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1. Jipemtra Responder Survival Medicine Container

Jipemtra Responder Survival Medicine Container

This is a red first aid pack with a main size of 11x5x 3.5inch/28x14x9 cm which has good product quality. It is easy to pack and carry an emergency first aid bag. Make your hands free while exercising. It's used as a gift for car, drugstore, supermarket, auto, insurance companies and holidays. Companion for injuries or emergencies. Convenient for families and friends to get treatment. This is an empty bag with a first aid print, need to buy another contents together to use.

Brand: Jipemtra

👤I was able to hold the items I needed.

👤The quality and price of the product were good. I wore it for a lifeguard costume.

👤It is exactly what I wanted, but it has a hole in it.

2. Johnson All Purpose Portable Compact Emergency

Johnson All Purpose Portable Compact Emergency

140 piece Johnson & Johnson All-Purpose portable and compact emergency first aid kit can be used at home, in cars, outdoors, dorm rooms, camping, offices and on-the-go. Minor wounds, cuts, burns, itches, pain, skin rash, and insect bites can be cared for. The all-purpose, compact first aid kit includes essential first aid and wound care supplies. Band-Aid Brand Bandages in various sizes for minor wounds are included in the emergency kit. First Aid Products have rolled and non-stick pads for larger wounds. Extra Strength Benadryl Itch-Stopping cream is included to help soothe itching and prevent infections. The travel first aid set contains a helpful first aid guide, as well as 2 pairs of gloves and a Bengay Non-Medicated Instant Cold Pack to help ease minor aches and pains.

Brand: Band-aid

👤Can someone tell me how to use the non stick pads without medical tape? It makes no sense that they included all of the bandage supplies and nothing to stick the bandages to the skin. I assumed there would be a complete kit for 140 items, since it has some great stuff in here. I have to buy my own tape.

👤My daughter is in college. Was surprised there wasn't any rubbing alcohol pads. It does contain a lot of bandages, but the gauze roll is useless unless you buy bandage tape to go with it.

👤The kit seems to be a sample pack of Johnson and Johnson products. There is no antiseptic to clean the wound as well as tape for the included gauze. I bought this after using my wife's first aid kid to clean my son's knee when we were in the park. If you can't clean a wound before putting a bandaid on it, what's the point of a first aid kit? At least it is a case. To make it useful, I had to order more items.

👤If you have an injury bigger than a regular bandage, you will need to buy a roll of medical tape. This is the second J&J first aid kit I've purchased. Pros - comes ready to go, has a "basic first aid" booklet, has assorted wound care wipes, bandaids in common small sizes, even a box of waterproof bandaids, a tube of first aid cream, an instant cold pack, and 2 sets. The basic first aid kit is a decent price. If you want to add extras, there is more than enough space in this box. It is a basic first aid kit. If you are at home or on a camping trip, this will help you get any small cuts and scraps. I like having a pair of tweezers, a pair of scissors, a tube of lip balm, a small spray bottle of hand sanitizer, a few folded paper towels in a sandwich bag, a small pocket knife, a tube of lip balm, and a 5 foot length of paracord. Those are my preferences. I guess it's not really a cons. Saving space in your first aid kit is a useful tip. * Get rid of the boxes. A quart-sized bag is enough to hold all of your bandages. The tubes have all the information on them. You'll find that there's a lot of extra space once you downsize. I hope this helps.

👤This product is amazing. My Dad asked me to research first aid kits for his Jeep because I am a nurse. The amount of supplies it came with was very impressive. I decided to purchase an additional kit to leave in the family vacation home should there be a need. It made me feel more comfortable getting this for my son. After recirculating them, I received an email from the company with a PDF of basic first-aid instructions. After reading through and finding it to be helpful to someone without first-aid knowledge, I thought it might be a good idea to print off the PDF, laminated and attach to a keychain to have on hand for anyone in the Jeep or vacation house to use. The result and the first-aid kits made my Dad happy. Thank you for making a great product. I would have liked to have gotten a kit for myself. I would recommend this kit to anyone.

3. Portable Medical Emergency,Multifunction Emergency Medicine

Portable Medical Emergency%EF%BC%8CMultifunction Emergency Medicine

The packing is 180mm x 130mm/7" x 5". It is waterproof and durable. It's made of high quality 600D Oxford cloth and can be washed when it's dirty. There are many pockets and classification compartments. The cross symbol makes it easier to find. Pick-and-place items are easy to pick-and-place. The Travel Medicine Storage Bag is portable.

Brand: Jiakai

👤They make great gifts for new mothers. I gift both of them to the same mom. She has a purse and a diaper bag. The right size for bandaids, antibacterial cream, burn cream, insect wipes, tweezers, and bandana is not huge.

👤I wanted this for the number of masks, gloves, and inhalers I use. The case is cheap. It feels like the zip is going to break. The case is very thin and won't hold these items. The would be good for bandaids. Disappointed.

👤I was pleasantly surprised that they are eloquent and well made, even though I could tell from the website that they were functional. The low price is icing on the cake.

👤I like the size of the first aid kit. Will fit in a glove box. If needed, different colors can help. These come empty, bag only.

👤It's a bit smaller than I was expecting. It's not good for bottles of pills. It's great for flat things like bandages, small tubes, and pills. The quality is mid-level. What I would expect from this price range.

👤The bags are great for first aid supplies. The mesh was torn from the seam on the inside. 20 minutes to fix the problems. They are ready to use.

👤The pouches are small but they fit my needs and look good. I love them!

👤These are small. One of them was sewn too close to the edge, so it has some torn spots. We didn't have time to get something else so we kept them.

4. Curefaster Medicine Medical Improve Diabetes

Curefaster Medicine Medical Improve Diabetes

Curefaster uses the newest natural treatment to help blood clot and dry the superficial wound and reduce skin sensitivity with safe light and sterile air. Curefaster helps create a healing environment by keeping the wound dry and preventing infections. Curefaster is portable and easy to carry, it is convenient for wound seal at home or as first aid supplies. It's a self-administered personal wound care product for elders. Curefaster can cure a wound if the blood flow is stopped and the wound is cleaned with alcohol wipes or saline wound wash. Most superficial wounds can be treated with multiple treatments. Repeated treatments are needed until the wound is free of exudation. You have to keep the wound away from the water. Curefaster is a good companion with bandaids and first aid kits because it can help dry exudation and reduce wound bed maceration. Exudate is the fluid that comes out of wounds and cuts. Curefaster is great for people with sensitive skin because it can improve wound seal and scab faster. Curefaster works well with mild to moderate exudate wounds such as eczema, post-operative wounds, bed sores, pressure ulcers, first- and second-degree burns, blisters and other minor traumas, it is an excellent tool for wound maintenance. Natural wound therapy with no medicine.

Brand: Curefaster

👤The device is not effective because it does not benefit from the stream of air. There is no evidence that it emits UV radiation. Blue light therapy is questionable. It might be a medical device.

👤I have skin problems that don't heal on their own. I knew I had to use something better to heal small cuts and skin folds caused by heat and pressure sores. I had to do a wide internet search to find what I was looking for, but I found it at Amazon. Com. The process for healing my pressure sores began after I followed the dierctions for the device. It didn't take long for the healing to go up from the previous processes. I recommend this product to anyone.

👤I love using the sledgehammer because it heals wounds in a matter of days. The Curefaster Wound Care Healer uses UV light and filters to heal wounds quickly, which is great for people with Diabetes. The treatment time was about 5 minutes over the wound site. Light clothing works when held closer to the body. Absolutely horrible! The small is small enough to fit in a backpack, purse, or satchel and can be plugged into a laptop, computer, and/or plug-in device. Capable of holding charge for several days if not used often. The Curefaster Wound Healer is worth the price of $49.99 on AMAZON.COM.

👤It works great at healing injuries. Went from deep purple to almost gone after a few treatments. Small cuts heal faster than antibiotics. My husband takes blood thinners and did one treatment that stopped the bleeding. It usually takes a couple of days. This is a great product.

👤I would like to let you know that your machine has worked well for me and my wife.

👤I am on blood thinners and live on a farm and get small cuts and scratches that take a while to heal. My usual approach has been to cover the wound with a bandage. I was skeptical about the device since it's not the way I usually deal with wounds. I am sold after reading about how it works and trying it a few times. The wounds heal quickly now. My wounds have been small and superficial. I have a doctor that I can use this on if it's more serious.

👤It looked like it had already dried up after a few uses, I just started using it on my sister's wound. I was happy to see it working.

👤I think it worked. I had a large wound on my leg that was healing slowly. The area started to heal after I used this a few times. Can't wait to use it again.

5. Ever Ready First Aid Nitrile

Ever Ready First Aid Nitrile

The pocket is called theCPR. The valves are disposable and protect the person from cross-contamination. All contents are free of latex. It's safe for use in adults and children.

Brand: Ever Ready First Aid

👤I used this mask to perform cardiopulmonary defibrilation on a prisoner. It was exactly what I hoped it would be. It would be a good idea.

👤I like that the kit includes a mask for both adults and children, as well as gloves and alcohol wipes. I have a mask. I think a full facemask would be more sanitary and effective. I put the masks in the bag with the one-way valves so that I wouldn't have to worry about putting them in the wrong place. The kit is of good quality. The manufacturer might consider adding the directions as a reminder, either printed and in the bag or written on it.

👤If you don't have the kit, you should. gloves and wipes, two sizes, two one way valves, and everything you need. Standard shields are safe, but they can endanger your life if you attempt to save them. In fire/rescue you face a lot of situations and people, it's best to be prepared. There is no time to find the right gear or assume a person's medical history when it's necessary to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation. This kit allows for any age and size and assures your safety when timing is critical.

👤I have had to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation on someone but couldn't breathe for them. I don't think anyone should be blamed for not doing the breathing portion when doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a stranger. As a former police officer, I like to keep my kit with portable face masks, because I like to help someone who needs my help. I recommend this item to anyone who needs to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation but doesn't have a mask on. A lot of time is spent doing compression. Stay safe and keep up with the help.

👤I am a nurse. I have not had to use this mask set yet, but it feels like a very good quality with a good seal on the mask. The price was reasonable. The pouch is clipped into my bag. I don't have access to hospital supplies like at work, so I like feeling prepared when I'm out and about.

👤It's a nice mask to keep in your car or in case of an emergency. The case has two ways to connect it to something, which is great. I didn't want to open the bag until I needed to use the masks, but they look nice. There is an adult and child with a one way valve. Comes with gloves, alcohol pad wipes, and instructions. The gloves are not very good and can be replaced with better ones. If you wanted to add a few more items, there is an extra room in the case. I am very happy with this purchase and I am very happy that I bought it.

👤This is my favorite combo set that I tested. It has two valves, a filter and one-way valve.

👤These masks feel like a good quality. A few of us have been certified in cardiopulmonary and anaesthesiology. I wanted to keep my mask in my backpack. Work provides a mask but it takes a long time to get it. I was surprised to find that the adult mask in the kit has an oxygen port, not sure I will ever need it, but it is cool. The idea of ever needing the infant mask is frightening, it is just a smaller version of the adult mask. I am glad I have these masks.

6. 24 First Aid Piece Orange

24 First Aid Piece Orange

The first aid kit contains essential first aid supplies. The contents are for up to 100 people. The plastic storage case has easy slide latches. Individual compartments to keep supplies organized. The case is portable and wall mountable. It's ideal for home, school, office, vehicle, and construction site. The case color may be different depending on the availability.

Brand: 24/7 First Aid

👤I am very happy with the First Aid kit. There are a lot of different bandages, medicines, wipe, cold packs, and other items that you could need for minor cuts, scrapes, or bruised skin. The medicines are limited in quantity. I think you get a lot of tablets. You need to replenish after 1-2 uses. There are about 100 wipes. I added some wider gauze because it only comes with 1 inch rolls. For the price, I would highly recommend.

👤It has holes on the back for mounting. When the kit is vertical, there is a tray that rotates out on hinges. There is room for more. I bought it for my child, who likes to help with owies. Some medicine should only be used under adult supervision. It's a great basic kit, but I have added my own butterfly band aids. It's large, but I can put it in my backpack for hikes in the woods, just need soap and water for initial clean up of any wounds.

👤A bunch of supplies and a pair of cheap scissors. Really? Don't you want to give a couple of simple tools that will help when needed? You will have a decent kit if you buy better scissors and tweezers.

👤I wanted a basic first-aid kit that could be used at home but also be able to travel. This one met all my requirements. There could be a few more items, but overall I am happy. The case it comes with is functional. There is room to squeeze in an additional item or two.

👤I bought this FAK for my new workshop. I like that the lid has a gasket to keep dust out and the latches hold it shut. There are hooks on the back. Not a bad FAK.

👤I like this kit. It seems to have everything I need. The case is well made and has two places to put a small lock or child deterrent. There are two different layers, with smaller items in the front compartment and larger items in the back. I hope I don't have to use it. I think I'll get a second one for my truck.

👤It's a nice and big kit. We use it at the house for cuts and burns. Very happy!

👤The kit we bought was for our camper. We have camped a few times and it has been useful.

7. Paerma Organizer Insulated Convenient Workplace

Paerma Organizer Insulated Convenient Workplace

The bolsa de medicinas has a weight of 7.8 x 7.9 x 5.3 in and a weight of 5.82 ounces. Su capacidad tiene una variedad de artculos de aseo. Medicinas de tela doméstica, separacin para differentes tipos de medicamentos. Pldoras are simple and de moda. Resistente al agua y a la humedad. Material de la bolsa Mother-Son is exterior de nailon and tela Oxford. Este forro interior est hecho de tela de poliéster. Nuestra bolsa de una suerte es una bolsa de medicamentos multiusos. No solo, sino, perfecto para cosméticos y suministros de viaje. Tarjeta bancaria, tienen poner en el interior de la bolsa multifuncional. Onece tu pedido, ests protegido por una garanta de devolucin de dinero de 30 das. No ests satisfecho con los productos, tienes alguna pregunta.

Brand: Paerma

👤I wanted to have a first-aid kit in my truck. This was perfect. I didn't want my supplies to be messed up when I moved them. I solved that by buying a container called "Enther Meal Prep Containers, Bento Box". They are sturdy and the perfect size to fit, and because they are divided, everything stays in it's place. I can see what I need with the clear lids. The big compartment has two containers in it. In the top part of the bag, there are three small pouches that hold travel bottles, larger bandages, and alcohol. I bought a few more of these bags to make up kits for my friends. This bag is very good.

👤The video has a background noise and random stuff. The appearance of this bag is great, it is bright, and has great stitching. It is beyond belief. I am very disappointed. The right side of the bag was flimsy even with pill bottles in it, and the left side was not as strong. If there are only one or two bottles in the bag, it collapses on itself. There is a major flaw. I returned it.

👤I was surprised at how big this bag was. It is a small lunch box, and I used it to make a first aid kit for my dogs, as we go out on a lot of adventures, and I wanted to make sure I was prepared for most anything. I was worried that everything wouldn't fit and I would have to get travel bottles for everything. This bag holds it. I have it packed to the max, but it zips with no issues at all. The sides are a little flimsy, as was mentioned in other reviews. If you are looking for something more structured, this might not be the bag for you. I have this thing that is just about busting at the seams, so the lack of rigidity was an advantage, as it allowed me to nestle in various items. Even though this bag is packed to its capacity, I have not had any concerns with its construction. It seems well made and supports the weight I have packed into it with no apparent stress on any of the seams or zippers. It zips open and closes quickly and feels sturdy for its light weight. The inside pouch is small enough to fit in a thin wallet, and it is perfect for smaller items I don't want to have to dig for. My dogs have their ID/medical cards and I have tweezers and scissors. The stitching on the front of both the larger and smaller bags is very cute, and I like that it comes in multiple colors, as I didn't want the typical fire engine red color that most first aid bags offer. I am very happy with this purchase and I would recommend it to anyone.

👤I have a tote that I use to hold vitamins and medicine. It's roomy for me and works well for that. Before I bought it, I looked at the listed measurements to make sure my vitamins would fit. I'm mostly happy with the construction. I wish the sides were stiff to keep the shape neat. It still works and looks great. I haven't found a use for the mini organizers yet.

8. Tiny First Guide Step Step

Tiny First Guide Step Step

Inside you will find: 51 illustrations, 110 lifesaving first aid skills, 167 expert emergency tips, 24 bonus online training resources, 10 deadly mistakes, 5 mental tips to conquer crisis, and 19 essential tactics first responders use. The Tiny First Aid Guide is a life-saving emergency tool. Before a medical emergency, study. It's a quick reference when you're caught in an emergency or disaster. It is like a life insurance policy in your pocket. First aid and medical tips for almost any situation: home, work, travel, wilderness, civil unrest, natural disasters, vehicle accidents, tactical and military operations. Mass casualty incidents, hiking, camping and hunting emergencies are just a few of the active shooter situations. A pro active learning tool. The Guide to Developing the Mindset, Skills, and Shield you need to become a Medically Prepared Person is a good place to start. A great gift is the Tiny First Aid Guide. It was a perfect stocking stuffer. A great gift for any occasion!

Brand: Ultimate Survival Tips Be Prepared-because You Never Know

👤I have several Ultimate jSurvival products. I have found them to be excellent. Creek Stewart recommended this product. I like his opinion very much.

👤When I saw a second Tiny guide was on the way, I was excited. The Tiny First Aid Guide is a great companion to the Tiny Survival Guide. I am buying more to give away to friends and loved ones. I have taken several Wilderness First Aid courses and this guide is very good.

👤It's a great reference to have in your back pack. It's very easy to find what you need to know quickly, it's folded up well and water proof.

👤A carry guide for emergency care. It has a lot of information in a small package that could be life threatening. It's not a reason to not carry it as part of your kit.

👤The first aid book will save someone's life. I gave them to my adult children and friends.

👤A good guide but will have to try a practice session to see how practical it is.

👤It does everything it says it will do. It fits into a wallet or bag. Full of information, tips, and tricks. It is a great item.

👤The tiny survival guide is an extremely informative item in a small package.

👤A LA MANO, muy recomendable.

9. QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze 24

QuikClot Advanced Clotting Gauze 24

One piece of sterile Z-fold blood clotting gauze is included. The first aid stops bleeding within minutes. Hospitals, first responders, military, law enforcement, general public, and outdoor enthusiasts use it. It works in any first aid kit, medical kit, iFAK pouch, and survival kits. In your car first aid kit, camping essentials, and backpack emergency kit, you can travel safely.

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits

👤This is worse than the injury you are trying to prevent, and it's worse than the fire of 1000 suns. But! Don't apply it when small ears are present. They will learn new words.

👤A friend was cleaning up after dinner at my apartment when a glass broke and cut her hand very deep. It was bleeding all over. I put this on and it stopped bleeding. She got stitches at urgent care.

👤I received this two days after ordering it. Fast delivery. I have used before. The back woods are 1.5 miles from the trail. There was a lot of blood when my wife cut her hand. The bleeding stopped immediately. It was a life saver back in the woods and enabled us to get out safely. She got 5 stitches in her hand when we went to the emergency room. The order was to replace the QuikColt. We won't hike in the woods without it. It works to stop bleeding. It is easy to carry.

👤I'm pretty sure this saved my field dog when he sliced his leg vein. The dressing did the trick in 30 seconds. He healed very quickly after being kept in place for 24 hours. Highly recommended for back country planning and field packs.

👤My husband takes Plavix and Aspirin, so he is worried about bleeding. He cut his finger when a glass shattered. I will keep this product in my medicine cabinet and car because it works well.

👤The product came dried up. Didn't seem to work well.

👤The basic first aid kits don't always have the right stuff for hiking in remote areas. I've never had to use one of these kits in my years hiking. It's one of the few items in my kit that I don't want to be without. One day, I saw someone use one of these. I was sold on the need to have them in my kit. If you put one of these in your kit, you're not going to have to worry about what to do when something happens on the trail.

👤This is a small piece. I can't speak to it's effectiveness because I haven't used it. I take my first aid kit with me when I travel.

10. First Aid Only Weatherproof Plastic

First Aid Only Weatherproof Plastic

It's safe for use in adults and children. There are 57 essential first aid supplies, OSHA compliant and sufficient for treating 10 people for minor aches and injuries. The set includes bandages, bandages The plastic storage case has an easy to carry handle for transporting first aid supplies. Individual compartments make it easy to retrieve and keep supplies organized. First aid care for small offices, vehicles, home, and job sites is ideal.

Brand: First Aid Only

👤It's an $11 investment to start your own kit and not be able to use it in a serious emergency. The plastic insert makes the box look bigger than it is. Alcohol swabs, pads, and other 1 cent items are common. Silly plastic scissors barely work. The box was great, and has a convenient handle for home storage on a hook, which was great. I filled up the kit I bought 15 years ago from an older, better kit.

👤This is a lousy first aid kit, you will have to stuff it with other things to get any value out of it. There will be plenty of room for a full box of Band-Aids, Neosporin, tape, and other things if you remove the clear plastic fluff that holds the few pieces up. It is a decent box, don't get excited.

👤We decided to purchase a few first-aid kits for emergencies since my family has been spending so much time at home and getting to see a doctor can be a challenge. We didn't need to use it. It's not super-duty but it's sturdy. There are lots of basic supplies like pain killers and bandaids. There is a It is all together. It can be difficult to find supplies like this in my house. I would leave it in the plastic wrap until I needed it.

👤I have an awesome kit that I put together myself for my home, and I like to be prepared. I needed an easy kit for my car that wouldn't break the bank, and this kit seemed to fit the bill. I was pleasantly surprised by all the goodies it contained. You will not be disappointed.

👤The 1st aid kit was undamaged but the package was delivered in a state that looked like an elephant was sitting on it and someone had to tape it up. The case of the kit is bent over. I will throw it in my car because I can still open and close it.

👤This is useful. A guest was cut in the ocean by a large shell. I was able to get her into the boat. I used bottled water. Tripple Antibiotic cream was applied. We put some bandages on. The case fell into the ocean. I will attest that it is waterproof. One of our grandsons fell on the Lanai and received a scrap on both knees. She cut her elbow. We had everything we needed to fix her. This has been useful. It's handy to have on hand.

👤This was ordered for our car. Everything you need for a minor cut or burn is here. The reason it didn't receive 5 stars was because it was too large to store under the car seat. I would have preferred to have it in the car, but I need to store it in my trunk.

👤You can change out the gloves if you prefer. The gloves were too small for my hands. The vet wrap should be added to the kit. The medical tape is too narrow for most applications. You can buy a full set of shears. The included scissors don't cut it. Great kit, but not that. You should learn how to use it.

11. Be Smart Get Prepared 20HBC01015REV4

Be Smart Get Prepared 20HBC01015REV4

First Aid Kits are manufactured by the #1 company in the USA. There are over 300 pieces of first aid treatment products. The guidelines for 100 people are OSHA andANSI. The United States FDA has regulatory standards for medical devices. It's ideal for most businesses and perfect for family use at home. Quick access is provided by the fully organized interior compartments. The high density plastic case is impact resistant. There are two layers of first aid for large and small products. It's easy to store wall mounts or compact ones. The case is 13 X 12 X 4. The slide latches lock into place. A refill order form is included. The glow label will help you find your kit in the dark.

Brand: Be Smart Get Prepared

👤The tweezers are not going to be able to help in first aid. It is flimsy and light plastic. The first aid info can be found in a pamphlet or poster. It is going to be hard to navigate in times of need and may rip when in a hurry to find the info you are looking for, but that should be fixed by adding my own items for substitute. I keep the kit because it is very durable and I can open it with one hand, the twist out shelves are a big plus. My kids will be able to use/ find what they need in case of an emergency if they have lots of compartments to organize and add more supplies.

👤Live this kit! It is easy to see what you need. Not like other kits that are thrown in a box. It opens like a book. See the pic. I received it for daycare. I might need to add a few things, but not much.

👤When this item arrived, I was very happy. It wasn't cracked like most reviewers said. I was happy to see that it wasn't cracked. It had all the essentials of a regular first aid kit. I would buy more for my parents and my car. These are useful for me being a nurse. I will be buying more. When you run out, it has a form for more supplies.

👤The kit is wonderful. My children and I recently moved to a remote village in Alaska, and purchasing first aid supplies separately from the local store would be expensive. I bought this particular kit because it has items to treat burns and sting in addition to other problems. The set-up inside the kit keeps everything neatly organized, and it came with a handy ordering sheet so we'll be able to refill the supplies as needed.

👤Product was damaged when it arrived. The back of the box was damaged. This was a quality issue because nothing was wrong with the packaging. The back of the box is made of plastic that doesn't match the front, but the lid and clasps seem very sturdy. It cracks from being under pressure or handling. I keep trying to select the return option where the cost is deposited back to my Amazon balance but it keeps changing to me. I don't want a new one. The box is worthless. Amazon, please!

👤This would be a good product if the case holding the kit together was not broken. The box wasn't crushed during shipping, so the item wasn't damaged. They just shipped a broken item. I received a refund from Amazon. This kit keeps things organized. I will add a tube of neosporin to the kit after I add metal tweezers. I think it's important to have a first aid kit that is organized. It should not be in the back.

👤The product was exactly what it was described. It is easy to hang and full of supplies. I would like it to have more study inside so that the product doesn't fall out when opened. I really like it and haven't needed to use it yet.


What is the best product for survival medicine kit?

Survival medicine kit products from Jipemtra. In this article about survival medicine kit you can see why people choose the product. Band-aid and Jiakai are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival medicine kit.

What are the best brands for survival medicine kit?

Jipemtra, Band-aid and Jiakai are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival medicine kit. Find the detail in this article. Curefaster, Ever Ready First Aid and 24/7 First Aid are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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