Best Survival Medical Kit with Tourniquet

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1. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight

The kit is 7.5 x 10 x 2 inches and weighs 8 ounces. Accommodates 1-2 people. The bags have a water-resistant zip. The first aid kit has a wide array of medications to treat a variety of conditions. Wrap broken bones with bandages and provide support.

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits

👤I couldn't find any information on guarantees regarding time after reading through the product information. This kit has been with me for two years. It had never been used before yesterday. The product has a zip tie on it. I opened it for the first time yesterday and found the inner pack waterproof. Everything in the pack was ruined by water. Who knows how many times this happened? I use it in our kayak and have only taken a few trips. Thank goodness. I didn't need it for anything that was life threatening. I will need to spend money and time to replace everything because I am so disappointed in the product.

👤A lot of useful items are included in the first aid kit. These are all in a waterproof container. It's perfect for an emergency kit in a backpack. I bought 2 of them for my friends. There is a problem with the products I received. The purchase date is 8 months away. That is not long enough. I would expect at least 5 years. Have these been in a warehouse for a long time? If I thought their replacements would be more up-to-date, I'd return them, but since both of them had the same early expiration date, the chances of getting newer replacements with a later expiration is not good. I will replace the components and live with the rest.

👤It is lightweight and thought out. The.7 kit has one more large bandaid, a pair of gloves, a length of duct tape, and the medical tape is larger than the.5 kit. If it's cheaper, just get it and put gloves and duct tape in it.

👤I rarely write reviews, but this pre-assembled first aid kit was very good. I'm an EMT with experience in both patient transport and emergency response. I have high standards when it comes to first aid kits, and I was initially planning on assembling my own, but this kit caught my eye in a local shop and I decided it had everything I need to provide comprehensive short-term treatment of most trauma and medical emergencies. Most first aid kits can treat cuts and other injuries when you're hiking. What if you suffer a broken limb or an impalement? The kit has dressings and bandages to stop bleeding from penetrating trauma, tape to secure objects from moving, and even duct tape to wrap up a makeshift sling, all of which are included. There are a lot of medical issues that can be treated with the medications provided. If you drink water from a river and end up with a stomachache, you can have diamode to stop the dehydration until you can get more advanced medical care. It's enough to keep you alive and ambulatory for a long time, but it won't replace care from a medical professional.

👤I found that the medical kit didn't have all of the antibiotic packets and that it didn't have the "Skin- Tac" wipes. The bag should work, but the seams are taped on the inside, and the zip is weak and not water tight. First impressions leave me a bit concerned, but only time will tell how long it will last.

2. FINENIC Tourniquet Elastic Release Emergency

FINENIC Tourniquet Elastic Release Emergency

A bandage kit is a wide variety of bandages and gauze that will help you treat a wide variety of cuts, scrapes, and lacerations. Life saving equipment is the most important. The U.S. Army's Institute of Surgical Research has shown that the Rapid Application Tourniquet System can be used to occluding blood flow in the upper and lower limbs. The fastest tourniquet on the market is used to stop massive hemorrhaging. They've designed a cold resistant technology that resists cracking in cold weather. The one-handed tourniquet is life threatening. A rapid application tourniquet system can be placed anywhere in your Toolkit. You can find it at the fastest time when you need it. Different situations require different medical care, so multi-purpose can be used. Product description

Brand: Finenic

👤Excellent product! The phlebotomists said it was hard to clean the bands between patients so they mostly used disposable rubber bands. I bought my own. Everyone who has a blood test should have a painless tourniquet on hand. I have extras that are going into the stockings.

👤I doalysis for 5 days a week. I used to use rubber tourniquets that I put in my mouth and pull the other end tight to make a good pull. I just need one hand. I don't waste any more and I'm crying in joy.

👤The 5 cracked at the base within a couple weeks. They still work, but can't be as tight as I would like them to be. I guess you get what you pay for, but I was hoping for a better product.

👤I hit myself in the face while using one on a friend because they're easy to use, just watch out when you press the button. They're better than the rubber straps.

👤I use them for weight training. Work as well as the "BFR" bands.

👤It is very easy to use and there are 5 different colors.

👤It was very easy to use.

👤They break. Every time. Single. One. It popped out without pressing the button, because the same spot on the buckle was broken. It is useless.

3. Personal Military Tourniquet Compressed MFASCO

Personal Military Tourniquet Compressed MFASCO

The stop the bleed compact kit is economic. A portable pack is small enough to carry with you.

Brand: Mfasco

👤It fits in my coat pocket, in my glove compartment, in my briefcase, and in my hunting pack. I got one for my class at school, one for Little League, and several for friends. There is a Kerlix Roll, ABD Pad, and a six inch elastic bandage. Each Pack of 2 is made by Woundseal. You can have a $169 kit for less than forty dollars. The WoundSeal is a powder that stops bleeding and makes an instant scab. I ordered two more. For training on how to use, watch this video.

👤I expected it to arrive as expected. If needed, placed in autos.

👤It was bought for a house car.

👤Everything was in a bag.

👤Good quality, compact, great value.

4. Adventure Medical Kits Advanced Clotting

Adventure Medical Kits Advanced Clotting

The product is eligible for both theHSA and theFSA. The trauma kit includes a trauma pad, triangular bandage, and other key supplies. Natural clotting is sped up by the non-allergenic QuikClot first aid. Hospitals, first responders, military, law enforcement, general public, and outdoor enthusiasts use it. It works in any first aid kit, medical kit, iFAK pouch, and survival kits. In your car first aid kit, camping essentials, and backpack emergency kit, you can travel safely.

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits

👤I keep these kits in my active shooter bag when I'm not on duty. I have to pay for it myself. The Quick Clot has a shelf life of 3 years, but the last two times I ordered it from AMAZON, it expired at half that time. The kit I got is older than the one I was going to replace. I spoke to the LE product division to make sure the 3 years shelf life was correct. He asked if it was a kit and if I ordered it through Amazon. I told you that it was from Amazon. He said that he gets a lot of calls about this. He gets calls from other online retailers, but Amazon is the most common. I'm done. My subscription will be canceled when this kit is returned.

👤I bought mine about a year ago and it had about 3 years left. I put it in my range bag and forgot about it. I bought it because I thought it might be bad. I was wrong about the reason it was needed. I used a machete to clear the cactus along my fence line. I lost my grip when the machete tip caught the fence. The machete hit my leg. I thought it was the handle. I had a small gash in my shin when I looked down. I don't feel much pain because I have a disease. The kit was in my range bag, so I sent my wife in to get it. It was well worth it to live 25 miles from the hospital. I have a new one in the range bag.

👤Check the date. The quickclot should have been good for at least 3-6 years after purchase.

👤The Quick Clot package has a "Use By" date on it. I always read negative reviews when I'm interested in a product or book, and a particular negative review alert me to a potentially crucial deal killer: the Quick Clot could be out-of-date when you need it most! I went ahead with this purchase so I could see for myself, and I am very pleased with the product. If the Quick Clot were to be out of date, it would be pointless to open the bag the kit is packaged in. The waterproof integrity of the storage bag is destroyed if the "Use By (year-month)" date on the Quick Clot package is not checked. How would I know when the Quick Clot needs to be replaced if there was no "Use By" date on the kit? The manufacturer can fix this problem. How? If the "Trauma pak" is packed by hand before it is sealed, an inspector label identifying who packed the kit and what the "Use By" date of the Quick Clot is could be stuck to the outside of each "Trauma pak". There are two If the manufacturing process has automated the packing of the contents into the kit, then the printing of the waterproof storage packs should be coordinated and batches sized to coincide with the lot number of the Quick Clot products that will be placed in the storage packs so that the storage packs can display an identical This product is excellent. Too bad it has a serious caveat. Hopefully the Tender Corporation will fix the problem.

5. Dixie Ems Dixiegear Responder Stocked

Dixie Ems Dixiegear Responder Stocked

The full stocked bandage kit is an ideal general-purpose first aid kit for any situation. The first responders bag has a large main compartment with a foam divider and a smaller side compartment on either side. This bag makes it easy to organize your equipment. The perfect size is a bag that is large enough to hold a wide variety of equipment while still being small enough to store and carry. The carrying handles are secure and easy to carry. The tool kit is a collection of essential gear. This collection of high-quality equipment will allow you to treat a wide variety of injuries and emergencies. A bandage kit is a wide variety of bandages and gauze that will help you treat a wide variety of cuts, scrapes, and lacerations.

Brand: Dixie Ems

👤I would like to say that I am a lifeguard and a red cross instructor. I know that having medical equipment around can save lives. I bought this kit to replenish my personal trauma kit. It was perfect for my purpose. I have experience with a lot of equipment like this, but if you buy this kit, do not use anything that you haven't been formally trained to use. The kit is an excellent value for the money, but it has some drawbacks. The cost, quantity of medical supplies, and distribution of value are the major pros. The quality of the bag, lack of warnings, and the fact that it is a backpack make this a Cons. You can't expect professional quality medical equipment for 40 dollars. You can expect "good enough" medical equipment, which is what you can reference. There is no need to spend 20 bucks on a box of pads. The kit has enough consumables to give you a complete kit at a good price. If you want to start a kit from this, you need to buy a good tourniquet from a good brand. The TQ is not worth anything. The tourniquets are all great. Both RATS and SWAT-T are under 20 bucks. You will need medical knowledge and training. If you want to keep the ammonia inhalants and/or OPA's, you can take a Red Cross class. If used wrong, those 2 items are extremely dangerous. Don't use them if you aren't certified. This is a great first aid kit for the money. It can handle most traumas. If you want a good car or home medical kit, you won't find anything better than this.

👤The kit has serious bandages. It is more than just a kitchen bandaid first aid kit. The tools inside should match the job. It needs a tourniquet and shears to cut through clothing. The top and bottom items are what I replaced with in the kit. If you are going to spend a lot of money on a kit, make it useful in the kind of emergency it is meant for. These items should be replaced by Dixie. It's a good value for the money for a basic kit to get you by until an ambulance arrives. The bag has a little more room than it should. The side pockets are great for storing things you want to get quickly. If I send someone to get it, they can see it in the trunk of my car. I added a small electronic BP monitor and quick thermometer to the kit for myself, not as a fault of the kit. This is not a kit for people who don't know how to use it.

👤The pouch holds everything in one place. I can keep it in the back of my truck because of that. The money was left over from a health spending account. It is easy to find and of decent quality. There is room inside the pouch to add things to it. I haven't used a lot of it. The truck is used for emergencies. Some of the basics are missing. Band aids and anti-septic wipes were added. I put a fire starter, water proof matches, plastic bags, and a large binder clip in place. A good start for a basic first aid kit. This is in my truck in case of emergencies, and is of a decent size to not take up a lot of space. I'm an engineer with realistic expectations.

6. My Medic MyFak Backpack Orange

My Medic MyFak Backpack Orange

The First Aid Kit can be used anywhere from a day at the park to a multi-day backpacking adventure. MyFAK will be there for you if you are out there doing it. Two levels have been developed by their team of experts. Anyone can use the MyFAK. Attaching the D-Rings to the shoulder strap enhances portableness. The handle and nylon cordura are indestructible, even for the most rigorous adventures. The Rip-Away Velcro Panel is easy to use. The First Aid Kit is an approved purchase. You can count on safety and reliability. The dimensions are 5 in. x 6.5 in. x 7.5 in. 2.1 lbs.

Brand: My Medic

👤The kit I received was missing the Tourniquet and the bag was different than what was pictured. Since this is a medical item, there are no returns. You get a bad product and are stuck with it. I don't recommend this product to anyone who wants a quality med kit.

👤This is not what I was expecting. It is small. It's not worth the $120. They should have sent 3 for that price.

👤The kit is a bit overpriced, but you could find a good bag for 20% less. If you're value conscious and don't mind waiting, I guess do that. The bag is made from high quality materials. The kit is very thorough and the stuff inside is well organized. You may need some training in order to be able to use the kit completely. If you are hiking with your best friend, there are many off the products inside that can be used for emergencies.

👤The product is reliable. I've ripped the velcro off many times, and it still has it's original strength. The bag has never come loose or fallen off after being strapped to a molle attachment, even after falling backwards onto it into the mud. I give the bag 5 stars. There is a gap between basic first aid and trauma first aid. You have everything you would need in a medicial situation. I think it should have come with more than just one trauma dressing and a bigger kit, because I believe for the money. If you have a basic knowledge of first aid, you will be rummaging through the bag looking for what you need more quickly. It's a good first aid kit for beginners.

👤This first aid kit is amazing. I was going to return it but decided against it. I have used the mounting brackets I made for our offroad truck many times. If you are in dire need of energy, put some non-chocolate bars in your mouth. It has saved us many times. Add more high-quality bandages. I recommend returning items from their website. I used the molle webbing on the outside to mount the GEN 7 CAT Tourniquet Holder.

👤Didn't come with any of the items listed.

👤I needed a small first aid kit. The kit is in our Jeep and can be pulled out at the cottage or placed in a backpack. There have been times when items have come in handy to help people we encounter on a trail.

7. Tourniquet Combat Application First Trauma

Tourniquet Combat Application First Trauma

It can be used in a variety of ways. They have made sure that their tourniquets are completely adjusted to help in any situation. The tourniquet is called WindlASS COMBAT TOURNIQUET. The windlass is the most popular method of controlling bleeding. It is used by the military because of it's ability to stop bleeding before paramedics can arrive. The tactical tournique has a snap-lock buckle design and a one hand windlass clip to be used on yourself. The red tip is waterproof and has high visibility. EMT Tracy Shears is an EMT. Cut or remove clothing so that the tourniquet can be applied to bare skin. The heavy duty blades are made of durable steel and 7.25" long, and can cut through many layers of fabric, along with tougher materials such as denim, leather, vinyl and more. The handle design makes it easy to access. Remove dressings without cutting the patient's skin. The nylon tourniquet pouch is durable and can be used to keep your tourniquet attached to you. The nylon is easy to access. It gives you a longer life and is easier to use. The trauma shear slot compartment in the back has a small amount of storage on the go. The pouch snaps on securely and is compatible with molle gear. It can be used as a magazine. It's life stewardship control. The basic trauma kit can be used in both tactical and non-tactical situations to help you survive. An emergency can happen in the blink of an eye, so it's important to have a first aid kit, emergency medical bag, automobile, motorcycle, hiking backpack, camping gear, range bag, work belt, and more. The risk free buy is backed by the 100% satisfaction guarantee. Money back warranty for 30 days. It's a great gift idea for police officers, firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Brand: Asa Techmed

👤The trauma shears are not safe to rely upon and the CAT is a fake. The pouch was supposed to hold the supplies for training, but it was not meant to hold a genuine SOFTT-W. I would suggest using high-quality rubber bands instead of the pouch because it brings unnecessary bulk to my kit.

👤I wouldn't trust the tourniquet, it is definitely a true cat, but this was a bargin at the price I paid. I don't know if it will fail or if it will snap in half when you really need it the most. The trauma shears are standard shears and the pouch was undamaged after I burned all the loose threads off. This will be a backup to my other backups.

👤The case began to fall apart.

👤It is cheaper than the NAR version. I bought these buy accidents thinking they were NAR, but they are not. The handles on the shears are flimsy, but I think they will cut. The tourniquet seems to be a bit cheaper and has the same shape and size as the NAR, but it seems to require an extra turn to get the same tightness. The plastic feels cheaper and I am suspect of that. I have these for back ups to the back ups of the North American Rescue ones, but would be nervous if I used them as a first response.

👤The shears work well. The t-Kit from the CAT is good. The pouch is not the same as the MOLLE attachment. It won't line up with real MOLLE gear. You will only be able to get one web through. The pouch isn't worth it.

👤Lots of necessary items but kind of cheap worried some of it may not work well in the real world, will just get a few spare parts for the ones that could be broken easily to replace them otherwise a nice kit

👤I needed a holder for my tourniquet and sheers for work, so I bought this. The sheers were the best part of the package. I have doubts about the effectiveness of the tourniquet if I ever needed to use it in a real life situation. The commercial ones are more durable than the buckle. The nylon case was ripped after being on my belt for 2 shifts. I wouldn't recommend it for real world use. It was a complete waste of money.

👤This is a great kit, it includes a carrying case and shears, for the price, for about the same cost as other sellers charge for the one-handed tourniquet alone. It's best to use it at home before you need to use it in the field.

8. JUSAID Tourniquet Pack Single Handed Application

JUSAID Tourniquet Pack Single Handed Application

100% money back guarantee. 100% effective for life saving and hemorrhage control. If you don't like their medical tourniquet, they will replace you with a new one. Clicking the Add to Cart button will protect and defend you and your family. Blocks the blood flow of upper limbs and lowers limbs and prevents the outflow of blood. One-handed operation. . Most people's arms and legs are 36 inches long. The design of the hasp ensures that it won't affect the use of the tourniquet on rainy days. The tip has a red mark on it. The tourniquet is small and convenient to carry, it can be used for military, medical treatment, rescue and the like, and it has a wide application range.

Brand: Jusaid

👤I'm glad I got an extra to practice with. There was tension on the tourniquet when the windlass broke.

👤It should not take more than a few turns to feel it tighten down. Junk that is cheap. They are ok for training or demonstration. You're life is worth it if you spend the extra 20 dollars.

👤Don't waste your money on this China made product. They aren't made right. Not worth the risk. Not safe.

👤Chinese products are not always better. Should have spent more.

👤These are not cheap like other ones. I would trust these to do the job, all the moving parts seem solid and attached well, no snapping handle or tearing fabric would happen with use.

👤I only gave it 4 stars because I haven't used them yet, that may be luck on my part. They pack up nicely in either of my holders. You should bug out necessities. If they don't work well or if I can't update cause of blood loss, I will give them 2 thumbs up.

👤Why pay 30 for a brand that is disposable? These work the same.

👤I haven't used these yet. Military friends say the best. I bought them because of that. I hope I never use them.

9. Tourniquets Tourniquet Hemorrhage Single Handed Black 2pack

Tourniquets Tourniquet Hemorrhage Single Handed Black 2pack

Different situations require different medical care, so multi-purpose can be used. Product description You can also be treated by your own with a single-handed operation, even if you're traveling outside and injured without anyone with you. As a private doctor, it is 100% effective in blocking blood flow, quickly controlling the bleeding threatening life, and saving lives in the key moment. It's perfect for household and outdoor exploration. It is safe to use, and the tourniquet is easy to clean. It's easy to carry: Smaller and lighter, it's easy to add one or more to home emergency kits, cars, backpacks, motorcycles, range bag, construction belt or carried on a person for immediate use. It can be used in a variety of ways. They have made sure that their tourniquets are completely adjusted to help in any situation.

Brand: Cozii

👤I open, test, and repackage every one of them. They work just as well as some of the brand name tourniquets out there, even though they seem to be of lesser quality. I like that I can buy 2 or 3 for the price of one of the other brands, for an item that will get used once and discarded.

👤I haven't had to use one yet, but for $7 compared to $35 on first aid/paramedic sights. It's good for a single use.

👤I would like to say how wonderful these things are, but fortunately I haven't had to use either of them yet and hopefully never will. They seem to be built well.

👤It seems like a good pair of tourniquets. I bought a first aid kit for my hunting pack. Hopefully I don't have to use it.

👤Hope to never have to use them, but great to have on hand in case of an emergency for camping, hiking, hunting, as well as in the car for emergency situations.

👤I carry multiple but use these for teaching. I work with people who are happy. The deal is great for the money.

👤I hope I never have to use it. I put it in my range bag because it doesn't take up much space.

👤This won't fit in a hard shell case. I had to put mine in the hard shell case. It is impossible to pull out with your hand. This will only fit in a large canvas pouch or a large single flashlight molle pouch.

10. Surviveware Survival Labeled Compartments Outdoors

Surviveware Survival Labeled Compartments Outdoors

The first aid kit contains 100 high-quality emergency essentials and first aid supplies to help care for minor wounds, cuts, and burns. The kit has a First Aid Guide. It is easy to find what you need in the case of an emergency if you have a labeled first aid kit. You can now find the supplies you need without making a mess. The medical kit is water resistant and rip resistant. The internal pieces are protected from water. The kit is strong and resistant to outdoor adventures. The first aid kit is portable and functions. It can be attached to almost any surface. It's perfect for cars, trucks, boats and more. It was made by experts. Designed for explorers. The emergency first aid kit was designed to be used on your next adventure. The FDA has a registered medical device. The product is eligible for both the FSA and the HSA.

Brand: Surviveware

👤This is one of the best small first aid kits I have ever purchased. It is easy to find what you need. The included "tourniquet" would be a major shortcoming. The elastic band is worse than not including a tourniquet, as someone with less first aid training and experience might believe they have a tool to cover major arterial bleeding. They will not. The center pocket where this elastic tool is located is a perfect place for a tourniquet, such as a SOF-T, a CAT or even a TK4. I don't know if a SOF-T would fit in the current pocket, but I was able to tuck a TK4 into it with no problem. It would make the kit more expensive to include a tourniquet, but it wouldn't have to be included. Customers can design the pocket and label their own, if they so choose. I found the case too large and unnecessary. I put the contents of the case in their own compartment. The kit is missing antiseptics and antibiotic ointments, either the items themselves or a clear place to store them, and I ended up adding them to the pouch for lack of a better place. I replaced the flimsy triangular bandage with a heavier one that could double as a pressure or tourniquet bandage. I added a squeeze bulb for wound cleaning. The back of the kit has attachment straps that can be used in many different ways. The only complaint I have with them is that the snaps were put into the nylon strap and the body of the bag, preventing me from removing them as I could easily do with the rest of the strap assembly. I wanted to lighten the bag for backpacking and didn't need the straps. This is a good kit with the exceptions of the above listed items, but it sounds like I'm being ultra critical. It is lightweight, but not flimsy. The 600 denier nylon construction is a perfect compromise between weight and strength. The organized pockets allow you to open the bag without spilling anything and still be able to get the item you need without delay. You can add some of your own materials, but not overstuff the kit. If the tourniquet issue was addressed, I would rate it 5 stars.

👤I don't think there's a bag full of $2.00 worth of supplies. Supplies are cheap in China. There are cheap scissors and toy whistle. I can't believe I fell for it. Ordinary people cannot write positive reviews. Buying your own high-quality bandaids would make a kit infinitely superior.

👤There are a lot of first kits on Amazon. I wanted to find one that suited me. I like to have my own first aid kit in case the yacht's one is not up to par. I ski through the winter and hike and run in the summer. I like to keep my weight down. If I am ready for anything, I feel more comfortable in the outdoors. I ordered the kit after contacting the seller to inquire about it, and I was reassured that it was thoughtfully packed with all the necessities while not being bloated or overweight. When it arrived, I was excited to unpack it. A lot of thought has gone into the kit to make sure that you have what you need but don't end up carrying around unnecessary items. It's easy to find items because everything has its place. This is important because of the likely stress involved with a first aid situation. It's easy to put items back in the right place and it's also easy to see what needs to be replaced after a trip away. The bag that houses the kit is of the highest quality. The zips work well, it has a handy carry handle and a couple of loops on the back to strap it to a bag. I put it in my camera bag. It's a good size. I feel confident heading off for a few days of camping but small enough to fit into backpack pockets. I will be buying a second one so that I have one at home and one to travel with.

11. M2 BASICS Emergency Outdoors Workplace

M2 BASICS Emergency Outdoors Workplace

When you buy an original first aid kit from M2 brands, you'll get a carabiner, emergency backpack, and spatula. There are survival accessories. This complete first aid kit has been reviewed over 7,700 times. Protect your family and friends. Be prepared with the essentials. Most minor injuries and medical emergencies can be prevented with the M2 Basics 300-Piece First Aid Kits. 300 PIECES are the most protective kit available. It's ideal for baby and newborn, earthquake preparedness, household, dog, pet, puppy. There is a sturdy case and light weight. The bag has clear pockets to organize your equipment. Ready for adventure: sports, camping, hiking, backpacking, college, boating, hunting, outdoor, travel or vacation. Prepare for common injuries and emergencies. For businesses and families alike. For home, office, vehicle, workplace, industrial, kitchen, outdoor, tactical, athletic, business, auto, sport, emt, first responders, RV, daycare, work, boat, motorcycle, osha, hsa, marine, military.

Brand: M2 Basics

👤I keep my first aid kit in the house and in each vehicle. I had to replace the one in my house because I didn't have any burn cream or anything left in my First Aid Kit. Burn cream, benadryl, tylenol and any of the basic over the counter items you expect to be in a first aid kit are not included in this 300 piece First Aid Kit. Don't put this in a vehicle and expect to have everything you need when something happens. I am very disappointed. I can buy a box of bandaids, but the majority of what is in here is bandaids.

👤This product is amazing. My Dad asked me to research first aid kits for his Jeep because I am a nurse. The amount of supplies it came with was very impressive. I decided to purchase an additional kit to leave in the family vacation home should there be a need. After recirculating them, I received an email from the company with a PDF of basic first-aid instructions. After reading through and finding it to be helpful to someone without first-aid knowledge, I thought it might be a good idea to print off the PDF, laminated and attach to a keychain to have on hand for anyone in the Jeep or vacation house to use. The result and the first-aid kits made my Dad happy. Thank you for making a great product. I would have liked to have gotten a kit for myself. I would recommend this kit to anyone.

👤It's a great emergency kit. It is worth the cost to have it in your car, home, boat or whatever. It will do the trick as a first aid kit. It is not comprehensive but if you are an EMT you will be able to do this until an EMT or Paramedic can get to you.

👤Great kit! A lot of dogs are in my care. My current one had a leg amputation and developed a lot of problems, including a hematoma and excessive bleeding. This kit saved his life. I was able to apply pressure to the bleeding until I could get him to the emergency vet. I got this at the right time and will be ordering a few more for the car and house.

👤The product is under 5 stars. It is a good start for a comprehensive first aid kit. The scissors and the tweezers are made of cheap metal and that's why I took off the point. The rounded ends of the scissors make it difficult to cut heavier paper. I will replace them with better quality items. I have also added an array of bandages and seals to the kit. I would buy again and add one to my car.

👤A collection of useful first aid items is perfect for most needs. My plan is to keep it in the trunk of my car, just in case. I use the emergency supplies a lot. When you're at a state park, the only facility is an unstocked portapotty, and you have a roll of TP and bottle of hand sanitizer. This package has a great selection of basic items, as well as some "WOW, I hope I don't ever need that" stuff. The kit is at a reasonable price because the manufacturer put a lot of thought into it.


What is the best product for survival medical kit with tourniquet?

Survival medical kit with tourniquet products from Adventure Medical Kits. In this article about survival medical kit with tourniquet you can see why people choose the product. Finenic and Mfasco are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival medical kit with tourniquet.

What are the best brands for survival medical kit with tourniquet?

Adventure Medical Kits, Finenic and Mfasco are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival medical kit with tourniquet. Find the detail in this article. Dixie Ems, My Medic and Asa Techmed are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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