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1. Gerber Diesel Multi Plier Black 22 01545N

Gerber Diesel Multi Plier Black 22 01545N

We want you to get the best results when you use the night guards. They will give you the best solution to make sure you have a great shopping experience if you have any problems with it. It was a one-handed deployment. Industrial strength components are stronger. It was big. It was tough. Capable. It is possible to be versatile. It was big. It was tough. Capable. It is possible to be versatile.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤This is a good tool. I've used a pro scout for 15 years and think it's the better tool. I tested my 15 year old scissor against the diesel scissor on the MP600 and it cut folded paper much better. I had to unfold the paper to get the diesel scissor to cut it, but I didn't count how many folds. The one-handed release on the 600 is more stable than the one-handed release on the MP600, which requires you to hold it more precisely to get the plier head out. If you have a choice between the two, go for the one with the best price. Don't get a multi-tool without a scissor. The Diesel's scissor is the best in the world.

👤I like the pliers, but they seem a bit flimsy. I am a farmer and use them for work. The nose of the pliers is not as strong as I would have thought, and it seems to twist when pressure is applied. I haven't used the phillips screwdriver tip in a while. I liked the assortment of tools that were on the tool. I can't give it more than 3 stars because I'm not sure it will hold up over time. Would I suggest it to a friend? Would I order it again? I bought another one because the price was almost half of what I paid, so it will be a good replacement if this one fails to perform. Not completely against it, but not sold on it either!

👤For at least a couple of years, I used this tool daily. The slide release for the pliers is very smooth and makes one hand deploy a dream. This element was enough to keep me with a gerber rather than leathermans. The fold out knife had very little care. The pliers are able to stand up to abuse. The product had black oxide on it when it was new. I was working on a piece on my hands and on clothes near the holster. The jaws cutter in the pliers was dull. I didn't think of them as a feature of this tool beyond the first week or so. They were only used on zip ties and it was like chewing through a ziptie with your teeth. There are a lot of marks left but no progress. The standard sheath is not much use for abuse. Leatherman's nylon sheath for the Wave is a great fit, lasted me several months of hard use, and comes with pencil/sharpie holders. If one handed use is a priority, this is a great tool for light-medium duty. It is reliable and durable. This is a great tool for a low price and it lasted a long time.

👤The price has increased 25% since I bought mine. The black oxide coating is still holding up well, and the tool pouch is also holding up well, which is remarkable. I carry a separate knife in my pocket, but the tool's knife is still sharp, even though I rarely use it. I have bent/mangled and straightened the can-opener a number of times and it still works. The phillips screwdriver is still working, but I'm much more careful with it. I've noticed that the cutter in the pliers is getting nicked, it's probably from cutting a piece of wire that holds tags. The cutter is meant for soft metals. The file is getting old. It's possible that I have used it to knock an edge off a part that had been hardened. If you're going to use the file on metal frequently, it's definitely not a replacement for a purpose-made hardened file. I usually use stones at work to keep my main knife well-honed, but I don't remember it being great for bringing a rough edge to a knife. The file is convenient for filing nails. Not a joke. If my nails get in the way of playing guitar or something, I have a file at hand that will solve the problem. I'm not happy with the price hike but the tool is still solid. The tools in this multitool have been treated as if they were single purpose, daily use professional tools and have worn as a result. These tools are useful because I don't carry a toolbox with me everywhere I go. The pliers opening method has grown on me, it's become a very natural motion to open them and, at this point, would be a major selling point if I were to purchase a new multitool. I always have the original review on my belt. As I carry it more, I'm becoming more attached to it. There are a couple beefs with the tool. The pliers move up from the center. The jaws lock in place so it's not a function, it's just a tick. 2. I'm pretty sure I could bend the handles on the pliers. I am an assembly mechanic and I work with my hands all day, but I had more strength in my hands when I was an automotive tech. If you're a bruiser and you put a hurtin' on something with these, you may bend them. If you're a normal person and don't try to crush things, these will be fine. I would rather have these in a pinch. If you really need a crazy grip on something, get some snap on pliers, but I can't remember many things where these wouldn't have worked. 3. I'm catching the Sheth on the grass. That's probably my fault. 4. You need to open the pliers to use it. It was a huge hassle. It's like dial up internet all over again. First World Problems are hard to solve. I like 1. The matt black oxide coating on the tool makes it look like you are hiding in bushes with it and not being seen by enemy searchlights. Don't lie, tell yourself these things as well. Tell your wife that being black is both chic and slim. These are easy to hold onto because of the matt finish. 2. It doesn't feel like you have a brick on your belt, but that's not the word to use here. You don't need a corkscrew, awl or fish scaler, and you pick your teeth with a crummy saw. The tool has no frills, but the knife is sharp, the file has good teeth, and the scissors are sturdy. You can use the pliers one-handed. Don't let go, flick your wrist and pinch the safety releases. It was almost intuitive to me. 4. The locks are easy to use. I don't like safety devices that make it so hard to use that you don't use them. Like modern gas cans. When I use the safety nozzle, I spill more gas than I do when I use the rest of the nozzle. The locks on the pliers and other tools are simple, functional, and as discreet as they can be, while not being cumbersome or inconvenient in their functions. I don't think I'd like the tool as much without the safety locks. I like this tool. There are bigger, flashier, and more expensive multi tools. That's what the four stars are about. My ultimate multitool is a 2,000 pound tool box. There's always a reason to still have a computer if you use multitools, by design they never quite go the whole way. I have never found a replacement for a good purpose-built tool that does everything, but it does it well. That's where I use multitools. I own stronger pliers, a faster-deploying knife, a file with a larger surface area, saws for every situation, capped screwdrivers with precisely cut tips, and I own a lot of other things. I can't keep my pants up with all the stuff in them. I look like a weird person walking around with a hardware store. I think I would be with any of these multi-pliers. There's something to be said for having a compact and practical tool, even if I could have spent more money for more weight and tools. If you're in the market for a multitool, I don't think you'll be disappointed with these, and they're cheaper than many of their competitors. I like to support other US factories if it's impractical or foolish to do so.

2. Gerber 22 01471 Suspension Multi Plier

Gerber 22 01471 Suspension Multi Plier

The Leatherman 25-year warranty is on this item. The butterfly design of the multitool makes it easy to carry. Multi tool is great for carrying in your pocket or belt. It is easy to access the tool kit for needle nose pliers. A nylon sheath is included with the multitool. It was a saftey. The T. Plus locking system is designed to keep the knife edges locked in place. It was a saftey. The T. Plus locking system is designed to keep the knife edges locked in place.

Brand: Gerber

👤I've been a loyal customer for a long time. I lost my multi-tool and went to Amazon to get a new one. I just wanted a decent edc that I could carry and rely on for light duty work and weekend camping. You didn't say that was what we sent you. The package has stitching coming apart and it's in the picture. You've had decades to catch up with Swiss Army on ease of use, but you still don't offer a catch on any of the tools. The nail catch is a tough tool. How come no human could grab a single implement with gloves on? Give us a break! I won't. How about scissors that you've designed to hold the blade up? They're only the 2nd or 3rd most used tool in Switzerland, so how about that? This guy definitely is picky, he probably didn't even look at the rock solid essentials. What kind of fishing line are your designers using? I understand. You make a product for the best price, sell a gazzilion, and ride the odds on returns. Don't even touch the features but instead spend a buck on inspecting what your shipping is like, why not take the same piece of gear? Tell the team that these are the specifications, now get it done. I'm not the only one who complains about the same thing in all these reviews. Make the call. Take half the time I took to write this run on sentence and make something worth mentioning. You're not reinventing the wheel. Do you listen to Dear Gerber?

👤This is a great deal. There are two things to be warned of. 1. The needle nose pliers are great for pinching. They are weak when used sideways. I broke off one of the ends of the pliers while trying to separate the transmission linkage from the car. There wasn't excessive force used. When it broke, I was surprised. 2. The pouch is a weakness on this item. The nylon/canvas materials are weak, but the worst part is that the clasp material wears out in a few weeks, and if you fall down, you won't have a pouch with pliers. The butterfly grip is too wide and I thought one of my old leatherman leather pouch would work on this tool. I can't afford to take away a star. This product would be better if there were better pouch and better velcro. I would expect this tool to last a long time since I know not to pry sideways with the pliers. The second pair of pliers I bought to replace the broken ones were left on the ground by the time I got up, as I was under a car.

👤My husband used to have this tool in the past, but it wasn't as useful this time around. The material he had a few years ago was very expensive but it is very cheap now. He cut a plastic zip tie and it broke. The window to return the product ended 5 days ago.

3. Gerber Shard Keychain Tool 30 001501

Gerber Shard Keychain Tool 30 001501

It was a saftey. The T. Plus locking system is designed to keep the knife edges locked in place. The airline is lightweight and safe. The titanium nitride coating is used for resistance tocorrosion. It's perfect for carrying on a Keychain. There is a small and medium flat driver, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a Lanyard Hole. There is a small and medium flat driver, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a Lanyard Hole.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I've owned several knives and machetes from the company and recommend their products. The review that recommended the Shard over the other product was the reason I chose it. It does not live up to tradition of quality and utility. The bottle opener can be used if you want to spend the time and effort on it. I used the good bottle opener on the 2nd bottle and gave up on the first bottle. The included "manual" /safety shows how to use the little "pry bar" /nail puller. The warnings sheet tells you not to use it to pry things. One look at thePhillips screwdriver head will tell you it's not going to work. I threw it in the junk drawer after pulling it off my keyring. If you want a decent pocket multi-tool, I don't think the Gerber Shard is the one you want. This is not a good brand of Gerber.

👤I received this item in November and I absolutely love it. I received 4 knock offs after reordering 4 more. The phillips head screw point is useless, you can't strip a wire with it, and they are very clearly a poorly made knock-offs. Amazon said that the "seller" had changed, but I ordered directly from my previous orders page. It seemed to me that it was a very clear bait and switch. You should get a genuine Shard. The ones that are real are great. The knock-offs are useless.

👤5 years ago. I need to review this. It is the best. One of the best things you can buy is a key-chain. The shape is perfect and there have been many times where I needed to cut or puncture something and the Shard came through. Beer bottles are opened. For the last five years, I have never had to worry about those things. There are times when something needs to be ajar. My Swiss army knife was taken away from me at the airport at least once or twice. You can't do much about it. Unless you want to make a big deal. This thing has passed through 888-349-8884 The point is not sharp enough to be dangerous but it is sharp enough to be useful. This item is a Buy It For Life item. It hasn't worn down since I got it. The sharp edge is still sharp, it has gone through the minimum of wear and tear. Everything you get out there is pretty useless. This simple piece of metal is not.

👤I like to use tools. That is the reality. I have to tell a story first before I write a review. When I was a child, I used to have to open a game console in order to start it. I wanted to open it to see if I could fix it. I didn't have a proper driver to remove the screws from the case. At that age, I had no tools, but a few screwdrivers and one pliers, and I have never seen a head screw. I tried to remove the screws with the pliers, but they wouldn't budge. I went to a service shop and was shown how to remove oxidation that had formed between the start button and the metal contact, a 5-minute fix. I promised myself that I would work to provide myself with every possible tool that I could, because I was so frustrated that I could not do the job. I became an engineer after many years, and even though I don't have every tool that I need, I have a good bunch of them. It's a good thing. The Gerber Shard is a must have for a tool lover. The Cybertool M is my everyday companion, but it is not as versatile as a swiss army knife, but it is light and portable, and comes in handy when the army is far away. It's permanently attached to my key chain. I don't want to insult a tool fan by saying what the uses are for this tool. We all find our own uses when necessity arises. I had the black color version of this tool, but I thought I lost it in the parking lot. The silver version looks even better. I found my black one in a bag one day after I received the silver version. I now own two Shards.

4. Gerber Dime Multi Tool Green 31 001132

Gerber Dime Multi Tool Green 31 001132

There is a small and medium flat driver, a wire stripper, a bottle opener, and a Lanyard Hole. Sturdy steel construction. A daily companion for any task is a compact, lightweight size. There are 10 tools, including needle nose spring- loaded pliers, wire cutter, fine edge blade, retail package opener, scissors, Medium Flat Driver, Crosshead Driver, bottle opener, Tweezers, file. The butterfly opening has spring loaded pliers. The butterfly opening has spring loaded pliers.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤This is the replacement for the leatherman squirt ps4. I broke the pliers by using the squirt as a prybar. It was my fault. This review is mostly about how the tools stack up. PRICE: I had to try it because it is 1/3 the price. The 2 tools are the same size. The external bottle opener shortens the Dime by a bit. The bottle opener was a selling point for the dime, as the squirt's bottle opener is a joke and inconvenient to access, so I ended up carrying a separate bottle opener. The leatherman has a more traditional blade. The shape of the dime is probably safer than other shapes. The main thing I used was opening packages, so no big loss if the package opener works well. I haven't been able to try it yet. Drivers: The screwdrovers are the same. The flathead of the Dimes is a bit more versatile. The files on the dime are a joke. They don't seem to have enough bite to file nails. I've used the squirt's files on metal a few times, and they are pretty large. The scissors are comparable. The Dimes are a bit stronger. Tweezers are a major selling point. The PS4 version of the squirt has no. I love pocketknife style tweezers as I can't find similar ones outside of a pocketknife. They are great for splinter removal. The jury is still out on this. The jaws are the same length. The squirt's is a different angle than the dime's. I like round. The squirt's entire forejaws come together, whereas there's a flat spot on the tip of the dime that comes together, and the toothed section runs parallel to each other. It seems like a less than ideal setup for pulling things, but better for gripping them. The build quality is good on both tools.

👤One of the better product efforts of the company, and a real revelation to those of us who've lamented the company's slide in quality over the past 15 or so years. The mini multi-tool, called the Dime, has a good choice of blades. The build quality is very nice and any criticisms about the tool's capabilities are more a function of the limitations of any multi-tool this size. The spring loaded pliers come together very precisely. So much so that they could work as tweezers in some applications, although the Dime actually comes with a small set of tweezers that slide into one of the tools outer scales. When the jaws are fully closed, the pliers have a stepped tip design. The arrangement works well for small, delicate tasks, allowing the user to work very closely and precisely. It's not going to be useful for anything larger than about 3/8", and you can forget about working with any larger one. The Leatherman Wave is an excellent full sized multi-tool if you find that limiting. The modified sheep's foot design was used for the knife blade, instead of the traditional spear or clip saber shape. The shape of the blade, along with a slight belly along the edge, makes it the most of its minuscule 1 1/4" length. It encourages use that applies pressure only in opposition to the way the blade closes, a sound engineering decision given that this is a non-locking blade. The package opener is very pleasant. If you're using a regular knife blade, it's easy to open those retail packages without damaging them. The cutting edge is positioned at the end of the tool blade and is only a short distance from the blade. It requires more of a pulling than a pushing stroke. The end result is a tool that is very efficient at slicing through that hard plastic while keeping the package's contents out. It easily earns it's keep as a dedicated single-purpose tool. The scissors are well engineered and sharp, but any large cutting job would be very difficult due to their small size. I use them to trim my nails. The flat head and pseudo-phillips head screw drivers are limited to light duty tasks. The smaller phillips head is a scaled-down flat head that can fit a phillips head. The phillips driver blade has a dual-sided file. The file is one of the two real nits I have. It's a true cut-file design, but the cutting isn't very deep or aggressive on either side. It could not relieve the edge on a small piece of metal or plastic. It makes a good nail file beyond that. The lanyard hole has a split ring attached to it. Spring wire is not particularly strong. I like to use a paracord lanyard to hold my mini-multi tool in my pants pocket and then attach the other end to a belt loop. I find it more comfortable to sit at the bottom of my pocket. The split ring began to pull apart after about a week of supporting the tool's weight at the end of the lanyard. I used the bottle opener to run the lanyard through and it works well at its intended function. The mini multi-tool that is sold exclusively at Cabelas is a clunky version of the Gerber Dime, which is better and more thoughtfully executed. Don't be put off by my rating of only 4 stars; I'm really quite enthusiastic about the Dime, and I'm a bit more conservative in my product ratings than some reviewers are. This one is one of the few perfect products. I've yet to find a mini multi-tool like that.

5. S R T Survival Rescue Tool Application

S R T Survival Rescue Tool Application

TheSatisfaction Guarantee requires you to refer to the size of the product. 100% customer satisfaction is something they would like to achieve. If you have a problem with the product after you receive it, please contact them. It is perfect for personal protection. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation, the Survival Rescue tool can make a difference. It's an ideal tool for law enforcement, first responders, security details, and those just wanting an added measure of protection. This tool is designed by Shuki Drai and is easy to use. Emergency multi-tool components allow for quick access to a variety of traditional tool options with design consideration for proper leverage and control, from opening a bottle cap to tightening a bolt. It makes everyday tasks more efficient. The S.R.T. tool is an ideal solution for emergency needs because it can be used as an oxygen valve wrench and as a windless for a tourniquet. Premium materials. The rescue tool has a 304 grade STAINLESS STEEL body. Every day isARRY: The S.R.T. Emergency tool is small and easy to carry. The S.R.T is built with the guidelines in mind. An auto scraper tool. The seat belt cutter and window breaker are in one tool. In case of an auto emergency, this tool is essential for both private citizens and first responders. An auto scraper tool. The seat belt cutter and window breaker are in one tool. In case of an auto emergency, this tool is essential for both private citizens and first responders.

Brand: S.r.t.

👤I have been a police officer for twenty years. I wish the Shuki was a standard issue. It is sturdy, feels great in the hand, and is not cumbersome in the least. This tool is perfect for my pockets, my pouch, or my vest's molle loops. I hope the designer develops more products for first responders. Gregory said that it was a good thing.

👤I am a fire investigator and I have used it many times.

👤It's great for small tasks. A self defense tool is not much. It makes a world of difference that the grip is suited for a small hand. It would be something I would highly recommend if it was two inches longer. Not much is the same as is.

👤I have experienced the maximum capability of this tool and I love it. I would encourage you to get this tool if you are a first responders or private citizen. Contact Mixed Defensive Tactics for training.

👤This product is amazing. It feels good in my hand. It is very sturdy and functional. The design is very clever and has many features. It's great for upcoming travel. I carry it every day. I would definitely buy this product.

👤It is very easy to carry in a pocket or waistband.

👤The product is of a quality.

6. Gerber ComplEAT Cooking Bronze 31 003465

Gerber ComplEAT Cooking Bronze 31 003465

There are 10 tools, including needle nose spring- loaded pliers, wire cutter, fine edge blade, retail packaging opener, scissors, medium flat driver, Crosshead Driver, bottle opener, Tweezers and file. The compleat consists of a spoon, fork, dual-sided spatula and a multi-tool. The components weigh less than 2.5 ounces and nest together for a slim storage solution. The compleat offers a unique solution to leave those useful TONG behind. The tool has a package opener, can opener, bottle opener, and a veggie peeler. The tool has a package opener, can opener, bottle opener, and a veggie peeler.

Brand: Gerber

👤Another US company ripping off people in China. The product description was not stated. Until they change their manufacturing base, don't use Gerber anymore.

👤The so called pealer doesn't work, but this set has been great. The flatness of the pealing part does not allow you to peal the vegetable you want. The spoon fork and stand have 2 stars. This is a good idea but not perfect. I am not in the USA so I decided not to return them. The anodised coating scratches very easily. I won't buy one again. It is not worth the high price it is currently selling for.

👤I don't bring a normal fork, spoon or knife because I don't know why. They don't take up a lot of space and all the camp utensils don't work. The knife in this one is dull after a few uses. The spoon and fork work well. The does not use a peeler. The tongs are too floppy to pick up heavy objects.

👤The can opener on the multi tool has enough clearance to tear up stuff if left unguarded. If the spatula handle was molded with just a little more plastic, the issues would be solved. Even though I will have to use a broccoli band, ranger band, or hook-and-loop strap to guard it, it's still a fantastic product.

👤This is the third set I have purchased. I have updated my review to an overall of 4 stars from 5 and found a flaw in the design, the can opener/veggie peeler/box opener. The other three items can become separated if they are lost or missing. I like the size, shape, feel and weight, but it presents an issue to make sure the can opener is never lost. This item is still highly recommend.

👤I cooked with this set at least 10 times. The tong feature takes a little getting used to. I made coffee, oatmeal, and flipped pan cakes. The spoon is the same size as a large soup spoon, so it works well to eat with it. This set may be able to replace your flatware.

👤I bought these to add to my kit as I bring my lunch to work. It's comfortable to eat during lunch or cook out while camping. I had to use a metal file to remove the metallic burrs on some utensils. Useful design.

👤The multitool is not great. It doesn't peel well. It doesn't open cans well. It's important to the system staying together. It would be great if it was not needed or did a better job. The other parts are great, so I would buy it again.

👤Good and light. The peeler doesn't work for me.

👤I'm giving this set a rating of 2 stars. My wife and I were experimenting with new pancake recipes. The spatula is too large for a cake flip. It fails as a spatula when it is used to stir peanut butter. The spatula started peeling after three pancakes. The only actions were the failed flip attempts. The other components seem to work well. The set fails as a spatula. This setup would get a five star from me. The customer is expecting high quality and delivery at this price point.

7. Gerber Splice Pocket Black 31 000013

Gerber Splice Pocket Black 31 000013

The tool has a package opener, can opener, bottle opener, and a veggie peeler. Ten functions scissors and pliers, fine edge blade, serrated blade, bottle opener, medium flat driver, small flat driver, cross driver, file and retractable lanyard. It's comfortable to carry in your pocket. The opening is lightweight and compact. There are two blades for multiple applications. The new bottle opener has better leverage. The new bottle opener has better leverage.

Brand: Gerber

👤The Leatherman Style CS is very similar to this tool. The Leatherman PS is a tool that is based around scissors, and I would recommend it if you want keychain pliers. I think the Leatherman and the Gerber Splice are better scissors than the ones that come with a larger pocketknife like a Victorinox or the larger Leathermans. I carry around a larger multitool, but if I need scissors, I turn to this. The leatherman cs is more heavy-duty than the Gerber splice, and this is a more detailed comparison of the two products. I tried cutting some straps with both and the Leatherman didn't cut cleanly, but the Gerber cut left a nice clean edge. The tools are fine for cutting paper or threads, but for something heavier, the Gerber splice is better. The leatherman is easy to open, while the Gerber slice is hard to open, as other reviewers have complained. As you use it, it gets easier to open. - The Leatherman does not have a pair of tweezers. I don't know why they removed the tweezers from the previous product. The clip on the Leatherman makes it easy to attach it to something. It's not as easy to attach or detach this product, it has a ring that you can use to attach to your keyring. The Leatherman has an unserrated knife, while the product has a serrated knife. I'm not sure if that's an advantage or not, but I might use the serrated knife. I usually reach for a bigger multitool when I want a serrated knife. I think the package opener on the Gerber Dime is a better tool than the serrated knife for nasty blisters. The nail file on the Leatherman is better. The nail file on this works, but I prefer the Leatherman because it is longer and has a better texture. I don't know why they abandoned the good nail file that was on the Gerber Shortcut. The Leatherman and this tool both have a cross driver, but neither is great. The Leatherman one only engages two of the four slots of the screw. This one is almost flat, with tiny projections for the other two slots. I don't think that helps at all. Both have usable screwdrivers, but neither is great. If you're too lazy to get another screwdriver, you can use them in a pinch, but I would prefer a real Philips driver like Victorinox pocketknifes and multitool. There are two regular screwdrivers, one small and the other large, in this product. The Leatherman doesn't have screwdrivers. I haven't had to open any bottles yet, but the bottle opener looks pretty good. The bottle opener is part of the clip. I cannot say which works better, but I can say that the Gerber bottle opener is wider. The product is heavier than the Leatherman. The Leatherman Micra has a pair of scissors in a similar size package. It's more similar to the Leatherman CS, and in my opinion is inferior to it, because you have to open the scissors first to get at any of the other tools. The Leatherman CS or the Gerber Splice is a better option in that you can get to any tool without opening the scissors. This is the best pair of scissors I have ever seen. If you want a good nail file, a pair of tweezers, or a nice but short serrated knife, you should probably get the Leatherman CS; if you want the best scissors, or a nice but short serrated knife, you should probably get the other tool. I have to decide between carrying this and the Leatherman.

8. Gerber 31 001134 Dime Micro Tool

Gerber 31 001134 Dime Micro Tool

There are two-blades for multiple applications. The design is lightweight. Convenient to use with a butterfly opening. Sturdy steel construction. There are 10 tools, including needle nose spring- loaded pliers, wire cutter, fine edge blade, retail packaging opener, scissors, medium flat driver, Crosshead Driver, bottle opener, Tweezers and file.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤If you have a question, leave a comment and I can either take photos or give more information. I have gotten the expected use out of me for the last two years. I use it to pop or pry open things in the data center to replace parts. Don't expect this to be a tank. I bent the plyers a bit and they no longer line up. Over time, I've Belted the screw driver bits. For what it is. It's definitely worth it. If you want something more robust, you're looking at something to fit on your belt or take up more pocket space so there's a tradeoff. If you don't push the soft metals to their breaking point during use, a small micro multi tool is very good. You need to pick the right tool for the job. This has been in my pocket for two years and has helped me get the job done. I'm very happy with my purchase.

👤There are a lot of videos and opinions about the gear. Guys emptying their pockets and explaining what they might be used for. Unless you have a job that requires you to sit at a computer all day, you will use this. It's amazing. A pocket knife can be used in many different ways. A good knife can't do double as pliers. I have used the Dime many times to get pliers for simple things. I can't count how many times someone around me needs a plier function. The scissors are an excellent addition to the tool and can be safer than using a blade. I rarely use the knife blade, as anyone carrying a mini multi-tool will likely have a separate pocket knife that's bigger and easier to handle. The tweezers are a bonus. I can honestly say that the Gerber Dime is more important than my car keys. You're good to go in almost any scenario if you have a flashlight, knife, and the Dime. Bring a backpack and chest rig if not.

👤I like this. I found out when I received it that it does what the description says. I'm not sure if I was just in a rush when I ordered it, but this little guy exceeded my expectations. The front and back of the packaging have more information on it. I definitely recommend this, but I don't know what else you could need to know.

👤Multi-tool became a collection item for me. I wanted something smaller since I didn't feel like having my big tools in my pocket was a good idea. I had the Swiss ones, but wanted pliers. This is the optimum for a keychain tool. I don't like the fact that the tools are accessible without opening the pliers. The Tweezers don't work well, they can't get splinters out with them, which is the only use I have for them. I like it for now, but will probably switch back to a normal tool in my pocket once I find a legal blade.

9. Gerber Dime Multi Tool Black 30 000469

Gerber Dime Multi Tool Black 30 000469

Sturdy steel construction. A daily companion for any task is the compact, lightweight size. 10 tools: Needle nose spring-loaded pliers, wire cutter, Fine edge blade, Retail package opener, Scissors, Medium flat driver, Crosshead driver, Bottle opener, Tweezers, File. Convenient butterfly opening. The overall length is 4.25 inches and the closed length is 2.75 inches. The overall length is 4.25 inches and the closed length is 2.75 inches.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I'm surprised this tool has so many positive reviews. The quality and fit and finish is similar to a tool you'd find at a gas station or auto parts store. The stamped metal for the tools is not finished well and has sharp edges. The action of the pivots is so rough and tight that you can't get them out by hand, and you need another tool to insert into the thumb grooves. The tweezers have a lot of force when pulling them out. I've tried adjusting the pivot tension, but the tools become poorly stamped before the level of friction gets down to a reasonable point. I have a Leatherman Squirt and a Victorinox Midnite Manager that are similar in size to this tool, and they are in a different league in terms of quality. The $10-$15 savings is not worth it, even though each of those tools is double the cost of this one. I don't see myself using this one because those tools can be used daily. If it was worth the trouble, I would return it.

👤I carried a Leatherman Squirt PS4 for a long time. I found a lot of uses for it. When I went through security at the airport, I had to get rid of it and buy a new one because I forgot to leave it at home. I couldn't justify carrying it at around $40. I decided to purchase the Dime for half the price, thinking it wouldn't be a big deal. I realized that the Squirt fell short because it had an answer that was half the price. The box opener on the Dime is the most important tool I use for opening boxes. The sheepsfoot blade is useful. The Squirt has a single blade, which was dulled after opening boxes. I always wanted a real bottle opener for the Squirt. A full opener is built into the Dime. It doesn't make it as comfortable as the Squirt, but it is the only way to get a full size opener on the tool. Last the Dime has a pair of tools. I tried using the pliers on the Squirt for smaller tasks that were better suited for tweezers. The Squirt is the same as all the other tools. I have some concerns about the powder coating on the Dime, but it will take time to see how it holds up. The Dime is on par with the Squirt, but is only half the price. If you lose it or need to ditch it, you won't lose your mind over the tool.

👤I had a multitool for three years but didn't use it a lot but I was happy to have it and it gave me a sense that I would be covered if I needed a basic light duty multi tool. My girlfriend asked me to remove her license plates from her car, which was the first time I really needed to use it. I took out the flat head to remove the plate, but it started to bend. I thought I should use the pliers to loosen the screw as I was squeezing it to twist it, but the pliers snapped. It wasn't my proudest moment. It's worse than a tool that you carry and have faith in. I will probably stay away from Chinese made products in the future.

10. Gerber Ding Dong Breaching Tool 30 000790

Gerber Ding Dong Breaching Tool 30 000790

High quality products. Off Grid Tools has the latest and greatest outdoor tools that are functional, versatile, high quality, and innovative. During long adventures hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping, put survival in the palm of your hand. The head is forged and made from metal. A fiberglass handle. The carrying system is compatible with the molle.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤I wanted to replace rotten boards on my deck. This thing is amazing. I was able to use a battering ram from under the boards. A pry bar and sledge hammer can cause damage. It's a good price for saved wood.

👤It hasn't been used for door breaching. I hope I don't have to use it for its intended purpose. I smashed a large ceramic item. A large box. It is very strong and heavy. Perfect weight, but not unusable. I am sure this would be easy to break a door into. I bought it to be in case.

👤My son received this as a gift. The size of this tool is perfect for his kit. He has not had a problem with the handle, as some other reviews have mentioned.

👤I got this for my husband for our anniversary. Shipping was fast. A very happy customer!

👤The fork end came off the second time I used it. I expect more uses from this tool.

👤My brother had an amazing cosplay for Sledge, and I bought him one of these. It looks great and would be great for any Sledge mains.

👤I bought this for my 8 month old accidentally. It's not a toy for infants. The cat won't be in the same room with the baby anymore.

11. Gerber Vise Pocket Black 31 000021

Gerber Vise Pocket Black 31 000021

The butterfly opening has spring loaded pliers. The value is better at the same size and function. It's comfortable to carry in your pocket. The opening is lightweight and compact. There are two-blades for multiple applications. There are two-blades for multiple applications.

Brand: Gerber Gear

👤This is the first time I have been disappointed with a product. The large flat-blade screwdriver snapped off when I used it on both of these. The first screw that held the taillight assembly on my vehicle snapped as I tried to remove it. On the second one, I was trying to loosen a screw on a bracket that holds one of my surround sound speakers, and it snapped right off. I made a post about it on the Fbook page and they never bothered to respond. I've bought a lot of Gerber products over the last two decades, and have been happy with them. They couldn't even reply.

👤I lost a small Victorinox Classic and got this as an add-on item to replace it. It doesn't take a lot of room because I keep it on my keychain. The blades were very sharp and easy to get to, without having to open the pliers. The small tools were hard to deploy and make use of, especially the nail file/screwdriver. They are much easier to deploy with some usage. The pliers are too small to be of great use, but I can use them as a substitute, even though this doesn't have a pair of tweezers. I use it to open packages most of the time, and have used screwdrivers to replace batteries in electronics.

👤This is better for more rural use than the Gerber dime, which is more suited for urban grooming. The Vice doesn't have scissors or tweezers. The regular slip joint spey/pen type blade is used in the Vice. It's thicker than the dime, but it doesn't have the bottle opener that the Dime does. They both have the same file, which is better used at a 45 angle than fully deployed. I wish the hole on the other end was placed away from the blade use end. Attach the beaner to your keys so that you can take whatever you want before you deploy the blades. Light duty pliers are not designed for big nuts.

👤There are two design issues. If you use a lanyard or a key ring the blade may be blocked. The lanyard ring should have been on the other side of the tool, not next to the open blade. The knife blade is opened from the left hand side. If you try to open it with your right hand, you have to sweep your hand over the top to open it instead of pulling it away. A strange design.

👤This and a few of the Gerber Dime are what you have. I think the Dime is a little better, but it's hard to beat for the price. I picked up a couple of products that seem to be the same during the November sale at Cabela's. It was paid for, so it was almost 50% less. If they hold up the same as the Vise, that's good. Adding in about Gerber's Customer Service is necessary. One of the scales fell off when I purchased a Dime last year. Contacted customer service. They sent me a return/repair form. They sent a brand new one to me after filling it out and sending it in. I've had a lot of issues with the product, but this is the only one I've had. That's a win on two fronts.


What is the best product for survival multitool gerber?

Survival multitool gerber products from Gerber Gear. In this article about survival multitool gerber you can see why people choose the product. Gerber and S.r.t. are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival multitool gerber.

What are the best brands for survival multitool gerber?

Gerber Gear, Gerber and S.r.t. are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival multitool gerber. Find the detail in this article.

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