Best Survival Medical Kit with Sutures

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Extremus Paracord is available in five popular colors for the active outdoor enthusiast. The five fast colors are black, camo green, hi viz orange, white and desert sand. Thousands of uses when camping, hiking, fishing, or for making your own paracord tactical bracelets, belts, tool handles and more. Professional medical supplies are rated best. The kit contains surgical instruments.

Brand: Cynamed

👤This set is not what we were expecting. The scissors were supposed to be sharpened. They are not. We expected a good level of quality in the steel. It is very low quality. It cannot be fully closed because the zip is not straight. They will be able to get in because we are in a high building. We will have to store the set rather than use it, and the scalpel holders are not very good. There is sadness. I am giving 3 stars. What did I expect from Pakistan's steel products?

👤I would give this product 0 stars. Nothing was perfect. I ended up throwing the whole thing away.

👤It was a mess when the kit arrived. Everything was thrown in the zip case. The metal used in the tools is weak. I'm really disappointed.

👤It was updated after dealing with the seller. They replaced the instruments with new ones and replaced the iris scissors with new ones. Excellent customer service. It took a long time but the service was good. Will buy through them again. I am very disappointed by this product. I realized I was missing pieces when this arrived. The kit was supposed to have 4 instruments and a pack of blades, but they weren't in it. Many of the instruments I have are not as high quality as I expected, and many of the forceps do not have locks, and many don't have guide pins. Several of them stick where they shouldn't, and many of them are wrong sized tools. You get what you pay for. This set is relatively cheap despite it being a good chunk of change and you shouldn't expect too much. I've asked the company for a replacement set and replacement items to complete the one I have to make up for, but we'll see how they respond. Customer service makes up a lot for product defects. If they replace them, I will change my review to four stars, but I'm not happy with the incomplete product I received.

👤The majority of the items are stamped Pakistan. It's ok for a hobby. The kit comes with 6 packs of blades for the handles.

👤The set came with all instruments, but the case is junk. The elastic straps that hold the instruments are stretched and not capable of holding them.

👤The emergency surgical kit will be provided with needed instruments that were not available before. Will organize. It is easy to make individual instruments sterile. Good price and fast shipping.

👤Excellent quality medical kit. The items in the kit look sturdy, even though I can't attest to their durability.

2. M2 BASICS Emergency Outdoors Workplace

M2 BASICS Emergency Outdoors Workplace

When you buy an original first aid kit from M2 brands, you'll get a carabiner, emergency backpack, and spatula. There are survival accessories. This complete first aid kit has been reviewed over 7,700 times. Protect your family and friends. Be prepared with the essentials. Most minor injuries and medical emergencies can be prevented with the M2 Basics 300-Piece First Aid Kits. 300 PIECES are the most protective kit available. It's ideal for baby and newborn, earthquake preparedness, household, dog, pet, puppy. There is a sturdy case and light weight. The bag has clear pockets to organize your equipment. Ready for adventure: sports, camping, hiking, backpacking, college, boating, hunting, outdoor, travel or vacation. Prepare for common injuries and emergencies. For businesses and families alike. For home, office, vehicle, workplace, industrial, kitchen, outdoor, tactical, athletic, business, auto, sport, emt, first responders, RV, daycare, work, boat, motorcycle, osha, hsa, marine, military.

Brand: M2 Basics

👤I keep my first aid kit in the house and in each vehicle. I had to replace the one in my house because I didn't have any burn cream or anything left in my First Aid Kit. Burn cream, benadryl, tylenol and any of the basic over the counter items you expect to be in a first aid kit are not included in this 300 piece First Aid Kit. Don't put this in a vehicle and expect to have everything you need when something happens. I am very disappointed. I can buy a box of bandaids, but the majority of what is in here is bandaids.

👤This product is amazing. My Dad asked me to research first aid kits for his Jeep because I am a nurse. The amount of supplies it came with was very impressive. I decided to purchase an additional kit to leave in the family vacation home should there be a need. After recirculating them, I received an email from the company with a PDF of basic first-aid instructions. After reading through and finding it to be helpful to someone without first-aid knowledge, I thought it might be a good idea to print off the PDF, laminated and attach to a keychain to have on hand for anyone in the Jeep or vacation house to use. The result and the first-aid kits made my Dad happy. Thank you for making a great product. I would have liked to have gotten a kit for myself. I would recommend this kit to anyone.

👤It's a great emergency kit. It is worth the cost to have it in your car, home, boat or whatever. It will do the trick as a first aid kit. It is not comprehensive but if you are an EMT you will be able to do this until an EMT or Paramedic can get to you.

👤Great kit! A lot of dogs are in my care. My current one had a leg amputation and developed a lot of problems, including a hematoma and excessive bleeding. This kit saved his life. I was able to apply pressure to the bleeding until I could get him to the emergency vet. I got this at the right time and will be ordering a few more for the car and house.

👤The product is under 5 stars. It is a good start for a comprehensive first aid kit. The scissors and the tweezers are made of cheap metal and that's why I took off the point. The rounded ends of the scissors make it difficult to cut heavier paper. I will replace them with better quality items. I have also added an array of bandages and seals to the kit. I would buy again and add one to my car.

👤A collection of useful first aid items is perfect for most needs. My plan is to keep it in the trunk of my car, just in case. I use the emergency supplies a lot. When you're at a state park, the only facility is an unstocked portapotty, and you have a roll of TP and bottle of hand sanitizer. This package has a great selection of basic items, as well as some "WOW, I hope I don't ever need that" stuff. The kit is at a reasonable price because the manufacturer put a lot of thought into it.

3. Medics Complete Practice Interactive Skin Like

Medics Complete Practice Interactive Skin Like

It is guaranteed that the SATISFACTION will be positive. The kit is assembled and inspected for quality in the USA. They hope to support your path to becoming a great medical professional with the affordable suture lacreamon set. The set includes 1 pc iris scissors. The Straight 4.5" 1 pc Adson Serrated Forcep 4.75" 1 pc Adson Toothed Forcep 4.75" 1 pc Stitch SutureScissor 4.5" SutURE PRACTICE KIT TO GAIN CONFIDENCE. Medical students love how their training kit comes with a full set of essential tools and a carryall case that holds the suturing board, unlike cheaper options. There are training videos for sore throats. A Plus Medics produced a close-up HD video training series with an experienced professional who takes you step-by-step to help you learn how to ease with and precision. The 3-LAYER spacing on the board was stopped. Their unique 3-layer mesh reinforced suture practice pad gives you a realistic training experience, while their unique Skid-Stop design ends the frustration of slipping and sliding, and they have a suturing board texture that stands up to multiple uses. There are 16 sterile threads. Their practice kit gives you 16 packs of nylon, silk, and polyester sutures, which you can use to practice continuous, interrupted, mattress or subcuticular stitches. The Suture training kit is easy to use and has 5 suture tools that are durable and feel solid in the hand. You can see how easy it is to gain real-world confidence with the A Plus Medics kit.

Brand: A Plus Medics

👤This product is more than that. The quality of the skin is very high. The carrying case is made of leather and is easy to travel with. The ebook for beginners is a great touch. I highly recommend.

👤The A+ medics kit is quite nice. I got my brother a suturing kit for me since he is a prime member, and the kit arrived in 2 days. The kit is amazing. The suturing pads are of very high quality. The How to suture eBook is also great. I liked the video course. There are 5 different suturing technique videos, 2 how to handle tools videos, and 1 square knot video. The videos are easy to understand. I found Dr. Mario's explanation of how to place sutures the most useful since I am new to suturing. I would highly recommend this kit to any med students that want to practice suturing.

👤I wouldn't purchase again after this purchase. The skin and the case are the only things that are nice in this kit. The instruments are cheap, but they work. A step above the cheap disposable instruments you get in the ER. I don't know where the suture came from. I can barely tie my knots. The videos you get are not very informative and are very rushed. I've worked in the OR for 13 years and am going for my first assistant and I'm very displeased with the kit. Save your money and try another kit.

👤Confidence builder for 3rd year surgery core. My only complaint is that the instructor kept skipping steps, saying that he was not going to do it. I was wondering what you were talking about for the sake of time. If you want to help a beginner understand better, you need to skip a step in the video. The 2nd to last video is on the subcuticular running suture. This technique allows you to hide the stitches inside the skin. The instructor skipped the last 2 steps for the sake of time and I am not sure how to close the sutures at the end. The materials are great, and I feel confident that I can do a surgeon knot, simple interrupted, and simply running with ease after practicing on the provided materials several times.

👤A student is here. I was hesitant about buying this kit because there weren't many reviews, but I took my chances because it came with a carryall leather case which is not offered by other brands and it was worth it. The texture of the silicone pad made a difference to me. I wanted my training to be as realistic as possible, and this pad does the job perfectly, thanks to its skin like texture. The kit bundle has everything for suturing. The carryall leather case is advertised as a bonus, but for me it is a must-have as it keeps everything neat, protects the pad's texture and makes it convenient to carry inside my backpack. My experience has been great, and I will be recommending this kit to my friends.

4. Sutures Thread Emergency Practice Training

Sutures Thread Emergency Practice Training

The holster has been used for many years and is very strong. The suturing kit is used to practice suturing. The package includes a suturing thread and needle. The most popular size is the 4-0 reverse cutting nylon Suture. Training, educational, and research use are included. It is fully sealed and sterile. There are two instructional manual links. If you don't like the Suture Thread with Needle, they'll give you 100% money back.

Brand: Brosan

👤It was as advertised. They are not sterile like the dental office I used to work in. I have done many self-destructive back yard lascerations since I retired, so it's good for you to do it. It's a good idea to prevent trips to the Emergency Department. Dr. Hall.

👤The kit is perfect for practicing and having in a medical kit, it is cheap and good quality. I think this is a great buy. I'll be back soon.

👤I needed to practice throwing sutures for graduate school. I stumbled on these after working through their provided sutures. They are cost effective and great for practice. Customer service is great.

👤I was very pleased with the quick shipping and the reasonable prices for all the supplies from Brosan. I will order from them again.

👤I bought your kit for my first aid pack. I hope I won't need them. Medical emergencies have been known to happen deep in the woods. Thank you for following up.

👤My first aid kit has a new addition.

👤It was on time. The needles are easy to bend. Not a medical grade.

5. MicroMend Emergency Closures Surgical Laceration

MicroMend Emergency Closures Surgical Laceration

It is a good idea to avoid stress and anxiety by using rapid skin closings. The need for stitches is eliminated. There are three packs of 12” microMend with 2 devices per sterile pouch. There are enough devices in the package to close three wounds of 1” in length. It's an antiseptic and quick skin cleanser for kids. The laceration repair kit is ideal for treating lacerations. It is easy to apply a bandage and close a wound with sutures. The hospital has a first aid unit. You can care for lacerations wherever they occur with rapid skin closure devices. In most patients, stitches are more effective than scalpels. It was made in the USA.

Brand: Micromend

👤The application needs work, but the concept is great. It worked great for a day after I shaved, cleaned, and dried the areas around my wound. I followed instructions and held each side down for a while before removing my finger. I took it easy and it seemed to work out. It popped off at the end of the day. The same thing happened with the second one. I don't know if I got a bad batches, or if these can't handle too much flex, as the wound was to the side of my knee, but they just wouldn't hold. The second one is covered with a hydrocolloid bandage and held down with small pieces of medical tape on each tab.

👤Good idea, bad execution. I used on a finger. Both sets had hold. Did not last 24 hours. The device caused wounds. The metal stays have pointed edges. My son now has puncture wounds that bleed after the initial laceration. Have a request for a refund. I was asked by Amazon to mail back used product. Attempts to contact the seller did not work.

👤I got my stitches out too soon. I tried to tape it, but it wasn't working. I didn't want to go to the ER for new stitches. It was found through searching online for a butterfly bandage. I was able to put it on myself and it's holding up well. The wound was a tad longer than the bandage. Micro pins can stick into your skin, but they are not painful. Highly recommend this product! I would have needed stitches from the ER as I couldn't stop the bleeding. I couldn't have done it without the ER visit.

👤The micromend was perfect for keeping me out of the ER, because I accidentally dropped a knife on my foot. The product was easy to apply and helped keep the wound together. The cut healed quickly and I don't think it will scar. I was happy to find this product. I need more for our medicine cabinet. I wish I had taken a before and after picture of the wound.

👤The product works as promised. I had a deep gash on the front of my knee after I fell on the edge. It bled a lot and I had to move my knee to stop it from bleeding again. I was going to get stitches, but Covid didn't like that idea. The wound was held closed by these. They have good instructions for applying. I had to limit movement the first few days but this made a huge difference. The film keeps the wound covered and there is no pain with the application. I covered it with a large bandage so I don't know how it stays in place on its own, but it worked for me. I suggest that my family and friends add this to their first aid kit because you want it on hand before the cut happens. Great product!

👤I bought this product before. I think it will be good to have a simple alternative for my family if one of us gets a cut or laceration. Will report when we use the product. The instructions are easy to understand.

6. Carlebben Tactical Medical Utility Supplies

Carlebben Tactical Medical Utility Supplies

180 piece essential medical supplies are included. You should be saving your family and friends in an emergency. The kit can be attached to any MOLLE compatible gears and also a bicycle, motorcycle, backpack, belt, vehicle seat, easy to attach and unfasten. Medical supplies are organized by their inner pockets and elastic straps that make it easy to find them. The contents of the pouch are water resistant. The 2 way zip ties are certified. PREMIUM QUALITY: The kit is four and eight times stronger than the other versions on the market, and it's made of the rugged 1000D nylon fabric. 100% of money back is given if you are dissatisfied with the camping first aid kit.

Brand: Carlebben

👤The pack was sold by the medic patch and molle, but I was surprised that the kit had a lot of items. I threw the poncho and gloves. The emergency blanket was nice. I'm going to add a few pairs of gloves, dressings, and antibiotics. I was surprised that there was no antibiotic cream. Only alcohol and wipes that have iodine in them. It's a good start, but it's missing a lot.

👤The pouch is very sweet. We put it in a 72 hour kit. It has nice straps to attach to the backpacks. There are a lot of pockets for organizing the supplies. We decided to use it for our 72 hour kits because it has basic first aide supplies and a poncho. The bag is very sturdy, but not sure if it is water proof. It's a decent product for what you pay.

👤This kit was supposed to be a trauma kit, but it's just bandaids, cheap scissors, and other things. To keep in your truck, you need a basic first aid kit. I wouldn't trust this in an emergency situation. Buy the Gauze, 'gunshot purpose' bandages, tourniquets, etc. This is a decent basic bandaid and antiseptic style first aid kit for the price, though the tweezers are very cheap, and couldn't even pull a piece out.

👤I expected it to be a lot bigger, but it's perfect for a bug out bag or to keep in your car. If it's big enough. This kit has so much in it that it has room for more bandaids, a tourniquet, or any other smaller items you'd want in it. This is affordable and cute. It's great for a person with basic first aid skills.

👤I was looking for a med kit with a molle bag. Some of the items' packaging has Chinese directions, but all of the items are in the bag. Supplies are low quality. The bag is not designed to hold everything in an organized way, despite the pictures showing it being well organized. There are two large inner pouches. The items are clean, but they don't look sterile like other kits. The scissors and tweezers are designed to be used together. Very low quality. You get what you pay for.

👤The size is portable and can be kept in your room or vehicle. The supplies are comprehensive, but there are a few things that need to be reloaded after one incident. The sorting features on the inside are not very good. Due to the fact that the bands inside are not elastic, it is difficult to organize everything neatly. The materials fit inside, but the organization factor is not present which may be detrimental in a time-sensitive situation. It would be a perfect product if this company could design a bag that could hold everything it does while being able to maintain an organized inside. If the better organizational features were a reason for a larger bag, I would be happy.

👤I have had this for a couple of years. I have never had a problem. It looks good. It is on the outside of my backpack and it gets bumped around. It would be better if it had pockets or an organizer. This thing is awesome. I had it for 2 years and it is outstanding. It has elastic straps to hold your supplies and a pocket under the bottom area that I found a week ago. It's a great place to keep supplies you don't often use. I have added to my supplies over the years with things I need more frequently, and the supplies that came with it were not great, but for the price I paid originally, I am thoroughly impressed by this pouch.

7. Suturing Including Incision Replacement Educational

Suturing Including Incision Replacement Educational

The Medarchitect Premium Suture Skill Trainer includes one do it yourself incision suture pad, which can be made in different depths based on the practice requirement. A small size suture pad with 19 pre-cut common & uncommon wounds is needed for warming up the suturing and knotting skill. One set of tools for training. There are 20pcs braided sutures in nylon, silk, polyester, and polypropylene materials. The Arch Shape Base creates tension emulating real-life wounds. The design is provided by professional doctors, and suture skill experts, because some suture pads only provide an empty area for cut, but a flat area cannot provide tension, and are not able to recreate the wounds opening condition. The hook&loop design is better used with an arch base. The hook and loop on the suture pad makes it easy to replace it. You can save money by buying a replace pad instead of a whole kit, and you can cut the pad as you please without fear. Any copy of the Hook&loop design will be treated as a patent. Both of the pre-cut mini suture pads are embedded with protective mesh. 2 layers of mesh are embedded in the incision suture pad. One is on the most superficial layer, which is able to support the skin layer suturing practice; the other is embedded in the deeper layers, which support the advanced deeper suture skill training. Their kit is tested by doctors and students. The kit is qualified for exams and study practice and can be used to teach demonstraion before starting a real job or residency. The kit is not used for real surgical procedures.

Brand: Medarchitect

👤The kit gives you everything you need to practice. The needle holder is of poor design in the tooth area, it is just textured metal not an insert. It works well on the mono, but it tends to slide easily with the silk, so you should upgrade your needle holder. The practice pad with premade cuts is the next issue. It is strong because it is good for practice, but I think the subcuticular layer is a bit stronger than real skin. It's good for the beginner but not realistic. It is a good kit to start with. One could always upgrade to a better pad and needle holder later.

👤This feels more realistic than other pads I've tried because I haven't done real flesh surgery yet. It doesn't smell bad and isn't sticky. The material can be easily cut with a scalpel because the needle passes through it easily. The pads are good. The arch creates a realistic tension. The reason for the 4 stars is that the needle drivers are hard to unclick. The thread doesn't catch in the joints because they are well designed. If I could, I would give 4.5 stars. If you're a beginner, this seems to be a great practice pad and I would strongly recommend getting a blank replacement pad.

👤The quality of the practice pads is something I enjoy. I've had bad experiences with pads that were greasy, smelled bad, and tear when you look at them. The quality of the instruments could be better, but they do a good job. The box was not the fault of the manufacturer. A good purchase.

👤I would definitely buy this product. The needles are triangular. The tools hold the needle and thread well. I'm not sure where the tools are made, but the box says China. The thread can be cut with ease with the sharp scissors. I haven't opened the scalpel, so I can't comment on the quality, sharpness or how well the blade fixes to the handle. How well it cuts the supplied skin pad is related. The needle has resistance going through it. Is this intentional as a replication or just the material?

👤For Christmas, we bought this for our niece. She plans to go to medical school after finishing her undergrad. She has been wanting this for a long time. She was very excited.

👤The product seems to be of good quality. The product had instructions for various sutures and a case for the instruments. The instruments are expected with any practice kit. I would recommend anyone looking for practice materials to do so.

👤My grandson just started his graduate education at the University of Kentucky and I bought this for him. He was excited when he opened it.

👤It's a great way to practice suturing. If the hospitals go short staffed, we may have to do some minor medical things ourselves.

👤Un artculo imprescindible para todo estudiante de medicina, tienes una gran oportunidad.

👤Works well. Have used a lot. Filled it with sutures and then removed them. It is easy to wash and clean. I would recommend it.

8. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight

Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight Watertight

This kit is easy to identify because of the Embossed cross logo. The first aid kit is approximately 3.68 ounces. Accommodates one person for a few days. A wide array of medical supplies are used to treat pain, inflammation, and common allergies. Support is provided by bandages and wraps. Antiseptic wipes and butterfly bandages help close wounds.

Brand: Adventure Medical Kits

👤I bought this product 4 to 5 years ago and was very pleased with the contents, the quality of the outer bag, and the quality of the inner compartment bag. It did not match up to the quality of what I purchased previously, so read on for more. I decided to purchase a second kit for a second bag and contents because our party has grown to 3-4 people consistently. I had a choice of getting a bigger first aid kit or abandoning the smaller Ultralight 5 kit and getting a second Ultralight 5 kit and splitting two smaller kits between multiple backpacks. I decided to split the kit between multiple packs and buy a second smaller one. Backpackers can relate to split up the weight when you have a lot of people in the party. The kit I received was not as good as the one I bought. The outer bag is thinner and not as durable as the previous version I bought a few years back. The bag from the previous version is very well made and is a joy to use. - The quality of the bag's zip is not close to the previous version I own. The zip up is hard to open or close without fits and starts. Terrible. The inner compartment bag has a poor seal. I have low confidence that my kit will be protected from water because I realize this inner bag is what provides your waterproofness. The medical contents look cheap and not the same quality as what I already own. The bandaids seem cheaper. The same product you bought a long time ago has been cheapened, with corners cut to save costs and increase margins. I find this very disappointing, especially when it's in the area of first aid, or something you use in case of injury or emergency. Wrong place to cut corners. I will look elsewhere next time because of the Shame on Adventure Medical. Thank you for reading.

👤I have been carrying a first aid kit for a long time. The same kit goes from car to backpack. I decided to get this one because I was getting sick of carrying such a heavy kit around. It has everything I would need to train as a Personal Trainer. There were two items missing, a Skin Tac and a Triple Antibiotic. I'm not sure how it was missing those items. I've never heard of a company called AfterBite, but they cheaped out and don't use a brand name anymore. *shrug* Can't stop progress. Let's see what the company responds to me regarding the missing items.

👤The med kit was recommended to me by an avid hiker. There is a lot of medical supplies in a small package. I always have it with me when I go hiking, mountain biking or backpacking, as it stays on when wet. This kit is very close to the AMKs SOL Origin Sirvival tool kit which I really like and carry. It's a bit pricey but you need this for long hikes.

9. Practice Durable Students Training Veterinarian

Practice Durable Students Training Veterinarian

Everything is included. The Suture Pad has 5 blades and is made of nylon. The absorbent skin pad is 7 x 5 and is used for training students. Their silicone skin pad is designed to mimic the structure of human tissue, 3 layers of skin, fat and muscle, and is used to practice superficial and deep wounds. There is a protection for the reproductive buds. The horizontal and vertical fabric mesh built-in to the superficial skin layer makes it highly durable and rip- resistant, which means that sutures don't rip or tear the skin during stitching training. The quality of the material used in the suture pad is the best in the business and it is ideal for deep wound closing practice. Their skin pad is designed with pre-cut wounds of different types, depths and sizes for diverse wound closing training and advance learning. Their pad is designed to keep the points in front important for students in training and professional wound stitching. It's ideal for students and teachers.

Brand: Mjw

👤This is the worst suture pad I have ever used. The texture is so soft that the sutures can rip through it. I took a picture of the first thing I did on this pad. I couldn't complete this because the sutures would rip out or my knot would pull through at the end. Save money and time by buying a different one.

👤This is the worst practice pad I have ever used. The sutures rip through the skin. It is useless and flimsy. You can't reuse the permanent hole when you use higher quality pads.

👤Poor quality. The suturing pad is useless because the material is very sticky and pops easily. The cheaply made product was overpriced. Would not recommend it.

👤It is a cool stand for the real thing. You will most likely have to junk the wound channels and get a new one. I bought two because of that.

👤We buy pads for our classes frequently. Haven't used this batches yet, but they seem to be of the same good quality that we have used in the past.

👤You can't use this product to suture.

👤It was ripped in multiple places. Each time you use it, the holes remain. The other problems have me not happy with the product.

10. Practice Reusable Silicon Training Students

Practice Reusable Silicon Training Students

If you don't like the Suture Thread with Needle, they'll give you 100% money back. The practice pads are an essential part of the surgical practice kit. Silicone suture pads come in a variety of styles of wounds. Students will gain confidence and be prepared for real life scenarios if they practice on something that feels like human skin with 3 layers of skin, fat and muscle. You can learn to stitch both superficial and deep wounds with the variety of common cut wounds that are included in the suturing kit pads. Their practice skin is made from high quality silicone so it's easy to use and sturdy. It's portable, lightweight, and easy to carry, so you can practice stitching anywhere. It's ideal for beginners and advanced students who are practicing various forms of stitching and working with the suture.

Brand: Ergode

👤I bought these pads to practice suturing, and I can say that there are better pads out there. I bought 3 pads that were too easy to tear. When tying knots in a vertical mattress stitch, the pad can be ripped easily. I have tried a subcuticular stitch and the pad has ripped every time. The pad has torn in a few places from being grabbed with Debakey forceps. The size of the needle and the type of suture have not made a difference, even if I am using a different type of suture. I found a different brand of pads and have not had any problems with them. If you plan on attempting more than the basics, you will probably want to invest in a higher quality practice pad.

👤It's hard to insert the needle and pull the ligature out. Not life like at all, does not mimic human flesh at all.

👤Absolutely terrible! I tried to practice suturing. It ripped through the silicone on my first attempt. I tried with 2-0 to try harder. The gaps in the practice are too far apart and the silicone is not strong enough to hold up in practice.

👤This is the second practice pad I have purchased to try different shapes. I tried both nylons and nylons0-0 on the first attempt and the pads ripped before I could tie the first surgical knot. It is not durable for practice or realistic. I would not recommend this as it does not compare to the one I received.

👤Product arrived early! The distance of the fake wounds makes it hard to practice stitching.

👤My daughter is currently in the school and I bought her a gift. She has used it many times to practice.

👤Suture leaves holes when trying to tie knots. What I expected was not what I saw. The money was wasted.

👤The first time I used this, it ripped. If you have to buy another one, it's not worth it.

👤The silicone can rip when you use it.

👤The nombre de kit corresponde a un conjunto de cosas por lo. Ahora satisfecha con una compra!

👤Me gusta mucho la textura, lo nico es no viene en las instrucciones.

👤No tiene una almohadilla pero no tienes plantillas no dos.

11. 2pcs Emergency Laceration Closures Protection

2pcs Emergency Laceration Closures Protection

The zip stitch wound closure kit is easy to use and store. The band aid is perfect for hiking. It's great for kids. Children are not at risk for punctures during the placement and removal of the skin because of the non-threatening skin closure. It is three times faster than traditional stitches. You can adjust the tension of zip stitch sutures. EFFICIENT: The Skin Closure device has been cleared for personal use and can be used over the counter. The Skin Closure device is a great alternative that can be used at a fraction of the cost. Emergency protection. You and your family are protected from skin damage. You can keep this laceration kit in your home, car, office or backpack. If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase or the product is damaged in transit, please contact them. They will solve your problem.

Brand: Ovand

👤Simply. Apply a clot to your wound. You zip them tight after placing this over the wound. The wound will be closed and healed. Keep this clean. You still have to keep the wound clean and covered, but this is an easier option.

👤This is a great invention. Have used before and had great success. I would recommend this to my friends and family. It did what it was supposed to do. It's a little pricey but it's worth it if it works. I would buy again.

👤It did a great job, but I wish it would have stuck a bit better.

👤I tried one of them on my cut and it didn't work for me, so I returned the other one. They charged me for the bandages that they expected me to send, even though I had tried a different one. Amazon charged me more of what the bandages were worth when I returned the shipping. If they don't work for you, just keep them, and you will have to pay for them even if you return them.

👤It's really nice and easy to use, but over priced.

👤Product would work well if the bandage was strong. It was easy to apply.


What is the best product for survival medical kit with sutures?

Survival medical kit with sutures products from Cynamed. In this article about survival medical kit with sutures you can see why people choose the product. M2 Basics and A Plus Medics are also good brands to look for when you are finding survival medical kit with sutures.

What are the best brands for survival medical kit with sutures?

Cynamed, M2 Basics and A Plus Medics are some of the best brands that chosen by people for survival medical kit with sutures. Find the detail in this article. Brosan, Micromend and Carlebben are also brands that their products are worth to check.

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