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1. TISUR Titanium Emergency Keychain Necklace

TISUR Titanium Emergency Keychain Necklace

The whistle has a key ring that can be attached to your keys or backpack, and is easy to use. It is suitable for sports training and outdoor sports. The mini compact design makes it more fashionable because it is made out of titanium. The portable mini is about the size of a small car. The weight is only 0.2oz. The necklace length is 26in. It is possible to use quality material for a long time. This little whistle comes with a silver bead necklace and small keyring, can be a cool pendant necklace decorated around your neck in daily life, also fits on the key chain, and almost takes no space while attached to your keys or key chains as a small accessory. It takes minimal effort to generate the sound of your emergency whistle, which is 120 decibels, small but loud enough for carrying in outdoor, camping, hiking, survival. Friendly customer service and a 30 day money back guarantee are what you get. They want you to have a great shopping experience.

Brand: Tisur

👤This worked out of the box. I know it's silly to say that. You have to blow so hard that your ears pop and the sound sucks, but I have bought titanium whistles and half don't work out. It is easy to crisp and gets between 121 and 118db. The whistle is very stylish.

👤Exactly what I was looking for. It's easy for my college student to wear their shirt. It looks nice and small to wear outside of clothes. Loud and effective.

👤I got a few for Christmas. I did a lot of research to find the best whistles. I was impressed with the size since it will be used on a key chain and it won't be too intrusive.

👤A la hora de ir a cuidar el ganado tienes sonido y buen tamao.

👤The whistle is in a carrying case and has a chain. I was expecting something loud and far-reaching, but it sounds like a kid's whistle. How many ways can you blow a whistle? I ordered it because I am a novice kayaker and my husband likes to surf the waves in the river, so I keep going. I think he won't be able to hear me in the river, but we'll have a chance to try it out soon, and I'll be back with a supplement. I was surprised that my husband could hear the whistle from a long way. I changed it to 5 stars.

👤I wish I hadn't tested it, as I blew it as hard as I could. It's pretty sure that I had a little hearing damage. If you're looking for loud, this is it. It's easy to blow, it's lightweight, and it's easy to assemble the necklace chain. The chain looks flimsy and the emergency whistle won't work if it falls off my neck on the trail. It's a standard ball chain, so it's fine. It makes me feel a bit safer on the trail.

👤The TISUR Titanium Emergency Keychain Necklace Whistle,EDC Safety Whistles for Women and Kids,Loud up to 120db, is very lightweight and looks good, so why not get it? Get this!

2. Bushcraft Survival Starter Striker Starting

Bushcraft Survival Starter Striker Starting

We care about you and your loved ones and your voice drives them to be the best. The Emergency Weather Radio has an 18-month warranty. If you don't like the weather radio, they will give you a solution, such as a refund or replacement. Their customer service is always available for you. No risk for your purchase. The fire starter is by Bushcraft Surge. The ferro rod fire starter throws sparks to start the fire. The extra large fire starter bristle is a waterproof fire starter. It is easy to use, it ignites from the sparks of the ferro rod. Over 15,000 strikes are composed of a high quality ferrocerium and magnesium blend. A handcrafted cherry wood handle has a comfortable grip. A lanyard with a hardened steel multi-tool flint is attached to it with a built-in wrench and toothed edge. The weight is 2.3 ounces. You can either carry it in your pack or wear it around your neck. Great for backpacking, hiking, and camping. It's a great gift for a bushcraft woodsman.

Brand: Bushcraft Survival

👤It seems that the consumer is not aware that this product is made in China until they receive it. Will purchase a Texas Bushcraft fire starter when he returns.

👤The survival fire starter exceeded my expectations. This is a great addition to my gear. This will be fun to use to teach survival skills at my summer camp. The quality is top-notch and it is the perfect size. The handle is very nice and it makes it easy to throw sparks. I've used ferro rods in the past, but this is much easier. It comes with a paracord survival bracelet. When I ordered it, I didn't know it had a mini ferro rod fire starter built into it. I think this is a great fire scorer for camping or bushcraft survival.

👤The compass and the whistle are not fun. I can't recommend this bracelet. The long Fero rod and strikers kit is not bundled with the kit as seen, it works well and the sparks that are produced are strong. I couldn't send a submission so I had to pick a 1 Star Rating.

👤The bracelet and strikers were present. I don't care about anything else but the rod and strikers. I like how the strikers have no plastic. I know it will not break from the pressure. I plan to get back into camping and hunting soon. Dad took me on scouting outings when I was a kid. I want to test myself in situations where I am not as prepared as the scouts. There were no matches or fire starting kits to start. I've never started a fire with my dad's flint, and he rarely used it. I decided to see if I needed to practice with it. The rounded and toothed tip was the main selling point of the strikers tools. I took a branch from a pile of dead branches. All I could do was scratch it. I will write this and think about it. It seems like a tool that would work on larger pieces of a tree and I will find something that will work on it. I expected a sharper edge on one side so it would work better to shear off the wood in its small diameter. I will take a filing kit to this puppy now that I think about it. Still. The kindling maker portion of the tool needs to be shaped a bit wider to improve its shearing ability. It's just a ridged grooves. It can be used as a forward. HOLY COW! I tried to figure out how much pressure was applied. The black coating makes it hard to get off as it's just a slick barrier to initially get off and take more pressure off. The sound is so satisfying when the sparks fly everywhere. I need to see how natural I am at starting a fire. We had some rain in the last 2 days but it was mostly dry. I went to the fire pit after taking dead weeds and dry leaves. I will say that it lit a fire in one try. Every few strikes, I had to fiddle with my birds nest. There were times when the thing was struck so quickly that it was hard to get a spark to catch in the nest. It would be hard to tell if the smoke was coming from the bird nest or the strikers. There is a Within a few minutes of effort, and 1 minute of gathering the kindling after giving up on the kindling tool. I had a nest on fire. There were 2 flames that came out of it. It had to be set down. I didn't want to commit to having a full fire because I didn't have everything ready. I didn't have a pile of kindling to keep the fire going. If I did. I'm pretty sure I would have had a roaring fire in less than 10 minutes. It's 54 degrees with a nice breeze. I think that's a pretty effective Firestarter attempt. I left. "Oh it's on fire!", to "I'm not as natural as I thought I would be at this." It took in a matter of seconds. I didn't blow it. No ember to light up the sky. It was on fire. No cotton or anything like that. There were mostly dry leaves and dead weed twigs in the bowl. I was caught off guard when I got 2 flames instead of an ember. The reviews said the bracelet would be cheap. I didn't care if that was the case. It had a fire rod on the clip. I was expecting a cheap toy quality compass. It is a solid compass with liquid inside. Whenever I look at it, it's easy to read and turn to North. I have large hands. I wouldn't be surprised if it was too small. It fits just right and doesn't make a difference to my skin. People complain about the whistle. It sounds like a high pitch whistle and is not a cheap one. It comes across as a piercing sound. There is a hole in the ground. I don't know why it's there. If you cover it, the whistle will still work even if you blow it. You can easily cover it with your lip. People say it's broken, but I don't think that's right. The "cutter" is not going to be able to cut a small thing. It's probably better to kindling than the strikers tool. It would break if you used it that way. The center of the clip has a strikers rod. It's small. I don't know how you could use it without breaking the clips. There was no tool to hit it. Why don't you put a grooves in the cutter to fit the rod and use it as a strikers? I'll be filing that down as well. The paracord is strong. It's heavier than I expected. The cord on the rod seems to be very strong. I expect the rod to be worn down before the cord does. If I am using that word correctly, the handle feels very comfortable. I wish the rod was a bit longer. I wouldn't be interested in this if it was more than $20. I see the bracelet as a bit of a novelty. I was surprised to find that it is sturdy and a nice bonus to make it a good value at $15.99. It's a perfect first tool for anyone. My biggest perk is the metal tool. The man that kicks up sparks is easy to spot. When the rod wears down. I'll keep the one for the replacement. I've never owned one before, so I can't comment on the life expectancy. I am surprised at how much wear and tear has already occurred. I'm starting to think that my dad didn't use that rod to start the fire, because it looks worse already. If they are all soft and easy to shave, or if I'm using too much force, to really give an experienced opinion on that. I can 3D print another handle, since I know the last one. I don't need a compass or emergency whistle, I got one on my wrist, and it doesn't hang from my neck. I'll find something to attach to it to make it more useful. I might as well include it in my survival arsenal because the thing isn't going to break anytime soon.

3. Bushcraft Necklace Lifetime Guarantee Mountaineering

Bushcraft Necklace Lifetime Guarantee Mountaineering

Their survival gear can be used as birthday gifts or stockings. It can make your camping trip easier, as well as develop the child's ability to survive with hiking and camping gear. If stocking stuffers for men doesn't live up to your expectations, contact them and they will solve it to make sure you are happy with your purchase. Made in the USA! The pendent contrasts a pure white Zirconia Ceramic "Scraper" with a black barrel. The Unisex design fits up to 26 neck lengths and looks great on Flower Power Hippy Chicks as well as Bearded Bear-Wrestling Lumberjacks. The Double Fisherman's Bend and Alpine Butterfly loop adds a level of depth and style to this handy tool. It's perfect for any adventure with its light weight and compact size.

Brand: Wazoo

👤The white cermaic strikers are said to be plastic and thin, which makes them feel light. It is not plastic. I use it to start fires all the time. The outer coating on the black rod piece needs to be scrapped off before it sparks. I've started fires with a variety of things, including a tag holder, a fire tinder, and even Kleenex. It starts a fire. The leather probably won't last forever. If it does break, I would recommend replacing it with a para cord from Titan Survival that has a cord for fire starting, fishing line and copper snare wire inside. Plastic break away necklace clasp is also found on Amazon, and I would recommend it if you are not comfortable with having a strong cord around your neck. I don't write reviews but I find it hard to believe that people who don't understand the materials bring down the rating of a product.

👤Excellent product. You should notice the maximum allowable expansion to get around your neck. Most of the necks will be fine. The cord is free of harmful substances according to the manufacturer. The scraper is not plastic. It is a ceramic scrapper that does a great job. Some people don't know that the ferro rod must be scrapped first to remove the black covering. Continue to use the scrapper once the material is gone. If you use a "striking" action, you will get the result you need. The necklace material makes this ferro rod look good around your neck. I wear the necklace ferro rods under my shirt a lot. It's one of the things you would want to have if you were stranded. This would not be your primary ferro rod. You are not prepared correctly if it is. This is the back-up to your back-up. It's something to keep on your person in the event that you get caught off-guard and have a fire source to fall back on. To keep on you is the reason for it being small. Plan accordingly.

👤This is another home run for wazoo. It works great. I have a lot of ferro fire rods. The combo of ceramic and cerium works well. It has a beautiful combo and throws a lot of sparks. It looks and feels like authentic bush craft. It is a statement of interest and attractive in presentation. I had a parachord serated metal neclass strikers, but I didn't wear it because it looked cheap and I worried it would cut me in the wrong place. This magic item is a work of functional art, and I still have it. It pairs well with the whetstone from wazoo and due to the adjustability of both high quality knotted leather chords, they fit nicely around my neck and now I'm off to the jungle. If you value survival and natural adventures, you should treat yourself to this. It looks great in the v of a collared shirt. Purchase yourself one today and be who you are. You can tell the story.

4. GuoShuang Stainless Mjolnir Necklace Valknut

GuoShuang Stainless Mjolnir Necklace Valknut

The jewelry made by Stainless steel is free of nickel and glossy for a lifetime. Chain Size: 24 inch Fenris-wolf is a monster wolf in the mythology of the Vikings. Fenrir is the father of the wolves Skoll and Hati Hroovitnisson in both the Poetic Edda and Prose Edda. It is a perfect gift for yourself, your lovers, your friends, your family, or other people dear to you on any special day. The best wish for yourself and the one you love is made possible by the Norse Pendant Necklace. It is a natural step for them to use symbols and designs in jewelry as they have the knowledge and respect required.

Brand: Guoshuang

👤I loved the necklace itself. The chain was perfect length. Shame about the claps. Within minutes of opening it, both snapped. I don't know what to do with it.

👤I was surprised by the quality of this necklace. The metal is very thick and smooth, and makes you feel like you don't have to worry about losing your favorite pendant, as I almost did using the last chain I had. If you plan to wear it often, I recommend getting a shorter chain. I'm happy with the length I got. My last one was too long and got caught on my hand during a run, but I can wear this without worry. I snapped it. If you have a thicker neck, the next one should be 16inchs. This would feel like a collar if my neck was thicker. This one is heavy and doesn't bounce around wildly while active. It's less likely that you'll be hit in the teeth. I don't think you would be disappointed. It's pretty sweet, I didn't even mention the level of detail.

👤If the design on the front of the charms were as intricate as the Amazon ad, I would have given them both 5 stars. They have a sort of half cooked look. If you have other pieces that match the ones I bought, I'd be interested in replacing them. Waiting for your response, hopefully you'll get back with me.

👤After 4 months, the chain broke and I was very disappointed, it wasn't like I was pulling on it or playing a video game, it just fell off my neck. I get no weird green rub off, it's really 888-609- It's a great value for the money.

👤The necklace has some weight to it. It is high quality and detailed. Ignore the reviews that the chain is too short. There are different lengths to choose from when ordering. Pay attention to the jewelry you order. Don't blame the seller for your mistake. Solid necklace!

👤I lost my original one to an ex. It is well made and comfortable to wear. It had a bag and a spare ring. It has not gotten damaged and has stood up to constant wear. The pendant is not very detailed. I would probably get a different pendant than the one it came with. The wolves are heavy and sturdy. I have no regrets about the purchase.

👤I bought this for my boyfriend a year ago. He loves it! He is a bigger guy and so there are more things that are tight on him. He is 6'4 and weighs 350 lbs. You can still see it with his beard. He wears it almost every time we leave the house. Quality is great, but he's a big guy and that suits him well. I would get similar products from this company again.

👤I gave this to my brother as a gift. He gets a lot of praise for it. It seems sturdy and well made. It is made of steel and should last a long time. It had a gift bag and loop. This necklace is very good.

5. Tactical Christmas Anniversary Boyfriend Emergency

Tactical Christmas Anniversary Boyfriend Emergency

Two-in-one nylon sheath with shoulder strap houses both swords; it's easy to fit across your back. Do you have any ideas for gifts for your husband, father, boyfriend, brother, or yourself? The tactical pen is the best gift for a lady. It can bring them more convenience to work from home, in the field, or daily driving. It can be used to ask for help when someone is in danger. The pencil is set for men. It is a very sturdy tactical compact pen. You will find: a multi-functional head, fire starter, emergency whistle, premium glass breaking head, compass, and great writing ballpoint pen. The gift box has a tactical pen, multi-tool card, greeting card and extra ink. Their tool is in a pocket. They don't always remember to carry multi-functional tool products with them. This is a great addition to your survival gear when you are facing a dangerous situation. Carry it in a pocket, briefcase, laptop bag, or both. For children, women and older people, whistling loudly can help to escape in an emergency. The aircraft is made of aluminum. The thumb grip is the optimal way to fully transfer power to the target. Won't break. It won't rust. Even if you accidentally drop in water, the pen still can write. There is no problem with leaking. There are unique stocking stuffers gifts for men. The best christmas gifts are their items. Also makes a great christmas stocking stuffer, birthday gifts, fathers day gifts, graduation gifts, anniversary present or just because! Husband christmas gifts from your wife are very special.

Brand: Misuki

👤I bought this because my family and I always need a small tool and we can't find the small parts around the house. It's very inconvenient to have a toddler. When we got the tactical pen and wallet insert, we were able to quickly and efficiently fix everything from screws in appliances to changing the batteries in our daughter's toys, all with one tool and not having to look for multiple things. The package is a normal shipping box, but when it is opened you will find a black box. There is a love note and two tools in the box. The box has a wallet insert and a tactical pen. There are a variety of solutions to everyday issues. If you keep the pen on your person, you will always have what you need. It has a whistle to sound an alarm, a compass if you are lost, a glass breaker if you are in your car, and many other options. If the ink runs out, there are extra ink cartridges. When you disassemble the product, make sure you get it back together. My family is very satisfied with this product because it has saved them time and money.

👤The size of this device is small and can fit in my car. I have it in my glove compartment and it doesn't take up a lot of space. There are so many tools in this device. I've tried out the pen and it works great. It is dark enough that you can read it. I thought it wouldn't work or be a cheap pen. It's definitely not. When you have a difficult cap, the bottle opener works. The point on the tip is not long enough to cut you. The size of this tool is just a little thicker than a cheap pen and has already come in handy during several camping and hiking trips.

👤Great gift idea! I got this for my brother-in-law for Christmas and it was in a gorgeous black box. I am sure he will love it, it is very high-quality and well-made. It has everything you could possibly need for the outdoors, and it's so small you can take it with you anywhere. I'm very happy with my purchase and I might get one for my husband as well.

👤This thing is more than I expected. The build quality is better than I expected. You get different items by spinning different areas in the pen. I thought the compass wasn't working, but it's because you need to have the pen standing vertically. The fire starter is the only part I have not tried out, but I think it will work. This comes with a tool square thing. It is small enough to fit in a wallet, but not sure what it is called. It's very loud when you blow that whistle. It leaves a ringing in my ear when I use it and I haven't been brave enough to blow harder.

👤My boyfriend had to use the card to open the wall outlet because it got yanked out. It's not a good idea to use a screwdriver that way, but everything seems to work. I'll add on if there's something. I give it a personal rating of only 9.8 because I don't like the card attachment and there's a blade on the edge that you can easily cut yourself on. It's a nice thing to keep in your vehicle for emergencies.

6. LangHong Viking Necklace Mjolnir Antique

LangHong Viking Necklace Mjolnir Antique

60 cm long is the length of the Rope Chain. Zinc alloy, nickel free and lead free are used. The item will be sent with a bag. You can give it to your brother, best friend, lover, husband, your parents, and so on. Birthday for your best friend, Christmas for your children, or a romantic day for your boyfriend. The perfect anniversary gift is a necklace from the hammer. The Nordic protective amulet is a symbol of the creative powers of man. It protects from negative energy. Protects from curses. The hammer gives you confidence.

Brand: Langhong

👤I expected this amulet to be less than my expectations. The clasp broke because I have been holding the necklace in my hands for a month straight, kissing it, pressing it to my forehead, and holding my family's hands over it. I have been feeling a lot of anxiety and loss over the past few months. I will buy more necklaces so I can wear it daily.

👤I bought this as a start pendant until I could afford a better one. The Mjolnir has good weight to it and feels good, however the clasp seems cheap and I'm worried that it might break after a few months, so I'll just assume that, until then.

👤The pendant has some weight to it. Thought it would be cheap, but it is high quality. Great product.

👤This thing is large. I put it around my car because it feels silly.

👤The clasp broke after just 2 wears.

👤I would have expected it to be smaller. I love it. The piece is beautiful. The cord is very nice. I like the bag it came in. It's most cool.

👤The design is on both sides, which was nicer than I thought. The person I bought it for was ecstatic and put it on immediately.

7. Autuveen Titanium Necklace Keychain Emergency

Autuveen Titanium Necklace Keychain Emergency

Each pack has two whistles that can be used to share or distribute gear. The Emergency Survival Whistle has a loud and crisp sound that can make people notice it. The Whistle is Titanium. This whistle is made of Titanium alloy, which is resistant to corrosion, lightweight and durable. The whistle is easy to carry and can be attached to your keys or backpack. The size is 2.28''x 0.39'' and the weight is 0.35oz. It is a useful whistle, you can use it when camping,hiking,hunting,fishing,boating and other outdoor activities. A signal whistle is used for trainers. This whistle suit is useful for women, men and kids.

Brand: Autuveen

👤A loud piercing sound comes out when I blow into the whistle. It's not easy to screw that up. My dog gets really upset when I blow it, which is a grand total of three times in the house to test. The dog says he's not going to blow it in the house anymore.

👤I use this whistle for my survival bag. The plastic orange whistles were not something that I wanted.

👤I would buy another one. I bought it after hiking a lot and testing it in the snow with another person. I like the fact that it is light and durable. Overall happy with the purchase. I attached a key ring to my pack and it looks great, I didn't use the chain.

👤We wanted a whistle to blow if we got separated while walking in the woods. It will be perfect to carry with us because it is loud.

👤I was looking for a nostalgic whistle. This is pretty much all it has to offer, plus it adds a benefit of wearing out at night for safety. It was very well made.

👤Exactly what I thought I was getting.

👤I got for my grandsons, the boats worked well.

👤I was very pleased with my purchase.

👤The whistle is very loud.

8. Wazoo Whetstone Sharpener Necklace Novaculite

Wazoo Whetstone Sharpener Necklace Novaculite

The Best Glide ASE Fresnel Lens is a small item that can fit in your wallet, purse, and survival kit. A Wearable version of a highly-cherished tool. The design is based on archaeological evidence and modified to provide maximum flexibility for the modern outdoorsperson. The purpose of the field stone is maintance. The medium fineness has a relative grit size. The Arkansas Novaculite is the finest abrasive stone in existence. Each stone has a unique pattern and color. It could be white, gray, black, or pink. They can't let people pick colors. Just let the stone decide who to pick. Handmade in the USA! Lifetime warranty! They're thankful for their customers and proud of their gear. If you're not completely satisfied with the product, please let them know and they can make it right.

Brand: Wazoo

👤I actually found a Viking sharpening stone. I take multiple knives into the field for different things. I like to go deep into the back country and think about the weight of items. I have a lot of wet stones that I Rangerband onto my sheaths. I carry a stack of plates. I was looking for a way to stream my kit. The pendent of the viking was what I used to do the trick around my neck. The rounded side of the stone is perfect for the tricky spot, it was particularly awesome on the Kukri. The stone has a lot of different colors on it. I was going to take it out of the box but ended up liking the leather lanyard. I would be interested in one that was the same but twice the size as a large option, and a palm sized one for backpack. The company called me thinking I had a complaint because they wanted to make something right that quickly. I'll be looking for future products.

👤I buy a necklace once a year and this is the one I chose this year. It grows on you. I was disappointed in the stone I got because it was bright white. After a few days of wearing the oils from my body gave it a darker look and some features were brought out nicely. The leather is of good quality and it starts out stiff. After a few days it gets better. The stone can be used for many different purposes, especially for its size. It will be an oil based stone because it's a necklace. It may not be for everyone. I like it. The shipping was quick and did not reach out to the seller.

👤The best one you have with you is the old adage. It's why I love my phone's ability to take great photos most of the time, as I don't always have a big body camera with me. I love the Viking Whetstone from Wazoo. If you're like me, you don't have a whetstone around when you might need it, because you never know when you'll need it. Until now! I looped it onto a supply kit I already have packed for camping because I like that it is easy to wear as a pendant. It is light and compact, and it sharpens well. I've tried oil and water in two different places, one in the wild and the other in the kitchen, and it did the same thing. It's either going to work or not, right? Depending on the blade, the size of the stone can be problematic. If they offered multiple sizes, you could choose the one that was best for your application, but if you have a variety of blades, you'd want the stone with you at all times. I'm glad to have it with me when it's most useful.

👤I like to use knives. I have quite a few of them and this is a great thing to have. I went to town on my favorites after sitting outside in the sunshine. S30V is a very high end steel. It can take an extreme amount of abuse, it is very rust resistant, and it is also a chore to sharpen. I put the best edge I have ever put on a benchmade guillotine. CPM-M4 is my next favorite steel. It holds a better edge than S30V and it can chip. If you have abused it enough. M4 is a high end high carbon steel and it can cause problems. This made a difference on my M4 blades. It took a long time but it was worth it. I went to work on my very abused Cold Steel SRK 6” fixed blade made out of SK-5 a Japanese high carbon steel comparison to 1055 high carbon steel. It is common for knives to be made of 10xx high carbon steel. It will rust very quickly. It is very important that the blade is free of rust and the porous Arkansas stones will make it hard for you to see. I use ceramic for this. I recommend this product to everyone who needs to keep their knives ready. I wear this all day. The oil from your skin should work.

9. FaithHeart Stainless Pendant Necklace Necklaces

FaithHeart Stainless Pendant Necklace Necklaces

The Mjolnir hammer is a powerful symbol. The strength and courage of the wearer of the hammer necklace is always there. The thor's hammer pendant is glitterring with gold shine attention from all around, and it's below the wheat chain. Mammen style carved on a hammer adds sparkle to any ensemble. The chain is made from Stainless steel and has no nickel and is glossy for a lifetime. The pendant is 1.10 inch and the chain is 22 inch and can be adjusted. Eye-catching and original design. A wonderful gift for yourself, your lovers, your friends, your family, or other people dear to you on birthday, Christmas, dating, vocation, graduation, wedding, mother's day, or father's day. FaithHeart provides customers with premium viking jewelry made from the best quality STAINLESS STEEL. The best experiences for their customers can be found in each Viking jewelry.

Brand: Faithheart

👤It is exactly as advertised. I expected it to tarnish by now, but it's as shiny and new as the day it was delivered. Thanks for that...

👤My husband is a big fan of the 13th warrior and I had the last part of the prayer put on the back. He loves it and has been wearing it 24/7. He's a soldier that jumps out of planes and is often deployed. This gift was very special for him. It was his favorite gift.

👤My wife gave this to me as a gift and I love it. I have a thick neck and the chain is a little small. The chain has a nice design. The hammer has nice and clean details. The weight keeps it on your chest.

👤The pendant was thick and heavy. It is detailed on the front and back. The back side of the product I bought was not as detailed as this one. The chain is weak and skinny. I will replace that with something better. I expected that. The pendent and chain is a free item, better than nothing, and I find a better one. I will buy from this seller again.

👤The necklace is awesome. This is perfect because I wanted to wear something to remind me of my goals and virtues. It seems to be of very high quality, and came in perfect condition. I enjoy that it has a good weight and it helps it stay centered. The chain is very comfortable and the color matches the wolf perfectly. I would recommend this necklace to everyone.

👤I'm not rating the chain, it's viable if you like short chains. I prefer to take my necklace off. This is for the pendant alone. When I ordered this symbol, I didn't want an ugly piece of furniture, and I was right to get it. The pendant is solid, has a good weight to it, size is about the minimum I would want it to be, the black shine looks great and it is not fading. I work hard so this pendant has already seen a lot of abuse and after wiping it off it looks brand new. If I ever need another pendant, these guys have my business. I will be buying more from their brand.

👤craftsmanship on the pendant is a design I like. Some of the other reviews were bent. The chain is small and close to a choker. The little extension piece is a joke. Why not offer a larger chain/rope option? I will have to buy something else. I don't trust the extender piece. My daughter gave this as a gift and I wouldn't dare lose it. Had the chain options been bigger, it would have been a perfect score. A 2” chain extender makes this a 24” shift.

👤The hammer is large, not hollow, and not nickel, but it does look nice, and the chain is worth the money, but the hammer is just a bit bigger. I wish I could have just bought the hammer alone and saved 5 bucks, the clasp on it would have been a nice option, but I don't like it at all.

10. NexLand Firecord Necklace Survival Emergency

NexLand Firecord Necklace Survival Emergency

There is a limited lifetime warranty. A complete fire starting necklace with all the tools to start a fire. For lifetime use, the FCS1ceramic strikers are never rust or blunt. Fire steel can be used as a weapon. The paracord is sold in one size and fits all formats. The real test is up to 12,000 strikes.

Brand: Nexland Outdoors

👤I was suspicious. But, hopeful. I ordered it. It arrived quickly. The clasp worked as it should. The Paracord was cut. There are 7 nylon strands, one red strand, one yellow strand, and one thin white strand. As described. It melted the end. A magnet was put on the strikers. Not magnetic. I didn't want to scratch the necklace unnecessarily so I used the strikers on a separate rod. The last half inch of my other ferro rod caught fire. There was no damage to the strikers. I am very pleased with the price.

👤Es de buen material.

👤It was what it was supposed to be and so far it's great.

👤It is easier to start a fire with this one. It was a gift.

11. Pendant Stainless Triskelion Protection Necklace

Pendant Stainless Triskelion Protection Necklace

18K gold and black gun are plated on the surface of norse mythology jewelry. Health certification does not contain harmful elements. It fits your skin well. It is suitable for matching T-shirt, jeans, suit, sweater, coat. It would be a nice accessory for you to show off your skills at any event. celtic necklace for men has a pendant of 1.6 inches and chains of 22 inches and 2 inches. The physical will be slightly different from the manual measurement. The gift choice includes a black wrapped gift box, one black pouch, and one silver polishing cloth. Ready for a gift or to be tresure yourself. It's the best gift for your friend, your family, your lovers, or just to give to them. The brand story is celtic triquetra necklace. Hip-hop and punk jewelry is more suited for younger people and there will be more fashion and classic jewelry in the way. They will reply in 24 hours if you have any questions about the order.

Brand: Hipunk

👤I'm impressed with this for the price. The rope is sturdy enough and it is of good quality. Odens Horns is a description of a Celtic Knot. I wore it for a week and have not had a negative report. I have not had skin issues from jewelry.

👤The chain is strong. It's perfect for a man.

👤I love this necklace. It is very sturdy and has a little weight to it. Sometimes I wear it as a casual piece and other times I dress up. Very nice! It makes a great gift.

👤My brother always gets me Nordic/Vikings jewelry. He insists on getting it from a very expensive website but I do my research and find the exact same thing here. He's always happy with the things I buy him. He doesn't know I spend half the money on here and I don't get it from his website.

👤It's big, but I like it. So far, so good.

👤I wear it all the time and don't take it off.

👤It was almost two-dimensional. I don't wear this one very much because I have many other necklaces.

👤It was attached to a leather key ring. It is heavy and intricate. The product arrived on time and was packaged well.

👤The necklace and pendant are really nice. Good value for money. The gift will be well received. Excellent craftmanship. Good detail and decent weight, but not too heavy to wear. It was easy to ship and quick.

👤My boys love it. Excellent quality. A little big for me. My boys say it is what they wanted.

👤It's Tel! Superbe!

👤Autant pour Femme!

👤The chain is small and cheap, and it's tough to break it on a pendant. I don't recommend it.


What is the best product for survival necklace viking?

Survival necklace viking products from Tisur. In this article about survival necklace viking you can see why people choose the product. Bushcraft Survival and Wazoo are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival necklace viking.

What are the best brands for survival necklace viking?

Tisur, Bushcraft Survival and Wazoo are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival necklace viking. Find the detail in this article. Guoshuang, Misuki and Langhong are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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