great respiratory protective device. The work areas with chemicals, metals, paints, agricultural substances, methanal and other irritative vapor and gases are the scope of application. It can prevent dust particles from entering the respiratory tract during mechanical work. The package includes a half face cover, two Filter boxes, six filters cotton and two plastic covers. They want you to be 100% satisfied. If you have a question, please contact them. They will give great support after the sale.

Brand: Baomao

👤It was nicely packaged. I liked that you tear open your filters from a sealed package, it was the best value I found, and I already tried the mask with no fog. Highly recommended.

👤This mask is not legit. It's a potential health hazard. Don't buy this item. The company needs to be investigated.

👤The replacement I got is better than the one I received. I feel like I'm not being smothered anymore and the side covers hold on perfectly. It was definitely worth the purchase. The new goggles fit better. I am glad I gave them another chance. I want the next exchange to be better. I like the goggles. They are comfortable with my glasses and have air vents so you don't fog up. The mask did not come with instructions, so I had to make it myself. The clear cover for the air filter fell off because of the thin plastic holding it on. I requested an exchange to make sure I didn't get a faulty one. It was hard to breathe in this mask when I was holding them on. It felt like I had a pillow over my face. I have never worn these masks before, so I am not sure if that is normal. If the next one is any better, I will update this. I will return the whole thing and try again for a different type. I am hoping it works out because I love the goggles.

👤I use it in my art. It is light and kept the worst out. It's better than that.

👤The first time my husband put it on, the bottom strap snapped and flew across the room. There is trash.

👤It was quite difficult to put this mask together and it took a lot of force to get the pieces to snap together. It survived that part with no issues. The piece that secures the bottom part of the mask strap is of concern. It is a cheap slide through. It depends on the type of grips used. If you tighten the grip, the strap can't be released because it's plastic. It lasted for three days while I was spray painting some items in the garage. Unfortunately, it will be going back.

👤I wish the mask offered more information than "one size fits most" approach. I was hoping it would be large. It was too small for me. This won't fit you if you wear a large size mask. I tried it but ended up with a bruised nose bridge and some mask leaks. It seems to do the job when I get a seal. I won't be able to return it. There were no instructions for the organic filters. It wasn't really necessary but there should have been information for those that haven't used these before.

👤The quality is good, the work is helpful, and the shopping is satisfactory.

11. SAS Safety 6938 Cotton Coverall

SAS Safety 6938 Cotton Coverall

Pour 1 packet into 16 fluid ounce of cold water and mix for hydration. Cool cotton back. The nylon front is lightweight and durable. A full pullover hood, a zip up front, and elastic waist. Wrist and ankle closures are used. The cotton back is cool and the pullover is good. The wrist and ankle closure is made of Velcro. It's not dry and it's not disposable. It's not dry and it's not disposable.

Brand: Sas Safety

👤I clean for a living and was looking for a second layer of protection. It arrived in three days. It was packaged well. The back fabric feels like cotton and the white fabric is lightweight. I am five-seven and 1/2 inches tall and weigh 175 to 180 pounds, I have plenty of room to move. I wanted something that moves with my body, so I went with a medium. The Constitution of the garment is lightweight, sturdy, and stretchy, and allows for the body to move well. I will let you know how well it works when I start work again.

👤I am a bit worried about going back to work because of my previous conditions and people demanding school opens back up. This is my favorite part of the arsenal, because I started looking at ways to protect myself. I wanted something that was easy to clean. I wanted something that would keep bees. I bought two because one could be in the wash and the other could be worn. I ordered a large due to the price and the fact that my husband could wear it if necessary, but I am generally a small or medium in women's clothes. I was looking for something baggy. It has two pockets, one in the front and one in the back, which was a pleasant surprise. I will be clothed underneath it since it wasn't too hot. The Velcro is not very strong. It has two pulls on the same zip up the front. That was odd. I put it one star between the two things. Is it going to be stupid on my first day back? Absolutely. Staying healthy is a fair trade.

👤My husband bought a large for sculpting stone. It's great for messy work. It's helped through several washes. He was so pleased that he ordered a second one to alternate while the first one is washed and ready to wear.

👤I use this to remove insulation from a house I am remodeling. The straps fit nicely on the wrist and feet. The hood zips up tight. Nothing gets in this suit when used with a respirator and gloves. I am removing the old fiberglass insulation that is loaded with glass chunks and never gets in the suit because it hurts my gloves. When I shake it out, the glass falls off. I have worn this suit several times and it has not failed. I will order another when it happens.

👤I got this suit for my husband because he sprays the mosquitoes in the back yard. The large was perfect over his clothes. The kids posted videos of themselves laughing at him wearing it. It has a dark blue panel on the back. It adds to the funny look. The quality of the suit is very good. I washed it and it came out perfect. It would make a great costume.

👤If you think it was never delivered, you should know that the package folds into the size of your fist. I was expecting a package at my door, but it was folded up and put in the back of a mailbox. The hazmat suits are in the Polly Pocket. In early March 2020, the value is good. The seller appears to have been price gouging due to the Pandemic. It seems to be as described. It's not worth more than the $20-$25.


What is the best product for survival nuclear and chemical military grade gas mask?

Survival nuclear and chemical military grade gas mask products from Generic. In this article about survival nuclear and chemical military grade gas mask you can see why people choose the product. Work Care and Erock are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival nuclear and chemical military grade gas mask.

What are the best brands for survival nuclear and chemical military grade gas mask?

Generic, Work Care and Erock are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival nuclear and chemical military grade gas mask. Find the detail in this article. Mira Safety M, Dadumk and Erock are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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